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Loohan's blog for November, 2007

Nov. 1, '07: (9:35am) Now several of the gals have heart protectors, too, and Cora even had to get a throat protector and a 3rd-eye protector.
Incidentally, i had to clear critters out of several of the girls this morning.
I dowsed that anyone can have up to 4 sets of (physical) heart protectors plus an etheric one. I now have an etheric one and 2 physical ones, and that seems to be enough for right now. But they still mostly try to attack my heart center.

Yesterday was a heavy chem-smear day again, and i am not sure how much, if any, effect the anti-CT program had on the volume of fake clouds. But, it sure makes the whole sky and the chem feel great! So i had Mr. P program all cell towers worldwide with it, a long process. By morning, these were done, but i realized that military, GWEN, HAARP, etc. type towers were not included. So now he's doing these, not with a CT program, but general anti-evil.

Last night being Halloween, a number of reptilian outposts underground flared up worldwide, most at 891' depth, some at 594' and 297'. These were easy to dowse and address without getting out of bed.
Some of them were in seemingly odd locations, e.g. Catalina Island, Virgin Islands, Haiti, 2 in Sweden...

(4:30pm) I am wondering if maybe the evil Lyrans are pretty wasted. Yesterday and today i noticed evil Pleiadians juicing up the towers instead of the usual Lyrans. Also right now Mr. P is in that galaxy of theirs, fighting Pleiadians but not Lyrans. Possibly they picked a fight with him for programming the towers.

The evil Pleiadians are still doing the towers some despite the programming, though i have not had occasion to notice any marked scalar symptoms today.

Nov. 2, '07: (3:30pm) Well, things sure feel mellower to me since P did that tower programming and some other stuff. In fact, he's over at M51 hassling the octopi right now. I just noticed he doesn't even seem to have a jail of his own. Now he's putting the critters into his wife's.
Scutum lizards seem quiescent now, and the Joku were starting to take over for them last night. More info on today's entry in OTB 27.

(5:30pm) Then, the tall whites jumped me, like they did last night. More info at OTB 27.

Nov. 3, '07: (6:20pm) The Joku were hitting me with direct astral attacks at work this morning. Fortunately, big Lula showed up. She readily accepted an etheric anti-Joku wand from Mr. P, and went off to chastise them. Not much problems from them since, but I just had Mr. P program a couple more anti-Joku sets for me, so i will have the full 10 sets.
We might be in for a long haul getting rid of these Joku. I also suspect there are still vast numbers of Tall Whites, so he is making me another 5 sets against them now.
The evil Lyrans still seem out of the action, judging by the fact that i again found only Pleiadians juicing the local towers this morning. The octopi are still a problem, as well as the Scutum lizards. I think Pitwexin is in that latter hive right now.

(9:15pm) I was wrong about the Lyrans. Right now they are actively involved in weather mod attempts in many places. If you have chemtrails right now, you likely have evil Lyrans involved there, too.

Nov. 6, '07: (10am) I found out about Hurricane Noel belatedly, as i was neglecting to pay attention to the news lately. I don't even know what happened, other than that it wreaked havoc in the Caribbean, and flooded part of Mexico. Try doing a web search, when there was also a Hurricane Noel in 2001. I guess they couldn't think up a new name.
Probably could have mitigated it some. No doubt there were loads of evil Pleiadians and Lyrans involved, as they are now involved in weather disturbances everywhere. But, amazingly, they do not seem to be hitting much from their galaxy.
Likewise lately, the Joku and Tall Whites have been hardly able to attack, due, presumably, to the fact that a bunch of people had a bunch of crystals charged to deal with them.
Octopi and spiders are still a problem, and right now i'm being hit by Scutum repts making a minor comeback.

There were some interesting exchanges last night between Pitwexin and Tim Rifat, and it is possible Tim emerged changed for the better. We'll see.
Pitwexin and Rifat are 2 occurrences of the being Unjett, a good friend and cousin of mine back around the dawn of creation. Just as there are 44 Loohans, there are 22 Unjetts.
We were also cousins with Yaldabaoth and its little brother Gimswillezm AKA Master Leonard, who are evil in this timeline. In fact they were the 2 most powerful evil beings ever, but are now under control. I am not sure whether they are benign or nonexistent in good timelines.

Nov. 9, '07: (10am) I got all my stuff, including some new weapons, crankin', and they are hammering me for it. It amazes me that even with all that stuff, including 4 heart protectors, they still mostly prefer to slam my heart center, and can still do it enough to cause discomfort, but not stifle my feelings much.

It costs them. I just wanted to show off my new RoboCop 3, a 2-piece jailer set. I'll have more explanations when i get time.

OTB 28, Beyond Dial Boxes, is now online.

Nov. 10, '07: (5pm) Very chemmy this morning until it was obscured by real cover. Driving to work this morning i noticed serious scalar patterns in the chem. This pic (i found the bluish trail intriguing) was taken when i arrived in town, after 10 minutes of scooping up bad ETs at the towers. Lyrans and Tall Brunets this time. It took about 40 minutes of work to get rid of the ripples, etc. and then i have continued every few minutes all day to scan and clear the 4 directions around here. I keep finding more, especially south and west.

(8:30pm) I may have made a breakthrough. Due to the programming and protection in the towers, the bad ETs are actually influencing them remotely. Or were... not sure how long the lull will last.
There were 9 Lyran/Pleaidian bases in this galaxy involved in torturing prisoners to raise evil energy to put into the towers. I threw huge amounts of panthers and smaller amounts of various other allies into each, which caused their tower activities to fade out. Then 3 more bases, each 3X as big, fired up and we nailed them, too. So far, no more trouble out of those guys.
Meanwhile, the Tall Brunets were encamped underground (891') a few miles west of here, and juicing up towers to the west. A different modus operandi; i guess they like to get kind of close. So i took care of them the same way. And also another such base 3-4 miles SE of Anita's.

Then i checked the severe weather map, and noted that there were more evil Lyrans "in" the fire alert areas of the FL panhandle and southern AL. These were actually in 6 more bases, which i took care of. Then, i noted tall greys "there", but actually in 3 bases which i likewise addressed.

Nov. 11, '07: (5am) I found a few other spots on Earth that had groups of 6 such bases supplying bad energy, and took care of the bases. Amazing. I woke up in the wee hours, scanned, found no dirty towers. Got a wee bit of rain.

Then the 4 younger of the 10 sisters, Aleeta, Gina, Shiela, and Alina, came to visit me. I scanned for the other timelines in which i know them, and found 4. In the first, i am married to Lula, Cora, Lindi, and these 4. The 2nd one is the one that has the Loohan who is an orgone freak and programmer, who has placed etheric devices on my property, who is married to Lula and Lindi, but not Cora. After i told him about the other 4 girls, who were also in his world, he found them and married them. Cora is married to someone else, and i again found her daughter under attack by octopi.
In the 3rd one i am married to the 4 plus Lindi, but Lula and Cora are not around. In the 4th, i am married to all 7 and also 3 more ladies that i don't recognize. This is the most positive timeline of the 4, and, unlike the others, does not have an M51 hive, although there are some octopi.

The M51 hive exists in, i think, 9 timelines, which also includes the one my Hawaii girls are in. They discovered the hive in their timeline a couple weeks or more ago, and have been spending a lot of time hammering it, as well as the one in this timeline.
It will be necessary to erase the whole lot of these hives.

Nov. 12, '07: (7:10pm) The octopi are now attacking hard from this spot.

Nov. 13, '07: (6:15pm) Thanks to all those helping to neutralize the octopi. Critters were less bad today than intel astrals, which have been relentless. This inspired me to cast a 2nd astral ripper unit, which is curing now, but not yet in active service. Also i finished a little perpendicu-wand (see today's entry in OTB 26) to boost RoboCop 3. And, i made more progress on another amazing perpendicu-jailer unit which kicks butt. I should have pics in a few days of this.
Even so, the astrals are still all over me.

(6:40pm) I noticed a couple nights ago that DARPA astrals were hitting me from a base a few miles west of Madison, WI. I just zoomed in on a map, and it's right smack in the middle of Middleton Municipal Airport, about 300' down. I just sent in some allies.

Nov. 14, '07: (6pm) I had help from some unusual sources today. When i woke up this morning, none of the girls were around, but shortly before i departed to work, i felt a friendly female presence, which was mysteriously unfamiliar and familiar at the same time. It took me a while to figure it out, but Lindi had brought over the Lindi from the timeline in which Loohan is married only to Lindi and the 4 sisters Aleeta, Gina, Shiela, and Alina. This Lindi goes by the name of Linda, and she's a powerful healer with radiant palms.
I've been having left-side issues again, despite everything, so she and Lindi worked on me until 11:30am, when Lindi escorted her back.
Then later, i was receiving some attacks, when suddenly they waned and i sensed a positive entity responsible. It was Jehovah himself, covering me. A first, though i suppose turnabout is fair play. This is a good sign, because if that was the most important thing he could find to do, then things must be shaping up. He covered me for a half hour or so, then went on to systematically mop up spiders, a task at which he is still working.

Ever since the 10th, the darkside has seemed much weaker, though periodically they get it together to hammer me fairly hard for hours. Intel astrals are still the major problem today, despite my new stuff. If they are reptilian-fortified, i can't detect it.

Occasionally i still get hit a bit from evil Lyrans and Pleiadians, but they don't seem to be doing the tower thing anymore, and their hive is getting munched by allies.
Tall Brunets keep trying to regain the Witts Spring U base near here, but are having problems.

Nov. 15, '06: (9:15am) So what about the prospects of the girls arriving here physically? I'm not real optimistic. A couple times in the past they urged me to run over to a power spot to see what they had brought through. I think the first time it was supposed to be some obsidian, and the 2nd time some food, but i never could perceive anything at the spots. I had the impression that to their perceptions, they had succeeded, but nothing was detectable from my viewpoint.

But, not only are there versions of Kid and Jid incarnate in my timeline, but this morning i found a Lula! All the girls are excitedly visiting with her now.
I won't say too much, except that she is on Planet Earth but far away, she seems to be single, and has a great vibe. There were some octopi messing with her when i found her. She seems to have an injury in a joint from a bicycle accident a few years ago, and i'm running a healing freq on her.
She seems to be a humble working woman with limited means.

(4:45pm) The octopi do seem to know what's going on. There are still 12 of my gals there doing energy work in her area. Even Pitwexin was there for a while, but now he's gone back to nailing the spiders. The octopi are planting themselves all around her town at 594' and 891'; even got a bunch right under her house.

And the astrals have been hammering on me more, along with the fauna.

Nov. 16, '07: (4:40pm) Attacks were heavy for a few hours this afternoon, too, then i noticed outside help again. This time it was Hecate, another first.

The new Lula is a pretty hip chick. She visited me in the astral yesterday evening, and briefly, numerous times today. Whenever she can sneak a few minutes at work, she comes over to hug me! The other girls explained a lot to her.
She has been nicknamed Luli. She is like a petite version of Lula, very sweet, very aware.

Nov. 19, '07: (noon) I just updated OTB 27 with a couple more programs.

Nov. 19, '07: (5:20pm) Stuff's still happening. I had to decontaminate all the girls last night, including Luli, as they were chock full of critters.

Also lately what keeps happening is that the various bad guys keep torturing good Lyran prisoners to raise bad energy to throw at me, so i have to keep dealing with that. Perpetrators of this include the octopi, spiders, werewolf demons, tall whites, tall brunets, Lyrans, and reptilians. And the repts are no longer hitting just from the Scutum Arm, but from all over the middle section of our galaxy.
Hecate has been good enough to give me some cover the last couple hours.

Nov. 21, '07: (6pm) Well it's been a somewhat interesting day. I had to keep getting rid of the bad guys capturing and torturing good Lyrans, and intending the Lyrans back to base. Even the evil Pleiadians were back at it. At various times i had the impression that Jehovah, Pitwexin, and Hecate were covering me for a while.

Finally i asked the good Lyrans if they couldn't yank back their own guys and save some suffering all around; does it take an Earth human to do everything, grumble grumble.
Then i felt guilty, as surely they were already doing all they were capable of.

But guess what? After a while the situation improved. They put 1,000 of their psychics on the job, and they are getting most of their guys back before the bad guys put the thumbscrews to them. Without that energy, the bad guys can't impinge on me that much.

Of course, then the intel astrals try to take up the slack, and now the repts are backing them somehow again.

Some light rain today, and now a cold front came in.

Nov. 22, '07: (8:45am) There are some cool things happening that i can't talk about, and some i can.

A couple evenings ago i was communing with Luli, Lindi, and others, when Lindi "took me aside" mentally, trying urgently to tell me something. I had to dowse around a while, to figure out what, but she had looked deeply inside Luli and found something most horrible.
Well, i had neglected to check Luli's core energies. I now found that in the center of her heart center was some real nasty energy; apparently something that the reptilians had laid on her like 7K years ago. Remember, Luli is an incarnation of the heart-centered goddess Lula.
Amazingly, this nasty energy was not having any obvious effect on the tough gal, but it was disquieting. Both Lindi and i felt that the only way to heal this would be to have the "Jewish" angels (see blog entry for Jan. 3) work on her. Luli was agreeable.
But after about 48 hours, the angels did not seem to be progressing much in getting rid of this. They did, however, sort of make the bad energy separate out in place, so i was able to move it entirely into my jail.
Then, i mentioned to Pitwexin that i had this powerful, evil little thing which he might find useful for programming something. So he put it into a crystal set for me as a power source to drive a unique anti-reptilian weapon. Copies can't be made of this, however, without more such evil objects to fuel them, and i haven't found more yet. For now i have the crystals sitting on a powerful radionics device, and this seems to be munching the lizards.

Then last night, Lula bops in, trying to tell me something. About Luli. About something i needed to do for her... Lula saw that she needed a new healing freq, so i dowsed a new one for her and put it on a device.

In recent weeks i have been dowsing healing freqs for people, and sending them to them, most often with significant beneficial effects. I will run one freq for usually days until it is all used up. Then a few days later the person will often require a new freq.
The numbers i get most often are bizarre, with highly improbable sequences. Recently i started saving a few. For example, here's one for an activist who has done a lot of gifting out west: 687.767688667776 Hz. Here's the last one i ran on myself: 886.9898986995499 Hz. Here's one i ran on the 7'+ Loohan whose wives i expropriated: 3,698.4768777869 Hz.

A few weeks ago i posted about an exceptionally long (30-digit) freq number i had dowsed for Lula. Well, the number i got last night for Luli was 6171.67601606161158570050010656756756556565655656 Hz, 48 digits!
A new record. Remember, a Hertz is 1 cycle per second.

Hoowee, the repts seem unable to fight back, but the octopi really don't like what's happening to their scaly buddies.

(11:10pm) This is so weird. I realized that Gina needed a new healing freq. I got 2,267.20677170101301105220867886678878 Hz. 36 digits. Notice that near the end we have a repetition of 4 digits separated by a 6: 6788-6-6788. Whereas, back in Luli's number, we had 756-756 and 565-565-6-565-565-6 which makes 4 reps of 565, or 2 in a row of 5655656. In fact, her number contains 8 reps of 56 in it.
Then the Jid version that lives in my timeline needed a healing freq. I dowsed 7,671.61010510010100161011100002411001001000871726879 Hz. That's 51 digits. There are various weird things about these numbers. Repetitions, almost-repetitions, improbable sequences of only high or only low numbers, etc. And i've been finding a fair bit of this all along.

I updated OTB 28 with some stuff about neanderthal sandwichers.

Nov. 25, '07: Updated OTB 26 with some new angles on perpendiculosity.

It's been coldish and drizzly here today, sleet early this morning.

Nov. 26, '07: (9:40am) Another cold, foggy, grey, damp day here.

On the 22nd i wrote about this amazing etheric implant i took out of Luli's heart center. Her energy has gotten more wonderful since.

It seems that about 7,000 years ago, a bunch of the most competent evil repts built this implant. Luli was just not the sort of person that fit in with their agenda for this timeline. A manifestation of the highly dangerous goddess Lula, she just oozes that yucky love stuff. So they forged an implant so tough that even they could never undo it themselves. Anytime it was exposed to love vibrations, it would convulse and pour out intensely negative energies for a minute or two. Nobody could rend it asunder, or supposedly, move it from its position where they placed it. It would last forever without weakening, keeping Luli emotionally crippled. Though the effect on her was less than one might expect.

And even the angels couldn't take it apart, though they were able to sort of get it to separate into a zit so i could move it out.

Well, right now that implant is harnessed and locked into a crystal that is inside that little black box in the pic above. Pitwexin and i collaborated on that box. What started out as the ultimate dragon-slayer against the evil repts eventually became a broad-spectrum defensive weapon agains all evil entities. It contains the finest cutting-edge Cmdr. Loohan technology, as well as several carefully chosen and placed rocks. All components programmed by Pitwexin with energy inputs from Lula and some of the other girls, and myself.
It is very intense when carried in a belt pouch, but even better as an input to a sophisticated orgone transmitter.

What is cool about this is that now i can follow New Age guidance and vanquish evil with love. When the attacks get strong, i just have to remember to send love to that crystal, and the box goes into hyperdrive for a couple minutes. The implant converts the love into negativity with a tremendous power boost. Then the crystal turns the negativity into anti-reptilian frequencies, which are positive to us. And the other components in the box harness some of the energy to make it effective against other creepy critters. It even addresses physical humans.

The girls can also send it love. Yesterday Lula showed up at work, and spent hours just beaming it with her heart energy. This devastated the bad guys a fair bit.
So far i have been able to bat down all attacks fairly quickly with, hehe, love. I don't even have to feel anything: just sending the word "love" or imaginary Valentine's hearts at it makes it freak out, though a relentless stream of love from Lula seems best.

This is the most powerful etheric implant i can recall ever encountering and it's mine, hehe, mine.

(7:30pm) Well, if i read them right, the girls are in a celebratory mood because the bad guys are getting their butts whipped so thoroughly that a whole lot of light is now visible at the end of the tunnel.

Nov. 28, '07: Logged onto yesterday morning, and the little pic at the top caught my eye. Hit the link for a lovely chem pic of Antwerp, Belgium.

Yesterday was sunny here. Had gotten 1" of rain from the last system. The previous drizzles in recent weeks only amounted to ~ 1/4".

Today would have been mostly sunny, except that it was mostly chemmy, including plenty of fresh trails.

Things still seem to be going well. Still some surges of attacks here and there. We did some major offensive cleanup last night.

Nov. 29, '07: Still going amazingly well. Skies clear except for a very few CTs.
Octopi and spiders seem to be the main active problem left.

I updated OTB 27 to show a new astral ripper and mention some things that can improve its effectiveness against evil human astrals.

Nov. 30, '07: And this morning, wunderground treats me to this pic.
It's been overcast and drizzly here today.

On the 22nd i mentioned about the weird numbers of Hz i had been dowsing. Then i dragged out all my sandwichers and started doing everybody worth helping that i could think of offhand. Around that time, the numbers became weirder and longer, with even more improbable repetitions of, especially, single digits. I saved a few. I'm not going to bother to count the digits. It's rough enough copying the numbers down.
These are not terribly outstanding; i got lots more that are similar:

  • Lula's paternal grandfather: 37,766.16666310000300000200010000100004212676666666667677559866766777777789
    9898569666777777777777777789998888889999999999999999999988889999999889 Hz.

  • Meera's left hand: 6,100.1003121011111231111811111687101011177776777665665668558556666566
    612201011111128111112 Hz.

  • An old orgone activist out west: 76,575.120010002011113000120000101111311111130111231000101011000000000000000
    11111113111113131314213113111113 Hz.

  • An environmental activist i knew in the early 90s: 76,201.0011000000000000001000100010001000040010111111113013101030303011111300
    655577888967868685769678967687868678676767776767778888 Hz.

  • Ron Paul: 72,666.6555555595555555555555558555555555858867855555555555786678556520000
    9999999277878787977888888889999 Hz.

    What does this mean? Perhaps that i'm nuts, except that the freqs seem to work. The Loohan in San Diego of the other timeline had been almost undetectable, energetically for months. I ran a freq on him, and he's had pronounced strong, good energy since. Some "real" people i have been working on and getting feedback from also seem to do better.
    All the digits feel real intense as i go along, and i dowse about 2 per second when i get rolling. But one of the numbers ended in 0. Makes no sense. The intense energy quits at a certain point, and there is no more info available when i quit dowsing a freq. But why would it end on a zero when we're way past the decimal point? Dunno.

    Yesterday i got a number for my musculoskeletal system that was
    8,222,667,100,000,100,000,100,000.00000000000420577777777777796555... with 5s continuing on to infinity. This number was of an unusually high order of magnitude, and also was the first with infinitely repeating digits, though i later got another one for myself with infinite 5s on the end. And here's one for another old orgone activist:

  • 376,767.556777... with 7s to infinity.

    Yesterday and especially today the freqs suddenly shrunk in size:

  • Cora: 8,6555565565565556555655557555555555555568566666678566766565656565656565656
    5656565656565685895898567859585859 Hz.

  • The left knee of the Jid in my timeline: 8,2755555655555655555555555555575757585656565656565656561616161721 Hz.

  • My adrenals: 3,001.1000030131675 Hz.

    Not only that, but since the 22nd, run times have been much shorter, usually several hours or a day or so, though Ron Paul took several days.

    So why do all the numbers fluctuate together in size and quality? My belief is that the healing freqs are influenced by common factors such as perhaps the ambient astrological forces or who knows what.

    And these are all in Hertz, not some nebulous numerical rate, but describing miniscule fractions of a second.

    Anyway, i just wanted to immortalize this bizarre info for posterity.

      *   *   *   *