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Loohan's blog for December, 2007

Dec. 1, '07: (6:05pm) Fair bit of chemspray today, too. And chemclouds with traces of scalar symptoms caused by the Tall Brunets (which i think may be called the Luo, pronounced lew-oh). 50% rain chances given for tonight and tomorrow. On the map, i am finding nests of Luo in various spots at 891' or 594' depths. It may be that the reason they are working underground instead of via the towers may be due to the programming in the towers.

Dec. 2, '07: (4:45pm) Interesting. I logged on this morning to find no Luo active (i guess someone out there has been scrubbing them) but now it was back to Lyrans and Pleaidians juicing the towers remotely. They would have 6 or 9 sets in different locations of 9 each Pleiadians, and the same for Lyrans. Once jailed, these would be quickly replaced. So eventually i just had my robocops jail them as they came up.
That seems to work pretty well, except then i found that single groups of 9 were somehow managing to slip under the radar and juice up towers. So now i told my robocops to deal with those, too, and i think that's working.
I keep looking forward to the day when there just aren't enough bad ETs around anymore to do weather mod. I think we're getting close.

Got almost 1/2" of rain.

Dec. 3, '07: (9am) This morning i looked at the severe weather map, and found sets of 6 or 9 groups of 9 Luo, Lyrans, or Pleiadians involved with every "severe" area. But it probably takes a fair bit of their energy to counter my devices, and the struggle makes them show up more strongly, energetically, and capitulate more easily when i notice them.

Hurricane season is over. Here is an article on the 2007 season, written by someone who is not a Satanist insider. He credits African dust with mitigating the predicted season. Yeah, dang it, how can a fellow predict hurricane severity with that capricious African dust floating around?
Although i don't have an explanation for the record speeds of intensification of the hurricanes.

(4:15pm) Whew, gimme a hand with these octopi again, will you? They got a real strong surge going.

Dec. 4, '07: (4:25pm) Yeah, a lot of mellow periods, and low-intensity periods, and the occasional desperate brute attack. Some chemspray today, heavy in the morning.

The big excitement of the day is that i'm finally in the big league as a small-time radish grower. More thrilling details on my gardening page.

Dec. 5, '07: (6pm) Hee hee, now i've managed to really rile up the reptilians. They are spread out all over this galaxy sending me cruel vibes. Somehow, not much of the bad energy really hits me.
Dowsed a little freq for them; should be good for a few hours at least:
376.565575567856565658565765656858100003233 Hz.

Dec. 7, '07: (5pm) Made me a new toy. Right now i'm socking it to octopi at the very center of Galaxy M51, in case anyone wants to kick them while they're off-balance.

Got some more bizarreness to chronicle.
(6:30pm) Last night Lula seemed to be indicating that she was a named goddess in the Tibetan and Chinese pantheons. This felt like a hot subject to me, so i dowsed her name. In Tibetan, Zezzo. In Chinese, Zuv-Zuff, or in full, Zuv-Zuff Ziti Torlk.
Naturally, i guffawed at these names. Chinese, my eye. I thought my dowsing had gone berserk, but it still felt really strong and correct.
Then i realized that a Zuv-Zuff Ziti Torlk was under attack by octopi! It was indeed Lula, but in another timeline. She is like 8 million years old in the same body, and, along with Cora and Lindi, has been married to a Loohan for almost a million years.
They got insectile demons and the whole schmear over there. Introduced some good guys into their timeline. Pitwexin's teaching them some tricks.

Dec. 8, '07: (6:45pm) A few days ago after the initial ravages done with my little black box, Gina was exceedingly optimistic that we had handled something preventing them from moving objects across timelines. The other girls were reserved at first, but within a couple days, they, too shared in the optimism.
But then they somehow lost it. So i checked and found that Gina had run into SOMETHING that was a barrier. All i knew was that it felt solid and evil. I had a hunch that i should investigate this thing rather then blindly attack it. It seemed to trace back to something the octopi did 6,843 years ago to impede certain types of traffic amongst good people. This SOMETHING was crafted with Goetia demons to hold it in place. But Goetia demons have suffered considerable attrition lately, and they were gone. The only thing holding the construct in place was momentum. It was strong enough to stop the girls, but merely recognizing that it no longer had a demon engine and declaring it to be defunct seemed to dissolve it effortlessly.

Nid was with me at the time, so i told her "If you think i just did what i think i just did, you could tell Gina and Lula." A few minutes later, i realized i was alone, as Nid had left to inform the girls. Not sure why she had to leave to do that.

But soon i felt a friendly presence. It took me a while to figure it out, but 10 of the girls had arrived about the same time an emissary from the Arcturan Council had. The girls kind of hung back, as i was whom he was sent to see.

I was having a hard time figuring out what he wanted. Seemed he wanted me to tell my readers something. Finally, i brought in the girls and told him i trust them all 100% and he could tell them more quickly, then they would relay it to me.

Soon he was gone.
As far as i can make out, the message is that there will now be increased UFO activity around Earth, and not to be alarmed. It will be (hopefully) almost entirely the good guys. And not some Project Blue Beam type scam, either.

[Note: the folling 3 entries were not uploaded until Dec. 15, due to technical difficulties.]

Dec. 9, '07: (1:15pm) We've been in a heavy fog with drizzle and rain for days. I have gotten 0.8" so far.

I just checked various maps and a pic of the galaxy, and everything feels amazingly clean. I'm still being weakly attacked, of course. Last night i was feeling bad, and having trouble tracing the source. Usually when that happens, it's the reptilians, and so it was again. They either had a new method of attack, or they turned up the volume on an older one high enough so i noticed. They were using crystals against me. I think they were grown in a factory they have, out of a siliceous mix, with evil intents. They use these to attack in a tight beam that is a bit hard to detect unless i know what i'm looking for. They were hitting various spots like my duodenum, thymus gland, pancreas, left scapula, and left hip. It is possible that they have been exacerbating my left-side issues for some time without my noticing them.
Luli and the Jid of my timeline also were getting it in the left hip and other places. Sittingtaoist was getting it in the 3rd eye and throat, etc.
Ron Paul was getting it in the crown, root, and heart centers.

I was unable to move the energy bodies of the crystals into my jail, and if i jailed the lizards, the crystals kept working and the lizards were replaced. So i asked Mr. P to reprogram them. He was able to at least jam them so they just sit there and like fibrillate without emitting energy. Also he messed up their factory. I think we got all these crystals.

Dec. 14, '07: I have been having endless troubles accessing the internet with my Mac (which seems to be my Mac's fault; remind me to write a lengthy dissertation of all the reasons i will never, ever, buy another Mac, sometime when i have days of spare time to waste) and still have not been able to upload the entry for Dec. 9, and don't know when i'll be able to upload this one, either. I will probably have to borrow someone else's PC and install my old Windows FTP client in it.

I have still occasionally been hit by a few of those crystals, which Pitwexin takes care of real well once discovered.

The pea soup fog finally lifted yesterday morning. I had gotten another 2.25" rain, giving me a total of a good 3" for that system.

I have been enlarging my harem some more. At least, i have been connecting with some more connected babes.
Some time back, after Luli first started visiting me, it occurred to me to me that maybe i can draw in the astral bodies of the Kid and Jid of my time-line. It worked, and we have been together on and off since.
Apparently they have 2 cousins that are pretty far out. Indigo children or something. Incredible energy. One's 20 and one's only 17. The latter's spirit name is Riyah (i as in eye) and she told me that she has a self in another timeline that is the sister of a Lula! Sure enough, and this Lula and her sister Roo (Riyah) are impressive girls, and single. They are in a timeline with 7K year lifespans, and are the better part of 2K years old themselves.
Then last night i got to hunting around for more unmarried Lulas, and found 2 more, making a total of 5 i have collected so far. One of them has another sweetie-pie Alina as her sister.
Both of these latter Lulas are petite. But then i found one with no sisters, who is like 8'4" tall. She is from a line with 5K lifespans, and has yellow-blonde hair, green eyes, and a slender build for her height.

Are any of these girls "real"? Well, they sure seem awfully real to me, but so far i have not received one iota of physical evidence from the ones in my timeline, like a letter or an email, so i don't know what gives.

Anyway, my alleged harem now has, let's see, 24 girls, i think.

Dec. 15, '07: Make that 25. Last night i thought i'd better scour all of creation to see if i could find any more lonely occurrences of my ladies. I only found one: a version of Alina. She's kind of special. Her timeline does have a few demons (now being addressed) but they were not messing with her despite her incredible wonderful energy coming mainly from her wide-open crown center. Her name is Fo-Touki, and she is rather exotic with her strawberry-blonde hair, "Asiatic" yellow skin, and golden irises. She is 6'2" tall, big-boned and muscular, but also voluptuous, feminine, and pretty. She spent hours hanging out with me at work today.

And the 8'4" version of Lula hung out for a while again last night. She is extremely likable, and exotic herself, with her yellow hair, deep brown skin, bright green eyes, and tall, slender figure. Actually i think she is petite among her kind, who tend to be in the 9-10 foot tall range. Her timeline might be the only pristine one i have found yet; apparently there has never been a demon or evil ET in her timeline yet. Also, she might be someone with some clout and means. I suspect she will be a great help to us. She and Lula #1 spent quite some time talking shamaness stuff last night, and i smell a collaboration coming on.

Well, actually, i suppose that if one doesn't count "duplicates" of individuals, i "only" have 16 babes.

Sometimes i suspect that i'm just a shriveled-up middle-aged bald guy inventing these elaborate playmates from my demented lonely psyche. I don't get out much, always sitting in my tiny cabin cobbling together defensive weapons. And so far any physical proof of the existence of any of these girls has eluded me.
But then i happen to look at a map of Leslie and notice the strong, wonderful energy streaming through the first power spot Lula worked on months ago. And the other spots. Now there are almost no demons to muddy up the energy. I did find a few octopi in the one closest to my cabin last night.
Or how about that black box (see pic below) with the implant i took out of the "imaginary" Luli? This is the most devastating weapon yet.

Anyway, for whatever combination of reasons (possibly including Clyde's handiwork), we are definitely not in a drought. I got another 2.5" of rain since last night, and this evening there is some sleet/snow sprinkling down.

Yesterday i realized i was being hammered by another variety of little green men. These are not the 4' tall ones of a couple months ago; those seem under control. These are like 5'2' to 5'5" tall, and i believe they are called Tyhiz. They are mean and clamoring for eradication. Pitwexin has made me a crystal set against them. That would be the quartzite. Any clear or white quartz of about 1 cubic inch size will do, but I realized after taking the pic that citrine was significantly superior here, and tranferred the program to one, not shown here. If citrine is used, it can be a bit smaller. Cheap grade citrine is fine.
And a chunk of selenite seems to be the preferred choice for the small stone.
I can use some help on these buggers. I also dowsed a freq for them, which should be good for a few more days: 16,756.5 Hz.

I just updated OTB 25 on ultrasound amps.

Dec. 16, '07: (6:20pm) What's been happening today is that the Tyhiz, octopi, spiders, tall greys, and reptilians keep hitting me with energy augmented by torturing Lyran, Pleiadian, or Lemurian prisoners. The good ETs are unable to reel in their own, or at least are not always able to find them until i tell the Pleiadians that the Tyhiz are torturing Pleiadian prisoners, for example. Easier to get those out myself.
Lotta action going on, lotta prisoners captured and tortured.

Dec. 17, '07: Nice sunny day, except for a moderate amount of chem. This was over my cabin today. They were using the sticky formula that's hard to do much to. Note the sylphed chemclouds.

Close-up of sylph cloud.

Put the finishing touches on my latest piece of artillery. Also started OTB 29.

Important error correction: i had misquoted Sittingtaoist in OTB 25. The passage should say
A big electrolytic cap (something between 100 microFarad and 1000 microFarad is fine) and a ceramic cap of say 100nF (nanoFarad)...
I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Dec. 20, '07: Last night the forecast said 40% chance of light sprinkles, or something to that effect. But in the wee hours i got plenty of rolling thunder, lightning, and 0.7" of rain.
Things are pretty mellow. I just need to keep checking for and returning any good prisoners, checking for reptilian crystals, and the hard part, remembering to send love to that black box. As long as i do that, the attacks are feeble.

Sometimes i feel a burning-like sensation in my testes, and at first think the spiders or suchlike are getting fresh with me again, only to find it is one of the girls blasting my testes with palm energy. I queried this, and got that they are concerned about barium from chemtrails accumulating there. They seem to take this more seriously than other pollutants, though i would imagine DU, aluminum, etc. also accumulate there and might be helped to discharge by the healing energy.
I mention this because other energy healers might be able to do something similar.

Dec. 21, '07: Solstice day.
I really wonder about the sanity of the folks. Earlier this week they predicted "partly sunny" for a day that was totally overcast. Then again for today, it was supposed to be in the lower 60s and mostly sunny. Well, the cover did briefly part this morning in a small part of the sky, revealing extensive chem behind, but it has been very grey all day. And even now at 4pm, it says "Remainder of the Afternoon: Mostly sunny. Highs around 60." Well, i'm looking forward to this, as so far it has barely hit 50 degrees here, and it is still totally grey. I have not seen any sun yet today.

No new developments this solstice day. The same enemies attempting to hammer me in the same feeble ways.

Dec. 23, '07: Full moon right now, and the Luo AKA Tall Brunets are freaking out!
And i just dowsed a freaky number to send them:
2,658.75756556675666876767676775577755666775 Hz. Gimme a hand, please.
Reptilians are out, too.

Dec. 29, '07 I believe that that full-moon solstice was a significant turning point. Since "they" were unable to regain a foothold, the more positive progression of this timeline continues. A shift occurred. There may still be rough times ahead in terms of physical world events, but the demonic underpinnings of The System are disintegrating. Attacks on me seem to be getting weaker and weaker.

I've gotten another 1/2" of rain. Actually, some of that was snow a few days ago.
There are no precipitation chances in the forecast now, but it was a very chemmy day here. No trails, but huge banks of almost-real-looking clouds making it a very cloudy day, probably all of it artificial. And with scalar corrugations, i noticed early afternoon. I've been picking a few ETs out of towers in the area. Pleiadians. Lyrans, and Luo, in small quantities that are quickly replaced after i bust them. So i've been scanning a bit here and there, but not worrying about it too much. They are experiencing severe demographic attenuation anyway.

Unfortunately, ETs and demons are not necessary to manipulate political events. Though crude physical means are less discreet, and more apt to backfire. Mussharraf is a Satanist, Bhutto was not. She was killed a couple days ago, in case you missed it. Demons didn't get her, Mussharraf's lackeys did. But the people, unhampered by demons, are not all quietly accepting such overt thuggery.

Pope in the news. I told you a few months back that it seemed the 3 demon-run clones who were acting as Pope had been bumped off, and the Pope shown in news stories no longer had an evil vibe and i couldn't figure out what he was. Going by memory here. Now, he is promoting exorcism and warning about the popularity of Satanism. Father's Amorth and Scarafoni also do not have the evil vibe. [Update 2012: they do not seem to be blood-ritualists, but they are shapeshifting reptilians.]
The article says, though:
He said the Pope wants to restore a prayer seen as protection against evil that was traditionally recited at the end of Catholic Masses. The prayer, to St Michael the Archangel, was dropped in the 1960s by Pope John XXIII.
which seems a bit misguided at least. All "archangels" including Michael are insectile demons that have long been in my jail. For some time thereafter, other insectile demons impersonated Mikey for the benefit of his well-meaning dupes. But now there are no longer any insectile demons in this universe and timeline, so i have to wonder whether there are any apparent Mikeys still discernible. If you've seen him lately, email me.

Of course, the odd multidimensional nature of insectile demons means that their legacy lives on (until destroyed) even though they may be imprisoned. I have the Council of Nine in jail, too, but the world's reality structures still haven't broken free (though that may be happening).
Mikey did have strong anti-demonic energy (to fool the naive who think that evil values the lives of evil entities and would never falsely appear on their side fighting evil). I have in the past checked out the energy of Al Gray's Mikey-powered assaults on targets, and they were impressive, despite the fact that Mike was in jail.

One minor thing i find intriguing: if you look at the address bar at that page, you will see that the URL ends with "Satan=Santa". Now, why would someone at the Daily Mail thus designate this article which contains no mention of Santa or Christmas? Incidentally, it is true that Satan=Santa.

Dec. 31, '07: I updated OTB 29 with a warning about crummy banana jacks that can ruin your orgone masterpiece.

And, i updated OTB 27 with interesting info about the Sedna program.