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Loohan's blog for December, 2006

Dec. 1, '06: (8:30am) It rained and rained, then after dark it turned to snow and freezing rain. But not much of that.
I had measured 2.6" yesterday morning from the previous night. Now i'm thawing my gauge to get a read for the rest.
How does one keep a rain gauge from cracking when the contents freeze? One places a long, thin stem of a weed in it, about as thick as a toothpick. When the water freezes, it climbs up the stick instead of expanding outward to crack the gauge.
So now i have the gauge near the woodstove, to get a read in terms of liquid water. Frozen it's at least 3.5".
Also i'm thawing these frozen-solid, ice-coated wild persimmons for breakfast.

(9:30am) 3.3" it is. Added to the 2.6, that makes just shy of 6 inches.
O, the joys and simple pleasures of kicking NOAA's ass.

Dec. 2, '06: However, like most government parasites, they lack the integrity to resign from their jobs due to their ineptness.
Today i saw a modest amount of HAARP action. Despite the lack of demon energy. So they can produce some visual effects without it. However, this probably has little or no effect on the weather.

The person most responsible for the technical effects was a female at HAARP/Gakona, so i am beating up on her a bit.

Dec. 5, '06: Scientology, rock 'n roll...

Just saw an interview of Wes Penre of Illuminati News, and wanted to make a few comments. Only the first half of the page would display for me in Mozilla, then i had to switch to IE.

Wes comes out as a former high-level Scientologist. More on that subject later.

About the rock musicians and other high society folks he mentions:
Although it is true that rock has been heavily steeped in Satanism, i want to clarify that there was only one Satanist in the Beatles (John), and that George and Paul were MPD. He also includes Sting and David Bowie as aficionadoes of Crowley. That may or may not be; i have known good people who are into Crowley. But Sting and Bowie never did black magic nor are MPD.
As for Dylan, he had evil parents, but was never into black magic except in his MPD alters.

Wes links to a rock 'n roll article on his site, which is probably mostly accurate. But Willie Nelson was never an MPD handler. Willie had no evil parents or MPD handlers himself, is not MPD and never did black magic.
Same goes for Elvis, though Elvis was controlled by drugs, hypnosis and underage girls/blackmail. Col. Tom Parker was not into black magic nor MPD, either. Both Elvis' widow and daughter, however, are darkside.

But most of the info is accurate. Like so many musicians, Hendrix, Jackson, and Baez were all heavily MPDed (but not Satanists in their front persona). From Joan Baez:
Some other tidbits: Mama Cass was the only darksider of the Mamas and the Papas. I don't think any of the others were even MPD. Janis Joplin was MPD. Morrison was an MPDed Satanist. Courson was neither MPD nor darkside.
Andy Warhol was an MPDed darksider.
Elton John is, too. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love were MPD.
Ginsburg was not MPD but a Satanist. His mom was MPD, and an epileptic. Incidentally, these days, when i hear epilepsy, i suspect MPD. I haven't researched it enough, but it may be that most or all epileptics are MPD.
Timothy Leary was not a Satanist in his main personality. Aldous Huxley was both.
Sitchin, incidentally, is also a Satanist.

But to be fair, rock derived much of its inspiration from Bo Diddley, who was neither a Satanist nor MPD. Listen to some Diddley and it becomes obvious where the white Satanic bands like Led Zeppelin and Quicksilver got a lot of their best musical ideas.
And there were a few famous groups and artists who were neither MPD nor Satanist, including Fleetwood Mac, The Kinks, The Band, The Monkees, Ian Anderson, Rory Gallagher, David Bowie, the Alice Cooper band(!)...

Back to Scientology:
I, too, was in the Church of Scientology, from 1979-87, though at lower levels. Hubbard was definitely a serious black magician, i know now.
I was on course and/or staff at the Austin, TX church during most of that time. Most Scientologists i ran into locally were innocent.
Dowsing back, i find that at least 2 other staff members were CIA lifers and darksiders, married to other staff members who were not. Other members of the public were also darksiders, some CIA. Haven't found any Naval Intelligence goons there.

But in the early 80's, a new wave of darkside critters took over the Church at the highest levels, probably assassinating Hubbard. They had a severe, nazi-ish demeanor, and made up the CST, RTC, etc. Things got pretty nutty with them always doing one thing while insisting they were doing the opposite.
Recently i scanned all the people i could remember from those days. Most of the lecturers sent to our church from above for special events were Satanists.
But what really spooks me is the number of people i knew who have gone darkside since those days. Many of those didn't surprise me too much, as they were of somewhat dubious character to begin with. But others did surprise me.
I think most of the converts were staff members who got into black magic not in Austin, but at the higher organizations in L.A.
I don't think Hubbard was much into turning his minions into Satanists. I think he wanted to create more able beings as better food, just as the good sorcerors of Don Juan Matus' lineage were used. More horsepower is more horsepower to enslave. But the people who took over, who have known links to gov't agencies like the IRS, seem to be using the church as a recruitment tool into black magic.

And, oh, yeah, Tom Cruise is MPD, not Satanist. His handler is David Miscavige.
I listened to the first couple minutes of the 1992 interview with Miscavige. He said Scientology was 25X bigger in 1992 than it was in 1980. An interesting claim, indeed. From my perspective, it seemed to shrink during the years 1980-87, as the new leadership not only "declared" a lot of decent people to be "Suppressive Persons" and expelled them, but also did a lot of other crazy things to blow people off. E.g. they took the most unflattering picture of LRH they could find, in which he looked like a hideous slimy degenerate psychopath in his Sea Org uniform, blew it up real big and made all churches display it prominently at their entranceways in a poster declaring allegiance to this great man. Not to mention that it got more and more apparent that the new levels above OT3 were some kind of lame ripoff. I knew some of the new OT7s, and they were douche-bags, whereas the old OT7s had a real presence and intense powers of intent.
Also the upper level administrative insanity and obvious corruption blew off a lot of good staff members.

  *   *   *   *
Whoops! Just realized the full moon peaked about 24 hours ago. Didn't even notice a blip on my screen. Full moons will never be the same.

  *   *   *   *
Darksiders do their best to always do everything by numbers. Thus for example CSN&Y had 3 darksiders and one innocent (Nash). Quicksilver and Creedence each had, and still may have, 9 coven members. Some might be sound guys, managers, wives, etc.
I just checked Dire Straits, and found something scary: 9 coven members, all MPDed. Only one of them was aware of it in his normal persona, and that, of course, was the handler. He left in 1982. Prior to that, he would "activate" the other members occasionally for ritual, maybe every 2 weeks or so. What is mysterious is that he was not replaced with another handler. He was pulled out, and the guys were left alone after 1982, i believe, and none have done ritual since. I have no clue why the project was dropped.
They continued to prosper, and when the band dissolved in 1995, only 4 of the original coven were still there. None of the new guys were darkside.
[Update Sep., '12: Actually, this is an all-shapeshifter band.]

Dec. 8, '06: Man, it sure has been quiet lately. I used to get frequent emails from people asking for help with attackers. We have entered a new phase, for sure.

Of all the many types of evil ETs and demons i've wrestled with for the last year and a half almost, the only ones that still are active to any detectable extent are Goetia and Seraphim demons, greys, and reptilians.
I stopped trying to reprogram the remaining bad ETs a few days ago. It just wasn't fast enough, and i wanted to use the tool for something else.
So i did something entirely different, which i won't specify yet, but which is thinning their ranks quite a bit. Even i am only getting occasional mild attacks, usually by Seraphim-augmented greys, but occasionally by Goetia-fortified repts.

Some allies and myself have been still working on eradicating the squid, which may be on the very verge of extinction. The nordics seem totally disempowered without the squid, and are apparently unable to do effective black magic without their help. It is possible the bad nordics may be nearly depleted. In any case, very little detectable DOR activities there lately.

Any DOR spots i find on maps lately are always due to the greys and repts.

Yet there are reports of massive chem spraying in some regions, and weird earth rumblings on the East Coast.

Dec. 9, '06: Sometimes i'm a bit slow on the uptake, but last night it finally occurred to me to wonder whom the greys and repts were torturing to make DOR. POWs. Good Lyrans, Pleiadians, and Red Nordics they had captured. So i sent their prisoners back to wherever they should be (hopefully) and things really calmed down.

But today they have been hammering me almost non-stop. Mostly the repts, but also the greys. And every time, i rip off their prisoners, and jail all i can of the bad guys. I've liberated probably hundreds of billions of good POWs today.
There seem to be endless amounts of reptilians, and plenty of prisoners, by the way they're wasting them. Anybody out there capable of helping me intend or pray the POWs back to their home bases...?

Dec. 12, '06: Thanks to those that have been helping on this POW project. Things are gradually improving. We need to continue, probably for several weeks or a couple months (i'm guessing). Then, there will be no more ETs attacking good people, hopefully. And those liberated warriors are no slouches; when we help them, they are better able to help us.

I just updated my mobius page again, for those who are into such things.

I also just uploaded my first audio lecture. It's 28 minutes long and is the first part of a 2-part lecture on the history of the universe and the last 100,000 years on Earth.

Got another 0.3" of rain yesterday.

Dec. 14, '06: Still the same stuff going on: reptilians and greys attacking me, using Pleiadian and Lyran POWs for torture victims. I haven't figured out what they're doing to torture them; possibly hitting them with electronic weapons.

And the last 2 days have been full of chemtrails here. Some of it the weak stuff, some of it the stronger stuff.
There were some "lite" HAARP ripples this morning, which went away after i got the reptilians that were feeding DOR into the system.
Walpole is still the honcho on these activities. Also i just realized that the deceased Lautenbacher has a double.

(8:45pm) Well, after i posted that i was still having trouble with ETs, things really calmed down. There may be about 3 people effectively helping, and i'm pretty sure who one of them is. I am unable to dowse any vibe of tortured good ET prisoners now, so somebody is really on this, thank you.
That's why i believe that activists should communicate and co-operate. I'm pretty awesome, can do some amazing things, and perceive important things no-one else apparently can, but that's also true to one extent or another of a great many other people, a few of whom read my blog. It's like the parable of the 3 blind men and the elephant.
Anyway, my hat's off to whoever is doing this, way better than i know how to.
I think it is something that will take some time to complete. I suspect the Lyrans and Pleiadians (BTW there were only a few groups of Red Nordic prisoners; they may be all long freed now) were captured in all 6 universes. There must be countless skirmishes going at all times, involving unimaginable numbers of combatants. And the bad guys had built up a big stash of POWs long before i got wise.

It must be that the Pleiades are only one small region of a great many which "Pleiadians" call home. Likewise with the "Lyrans" and Constellation Lyra. I have read that the Lyrans and Pleaidians are virtually the same race, but they dowse as distinctly different.
It is interesting that i'm not finding other prisoner types, except for those Nordics. No Lemurians or Arcturians, even though they have been actively helping on Earth. No new life forms i'm unfamiliar with. It is beginning to appear to me that the Lyrans and Pleiadians are about the commonest humanoid types out there at this time.

I was impressed that the Lyrans sent 235,000 troops for the Middle East mission during the recent war in Lebanon. But really, that's a puny number, i realize now. Does that mean that Earth and the M.E. are not of such crucial cosmic importance as i believed? Or are there some rules and regulations limiting the size of such a mission?

Rules and regulations. Wish i understood them. Why can't the good ETs take out the chem planes? They had no qualms about nailing some made-in-USA exotic craft, manned by US Satanists, that were involved in weather mod a while back. Why tolerate the spray planes? These planes ordinarily have only 1 occupant. (I don't think they even have a helper anymore, at least in the ones they send here - possibly to minimize the amount of personnel i traumatize.) One occupant who is invariably into the dark arts, who sprays ugly smeary poison for a living. I don't see why he should have more rights than a hurricane-boosting "UFO" pilot.
Anyway, as self-styled Commander of Planet Earth, i hereby officially give my permission and encouragement to anyone out there who would like to remove these unwanted polluting criminals from the skies.

Dec. 18, '06: Scientology continued:

L. Ron Hubbard was not MPDed, nor did he engage in MPDing. He did engage in child sexual abuse and adult sexual abuse for black magic purposes, but i don't detect that he was into splitting personalities. In fact, he tossed out a few crumbs of truth about mind control in his mentions of "Pain-Drug-Hypnosis". From a C of S webpage:
L. Ron Hubbard was one of the first to discover and expose actual mind control and brainwashing experimentation conducted by United States military and intelligence agencies during and after World War II. He called these techniques "pain-drug-hypnosis."

In his 1951 book, Science of Survival, he wrote:

"There is another form of hypnotism ... This form of hypnotism has been a carefully guarded secret of certain military and intelligence organizations. It is a vicious war weapon and may be of considerably more use in conquering a society than the atom bomb. This is no exaggeration. The extensiveness of the use of this form of hypnotism in espionage work is so wide today that it is long past the time when people should have become alarmed about it. It required dianetic processing to uncover pain-drug-hypnosis. Otherwise, pain-drug-hypnosis was out of sight, unsuspected, and unknown."

Not only did Mr. Hubbard uncover and expose such blatantly destructive experimentation, but the technology he developed, Dianetics, can undo the effects of pain-drug-hypnosis and free a person from the grip of mind control.

Years after Mr. Hubbard learned of and exposed these government-sponsored psychiatric mind control experiments, documents released under the Freedom of Information Act detailed the extent to which these techniques were being used -- many of them on unwitting citizens. Release of these documents also resulted in Congressional investigations and actions to ensure necessary safeguards were established to prevent the recurrence of such abuses.
Um, right, prevent the recurrence. He completely omitted mentioning the blood-sacrifice rituals, the rape, the occult aspects, the traumatizing of infants, the MPD factor.

Does Scientology/Dianetics hold the answer, then? Well, i myself had some mind-control incidents from my last life (in which i was MPDed) come up in auditing (counseling) around 1985. I remember there were 3 such incidents that came up for that life. I only recall one of them now: being hypnotised to jimmy the firing mechanisms or something on torpedoes in a USN sub in 1942 at the Amchitka Island vortex in the Aleutian Chain. Nothing ever came up about the sexual abuse, etc.

I also did some Dianetics auditing on people, especially newbies who were relatively unindoctrinated. Dianetics does deal with real phenomena. There is no doubt in my mind that i ran people through real trauma incidents, including attempted abortions.

One time i audited a teenage girl, who was exceedingly meek in demeanor, until i ran her through an incident at age 5 of being raped by her 10-year-old brother. She was unaware of the rape until i ran her through the prior beating several times. She was ferocious while running the incident, releasing a lot of bottled-up emotion.
But i never really resolved that incident. I looked for an earlier similar incident, which is what you do in a case like that, but only found an incident in which her brother and a couple other boys got her to perform oral favors on them. Couldn't really resolve the thing as well as i should have.
Now i know she and her brother were MPDed by their evil parents. I think with the knowledge i now have about these things, which knowledge Ronnie deliberately withheld, i could do a lot better with a case like hers.

But i was just doing the crude early 1950 style Dianetics. By the 80s, much more advanced e-metered Dianetics was available for those who could afford it. Surely it was catching all those MPD victims, right?
Afraid not. Maybe it occasionally knocked a few bitty holes into such programming, but i now realize that quite a few of the Scientogists i knew were MPDed, including those who had attested to the State of Clear and above. A "Clear" is supposed to not have anything locked away in his/her mind in terms of hidden trauma force or the command it might have over oneself. A Clear is supposed to have resolved or erased all such things on a personal level.
Yet, even now, 20 years later, a high percentage of the "Clears" i knew still have evil alters that apparently still lie "out of sight, unsuspected, and unknown."

In contradistinction to Hubbard's style of doing things, the government thugs who took over the church do engage in MPDing. For example, the Miscavige/Cruise thing.
I don't think this was being done in Hubbard's day, yet... To give an example of another famous actor, John Travolta is a bloodline MPDed Satanist, always has been. Apparently, this did not need to be resolved for him to have been the VIP darling of the Church for decades. He is supposed to have had gobs of auditing. Theoretically, in order for auditing to work, one must refrain from any unethical practices. If auditing runs into problems, one of the first things they look for should be unethical things the person is doing, and have him quit them, make reparations if appropriate, etc.

There used to be a guy who posted at "alternative" Scientology websites. He was sincere, eventually parting from the Church. He posted tons of unorthodox technical stuff. His handle was The Pilot. I used to read his stuff a lot several years ago. The Office of Special Affairs of the C of S was out to get him.
He was sort of a goofy-looking guy, and had issues about getting laid. OSA sent in a seductress. I think she slipped him some KO drug. And she had a big OSA guy sodomize him.
He had no conscious knowledge of this, but felt miserable afterwards. Some time later, he chased down what had happened on his e-meter, and ran the incident. And wrote about it. It is correct. I can no longer find his original report, just this.

Dec. 19, '06: Just a quick note on the Scientology "freezone" which one can find on the internet. There are various groups pursuing scientology-like practices divorced from the evil Church. But beware: there are dark occultists among some of these, as well. In fact, the first group to use the term "freezone" was this one, and they are the most conspicuous (to me) darksiders of the freezone. Captain Bill Robertson was an intergenerational MPDed Satanist. Despite this, he also was formerly a very high ranking Sea Org member, reportedly very close to Ron...
By contrast, Freezone America seems pretty clean.

  *   *   *   *
Return of the werewolf demons: I have been doing something a bit differently regarding the POW-releasing project, and, along with what others are doing, this seems to have the bad guys more snarled up. So last night i got hit with several werewolf demons for the first time in a long time. And more today. Can't detect anyone sending them.

  *   *   *   *
Even though Earthlings can no longer do effective black magic, there are still old spells in place. A person posted a freaky story about a ring. Well, the peridot stones had Goetia spells on them for some reason, dating back a couple years. I am surprised that such remarkable phenomena occurred therefrom; see the person's 2nd post, too.

  *   *   *   *
Swell. Just like old times. Now i've got octopi on my case again, too. But the greys and repts seem to have slacked off.

Dec. 20, '06: Rain, rain, rain.

I was looking at this article about John Lennon. As i've said before, he was a Satanist. He was MPDed, and Yoko was his handler, and herself MPDed. Serious reptilian DNA in that wench. In my 2nd part of my audio lecture, i will explain how so much of that DNA got into the unfortunate Japanese.
I got curious as to whom she was working for. Russians! I did a web search, and apparently no one has ever posted about such a possible connection. KGB? No. I don't think the KGB was ever much into black magic or MPD stuff, though Putin is a Luciferan.
Litvinenko was not into that stuff, either, whatever else he may have been into. On further examination, he dowses as having a very funky core motivation; i. e. selfishly motivated in an ugly way.

No, Yoko was working for the Russian Mafia. These guys are heavily into "that stuff". I checked out the names at the bottom of this page and those guys are all guilty as hell of blood ritual, etc.
What their agenda was concerning Lennon, i do not know. I do not think they were motivated by a desire to act in the interests of the Russian government, particularly.
Doing a bit of reading, i see that the Russian Mafia is actually the Israeli Mafia, or at least, a lot of the main figures are Israeli. Dowsing, i am not sure the 2 mafias are completely identical, but there does seem to be a lot of overlap, maybe 40%. In fact, i get that the Russian Mafia consists mostly of "Jews" of the not-very-nice variety. Yep, all black magicians. This feels like a particularly nasty bunch of creeps.

  *   *   *   *
Wow, as i typed the above, at 7:10pm, i got jumped by 13 astral Venusians. It is like old times again! Except that they were not demon-fortified, reassuring me that the Venusians are indeed no longer able to do black magic.
I have been getting hit a fair bit today by the usual repts, greys, octopi, and werewolves, too, but nothing very alarming.

  *   *   *   *
The Israeli Mafia is also not beholden to the Israeli government orthodoxy. I have the impression that the Mafia has infiltrated the Israeli government, including Mossad, IDF [brass], politicians, law enforcement, etc. to overall 24% Mafia. This is sort of interesting. Definitely an ambitious force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately just as evil as the majority faction. Not sure if there's any ideological difference, really. Probably just a different set of lizards wanting to take over turf.

Dec. 21, '06: I've had 2 different rain gauges out. Depending on which you believe, i have had either 1.2 or 1.5" of rain since night before last.

(8:30am) Have all the POWs been freed? I can't be certain, but since last night sometime, i have not detected any. I have not been hit with black magic fortified aggressors. I have been hit by greys, octopi, and werewolves. Even spiders, now; the external, long-legged type.

  *   *   *   *
One aspect of gracious living in which NOAA is unschooled, is being a good sport and admitting when you've been defeated by a handful of midgets against inconceivable odds. It is abundantly clear that no matter how much they spray, they cannot dry things up anymore, now that there is no demon energy available for HAARP, etc.
There is still quite a bunch of old smear in the skies from yesterday's futile spraying, and at noon today i noticed my first chemtrail, right directly overhead with the expensive formula.

Just what do you expect to accomplish, NOAA fu*kups, other than making yourselves even bigger laughingstocks? Have you no slightest sense of self-dignity? Are you not embarrased when you look in the mirror?
Are you afraid you might not collect your paychecks anymore if you neglect to make a show of going through the ineffectual motions of weather mod?

And are you deliberately skewing the data in the Drought Monitor? Why is it that the NOAA-fed monitor recently showed this (on left) whereas non-satanic sources showed something rather different: (below)

Why does the official map show a region of "exceptional" drought and "extreme" drought in an area that more local folks called "mild" drought and "moderate" drought? Why do the Texans seem unaware that their state is now harboring any extreme or severe droughts?

Why is it that in the past, the severe areas on the Monitor's maps invariably had strong DOR concentrated in their central parts, whereas lately, none is detectable? Are they perchance mere fictitious ink you painted on there to hornswoggle your paymasters into believing you are still slightly competent?

Any readers out there having first-hand knowledge about any of the "exceptional" droughts" shown on the Drought Monitor, please let me know.

  *   *   *   *
Yep, it's past 5pm and i haven't been hit by anything demon-augmented all day. Just repts and greys hitting me directly with their own relatively negligeable energy, and the 3 fauna types. But, a while ago i noticed some faint HAARPing of the chem, which was powered by greys torturing Pleiadians. So i'm guessing they have a few POWs saved in reserve.

  *   *   *   *
Curiouser and curiouser. I took a closer look at that 2nd map, and it says "Data Courtesy of Climate Prediction Center NCP-NWS-NOAA". Here is their site.

Noticing that the alleged drought north of TX was centered roughly near Enid, OK, i found a page for today saying
Enid received a half inch of rain Wednesday... Rainfall totals for Tuesday and Wednesday from Mesonet weather reporting stations throughout northwest Oklahoma topped 2 inches in Cherokee and Alva.
But the Monitor says "The data cutoff for Drought Monitor maps is Tuesday at 7 a.m. Eastern Standard Time." So this last rain would not have affected the above map.

I did find a Dec. 7 article mentioning declining rangelands in West-Central TX due to drought.

  *   *   *   *
Hey, it's the solstice! Shouldn't there be rituals going on? I'm not feeling any in the usual places. Maybe they're scheduled for tomorrow (Friday night). Unless maybe they're finally catching on to the futility of it.

(8:30pm) Thanks for the help with the attackers. They have gotten even more feeble the last couple hours.

Dec. 22, '06: (10am) So far today i have been hit twice by groups of 6 NSA astrals. And once by a bunch of tall greys; slick bastards that were doing something to cloak themselves so that it took me a little while to figure out who was squeezing my heart.
And of course repts, greys, and the fauna.
All this still without demonic augmentation.

Also i realized that Sai Baba's clone (see June 2) is probably dead. I think he expired 2 days ago, never having been put to use, but having received plenty of abuse from me. I think there is still a non-clone double/imposter filling in for the deceased Baba. Here are some pics of the double (except for the 2nd one down, the composite pic of the real one, which is from last Spring), and it does look like Baba.
But he is not Baba nor a clone. Here are more pics. The big mug shots are older ones of the original Baba. I think there is something very subtly different about the curve of his nose, but that is the only thing i can find, and a dubious difference at that.
The original Baba did not have a darkside son, or any children i can find, but the double has 3 evil sons and 1 evil daughter. He has also had 5 plastic surgeons of evident competence.

  *   *   *   *
(5:45pm) Apparently, the NSA has a bunch of throwaway astral "warriors" left, and now that they're pretty useless due to the demise of black magic, they are lobbing them at me to get rid of them (yawn). Also, i've been hit several more times by cloaked tall greys. And the other types who've been after me lately.

  *   *   *   *
And what is this new Mars object? It is not alive. It is not a vehicle nor a dwelling. It is transmitting DOR deriving from Goetia demons fed by the torture of good Pleiadian POWs by yellow Nordics about 9 months ago, i get. I still don't understand how demons can continue to maintain a DOR output indefinitely after being fed once.
The transmitter is in the tip of the center. The DOR can be felt on the map for some distance around.
OK, make that all past tense.

  *   *   *   *
I was just checking out a cool pic of the Milky Way. And found some DORy spots due to greys. And some due to repts. And way to the left, near where it says Outer Arm, i found an area that was radiating DOR due to good Lyrans being tortured. Then another like that right where it says Sun. Gulp, that's us! Mars, actually. So they're still at it some; i guess it dawned on them that they would eventually run out of POWs if they kept wasting black magic on me. But since i could only find 2 such torture scenes in the galaxy, it may be that they were almost out of POWs before this thought occurred to them.
I put that pic up as my desktop wallpaper the better to keep tabs on the galaxy.

Dec. 23, '06: So much of the UFO/ET and suchlike material on the web is the disinfo work of agents, that it is refreshing to find authentic, substantive info on the www. If you have an enquiring mind about such things, and want to download and watch some interviews of interest, i can recommend Project Camelot. So far i have watched the one by O'Finioan and the 3 by Dan Burisch. All very interesting, but the first 2 by Burisch i found of particular martial value.

Dan worked on the Majestic12 project for 20 years. He has experienced a slice of reality entirely different from mine, working with "J-rods", a type of sickly grey-like being which are apparently Earth humans from the future, who have used wormholes to access earlier times like ours.
They dowse as entirely different entities than the greys i have been fighting, and most do not seem DOR-based or into black magic, although they may not all have the best of motivations, either.
He talks about "stargates" and "looking glasses" which are machinery that are put into wormholes so that people can utilize them for transport or viewing other times, respectively, if i understood correctly.
I am able to tell that the original members of MJ-12 were not into blood ritual, although their security force was, as were their seniors. Then later the staff of MJ-12 was switched over to a bunch of satanists, mainly. So it was bad guys messing with these wormholes.
There is more to it, but he emphasized the crucial importance of shutting down these machines, lest a major tragedy ensue.

OK, well... So last night i programmed the machines to not only convert DOR to POR, but also to act as traps which shunt any DOR-based ETs, etc. that try to use them right into my prison. Amazingly easy, and so far effective.
At first i caught only, of all things, Nordics. Utterly insane quantities of red ones, and almost as many green ones. One blue and no yellows. Then, after 3-4 hours, i noticed i had also gotten some evil J-rods. Then this morning, i noticed i had also caught some Archons! So far, no true greys or repts from these machines. I get that i have busted about 800 Js and 400 trillion Archons. I had thought the latter were much more extinct than that, but when you go into other time-lines...

Then this morning at work, the bad guys started hammering on me, and a little light bulb went off in my head: surely, wormholes must be how they hit me from the other universes. So what if i place a trap/shunt in all those paths between universes? Right away, they became unable to hit me from the other universes!
But they responded by hammering me harder nonetheless, from within our universe. So then i also put these things into all wormholes within each universe. But they hit me harder still! However, it all seems to be coming from Earth, and when i scooped up the perps, things got much more mellow. Though they continued to hit me a bit from time to time. But i am hopeful that at some point they will have used up all the greys and repts now hiding in the Earth.
So far the traps i put out this morning have netted me no Archons or Js, but loads of greys, repts, and nords. And 39 NSA astrals! 3 groups of 13, no doubt. And my traps are nailing loads more critters constantly.

(Later) Now i just listened to the Bill Hamilton interview, and he said that Majestic (the present ones that i know to be darksiders) ordered Burisch to tell the world what he knows about this stuff. Like it says in the blurb, "According to Bill Hamilton, Dan Burisch has been given until the end of 2006 to get his message out to the public." Why, i wonder.

  *   *   *   *
(10:30pm) Now things are commencing to get freaky. I stuffed "all" the Earth's evil repts, greys, octopi, and werewolves into my jail. Since nothing can get into the Earth plane from outside, apparently, via wormholes, i enjoyed a few moments of peace. Then got nailed by scads of spiders. Duh, had forgotten about those. Jailed them. Was feeling pretty smug for a few minutes, when suddenly, out of some dimension in the Earth, out step insanely vast numbers of very DORy Archons! Many of which began chewing on me. So i stuff them away frantically for a while.
Whew. Hope they don't have too many more reserves of archons like that. Then i get hit by a large quantity of blue Nordics on Earth, using only their own humble energy.

On the positive side, it's Saturday night after the solstice, and still no DOR-producing rituals happening to speak of. I happened to think of a certain individual, the abusive, MPDing father of a local friend of mine, and noticed this intense DOR about him. It seems he happened to be cutting up a cat when the archons manifested in our dimension. Since there wasn't much else happening, lots of archons sucked up on his humble ritual. Now he has googols to the googols to the googols, etc. power of these insectile demons in his space, feeding on him. Tsk.

Now i'm again getting hit by the usual fauna, greys, and repts. I think they may be oozing in from dark dimensions of the Earth, too.

Dec. 24, '06: (8am) At ease. Things seem very calm. Last night i apparently did something to the path from the other Earth dimension(s) into ours. Seems somehow that to get here from there, they have to go through a specific portal that exists in their dimension. I put a trap in it, and so far they have not found another route in.
I just checked the Milky Way, and all seems pretty smooth.

Dec. 26, '06: I've gotten another 0.8" of rain. Well, a bit of it was snow that melted.

The two "gods" of the Bible: I've said before that the Bible mixes up the 2 entities Jehovah (good) and Yahweh (evil Yaldabaoth, AKA the Demiurge). I discuss this some more on my Lecture 1.
I am almost as ignorant of Gnostic beliefs as i am of the Bible, so i was surprised today to read that:
Simon Magus (a main Gnostic leader of the day)... stated that,

The Demiurge was originally sent out by the good God to create the world but [he then] established himself here as an independent deity, that is, he gave himself out to be the Most High and [now] holds captive in his creation the souls which [in truth, instead] belong to the supreme God."

Thus we have an inferior creator proclaiming himself falsely, binding the souls of his inmates through deception and an elaborate multi-leveled surveillance system (sound familiar?).

And so we return to a traditional characterization of the jealous, wrathful Yahweh -- who according to Marcion (another Gnostic teacher) is so different from the Father spoken of by Jesus that he must be a false god. Marcion (the fellow who actually coined the terms "Old" and "New" Testament) was very serious about establishing clearly for all to see the nature of this radical demarcation (Lacarriere, p.100). He thus comes to the same basic Gnostic conclusion via a more Christian angle: Jesus' Father is the Unknown God, but He is quite different from the vengeful god of the Hebrews.
Note that the original god of the Hebrews was actually Jehovah (sez me), though the Hebrews were forcibly corrupted by the Yahweh/Archonic/reptilian crowd as i explained in my lecture. Actually, i left out the part about the Archons to streamline my point.
And, incidentally, Moses was evil, and his god was Yahweh.

I had had the notion that the Gnostics did not acknowledge a benevolent God. [Note on re-reading this later: I think i originally misunderstood and thought the Gnostic quote was talking about Jehovah, when actually it was talking about the Ineffable One who created the Aeons].

"The Demiurge was originally sent out by the good God to create the world but [he then] established himself here as an independent deity" sort of fits with what i lectured on: i had found that creation was begun by good being(s) then taken over by Yahweh after planets, rocks, plants, birds and fish already had been created. I was unable to discern how it came to be that Yahweh muscled in on the scene.

Dec. 27, '06: The sky has been halfway whited-out all day with chem. No natural cover at all. Almost constant trails being laid directly over my cabin all day.
I wonder if it is another pseudo-attempt to stave off some of the rain again heading this way. Must be nice to know one's job is secure no matter how wasteful and incompetent one is.
Everything's been so soggy and muddy lately that even if they were somewhat effective for once, no harm would be done.

Someone brought to my attention the fact that there is a group of 13 especially psi-trained Satanists at HAARP in Gakona, specializing in weather mod. I believe the female i mentioned Dec. 2 is the lead priestess.
I'm not sure how effective they might be with no demon input. I do notice that they are constantly having greys (who are in turn doing black magic involving Goetia or Seraphim demons) feed their input into the mix, so it is good to keep bagging these. A few days ago i again noticed HAARP ripples, and once i took away the greys, the ripples faded away. If several people did this several times a day, we'd be in better shape.
Also, of course, i have been hitting the 13.

Aside from that, i have still been getting hit surprisingly much by NSA astrals, greys, repts, werewolves, octopi, and spiders. And so have some of y'all, at least last night when i had to remove some nasties from my friends.
As far as i can discern, the attackers are all from reserves on Earth. I'm fairly sure no new blood has been getting in from other universes, etc.

Also someone drew my attention to another ET group helping us, the Rokumio. I don't know much about them. They are not mentioned by that name on the web. I think they are short hominids in shape, maybe 4-5' tall, with a great vibe.

Dec. 28, '06: A possible (gasp!) connection between the Israeli Mafia and "Islamic radicals" and the U.S. Military? Wayne Madsen reports:
Dec. 26-27, 2006 -- (snip) Last month, WMR reported on the presence of aircraft registered to Russian-Israeli Mafia arms smuggler Viktor Bout at Mogadishu Airport. The aircraft were supplying arms and ammunition to UIC forces. Bout also supplied both the Taliban and Northern Alliance in the years prior to 9/11. He has also flown logistics missions for U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The following is what WMR reported on Bout's activities in Somalia:

November 17/18/19, 2006 -- A Ghanaian Boeing 707, suspected of being involved with Russian-Israeli mafiosi facilitator Viktor Bout's worldwide arms trafficking and smuggling network of charter flights, was recently spotted off-loading 40 tons of ammunition at Mogadishu Airport in Somalia. The ammunition was for the Islamic radical forces of the Union of Islamic Courts, a fundamentalist group that has captured control of much of Somalia and threatens the independence of Somaliland and the territorial integrity of surrounding countries.
The same Bout network is contracted to provide logistics support for U.S. occupation forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Various intelligence services have reported that "Al Qaeda" fighters have entered Somali areas controlled by the Union of Islamic Courts. Since her days as National Security Adviser, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has a policy of "look but don't touch" when it comes to Bout's activities.
This is just part of the article.

  *   *   *   *
(5pm) Been getting hit by the usual all day, and so are some of you. Also, there was a fair little bit of HAARP action this morning. I'm still working on that coven of 13.

All grey and reptilian action is coming from Earth U bases. I haven't been getting their locations, merely removing the bad ETs and inserting some good ones. The bases usually have some yellow Nordics present; i don't know what their function is. Also, i realized that the bases usually had those big saurians as protection against the good ETs. I jailed 80-some of those today. I think all this may have knocked the stuffings out of them a bit.

Apparently the good ETs are loathe to address anything not hidden underground. They did help me greatly with those gov't assassins a few months ago, but that was probably because it was a violation of the rules to send those after me.
The bad guys are presumably aware that they are relatively safe as long as they don't attack from U bases. The NSA guys have been coming from 3 surface locations i haven't bothered to pin down yet...
But i may get motivated. Problem is, i can't send in the disinfection squad, as the targets are off-limits, and i can't suck the "warriors" out of their bodies; i have to wait until they leave them.
They must still have a bunch of disposable "psi-warriors". I have been getting hit often. They seem to usually attack in 3 small groups at once; either 13-13-13 or 9-11-13 (=33).

Dec. 29, '06: So who killed scientist David Kelly, some people are wondering. Well, Swami Loohan can tell you there is a strong Swiss connection. He was killed by 3 male Swiss Luciferans who were not Freemasons. [Update Oct 2017: David Kelly is still alive, an Egpytoid agent.. There was some connection to these dudes, but they did not harm him.] These had been hired by a group of 6 Masonic Swiss businessmen who did not particularly represent the interests of any government or banking institution. And yes, Blair is connected to them, and knows them personally.
I could get more details if i knew what questions to ask.

  *   *   *   *
"Saddam" hanged today. An intrinsically harmless MPDed patsy bit the dust as the real Saddam lives on. The circus must go on.

Dec. 30, '06: Rain, rain, rain, again.

After i posted that the NSAers usually hit 13-13-13 or 9-11-13, they started using 11-11-11 too. Then today they also started using 9-9-9.

Also after i posted that i realized that the greys, repts, werewolves, octopi, and spiders usually hit from 3 bases at once. These must be little ad-hoc bases, as i keep shutting them down, with a little help. Even when HAARP draws DOR from greys, it's usually from 3 different locations at once. So i've been watching for that and addressing 3 at once, except when there is only one. So today the repts started hitting me occasionally from 9 bases at once.
Then this evening, i found HAARP getting DOR from reptilians in 6 locations simultaneously. Later, from greys in 9 locations.
They're bound to start running low eventually.

Dec. 31, '06: Last night i suddenly got hit by reptilians from more numerous locations. Then i realized the locations were spacecraft that had flown in. Duh, they might not be able to use wormholes anymore, but they can still cruise in on ships from within the galaxy.
I didn't get a count, just sucked them all into jail. Since then i have been more alert, and have nailed some more rept and grey fleets.

Total rain in the last couple days is 2.1" here.

  *   *   *   *
(7pm) Yep, every few minutes i try to scan for inputs into HAARP as well as hostile ET craft. Often i find stuff and clear it. I get the impression it's messing them up. They seem to be slowing down...