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Loohan's blog for February, 2007

Feb. 1, '07: An hour or 2 after i posted last night, i had inconceivably vast quantities of tall whites rushing me. I don't know what percentage of their total population that was, but i bagged all the attackers. I'm still getting some attacks from them.

Above you can see the perfectly natural cloud formations that the natives pay absolutely no attention to.

Today the intel agencies reverted to sending only 11 at a time. Sometimes all 3 would send 11 simultaneously.
I realized that before they send astrals, they always make sure they have some greys at least, preferably saurians, onsite to offer resistance to the good ETs. So, as long as i diligently keep cleaning these off every few minutes, they don't send astrals. Of course, i can't keep this up forever, so they send astrals, i scoop up their varmints as well as the astrals, and call in the good ETs. So it goes.

Feb. 2, '07: When i was driving up here, i dowsed that there was a new computer base for chemtrails in western New Mexico. But i forgot to look it up on a map until now. I found 9 insectile demons. I had remembered belatedly that last last time i'd found one of these chemtrail computer bases, on Jan. 20, i had completely forgotten that it was likely a legit target of the good ETs, being covert and underground. They apparently often kill off the humans under such circumstances. I'm having more senior moments now that i'm 53.
Anyway, i remembered this time. I reckon eventually the bad guys will figure out to put all bases above-ground, unfortunately.

Intel agencies have hit me several times today, usually 9 astrals at a time now. Always "protected" by greys.

Feb. 3, '07: I just listened to the interview of Gordon Novell. If you've watched this thing, you may be wondering, is he a disinfo agent or what? No, he's sincere, though i think he's mistaken on a few things. But he's just going off of his own experience.
He is apparently allied with a bunch of CIA agents and ex-gov't types, but these seem to be clean. And i did pull a bunch of greys off him.
Not all CIA are Satanists. E.g. Peter Tompkins, Christopher Bird, Ingo Swann were all CIA at some point, but none were into black magic or even MPDed. I do suggest that his stalwart CIA "patriots who walk into bullets" boldly check out what goes on in this building at Langley encircled in red (encircled in purple is the reptile shack, possibly dimensionally-offset, that historically housed reptilians who did ritual there [70' down] to provide extra DOR). And CIA definitely is into drug-running, arm-in-arm with DEA. I have a relative who is a go-between for these agencies, selling Mexican heroin and South American cocaine to Interpol, which is the European drug distribution agency.
He also says he personally searched hard for a U base at Dulce, using special equipment, and found nothing. It's there, though. Most of these bases must be dimensionally offset. You'll find nothing but dirt and rocks.

His vision thing seems rather identical to that of the good ETs i'm working with. I think Gordon is doing very important work to usher in the new clean technologies.

It is interesting that he said the good ETs usually have women running things, as i have reason to believe that the head of the Pleiadian military is female. There's more i could say about that, but i have trouble believing my own material, plus it might be more strategic to keep mum about what i think is going on, even though, if i'm correct, GHWB, as well as EU and Chinese honchos were all told what was about to come down several days in advance.
Anyway, if i'm right, we are progressing rapidly toward the New Earth Order he envisions. Co-incidentally, New Earth Order is the term that came into my mind several days ago. In fact, i was on the verge of buying the domain for a moment there.

The bad guys were slamming me with surprising ferocity this morning, esp. the tall whites and the octopi. The latter seemed to have undergone a tremendous and mysterious boost in energy. I finally figured out that the octopi were coming in via a portal in the center of the Sun! So i put a trap in that.

(10pm EST) The octopi seem to be working with the Goetia demons in partnership right now. Makes them extra strong.
The Tall Whites apparently do not do blood ritual, but they torture prisoners with electronic weapons or some such, to feed demons. They had some sort of humanoid prisoners of a type i'm not familiar with. I tried sending them back to "wherever they should be" and it seemed to work, so far. Of course they may take more prisoners.
And i'm finding insectile demons more frequently lately. And less nordics.

(10:40pm) Um, would you believe tall greys were going back in time to when insectile demons were more plentiful, and bringing them back to now.
One thing i have often found in recent weeks is "jars" packed with vast quantities of insectile demons. These will often be found at ritual site vortexes. I found some at that Langley building just now. Those boys have been slamming me ever since i posted a link to that pic earlier. Hey, how was i to know a bunch of freaks out there would start slamming that building with radionics? Anyway, they seem to have calmed down a bit since i moved the jars into my jail.

Work to do. Lots of bases seem to have these jars now.
On 2nd thought, it seems to be a curious fact that these insectiles seem to be about the most telekinetically manipulable of victims. A simple matter to suck all the illicit, out-of-time jars into jail.

Feb. 4, '07: (9:30am) That really seems to have socked it to the tall whites. They still haven't been giving me problems since.
As for Langley, somehow they kept sending astrals at me. The senders still seem to be holed up in that building. I tracked down the stash of humans used for astral warfare to a base 600' under Haycock Longfellow Park, a few miles south of Langley. This base had no protective critters, perhaps to avoid me finding it by their DOR, yet somehow i was able to find it anyway. Finally. The good ETs are working it over right now. I didn't get a count at first, but a few minutes into the seige, there are 16K humans left. I'll wait a few minutes until it's down to zero before posting this.
It saddens me that these humans are not even darksiders really, but GMO MPD slaves with evil psychic alters. They have probably lived their whole lives in underground barracks, often being used for sexual gratification.

The octoGoetia-pies are still burning my nuts. A couple of us are sending out intentions for their marriage to be fraught with internal strife.
Occasionally i'll still get a weak attack from the Rigelian greys sending spiders. And of course there is frequently a handful of reptilians coming after me from one quarter or another.

(7pm) Wow. Langley has not sent squat after me since. And for some reason, Mossad and NSA haven't, either, since yesterday afternoon or so. And the tall whites haven't done anything, either, since i deprived them of their prisoners. About the only thing i'm getting is a few weak octopi, sans Goetia now, and occasionally 18 repts.

Plus, i sniffed out a bunch more U bases in the region here. Seems they are all either 300, 600, or 900 feet deep. Sicced the good ETs on them, and they mopped them up.
Moving right along. Thanks for the help.

(8pm) OK, so i get a wee tickle of spiders sent by the Rigelian greys. Then, 9 NSA astrals. OK, whatever they want. I dowsed a base about 7 miles SW of the Ft. Meade bldg, depth 600', with 18K of those drones in it.
And just to head Mossad off at the pass, i found one 19 miles west of Tel Aviv, at 2100' below sea level, with 10K drones. The ETs are working on these now.
And now there are only octopi trying to munch me.

Feb. 5, '07: (7pm) Well, no more astral attackers so far!
The tall whites have hit me a few times today. They don't have much oomph now without the black magic. The octopi have been after me, too, still without their Goetia demons. I still get 9, 11, 13, or 18 repts occasionally. Nine insectiles at one point. And the greys on Rigel have been sending spiders.
All pretty manageable, low-energy stuff.

Feb. 6, '07: (8:30am) That changed last night. All kinds of excitement, which included various brushes with insectile demons. At one point i thought i was being attacked by a vast number of them that were everywhere. Then i realized there was something hokey about that; it was a single insectile trying to fake me out. An unusually powerful one. A well-known one, i dowsed. A well-known god? Negative... A well-know devil? Yes.
Beelzebub. First big-name demon i've bagged in a long time. Though actually he was a god of the Philistines.

The action agenda also included wiping out some 140,000 evil Earthlings on Mars, which might be the totality of them on that planet. It was US Navy and Marines, 2 bases, one at 300' and one at 600'.

Northern Virginia is finally getting some cold weather. It was 5F yesterday morning, 0 degrees this morning.

(9:30am) Well, it seems Michael Devlin has been charged with about 70 counts of forcible sodomy against the boys he kidnapped. The Washington Post says that the prosecutor says that Devlin "acknowledged" committing these acts. Which seems a bit odd, considering that he pleaded not guilty to the kidnappings.
In any case, i still can detect no trace of such abuse, although i would expect that it would have created a disturbance in the ethers that would be hard for me to miss.

(10:45pm) Jon Goldman radionics/orgone: I had a long talk on the phone with this guy last night. He seems like a real good guy, and he might well have the most advanced radionics+orgonite systems on the market. He has had his run-ins with darkside competitors like Welz and Vega, who are jealous, i think.

(11:30am) Weather mod? I just saw a post about radar anomalies in AU. The poster says a new cyclone has popped up. I could detect no DOR, but i found a 300' depth base in SW AU being used as a computer base for these ops. 120+ bad people down there. Being wiped out by good ETs now. We'll see if that helps any.

(12 noon) Darkside demographics: As i've posted before (April 17, '06), i get that 22% of the US population is into blood ritual; 28% in my county in AR, 27% in the next county south. I believe this is correct, as it seems to correlate with what i find on the street at home. (Might be more like 26% in my county now, what with certain recent changes.)
But when i drove out here a little over a week ago, i found that when i drove through the area of Quitman, AR to Rosebud, AR (for the 1st time) that in that region there are only about 2-3% darksiders. Almost none of the properties were owned by darksiders, and, aside from a couple Churches of Christ, so-called, none of the churches seemed darkside-run.
So apparently evil people clump together in certain locales.

Also on that day in April i posted that some 62% of people in the greater DC area are darkside. But now that i'm back here to check out real people out and about, i find that the vast majority, probably over 90% of the people i see at malls and stores, on the streets, at the fitness club, are not darksiders. Yet the great majority of residents, past and present, in my parents' immediate neighborhood are. Their local Whole Foods Market is darkside-managed and largely darkside-staffed. Even the Asians running their sushi counter in the store. Yet, a new, bigger WFM elsewhere has probably no darkside staff.
Of the 10% or less darksiders i see in other situations, almost all are either NSA, CIA, DHS, FBI, etc. with rogue black magicians being rare.
So i got to wondering, are there certain bigger areas with high concentrations of darksiders? My interest is more than academic, as i have a heap of mudballs Al would like me to deploy effectively. So i scanned the map a bit. So far, it seems the hottest area is, surprise, around Defense Heights/Landover on the NE side of DC. Also a smaller area around Chevy Chase/Martins Additions. Also around Merrifield, VA. These areas seem to be about 90%. Burke, VA area maybe around 2/3 darkside. Franconia, Occuquan are a bit hot, too.

(8:15pm) It's been pretty mellow this PM. I did sniff out another Navy base on Mars, 600' down with 600+ bad people, and my friends wiped them out. Incidentally, these Mars bases had a lot of protection from nasty critters. I would wipe them away, invite in the good ETs, and they would start whittling down the population of humans. Then the process would halt in a stalemate because some new insectiles and whatever would have come in to fend off the good ETs. So i'd have to keep checking every few minutes and scrubbing the scene clean so the good guys could carry on.

We've also been wiping out a few more East Coast U bases. Funny thing is, there is no protection on these today. There was some yesterday, but not much compared to the Mars bases.

Feb. 7, '07: (8:30pm) Still no doom and gloom to report. I've gotten the occasional weak hits from insectiles, repts, greys, whites, octopi, but hardly anything. We took out a couple more little Marine bases on Mars last night. And a couple not-so-little Air Force U bases in the US. Whew, and i do mean not little. One was 3 miles west of Charleston, SC, and one was in Louisiana, 55 miles SE of Texarkana. And a smaller one in MO, if i remember correctly. Between those 3, almost a million personnel, a large portion of whom were darkside "wetbacks" from Mexico and Central America. I'd say martial law in the US is becoming less likely every day.

No more astral human attackers since we wiped out the drones.

People keep emailing me about to ask if those folks are OK. No, they are not OK. They are dripping with evil, and so are their products, aside from the Tesla Purple Plates they retail, which are fine. If you have anything else from them, i recommend you destroy them.

Feb. 8, '07: (9:45am) Last night i happened to check in on the Bethesda NSA radionics place. I found them active again (but not against me), even though weeks ago the ETs shut down their hardware. So i once again directed them to shut the place down.
A little while later i checked to see whether they had shut down the radionics. I noticed that the ETs were still present, killing off bad guys! I thought to myself, wow, now they are bumping off bad guys in surface-level buildings!
But no, that was not it. What it was, is that there is a big U base 600' under that spot, that had ~20K NSAers in it. I had neglected to check for that. And i think they were all involved in radionics and psychic attack type stuff.

(9:30pm) Oh, yeah, we laid siege to the greys on Rigel last night, kicked a lot of butt, but there is still a bit of a war going on there, in case anyone wants to lend a hand.
I started to wonder about that. Rigel is a star. Where are the greys? In the middle of the star, but in another dimension where they don't get fried. Or something like that.

Feb. 9, '07: (9:30am) Despite all the help i'm getting, i just got hit by greys from Rigel throwing spiders. I took away the insectiles that were protecting them, jailed those greys, too, then got hit by the greys directly. I think Rigel is going to take a little more time. There seems to be an almost unlimited amount of little greys in there.

Feb. 10, '07: Rigel is coming along! Things took a real nice turn today, it felt like. Still needs more work, though.

Lately i have been asking the good ETs to clean out U bases in California, especially southern CA. Always at 300, 600, or 900 feet.
This evening i found one at 300' under Apso, CA. Which is odd, as it's right on the coast. I believe it has fused-glass walls. It contained another ~400K of martial law soldiers. I posted about it on the forum and got a lot of help there.
This base had the strongest protection of anything i've run into lately. Saurians, insectiles, jars of insectiles from the past that i'd missed in my cleanup a few days ago, repts, greys, even seraphim!

Still no nordics. The nords are getting their butts kicked elsewhere by the insectiles, their old rivals. The insectiles have made quite a comeback lately. Swarms of cockroaches.

After the population of humans on this base was reduced to 500 or so, it became harder and harder to make progress. There was an inner circle with max protection, surrounded by others with very high protection.
Finally there were only 3 humans left alive. They seemed phenomenally powerful. I took away all their critters, everything i could think of. Yet there was still something, but what? I yanked it away in a containment bubble. Something different. Fauna? Yes. . . Vertebrate. Reptile. Dragon. . . Draco!
I think this is the first time i've actually run into one. Were there more on Earth? Yes, nabbed 2 more. And the contents of 9 ships near Earth. And i'm rounding up more in the galaxy.

Over half of the martial law soldiers i'm finding are from Mexico and Central America. Here is the deal, as far as i can discern:
The reason the US gov't has maintained such a porous border with Mexico is because they like the big supply of slaves. An awful lot of people have fled out of the frying pan and into the fire. An awful lot of these find themselves in trouble with the alleged law. They'll get found by crooked Freemason cops loitering, camping illegally, hopping trains, drunk driving, brawling, drunk, shoplifting, and committing any number of other crimes. Or just get noticed as an illegal. And there are many instances when their disappearance would not be noticed. "Oh, we shipped 'em back south." If they have a profile considered desirable, they will be offered a deal: employment in the US under unusual circumstances. If they seem to have a mean, vicious, brutal streak, a proclivity toward violence, the military tries to recruit them into these special Latino forces kept in underground bases. One of the first steps inductees go through is being drugged and having their butt cheeks spread. I think this is done in a ritual in front of the other Latino soldiers who are first put in a suitable alter. Some help supply male input. Some of the inductees get further attentions, as about 1/4 are women.
At some point, they are also required to participate in dark rituals in their main persona. Actually, about half of them were already into black magic down south.

Feb. 11, '07: When i was talking to Jon Goldman the other day, i pointed out that he had some slightly corrupted (
OTB 17) mineral. He told me he had a way of taking care of that: a unit called an EH-5 i believe. I think he said it was made by a John Paris. [Correction: That's SE-5 sold by Don Paris and designed by Dr. Willard Frank.] It is an expensive item that is no longer available. He said it would remove all corrupt energies from anything. All one needed to do is put the corrupt stuff on the plate, turn it on momentarily, and turn it off.
The next morning i noticed that the substance in question was indeed cleared.

I got to thinking about that this evening. What all i could do if i had something like that. So i conjured up an etheric EH-5, without any comprehension of how it works.
The etheric version seems to work just fine. I cleared everything and everyone in all 6 universes. So far, the inanimate stuff seems to be staying clear, and the evil beings feel significantly cleaner. Even the shreds of Rick's corrupted SP that i advised him to destroy, and the nasty chunk of granite that Sittingtaoist had gotten from a geopathic stress area. All the corrupted energy devices in India. All selenite, even all mines in the Arizona Strip. The corrupted Arkansas qtz mines, you-name-it. All orgonite that had corrupt ingredients; now clear.

  *   *   *   *
Today i drove out to the Bladensburg, Cheverly, Landover, Defense Heights area in MD that i mentioned on 2/6/7. I had assumed that this suburb of DC was inhabited by well-to-do darkside brass, but once i got there, i realized i should have dowsed more. It was a lower-middle class area (some middle-class) of almost all blacks. A few hispanics and whites. But definitely about 90% of them were darkside. Air Force is my impression.

You see, these days the insectiles are back. And people are still doing black magic. And the demons are still staying jammed in their space, not doing anything else that i can detect. Oh, the insectiles will come in to protect territory from good ETs. And they will attack people. But i don't think this is in response to black magic. But since the insectiles are the most DORy of the common classes of demons, this means that people who have done black magic recently are real detectable to me because of the nasty demons they are carrying around. Well, that's less true now that i EH-5ed them, but through this afternoon they were still quite DORy. This has been helping me find those bases with humans. And it also means that the most DOR i can find on maps or in the environment is where there are large collections of evil humans in one place. Thus it is that this suburb was the most DORy place in the DC area. In fact the Safeway at Capitol Plaza Mall there was the most DORy spot on the map, just due to the people walking around.
Since i had gone to the trouble to drive out there, i went ahead and spread a bunch of the mudballs from Al in the area. I even went into the Safeway with a vial of agnihotra ash and sprinkled some on the floor and washed some down the toilet sink. I'm not sure what effect this will have on the people.

Then i drove down to Crystal City (see Jan. 31) and drove all around the NSA Marriot, Crystal Drive, Crystal City. Now that's a high-rent, skyscraper-filled area. Well, pretty tall buildings, anyway, all packed in tight. Tossed 3-4 dozen mudballs all around there.

Then on the way back, driving west on Old Keene Mill Rd., i noticed an apt. complex called Millwood on the left, with a super-nasty vibe. I dowsed at least 3/4 of the residents were darkside NSA. Lost some more mudballs around there.

Then, i went after an area just a stone's throw away from my parents' house in Burke that i dowsed as 90% darkside CIA. Now, this area was upper middle class. The Company doesn't own the houses, individuals do. Individuals who like to congregate with like-minded folks. It's real easy to get together a huge coven, er, party, when you have a couple hundred CIA colleagues right in the neighborhood. Many of those dead-end spurs are 100% darkside inhabited. I dropped mudballs in most of them.

  *   *   *   *
HAARP ripples: I kept seeing a bit of these at times this afternoon as i drove around. Not real pronounced or widespread, although there was a fair bit of chem. This was due to above-ground transmitters (didn't find any more U bases) relatively nearby (3-60 miles). I would dowse the approximate direction and distance, inform the ETs, and they would knock them out. The ripples would fade out, then a while later i'd see more and repeat the process.
It is clear to me that minor HAARP-like symptoms are often caused by underground transmitters and local above-ground ones. All except one of the transmitters were within 20 miles, i think.

  *   *   *   *
The enemy seems real weak. Rigel is getting better and better feeling, though those greys still hit me sometimes. As do octopi, insectiles, repts, and occasionally tall whites. If i focus my stuff on Rigel for a while, the other bad guys are able to get through to me a bit. If i take my stuff off of Rigel for a while and set them on the attackers, then the attacks pretty much dry up.

(11:15pm) The octopi have now formed an alliance with the Draco, which needs to be busted up.

Feb. 12, '07: A correction about the machine i mentioned yesterday: it's an SE-5 by Don Paris.

  *   *   *   *
Is the Betty Andreasson affair a hoax, as her stepson claims? I think so. I never heard of her until maybe 3 months ago, at which time i found it curious that i could dowse nothing about her or her alleged aliens. Nor detect any intent to deceive on her part. So the guy's story fits. Although, he himself is also a bullshitter. Runs in the family. None of the stuff he says on his site about terrorists and FBI agents feels like it has any truth to it. The "criminals" have no vibe. The "FBI agents" have no vibe, nor do any of their seniors or ancestors.
I also checked out Betty's daughter's site. The drawings in the picture gallery are BS, and Becky does have the intent to deceive.

Incidentally, the person who posted this on STA, Norio Hayakawa, is a CIA Satanist.

(2:15pm) Oh, yeah, i just got rudely reminded of something i forgot to mention. Not long after i posted last night about the new Draco-octopus alliance, i realized it was a threesome with the insectiles, too. Today it appears that the Dracos are no longer melding their energy with the octopi, but the insectiles are.

The sun was out for a while earlier today while i was doing yardwork. Again, there were slight ripples in the chem which traced to above-ground transmitters not too far away.

(3pm) It sure is great having plenty of backup these days. Shortly after i posted that about the cockroach/octopus alliance, the octopi jumped me hard. And all alone. They were pissed.
They are still a force to be reckoned with, even by themselves. Despite all the punishment they've taken, and the massive quantities that have been imprisoned.

(11pm) It seems that 3 residents of the Millwood NSA Apts. were avidly following the adventures of Cmdr. Loohan, and thus found out quickly when i fingered the complex last night. A couple of them informed the other NSA tenants last night. No one bothered to inform the CIA residents of the other neighborhood nearby until this afternoon.
Oooh, pissed. Hey, if it's such a big secret, don't broadcast it, you dummies. I keep telling you the truth, but you keep futilely raping babies for Satan nonetheless.

And thus it came to pass that a little while ago i got hit by 27 NSA astral twits again. Came from a base at 600', 9 miles south of Ft. Meade. Over 2K NSA morons doing ritual. 666 of them were naked and having an orgy. Plus a single 8 year old girl who was abused to death. Just in a vain attempt to get demons to help the astrals kill me.
They had absolutely zero protection against the good ETs. There were gobs of insectiles jammed in their faces, but not a one protecting them. Anyway, they're taken care of.

Of course this astral attack against me was simultaneous with sudden hard attacks by all the usual crowd.

Feb. 14, '07: Rigel: Day before yesterday for a long time Rigel felt amazingly sweet. Somebody was hitting it with something powerful. And yet yesterday afternoon the greys there seemed to be in good form again. So last night remembered a gimmick i have used in the past to rapidly incarcerate large numbers of critters: dowse the approximate number. Then that number will be a snap to move into jail. One doesn't need to get all of them at once. So i would "count" out a googol to the googol to the googol, etc. (repeated a googol to the googol, etc. power times) power, jail that many, and start again with what was still there. In this manner, i think i eventually cleared all the greys out of the star Rigel! But a relatively small number of insectiles are clinging to it. I'll get to them.

I also got rid of a lot of attacking octopi, etc. that way, but more work needs to be done there.

  *   *   *   *
More interesting MPD stuff:
Last night i got to checking into an MPD victim i've vaguely known for many years; the wife of a friend of mine in Arkansas. I noticed she did not have any alters for rituals, prostitution, or porn. This is unusual. Certain gov't warriors (and former gov't warriors such as Duncan O'Finioan and Michael Relfe) also do not have these sorts of alters.
But, almost all MPD victims do seem to have at least some ritual alters. This is because evil parents regard it an asset to have at their disposal MPD victims who can readily be switched into a ritual alter to help them get together more participants for rituals to supposedly benefit themselves. Quite frequently, these victims will have alters for prostitution and/or porn, but sometimes i think they don't bother to program sophisticated alters for this. Remember, a lot of MPDing is done by amateurs with limited knowledge, time, and motivation. So they can just compartmentalize an alter to use for sexual purposes, and that will suffice to (usually) keep the victim from ever finding out about the abuse.
In other words, it is not too uncommon for a victim with amateur abusers to not have alters programmed with the seduction skills of a prostitute or the talents of a porn star, because these are not always considered important. One can still rape them, pimp them, and even take pics if desired. But it is unusual not to find a ritual alter. Normally every 2-bit sicko parent wants extra ritual help.

So i did a little checking into mom & pop, who live in another state. I have never met them, but my friend and his family often drive over to visit them.
I was blown away when i dowsed what level Masons they are: the father is 178th, the mother 167th!
Then i flashed on something i had read on the web 6-7 years ago about someone named Goobie, and got the distinct impression that my friend's wife had had much of the same sort of "multidimensional" programming.
My impression is that this particular sort of programming is relatively rare, with "only" about 200K victims worldwide.

There were some demons associated with her programming, which i bagged, seemingly getting rid of most of the DOR associated with her alters. People who have ritual alters do not clean up much that easily.
And since her parents are so enamored by multidimensional phenomena, i gave them some stuff to play with.

  *   *   *   *
Kiddie farms: I haven't figured an efficient way to address the problem, but last night i dowsed that VA has 36 places were children are systematically, covertly raised for the ritual sacrifice market. Big bucks to be made. And AR has 78, probably the most of any state. CA has 65. Idaho has 32. Many states have none. The US has 1716. Planet Earth has 4131 such locations. I believe the "abbey" place spotted by Kneweyes last year is one such, though she did not think so.
The children are, of course, abused. The ones with greater potential are "keepers" and fetch a higher price as intel agency slaves, and the rest are on the market for "parties".

Of course, it is also very common for parents to MPD their children, then sell them to the gov't when they are still young. Then the gov't programs them more extensively. I know of one likable orgone activist whose dad sold him to his (NSA) pastor at the church they attended when he was 8. He continued to live at home, but got programmed by the NSA as he was growing up.

  *   *   *   *
Oh yeah, there are some new kids in town, as of yesterday evening. Bad ones. 6.5' tall humanoids with black hair. Don't know what to call them.

  *   *   *   *
(8:30pm) Things have really mellowed out since yesterday. A vast increase of active darkside critters of many sorts kind of had me hopping last night, but now i think we are finally mopping them up for real, no matter how many more they pull out of the hat.

Let me share a couple things that have been going on lately.

For one thing, for the last couple months i have been deploying a lot of zombified darkside critters. That is, i would pull a bunch out of my jail, and take control of them and tell them to attack such-and-so, or protect me or other attackees. And they would, 100%, do that. That helped a lot.
Then, a friend of mine, using a bunch of fancy Thundertech radionics/orgone hardware, gave birth to a race of Mongoose Karma Police, and told them to obey me. That helped a lot. I had them and the zombies throwing bad guys into my jail en masse.

But, it seemed no matter how many creepazoids we got rid of, there were always a zillion times more hiding in the woodwork. And they all seemed to jump me yesterday. So yesterday evening i did a couple things. I told the zombies to obey the mongooses, which are more intelligent and would direct them. And i gave the mongooses way more zombies to command. Eventually i automated the zombification process so that critters attacking me automatically were zombified and turned over to the mongooses. So every critter that attacked me became an asset for us. Naturally, they were too dumb too slow down.

Today things have slowed down, but i'm guessing that's just because the sheer numbers have turned against them.

(11:20pm) A little while ago i checked to see how my neighbors [CIA neighbors of my parents that i ashballed on the 11th] were doing, and found most of them in ritual at the Pentagon, trying to give Obama a heart attack. There were 666 CIA participants in all, plus 3 boys ages 1, 3, and 7.

You see, Hitlery doesn't know it, but the CIA took some meat from some -ectomy she had, and made 2 clones. So they want her in the White House. If anything happens to her at any point along the way, or if she doesn't toe the line enough...

Feb. 15, '07: Things are still going real well.

I installed a piece of freeware on my Mac that lets me see the locations of various things like recent earthquakes on my desktop. And noticed something i hadn't before. At all quake sites above maybe 4.0, i am finding seraphim demons as well as the reptilians who drew them in with ritual. Very, very easy to take care of, and i will continue to monitor these.

Yeah, this app is real convenient. OSXplanet, it's called. Mac OS only. I could tell there was some major "radar" phenomenon distorting the cloud cover over Antarctica. Base at 600', 3K evil people. Being taken care of now.
I have it set to show cloud cover, and even though the scale and the resolution is not all that detailed, one can get a sense of how much of it is chem.
Speaking of chem, N. VA was clear of it yesterday when i caught a glimpse of sky. Whereas today, pretty wretched.
Ewww, just found a base in Antarctica at 26.5 miles depth. Bunches of little greys, is all.

Feb. 16, '07: (9:15am) Well, that ring never did go away. I looked again this morning, and got another base (8 miles away) also at a depth of 600', with ~300 people but no ETs or demons.
Knowing that bad things tend to come in threes, i sought out another one, 8 miles away, 600', and it had ~600 people, no other critters.
All along, there has been cloud cover over the whole continent.

(10:30pm) OK, before i forget too many details, i'm going to lay some stuff on you that i'm convinced is real, but it may be real only in some parallel timeline. A timeline that has influence on us, just as those transdimensional underground transmitters last year gave people leg stiffness and other symptoms. Or it may be real in this timeline, but if so, i see no evidence yet to confirm it.

What "really" happened Jan. 23 (aside from Cmdr. Loohan turning 53):
As "Bush" was scheduled to begin his State of the Union address, the good ETs paralysed him. It took 4 SS guys to drag him to the limo. They and 2 more SS drove the fake W back to the White House, and took him inside. Then, "W" spoke. Only, it was a Lyran that spoke through him. Told the SS to record it. The SS complied.

This Lyran represented the Lyran civilization as something like a Minister of Foreign Trade. His speech was somewhat pro forma, required by Lyran rules. Yet he was quite sincere. He said that Lyra would like to have a trade relationship with Planet Earth, but that it had come to their attention that there was much cruelty here, and in order for Earth to trade with them, we would have to clean up our act. He said Lyran inspectors would have to certify our planet as cruelty-free in accordance with certain standard regulations they used. He probably gave more details. Then, he obliquely intimated that the Lyran military might take an interest in the stick approach if the trade carrot did not work. Then he signed off.

Then there was the 2nd and last speaker. This was a female: the head of the Pleiadian military. She had a very intense and "different" vibe, and i dowsed her up, down, and sideways to make sure she was OK. Yes, she is a very fine and heartful being, very caring but no-nonsense and businesslike. I suspect that other sensitives might be able to tune into her personality and judge for themselves whether i'm making this up.

She said that the Pleiadian military was planning to clean up the unacceptably criminal scene on Earth, and that she was offering a quasi-amnesty almost: those evildoers who surrendered voluntarily would be placed in work prisons to produce useful products for consumption and trade. The prisons would be run in accordance with humane Lyran regulations, and be inspected by the Lyrans (yes, Lyrans, even though she's Pleiadian). No rape, no torture, just reasonable punishments for those who didn't cooperate. The Lyrans are respected for their integrity on this.
Those who did not surrender would face a worse fate. She gave 5 days for the evil movers and shakers of the US to make up their minds, after which the roundups would commence.

After she signed off, the SS guys ran to the leader of the free world, GHWB, with the recording. He took a look at all the blood on his hands, reflected how lightly he could get off, and decided, nope, no go. Bury this info.

I believe that around the same time, leaders of China, Britain, and Italy were given the same ultimatum. Why Italy instead of, say, Israel? I have no idea. If i were making this up, i'd say Israel. Maybe it's partly that Israel is so dependent.

Over the next few days, major penitentiaries, etc., had their darkside personnel taken over by good ETs. Leavenworth, Gitmo, Chinese prison camps, etc., and on the 28th roundups did commence. And the number of prisoners has been growing daily. Right now, it's at around 38K including all 4 countries. And the prisoners are only from the military. Who's doing the roundups? I'm not too clear on that. I think ETs are teleporting them into prison.

What about the prisoners that were already packing these institutions? Again, it's unclear, but i presume the more harmless ones are being released.

In some reality somewhere. Think it into being.

Feb. 17, '07: (1:15am) And something else i'm sure of. There are darksiders out there doing the big clean up i wrote about Jan. 3. People who were born into an evil family, MPDed and turned into Satanists, but who've been wanting out. I get 68 presently. I think this is good, and the angels are ready to take on a lot more.

(10:15am) I don't know what's up with the Antarctic. I have tried unsuccessfully to find something resembling a real-time view of the continent's cloud cover from above on the web. All i have is this software. This is a capture i just took a few minutes ago.
That grey ring disappeared most of the day yesterday, leaving only the central white stuff. But now it's back, and i can't tell why. I can't detect any evil critters or hardware going there.
No telling how long this has been going on. It may be that the phenomenon is in part due to the natural energy phenomena of the South Pole. However that distinct circle does not appear very natural to me.

(6:30pm) Now the ring is gone again, leaving the perpetual cloud cover with the white stuff in the center.
Reports are in from SoCal that the chem is not sticking, and no more scalar phenomena. Likewise i still have not seen more here in VA. Though the chem sticks due to the paucity of chem-busters perhaps.

I noticed a couple new earthquakes near AU, and they were hot with seraphim and reptilians. Incidentally, i have been picking some from a few of the older quake sites every few hours. Yesterday the repts got real pissed and were storming me like mad for a while, providing me with scads more zombies.

I get there are now 81 (former?) darksiders undergoing the Big Cleanup.

Feb. 18, '07: Last night i found a bunch of bases on other planets and moons in the Solar System. Most notable was one moon of Saturn that had a bunch of bases and nasty critters.
Seems like all the bases found were also at the same depths as the ones i've been finding on Earth.

  *   *   *   *
I took these captures last night from my desktop thingie. This morning the ring is back again.
But what i want to point out is something i belatedly noticed yesterday: not only does it appear (so far) that the South Pole, indeed all or most of Antarctica, is always covered by clouds, but it also appears that the North Pole always has a blue spot of relatively clear sky. News to me, anyway. Also the round cover around Antarctica always seems to be composed of natural clouds, which are usually surrounded and overlaid by big wisps of chem, as you can see here.

  *   *   *   *
Regarding the SE-5 unit mentioned earlier, I received a missive from Jon Goldman (quote)
to clarify that Dr. Willard Frank, physicist, electro-engineer and inventor was the one that developed the SE-5 instrument, SE-5 is not known to be a Radionics machine but is known [for] analyzing and balancing of Intrinsic Data Fields (IDF's), which to me is just a fancy way of saying subtle energy fields. Still to me it works the same as a Radionics unit...
Don Paris just sells the unit and is a practitioner who wrote a book about the unit and also gives trainings on how to use it among other things.
With that info, i was able to find a link with plenty more info which i haven't checked out yet, except to note that the device is still available.
Clearing negativity is just one of its functions.

  *   *   *   *
A couple people have asked me how to pronounce the names of the angels given on Jan. 3. Heck, i don't know. This isn't some kind of ritual chant cult thing. Just looking at their names on your PC screen with sincerity is good enough to establish contact. They're easy.

Feb. 19, '07" Today i had to drive my dad over to Sibley Memorial Hospital for a medical procedure. This hospital is well reputed, but, i get that the med staff is 97% darkside. Also, it is in walking distance of American University, which is All-American indeed: not only is the faculty 84% darkside, but so are about 2/3 of the students! This area is on the west side of DC.

I still had some ashballs from Al to dispense, so i brought them along. Also i had my handy vial of agnihotra ash, which i used to sprinkle around on the inside of the hospital. Washed a bit down a drain, too.
Then i took a hike over to the U, by way of Glenbrook Rd. Very ritzy neighborhood. Nice hilly terrain with big, fancy estates, trees, a creek, etc. Plush.
Apparently last night was a ritual night, and a lot of people were at home today since it's a holiday. Bad, bad vibes. I got the distinct impression that the majority of the houses i passed were ritual sites. The earth energy is kind of special there. I dropped a few mudballs on the way.
Then, i made a big loop through the U campus, kind of a high-dollar place. As I was about halfway through doing the campus, i noticed several sprayplanes cruising over. I was amazed that the trails were fading out as though there were CBs nearby! But i'm pretty sure it was just due to the mudballs and the liberated earth energies.
I finished up the U, walked back, and walked all around the hospital exterior, tossing more balls. Then i sat in the car in the parking lot and ate the lunch i had brought, while admiring the chembusting activity overhead. Quite remarkable. There was a zone where nothing would stick. I felt a certain euphoria as though i'd accomplished a lot more than i'd expected.
After a while i scanned the map with my finger, and noticed the hospital and the U felt real sweet, but the Spring Valley/Westmoreland Terrace area was real DORy still from the ritual crap and the demon-infested people.
I got to thinking about all those multimillion-dollar properties, and what fat cats must reside there. A lot are CIA. Then i slapped myself upside the head. Of course! Maybe the ETs would be interested in taking over this territory.
They readily concurred.

A lot of the enemy is probably experiencing elevated paranoia levels at this time. Who knows who will be next to be taken over by ETs? Who knows who already has been? I haven't told all. Just enough so that the good ETs can't be accused of covertly taking over the planet.
Who knows which lower-echelon types are already voluntarily undergoing the Big Cleanup? BTW, right now at 3pm the number is 244. That's one sure way not to be taken over by ETs.

Worry. Be vewwy afwaid. Your sick game is collapsing. The infiltration will only snowball.

There is so much juicy stuff going on lately that is not cool to post yet, but too interesting not to record for posterity. So today i have started a 2nd "blog" which i will post at some undetermined time in the future.
It's 10:30pm and now there are 278 of the "enemy" doing the Cleanup. And the Invasion of the Body Snatchers is out of control. Heehee!

(11:20pm) Whew, just took a look at what has been going on at that hospital to anesthetized children and adults. You don't want to know. Not exactly a few modest isolated incidents, either. More like 100% of those patients that they can get unconscious enough get group-molested.
I learned that they have a bunch of naive (and a few not-so-naive) volunteers working there for free, just because they are such satisfied former/ongoing patients and think it's such a positive thing to be a part of. Hewwweee! It's a CIA MPD op! Or was. I just freakin' realized it. Fortunately those cats are already being taken over. Most have houses in the neighborhoood i mentioned.
A lot of infil-traitors trying to walk into these guys, slavering as though they hoped the status quo was going to continue.

Whoops, now the octopi are working with the reptilians together to try to spank me.

Feb. 20, '07: By the way, that Dalecarlia Reservoir you see in the pic above was busted 2 years ago, along with the other 2 reservoirs in DC, and they are still nicely jazzed from the devices.

And now the neighborhood that felt so nasty yesterday feels clean.

Rigel feels pretty clean now, but i have been warring with the greys on Zeta Reticuli lately. And the octopi are still married to the reptilians. No big deal, though. I have a lot of help.

I have identified 3 bodies that need to be addressed in the Zeta R. system: Zeta 2 Reticuli (a star) and the planets Reticulum 2 and 4.

Feb 23, '07: I drove back home to AR on the 21st and 22nd. Looks like i got about 2" of rain while i was gone.

There was severe chem in eastern AR yesterday morning. I drove into a lot more white chem cover after i took these pics out my window. This little pic to the right is of West Memphis. The other one is of Marion, AR.It seemed it was all laid in segments, some long, some short.

The previous day i tossed a Trinity Wand Al had sent me into the river near Oak Ridge National Laboratories. Now the water has been well-gifted in 3 spots around there. Also i suspect that some people may have tossed 50 TBs out over the U base after i published its location last year. Incidentally, that U base has been cleared out recently, as have all i can think of or find.

The TW was made of what looked like recycled lawn chair or deck umbrella tubing. Aluminum, but it has good energy anyway, and is pretty strong. An economic tip for these days of high copper prices.
After i tossed it, i worried for a minute about whether the river would wash it onto shore, as it's pretty light. But that location is near the headwaters, and every time i have gone by there (3 years running now) the water has been extremely slow. In any case, i get that it's still on the upstream side of the bridge i threw it from.

Pretty much chem here today, as well. I'm working on it. If i have my way, the whole chem op will fade away soon.

Oh, yeah, night before last somehow i happened to check in on Cynthia McKinney. She was under heavy attack by greys, repts, and octopi. I busted them, and they haven't been back. Perhaps in part because i assigned a mongoose and a bunch of zombies to guard over her.
I also found a CIA jerk assigned to her neutralization. The ETs took him over.

Feb. 26, '07: Got some more rain 2 days ago, probably about 3/4".

It's a funny thing. For a couple months i've been dowsing away, trying to detect anyone planning to invade or bomb Iran, and coming up blank.
Now even Sy Hersch is saying that we got spooks invading Iran. And i don't think he's the type to knowingly lie.
I can't detect anything on the invaders themselves, as they are presumably not into black magic in their front personas, so they don't have enough of a vibe for me to detect. Deliberately stealthing them from Cmdr. Loohan perhaps? But if i ask for their evil alters, i feel them: 333 MPDed operatives, i think. Or if i ask for their seniors. So i'm having the ETs take over their seniors. I don't know why i couldn't detect them prior to tracing them back from the guys on the ground.

The trouble i'm having lately is that the Lyrans and Pleiadians are so infiltrated that often i have to keep plucking out evil ones from the bodies they've taken over, often several times before a good one comes along. This is what's been happening with chemtrail honchos. But i persevere.
The Lemurians are apparently incorruptible, but they hardly do any of the takeovers.