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Loohan's blog for April, 2013
April 1, '13: (3:25pm) Warm. Clear sky here until early afternoon when some chem-clouds appeared. Approaching rain chances.

Antuvozy is still working on my wands, which are now encroaching into the ORNL area, much to my satisfaction. The Oak Ridge / Knoxville area was the DORiest spot on my yearly path to VA, and i have busted it extensively many times. Invested quite a few hours of driving, and gallons of epoxy.
I am getting some CIA kickback, and traced it to above-ground here. All those long bldgs near Oak Ridge.
There are at least 80 CIAlizards on the surface there. What are they up to? Doesn't feel like a marijuana-growing or other drug op... Looks like each bldg has air conditioners... but few personnel. Mechanized manufacturing of some sort?
Some connection with a U base here a bit west, that had 57 CIAlizards. And another north of Monterey, TN, that had 21.

(3:30pm) I updated OTB 40 with some easy instructions on making your own silicone sphere molds.

April 2, '13: (9:40am) Arkansas Nuke One accident yesterday. Fortunately i have gifted the hell out of that area.
My wands were frying Knoxville, TN, but just now i turned them back toward that nuke, which is upwind of me to the SW.

CIAtanist lizard youtube channel: Extremely Decent. Nice, strong satanist vibe off these guys. So refreshingly distinct when so many satanists these days seem to be unable to keep up their faith and DORiness due to the scarcity of demons.
I got onto them because Icke, Inc. is promoting this video The First Honest Cable Company, in which a CIAtanist lizard tells us how it is going to be, since they control the big ISPs.
Well, let me tell you guys the way it will be. Next time you crawl underground, you will die. Then you will be replaced by non-satanist clones, and your channel will no longer be so overtly DORy.
That is exactly what you wanted, right? Otherwise, kindly explain the logic of your actions.

And Occupy Monsanto is not another CIA front group, but sincere.

April 3, '13: (6:25pm) It rained very, very lightly most of yesterday, and some more last night. Overcast today. Chem obvious at times. 80% rain chance tonight, 70% tomorrow.

Now the offworld CIA are involved in attacks on me, not to mention Bal. Just now i felt a strong, painful attack which dowsed as coming from the Jesuits in Abell 2218. But, i grabbed a wand and swept the sky with it. Found 18 CIA craft with 6 shapeshifters in each. They are coordinating their attacks with their Jesuit masters.
Also this morning at work a similar thing happened.

Last September i mentioned the Bighead demons. Last night i got jumped by a bunch of more ordinary demons, but these were made and sent by Bigheads in Abell 2218. We jailed a bunch of the Bigheads, but there are lots more in Abell 2218. Still working on it.

(6:30pm) Now our intrepid truck driver Bal has stirred up a part of Missouri's CIA U bases. Very toxic energy. I just rotated my wands thataway.

(7:45pm) Some time back, a reader asked me about Edgar J. Steele. I got a real sleazoid vibe off the whole family, but felt they were just soulless Earthlings. But now, i get a real freaky ET vibe and also a CIA vibe. But they do not feel like any kind of life form i am familiar with.
The Earth's energy is going through changes from this new orgone stuff and possibly other factors. Now i seem to be back in a phase where i can feel evil more clearly again.

April 4, '13: (6:15am) Contrived war-mongering with North Korea. Check out that top pic of military brass. All shapeshifters. Korea (North and South) seems to have very few shapeshifters, but they all float to the top.
All these guys except Kim are still the original versions. [Note: all except Kim's double were dead a few days later.] Maybe the Alah-Kur will visit them.
Plump Kim (actually his double, as the original was assassinated shortly after assuming office) gets big food donations from the Jesuit-controlled UN, which he distributes very unevenly in accordance with the lizard agenda.

Hunt for Joseph Kony, elusive African warlord, is halted. More contrived BS, as they have known all along that he's been dead for years.

Here's a pic of a "good" robotoid so you can check out the vibe. Last fall, the CIA enthusiastically authorized the Alah-Kur to forcefully address the grotesquely sleazy criminal injustice system, and this is one of the guys we replaced.

(8:45am) No rain last night either. Wunderclones still predicting 70% for today. I only got about 0.2" day before yesterday. Cold, overcast.

RT shapeshifter interviews CIAlizard Roseann Barr (video). I haven't watched it and don't intend to waste my time on such scams, notwithstanding that they probably contain a lot of truth.
They feed us our "heroes", and so many good people fall for it.
Roseanne claims to be an MPD victim herself, but i doubt that.

(3:50pm) Still only a few drops of rain. Overcast.

Earlier i was prompted to turn my wands NE-ish. Looking on the map, i saw that was due to a NSA U base just 5 miles south of Harding, AR, with thousands of shapeshifters. Then i did a bunch more upgrades to some wands. Still blasting that way; thru Poplar Bluff MO, Louisville, KY, Evansville, IN, and getting close to Indianapolis, IN, Cincinnatti, OH, and Lexington, KY. But it's only real strong as far as Bowling Green, KY. So far. Hundreds of miles.

(5:30) Now i'm frying Russellville, Dallas, Austin, and beyond. Austin, TX is zinged!
My old stomping ground i never busted.

April 5, '13: (5pm) Warm today. Sky was perfectly clear until mid-afternoon when trails started drifting in.

Been frying all the way past San Antone. San Antonio is a big, DORy city with plenty of military satanists, CIA, etc.

April 6, '13: (9:20pm) Some nasty chem today.

A while ago i turned my wands to fry Kansas City and Omaha.

BTW i haven't noticed those CIA craft for a few days. ChemmerBuster got sharp at detecting them. He even found some bases in Abell 2218 that had hundreds of these craft. Now when i sweep the sky, i just find some reptilian craft.

April 7, '13: (6:35pm) Warm with much chem and, at times, real clouds. Some serious spraying over town today.

Terrorists who refuse to respect authority: Three-hour standoff between cops in riot gear and Queens residents after drug bust. Time for the ruling class to bring in the tanks and drones.

More incomprehensible CIA behavior: just a few minutes ago, a small black propellor plane with 2 CIAlizards slowly and noisily cruised over my property. They were from a U base here, which is being taken out, along with tunnels and small bases nearby.
No big deal. Bal gets this moronic stuff and much more 24/7. But it doesn't happen to me that often.

April 8, '13: (7:40am) Bal was in Southaven, MS last night; just a few miles south of Memphis, TN. This residential area NE of town feels like about 70% shapeshifters. Southaven Power is a hotbed of satanists.

In Bulgaria, shapeshifting reptilians (politicians, cops, and media filth) encourage soulless Earthlings to torture ensouled dogs (warning: graphic and disturbing): article.

(6:55pm) Apparently the Alah-Kur found that there were 31 shapeshifters in the Bulgarian media, police, and gov't, who were prosecutable with extreme prejudice.

Overcast here today, with some thunder rumblings and a few drops of rain earlier.

CIA cult: Eckankar. I actually read a couple of the books several decades ago. Twitchell, Gross, and Klemp: all CIA satanist shapeshifters.

(8:35pm) Open letter by a former Eckist:
It is now clear that you and the leadership of Eckankar have no intention of truthfully removing or even acknowledging the historical fabrication, spiritual deception and insidious curses that are rampant throughout the Eckankar works. This is especially true in the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, which you tout as the quintessential book that Eckists should read and follow. But what you do not tell them is that this book, more than all the others, infuses the consciousness of the reader with an avalanche of thought forms, which trap the seeker in an illusory and fabricated paradigm that is ringed with a battery of curses, and psychic control devices. They activate whenever an Eckist questions too much or openly doubts any aspect of the teaching. In other words, complete loyalty and the suspension of critical thought and discernment is the price one must pay to remain a loyal Eckists...

April 9, '13: (12:50pm) The sun has just come out a bit to reveal hybrid clouds. Warm, windy.

Bal keeps getting sprayed with weird smoke/chem from CIA vehicles, especially larger trucks. Seems there are lots of these specially-equipped agency vehicles on the road. The place that installs them is here in Chicago. I sense dozens of CIAlizards there.

(7:45pm) Turned my wands back toward Poplar Bluff a while ago. The overspray reaches through Indianapolis to Detroit. Maybe in a week or 2 i'll be able to nail Toronto, hehe, which is one rough town on a major power center. Ditto DC.

We are always doing rad upgrades on my toys here at Loohan Central. 'Vozy and ChemmerBuster and me and Vox, especially. In response, the bad guys in Abell 2218 periodically fire up a bunch of transmitters there against me.

(9pm) About that location i gave earlier in Chicago,
I noticed it seems to be a transmitter factory, too. Right under where the A is pointing.

This place is real DORy; lotta satanists.

April 10, '13: (7:10am) Overcast. The Wunderclones predict "Chance of rain 100% with rainfall amounts near 0.7 in. possible" for today, and "Chance of rain 90% with rainfall amounts near 1.6 in. possible" for tonight. We could use it, too.

Ack! Now Spivey is posting rubbish from the CIA Sense Show: North Korea to 'launch missile TODAY' as hundreds of 'ELITES' move to safety. At least the stuff about US agencies fleeing to underground sanctuaries is bunk.
C'mon, Spivey, don't become another outlet for Operation Mockingbird drivel.

Angela Merkel dressed as a concentration camp victim on magazine cover in Poland in move that sparks war of words with Germany. What i find interesting is that this 'Our Mothers, Our Fathers' crockumentary is a total lizard production.

And Spivey turns us onto an article by a I clicked on that link and was treated to a video of raw pussy. Closed out in horror and never found the article there. But the gist of that article, quoted in Spivey's email, is that Putin (who controls FSB, who runs the Femen lizards) was shocked and surprised when one of his underlings showed him her tits in accordance with his instructions. And that Zionists hate (Zionist-controlled clone) Putin, who "is against Gay rights and instead supports traditional values" (like bestgore) (when he isn't kissing small boys on the belly in public). Gimme a break, Spivey. You feeling alright these days, buddy?

(7:15pm) Well! The rain finally started around 4:15 and hasn't stopped. Serious thundershowers. Shortly after it started people told me a tornado was heading toward town. But, that missed...
Reported Tornado Damage in Arkansas: this shows some damage by Hwy 110/Botkinburg which is 10 miles south of town. Still under tornado watch.
Multiple Tornadoes Strike Arkansas, Mississippi.

April 11, '13: (9:40am) Survived the night. Colder weather; overcast and grey. Got about 1.5" of rain.

The Lysol "healthing" program for dim-witted Earthlings. And just what are the levels of pthalates and other volatile gender-bending carcinogens in the stuff these days, Lysol lizards?
Yeah, it's healthy, like vaccines, fluorides, GMO corn... Spray, spray, spray all over your house and INHALE for best results.

Years ago i used the stuff to disinfect pruning tools. The stench was so intense that i had to stand upwind of it, outside, and set the tools down a while or wipe them off before they were somewhat approachable.

That reminds me of the scented Chlorox commercials i used to see many years ago, showing a housewife happily huffing out of a bleach bottle, as cartoony flowers flew up her nose.
Can I safely use Clorox Scented Bleach around children, pets and pregnant women? Yes. Used as directed, Clorox Scented Bleach shouldn't pose hazards to your pets, children or pregnant women. You don't mind a little Parkinson's or cancer, or titties on your boys, do you?

April 12, '13: (2:45pm) So far, clear sky today.

CIAlizard: Mark Lynas.
Norman Borlaug, whom he mentions, was a satanist and also a shapeshifter.

Cheryl Fracasso, was also a shapeshifting satanist, with a particularly occult vibe. Got plenty kickback when blasting her this morning. Then she went underground and perished. Now i am blasting her clone replacement. And we are taking out a bunch of U bases in northside Valencia, Spain, where the clone and its handlers came from.

A little while ago i noticed CIA HQ was being fried. It was being severely reamed by some kind of orgone weapons in 2 spacecraft, which are now moving east over DC.
But i don't know who it is! New guys, cloaked.

(5:45pm) They fried some U bases, the Pentagon, etc. then vanished again.

(7pm) Last night i asked my ally Durkistan to look for any non-physical entities that might be running all these idiotic shapeshifters. The behavior of the latter doesn't make sense unless one postulates yet another type of entity still running them. And even then it doesn't actually make that much sense, but...

Over the years we have taken care of all the different types of demons and ETs that might be running them, that we could find. I keep looking for more, but forgetting to ask Durkistan. He's great at finding stuff, but you have to ask.
Anyway he found 3 demons in Abell 2218. I can't get much of an impression of them. They have almost no vibe that i can discern. But we have jailed over 2 billion more so far of the same species.
I don't know how crucially important these guys actually are, but i'm sure they are worth bagging.

(7:25pm) Our new allies are using the Venusian base with the permission of the Venusians (who are still absent from there).

April 13, '13: (6:15pm) Sky was clear all day yesterday. Chem-clouds today.

Now those demons in Abell 2218 that i mentioned yesterday are remote-attacking me en masse. I'm jailing 3 million per second.

April 14, '13: (4:10pm) Now, it's more like 2 per second.
Fair bit of chem-clouds today. Once i noticed some "HAARP" ripples. This time they were caused by Bigheads in Abell 2218. The Bigheads are subordinate to the more recently-discovered mysterious demons. As soon as ChemmerBuster got busy jailing these Bigheads, they attacked me remotely.

I just turned my wands a tad eastward to nail St. Louis and Chicago. St. Louis is home of the arch-criminal organization Monsanto.

(6pm) Feels like major stuff going on in Abell 2218 these last couple hours. There are a bunch of our new mysterious allies kicking butt out there. Tentatively, there may be 20 million of them.
I'm feeling an easing of oppression here.

April 15, '13: (7:40am) Very foggy; slight rain chances the next few days.

Feels like lots of heavy stuff still happening out Abell 2218 way.

Good video: USAF Enviromental Specialist Kristen Meghan | Blows Whistle On Air Force | Chemtrail Chemicals. She's ensouled and for real. But note: the way the game is played, she has been coopted by the CIA unbeknownst to herself. She is promoting Alex Clones and Oath Fakers. Revealing the truth about methods and tactics is an important illuminati function. I don't even detect any threats to her at this time. But the Alah-kur will keep watch, anyway.

(9:15am) Thousands of giant snails causing problems for Florida homeowners. The Strontium-Barium formula will work on these snails, as they are soulless pests. By "work" i mean i can feel it digging into them pretty hard on an energetic level, if directed to. What exactly this translates to in terms of physically weakening them and reducing their numbers, i don't know.
Aside from using S-B orgonite radionically to blast them, if i had a house in FL i would paint the inside walls and, if feasible, the outside walls with paint containing 3 tbs of sifted cocoa powder per gallon, and have The Committee program it with the S-B pgm as it dries.

(In fact, this is a good idea no matter where you live. Alternatively one can stir in a pinch, like 1/4 tsp/gallon of aluminum powder, and ask for the Nov2012 pgm. But that program is of no value against snails, roaches, mice, etc.; only demons and evil ETs.)
Ordinary paint treated this way is about 20% as effective as adding the powder to resin and painting it on. But epoxy is full of BPA, and polyester is intensely toxic when fresh.
Some paints don't even require an additional additive to take the pgm. My new cabin is painted inside with latex Super Spec paint with #216250 Arizona Tan pigment, which is one pigment that takes the S-B pgm well.

(10:20am) I have not watched this video North Korean facts about the West, although it might be pretty interesting. It was produced by the CIA. North Korea, South Korea, USA, etc. etc. are all run by the same crowd. I think the producers lived in a U base we just took out in Peaks, VA. I guess the CIA didn't need that base or the 52 personnel and equipment anymore.

April 16, '13: (8:45am) Dripping fog again this morning. It finally cleared up yesterday afternoon to reveal hybrid clouds.

Boston explosions: The American Government blow up some more of their innocent people... Again. Working on it now. So far all i have is:
Man on roof has no particular vibe i can detect yet; might be unrelated to incident.
Almost all the injured people depicted, as well as other non-cops helping them, are ensouled. Didn't notice any shapeshifters in race; seems like it attracts a lot of nice people.
Most of the cops seem clueless, but the one just left of center here, as well as the one just above center here, are in on it, i feel. Shapeshifters. Likewise the person in dark clothes immediately to the right of the ambulance here; strong CIAlizard vibe.

Stirring up this last guy seems to lead us to a CIA U base here with 31 CIAlizards being taken out.

(1:10pm) N.H. police chief faces fine after teen kills self with his service weapon. Did the boy really shoot himself? I don't know. But i have to wonder, why was a 15-year-old Earthling staying in the home of a shapeshifting pedophile?

Back to the Boston mess: as usual, the CIA is now putting out various intriguing pre-fabbed tidbits like you can see at

They even had at least 1 agent running the marathon. A CIAlizard University of Mobile coach offers first-hand reports from scene.

(2pm) Aaand, the CIA had a bunch of its Sandy Hook artificial people in attendance: Newtown families had VIP seats near Boston Marathon blasts as race honored Sandy Hook victims. Check out the vibes of these "people" if you can.

April 17, '12: (7:20pm) The mysterious guy on the roof was a soulless Earthling CIA agent. I was able to get a vibe off him by blasting him with the strontium-barium pgmed stuff. We just took him out along with a couple dozen others in a U base here.

Windy today, 80% chance of showers tomorrow. Overcast most of today, but chem-clouds visible now.

(9pm) More goofy CIA websites: Hollow Earth Network, which links to a bunch more ridiculous ones including Mother/Father God, GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT, etc.
Newage syrupy baloney brought to you by the same crowd that maimed a bunch of ensouled Earthlings in Boston the other day, in addition to killing 3 soulless ones.

April 18, '13: (7:20am) Looks like a big storm heading this way.

A few of the reasons why it's stoopid to send ricin to "Obama" or "members of Congress":
  • They are already all dead anyway, and replaced by clones. "They" have plenty more disposable clones. So far they have recklessly squandered dozens of Obama Beta models.
  • Obama never had any power, anyway, even before he was killed in late 2011.
  • There is no way the intended target would ever come into contact with the ricin.
  • According to the last 2 paragraphs of this CIA article, even if they did open the envelope, it is unlikely to be effective.
  • You might get busted.

    Antuvozy keeps programming my wands. Now they are blasting through St. Louis and Chicago, through part of Ontario and into the western edge of Quebec. I already have enough range to nail any part of the US or Mexico with these. I just realized i have to prop the butt ends up even more to best nail the more distant areas, since the Earth isn't flat. That is making the wands hit western Quebec harder, but the path then goes deeper under the US targets.

    April 19, '13: (7:20am) Overcast. Got about 1.4" rain yesterday. And with that came some cold weather. Just as winter seemed over, we are now supposed to have several more coldish nights.

    I haven't sorted out all the new Marathon-related tidbits thrown out by prisonplanet, etc. today. But i will say this. Sunil Tripathi, the guy on the left here is an FBI shapeshifter. Dig this: FBI involved in missing undergrad case. They got that headline right. His parents are also FBIlizards. The other guy that was with him in that first pic is probably dead, but was not a shapeshifter.
    Sunil is now here along with 6 more FBIlizards.

    (8:50am) Sun and hybrid clouds out now.

    Jesuit shapeshifters admit full responsibility for Big Bang hoax: Georges Lemaitre. They put notice on their Icke site today so that uneducated people like me and you would know that they are proud of it.

    The BS never ends: US Won't Accept Venezuela Election Result; State Dept. Demands Full Recount. First off, who is "the US" to decide the politics of another country? And 2nd, "the US" is fine with either CIA lizard-puppet winning. I last mentioned this "controversy" March 1.
    Meanwhile, seven unfortunate chumps were killed in protests, conned into believing it matters.

    Suicidal satanist CIAlizard: Jaimie Muelhausen made a point of being undergound, alone, right after this article came out.

    That reminds me, a couple days ago the pope clone was in a U base on the north side of Rome with about 60 more Vatican heavies. I think this was also deliberate (mass) suicide. Plus, this base was conspicuously connected to oodles more under most of Italy. So now a different pope clone is acting.

    And who is this a-hole Jon Stewart? I don't even get a shapeshifter vibe off this soulless jerk. Yo, John, you evil slut: it is fine and dandy to poke fun at CNN. It is not nice, however, to use copious quantities of high-decibel canned laughter about an event in which numerous ensouled people were deliberately maimed/tramatized.

    (2:40pm) Bal is back in Dodge for the night. We be dealing with more CIAlizards.
    I noticed the Walmart there has heavy CIA vibe. I think a bunch of them run it and work there and shop there, and it may be a cover for other activities.

    April 20, '13: (7:30am) Are you confused yet? I know i am. Media Flips ‘Confirmed’ Boston Suspect From Sunil Tripathi To Dzhokar Tsarnaev. They sure do look alike, but only Sunil is a shapeshifter.
    All those FBIlizards are still in that house i pointed to yesterday morning. This is interesting. If they leave, i will be able to trace them.
    On Dec. 30, '09, i tracked 4 CIA agents to this bldg in FL, and it feels like they are still living there, over 3 years later! Although the 5 CIAtanists that were already in the bldg when they arrived seem to have perished since.
    And some time later, i think it was, but i can't find my mention of it now, i traced some European agency assassins and agents to a house somewhere in Europe and posted it. But later they left and went into U a base and got killed.
    So we'll see what these FBIlizards do.

    Allegedly, ‘Israel injects Palestinian prisoners with dangerous viruses’. Sounds credible. Probably even worse than what the US gov't forces on American schoolkids.

    (5:20pm) Heavy chem day. They were spraying like mad over town this morning.
    More CIAlizards, from American Kabuki: AK, Sophia, and BK. BK is Brian Kelley.

    (7:30pm) Also Neil Keenan.

    And i sense some 80 CIAlizards associated with the Army Research Insitute in Lagos.

    (8pm) Also Dee of Removing the Shackles. I was always suspicious of that site due to its CIA style of name, but this pic of her sure helps.

    And Conscious Life News lists the 3 CIAlizards running it, and also promotes CIAlizard Thomas Hughes. Even Project Scamalot promotes Hughes.

    And Edna G. Frankel is also a CIAlizard. On this site, she promotes 4 more CIAlizard Reiki "healers".

    April 21, '13: (8:15am) Small amounts of faded chem floating around out there.

    I've been building a very large and complex demon-jailer unit that is nearing completion. This is needed to address the Bigheads and their superiors, especially in Abell 2218. It was really pissing them off last night, and they were remote-attacking me fairly strongly. But this morning they seem much weaker, and so do the Jesuits out there...

    The following 2 people here are DORy CIAtanist shapeshifters who are tainting the rest of the group: Graham Dewyea, and Geoffrey West.

    April 22, '13: (8:45am) Mostly clear; some wispy chem.

    Re: Boston: Are You Just A Believer Or Do You THINK?.
    Hmmm, some interesting oddities pointed out. Also some interesting comments below. I only read a fraction of them, but oddly, am not noticing any shapeshifters posting there.
    From the first news we got of this event, i did notice some statistical anomalies:
    None of the victims felt like shapeshifters. None of the medical personnel either, depite the fact that shapeshifters normally make up a goodly percentage of medical personnel. Most of the obviously-damaged but still living victims seen in the other news stories feel like ensouled Earthlings, even though only maybe 5% of Americans are still ensouled.

    Now, about the pix in this article, most everyone feels like a soulless Earthling, except Bauman, the guy who got his legs blown off. He feels ensouled. If you do an image search with his name, there are various pix of him, some when he was younger, and he always feels like the same guy.
    The Vogt guy in the wheelchair sure looks a lot like him, but has no soul.

    Could there be an explanation for why a disproportionate percentage of ensouled people got nailed in the bombing? Well, i have in the past often observed 2 things:
    • There seem to be odd synchronicities, like sometimes i will stop in a store someplace, and most of the customers and staff will be ensouled. Or i will be in an intersection, and most of the pedestrians as well as other drivers at that moment will be ensouled.
      Thus, perhaps there were pockets of runners in the race where more ensouled people happened to be near each other.
    • For blood-ritual black magic, the victim must be ensouled, whether animal or human. Liberate the soul mid-ritual and the demons stop feeding and leave. Even angels have now learned to interrupt rituals in this manner, as i reported a few months ago.
      And the more aware satanists can tell whether a victim or potential victim has a soul, even though the satanists do not have souls themselves.
    So i have to speculate that the CIA chose to detonate at moments when they could nail the most ensouled people.

    (2:30pm) Fair bit of chem cover. Warm.

    I just turned my wands NE to nail Indianapolis, Columbus, Detroit, Cleveland, Toronto, Ottowa, Montreal, Quebec City, and Newfoundland/Labrador.

    (7:20pm) Ooh, to show their approval, they whipped out some extra-sticky stuff, just enough for 3 trails over my place.

    Bal is still being stalked by CIAlizards aplenty everywhere he goes. Not only that, it seems most of the places he has to stop at for pickups and deliveries are CIA proprietaries. Something very funny going on.
    For example he is going to have to stop at Roadrunner Transportation later (map, website). The arrow, however, is pointing to yet another huge CIA bldg, and like most of the places he has to stop at, there are more CIAlizards underground.
    Plus they are messing with his phone from more U bases they want taken out. Go figure.

    April 23, '13: (9:45am) Outside, some thinned-out chem-smear and 1 spray-drone visible now. Rain chances today and tonight.

    Another great site is Green Med Info. Here's an article How LOW Cholesterol Can Harm Your Health.
    Remember, if "they" say something is bad for you, that usually means it is vital to your well-being. And conversely...

    (12:20pm) Another despicable mess of CIAlizards: Anne Jones and co. They have found a mess of ensouled Africans in Zambia to "help". Watch your children carefully, Zambians!

    (12:45pm) Tsarnaev brothers' aunt says she is threatened . The CIA is calling her from U bases. Why? Largely because they are in one of their inexplicable but welcomed suicide modes.

    Police Say The Naked Man Arrested In Boston Was Not Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Well, neither pics of the guy have much of a vibe, him being a soulless Earthling(s), but they both feel the same to me. This is not enough to convince me, but i suspect they are the same guy.
    BTW i am not able to detect whether this guy is guilty. I have doubts.

    Boston Commissioner Gets His Lines WRONG! Says "actors" referring to the alleged suspects. I suspect it's a deliberate mistake, as the CIA is behind much of the push to make everyone (correctly) believe that all these events are false flags.

    (1:20pm) Here is my new extreme demon-jailer next to my recent mini-CB. The jailer is 15" long and must weigh something like 70 lbs. It is still being programmed and will get much stronger.

    (7:10pm) And the stronger it gets, the more of them it stirs up, and i get more kickback. Right now the whole universe is getting DORy because these "senior to the Bigheads" demons are ubiquitous. And 'Vozy is still programming away at that thing.

    Getting lite mist here. Supposed to get cold again for a couple nights.

    (7:50pm) Damn, the DOR is already lightening up! Are we already over the hump with these guys?

    April 24, '13: (6pm) I think there are plenty more of them. Now they are still hitting me. Feels like i'm jailing 30 quintillion of them per second now, down from last night.

    Had a thunderstorm after midnight but only got ~0.4". Clear sky this afternoon.

    More CIAlizards: Angel Lucci, Seraph G. El. Many CIA are infiltrating the OPPT movement, which was started by spiritually naive ensouled Earthlings.

    (7:55pm) I realized it wasn't those demons acting alone. I aimed some wands upward and found hundreds of craft containing 27 shapeshifters each from Abell 2218. And the genetic strain of shapeshifter is the same as the "Elite" Jesuits. And each craft has 2 DOR beam type weapons of some sort.
    We have taken out over 600 of these craft so far in the last half hour, but when i look at a pic of planet Earth, i feel that there are thousands more around the whole Earth, hanging about 200-300 miles out.

    April 25, '13: (noon) Much better on that scene now.
    And the sky is still clear here so far today.

    Nasty CIA Project Monarch op in Irving, TX (Dallas-Ft. Worth area): Wheeler Transitional Development Center for special needs children. There are pix up of the staff. In fact the whole Irving Independent School District seems to be an "asset".

    (6:30pm) They finally sprayed it up late afternoon.

    Another CIA agent in OPPT: Julien Wells. He is a soulless Earthling, and apparently not into bloody sacrifice, so he is much harder for me to detect as an agent. (And i'm probably missing a lot of CIA agents of this sort.) I think he probably got recruited into the CIA over at the Masonic lodge. He has a pic of himself on FaCIAbook. I haven't listened to his drivel, but one title is hilarious: "the new Pope, and his aims to transform the Catholic Church from the inside out". ROFL.

    April 26, '13: (9am) Getting lite rain here, and some demon/Jesuit attacks from Abell 2218.

    Falsely Identified ‘Boston Bomber’ Found Dead In River sez PrisonPlanet, quoting a Boston Globe article which only says "Providence police say body found in river could be missing former Brown student Sunil Tripathi". In any case, the FBIlizard Tripathi is still alive and in the same house. But the Providence lizard fuzz feel very satanist and CIA-friendly.
    Providence police Lieutenant Joseph Donnelly said Tuesday night that “it’s very, very possible” that the body could be Tripathi’s, but also said authorities will not know for sure until the medical examiner’s office in Providence identifies the body Wednesday morning.
    But this is Friday morning. Ah, here it is: Body Confirmed as Missing Brown University Student Sunil Tripathi.
    A forensic dental examination helped confirm the identity of the 22-year-old's body this morning, according to Dara Chadwick, spokesperson for the Rhode Island Department of Health.
    ...who is yet another CIAlizard satanist lying through her dentals. The video merely shows a bunch of overpaid and underworked lizard cops standing around at the water's edge. Did anyone actually see a corpse being dredged up?
    Sure is a tragedy when non-professionals with access to the internet accuse innocent FBIlizards, driving them to suicide. The gov't oughtta do something about that.

    And what about that suspicious Texas explosion? I still have not been able to get any vibes off of it. Here's a CIA video of some lizard cops playing nazi as usual at the site.
    I do strongly suspect foul play: The End of April: A Time of Human Sacrifice.

    (4:05pm) Got more lite rain.

    Dara Chadwick couldn't take the heat; a couple hours after i posted, she crawled into a tunnel, alone.

    In the last day or two, a whole lot more human souls got culled. I am a bit shocked. I am getting that of Earth's humans and human-rept hybrids, maybe 3.5% are still ensouled. is a NSA site that is recommended by the Sex Education Forum (SEF), a coalition of more than 90 organisations, including the NSPCC and Barnardo’s. (SEF's site).

    (6:10pm) Still drizzly. Blasting Houston & Mexico City with my wands now.

    April 27, '13: (5:05pm) Got a fair bit more rain today. Still grey out.

    Another nest of CIAlizards: Life Coaching Magazine. There is a link for Associates and another for About Us.

    April 28, '13: (6:55pm) The sun came back out this afternoon. Clear sky now. Got a total of near 1.5" from the last few days' rain.

    Bigheads in Abell 2218 have been hitting me for hours. I started work on another project a little while ago, and that only pisses them off more. Jailing only a mere 3 trillion per second now.

    April 29, '13: (1:10pm) Heh, a while after i posted that, i realized the new project is another powerful jailer. Plus i started a 2nd one a while ago.
    Things feel pretty orgonaceous around here now. Clear sky except for a few lackluster segments of chem that some drones are struggling to lay down. Warm. But now the wunderclones are predicting 30 F on the nights of the 2nd and 3rd of May. Aaargh, and i just replanted my cuke seeds yesterday.

    On April 3 i mentioned the charming Edgar Steele family. Last night they went partying underground and perished. They've been replaced by clones which have the same kind of unusual ET vibe. The source of the clones is a U base in the NW corner of Wyoming -- thus i have finally found more of that highly cloaked strain of shapeshifter. Even Durkistan hasn't been able to find their home galaxy yet.

    (6:45pm) Got some mostly-natural clouds later.
    I figured out that the main reason it feels so orgonaceous here is because in the last 24 hours (on top of everything else she's been doing) Antuvozy 8Xed the power of Violet1, a massive item i made in Feb 2010. That's a normal size Bic lighter there, and Violet1 is sitting on a footstool. Pic of guts.

    Bal will be spending some quality time in Iowa City soon. The entire area from Iowa City to Clinton to Davenport to Monticello feels like it has 45% of the surface population as shapeshifters.

    April 30, '13: (8:10am) Clear out. Nice, no attacks noted on myself right now.

    Family punished by shapeshifters for being ensouled Earthlings: Cops Barge Into Calif. Parents' Home, Take Their Baby After They Seek 2nd Medical Opinion. What's weird is, i saw this story yesterday, and these people were not under psychic attack. Then i see this pic at Icke, Inc. this morning, and the woman is DORy because CIAlizards in U bases north of her were attacking her womb. Weird assholes.

    I'm so glad i don't have kids or grandkids in this lizard-sleaze nazi world.
    Except for epoxy ones.

    (7:50pm) Only had a few, shreddable, chem-puffs today.

    Need large quantities of perishable substances moved around in a temperature-controlled kind of way? Then you could do worse than call the CIAlizards at Ameri Cold.
    And they promote another CIA op: MySafeWorkplace.

    I started to read this article 'Time Crystals' Could Upend Physicists' Theory of Time when i noticed that the ensouled Frank Wilczek was stuffed with etheric implants from CIA bases around here in MD.

    And in the right column on that page is a link to an article CIA's New Tech Chief Hails From AOL (But Don't Hold That Against Her). Well, i kinda did hold that against her, plus the fact that she was a DORy CIAtanist lizard from hell. Conveniently, she happened to be in a U base at the time.