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Loohan's blog for March, 2013
March 1, '13: (2:45pm) Negative review: Tenmars trifield meter. I bought one of these about 3 years ago for $200; seldom used it, and didn't bang it around. Now it no longer works and is no longer covered by warranty.
Also the off switch never did prevent the battery from gradually draining over a period of a month or so. Plus it seemed that if the battery was just somewhat drained, the unit would malfunction, requiring a fresh battery.

Cold and grey today. Had some faint snow flurries earlier.

The Arp 256 guys have been attacking me. They were occasionally hitting me with transmitters, too, but now i think it's just psi warfare. But strong enough to induce nausea and aches.
Also, Mordok has been getting attacked by a different group of shapeshifters. These are the ones i described Sep. 4:
(4:45pm) Bal seems to have spotted a "new" strain of shapeshifters. We are taking out a bunch of their U stuff west of Goshen, IN. Many of the shapeshifting faculty at Goshen College are of this strain. Check out the Communications dept., the TESOL dept., the Art dept., the Bible & Religion dept., and the the Education dept.
All these faculty presently depicted are of this strain.

My impression is that they come from Andromeda galaxy, but are not Zenetians. I think they have not been here long, and these teachers are of the 2nd and 3rd generation born here.

Also, their names are not given, but 2 actresses depicted here are 3rd generation: the 5th and 6th pics down.
Also Justin Morneau. And this gay fellow.

There are a buttload of them under most of Maine. The Dexter, ME Sheriff's Dept. is exlusively composed of them. Also, the page won't open, but the Yarmouth Sheriff's Dept. feels the same.
Maine lizartarians of this strain, including Sen. Olympia Snowe.

Maine Boatbuilders Show. Probably all of these boatbuilders are of this strain.
They seem to be the main attendees at the Old Port Festival in Portland Maine; more. Feels like at least 80% of the crowd.

Getting some big undersea bases in the Norwegian Sea, etc.

Sep. 5, '12: (6:30am) Apparently Goshen College's website is down; funny.

Bal found another of these ETs: Alex O'Loughlin of Hawaii Five-O.

(6pm) O'Loughlin was born in Canberra, AU, and we are finding lots more of them in U bases around there.
The ones attacking him are in Andromeda.

(6:55pm) It got worse from there for me. They made me puke a bit. But they started running low on steam after that. Now i feel good again.
Then the bug-eyes started hitting me a bit, but that petered out soon.

Bal has gotten a job driving a big truck. He's been barreling down interstates for weeks now. And sending me snapshots of all the DORy SUVs that stalk him. It's mainly MIBs but also a lot of CIAlizards. Amazing how this virtually never happens to me, but everywhere Bal goes, he is surrounded by them. Sometimes he gets a pic with 3 of their vehicles just ahead. No telling how many are behind him. He gets the VIP treatment.

Of course he also constantly gets attacked and implanted by MIBs and CIA underground and offworld.
Bal is a Pleiadian soul incarnate in a body with a lot of MIB genetics, not to mention the Asperger mutation. Pretty freaky dude. Feel free to give him some backup.

March 2, '13: (7:50pm) Got a light dusting of snow last night. This afternoon the sun came out some, revealing real and fake clouds, and it warmed up a bit. Seems like yesterday felt phenomenally cold to many people, even though it was in the low 30s. Seemed like i had to burn wood furiously as though it were much colder. Yes, it was damp out, windy, and grey, but even so it seemed harsher than one would expect.

Woman claims she suffered hate crime while defending bullied boy. Funny thing about this: the "black woman, about 5'5", 140 pounds, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans" that Mr Family Values had in tow is a hard core professional hooker.

I've still got my wands aimed east. They reach as far as the area between Batesville and Jonesboro. I realized that the reason this area feels so funky is because it is honeycombed with evil Sasquatch tunnels and chambers. The allies have been working on taking them out.
It is strange, because this location is right next to the New Madrid fault, yet had maybe millions of squatch.

(9:45pm) I have just been alerted that there is a new free program out for resin: It's the old Vicarah Program (if the link doesn't take you there, it's about 1/3 down the page) but modified to make it simultaneously a Rolling Force program. Rolling Force pgms require a roundish mold, like a sphere or most of a sphere. Also some animal molds, e.g. pigs, or Halloween pumpkin molds, will work.
The party to contact for this particular free programming is the multi-talented and lovely ChemmerBuster. Antuvozy has been training him.

March 3, '13: (8:45am) Feels like some people are already making stuff with this new pgm. I also will be in a few days. I recently ordered another 16 gallons of epoxy. Might be another CB in the works, too.

Great article: There Is Only One Type of Cholesterol: Here's Why.
I am a former vegan who has now been on a high-cholesterol diet for many years. It sure has not raised my blood pressure or heart rate, which have always been on the low end of normal.
"They" sure had us deliberately turned around with their lies, touting margarine and soy, and demonizing palm kernal oil, coconut oil, and animal fats. I recommend you be inclined to do the exact opposite of what the gov't and medical establishment recommend, when it comes to fat. Eating fat does not make you fat. Healthy fats should be the cornerstone of your diet. Of course, if you eat commercial animal products, the fat will contain concentrated artificial toxins.

And it's largely about preventing you from having adequate vitamin D levels. Avoid cholesterol, the building block of vitamin D. Avoid the sun. Slather on toxic sunblock. And let the chemtrails protect you from good UV.

(7:10pm) It was warmer today; sunny with chem-clouds and a few little chemtrails.

Somebody else wrote me that has been under attack for a long time and is full of implants we are clearing. The attackers are in NGC 5477 and might be tall ape-like bipeds.

March 4, '13: (7:05pm) Today was overcast and relatively warm.

Bal was stalked by a truck from this MIB company IBI Armored. He said their truck had transmitters and sprayed some chem. I seem to sense 30 MIBs associated with this company.

March 5, '13: (5:20pm) Correction: the transmitters were in a CIA truck in SLC. But both vehicles sprayed stuff.

Today was sunny and mostly clear; just a bit of chem noticed.

Been doing more work on my wands; now 3 of them have ranges over 120 miles. Shooting past Jonesboro and on to Blytheville.

Been noticing Sasquatch attacks today, especially from spaceships. I think we took out like 60 of their ships today.

(7:15pm) Now i turned my wands back south, to Conway/Little Rock/Pine Bluff.

March 7, '13: (8:35am) Yesterday was sunny and clear to start, but by late afternoon was mostly whited out with chem, and there were numerous fresh trails being laid by drones. Despite no rain chances upcoming. This morning, sunny with chem-clouds.

Leaked Pentagon video - flu vaccine use to modify human behavior. Something hokey about this. I think it is a made-for-internet movie. It posits that religious extremism is due to a genetic factor that can be neutralized. The guys in the room are shapeshifting satanists. What's the chance that someone snuck this video out of the Pentagon surreptitiously? is run by shapeshifters. The guy who submitted this might be sincere, but i suspect he was fed this video.
But since when are the tyrants against religious fundamentalism? They constantly nurture religious fundamentalism, both faked by their puppets and actually felt by their dupes.

Of course the CIA etc. do have a history of using vaccines to deliberately modify behavior, e.g. inducing autism.

Well, my epoxy is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I have a quart or so left, though, so later today i will start on a batch of little spheres with that new Rolling Vicarah program. I still have not had any feedback about the new program from people, but ChemmerBuster seems to have been doing quite a bit of programming of it for other people.
I get the impression this program makes orgonite that acts like a slippery lubricant that makes it so certain levels of evil can't grab a hold of an area. Should be good for protection as well as gifting.

(6:45pm) Sky was pretty clear most of the day.

More food for thought: SANDY HOOK AND THE CIA. Also, linked within that article: SANDY HOOK: Links to AmeriCares, Knights of Malta?

Weird news tidbit for the day: Nation of Islam Auditors. That's Dianetics auditors, as in L. Ron Lizard. And Farrakhan is no longer a satanist; he's now Farra-clone. The mighty conjoining of 2 highly esteemed cults led by reptilian clones.
The Church of $cientology has been seeing its market dwindle since the advent of the internet, and this Nation of Islam stuff is most likely the hottest thing happening on the Scientology scene these days.

March 8, '13: (7:40am) Bring in the clones: IT'S WAR: John McCain And Lindsey Graham Just Ripped Into Rand Paul On The Senate Floor. What a circus. McCain, Brennan, Graham, and Paul are all long dead and replaced by clones. Give it up, jokers.

And what's with all this confusing Chavez business? Some time back, almost all heads of state were killed by the Alah-kur. I do not recall whether Chavez was; i don't think i specifically checked. In any case, he feels dead now.
Time to retire that personality, i guess.
The CIA maintains that the CIA & FBI planned to assassinate him, to make Venezuela safe for the bankers. Sounds plausible. The CIA also says it appears that Henrique Capriles Radonski will "likely" replace Chavez. Capriles is a shapeshifter with a bankster vibe.
He will face Chavez's hand-picked successor, Nicolas Maduro. The former bus driver Maduro is currently serving as the interim president. In the presidential race last year, Capriles won 44 percent of the vote. National poll numbers show 50 percent of Venezuelans favor Maduro while 36 percent are for Capriles this time around.
Maduro is a shapeshifter with a CIA vibe. I don't quite follow why Capriles will "likely" win over Maduro, if he is trailing by 14%. But either way, a puppet will be in charge.
Incidentally, this article also promotes CIAlizard John Perkins.

Into Bitcoins? You might want to check out this video: BitCoin CIA Connection.

Things are getting stranger. Yesterday Thor'p wrote me about some nebulous badass entity named Saku. I got Saku interested in the jezzies in Abell 2218, and later, the evil Sasquatch, reptilians, and other species we've been having trouble with. Somehow Saku has been putting a damper on these critters.

Just a few minutes ago i looked outside and noticed scalar signatures on the chem-clouds. Even ChemmerBuster had to work for a while to find out who was doing the psi aspect of this. It was 45 shapeshifters in a NOAA U base 20 miles west of Great Falls, MT. Now we are finding dozens more such bases, as they struggle to continue to influence the shape of a few chem-clouds.
How does it make sense for them to go to all this trouble?
30% rain chance tomorrow, 80% the next day, incidentally.

(8:30am) That worked. Ran out of U bases, and the scalar signature vanished.

I got emails from someone writing to my hushmail account from a hotmail account, who doesn't want me to reply because she "can't access that account". Well, there is nothing secure about hotmail, so the agencies already have this info and no doubt know who she is. So i may as well post the data:
I am a targeted individual and an Air Force wife. Waldfeucht ,germany.The stalking started at Ramstein air base. I've also been attacked at Vogelwegh, Spangdahlem, Brunnssum and Schinnen.Last month a saw stalkers cars from Belguim. I hear they run a program called Janu from an underground base there. It is related to the mass shootings. They want me to hate Germans and to kill them...
AT Ramstein- I believe I was drugged and made to sign some sort of paper. I saw my hand writing my name but It was against my will. These people here in Waldfeucht can go invisible and walk through walls. I have been raped in my sleep many times.I get woken up by a voice that says my name or a foot stomping beside me but nothing is seen.Once a male voice told me I was "detainable." I hear them walking and my door opening and closing when they leave. There is a man that circles my house all hours of the day. The police do nothing. They say his name is toni schmitz. I do not know if that is the truth. I do not want to live in such a evil world. The nazi neighbors of mine support my stalkers.Names of other attakers are Janet Evans Tina Whitney(person who drugged me) Noel Levy Joanne Brunson Vicki Lennon( very evil, very dangerous, has a daughter she is abusing)Sgt. Custer (Air Force)
Normally with such info i would be able to clearly detect the locations, numbers, and possibly agency of such perps. But all i feel is a dispersed evil energy under all these locations. Can't get any detail, but there are shapeshifters under all these places (including many parts of Belgium) that the allies are taking out. And they all have this same vague, semi-cloaked, evil vibe.

(9:30am) About that new Rolling Vicarah pgm: here is an example of a dome that didn't make it, sent in by a reader. He asked for this new pgm, plus in the bottom layer, Nov2012A. What he got was the common Arcturan Anti-Evil pgm where he wanted the new one. So he ended up with an OK orgone device, but nothing special.
The mold appears to be bell-shaped. I think the dome section is almost enough of a sphere to take this Rolling Force pgm, but not quite.

Some people have successfully opened up burned out incandescent bulbs and used these as molds. I understand this works, but you are unlikely to be able to clean all the glass off.

(6:20pm) After that, we got a lot more chem-clouds.

Mold that makes 35 spheres. This is what i use. The result is sphere-like enough for the RF programs. In fact, i ran out of epoxy before i could fill all the hollows. Some of them are only filled to 1/4" from the top, yet are getting the program. Should make good slingshot ammo, among other uses.
But one mistake in mixing a batch of resin could easily ruin such an expensive mold. I have been careful so far and have used mine several times with no observable weakening.

This new program is truly amazing.

March 9, '13: (5:55pm) In a warm spell here. Had faint rain last night. Now they say 80% tonight with up to .5" possible, 80% tomorrow with up to .4" possible, 40% tomorrow night, 30% the next day.

Here is my first batch of Rolling Vicarah. I used only cocoa and turmeric as additives. You can see in my fingertips i am holding a partial pour. I think this is the minimum height i can make with this pgm in this mold. Any less and the pgm wouldn't take properly. Left of that is one that is full. I will have some of the latter available at $8.

March 10, '13: (7:40pm) Looks like the rain chances have passed now. I got 2.25"; not too shabby when only 0.9" were "possible".

March 12, '13: (10:45am) Yesterday the sky was chem-free for several hours.

MKULTRA time: Monster High: A Doll Line Introducing Children to the Illuminati Agenda. Vigilant Citizen is a good site.

Another shapeshifting "healer": Tina Lee Ure, who founded the lizardly Samye Linge Tibetan Centre.

I've been helping another "targeted individual", this one in Italy, who has been the recipient of some pretty nasty ET tech.
I am a targeted individual from Bruneck, South-Tirol, Italy. They have implanted us in the Bruneck-Hospital when we where 3,5 years old. Brainradio, Cholera-Implant, Neurophone,...
A lot of years later (30,5 years old) they implanted us again, a dentist, Dr. Walter Lüfter did something with our teeths. They drugged us (1.1.2009) and probably implanted us again. After that soon they begun with the heavy attacks...voices, Laserattacks,...and a lot of other weapons. An other person who implanted us comes from Germany, Berlin, Ruedi Rüegg. He did something on one of our chakras.
I suspect AISI is involved, but also other parties. We took out extensive U stuff that was especially dense in his area.
A short distance from his house is this large DORy bldg. After i pointed it out to him, he said "Yep, there on the housetop is a interesting construction (seen with the spyglass). One time they sniped from there with a laser gun directly in our head. We saw a 20 cm circular Laser light on the wall. We needed a full afternoon to heal this attack. Now a CB shooting in this direction."
(This guy has large quantities of orgonite in his house and has heavily gifted the area.)
He says the bldg is owned by these fine people (satanist shapeshifters), who also have this DORy place, and this one.
[correction: the guy says these last 2 spots are not correct after all; google map error. Yet, they do feel DORy and i suspect they are related to all this.]

March 13, '13: Note to joep: anything sent to your hotmail acct bounces back. Please write me from different addy; maybe a free hushmail acct.

(7:05pm) Heavy chem-clouds today.

Once again, a clone takes office as pope: Jorge Mario Bergoglio becomes Pope Francis I. Well, the previous guy entered office as 3 functioning clones.

March 14, '13: (11:50am) Heading into some warm weather. It is totally clear and sunny, except for the chem, that is. They keep trying in vain to make trails stick overhead.
I've made a couple more wands, and the wands are still blasting down that fetid Greenbrier / Conway / Little Rock / Pine Bluff lizard corridor. But last night Antuvozy 17Xed the power of the wands. Now the range is past Monticello and Greenville.
I am pretty sure i would have gotten sick from the kickback, had i not placed a sack of Rolling Vicarah spheres by the wands. The spheres seem to repel the kickback.

(7:05pm) Lot of chem-smear today.

Also today Antuvozy again tripled the power of the wands. Now the range is as far as Delta National Forest in Mississippi; must be about 250 miles. I could hit St. Louis with my present range if i aimed that way.

March 15, '13: (7:30am) Hazy chem, some chemtrails. Wunderground says it will get to 81 F today. And gives rain chances for the following 3 days.

Ocala area abuzz over mysterious military-style aircraft. Might have something to do with the DORy U base i found here at 340' depth, which was related to more U stuff just west and east. US gov't stuff, but no recognizable agency. We'll see if the reports continue.

(10:50am) Just a sneaking suspicion; not sure, but it seems reasonable that a large quantity of the Rolling Vicarah pgm should have a significant anti-chemtrail effect. I just drove into town and back, and all the many CTs i saw being laid were hardly sticking. Of course i don't know how much of this is due to the Rolling Vicarah stuff, how much is due to the wands, and how much is due to all the other orgone stuff i have.
So far i have made 3 trays of 35 small spheres, and several larger spheres.

March 17, '13: (3:55pm) A couple recent offspring of mine. Both Rolling Force critters. The pumpkin is 6 qt; the pig is grapefruit-sized.

Yesterday, quite warm, with heavy chem-clouds all day. Many spray drones. A few "HAARP" ripples caused by offworld CIA.
Today, colder and slight drizzle all day.

Another CIAlizard site: Earth Heal; head lizard is Edna Spennato.

I recently became aware of how rough a place Zimbabwe is. If you have a strong stomach, google zimbabwe torture pictures.
Shapeshifters running the country, of course, but guess what? Instead of the usual CIA underground, the entire country had Chinese shapeshifters under it. The allies have been mopping them up since last night. Go beyond the borders of Zimbabwe in any direction, and it's the usual CIA stuff again.
Clearly, there are territorial agreements in place.

The CIA is pretty bad, but when it comes to physical torture, the Chinese lizards are far sicker. Google Falun Dafa torture pics.

(5:50pm) Mystery Light Lifts Truck While Driving on Freeway (Germany). This is some Vicarah that did this. Don't know what was in the truck, but there seems to be a connection to a U base that was on the east side of Bernhof, Germany. Another on the north side of Woerrstadt. And many more in Germany. German shapeshifters.

On Jan. 10 i wrote:
OK, some good news i have been holding out on posting until i received the green light: starting around mid-November, many evil people have been getting replaced by good organic robotoids. So far, over 3K evil people on Earth's surface have been replaced, and this process is snowballing.

You see, there are many freaky things that evil ETs traditionally do, that do not require black magic, merely high tech. These things are not usually done by good ETs, but can be. This includes "unexplainable" hyperdimensional abductions, and replacing persons with organic robotoids.
The Alah-kur have been doing this lately: making robotoid doubles, abducting the evil person (who often is an evil clone replacement of the original), scanning the brain of the person, and inserting its pattern into the robotoid, then returning the robotoid to the abductee's bed.

Some things to be alert for:
  • Evil people, including those in positions of power, suddenly becoming genuinely good, and using their resources in a direction opposite to the NWO agenda, much to the consternation of their former friends.
  • Formerly hostile individuals becoming genuinely friendly and helpful, maybe apologizing for past misdeeds.
  • Cessation of criminal acts, e.g. child abuse, by such people.
Some more points about this:
  • Many, maybe most, shapeshifters are not able to discern that their spouse/friend/associate is no longer a shapeshifting reptilian but an organic robotoid.
So how has this panned out? So-so. I am confused.
Yes, these 'toids no longer have a rept vibe (if they replaced shapeshifters), no longer practice blood rites, no longer psi-attack, and no longer molest children, but they may continue to be criminal in other ways.
In some rare cases, the personality and outward behavior obviously changes for the better, but most often, they act the same way.
Makes no sense.
Also, the Alah-Kur have replaced some people around here that Mordok and i consider pretty unimportant to replace, yet will not replace some very evil "significant others" of other people.
The Alah-Kur have replaced many people around here and in Lagos, especially, but worldwide the total i get now is ~5100, and hardly any more have been done lately.

The only "objective" evidence i have that i'm not imagining this stuff, is that a couple other people have told me about the positive change observed in someone they had contact with (who had recently been switched). And that Mordok is no longer attacked by his neighbors.
But, for example, Bill Gates was replaced by a "good 'toid" some time back, but according to the media is still up to the same old nazi crap.

March 18, '13: (5:10pm) I started a page last month about the different types of doubles we run into. It's incomplete as i wanted to put something in there about the "good 'toids" but was waiting and hoping for more info to make sense of that scene. Also i still need to complete the section on bad 'toids.

Also i added to OTB 40 a section on doing one's own programming. Not that i'm urging everyone to do that, but some people, understandably, don't know whom to trust and would prefer to do their own.

Only got 0.2" off that last system. Not good.
Sun finally came out mid-afternoon to reveal some hybrid clouds.
It's supposed to get back down to 27 F tonight.

Started 4 more "ugly wands", and did a bit of embellishment to 3 of my older ones. Little Rock is really getting fried now.

March 19, '13: (9am) Well, it was around 32 F at 7:30, but didn't feel that cold. Maybe the lack of wind helps.

More weird psy-oppery: Obama explains the FEMA Camps . Rachel Maddow is a pretty class act, for an Operation Mockingbird lizard slut. See how the MSM picks apart the contradictions in Obamaclone's speech? All this is pre-scripted. This video was promoted on David Icklone's site, and at the end it refers the reader to, another Operation Mockinglizard site: their staff. Oh, what's an American supposed to think?

This pdf file is not, however, put out by the lizards: An Examination of Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches (alternate link).
According to this posting
Back on October 25, 2008, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons published an article on Obama's use of neurolinguistic programming in his speeches entitled "Oratory—or hypnotic induction?" I thought it worth mentioning to you guys that I discovered today that the article in question had been scrubbed from AAPS archives. The title is still listed in the AAPS archives, but the article itself is gone. An article entitled "An Examination of Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches" is quite similar to the one in question and as of this writing has not yet been scrubbed from the internet. Anyone interested in this subject should make a personal copy. Whether or not a person puts stock in such thinking, I thought it worth mentioning that Obama or one of his minions apparently believed the article sufficiently damaging that it took steps to deprive the public from considering the analysis presented.
And more CIA distraction-waving: Venezuela's Maduro urges Obama to halt "plot" against rival. As i mentioned on the 8th, Maduro is a CIAlizard and Capriles a NWO bankster asset (more or less equivalent to a CIAlizard). Now Maduro is so concerned that the Pentagon/CIA wants to kill his "rival".
"Venezuela boasts the world's largest oil reserves." We'll have to watch how this plays out.

Ah yes, it's a great world when even illuminati lizard actresses like Christine Chanet raise their voice in favor of sanity. I am so relieved that there are checks and balances to rampant Zionist imperialism.

If you're a shapeshifting reptilian media con artist, you are allowed to tell all the truth or lies you want, in accordance with the master plan. But it's a different story if you are one of the rare, non-controlled opposition media: James Scott, the editor of the Sunday People, was arrested by the police.

I was perusing this Operation Mockingbird semi-truth article which happened to remind me about the interesting Rev. Dr. Carl Sanders. I used to read about this guy around the turn of the century. Claims he worked with Bilderbergers like Kissinger in the development of microchips. As i got more psychic later, i realized he was lying, and had never hung out with high illuminati. But he is not a satanist. I figured he was a rogue con artist. But then last year i realized he's a shapeshifter. His Trumpet Ministries used to have a church on the north side of Mountain View, AR, but now it has apparently moved a few miles south to Drasco.
I actually saw him in the bakery where i work many years ago, like before '05. He was very big-boned and heavy set, and had a likable demeanor. This was before i got psychic enough to realize he was a phony. He bought bread from me a few times, but i never saw him since. Once i mentioned to him how i had seen very heavy chemtrails a few days prior when i had driven to Mountain View, but he was uninterested in discussing the subject.

(10:35am) Woowee! Started getting strong energy kickback from Drasco. Our green reptilian allies are working over the area, and found a CIA U base here, with 3500+ CIAlizards at 340-70' depth. 2 transmitters. Trumpet Ministries is 1.25 miles west, and there are more CIA bases being taken out under that area. 5K+ CIAlizards, 1 more transmitter.

BTW if you google Sanders' name, you will find that many legitimate Christians have long been suspicious of this guy.

A couple years ago i drove through Drasco on my busting run to Heber Springs. Went the long way to go thru Drasco because the area was so DORy. But couldn't stick around because i wanted to spend time in Heber Springs.

Finding loads more previously-cloaked CIA and transmitters in the area now. Over a wide area that reaches to Newport and almost to Forrest City. Dozens of transmitters.

(12:20pm) This was a surprisingly big deal. Despite all my RF stuff, etc., a lot of kickback got through, but it wasn't that unpleasant; just moderately strong jittery palsy type phenomena. Around 10:55 it finally occurred to me to turn my wands in their direction. That helps a lot. Still getting a bit of kickback while the allies continue to scrub, and the offworld CIA is throwing demons at me.
Mostly whited out with chem outside.

A reader complained about being remotely attacked by Alara Blackwell. She's a CIAlizard. So is Tim Bravo.

March 21, '13: (12:15pm) Yesterday there was almost no chem, and no natural clouds, despite the fact that we were supposedly expecting a big precipitation event. Wunderclones said it would get to 19 F last night, but it only went down to about 30 here. Now the forecast has been reduced quite a bit in precip volume. Buttloads of chem-clouds.

Weird media programming: 2 Men Arrested For Refusing To Open Up The Door Of His Own Home. Let me get this straight. Cops have no warrant, and state no probable cause. 2 gentle black guys come out and shut the door behind them. They act like they obviously have something to hide, but do not in any way misbehave. They (like you, dear viewer) do not seem vicious or evil. They try to gently stand up for their legal and constitutional rights, but are made to look like guilty-ass turkeys; misbehaving children that no sensible person would have any patience with. "Are you an attorney?" the cop shrieks in an accusatory, derisive way when the guy advises his friend not to open the door.
Moral: if somebody in gov't uniform tells you to open your door, comply, unless you are a dork who wants to make the situation worse than it needs to be. Don't be wise guy. If you're not an attorney, you aren't entitled to stand your ground or have any opinion about "rights".

(2:30pm) Well, it turns out Elizabeth (whom i mentioned Feb. 21) is alive after all, though she says she almost died several times recently.

(6:25pm) It's been snowing lightly and sticking a bit.
I turned my wands back toward Russellville/Morrilton/OuachitaNF.

Ever since i made Freckles (my new pumpkin) a few days ago, things have been rough with Abell 2218. They really don't appreciate Freckles coming around there at all. And they take it out on me.
Today Freckles and i figured out how to empower him a bit.

March 22, '13: (9:35am) We got several inches of snow, then around 2am i heard rain hitting the snow. Then for hours there was the sound of sheets of snow sliding off the roof and crashing.
Now there is still snow on the ground, but not much on the driveway. Fog. The wunderclones say 80% chance of precip today, but i don't see much headed this way.

On the 17th i mentioned what kind of place Zimbabwe is. Check out this article: Smiling Pope Warmly Greets Bloodthirsty Despot Mugabe at the Vatican:
Zimbabwean despot Robert Mugabe, 89, himself a Catholic, had planned to be at the Vatican this week, to greet Pope Francis. But we didn\92t know he would actually be treated as a VIP and get to shake the Pontiff\92s hand. Of course being the brutal, racist dictator that he is, Mugabe has been banned from traveling to European Union nations, which presumably includes Italy (the international airport he landed at is in Rome). The U.S. has had economic sanctions against Zimbabwe for a decade now.

However, Vatican City is not affected by the ban, which Mugabe defied anyway, and made his way to the Vatican for Pope Francis\92 inaugural mass on March 19th. Ironically, Mugabe and his wife were seated across the aisle from EU members including European Council President Herman Van Rompuy. Birds of a feather, as they say \85

Mugabe \96 voted \93worst dictator in the world\94 in 2009 \96 was reportedly treated as a VIP and would later tell media (including the Zimbabwean propaganda outlet The Herald in Harare) that he urged Pope Francis to visit Africa because he is \93a man of God who will be praying for all of us, praying for the sinful world to repent.\94

One has to wonder if the Jesuit connection, considering Mugabe attended the exclusive Jesuit-run Kutama College and that the loner child Mugabe was often in the company of Jesuit priests growing up, had something to do with the Pope\92s odd behavior when greeting Mugabe?
Me and Freckles, we don't much like Jesuits, do we, Freckles? (Freckles shakes head from side to side.), wikipedia, images...

(10:10) Google maps doesn't recognize the college, but the whole town is very DORy due to thousands of jezs (i mean underground shapeshifters who have the Jesuit genetics but not necessarily surface identities) below. Also, at least 2 of the lizard boys in this pic were down there, and have perished as our guys are mopping that scene up.

March 23, '13: (6:50pm) Getting more rain.

More CIAlizards: Paul Wittenberger and Chris Maple, who produced The Great Culling video. Of course, elsewhere the CIA debunks this whole conspiracy BS about ordinary contrails. ( could hardly be more aptly named.)

March 24,'13: (5:40pm) Very windy, overcast. Got about 1.7" (melted measure) off that system.

Antuvozy has been optimizing the programming in Freckles. Right now he's at 41X the power he had yesterday afternoon. Abell 2218 is all riled up, and despite everything, they are getting through to me with DOR attacks again. Could use help blasting them.

(8pm) Whew, finally getting some relief. I think some 3 billion psi attackers gave their lives to cause me a few hours of misery.
No mercy on the wicked; 'Vozy is still at it. Freckles is now at 44X.

March 26, '13 (7:05pm) Now Freckles is at 48X.
Yesterday was cold, overcast, with faint snow flurries. Today mostly sunny with modest chem-clouds.
Did some more busting/laundry/shopping in Mountain View (lizard town) today. Also i've had my wands aimed that way all day. Except for 3 i took along. Still been beefing up the wands. Blasting through to Jonesboro pretty strongly now.

Unusual Object 'Alien Vehicle' on Mars caught by Spirit Rover? 2013. There are 30 Alah-Kur under that object in western New Mexico. (Check out the original NASA image for a feel of the land.) They must have known the camera was there when they parked there. They seem to be saying "Wanna make something of it?"

I feel an awful lot of underground NASA lizards all over this area. Wonder if any of the land around there resembles this pic.

March 28, '13: (9:40am) Long, very sticky chemtrails over town yesterday. Many dubious clouds this morning.

Since around '05, i have been saying that Uri Geller is a satanist. Here he is shown hugging a pedophile satanist. Both are shapeshifters, of course.

Need some levity in your life? Thor'p turned me onto the most inadvertently funny site i can remember ever seeing: Lord Steven Christ. I think he's probably just a harmless nut/egomaniac. [Update 2016: he is now a blood-drinking Freemason.]
"This is the catalyst for the New World Order System which also is the literal Kingdom of God on Earth."

(8:30pm) Man, every time i look at his page, i am reduced to helpless mirth.
But probably my own site looks almost as goofy to some people.

There were some drones visible earlier, trying in vain to get chem to stick overhead.
I've been working more on my wands and stuff.

Another CIAlizard in CIAtown Tucson: Chris Haskell of Haskellfilmz.

Cyberbunker has a satanist shapeshifter vibe, as does their spokesman Sven Olaf Kamphuis, member of the The Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA).
Cyberbunker feels like a Dutch gov't project.

March 30, '13: (5pm) Lite chem-clouds. Got 0.3" of rain early yesterday morning, and 0.1" this morning.

Everywhere Bal goes (he's driving a truck, remember) he is surrounded by CIAlizards. Often driving other big trucks. LTI Trucking is a CIA proprietary.
He is always getting attacked by them, and stirring up underground nests of them everywhere he goes. Occasionally i will feel Chemmerbuster light up half a dozen MIB or CIA spacecraft that are homing in on Bal.

Speaking of things in the sky, last night i blasted the hell out of the sky with most of my wands. Seems like the effective range upwards is only 150 miles, compared with 250 i was getting the other day blasting southeast.
Since that day we have done heavy mods on the wands, resulting in increased power but decreased range. Then Antuvozy has been programming them more to increase power and range. I'm getting 200 miles horizontally lately.
Anyway, we got 300+ spacecraft marked and taken out last night; reptilian, Sasquatch, CIA, MIB...

Usually these days i can no longer distinguish the vibe of most alleged UFO pics on the web, but i think these 2 items are Ta'l: 1, 2.

(5:10pm) I still have my wands aiming east. I just realized that the area which is pretty much the end of the effective range right now, is full of U CIA who are the source of the pain i've been feeling the last couple hours...

(5:25pm) Funny thing is, for years (except for this year when i took a different route) i have been traversing that stretch of I-40 coming and going to VA every year. With powerful orgone equipment that blasts the region. I've even tossed a TB or 2 in the river there. Yet, only when i blast the area from 200 miles away with these new wands, do they get all bothered.
That says something for these wands.

March 31, '13: (6:30pm) I turned my wands (more powerful now) northward a touch. Now they are frying Nashville pretty well.
BTW i think most of the craft we are getting when i point upwards are little things with maybe 6 occupants.

Big lightning and thunder in the middle of the night, but almost no rain here. It drenched elsewhere.
Skies were streaked with chem today.

() Wunderground claims it got to 107 today. Sure. It got to 96 in in the bakery with no A/C and a strong exhaust fan, and the brick oven fired up.
Supposed to be heading into a bunch of cooler weather with rain chances. Hope they are more right about that part.

A TI turned me onto this "wonderful" site Creation Lightship by a CIA human clone named Ron Amitron. The site actually oozed positive energy. "Ja-ne-na, the Creation Lightship Commander" was a demon we terminated.