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Loohan's blog for April, 2015
April 2, '15: (9:20pm) Got a bit of rain yesterday and a lot more last night. Thundershowers. Total ~0.9".

Another CIAlizard clone: Libby Phelps Alvarez. Just as Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps was in the end. CIA runs both institutions. I point these things out to give you an idea of the mentality and tactics of these agencies.
Westboro Baptist Church became famous because Phelps burned a Koran. The agencies also generate "Muslim" groups, recruit for them, arm them, and put them in the news constantly, largely in connection with faux terrorism.
And the Church's website is while other CIAlizards promote the wild, freaky gay lifestyle.

April 4, '15: (10:25pm) Another mysterious life-form: this trucker Bal snapped a pic of yesterday. He has strange vibe, but blasting him doesn't seem to do much.
I suspect he is some kind of ET.

I am growing increasingly suspicious of Weatherwar 101. Now he has put out a vid Global Warming - Is Very Real in which he basically parrots the lies of the vested interests. Is he sincere, or...? I watched the vid, and a major chunk of it is devoted to a time-lapse graphic of Earth's temperatures over the last century plus. Maybe i am just stupid, but i do not comprehend what it is supposed to represent. The legend on the top left merely shows a thermometer ranging from 2 degrees C to -2 C. He makes no attempt to explain what he's talking about for dummies. And he seems to draw on all the usual suspects for much of his info.

He is in tight with CIAtanist Sofia Smallstorm. And go to his site, you will see he promotes Red Ice Radio. Innocently? I'm not sure.
On the other hand, he also locks horns with many known CIA agents, but that is normal for both CIA agents as well as sincere people to do.
I suspect a lot of what he says is true, but again, that is often also a characteristic of agents.

He keeps his identity secret. The CIA offered a red-herring identity for him, which he denies. There are no pics of him.
Is he even one person? I do get an impression of 1 soulless male, complete with assemblage point. I do not detect a repty vibe. I could say the same for CIA agent Mick West of Metabunk, though.

So i dunno. Another thing is, a few months ago, i saw in one of his vids the claim that the geoengineers only engineer rain, not droughts. This is a totally absurd statement to anyone who has done as much orgone drought-busting as i have. In fact until he came along, i never suspected that "they" engineer rain-clouds.

April 6, '15: (9:20am) It rained lightly on and off yesterday. Heavy, dripping fog since last night. But barely got 1/10" if that.

Hmm, not only does Spidey have a very reptilian silhouette, but he keeps making these cool hand signs. Never noticed the latter before.

April 7, '15: (10:30am) The fog did not relent until late yesterday afternoon. Overcast still. I was awakened 4:30am by rolling thunder which continued a while, but with almost no rain.

Gasp! Organic robotoid sent to six months in jail without trial.

And Clarence Mitchell, PR man for the McCanns, is "Another type of artificial human" as described on my doubles page.

And, Sandy Hookers are the new Lizards. The entire cast has been replaced by SHers. Remember, the April2014A Program nails SHers.

And in this phony world, a soulless dupe mounted a bust of CIA clone Edward Snowden in a Brooklyn park.

April 8, '15: (7:50pm) Got awakened again in the wee hours by thunder and a few drops of rain.

Overcast all day, and we have more chances of truly puny thunderstorms over the next few days.

What are these slimy life-forms: the Duggar family? As far as i can tell, just human sluts. No U base connections, no black magic or ET vibe that i can detect. Yet, to my gratification, i find that the new laser program does cause an energy reaction in their field.
Hmm, does this program work on ordinary humans, if they are sleazy enough? If so, it should also work on the Rigby clan, which none of our other programs touch.
Yes indeed, i get the same energy response off the Rigbys as off the Buggar family. What effect it actually has on them, i don't know. But on an energy level, it definitely kicks stuff around.
BTW that article says "There isn't anything overtly Jewish (or Zionist, for that matter) about Derick Dillard..." about a guy conspicuously flaunting an IDF shirt. Pardon me while i experience cognitive dissonance. Or maybe one has to be more violent to qualify as overtly Zionist.

April 9, '15: (2:30pm) BTW, the Laser pgm reacts on Weatherwar101.

Yes, we got our daily thunderstorm with several drops of rain again, late this morning. Then the sun came out a while; now gone again.

Someone sent me these pics of 3 sweet, ensouled dogs and something else mysterious.

(5pm) Getting a few more raindrops.

I blasted Bradley/Chelsea Manning, since the original is still alive, to see where s/he is really being kept. I came up with this place, specifically the squarish bldg on the right. According to Wikipedia, this place is the former HQ in Wawa, PA, even though Google says it's Media, PA. The former museum that Wikipedia shows can be seen on the map here (the arrow is on the bldg Manning is in).
According to this page, he/she/it is in Ft Leavenworth, KS.
According to a post on this page, "Old Franklin Mint building now turned into office space." That one bldg is crawling with CIAlizards.

April 11, '15: (7:35am) After that, got some intense but brief downpours, including marble-sized hail. Total almost 1/2".
Partly sunny with chemclouds and spray-drones all day yesterday. Some chem still this morning.

Video: The War Against Boko Haram (Part 1). The woman with the child on the opening splash pic as well as the guy with a machine gun at 0:35 are both CIAlizards.

April 12, '15: (3:55pm) More chemtrails today.

Want to blast some cowardly lizard parasites?
Nato war games due to start in and around Scotland
UK-led Exercise Joint Warrior to be 'biggest ever'
HMS Illustrious to join Exercise Joint Warrior
In pictures: Exercise Joint Warrior
This garbage is ongoing now.

(5:35pm) More typical CIA bullshit from the clones at the Future of Freedumb Foundation: Regime Change: The JFK Assassination. Hey assholes, it's not regime change when the CIA is still in charge.
Video: John F Kennedy Stage Managed Ritual Suicide.

And yo, assholes, you aren't allowed to send your %#@%$ CIA Sandy Hookers to illegally harrass Earthlings. Get your *&^% felonious SHers, clones, ETs, robotoids, synthetics, etc. the hell off our planet at once!
That reminds me, i haven't blasted Langley enough yet.
This lady is ensouled and this is gang-stalking by felons pretending to be looking for a felon.

April 15, '15: (7:45pm) It rained all day day before yesterday. They had predicted thunderstorms, but there was no thunder, just gentle rain, about 1.7".
Then yesterday and today, got a bit more gentle rain, about 0.3". And we are supposed to get more in a few days. I don't know if all the ringy thingies i have been making are a factor, but i suspect so.

It is a beautiful time of year, even overcast and grey. Most trees have just begun to leaf out at my altitude, but the dogwoods and lilacs are in bloom. I have been eating stinging nettles, and soon, will be eating lamb's quarters. The lettuce, kale, chard, turnips, collards, and cilantro are coming up.

April 16, '15: (10:35am) Foggy this morning. But the instant i typed that, the sun poked through.

Here is the CIA clone that Prison Planet is flaunting today.

An example of a bogus story using soulless Earthlings: Shona Sibary. The hokey posed pics should suggest that to you. But also the new laser program lights up this woman.
Another agent i have long been suspicious of, who has sidled up to Spivey, and is also blastable with this pgm: Danielle la Mensonge Verite.
People that this pgm has no effect on include the guys on trial for the Boston Marathon Non-Bombing.

April 17, '15: (8:40am) Yesterday turned out warm and sunny with sporadic chemtrails. This morning the sun is shining through extensive chem-clouds.

Lizard tells big lies. "The first thing you notice about Betty Bausch are her exquisite blue eyes." No, actually, the first thing i noticed about this lizard actress in her 60s is her repty vibe. Also i notice that none of the Polak children have a repty vibe. Nor does the pic of Betty as a young brunette adult. Nor does Don Bausch. "Her sister Liesje, now 93" also does have a repty vibe.

This is interesting: Have you heard 'the hum'? Mystery of Earth's low droning noise could now be solved. I agree with the title but not the lizard-clone explanation. Also it links to a story from yesterday, The mystery hum is back! Plymouth residents complain of 'strange droning noise'.

On June 25 of last year, i wrote:
Also, a few days ago, Mordok discovered some insectoid demons that live in the Earth and may be related to this: A Mysterious Sound Is Driving People Insane -- And Nobody Knows What's Causing It. BTW, i have had a mysterious hum here for many years that comes and goes, that i have been unable to trace the source of. It sounds much like the 2nd clip. I have not heard it since we started jailing these insectoids.
They sometimes attack me en masse.
Not sure if there's a connection, though. This sound was also heard by 3 workers here 2.5 years ago, who thought it was a wood planer in the distance.
Since then i have heard the hum a bit a couple times, and gotten rid of it by jailing the demons. And my life has been more enjoyable.
Also the map in the 2nd article has lots of these demons which we are now jailing.

April 19, '15: (7:20am) Ended up getting a bit more rain, maybe 1/20", on the 17th along with thunder. And we may get another trickle this afternoon.
Chem-clouds with slight ripples this morning.

Seeking enlightenment? How about some CIA "Buddhists": Dhamma Sukha. All satanist CIAlizards, except for some dupes in the large group pictures. More pics. Location in scenic rural Missouri: this entire complex.

April 20, '15: (8:35am) Got a couple thundershowers yesterday evening after dark. About 0.6".

I happened to be working on a Teffa wand when the 2nd deluge came along, so i played it over the sky and lit up a bunch of fishy sky demons! such as i posted about July 19, '13. This is what they look like when "clothed" in chem. I destroyed tens of thousands that were trying to do something, i dunno what, to the rain over my place.
Hadn't noticed many of these heretofore.

It's supposed to be clear and cooler all day, then more rain chances the next 4 days.

April 21, '15: (6:20pm) Yesterday evening i actually got remote-attacked by some of those fishy demons. Not that it was any big deal.
Also now the chem is a bit rippled, and i sense more of them in the sky.

OK, so the March2015B Program does not reliably light up human agents. There are several of them here (aside from all the lizard clones) which do not seem to respond to it.

April 25, '15: (5:20pm) We've gotten another 1/4" of rain lately, but today was warm and sunny with shredding/morphing cotton-candy chemclouds.

Stumbled across another phony murder, this one in 2010: Amy Bishop was an SSer until she was just now killed in a NSA U base near Ogema, SK S0C 1Y0, Canada. Her brother which she had allegedly accidentally shot years before might actually be dead. Her 2010 victims: 2 of them were in a NSA base in Panhandle, TX 79068, and the other was in a NSA base Oglala National Grassland, Crawford, NE 69339.
Amy's depicted husband is a lizard clone. Her lawyer is also SSer, as are the cops who "arrested" her, and, of course, Debra Moriarty.

(6pm) More CIA fronts: (in case it's not obvious by the pic of Glenn Beck's double at the top). Incidentally, can you divine which kind of double has replaced the suicided Beck? I'll give the answer tomorrow if i don't forget.
This site is run by a CIAlizard named Bill Heid, who also has the site Solutions from Science, and is associated with Heart of God CIA Pedophile Gang Rape Ministries.

April 27, '15: (8:10am) Pakistani rights activist Sabeen Mahmud shot dead. Two ensouled humans shot by 3 ISI SSers who probably did not have a surface identity, and then slunk back to their underground lair to await their doom along with 300+ of their buddies.

Glenn Beck has been replaced by one of the 3 types of doubles i posted about last December. Later i will specify which.

(5:20pm) Nice pleasant day, except for all the spray-drones and white-out. Been getting some gardening done.

I always considered AntiMedia to be a sincere site, but now they are carrying ridiculous drivel from a CIA clone.

April 28, '15: (8am) Wunderclones are calling for 20% chance of rain, although it looks like a storm is rotating right toward me.

Note the 2 beams shooting down into the storm from SW MO. I wonder what the official rationale is for such beams, which very commonly shoot into weather systems.
On March 13 i was able to trace such a beam to its tower-source, but subsequently i have tried unsuccessfully several times. Perhaps that first tower had some additional feature that kicked back the orgone.

(8:50am) Another BS story with 4th-rate human actors that has my laser program tingling: Skelmersdale bedroom tax victim has toes amputated after spending winter in a tent.