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Loohan's blog for May, 2015
May 2, '15: (8:20pm) Never did get any rain on the 28th. Or since.

Gotta love the CIA: Satanist CIAlizard Michael Moore calls for full disarmament of police, wants prisons cleared. Right on, man. Can't wait.

There's Some Very STRANGE THINGS About CERN. Yes. I haven't noticed overt demonic energies there in years, but these dancers are lizard clones and a Sandy Hooker. Maybe they actually are making a futile effort to carry on as if the events of the last decade had not occurred. In any case, i have been under steady attack from underground EHETs and repts for 2 days now, and i supect this has something to do with CERN and the full moon.
In any case, i am blasting CERN with most of my stuff right now.

May 3, '15: (4:20pm) Yep, it does help to blast CERN. The EHETs evidently are empowered by CERN, as their attacks on me and Rorg have diminished to a small fraction of their former strength.

(6:45pm) OK, some new weapons. I haven't mentioned on my blog yet about the new April2015 resin program which is very good. In a couple days i should have a pic of some stuff i'm making and update OTB 27 with this.

Also Bal discovered that one can direct the energy of Markarian 421 to targets. I already connected it to CERN and various other targets. It's not the gamma rays but something else about the blazer.

(7:15pm) Well well well well well... Boxer Pacquiao packs punch with Israel support. Hmmmm, the Laser Program seriously tingles on this zio-whore. More than any other seeming human it has reacted to.
I am not sure that the "human" agents this pgm reacts to aren't something more exotic. If so i haven't found anything out yet. They do have assemblage points and i do not get a repty vibe.
Probably only the Laser pgm and Strontium-Barium pgm work on people like this.

The fight already happened and even without us blasting him, he lost.

(7:20pm) Unbelievable, the Israeli taste in clone performers 40,000 Israelis let pop star Robbie Williams entertain them.
You kinda gotta read the text to appreciate the reptilian depravity.

May 4, 2015: (7:55am) Sure a lot of chemtrails yesterday evening and this morning.

Wow, the sheer nerve of those Muslim crazies: attacking the CIA's own "American Freedom Defense Initiative". But a bunch of clone cops done took care of them. Thank goodness Freedom is preserved in America.
The only non-clone here is CIAtanist Pam Geller.

Peters Mountain: When i first saw this article yesterday, there were actually a bunch of CIA clones down there.

The royal sexually-abused reptilian test-tube baby has arrived. To keep her sexually-abused, surrogate-mothered, lizard "brother" company.

(10:35am) New product: BigC ZPE Wands.

May 5, '15: (3:45pm) Blastworthy and demonic: DYNAMIC MONGOOSE 2015 (DMON 15). More pix.

May 8, '15: (6:20pm) Rainy today. It had been getting a bit dry, but i got 3/4".

CERN again. This afternoon i've been getting hammered by offworld NSA, CIA, EHETs, repts, etc. Of course it costs them, as i find them on Google Earth --> Sky and nail them good. But they kept on hitting me from other areas of the universe.
Finally i wondered whether Cern might have something to do with this. I only had a few things blasting it anymore. So i focused a lot more stuff on Cern, and the offworld attacks have gotten weaker. Either there is some relationship there or it's a coincidence. I suspect the former.

May 9, 2015: (4:55pm) Been getting more rain and 70-ish temperatures.

Another CIA clone op: Represent.Us.

May 10, '15: (3:25pm) Between yesterday and last night, got another 2.9" of rain. And now it's raining hard again.
Dunno if the fact that i've been pouring record amounts (for me) of resin lately has anything to do with it.

CERN/LHC is cranking up stronger now!

(5:40pm) I'm curious what that vertical [horizontal] bar flashing west of Dallas is.
There were tornadoes yesterday.

May 11, 2015: (7:40am) And between yesterday afternoon and last night, got another 3.4"! Bringing the total from this system to over 7"! Biggest rain in a long time.
That storm has passed over but now they give 20% chance for today.

Clone of deceased repty Mexican politician seeks body double. Sure, no problem.

May 12, '15: (8:20am) Yesterday the sun, chem-clouds, and spray-drones appeared again. Cool this morning and they claim it will go down to 45 F tonight. But they usually lie about such things.

Ah, it appears that a CIA clone has "attempted murder" of CIA asset George Zimmerman, according to the Council of Conservative CIA Clones.

Anti-Gun Lawmaker Arrested for Allegedly Shooting Girlfriend's Car with Shotgun. Question is, did this CIA clone genuinely freak out and shoot his clone wife's car, or is this just another psyop story to give people something to talk about? Ooh, that Right To Bear Arms controversy is always such a great distraction from reality.
Police Chief James Craig is, of course, another clone. And naturally, the Bearing Arms site quoted by the CIA's PrisonPlanet is also a CIA front staffed by clones.

And the Bin Laden "killing" is also a juicy manufactured subject, so let's have our CIA clone Seymour Hersch stir up that pot a little.

And then of course there is that chemtrails controversy: do they actually exist or do your eyes lie? The CIA wants it both ways, as usual. Another CIA chemtrail site i just discovered:

May 13, '15: (6:40pm) Overcast, mild day. Faint hint of drizzle now.

New program from Joe, March2015 [May2015] Program. It is supposed to help stymie psychic energy attacks. I have not really tested it (i just popped these out of their molds and am not under significant attack at the moment) but Joe says it works for him, plus just looking at it i get the feeling it does that.
I think it needs to be close to the user to do much good.

I was under more attack a couple hours ago, then i realized it was due to CERN cranking up again. I blasted some lizard clones there that seem to be running the machinery, and surprisingly, the attack energy waned, suggesting some quasi-human inputs are still necessary, and blasting messes up the clones.
When i got home i looked up the bldg these clones are in: map. And just in case google maps jacks you around, a screen capture of the bldg to blast is here. It's rather vibey right now.

(7pm) Now we do have some ET monkeywrenchers on our side. (Monkeywrenching is a neo-Luddite Earth First! term probably popularized by NSAtanist SSer Ed Abbey in his "cool" book The Monkeywrench Gang.
Our guys normally can neutralize dark electronic technology like covert transmitters, but i haven't been able to get them to do much to LHC. Why? Perhaps because it is so overt, different rules apply. I dunno.
On the other hand, there are 6 ally ships above Cern, blasting it. This includes the Alah-kur with ES2 as well as the big ship with my wives and a bunch of programmed resin. Also 2 ships with our green rept allies, and 2 Ta'l vessels. In fact the Ta'l and green rept craft also have programmed resin (and other) devices.

Hmm, i just noticed, looking at the pic, that my batch of the new pgm is "heating up". It is sitting next to me and neutralizing EHET attacks. I don't even feel them.

May 14, '15: (10:20am) That program does not work 100%, of course. Usually if i wake up in the middle of the night, "they" attack me to deter me from falling asleep again. And that did happen to me somewhat in the wee hours. But it does help a lot.

Dang, now it's raining again. I checked my records on the amount of resin i've been pouring. When i got back from VA in late Jan. i had several gallons left -- i don't recall exactly, maybe about 7. Then on March 30 i ordered 16 more. I poured a lot of rings mainly and soon realized i was running out again, so on April 20 i ordered 16 more. Now i have about 5 gallons of that left, so next time i go to town i'll send a MO for 16 more.

(12:30pm) Another typical cheesy clone skit from Mossad: Four hurt in suspected car-ramming terror attack. And only clones in the Comments.

I think blasting that Cern bldg is paying off. LHC has felt much better this morning, and i was having periodic flashes of peculiar optimism. Then right now, i felt like a distinct collapse of some evil etheric constructs. No details, but LHC feels positively radiant now!

May 15, '15: (11:35am) I got ~1/10" yesterday, then early afternoon the sun came out, revealing chem-clouds, and there was heavy spraying by drones.
Then today we were only supposed to get some lite sprinkles and there were only a few little flecks of green on the radar map upwind of me. Then mid-morning suddenly a mass of thunderclouds appeared just upwind, and i got thunder, lightning, and, in the space of 40 minutes, 1.1" of rain.

Yesterday late evening i came under ET attack again, and found a new DORy spot in that CERN bldg. Also there were more little DORy spots around the area. I couldn't figure out what they were from, but they were quickly neutralized with the Laser Pgm. And the attacks faded out.
Then i spent some time finding other murky spots in the region, and spiffing up the frequency of Lac Leman.

Then while i had the PC unplugged a while ago during the thunderstorm, i came under attack again from offworld EHETs. Not having a map handy, i relied on my devices and intention to neutralize the spots around Cern. And the attacks waned.

(3:20pm) NASA's Curiosity rover has captured a gorgeous blue Martian sunset. Um, right, where is this really, you may be wondering. When i opened this page, the landscape had a very definite distinct vibe, and Mars did not. I dowsed the vibe as matching that of east-central British Columbia. And the reason for the vibe was that the Red Draco were taking out U NSA bases over a broad area in BC.

After half an hour, they were done and the vibe disappeared from both BC and these pics.

And now i'm getting more strongish rain.

(4:40pm) That shower was quite brief and didn't amount to much.

Now i am being "oppressed" directly by Cern somehow. An unpleasant feeling of heaviness and laziness. And i sense that this bldg needs to be blasted at this time.

(5:05pm) This complex in Ukraine is connected to Cern and has a similar vibe. (map) I got no relief blasting Cern, but i do now blasting this bldg.

(7:45pm) Relief was not that thorough or lasting. I had to lay down and take a nap, even though i had no "logical" reason to be tired. When i awoke, i kept hearing jet noises in the distance that just kept on and on, which had some irritating vibe. The odd thing was, i could not detect anyone on board. Normally if i hear a plane noise even from a small plane, 99% of the time the pilot and most passengers are shapeshifters (occasionally small planes have lycan shapeshifters at that). On rare occasions, a plane will only have 2-3 humans in it and no-one else.
But i could detect nothing about the source of this noise, try as i might to blast it. Years ago it was common for sprayers to make audible noise here, but not recently. But even the contemporary spray-drones have a vaguely detectable souce: those hairless chem-reptilians out in space. I could get nothing connected to this noise.
I finally got up and went out to my shop to pour some more epoxy. And i kept hearing that noise. It finally stopped, soon to be replaced by ordinary jet-liner noise (which sounded the same but had vibes a-plenty).

Meanwhile, before i had gone to bed, i had been trying to de-cloak some intelligence, some hitherto undiscovered life-form, which i sensed was behind the Cern phenomena. Who was running the clones running Cern? It was not EHETs or other shapeshifters or reptilians or anything else i could find.

So after i poured (still feeling "oppressed" BTW) i checked Google Earth and found whatever it was i had been trying to de-cloak. Right around the center of this map are vast installations under the sea floor which are now vibey. But are they physical? Maybe not. The perps are jailable, and we have already jailed vast quantities and this is still ongoing. I can't tell much about the critters except i don't think they are humanoid nor reptoid.

May 17, '15: (7:40am) I've been feeling a lot better about Cern lately. Still some other kind of demons sliming LHC a bit though.

Last night a friend of mine stirred up some more of the same critters as i found in the Pacific a couple days ago. These were under Michigan. When i addressed them, i ended up lighting up a worldwide network. Jailed those.
No doubt there are a bunch more offworld but they are hard to de-cloak.

I've been getting more sporadic rain over the last couple days, but as of yesterday evening it had only amounted to about 1/10". But now it is again raining more seriously, and thundering in the distance.

Check out this odd gif i just nabbed. Look at the strange changes around Dallas as well as Springfield, MO. Some strange arcs. Including an arc that seems to come from NW Louisiana.

(4:30pm) Yup, got 1.3" this morning. Sunny, chem-clouds now.

Around 8:45am i could feel someone light up some of those Cern-related critters offworld. And we have been jailing them around the universe all day. Still ongoing.

(7:35pm) Despite everything, now U EHETs are attacking me non-stop again and this Cern bldg is all DORy again.
Also, interestingly, the New Madrid Fault area is stirred up by them.

(8:35pm) Blasting those targets provides considerable relief, but i don't understand where they are getting their occult energy from at this time.

Last night after i woke up in the wee hours to pee and tried to get back to sleep again, instead of the usual EHETs attacking, it was the offworld NSA+CIA. I found i could jail them en masse. And have been doing so since, not only offworld but the ones that came from offworld but are under the surface of the Earth.

I am not aware of a genetic difference between the offworld varieties compared with many of the ones walking around in plain sight. But i can't jail the latter (yet?).

I am really confused by this stuff. So many things point to a conclusion that shapeshifting reptilians are not really subject to what we consider the laws of physicality. The way they can quickly and easily replace themselves with identical clones or other constructs which seem to have all the same memories and skills. The way they seem to ooze underground in the apparent absence of tunnel entrances. The way they promote and engage in fracking, which one would expect would devastate their ubiquitous tunnels and underground facilities.
Yet at the same time they can interbreed with Earthlings, and do seem subject to the same limitations in physical abilities when it comes to, say, sports; they do respond the same ways to healing modalities, they do get the same diseases and substance addictions. Not only the ones that are interbred with Earth humans, but also the pure ETs.

Bal took a pic of some really odd SSers yesterday. Note how they (especially the male) are blurrier than the rest of the pic, similarly to a
fake bird he took a pic of in February. Also, i get their weirdest vibe off them, although i can't dowse them as anything other than shapeshifting repts.

(10:05pm) There are loads of jailable U NSAlizards all under the Geneva/Cern region. They contribute to Cern DOR.

May 18, '15: (6:50am) Got another 0.2" last night. 20% predicted for today, none tomorrow, then several more days of significant rain chances.

This morning's radar map. Anybody know what the deal is with these sytems winking in and out of existence? Also note the beam going SE from around Little Rock.

Geneva area feels cleaner, but there are still mysterious DOR spots appearing on the Cern campus.

I slept real well without waking up once.

(8:20am) Knight in shining armor: according to CIA clone Dream Hampton, CIA clone Jay Z posted bail for protesters.
The original Jay Z was a blood-drinking satanist.

Another weird gif.

May 19, '15: (6:55am) It got kind of warm yesterday, 82 outside and 80 inside, so i ran the A/C a bit for the first time this year. Looks like another unusually cool and wet spring here, like last year.

I am not a meteorologist or an expert in interpreting radar maps, but normally i don't see these circular abnormalities in my regional weather maps. Here is another one from yesterday morning.

And one from this morning.

Weird. I dunno what to make of this "Illuminati's Official Website". The people in the pics all have the same odd vibe, but not SSer, satanist, or MPD. Are they fake CGI pix? Maybe not. When i try to dowse who's behind this site, i get the same nondescript but distinctive vibe.

(2pm) Something else interesting going on that i only partially understand. Yesterday Oceana wrote me about a "reptilian web":
We just learned of it this week. It is a grid around this planet, intertwined with the magnetic field. Upon their arrival here, it was set up. This allowed them to exist here, much in the same way as a spacesuit for us would be needed if we went to another planet. They are also "fed" by this grid, in that it keeps them healthy and able to live long and clone themselves.
Within 8 months of this grid being removed, Reptilians, whether SS's or not, will sicken and die and not be able to reproduce during that 8 mos.
I'm not sure how much of this info is exact, but there is something to it. Immediately i was able to feel something intertwined with the magnetic field. A pic helps. Right away i started jailing it (or at least a component of it, i dunno) which took many hours, and there were strong energy changes in the pic. Now the pic feels bright, but i get there is still some jailing going on, as well as other stuff i can't determine. I do not sense them trying to re-create it.
I think what is happening is i am jailing some secondary etheric constructs that were appended to the main framework of the web. I think the main skeleton of it is gone.

And, Bal took another pic with a blurry guy. The whole pic is blurry, but the guy is blurrier and has the same vibe as those 2 freaks yesterday. Also, can you spot a driver in the car? Bal says the car moved away after he took the pic. I see only a lump in the car, too far forward to be the seat back. Of course the pic is crappy and there is reflection off the glass. I get no vibe off any driver but Bal says it has a DORy red aura.

May 21, '15: (5pm) Early yesterday i got another thunderstorm, and 1.1" of rain. Last night after dark it was misting a tiny bit. This morning it drizzled slightly. Cool: 51 F around dawn. Then 49 at 8:30. High today was 61. Some chem-drones and chem-clouds.

Victorino Chua jailed for life for poisoning 21 British patients with insulin, killing two. He said "there's a devil in me". Actually he had demons in his heart center and crotch.

May 23, '15: (8am) Sigh. Just started sprinkling again. But i doubt we will get much today. Tomorrow though, wunderground says 100%, 1.66".
Grabbed another gif. Again, i see all these bizarre green arcs that i didn't normally see in my regional map.

Lizard clones for gay rights: Is Ireland About to Become the First Nation to Legalize Gay Marriage by Popular Vote?

If you like turtles, meet Martha, the newest member of my soul group. She is very loving, and if you send her some love, she might come "hug" you in the astral.
Her original owners did not love or appreciate her. They took poor care of her, and when her shell got mis-shapen and ugly, they just abandoned her in a populated area. Such things happen to many pet turtles.
Luckily some nice people got hold of her a couple years ago, and she is doing better.

May 24, '15: (7:30am) Didn't get much rain yesterday but now it's raining again. Still getting freaky radar maps with large sections of the system winking in and out of display, and those green arcs. Note that this radar map stuff only started after i made a bunch of big March 2015B rings... coincidence? Trying to compensate?

Just now for the first time i saw a pic in the (Icke) news of a guy under tangible (to me) attack, which was from EHET energy channeled by clones near him. I feel such energy from drive-bys at work all day, but never traced that energy from a pic of someone in the news before.

(4pm) Hardly got any rain yet today, either, but they say 100% this evening and tonight, with heavy rain possible.

Some kind soul has been anonymously sending me free books; at least 2 so far. Trouble is, they are going in the trash. One is co-authored by CIAlizard Peter Moon, and the other "Commander X" book endlessly promotes other known agents. Please don't send me books without checking to see if i'm interested. You just waste trees and fund terrorism with the royalties the CIA gets.

(9:45pm) The Double Standard Nobody Noticed in the Naugler Case. I like this author, but he fails to note the double standard of reptilian v human. What's good for lizard kids is disallowed for humans, i guess.

(10:15pm) Bal took this pic of a triangle UFO over Denison, OH [IA] (i tweaked the brightness). There are lots in the sky now, and they are jailable hyperdimensional things with jailable ETs inside.
Also i've been noticing a lot of skyfish lately.

May 25, '15: (6:45am) Total rain accumulation the last couple days is 1/2".

It rarely happens that the CIA makes me laugh appreciatively at their creative humor, but this whole Eric Sheppard flag stomping thing is beyond cartoonish. It reads like a self-parody of faux news ops.
But the main actors are not SSers.
Absurd as it is, i bet a large percentage of American sheeple will swallow it at face value, and some will get all worked up over "their" Masonic-satanic flag. Just in time for Memorial Day.

(6:50pm) Overcast, thunder in the distance.
Lots of DORy skyfish demons stalking me. I've bagged over 1/2 a billion today. They come in from deep space via portals.
I haven't actually seen any, unlike in the pic to the right, but they sure have been making their presence felt.

May 26, '15: (7:25am) Got just shy of 1" more rain with thunder yesterday evening. Cool and overcast now.

Right now i am jailing a bunch of offworld NSA exactly under most of the China/Mongolia border. I wonder what that's about.

(9am) I sure like not living in a city anymore. Yesterday evening i was looking out a window at the slightly drizzly weather, when an ensouled young buck came by, browsing on weeds and vetch. He had short antlers still covered in velvet. He was under attack by bigheads. In fact, half the time when i see a pic of an ensouled animal (turtle, dog, or cat usually) they are under attack by bigheads. Then Duder or Rorg goes to them in the astral, and within minutes, the animal is jailing bigheads, and soon EHETs (which seem to be senior to bigheads).
I watched the little buck for several minutes. Towards the end, he was jailing the bigheads. Then later he came by in the astral a couple times.

Then this morning, i heard rustling through the open windows, and saw a pair of ensouled armadillos come down the driveway with a sweet vibe, almost rubbing against each other. One had a male soul, and the other, female.
Very few dillos are ensouled, maybe 10% is what i dowse. But my orgone attracts ensouled critters.
These 2 headed straight to a small brush pile that must've had some bugs they smelled, and rustled around for a few minutes in there. I walked up close and took a video. Armadillos usually don't pay much attention to humans coming up to them, but after a couple minutes the male acted like he smelled me, and trotted off. I don't think they have good eyesight, and he didn't actually spot me although he walked right by me. Or maybe he did.
Meanwhile, the female stayed in the brush pile, totally immobile. He must have alerted her somehow to the "danger". She feels pregnant, and his walking off was most likely a ploy to distract me for her safety.

This is the first time i've seen a live dillo in several years. I used to see them more often prior to that, but in recent years i only see a couple roadkilled ones per year. This is way north of their traditional range, so i guess hard winters take their toll.

I sent Rorg out in the astral to help these 2 regroup, and evidently he was successful, as after about 15 minutes the 2 dillos came to me in the astral, all friendly and huggy. After a few more minutes, they started jailing demons that were around me.
They are still with me now.

(12:10pm) It is still overcast and cool, upper 60s although wunderground claimed it would get to 85 today.

According to this, "Armadillos are solitary creatures that seek companions only during the mating season. After mating, female armadillos can suspend their pregnancy for up to two years. Another reproductive peculiarity of armadillos that has caught the attention of geneticists is the ability to produce multiple births from a single fertilized egg..." She feels pregnant to me, but with only 1 egg, so maybe she is not really pregnant but only fertilized. Yet i also sense 1 single male dillo soul with dibs on incarnating into that, so maybe she is pregnant but did not split her egg. And the protective behavior of the male suggests that he knows she is pregnant. Presumably then, they are no longer mating, yet these "solitary animals" are still together. Is that because they are ensouled?

In any case, they are still with me in the astral, cavorting about playfully and nailing demons. The male seems to be quite a rambunctious character.

(12:25pm) Bal pointed out that the reason for the freaky radar maps is probably some malfunctioning ground radars that are not synchronizing properly. So all we see are the arcs of some of the radars some of the time. Somehow i had always assumed that the radar maps were from satellite-based radar (even though the weather sites have separate maps labeled "satellite", duh).
Wunderground no longer even links to the radar map that i use, as far as i can find. I used to be able to see these maps in all sections of the continental US, but now i can't even find those others to compare. The format they do link to now, however, does not show the spastic gaps and arcs of the old map... which kind of makes it more confusing to figure out why the old ones do, and why they are still online.

(12:40pm) Online here that is. Right now almost all the weather is off the pic, but by changing the c3 in the URL for other letters/numbers, i can get other sections. I tried a few but none were all that freaky compared to the ones i've been seeing in my section for over a week.

(4pm) The dillos stayed with me until 3:30 when they told me they gotta run. So i gave them one last hug and poof, they were gone with Eenia to go jail them some U-base repts SE of NZ. Still lots there.

This is borderline interesting: Garfunkel still thinks Simon is a 'jerk'. Actually, the clone reporter is probably well aware that Garfunkel is dead and replaced by a clone, thus no longer has any thoughts.

Paul Simon has SSer genes but does not seem evil or connected to U bases. Until recently he was ensouled. He has had 3 wives: 2 humans and one satanist SSer (Carrie Fisher; now dead and replaced too). I presume Simon has no clue about this stuff.

May 27, '15: (7am) Oooh, those CIA clones go all-out to convey the truth, don't they? I'm talking about Bonnie Faulkner and Gary Null. No damn CIA-controlled media is gonna muzzle them. The "people", united, will never be defeated.

CIA is in overdrive lately. The flag-stomping thing was kinda cute in its over-the-top silliness, but this other, more tasteless crap gets old quick:

Pamela Geller's Clone announces 'Draw Muhammad' Ad Campaign in D.C.. Pammy suicided after we blasted her for her last escapade early this month. And with the usual incestuousness, the CIA has given us a clone 'Draw Muhammad' Contest Winner. Next, they will provide us with outraged, violent "Muslims" in response to all this absurd "provocation".

ISIS burn woman alive for refusing to take part in 'extreme sex act', reveals UN official, as the Islamist fighters' sadism becomes even more depraved. Riiiight.

On a more positive note, CIA clone Kylie Jenner is now awakening the masses about chemtrails.

Looks like we might be having a dillo-y year. On Wednesday coming to and from work on the dirt road i saw a dead one. Then yesterday afternoon i made a run into town and saw another dead one.
Neither of those had souls.
My ensouled dillo friends just showed up again in the astral this morning. They have this infectuous good humor, always playing happily and radiating love.

(11:20pm) Actually, the other male dillo soul waiting to reincarnate also hangs out with us, jailing demons. He's a sweetheart.

No rain today except for a few drops. Muggy, warmer. Mosquitos out now. Tiny slugs eating my lettuce for the first time. That's how soggy things have been.

Spotted another bizarre CIAlizard: Muhammad Rahim al Afghani. Ran into him on this bizarre Vice article The CIA's Last Detainee Hates LeBron James, and Other Letters From Guantanamo Bay. I didn't read it. Stream of BS.
His lawyer, Carlos Warner of Akron, Ohio, is another CIAlizard.

May 28, '15: (9:10pm) Had another little thundershower this afternoon, which cooled things off nicely. 80% for tomorrow.

Another a-hole CIA clone: Colonel Gulmorod Khalimov.

Triads are into all kinds of stuff. The woman in the orange-and-black suit here is a human satanist blood-drinker. Whereas the woman in the red polo shirt is a SSer clone.

May 29, '15: (7:15am) Strange omens or what? I don't know what it means. Yesterday right before the storm hit, i noticed 15 soulless hawks loosely circling around (more or less) over my cabin. This is unusual because hawks normally do not congregate in groups. Maybe 2 or 3 will hang out in the same area a little while, but very rarely more than that. Back when i had just built my first CB in 2002, i noticed a group of a dozen hawks circling tightly right over it, and remarked on a forum how unusual that was.

Another reason it was unusual (yesterday) is that i hardly ever see a soulless bird around here any more, and it's probably been years since i saw a soulless hawk over my place, although i see quite a few ensouled ones.

Then this morning as i opened my front door, i heard a swoosh and a large soulless hawk took off from somewhere near the door. That is also unusual, as i never see hawks on the ground; they are always gliding around above.
I think all these are natural hawks, not drones or whatever some of these fake "birds" people see are. I don't detect any suspicious vibe. But it is strange.

Don't know if it's related, but i just did the final pour on a powerful new CB. I hadn't made a CB in a while. But the hawks were not over the workshop bldg i made it in.

(9:15pm) More thundershowers and somewhat strong rain at times.

More triad clones. ---------->

May 30, '15: (7:10am) And most of the actors in this skit are CIA clones: ISIL bomb attack targets another Saudi Shia mosque, killing at least 4.

Rain rain rain. It was raining last night when i went to bed. It was raining when i was kept awake for hours by EHETs and bigheads. it was raining when i woke up this morning, and it's drizziling now. And more on the way.
It would be OK with me if California took some of this. And BTW central TX is getting clobbered again, on top of the extreme flooding they already have.

(8:05am) Meanwhile, in an age where maybe 1 in 200 of the population is still ensouled, lizard clones lie about and arrest 2 ensouled guys who speak up for human victims. Temple Israel is all-clones, just like the PD.
Clones rule, man. Especially when they fear for their lives.

May 31, '15: (6:25pm) I got another couple inches of rain from that last rain. I heard they got 2.5 in town. Today has been overcast with occasional slight drizzle.

If you are a Chinese shapeshifting reptilian of the negative type, you are either triad or high government, it appears. Check out these clones.
Of course this fake "bitter dispute" over islands is more manufactured distraction between Vatican slaves.