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Loohan's blog for September, 2016

Sep 2, '16:

( 8pm) Amazingly, it actually has been much cooler the last 2 days.

Today i had to do something in Mountain View. I took the same route i mentioned Aug 28; the one that seldom has much traffic except when i'm at work.
And yes, same old story. On the way down i saw very little traffic, and all of it except for 1 SHer was repticlone. Not one werewolf or werewolf clone. No MIBs either. Whereas at work lately i've been getting non-stop werewolf clones and little else driving by.
On the return trip, again, just repticlones except for a few humans.
Furthermore, most of the traffic on 66 between Mountain View and Leslie does not come halfway to Leslie. The traffic is mostly closer to Mountain View.
Also, i saw not one single motorcycle, although it was a perfect day for it. Many drive-by stalkers use motorcycles. Dozens of them go by me every day on the same road, when the weather is agreeable.

I am loving what this concretite stuff does. I left with a heavy box of the stuff, and came back with none.

Sep 3, '16: (8:30am) Even cooler this morning.

Lately i have been removing loads of demons and spells from this video Alien Races - First Edition posted by a repticlone. (And incidentally, i am still not done clearing the Thoth Tarot deck or the Mooji garbage; all 3 of these things were stuffed full of black magic by demons who are long gone now.) The vid seems mostly but not entirely clear now.

I was sliding through the vid without watching and i happened to notice at 25:40 some misinfo: the narrator calls this a reptilian. A deliberate lie. This creature has no rept DNA that i can detect. This is a full-blood female Category 1 Egyptoid, and a very creepy one at that. I sense this person is involved in some heavy duty evil of some sort.
Note the extreme pseudo-tranny face.

(5:05pm) No drive-by stalking today (Sat.) at work. Noticed no WW or WW clones. There may have been a few discreetly sneaking by. Extreme chemtrails in town this morning.
Then as i was sweeping the floor after i got there, i noticed a very effeminate boy across the street, at the coke machine. Had a prostate vibe. I figured he was a gay male human. But then later he came in the bakery and i noticed he had silicone lumps on his chest, and his front genitalia had been removed, and he was a CIA human clone sent in. Looked about 16.
Jeez, CIA, this guy needs some schooling if he wants to impersonate a girl. Teach him how to walk like a girl. Very bad job. His tits don't seem to fit somehow. Even though he has no macho build, there is nothing feminine about his body, gait, posture, body language, etc. Fail.
Then again, maybe they want him to look like an obviously gay male turned TG.

A reader is being helped right now because she got spells from a sci-fi book. By CIA repticlone Freemason Terry Pratchett. His books are packed with spells much like that aliens vid was: actual demons associated with the books will attack readers and hex them. We will work on clearing the books.

(10:10pm) MAA [typo: meant MMA]: Occasionally i will watch a ring fight vid of "Shaolin monk" Yi Long. He's not a real Buddhist, but apparently he did train in Shaolin, and he is pretty damn good.
Of the last 3 vids i watched of him, in the first he fought a CIA human Freemason blood-drinker. This was some no-name TKD loser the CIA Masons recruited. Yi Long went into that fight visibly under harsh demonic attack! Demons were chewing his face due to animal sacrifice done by opponent. But he totally kicked the guy's ass anyway.
Then the next one i watched, it turned out Yi was fighting a CIA MPD human clone! This guy was tough, but Yi whipped him eventually, too. You could see Yi is no Buddhist by the exaltation he felt in winning. And then he hugged his Triad handler! So ultimately, he, too, is managed by Masons who are close to the CIA.
Now i'm halfway through shaolin monk yi long destroy World champion muaythai cyrus washinton (sic; actually Washington) whom he is knocking all over the ring. Washington is a muscular MPD CIA synthetic! He is male, but has no assemblage point vibe, and no physical heart vibe.

It is just a fluke that i saw him whip 3 CIA scum in a row; usually i do not get a CIA vibe off his opponents. But it is nice to see that a human can beat these unsportsmanlike creations in the ring. I doubt these fights are rigged. This is why i have not seen FTM freakazoids here like you do in pro wrestling and football, which are totally rigged. It suggests, anyway, to me, that the FTMs are not as tough as males. Otherwise, why are we not seeing them in MAA?

I'm going to bed and am not sure when or if i will watch the 2nd half. It is blurry and the camera keeps panning to trannies/repticlones in the audience!

Sep 4, '16: (7:10pm) Today at work, again felt like just ordinary mostly-repticlone traffic going by, but they had a "harder" vibe than yesterday because their hive-mind was connecting them to numerous expendable U bases (thus giving them some orgone-repelling quality), including many WW bases.

On July 29 i posted about DORy NWS transmitters manipulating the weather. Well, a reader sent in a valuable article with a very useful link to the NWS "Radar Mosaic" map which makes the sleuthing process much easier and more straightforward.
Def. of "mosaic map:

Also called aerial mosaic, photomosaic. Surveying. an assembly of aerial photographs matched in such a way as to show a continuous photographic representation of an area (mosaic map)
At the moment i am not even getting much vibe on the shown spots. Well, there's not much action on the map right now anyway, but this morning there was, but i still didn't get much vibe. It seems they run them even when we have cleared them out of U bases and/or the U bases are not pumping DOR.
We continually find deep bases under and around these places when addressing individual stations for the first time. When they are energetically flared up.

Israel claims no wrongdoing in West Bank killing of US teen, Israel returns body of Palestinian American teen shot dead near Ramallah. Human clone still alive.

Another spell-drenched "spiritual" website:, run by repticlones.

Sep 6, '16: (3:25pm) Yes! I got to see my buddy Fred again after months. New videos here and here. He is out behind the house right now, probably in the process of swallowing a copperhead. It is 90 F out and sunny, so i did not feel like watching where he went. But my impression is, he went out because Eenia told him where a soulless copperhead was living. Hopefully not so big that Fred won't be able to slip back in his hole.

Fred cruising behind house. Those are 16" blocks.

Also i saw the other one, Angie, a few days ago, also a couple times. She was just sticking out of the hole a few inches, flickering her tongue as i talked a her.

Rash of unsolved homicides puts people on edge in Anchorage. Article mentions no specifics about the "victims" but does quote several opinionated repticlones by name, and no actual people.

Sep 9, '16: (11:55am) Still getting to around 90 F daily lately. We are supposed to get a couple cooler days and nights this weekend.

Israel indicts "Palestinian Gandhi". Very apt. "Hebron's Issa Amro, founder of Youth Against Settlements, says he was inspired by Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr." Yes, he continues the proud tradition. All 3 were male reptilian shapeshifters. This one is a Mossad repticlone.

Senior militant commander slain in northwestern Syria. He was slain, alright, by Ta'l nailing the CIA U base he was in when i first saw this article. But i didn't bother to see where the base was.

Announcement: we are now DIRECTLY ADDRESSING THE HIVE MIND running the darkside. For a long time i have been unsuccessfully trying to sink my teeth into the hyper-telepathic, energy- and emotion-reading entity that coordinates attacks, sends demonic energy though unaware repticlones, etc. Oh, i often did find seriously nasty beings worth wiping out, yet, no matter how much the darkside resources were diminished, there was always this omniscient but elusive intelligence running things.

Then a reader pointed out, it has no location because it is everywhere in this universe (and many others BTW). So finally last night i caught the coveted VIBE of this thing. It seems Too Big To Jail, but we are tearing off chunks of it and punching holes.
Many of my devices are getting their programming tweaked now to address this thing. Also Vozy is guiding me to make Luke's Coil devices with modifications to address this thing. If you are a crafter who "channels" The Committee in design, you may be prompted to make and/or modify devices to address this.

Also this mind is capable of making ordinary humans behave badly towards, well, at least the guy who told me about this.

Sep 10, '16: (8:35pm) Cooler today.
At work today, it was back to the endless werewolf clone drive-bys again.

This story is over 4 years old, and i used to think it was true: Oregon Man Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail -- for Collecting Rainwater on His Property. Gary Harrington is another CIA human clone.

(9:15pm) OK! There is a new program for brass which attacks Category 2 Egyptoids, such as these, who were attacking an orgone gifter hard today.
Dealing with those Egyptoids who have not interbred with SSers has been a challenge, as they require a special program to light them up and bite their miserable hides.
This pgm was written by my 91D self. I will think up a name for it tomorrow and post a pic.
It is available immediately from ChemmerBuster et al. Many people's devices are already getting this pgm into it.
This pgm is also good against any evil hybrids of Category 2's, such as Romani and Dalit people. Or their clone replacements.

Sep 11, '16: (6:55pm) Today at work was more extreme, with lots of WW clones driving by channeling more demons, and also the Hive Mind has re-activated the repticlones for this purpose.
And i had 2 CIA WW clones come in the bakery, (at least one of which was wearing perfume made in a CIA U base) to buy their last snack before they hit the underground half an hour later.

OK, i posted about the new brass program in OTB 27f.
And, in commemoration of the 15th aniversary of 9/11, we have twin programs for making linear wands for blasting werewolves and their clones. I have not yet poured these by themselves. (forum thread).

Sep 12, '16: (8pm) Werewolves and others attacked me hard for a while after i went to bed last night, but i ended up sleeping pretty well, anyway. The WW's had been making it rough sleeping lately.
This morning i de-molded my new Hive Mind Discombobulator and fired it up. Things have been feeling increasingly smooth since for me. Hope that keeps up.

Piety or MKULTRA? I get an intense CIA Project Monarch Vibe off this: Devout Christian to Carry Large Wooden Cross to Mountain Top after Getting Vision from God. Nothing like a little trauma-based programming to instill religious fervor into these Earthlings. Mathias and Angie have the same handlers, and are most likely unaware they are being used.

Sep 14, 2016: (7:25pm) OTB 27f updated again with pic of anti-WW wands.

New page on human clones.

Speaking of which, Jeffrey Sterling (I Was a CIA Whistleblower. Now I'm a Black Inmate. Here's How I See American Racism.) is a human clone.

Sep 17, '16: (7:05am) Got a surprisingly strong thundershower last night. 2.3"!

Ohio politician admits raping four-year-old child but claims it was 'her fault'. Hmmmm, hmmm, real story or fake? Richard Keenan vibes as a human Freemason. Freemasons rape kids and it's possible they could get caught and imprisoned. I can't find a pic of his wife let alone the alleged victim, but i get human Freemason vibe off wife, too. Not TG.
Plus we have the fact that Keenan made lurid, shocking statements.
And is it a coincidence that he is depicted with an obvious drag queen cop? Or is that their way of letting other Masons know it's just a hoax, no worries; no crackdown.

New York police officer attacked by man with 11-inch meat cleaver in Manhattan. Akram Joudeh is another MPD CIA human clone.

Brazil TV star Domingos Montagner drowns on set of soap opera. Hmm. Montagner does feel dead. He and his widow feel like ordinary humans, but of course TV actors are a suspect bunch. Was he perhaps sacrificed? He supposedly went for a swim with a "hot" actress, Camila Pitanga, a human clone with an intense MPD vibe, who also just happens to be the Brazil's National UN Women Ambassador.

Sep 18, '16: (5:10pm) Hmmm, the last 2 mornings when i first log onto wunderground, it says the present temps are 66.6 F...
Got a faint bit of rain this morning.

This weekend at work: on Sat i only noticed a few dozen drive-by stalkers all day. They didn't even start until late morning. And half were just repticlones, the other half WW clones. Then this morning, they seemed to be having trouble raising demonic energy. I could watch as several vehicles went by with WW clones, but they weren't channeling any demon energy at all. Trying, i sensed, but failing. And i could pick up Rorg and handle him without the usual scads of demons protesting. That all changed around noon, though, and the demon energies came throught fairly strongly for the rest of the day. Again, many repticlones were doing it and not as many WW clones. No MIBs noticed all weekend.
I did have a CIA couple come in today to buy bread. Both ordinary humans, but MPD and Freemasons. A man and a MTF.

More CIA human clones: Kim Davis, and the lovely Game of Clones actress Emilia Clarke.

2 cops shot, suspect and bystander killed in West Philly rampage. Nicholas Glenn is a live MPD CIA human Freemason. The dudes in the top pic are repticlones. "Dead" bystander Sara Salih is a live CIA MTF repticlone.

Minnesota attack: At least eight injured in shopping mall stabbing rampage by knifeman 'referencing Allah'. Yeah, sure. "Attacker" not ID'ed but why are all the so-called "people" in the top pic repticlones? Is that the normal demographic in Minnesota malls?

Sep 19, '16: (8:30am) Hushmail users beware of phishing scam. I just got an email titled ACCOUNT UPGRADE that is way hokey.

(10:05am) One thing i don't think i've mentioned for a while, is that when the clones,etc. channel demon energy around here from vehicles, it is not necessarily myself who is the target, but the orgone around here. They crave to filthy up my work. Often i will hear truck sounds from the highway a couple miles away, and there will be demonic energy traveling on the engine noise. Usually lately it has been werewolf drivers doing this. Also in the recent past it has been various noisy flying craft doing this.

But more recently, they have reverted back to using regular repticlones again.

This morning they are channeling demons more strongly than usual. I can feel them from home, riding on the highway engine noise.
Why so strong all of a sudden? They were getting demons from Universe F. We put a stop to that, and now it is Universe E.
And no doubt it will be another universe next.

(1:45pm) Major Triad gang: Big Circle Gang. Google the name for more info. They are big in Canada.
This gang is BIG. I got onto them watching kung fu shoalin style china. Right before the 35 minute mark, you see a huge outdoor school, "the Shaolin Warrior School", with lots of students, all of whom have a "property of Big Circle Gang" vibe.
Also, right before the 21 minute mark, another serious fight school is shown, and the head instructor also has this same vibe. The guy at 21:10.
So this gang is training up loads of amoral kung-fu fighters. And, of course, the Triads are actually Jesuit Masonic structures that work together with the gov't, CIA, etc. etc.

(2:05pm) Somewhat interesting: i was looking for pics of this gang when an unrelated pic came up, of some gang members busted in an undisclosed state by a publication that prefers to keep its location secret. I think this is Illinois but the un"state"d towns listed occur in MS as well: Clinton police arrest 8 suspected gang members in chop shop bust. Notice anything odd? No women, but 4 MTFs. And Sarah Roberson is gross! Even has a cleft chin.
None of these feel like ETs, clones, Egyptoids, or black magicians.
The article says the cops believe them to be affiliated with the Chicago Simon City Royals. Of course they get their drugs from the CIA.

(7:35pm) I've come under heavy attack from sacrificial WW U bases this afternoon. Just now i realized there was a 2nd species covertly attacking with them. They are around the center here. They attacked my friend in Queens over 2.5 years ago, which i still have the sky pic from. I dunno what they are but they are not jailable.

Sep 21, '16: (5:55pm) Not long after i posted last, the Ta'l struck a severe blow to their HQ, which caused a sudden relief from their attacks. They had been attacking Joe, too, and others unknown.

It is still getting much hotter than predicted almost daily. Yesterday wunderground reported 97 after predicting high 80s. And today was to be much cooler, then they report it got to 95. Luckily the days are shorter.
Maybe it has something to do with the equinox, but the werewolves are really hammering me today. Of course, i didn't do anything to piss them off.

Some fake Buddhists: "Buddha Boy" Ram Bahadur Bomjon. I read about him years ago and i don't think i noticed an obvious bad vibe. But he is a Jesuit Freemason now if he wasn't already then. Note that he is promoted by media and other phonies. American writer George Saunders is a CIA repticlone like virtually all US media figures. Gunjaman Lama is a Jesuit repticlone.

Another repticlone-run orgonite site: Their orgonite has evil energy.

Muslim Man Says Government Retaliated When He Refused to Become FBI Informant. But then, CIA repticlones lie a lot.

Sep 22, '16: (9:50am) They've been holding out on us. The NSA has blood-drinking hybrid lycan/reptilian shapeshifters. In fact, i wonder why this is not more common. Maybe they had some DNA incompatibility to overcome or something. I don't have pics of any, but a reader sent a pic of a truck driven by one; maybe you can catch the evil vibe.
The vibe is distinctive, so we are taking out many U bases with these. Also i sense 600 or so on the surface; probably mostly involved in gang-stalking.

A couple very creepy CIA repticlone corporations. I saw this ad on eBay. This MPD repticlone boy is not cross-dressed, but if you are sensitive, you can discern that many repty penises have crossed those suggestively-posed, luscious lips. Oddly, when i clicked on the link, it took me to an unrelated CIA proprietary with a very creepy vibe, U.S. Cellular. All the Leadership Team was in U bases.
Next i found theOunce's site, and their Leadership Staff (mostly drag queens) was also all in U bases. Same with their BOD.

(4:45pm) Low 90s today.

Another nasty CIA repticlone front, mostly TG: Sobrato Family Foundation, Sobrato Centers for Nonprofits, and SEAL Team Members.

Google solstice image today had 81 spells.

Run by CIA human Freemason blood-drinkers: the Kingston Clan of Utah.

Sep 23, '16: (11:25am) In Canadian first, Edmonton police charge Freeman on the Land with 'paper terrorism' in speeding ticket dispute. It has long been common for the gov't scammers to use straw-man "subversives" in fake legal proceedings, but i'm fairly sure Allen Boisjoli is sincere. I have no idea just how legitimate his legalese is, but it is quite certainly established that the Vatican ---> London ----> Canada gov't has zero legality and is a total sham run by ET pedophile murderers and ripoff artists.
Note that all the douchebag commenters below are lab-grown non-humans just like the lying filth in the vid. (The audio won't play for me, yet i am certain that little if any truth leaked from his repticlone lips.)

Devastating news dept:Well, blow me down. Changes my entire view of things.

Sep 24, '16: (6:05pm) Another "cooler" day in the low 90s.
The endless stream of drive-by WW clones started as soon as i arrived at work today, and didn't relent. A few CIA repticlones also were doing the demon energy channeling drive-bys.
An older CIA repticlone couple came in to buy bread. Not even TG.

Number of elephants being poached in Africa has soared by 400% since start of the year. Fortunately, this is BS. Yes, elephants get poached, and it is tragic, but this is being used as a heart-rending psyop and distraction. Don't be sending money to WWF or suchlike repticlone parasites. There has not been an increase, the elephants tell me.

Police Hunt Gunman Who Killed 5 at a Mall in Washington State. No "victims" trotted out yet, but vid has CIA repticlone liars. There is a still pic of the "shooter" but he has no vibe whatsoever. I'm curious if they can produce any footage of him in motion.
More parasites wasting tax dollars as usual.

Palestinian teen accused of attempting 'suicide by soldier' denies wanting to die. Bara'a Ramadan Owaisi is a MPD Mossad human clone. I get no vibe at all off of her "aunt Rasha Owaisi".

(6:20pm) About Franz Erdl of Psi Talent. A reader sent me this pic of him and his supposed wife Marina [correction: the reader later said "her" actual name is Karin]. Problem is, wife is repticlone drag queen. The reader says Marina does all the "channeling".
This explains why his site has been stuffed with BS for years. Years ago there was some info of value, but it went downhill quickly. I don't know how long he has been with Marina. He still has a soul and i presume he is a sincere dupe.

Sep 25, '16: (5:10pm) Gang-stalking was lackluster at work today. Nothing werewolf; just a few CIA repticlones. The first one didn't come by until 10am; the second at 10:20.

We have some "new" allies, and i have been really feeling their presence today:

These pics were sent to me by someone in Slovenia several days ago. The 2nd pic is manipulated.
These beings are some kind of allies of the Ta'l. I don't know their name. I have felt one hovering over me all day. Also i have felt 2 over Harrison, AR for a couple days. Right now i sense 1 over NYC, 4 over Boston area, 1 over Poplar Bluff, MO, and more in other places. I sense 8K of them around Earth, and i think more are arriving all the time. I don't know what they do but i can sense them pretty well even though i can't get details telepathically.

(8pm) Gunman kills Jordanian Christian writer charged over anti-Islam cartoon. Yet, this human Freemason lives on. It's a miracle!
I can find no details or pics of the "gunman" and the media can't decide whether Nahed Hattar is a Christian or Atheist.

NORTHWEST CANNABIS SOLUTIONS is a CIA proprietary. Their products have black magic spells which we shall endeavor to neutralize. Feels like all their "Retail Partners" are more CIA repticlones and satanist SSers.

Sep 30, '16: (11:30am) The long-promised cooler weather finally hit a few days ago. I planted some root veggies and kale.

Transgender man gives birth to his OWN BABY in world first. They mean that a FTM (not MTF) gave birth. However, this is a hoax, as all 3 people on this page are repticlones.
A similar hoax: Transgender Man Gives Birth to Baby -- Embraces Life as 'Abba'. Note "his" age given as 33. There is a pic of him in drag, "before his transition", but they are presenting this guy as a FTM when actually he is clearly a MTF who was reverted to male. Aside from the fact that again, he and "his" male "daughter" are repticlones.
The story also claims that "Male pregnancy first made headlines in 2007, when Thomas Beatie, a transgender man, became pregnant -- and went public with his story, posing for magazines and appearing on "Oprah."
Depends on how you define "male" pregnancy. I clearly recall seeing on the TV news in 1992 an alleged MTF or gay Filipino supposedly having given birth. But google has no such recollection that i can find.
Thomas Beatie is a human FTM. This may be a true story. The 3 kids are not cross-dressed and nobody here feels like a clone or anything other than human.

Len Lawrence -- Poisoned Air Pilot. No, they are not letting clones pilot planes yet. This is a MPD human clone and fraud.