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Loohan's blog for February, 2014
Feb. 1, '14: (7:35pm) Fake snow? People have been emailing me about all these videos out showing people trying to burn snow. Oddly, all the people i saw purveying this, as well as several debunkers, are all ensouled.
First off, if it melts in your hand but not over a flame, that suggests there is something weird about trying to melt snow with a flame.
This explanation makes sense to me.
Also i have been unable to locate any fake-snow factories ;-)

I have never tried this. I do know from past experience that if i keep a plastic lighter lit for more than a few seconds, some plastic part melts and the lighter is ruined.

Speaking of snow, it's supposed to do that here tomorrow. Today was grey and drizzly all day.

(7:50pm) Also, i think we may have pretty much obliterated those hairless repts. I am waiting to hear from my friend in Queens for confirmation, but since mid-morning i have only been hitting them with my newest, cobbled-together, freq blaster, and it feels like it is hardly encountering anything anymore.
This frees up a lot of resources. We have mainly been working on the evil human ETs, with an occasional swat at NSA HQ in Ft. Meade, MD.

(8:45pm) There still are some dangerous pockets of repts. I just felt them attacking my friend in Queens hard. Those were in the Constellation Aquarius area. There are also a bunch in Canis Major. And more in other places.

Feb. 2, '14: (1:30pm) Yep, snowing. I got off work at noon. Couldn't make it up the first hill going home, until i turned around and went back and put on my snow chains.

The repts did attack my friend hard numerous times again this morning. Tried to attack me a bit but couldn't really get through. Then more recently the NSA jumped me hard with loads of U bases and transmitters, while simultaneously the evil human ETs attacked me from various galaxies.

Lurid tabloid news: shapeshifting pedophile Dylan Farrow renews Woody Allen molestation claims. "That he got away with what he did to me haunted me as I grew up," Farrow wrote. "I was stricken with guilt that I had allowed him to be near other little girls." Puh-leeze! How about renouncing pedophilia yourself, then?
Or how about lizard Mom, 33, drugged with Xanax-laced oatmeal and sexually assaulted by mogul New York businessman, 72
I think both of these lawsuits are genuine rept vs rept conflicts.

Feb. 3, '14: (8:25am) Chemtrails. 12 F at 7:20am. Got about 3 inches of snow. Looks like we will have more cold weather and occasional precip for the next 10 days.

A reader sent me this interesting link: Internal Human Parasites.

We are jailing bunches of these now, out of people as well as other undefinable places. Here is what i noticed:
  • Upon first reading about them, i did not have any, nor did people who have "strontium-barium orgonite" or demon-disintegrating orgonite. Many other of our programs probably also help, especially the demon-jailing pgms.
  • People who make lots of very decent orgonite who do not use The Committee for programming still have these critters.
  • The critters can, of course, also be remotely jailed/disintegrated. This seems very easy.
  • They seem to be created by the hairless repts. This process is ongoing and we will strive to curtail it.
I tried to join this forum but so far they have neglected to supply a password or way for me to choose a password that is recognized.

In the absence of your own orgone tools, you can also call on Lt. Veo to jail these things.

(9:50am) Heehee, even shapeshifting reptilians and their clones have these parasites. These should be the last on our list to clear. See that, reptards? Even the hairless repts have no respect for you wretched slaves. You have always been demon-fodder.

Another congresslizard turned congressclone turned Sandy Hooker: Marsha Blackburn.

Another CIAlizard site, full of dubious crop circles: BLT Research. BLT stands for Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato, or Bullshit, Lies, and Tripe. Take your pic.
Their Professional CIA CONsultants.
Their "eyewitnesses" are largely composed of more CIAlizards.

(12:10pm) Real nasty chemtrails out there. Snow melting.

Here's a radical new technical advance!
This is an ordinary magnifying glass. If you are sensitive, you will note that it feels very positive and orgoney, as though it was programmed.
The reason it feels that way is because 50 special etheric crystals have been inserted into the glass, and 20 more into the plastic handle.
If The Committee likes you, they might implant a bunch of these crystals into your stuff for you.

Although The Committee has learned to mass-duplicate these crystals, the credit for developing them goes to some people and other entities associated with Presbeia Protoi, which i don't understand much about yet.

(3:15) I do have many serious differences in beliefs and perceptions with these people. But they are OK. If you contact Dynamis (at), she will send you, for the cost of postage, a free key thing like this, or bracelet maybe. (The metal in this pic was not programmed when it arrived, and was programmed by The Committee.)

I have been corresponding with Dynamis there, and she says our crystals are not the same, and that my key thingie came with only 1 crystal, and that The Committee added the others. But, to my perception, it came with 10 crystals (1 in each round bead and 6 in the square one), and The C added none.
You can make up your own mind.
[Warning! May, 2014: these people channel evil energies, with the result that people have been hurt! Evil ETs from around Cluster A1775 in the Bootes Supercluster have been using them, as have demons used them as portals. They are deluded and won't cop to this. Beware of any contact with them, including watching their videos.]

Feb. 4, '14: (noon) I never noticed this before: Petaluma, CA is about 70% shapeshifters on the surface.

Since dawn i've been getting "a wintry mix of precipitation", mostly ice pellets.

Last night, after cobbling together a new little high-sensitivity wand, i realized there were ships of those evil human ETs out near Earth, covertly attacking me (i had thought the attacks all came from remote space). We wiped these out, but just now they attacked the same way again, using 333 small craft, which are now being eliminated.

(12:25pm) Hooo! Bal just alerted me to throngs of werewolves in the Frederick, MD Walmart. I found loads of WW U bases under the town, and tunnels fanning out at least 15 miles around.
So i thought i better check the mayor and Board of Aldermen (cached image). Ewwww! Werewolves AKA lycan shapeshifters.

(12:50pm) Frederick city is within Frederick County, which feels WW-dominated as hell. Board of County Commissioners. Yoiks.
Also US Army base Ft. Detrick is within the city.

Now that we are locked onto the WW vibe, i am finding their U bases all over the world.

(3:40pm) More werewolves:
Austell, GA mayor and elected officials. Seems like at least 1/2 of the town's population.
Ellijay, GA city council. The woman in blue and guy in red are MIBs; the rest are WWs. Lots of other city posts held by WWs, too. At least 20% of population is WW.
A couple thousand more in Huntsville, AL.
Haven't found any above-ground outside the US yet.

(6:45pm) A reader drew my attention to Wolverine footware. Their HQ is in Louisville, KY, which town feels like maybe 8% werewolves. They also have locations in Michigan. Their site won't tell you what state these are located in (i suspect their webmaster is a reptard).
Their KY HQ area is being cleared of underground stuff now, as is a big chunk of MI.

Feb. 5, '14: (8:15am) It's snowing lightly, despite wunderclown claims of 0% chance of precip. I was supposed to work today, but can't make it out even with snow chains, as the last snow didn't melt much and now it's 20 F. It's supposed to be 5 tonight, 8 tomorrow, and stay below freezing for 3 days. Luckily i got food and wood.

(2:10pm) Another type of evil ET masquerading as Earthlings. Don't know what to call these. I only get a fairly weak vibe off them, and it doesn't seem repty. Nor are they werewolves. They do have assemblage points. They are not the evil human ETs we have been fighting.
A reader had sent me a vibe [pic] of a little boy who he said was "slime" like his mother, and that they have very shiny and glassy eyes. I blasted and blasted them trying to find connections. Finally a U base in OK raised its ugly head, and more bases and tunnels in the area. I figured there may be some of them on the surface nearby, and noticed just east was a town called Eufaula, OK. Well, check out the mayor & council. All have same vibe as the boy.

They seem to be scattered over the universe. One of the places they inhabit is Abell 520.

And westward from this cluster of U bases is Norman, OK, which also only has these ETs on the city council. The mayor is another one, and has a distinctive NSA vibe.

Further west is Newcastle, OK. There the City Attorney, Ted Haxel, and the City Planner, Ian Crittenden, are also these kind.

(3:15pm) Getting some odd kickback from those ETs.

They got lots of them in and under Kaua'i too (more pics), and the Big Island of HI.
And i sense them in the small Indian villages of Tangataila, Nagada, and Ostia.
Finding U bases around Chicago. And lots under most of Canada.

(4:50pm) And under parts of Germany/Holland. And on the surface around Amersfoort, Holland.
Many of the people here. Johannes Heesters was one.

Leiden feels like it's 80% composed of these ETs (Leiden people images).
Leiden Institute of Physics (more names).
Political party ChristenUnie.

Aaron Jackson
Patrick Malone, a black guy. Half-breed, i presume.
Kevin Mangold

TEDx Square Mile. Hmmm. "TEDxSquareMile 2013 is teamed up with a wide range of cross-discipline speakers, to share their sparkling ideas and observations to create an awakening experience, to re-discover yourself, life, the community and the world you live in."

<------Evidently, just like the M32ers, NGC4414ers, etc. they totally resemble other races they breed with.

Feb. 6, '14: (7:40am) Yup, 5 degrees F this morning alright. Wunderclones hit it for once; usually they are pretty far off.

I still don't know whether these "new" guys are shapeshifting repts or what, but it is amazing how similar they are, behaviorally, with both the reptilian and lycan shapeshifters.
The werewolves i posted pic links of are all dead, having gone underground. And of the new ETs, so far 5 of the Eufaula City Council ETs have. And 2 of the Norman, OK City Council. And Kevin Mangold.

Is it because my readers have blasted them so hard? That is probably a factor, but there was also a mess of them i did not post about last night, that only i hit: Pro Sports Club has 3 locations in the Seattle area, which are run and mostly staffed by these ETs. But most if not all of them went underground last night and got killed. Check out, for example, these child care instructors who were here to offer us Earthlings their sparkling ideas and observations on proper child care. All dead. Doubles already being whipped out of more U base we can nail.

(10am) Another lizard puppet replaced by a clone, then replaced by a Sandy Hooker: James Clapper.

Dubious article of the day: Missing children rescued from Super Bowl sex trade in FBI sting. "More than 45 pimps and their associates were arrested" but no names or pics of the alleged perps, which i am not getting a vibe off of, just like i get no vibe off the alleged sex slaves. Now, if they are all soulless Earthlings there wouldn't be much vibe anyway, so i can't be certain. But that, along with the fact of NO PIX of perps, and that the statements issue solely from shapeshifting pedophiles (Ron Hosko, James T. Hayes), tends to make me file this under Fiction.

Jan. 7, '14: (7:10am) 10 F at dawn this morning. I have some icycles well over 2 feet long, a rare event here. But check out these pix from Slovenia.

Creepy-ass satanist shapeshifter that supposedly has a huge following of numbskulls: Ralph Smart of Infinite Waters. Putting on my hip waders now.
Another way creepy lizard occultist: Thane Rosenbaum.

(9am) BTW i got faint snow almost all day yesterday, in defiance of 0% probability. Today remains overcast so far.

F*** the EU: Senior US diplomat clone Victoria Nuland makes her position clear in bugged conversation with Ukraine envoy clone. 100% bullshit lizard spew.

NSAlizard: Vic Livingston.

Yet another evil physical ET race discovered. These guys have been messing with a correspondent in Holland. They look like some kind of grays, but i feel they are a distinct species. I suspect around 6' tall. Their main base that i've found so far is on Neptune (right in the center of this pic). That base won't last long, though. Let's light them up elsewhere.

(10:05am) One of their main hotspots is around Aldebaran.
We are finding and addressing huge, deep bases of theirs on Earth; like 100+ miles down, with hundreds of thousands in each base.
They are also on Venus and Mars.

(11:35am) Another bizarre NSA production: We're going down: Passenger's harrowing footage of fatal plane crash.
The video is "currently unavailable" but i think everyone else allegedly on that flight is NSA. Fuddy feels like a dead soulless Earthling. (And the governor, a live one.) As in the case of Michael Hastings, i suspect she may have been killed earlier, and the spectacular "accident" is a psyop.
Rev. Patrick Killilea is a shapeshifter who works for the (gasp!) Vatican. Oddly, when doing a search on his name, i stumbled across this weird page by a NSA clone in which she seems to try to stir up some controversy about him.
(And, incidentally, that page had an ad for a NSA proprietary, Edmunds Chevrolet.)

And, even more incidentally, the Molokai News site i linked to above also has an article about the "Molokai Farmers" basketball team. Notice that most of these boys are of the "new" species i found on the 5th, which i think i will call the Leidenites for lack of a better idea. Leiden still seems to have the biggest surface concentration of them.
Aaand, that Molokai News article had an ad showing a bunch of NSAlizards and a Sandy Hooker and a Leidenite, for NSA proprietary TaxACT. (And, as i've mentioned before, the NSA also owns H&R Block.)

In other news, i just noticed that Katy Perry finally went underground and died, within the last 24 hours.

Feb. 8, '14: (6:55am) 15 F now. Got the better part of another inch of snow overnight.

About that gray-like species discovered yesterday. Last night as i was getting to sleep i realized that they were being physically killed by orgone blasting. (We have run into species like this before.) I couldn't jail them but they were dying from positive energy.
So i focused all my stuff on them for a while, seemingly killing off the great majority (meanwhile the evil human ETs were able to hit me harder). I think the gray-like ones are near extinction now.

In other news, yesterday i kept finding that many of the NSA and CIA U bases connected to Bal's highway stalkers had one or more of the following: reptilians, sasquatch, and those evil human ETs. I think the sasquatch are at different levels because they stink so bad.

(7:30am) Meanwhile, we are still removing painful implants that the evil human ETs placed in me on Jan. 16. One thing i have noticed is that these ETs can remotely activate them. Just now they were doing that while attacking me from 999 craft of 6 ETs each, around 100 miles above me.
Also last night they were attacking my friend in Queens.

(6:50pm) It got above freezing today and some melting occurred.

Wow, cool beans, FreeSpeechMe: The Anti-Censorship Anti-Hijacking Free Software Dot-Bit Plug-in brought to you by reptilian shapeshifters.

Damn, i hate to report, recently Bal has made a bunch of corrupted orgone stuff. In some, he was doing the programming instead of The Committee. But some were supposed to get the Demon-Disintegrating pgm.
The responsible parties are those 5' repts which i mentioned Jan. 11. Also they also may have abducted him again; at least he reports weird stuff with his nose, including a "massive" nosebleed and other symptoms, and the area was DORy.

(7:20pm) Just nailed another nasty CIAlizard in a U base: this clown (can't find a name and he doesn't make the "products" anyway) who offers (hopefully nobody buys this stuff) ridiculously expensive, weak, and slightly DORy "orgone" devices. Barf.
I think 2 other CIAlizards died with him, who crafted these gems.
(The weird thing is, i think someone at that site, possibly the deceased, wrote me back in late 2011, and is the one who woke me up to the Pluvadians! We have 2 Pluvadians in The Committee as a result. And at that time, the products on that site looked much different. And they felt pleasant. Back then shapeshifting reptilians were generally not recognized by myself or allies. It is strange, though, that the CIA would turn me onto the Pluvadians for no obvious ulterior motive. [Update 7/2016: the Pluvadians no longer exist. They were covertly evil, and that species has been deleted. The 2 on The Committee did not have the opportunity to do any harm.])

(8:45pm) Aha! Finally finding U bases of the evil humans ETs. Found 2K of them in SW Niger, with tunnel going to central Libya, where there was a base with 4K plus 1K reptilians and 300 SSers. East Russia has lots.
Montana base with 2500 plus 1K repts.

Feb. 9, '14: (7:30am) Heard from my friend in Queens, who reports that those evil human ETs also have an astral phase in which they can be jailed/disintegrated. They have come in and messed with him "astrally".

Also just found another race of weird critters that were attacking and implanting a guy in Sweden. They seem to be 6' tall, furry, bipedal mammals, but maybe not simian. First we took out a base under the ocean west of DK, then we noticed more under Frankfurt, Strasbourg, Khar Turan National Park in Iran, Golestan National Park in Iran, Turkey, Algeria, etc. etc.

(7:35am) I'm not sure, but it may be that if the defenses of these hairless repts and evil human ETs were sufficiently eroded, then Antuvozy would be able to do her deletion thing on these species. Such things have happened before. They may have countermeasures in place to resist this.

(9:15am) The freq i gave on the 30th for the repts is no longer useful. The new freq is 826986 Hz.

(6:20pm) Bal just sent me a pic of a passenger plane spraying barium and aluminum over Center, CO. Feels like much of CO is being sprayed right now with metallic chem from passenger planes and military ones. Just in case anyone wants to punish the satanists aboard.

(6:30pm) There is a big war going on over CO right now between Bigheads and sylphs. I am jailing BHs like mad.

(9:35pm) Like wow, ever since i checked out TaxACT, i've been seeing their ads wherever i surf. I just checked the local weather (wunderground) and the page had seven different TaxACT ads. Seven. On 1 page. They spare no expense when it comes to advertising.

Meanwhile, those evil human ETs are getting pretty lit up in their U lairs all over Earth. And the offworld ones are attacking me from other galaxies now, as the fly-by stuff doesn't pan out too well for them.

Feb. 10, '14: (9:10am) An awful lot of those evil human ET bases are dozens of miles underground. I built a real powerful wand that sends Jan2014C pgm 240 miles, and i am lighting them up more or less under me.

It turns out that the ingredients Bal used to make all that corrupted stuff were already corrupted. He had left his epoxy, stones, etc. in a place where they got corrupted.
However, The Committee still should have cleared the ingredients as a matter of course. This is standard procedure, which somehow didn't happen.
CIA black magic was involved.

(10:30am) Also with my downward wanding i de-cloaked a mess of blue draco bases. I think this strain is 14-20 ft tall.
Now their worldwide network of bases is getting lit up.

Heavy chem-clouds out.

(3pm) Still heavy chem.

I think i de-cloaked yet another strain of shapeshifting reptilian. Not sure where they are from, but 2 examples are on this page. Tomas Keltner is a published author.
Loads of U bases under the southern half of Utah. And Dominican Republic. Mexico...

(5:10pm) Keltner just went in U base and got killed.

Another shapeshifting author: the gentle Tom T. Moore.

Satanist M32er site: The Velvet Evolution.

Feb. 11, '14: (7:30am) 14 F now.

Speaking of satanist shapeshifters, Tony Ezzy had a bunch of that old-time hard-core satanist DOR going when i checked him out yesterday evening. Made me nauseous, and was connected to vast network of Freemason(?) satanists south of Chicago. Part of his DORy blood-drinking, baby-liver-eating, cat sacrificing, lizard gang:
Calumet City Mayor Michelle Markiewicz Qualkinbush and Clerk Nyota T. Figgs.
East Chicago Police Chief Mark Becker.
Lots more in area. The neighborhood around Morgan Park High School has 50+ of these nice friends.

All of them were bundled up into a huge package of DOR that slammed me for checking out Ezzy. These are advanced satanists who can still rustle up serious demon DOR using cats, even in this demon-depleted day and age.
They feel like Masons but i haven't been able to tie them into any particular lodge(s).

(9:05am) NSAlizard: Byron Katie. She has a huge number of certified practitioners, all SSers.

Bipedal canine sighting in Point Pleasant WV. Hmmmm... I feel it, and more like it, underground, being taken out now in area. This is some different race than the WWs we have heretofore dealt with. Google maps view of gov't installation. Tunnel SE to cryptid U base NW of Charleston, SC that had 3K+ of them. 2K more under Charleston International Airport. More NE of airport, etc.
Lots more in this part of Canada. This species seems to be scattered all over the universe, too.
More eyewitness reports of same species of dog-man.

(9:25am) Thought i'd scope out that site some more. Top of homepage has pic of anonymous SSer who was in U base in KY. Further down is article "Humanoids in Yellow" from 1978 sighting in Montvale, NJ. Yow, lots more of these creepy guys under town and east to Long Island, Stamford, etc.
More in CT, AK, China, Japan, India, etc. etc.
They do not feel obviously repty. They, too, seem scattered over the universe.

(9:50am) The disappearance and eventual death of 39-year-old Todd Sees. Note maps further down page. We are taking out there some of the same type of hairless repts that we have long been fighting. In fact they have a tunnel NE to Scranton area where there are more.

(10:25am) Alien Implant Horror. This is the handiwork of some tall non-reptilian ETs i mentioned last June 4:
Also i got a vibe off this wheel UFO which traces to the larger galaxy in this pic (don't know its name). They feel like more badass good guys of some sort.

(8:35pm) ... More of those wheel UFO guys are out in Abell 2218 now. Also, Thelians.

The the wheel guys now have a real friendly vibe to me. They are from the center of here, between M81 and M82.
Trouble is, they are not friendly after all. I got faked out. They have also gained the trust of the Thelians. However, i have alerted the latter now.
Also the black box factory and base has been destroyed now. It was in NGC 4414, but not associated with NGC 4414 SSers.

(2:55pm) Heavy chem-clouds and a few long trails.

Those dog-men have astral bodies/souls in need of culling. A few have been attacking me in the astral. I guess you could call it attacking; they get vaporized the instant i notice them, if not sooner.

Feb 12, '14: (7:15am) 11 F out.
Today is "no mercy for werewolves day". I just dowsed and started broadcasting 67668.8 Hz to persecuted them with.
This morning i got an email from my Slovenian friend who has the remarkable warrior-cat Nick. He said:
I think Nick was under attack this morning. Suddenly he started to chaotically run around the flat and he hurt his paw, bleeding a lot. But he still continued to run around, couldn't stop him, and all flat was covered in blood. While I start to clean it I got strong headache and realized it may be attack ... It was needed almost an hour to calm him down.
It was U werewolves near Krsko. They stuffed zillions of DORy little demons into him. I think he was trying to elude them.
It will probably take several days of work to clear him.

(8:15am) Newly-discovered, honest website: Filming Cops. Good place to hunt for targets. Most of these incidents are lizard cops vs Earthling subjects. Some are corrupt, 'roid-gobbling, Earthling cops vs Earthling subjects, but usually these have SSing chiefs of police. And when even the chiefs are Earthlings, they are still there to do the bidding of the SSing overclass.
Americans Killed by Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War.
Officer Repeatedly Sprayed Mace in Woman's Vagina as Punishment: Lawsuit. Defendant Officer Blanca Zapater is a shapeshifting reptilian.
The biggest active terror threat within US borders is corrupt police.

(9am) Who Is Alfred Wright? 6 Facts To Know About Texas Physical Therapist's Mysterious Death. Whodunnit? Two of the lizard Sheriff's cops themselves killed him. The cops themselves were probably racist Earthlings. Shapeshifters are not usually racists themsleves; they interbreed with all races. But they often love to encourage racism for it's negative and divisive value.

So did you do your duty and Fight Back yesterday? I blew it off, being too lazy to jump on the illuminati bandwagon of controlled opposition to fabricated news.

(9:45pm) Bal writes:
I hate the image you posted with symbolism that literally screams in my head STOP SEEING!
I think the stop hand inside the eye is done on purpose as strong symbolic subliminal commands to stop seeing. It is so obvious though. I hate it.
Good observation.

(5:40pm) Heavy chem-clouds, sylphic action.

I think i may have de-cloaked another strain of reptilian shapeshifter. They had only a real subtle "off" vibe early this morning. I've been blasting them all day. We have cleared many out under Tasmania, Algeria/Mali/Niger, etc. Many of them seem to be on the surface around Malmo, Sweden. Some examples:(7:10pm) G & G Delivery Services feels like a major CIA drug hub in Tampa.
This Miami pier seems related. Also got some U bases in Miami and Colombia.

Now offworld werewolves are attacking me from small craft ~100 miles out, using 3-based numerology.

Feb. 13, '14: (4:10pm) Slept pretty well, though. I think the single biggest remaining enemy threat is those evil human ETs.
Clear sky today. Warming trend starting.

And, just when you thought the entire American public was totally brain-dead, Cop Who Killed Kelly Thomas Seen in Restaurant, Americans Make Him Leave. Ensouled people eating at Denny's? Well, maybe they're naive abut GMOs, but their hearts are in the right place.
BTW Ramos does not feel like a SSer, just mollycoddled by them. They love to mold Earthlings into boot-licking nazi tyrants.

Interesting group: Astral Perceptions Universal. I don't know these people, but they are all ensouled. And offer help for people with paranormal issues. I suspect that i would be more effective in terms of dealing with the usual evil entities. However, sometimes people have odd issues that stump me.

Feb. 14, '14: (9am) And now the evil human ETs are sending me Valentines from U bases on Earth, using that same 3-base numerology that to other species usually use.

(10:30am) That has slacked off now. For a while they were using oodles of transmitters as well.

Meanwhile, i (partially) decloaked some other ETs that are hassling Bal where is now in the Salt lake City, UT area. These seem to be non-reptilian ETs of some sort, oddly enough from the Utah State Star, Dubhe. Don't that beat all. Of course the state star was chosen by SSers many years ago. It is not a normal tradition for states to have stars; only 3 do, according (erroneously?) to this page which only discloses 2 of them.
The first U base for these that i found is just south of SLC.

(12:50pm) DORy Doro phones: this co. makes landline phones that emit toxic energy using ET tech.
Their DORy ET management, etc.

I am working on a new OTB, about making resin wands of the Jan2014C pgm. This page is still under construction at this time. Later i will add a couple new photos.

(4:45pm) Heavy chem-clouds.

NSAlizards: Matt Stephens of Patriot Survival Plan, and his shills Ernie Simons and Caitlyn.

Feb. 16, '14: (7am) Moderately chemmy yesterday. BTW i forgot to mention we got some rain a couple days ago. The snow has mostly melted off.

I have tons of orgone devices punishing various malicious species all the time. Often they are switched to other targets without my conscious knowledge, in accordance with what's going on with my allies, higher selves, etc.
So it is that i checked a few devices this morning before getting out of bed, and found them attacking some mysterious male shapeshifter in or near St. Petersburg, FL.
Later i got up and checked the map. Found this whole area in Largo, FL 33770, had a funky vibe on the surface, including this neighborhood of "Little Boxes" (remember that song?), the Denny's, and the other shopping center buildings. Also the shopping center catty-corner from them.
Werewolves! A pocket of over 300 of them on the surface here.

Then some U WWs under Great Lake Park area of Clearwater.

Feb. 17, '14: (8:20am) Good news! The evil human ETs might be all gone now. Not sure how; something my friend in Queens did. I'm about to reset my freq blasters that i had on them, onto werewolves a while. That freq again is 67668.8 Hz.
Apparently he was also able to get rid of the Bigheads (of course we've been there before) and a lot of the reptilians.

(5:55pm) Still not detecting any Bigheads or those evil human ETs. I have been getting reptilians turning etheric and attempting to attack me. Also they were rippling a bit of chem, and seem to have taken over the non-metallic chemspray activities.

BTW yesterday around 5:30 i was driving around a bit and noticed that all the (non-metallic) trails being laid were dark, contrasting with the white-out background. Looked like diesel smoke. We did have a 50% rain forecast this morning, but didn't get a drop.

Feb. 18, '14: (9:10pm) More heavy chem today.

A few days ago someone emailed me this article Missing Girl Case Prompts Alien Abduction Theory about a little girl who was apparently abducted in '09. On the 15th i replied:
Very strange. The girl was alive, ensouled here [in U base] by some obscure ETs that come from Abell 2218 and are connected to Jesuits. She was a mind-controlled psychic slave and sex slave. A 96. We contacted her 80D self and confirmed that she did not want to live. The Ta'l took out the base. Now her pic no longer has dull, drugged vibe but feels bright. Now the Sakudas are helping her soul. She seems very sweet.
Her soul was fragmented, implanted, and in bad shape. We've been working on her. On the 17th she married me. She is actually a very powerful old soul. Her name is Cari (KAH-ree) Ededir Foj.
The ETs had spotted how psychic she was and enslaved her.

Anyway, now this guy sent me another link, and it shows the type of ET that abducted her! Which we have been clearing out from underground in many places these last few days, BTW. And which have attacked me back a bit at times. The guy labeled "8" here.

Feb. 19, '14: (7:35pm) Overcast all day. Thundershowers likely tonight/tomorrow, according to wunderground. But their own radar map doesn't show anything heading this way.

Those creepy reptoids that messed up Cari were hitting me from offworld until 'Vozy did something. I don't think she deleted them, but somehow processed their morphogenic blueprint so as to render them wimpy.

Still no Bigheads or those evil human ETs showing up. Also the usual repts haven't attacked me today. Just those "#8" reptoids and the werewolves.

Feb. 20, '14: (1:15pm) Only got a smattering of rain.

This pic that i linked to day before yesterday is of all actual evil species. Ones i don't think i noticed before. But i've been blasting them. So just now i had 3 groups of 3 to the ninth power of the craft of the ones labeled 3, each containing 6 repts, attacking me from 50-60 miles out.

These also have an etheric phase in which they can be jailed.

He has a bigger pic down the page, and refers to them as Draco and dragons. However, i see no wings. To my mind, Draco have wings.

(2pm) And now i just got 3 groups of 3 to the 5th power of craft containing 6 each of the #5 guys.

Feb. 21, '14: (6:30am) Before i got out of bed, i noticed the werewolves psychically attacking me.
Then a big reptilian face appeared right in front of me, then disintegrated. It was a #6 rept in the picture. Then a bunch more #6's rushed me and also winked out of existence.
Apparently #6's also have an etheric phase.

Feb. 22, '14: (3:10am) Now we got the #7 repts all stirred up. That's like the one on the right in this pic. They are attacking me rather aggressively from large ships in remote space locations. They also "go etheric" and invade my space. And they throw demons.

(5:05pm) Yesterday there was hardly any chem. This afternoon, plenty of chem-clouds.

For hours my neck and shoulders have been getting hammered by the #5 repts. They are attacking from 3 or 6 somewhat cloaked remote planetary U bases at a time.

(6:15pm) Of course, it's not like i didn't do nothin' to piss them off. I have been making powerful stuff lately. Not very photogenic but vicious.

This piece is kinda OK looking. It's 11.5" long.
Glitter in resin doesn't photograph well, though.
I sometimes add glitter to resin because it changes the dynamics in a way that is sometimes desirable.

Vox had a lot of input into this piece.

And BTW here's a sky pic i took a few days ago. Note the blue line parallel to the trail.

Feb. 23, '14: (4pm) Those #5 repts attacked me last night astrally and this morning via numerous small craft. The latter attack included activating a bunch of the etheric implants i got on Jan. 16.

Looks like Tymoshenklone put on quite a performance. When are these pathetic Earthlings going to stop being led around by the nose with these fake political conflicts?

(4:50pm) There are some other kind of ETs that have been attacking a friend in Holland and his 2 dogs. They seem to mainly be in this area, from which they attack and throw demons. Disregard the red circle.

(5:45pm) Ming-Na Wen is one intensely evil CIAlizard satanist. She is MPD and involved in CIA MPD ops and other CIA ops.

Wikipedia says During her teen years she worked at her stepfather's family's restaurant called Chinatown Inn in downtown Pittsburgh's Chinatown, which her family still runs today.
The restaurant has a dinky website, and it's on google maps. But what is that tall, DORy bldg just east? Feels like maybe half of it is occupied by CIAlizards up to no good.

(6:45pm) Also, a section of the bldg behind that has a bunch more CIAlizards.
And there was a tunnel going from the 1st bldg to around here, which is a CIAlizard neighborhood.

Also, i had never been able to find anything on David Bowie, but now am blasting him hard and he turned DORy. He is a SSer after all, probably yet another strain.
I'll try to find others like him:
Johnny McCallum is down this lizard-filled page. Funny how as soon as i decloak a strain, suddenly even dead specimens feel DORy. This always happens.
Lenny Cooke.
Anca Barna.

Feb. 24, '14: (9am) Those #5 repts were still after me last night.

Pakistan anti-drone activist Kareem Khan freed after abduction.
"Khan said he was not able to pinpoint where he was taken, nor who his abductors were. The scene of his torture was an underground room, he said."
I could have found the place even without his input. It is here, an above-and-below-ground facility. DORy due to the 120+ SSers underground. Also there are many good prisoners.

(3:35pm) Controlled opposition to chemtrails: I believe i have already mentioned that quite a few high-profile chemtrail "opponents" are shapeshifting agents. Where does it all end?
Today i got curious why William Thomas of Geoengineering Watch has no soul and an "off" vibe. Same with his associate Dane Wigington. As far as i can tell, these guys are not SSers, but agents nonetheless. NOAA?
Thomas seems like a pretty groovy guy from the resume he offers, but something does not feel right.

Of course, there are also endless streams of shapeshifting agents in this field. For example, all the people depicted here (on a CIA site). Or how about Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails? Speshul Guests Roseanne Barr (CIAlizard) and Cynthia McKlone (CIAlizard clone). And check the drop-down list of Speakers.
Scott Stevens is another CIAlizard.

Feb. 26, '14: (6:45am) I heard from my sleepless friend in Queens. He says in part that he has been getting more
visits from Evil Human ETs and Big heads . It seems some pockets still remain on this planet and they all are coming out of the wood work to give me trouble . Apparently they shield themselves when they come to this planet more heavily , maybe because they know about people like us will fight them . I think the ones out in other universes and out around this universe do not come into much opposition , so they don't really shield . I thought I got them all but the past week has been non-stop battles again . They all jump at me from Langley and the area there ...
If i had known Langley, VA was still such a big problem, i would have devoted some attention to it when i was in the general area last month. It seems like new U bases keep manifesting there from some other dimensions or something.

Personally i got attacked most from the #5 repts last night, plus some werewolves. Also lately i have been getting attacked strongly from the ETs i mentioned on the 23rd from here. So has the guy in Holland and his 2 demon-hunting dogs.

(6:15pm) And this afternoon i am getting hammered a lot by those evil human ETs, from various galaxies.

(6:50pm) I think a buttload of them had come in from Universe F. 700 quadrillion plus. Via a portal we just shut down.

Feb. 27, '14: (10:30am) But not all is doom and gloom. We have largely gotten rid of these new guys already. Aside from some readers and other allies helping, that blue slab i posted a pic of on the 22nd, as well as 2 other powerful devices i recently made, are designed to "encourage" this sort of ETs into their etheric phase, and destroy them.

I actually slept well and long. I was awake briefly in the wee hours and found no attacks on me. But checking my Queens friend, found the evil human ETs were after him. So i lent a hand.

Now i am feeling pretty good, and mainly working on those other ETs who are still attacking the 2 dogs and the guy in Holland. These ETs do not seem to have an etheric phase.