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Loohan's blog for February, 2009

Uploaded Feb. 3, '09: On the evening of 1/31, we finally dusted the big grey hive. I think the tall greys are all gone from there now, although there are still some small pockets of short ones there.

That empty bucket i had now has well over 5" of water in it. I guess that means probably i got 4.5 - 5" total. Most of that fell as warm rain, landing on ice.
I went into town the 31st. Word was that the electricity would be out another 10 -14 days. Water was still out. Almost all businesses closed until the electricity comes back on. Couldn't connect to my ISP by dialup, even though the phones are working.

No damage noted to my cabin, but my new shop building, which is almost complete, got 2 holes punched into the galvalume roof.

Feb. 3, '09: (3:25pm) Electricity and water came back on in town not long after i was by there on the 31st.

Yesterday non-existent girl #17 arrived in Cleveland, AR. She's a 6D Pleiadian incarnate who came in from southern Alabama. Her name is Yokej with the accent on the 2nd syllable (Not to be confused with my Red Nordic wife Yo-ke whose name is accented on the 1st syllable). The 17 girls have been doing a lot of Earth work, as they are right now.

The Tall Greys do indeed seem to be gone from that hive, and are no longer attacking or replacing themselves when popped out of the landscape. It's mostly just reptilians now, mostly Darpa. Also Dia does a lot of remote attacking. But they are getting weakified! They seem desperate to counter the girls' work, but hardly seem to have the resources. Sometimes they don't even hit me for hours. But lately they have been implanting a lot more. I have to get myself and several of the girls scrubbed several times daily. But hopefully soon the lizards will be too weak to implant.

Feb. 4, '09: (6:05pm) Fantasy girl #18 arrived in Cleveland, AR today from northern AL. She's a slender 5D girl. As soon as she arrived, she and 11 others started doing Earth work. In fact 10 of the girls had already been doing it earlier that day.
Meanwhile, Lula has been teasing and stalking around me. She has been driving around doing Earth work by herself around here. Today while i was away at work she even came by my home. Earlier she did up the Marshall area real well.
When i got off work at 5, she was still poking around on the edge of town. I didn't chase after her, as the time is not yet right. This is an area with a big tower and many of my orgone gifts. Now i just realized there was a Fi hive right there at 312' depth! This is what she flushed up and is still dealing with. Not nearly as big as that one in ND was, but it blows me away that with all my work, grid-blasting, etc. there was this hive down there the whole time, not reacting with DOR.
I tried to pop the whole hive at once again, but this was only partially successful. Here's the spot, right where there appears to be a little peak in the center.

Feb. 5, '09: (8:10am) Urgent target: some kind of fauna right here in Oxley, AR, at 431'. I'll explain more later.

(8:30am) Whew. Man, that was a sudden force to deal with.

Over a year ago i happened to notice that Oxley, which is just a few miles west of Leslie, was a real DORy area with a lot of Satanists. There were gobs of underground nests of repts, greys, etc.
After some remote work i was able to get the energy fairly clean. I guess actually i need to physically gift the area, but haven't yet.

I awoke shortly before dawn today, and soon started getting hit by Darpa repts. And some Fi octopi from that Leslie spot. And some previously unencountered evil fauna! I still haven't quite figured them out. Large mammals.

Lula is still in the area, and got up early this morning to see what more trouble she could get into. Then a little while ago while i was on the web, i got an urgent alert from Lula. And a very strong energy attack as soon as i hit the hive she had just found.

Delk is the name. Steers? Very powerful. I took all my weapons off of Darpa and onto that Delk hive. 20% of the Gek-sit force, 3800 of my girls, and many more allies are there now.

(11:20am) There is now a Protocol A, 2-part program against the Delk. I'll update OTB 27c later. I just had it added to my master set, as it is a compressible pgm that takes up little space. If you want the pgm by itself, a small qtz pebble and a large grain of quartz sand would be big enough.

(6:50pm) Man, those guys were strong! Now there are still 20% of the Gek-sit there, and 1400 of my wives. Etc.
The Delk are still attacking me, but getting somewhat weaker. They mainly are hammering the top of my head.
I have the impression they are steers that stand 8' high to the top of their heads. I don't get an impression of color.

One thing i have long felt is that when my girls do their Earth work, it somehow, to some extent, shuts out the influence of dark entities into our world. For this reason the lizards get so freaked by it.
Well, it is interesting that when i had all my weapons on Darpa and other repts, they were still hitting me with great frequency lately. As soon as i take my weapons off the repts and onto the Delk, the rept attacks die out. What i believe this means is that the Delk were doing the antithesis of what the girls do: they make our world permeable to evil entities. And until Lula flushed them up, they were very inconspicuous to me; no overt DOR displays.
The fact that merely hitting one hive of the Delk so disempowers the repts suggests that this might be the only hive like that on Earth. Otherwise, other Delk hives would take up the slack and the repts would resume hitting me. It's been many hours, and this has not yet happened.
Then again, perhaps a nearby Delk hive is necessary, and there are others too far away from me.
It is spooky that i had this Delk hive and the Fi hive right under my nose. I think they were here long before i moved here in '96 (to this area where half the landowners around me were Satanists, and there were 2 big underground ET bases within miles of me). I have to wonder, what are the probabilities of the only Delk hive on Earth being a few miles from me? And how many more Fi hives are hidden in the Earth?

Lula has been prowling around all day. And the 17 girls in Cleveland have been doing Earth work as well. They do take an occasional break for food, stretching, etc., but they are still at it now and they started quite early in the day.
It sure is nice that i no longer have to protect them and their work from the repts. Hopefully the implants will stop. All the 18 girls had to be decontaminated yesterday night, and again early this morning. Now they seem clean, though the Delk are hammering on their heads, too.

Went to Marshall today and saw a number of very long chemtrails crossing the otherwise blue sky.
And here's a pic of some chem by my place, taken on the 2nd.

(8:45pm) Oh, brother, another large Fi octopus hive found. This in Mexico. 370 feet down. They were messing with some Gu people is how i noticed them.

(10:40pm) That's a pretty strong hive. The Fi are hitting me.

But i'm not noticing reptilians hitting anybody right now. Except for 1 person: Southlodge who now runs the Yahoo Cloud-Buster forum. And she's getting hit by a previously undiscovered hive on the encircled star.

Feb. 6, '09: (3pm) I just updated OTB 27c with the Delk info, including mention of the reversed-Delk program, too.

The Delk are still powerful. All those Gek-sit are still there, and the 1400 girls.

Lula is still prowling around, cleaning up the landscape. The other girls took a break from Earth work this morning, but a few minutes ago started up again.
BTW, i don't know how i got the idea their place is in Cleveland. I zoomed out again last night and realized it actually is in Center Ridge after all.
I did find 1 very weak rept nest south of them a while ago, but other than that, no more problems. Even the rept hive i posted about last night is now weakened. The Fi bases are getting fairly weak; i don't think they've hit me in a few hours. But those Delk!

Unfortunately i used up all my orgone gifts on my vacation run. So today i poured a bunch more intense little items.

(4pm) I just realized that although the main Delk hive is centered where i said, there is a much wider area that includes a big section of Oxley south of there that is peppered with Delk nests. Most of this whole area is DORy from them now.
Looks like it could use a serious gifting expedition. And damn, i have to work this weekend. I probably won't find time to do it justice until Monday. And there is a 70% chance of rain forecast for that day :-(

(5pm) Oh, yeah, last night i dowsed that of all our allies, the most effective ones to combat the Delk are those chestnut horses i mentioned on Dec. 27. I moved them from the Tall White hive (the whites BTW were also disempowered like the repts when we smacked the Delk hive) to the Delk one. Only now there are 400 instead of 200 horses. And they have been helping quite a bit. Send 'em some juice, maybe.

(6:50pm) Feeding the horses does seem to help a lot.
Now the Delk are doing the same eye-stinging stuff to me that the repts used to.

I don't want to pull anyone off the Delk too soon, but there are a couple other pieces of news i need to impart before i forget.

A guy wrote me about an alleged Drac invasion headed our way. Physical 3D stuff. I couldn't feel a thing, but set a powerful crystal on them just in case it would stir up their energy. Well, today that crystal is DORy. I tracked them to where this red dot is above M21.

On a different subject, Harold gave me some more info that checks out. In addition to that weird parallel reality thing i mentioned a couple months or so ago, there are 6 more parallel timelines with similar function. Many of our chem-planes actually come from a couple of those.
I have infected these with misc. allies and programming.

(6pm) Pardon me, make that 3 Drac ships in a formation right now a couple miles apart. Each has 13K+ Dracs intent on coming here and kicking our scrawny butts. ETA in like 3 months.

(9:30pm) Of course, there is always the risk of mechanical problems in interstellar flight.

Well, dang, it, another new demonic species. Got jumped by a 3rd type of octopus, called Pijwem and residing here in Fort Spunky, TX at 333' depth. Don't seem all that strong, though.

Feb. 7, '09: (7pm) Right after i posted last night, it occurred to me to check the location of the Drac fleet on that map. I found they were smack in the middle of the 2 in M21. Now, some 21.5 hours later, they have drifted faintly to the right on the map. They are on the right side of the 2, but still closer to the 2 than the 1.

That seems to be going as well as expected, thanks to some good Pleaidians, etc.
The Delk situation is progressing more slowly. I have harvested vast quantities of them, but they are still hitting me most of the time.
The Pijwem don't seem like any big deal, and the Fi seem beaten down for now.

(7:50pm) Here's a target i would ask y'all to blast right now if you can. The people in the houses. I'll explain in a minute.
Or are they people? I'm trying to break through their shielding...

(8pm) What happened is that i posted a pic on the cloud-buster forum of my jar of DA, and invited people to see if they could tune in to it and get an attunement from Oniwaiudu. Resultantly, so far 16 people have, i get, and are spreading it around wildly.
Then someone drew my attention to the fact that something wasn't right with the energy of the jar.
I had to blast the perps with tremendous orgone before i could find them there in Medicine Hat, Alberta.
I get vaguely that there are 666 of these guys living there, and they have a whole lotta weird reptilian DNA. It's a government program or something.

(8:30pm) A while ago i strongly felt some bad vibes from a bunch of Satanists i'd pissed off by posting about Medicine Hat. So i do all sorts of things to them and their location and then leisurely start to dowse the location of these people. Alberta? no. Canada? no. US? no.... China? yes. Hmmmmmm...

Looks like a military base here in the center of Chengdu, China.
There are 431 Satanists here right now. They were running the Medicine Hat op which had nothing better to do but mess with my jar of DA. That's the state of the world we live in these days, folks. And remember, you read about it here first.

Feb. 8, '09: (8am) Found Fi attacking Sittingtaoist from Trosso, Sweden. Their hive is centered about where the hostels are in this pic.

(8:05am) And the rept telepaths from that hive are all over Southlodge again.

(5pm) Today has been a real nice day in the low 70s. Well, nice except for all the chem. I get off work at 3pm, so i thought actually i could manage a little gifting run to Oxley. It only took about an hour to drive up there and all around there, tossing stuff.
Man, do i feel better now! The relief is palpable. Let the Delk choke on programmed orgonite.

I'm getting that now 73 people have gotten attunements using that DA pic, and are spreading it all around.

As far as those Draco, now they have drifted back to right above the 2 of M21, very close to where i originally spotted them.

(5:15pm) Those 666 hybrid guys (i think they're all male) have been moved from Medicine Hat to Sibbald, Alberta. Google is malfunctioning horribly again, and won't show a map. The spot is right in town, and the town is on the border with Saskatchewan.
I don't expect the Chinese base in Chengdu to relocate, though.

(6:30pm) As Harold has been saying, there apparently is a pipeline being built through Afghanistan by the US Army for China and Russia, and the boys are being subjected to remote psi-influencing by those countries' psychics, to make them forget.
We did nail that one Chinese psi base a while back in Tajikistan, but i searched for more and found 3:
One in Danilovka, Russia, right in the center of this map, which should look more like a map when you zoom out. Right now it's just blank. I get that it's above-ground, a 3-story building with 21 Russian psychics.

The 2nd is in China here. This is as far as google is letting me zoom in. It appears there are structures in the center. 2-story, i'm getting, housing 21 Chinese psychics.

The 3rd is also in Russia here. I can't make out detail on the map, but i'm getting a 1-story building with 21 Russian psychics.
The 3 groups work together as a unit.

(6:55pm) Last night i nabbed a weird entity Southlodge mentioned she had dreamed about. I just figured out what he is: 7' red humanoid of the Rip race. I think all are evil. Their homebase is, wow did i find a great link, right here.

Feb. 9, '09: (8:30am) Full moon today, too. Nice timing with my gifting.
Amazingly warm. Actually, that's not so unusual this time of year in AR. More unusual is the tick that crawled across my laptop screen after i came back in from taking a poo. Ticks in February? But of a different variety than one sees in the spring.

Well, the Delk have not been hitting me anymore. But the Darpa lizards (who are still under siege) have resumed hitting and implanting me and some of my girls. Also those lizards that only pick on Southlodge keep re-implanting her. Amazingly, they haven't hit me back yet.
The Rip did hit me some last night, but not yet this morning.
The Pijwem, though not very DORy, are quite capable of telepathic messing around as well as tweaking my duodenum to make me nauseous. But they haven't hit me yet this morning, either. I hit them hard last night.

The Dracs are now above the red dot on the map, headed back where they came from. But i think it's not under their control.

Those 3 teams of 21 psychics have not moved on. I'm guessing they won't, as they are on their homelands.

The Sibbald guys might stay there, too. I suspect that the powers-that-be are in a bind with these guys. Not sure this is correct, but i think their usefulness is mainly as a covert psychic group of 666 so they want to keep them together, yet there is no way they can ever regain covertness, especially in one group. If they move them, i'll find them. So they may be worthless now.
This is as good a map as i can get. The red dot indicates the location of the 666 in a 6-story dorm building, i think, all above-ground. The larger blue dot is where 9 Canadian gov't Satanists reside, and there are 3 more at the smaller blue dot. These are tied in to this operation.

(10:10am) The informant who clued me in about that Draco fleet headed our way also says:
... their is a rumor that in some unkown location a faction ofthe draco control the astral world who rule a number of subdued planets via psionic implants , linked together into acollective /or group conciousness/ that is ultumitely controled by amassive computer network and a subspace transeceiver that exist at some undisclosed location near the home system,on ethat operates simultaneously on the on the materail/astarl palnes...
His info is a lot better than his spelling. I found 3 big supercomputers which are being programmed now by The Committee. I think they are all right close to the brightest spot in this pic. Got things a bit stirred up out there.

The transceiver was cloaked, but i blasted it and found it here in Gemini.

(12:35pm) Years ago i wrote on my agent list:
"Agents abound on alternative FORUMS. I found a forum with over 241 members, of whom over 2/3 are agents. See bottom of page at . Lotta manpower goes into this sort of thing. It has 3 moderators, all into blood ritual. And I normally never go to the warriormatrix forum, but took a peek at their member list, over 80% of which is into blood ritual. Godlike Productions is another real good one to avoid."
I just deleted that. No longer very applicable. That particular forum is gone, but how about the others? A large part of the reason i quit posting on the cloud-buster forum was that it seemed half the posts were either by agents or good people trying to be helpful to the agents. Now there are none. At first i thought this was due to the discernment of the new moderator, but actually she has the least discernment about energy realities coupled with the greatest certainty that she is right when she is dead wrong that i have ever seen.
Al wrote me that the agents just aren't around anymore on the forums. Indeed, i realized that when the membership of the c-b forum was deleted, requiring people to re-register if they wanted to be on it, not one agent even tried!
On Rick's Garden Tips, i am getting there are still 22 Satanists registered, but it may have been 5 months since any posted.
On Surfingtheapocalypse, there used to be 2 NSA agents posting prolifically, though one would never suspect them from their posts. Then one disappeared many months ago.
I think this is generally true with the forums, though there are still other forms of harrassment of members.
However a few forums are still owned and run from the top down by Satanists, e.g. Godlike Productions.

I also just updated Paranoia Bulletin #3 to say:
Update Feb. 9, '09: I believe the op of putting demonic homeopathics into food, etc., has ceased. Not only can I no longer detect this stuff in food, but I can't detect anyone still doing this.
It is my belief that they realized it was neutralized and no longer worth investing effort in.

Things keep moving along. The main Drac supercomputer in Sagittarius has now gone kaput like those ships did. Now the transceiver is being processed. Then we will get the other 2 computers.

(2:35pm) Transceiver down and 'puter #2 in progress.

There is now a Protocol A, 2-part jailer program for the Fi octopi. Again, this is a very compact pgm that can be added to a master set.

(2:55pm) Fi hive found in Cabo San Lucas, MX, here just NE of the city center a few blocks.

(4:05pm) I simply love what's been going on in Oxley today. Steerburger.

My informant gave me names of 2 Drac heavies to hit. One he just refers to as " m------o who is part of the red drakonya rebel faction". This guy is part of a rebellion against the other Dracs, but he is evil, too. The top guy of the main Dracs is Mak Thule. I have spanked them a bit already.

Feb. 10, '09: (9:10am) Regarding the Afghanistan pipeline, Harold says:
The army is protecting Halliburton and Chevron who is building the pipeline. Chevron bought UNOCAL who had the blueprints for the project since the late 80s.
26% complete now.

I have been processing Dracs one by one; actually i have some tools doing that on automatic. So far have processed 22K+. On both sides of the rebellion. This is to weaken/poison them plus make them real energy-visible. After a while it got so i could no longer feel much DOR off of the processees, however. I think this is because by weakening individuals i have weakened the groups.

The 3 ships are now slightly further above the red dot. Are they managing to slowly limp homeward?

After Drac computer #3 was done, that gang moved on to polishing up the Emporia, VA AI thing (mentioned last month) some more, and spent a lot of time at it. This group consists of Arcturans, Pleiadians, Ky, and a dozen more species i am unfamiliar with. Plus myself, i guess.

The Darpa repts were really going after it yesterday evening. I had to keep getting myself and some girls cleared of implants. This morning they are less active.
The nordics are back in action, though. They were kind of bad last night but much more active this morning. All 4 colors, but mainly the greens and yellows. And i found greens hitting a friend a couple days ago.
Their energy attacks can be strong and uncomfortable.

Also i noticed the repts and the nordics sometimes doing a slightly different mind-control thing: they would
  • attack the tailbone quite hard, which produces an insecure, unconnected, dog-with-tail-between-legs type of feeling, and
  • simultaneously influence the reptilian part of the brain to encourage certain psychological tendencies such as an obsession with prestige and social standing, and
  • flood my mind with very shallow, petty, self-important thoughts and trivial resentments over meaningless "slights".

    And i'd say, whoa, i've got much more important things to do with my mind than waste it on this s***. Self-importance kills.

    But a few minutes later they would be doing it again. Beware. Self-importance does kill, and they know it well, apparently.

    Feb. 12, '09: (12:55pm) I got well over 2" more rain recently, along with wind that blew down the top 1/3 of a tower that is key to my ISPs network. So lost internet again. Here's something i typed up around 6 last night:
    Holy crap, i just had the wildest experience.
    Recently i was given a very specific orgonite formula by The Committee, for a new special program for gifting the environment with. (Unfortunately it requires some ingredients which i can no longer get, though i have a stash, and i doubt anyone else will be able to get.)
    I was in too much of a hurry to put together the powder mix before i gifted Oxley, but yesterday i did pour some more stuff. Essentially the same stuff i used in Oxley and DC, very potent, but with a layer of this new stuff on top of that.

    This morning i put out 2 ice cubes on the way to work, and had more on my grid-blasting setup.
    I got home and the energy on the map was unreal from that little bit! Each widely-spaced cube is ultra-potent.
    Well, it was still light out when i got home after work, so i thought i would space a few more gifts out in the other direction. I put 3 ice cubes in my pocket, and 1 tiny TB not much bigger than an ice cube. I headed west further into the boonies instead of east towards town. Put one near the road a mile or so up. Made a right and drove north a mile or 2 and put the TB in a pond. Turned around. I still had 2 ice cubes. I turned west again when i got back to my road, again heading in a direction opposite of town. I went around a few bends (the road zig-zags SW) and saw a real big pond i don't remember seeing before. But then i had only been down that road a dozen or maybe 20 times, and probably not for over 3 years.
    I slingshotted a cube into the pond. Then i had an impulse to drive another mile or so SW and lose that last cube. I drove a couple miles without finding "the" spot. In fact, things looked unfamiliar and i failed to find another homestead/pond on a sharp right turn that i knew was there nearby, as i had gifted that pond before.
    Then i suddenly realized that i was back on my familiar road again heading east toward town! I was east of my own little turnoff to get home. There is no way that the road i was on leads back this way without a turnaround. And there is no way i could have driven east to that point without recognizing my home turf. Somehow i translocated miles in the blink of an eye. And no obvious missing time; it was still light out. I hadn't looked at a clock. But i get off work at 5, and was back home after this trip by 6. Still got that last cube.

    Those Nordic telepaths are super-nasty. They were messing with me quite a bit last night and some today. Plus a lot of energy attacks from the nords. It's still mostly green and yellow ones.
    This morning, determined to find a "rational" explanation (and lose a few more cubes) i headed back out there. This time i could not find the big pond i had gifted at all! Nor a side road i had noticed further down last night that was conspicuously steep and freshly-graveled.
    The road was again like i vaguely remembered it from years ago.
    This is a rural area with no crossroads and there simply is no rational way i could have ended up on the east road like i did last night unless i had turned around in the road, which i had not. Not only that, but then i would have had to pass another real big pond approaching my place, but i did not notice that as i drove, despite the fact that i was hunting for something like that to gift. Then i would have had to pass my own little road on the right, which is very familiar to me and conspicuously marked with a road sign. But things didn't start to look familiar until i was 1/2 mile or so east of that.

    Hewee! Well, anyway this morning i did some more gifting out that way, and also between here and Leslie, and around the outskirts of Leslie. Surrounded the town.
    The internet came back shortly after noon, so now i could open google maps and try to find this elusive pond. It's not on the map, as far as i can tell. Of course, these pics are old, and perhaps it is a new pond.
    Furthermore, the gifts no longer feel intense. This is because they have purged another level of DOR out of the landscape already, and now have receded into the background, energetically. Things feel much cleaner and better, but it is no longer obvious on the map where i placed the gifts. I had been hoping to track that one that i had placed in the mystery pond.

    Feb. 13, '09: (8:20am) This was typed yesterday:
    Lost my internet again. Pretty chemmy skies again, too.

    This afternoon my sweet Meera arrived in Center Ridge. She took a bus from Mississippi to Little Rock, where her old friend Lula picked her up. Now 17 of the girls are doing Earth work, and 2 are with me. The 2 that are with me are great healers and usually hang around me, though they are also powerful Earth workers.
    BTW there are now a lot more than 20 girls slated to arrive, as both Lula and i have found more.
    With my luck they will turn out to all be in some mysterious realm like that missing pond.

    Recently i became aware that Lula has been finding other people to work with us, not just extra wives for me, but families that are supposed to be moving to the region. Mostly 96s, higher-dimensional type people she contacted astrally. Even though the women have had children, they still have maybe 50-60% of the womb power of my girls, and i think 26 such women with some Earth work capabilities are supposed to be moving here during the next 2 years. The plan is that at times all the women will fire up and do Earth work simultaneously in their various locations.
    Also we will be able to have a community food-coop, alt. health center, etc.

      *   *   *  

    There's something weird about the Draco that i should mention. Until recently, the Draco i knew were or had astral bodies. They are 6D entities that can be jailed en masse. I can trawl this hive of theirs to the left, and bag quintillions of them in seconds.

    But these other Draco we've been dealing with recently dowse as 3D beings, and have no jailable astral component. Nor have they attacked me astrally or psychically at all, despite all i've been doing to them. This is their home realm, this area around here.

    Both species seem to have the same energy signature, and both are weakened by the anti-Draco program.
    BTW, as i type this at 7:30pm on the 12th, the Drac fleet is a bit further above the red dot on the big map. I think that is homeward, but i'm too astronomically illiterate to tell from the big map whether they are indeed headed for Gemini, or whether they were originally headed for Earth.
    Aside from the fact that interpreting such things from a 2D map might not be entirely straightforward for anyone.
    Also yesterday, i noticed that the Nordics were not hitting me quite as much, and that Dia was taking up the slack and hitting me pretty hard.
    Then last night another Arcturan messenger came by; the focus was shifting to Dia1. It appears that Darpa1 is now stomped! And if i'm right, that was our major source of reptilian problems. I am happy, to say the least.

    In Oxley, things are likewise getting cleaned up. The Gek-sit are long gone, and there are just a couple hundred thousand Arcturans, Pleiadians, Oyu reptilians, etc. polishing off the last dregs of the Delk.

    Jehovah came by a couple nights ago. I actually saw his face, and it looked haggard and stressed. He needed a break. He'd been fighting hard so long. So now he's taking a rest. Never thought i'd see the day. He fights really hard.
    I have never been able to find implants in or dowse a healing freq for Jehovah, and i still can't. But 40 Sakudas are helping him. They have some abilities that his unicorns don't, and are great healers, i recently realized.
    I scanned the other big-name dudes, and they all seem to be in good shape still, except Jesus also is flagging. He has been fighting practically non-stop since he started in on those Codok octopi many, many months ago. But he doesn't want to rest yet.

    (5:20pm) Extremely odd. I checked on those 666 weird ones in Alberta, and found them doing remote work. I tracked down the target, and it is here in Chesapeake, VA. Just on the south side of the eastmost house. In the yard. What's going on? Possibly someone has a real great chem-buster they're trying to hijack. But i suspect it's up to the task. Must be important. I'm doing a remote boost under the CB.

    (8:20pm) Interesting. Thanks for blasting. Flushed up a Fi octopus hive at 226' depth right in the center of this map.

    Feb. 14, '09: (9:20pm) I strongly suspect those 666 dudes are psi-eunuchs after what we did to them the first time.

    I just found a spot in Cameroon that houses a dangerous Chinese AI device, as nearly as i can make out. That small dark building in the center. 66 Chinese guys in there, non-Satanist but evil.

    Feb. 15, '09: (7:30am) During the night we rounded up the rest of the Dia1 repts, apparently. Surprisingly, the Nordics did not pick up the slack. The Fi have been the only ones attacking me this morning. But the military focus has moved on to the short greys still left in the grey hive.

    Also during the night i uncovered a not-so-new base in Antarctica. It had a bunch of shielding to hide the DOR. It's the southmost one in this pic about 2 miles down. Humans, but i'm not picking up on a nationality.

    Feb. 16, '09: (2:15am) That Fi hive, again, is here, scattered around the central part of the pic. They are still being aggressive.

    Less urgent, there is something funny going on here right by the city center of Elko, NV. The way i found this (as well as the active Antarctican base) is by searching for shielding itself, then dissolving that enough to get some info. So here i have a location, just on the NE side of that red roof. I guess there's another building there, but it's hard to make out. Due to the shielding, i haven't yet gotten an impression of which agency or how many people.

    (8:35am) OK, i'm about to head out for another hard-hitting gifting run (as if i had nothing at all more important to do) and the Fi are very upset about this. Gimme some cover for the next couple hours if you can.

    (1:45pm) The girls had invited me (astrally) to come down and visit them today. I figured even of they are in some parallel realm, they are a real energy phenomenon in ours, and it would be great to gift the area down there and between here and there, to complement their hard work.

    I headed south, the skies about halfway whited out with chem (but that mostly cleared up later). Esoij was with me in the astral. The other 18 girls were doing Earth work. They and i were getting hammered by Fi. Then, 8K of my girls started giving us cover. That took care of most of the problem.
    I kind of looped around their place, gifting, then zeroed in on the house. I kind of hoped Esoij would be outside physically to greet me, but nope, no tall young black girl with dreadlocks down to her butt to smilingly wave me into the driveway. Or anything like that. No evidence of the new construction that supposedly had been going on. The haybarn was still wide open and full of hay. Obviously it wasn't happening here, at least not in my 3D.
    And as i had been approaching, i noticed i could no longer feel the girls doing Earth work. Or feel Esoij. And Esoij has a very strong presence, normally. Later i realized i couldn't feel any of my girls or allies anywhere, nor the bad guys fighting anywhere. Like the whole delusion had gone poof, hook, line, and sinker.
    But i knew things weren't that simple. I drove back by a slightly different route, doing more gifting.
    It wasn't until i was about halfway home, putting more ice cube trays into my basket at the Clinton Walmart, that i could feel Esoij again, weakly. Then as i walked back to my vehicle, i could feel Fi starting to hit me a bit.
    This is the area i hit: from Leslie to Clinton to Scotland to Cleveland to Center Ridge to Austin to Choctaw and back. You'll notice that my place which is 3 miles west of Leslie is about due north of Center Ridge. Back in the days of high DOR, i would quite often notice that the bad guys would like to make strong lines of DOR going exactly north-south, for some reason. So maybe it is a good idea to do the same with positive orgone.

    Now i can feel the allies and bad guys again, but not the 18 girls.

    (5:15pm) Cheap quartz:
    This time of year one can buy a big bag of "Arkansas River Rock" at Walmart garden centers for $4. Since Arkansas is so quartzy, this is mostly white quartzite. I consider the quality decent enough for most programs, and for putting in TBs, etc.

    One can have The Committee program the whole sack and just use the rocks as tossing gifts or whatever. Or if you are unsure of doing this, you can email me and i'll see you get the programming. One can choose from such goodies as the soprano pgms, the Right Whale pgm, the Arcturan anti-evil pgm, etc. or just turn The Committee loose to make their own blend of pgms. That's what i usually do. Also there are 2 new "sacred geometry" programs available that have great energy. I will put the details about these into OTB 27c within a few days. They are called the Infinitude pgm and the SacredG pgm.
    Another thing one can do is toss the rocks unprogrammed, then have The Committee program them in place. There are ways they can tweak the rocks to optimize them for the locations they end up in. If you go that route, you could photograph the bags first, then send me the pics if you want to be assured that those rocks get programmed.
    This is an unlimited offer. You can do this with as many bags as you want.

    Feb. 17, '09: (10am) Now here's something so weird i don't think i'll even put it on my OTB.
    Several days ago i became aware of some 7D beings named Yejkusti who are supposedly incarnate here, and among the "families that are supposed to be moving to the region" that i mentioned the 13th. But of course they are probably in some twilight zone we can't shake hands in.
    As near as i could figure out, they are proponents of some Mystery School or the like, but much better than the corrupted ones we may be familiar with. Much more effective stuff, and no evil infiltration. I don't understand much about it, but had the impression they were interested in making a school with a classroom to teach their stuff.
    Anyway, last night i asked The Committee to get in touch with them, because i sensed they had some programs we could use. This morning 3 programs had been written, and i had them installed in these Walmart crystals. I do not know what they do or how to use them, other then keeping them in my left pocket for now.
    For what it's worth. This might not be for everyone.
    This is the size of the programs. One set per person. Not sure if just anyone can get a download of these, but i suspect if you feel moved to, then you can.

    Feb. 18, '09: (5:30pm) Wow, 19 downloads so far! I am heartened that there are a few fellow weirdos out there.
    It might be best not to always carry the rox or have them nearby. I have a feeling that your energy system may need to be away from them sometimes to properly adjust. I set mine on 3 different loops of a botryoidal coil, in such a way as to promote optimum resonance.

    I still have hardly been able to detect the 18 girls. None have visited me since "the incident", which is unusual. On the map, i can feel intense energy reaching into surrounding states, apparently originating from that house where the girls aren't. Also 4K of my other girls have been helping with the project.
    Occasionally i have to nail a few nests in the area that are making DOR. Various species lately: short greys, Dia repts, Pleiadians, Lyrans, Fi.
    Fi are still hitting me often, and now Darpa lizards have resumed, too, though in much smaller quantities than before. So there still is a bit of a problem with the latter, as well as Dia. Though Dia seems to be working the underground and towers and not hitting me directly.

    I have updated OTB 27c with the info about the new geometric programs.

    Feb. 19, '09: (7:35am) For whatever reason, those attacks weakened quite a bit after i posted about them.

    It has come to my attention that those Walmart rocks are probably not yet available in many states outside AR, but should be soon. Before you make a special trip to Wartmall, you might call their garden dept. and ask if they have the Arkansas River Rock in stock yet, item # U8.

    (5:40pm) I forgot to mention, i noticed last night that Jehovah was all better and back to smacking short greys.

    If you are energy sensitive, try scanning over a map of the US or the world. If you are like me, you will feel a highly conspicuous good energy radiating from Arkansas, more specifically Center Ridge. Only a fraction of that is from my orgonite; most is from the girls, mainly the 19 (Esoij was gone when i woke up the morning after the gifting run; presumably she's been with them).
    Even though i know that energy is from their work, i have been unable to feel their energy in the usual way. Shielded, maybe. Until a few minutes ago when Lula sent me some juice. Now i can feel her crown center, but not the others'.
    And today there has been very little in the way of problems with critters DORizing the underground around the region. And it has been almost only Fi hitting me. Ceaselessly by weakly.
    Moreover (i'm not sure it's related) today has been totally clear. No chem, no clouds. Normally i would expect them to spray heavily to attempt to counteract the good energy. I wonder whether the girls have closed up this timeline to those sprayers that were coming from other timelines. But who knows what tomorrow may bring.

    The Drac fleet? Is now around the 6 of where it say M16 on the map. Actually, they seem to be at or near the dot above the 6.

    Feb. 20, '09: (7:20pm) Nice sunny, warm day today for getting things done outdoors. Absolutely no clouds or chem spotted, just contrails. Until around 3:30. I had just finished topping a storm-damaged oak, when a sprayer came by leaving a very thick but short trail. It just was not sticking.

    After it passed over, it made a turn of more than 90 degrees, and headed south (towards Center Ridge?) as depicted below right.

    Later i noticed another one coming from south to north, leaving a longer, thinner trail, but it soon vanished as well.
    Then more and more. One even left some patchy trail segments to the south-east around 5.
    By 5:30, the sky was faintly mottled with ghostlike chem, and had a sickly haze.

    Been getting some constant badgering from the Fi octopi, and Darpa repts even tickled me a few times.

    Feb. 21, '09: (6:05pm) Got around 1/10" of rain last night. When the overcast parted this morning, one could see the usual vast chem-banks. That cleared off later, but a bit more chem was then sprayed here and there, which spread some.

    Still none of the 19 girls have visited me. They uncloaked briefly yesterday when the action was slow for a while.
    I am noticing now that the energy is no longer coming from the location of the Center Ridge house exactly, but shifts around within a block or so of it.

    Got attacked by Fi all day again, with occasional weak hits from Darpa.

    I just updated OTB 29 with a freeze damage warning for exposed-bottle units.

    (6:50pm) This stuff with the Center Ridge girls has to make me wonder how many of my targets are also not quite in our 3D line. To me it doesn't make much difference in terms of them being important targets. They are energy realities.

    I thought i'd take a moment to go over the targets we've done this month, and comment on their status.
  • Fi hive of 2/4: Long terminated.
  • Delk hive of 2/5: feels clean now.
  • Fi hive in Mexico mentioned 2/5: also seems gone.
  • Rept hive of 2/5: still active, though much weakened.
  • Draco fleet of 2/6: now i feel them in the "a" of "Milky Way" on the map.
  • Pijwem octopi mentioned 2/6: still some there.
  • Neighborhood in Medicine Hat mentioned 2/7: i still feel energy there. Not quite sure what it is, but suspect it's just the charge laid on that neighborhood struggling with residual DOR. It's possible i'm missing something i can't understand. I don't think any of those 666 weird dudes are still there.
  • Chengdu, China military base of 2/7: status unchanged.
  • Fi hive in Sweden mentioned 2/8: gone, i think.
  • 3 teams of 21 psychics mentioned 2/8: still there.
  • Rip hive still there.
  • Sibbald, Alberta stuff of 2/9: still there, unchanged, but all charged up with good energy. Fairly confident these 666 guys are now useless.
  • The spot with 3 Draco computers of 2/9: not very DORy now. I believe the computers are kaput.
  • Draco base in Gemini: pretty unchanged, but i think the transceiver is still down.
  • Fi hive in Mexico of 2/9: gone.
  • Fi hive in VA of 2/13: gone. There is some strong energy happening around Chesapeake. That CB or whatever it is, is a spot of very strong good energy.
  • AI device or whatever it is in Cameroon (2/14): the Chinese are still there. Machine likely out of commission, but am unsure.
  • Antarctican base of 2/15: the people are still down there.
  • Mystery spot in Elko, NV of 2/16: this one has me baffled. I haven't figured out anything more about it. Maybe sometime when i can spare the firepower i will blast them with everything i have. I haven't been able to yank any evil human souls or Lyrans from there.
    Incidentally, the 666 guys in Alberta did not seem to have astral components. At least, i was unable to yank anything out of them.

    Feb. 22, '09: (7:15pm) Another real clear day until they chemmed it up some in the afternoon.

    A while back i was trying to figure out who was behind the Australian brush fires. I tried and tried, but all i could come up with was some 4D wolverines that felt super-wimpy. I rounded up a bunch. Just couldn't find anybody else behind them. Figured i was missing something. Maybe i am.
    I had kind of forgotten about them, but a bunch just jumped me. They do feel relatively weak, but i am wondering if perhaps they are more dangerous than they seem. Their hive is here.

    There are also good 4D wolverines all around the 6 universes, fighting on our side. These are tulpas created by my friend Jim. A different thing entirely.

    Feb. 23, '09: (6:50am) The Fi seem to have dropped out of the fighting for now, and the Darpa lizards seem less active. But i have been duking it out with those yucky wolverines.
    They do not appear to have enough horsepower to do implanting, but they are strong, steady negative telepaths (their strength probably being mostly in terms of sheer numbers), and also kind of smother me in mild but funky energy slime.

    (7:20pm) Heavy spray today. Old chem and new trails. Some of the spray was not sticking.
    Sometimes they would try the ripply stuff.

    A couple more pics from my place to day:



    By dusk, the sky was pretty much covered by real-looking fake clouds.

    Feb. 24, '09: (5:55pm) Overcast today, with some chem.

    It's been lizards all day. Dia and Darpa are, unfortunately, still stronger than i had thought.
    A little while ago, they jumped my crown super hard. I knew this meant implant time. There was some kind of mega-implant they wanted to stick in my head, but we were able to thwart that. Pitwexin is now making me an etheric weapon out of it.
    Unfortunately, they did get 3 other real strong ones in my head that don't want to leave. 40 Sakudas are working on it.

    Feb. 25, '09: (6:20pm) Right after i posted that, they were able to pop out one of the implants. The others were really anchored in somehow. I called in a bunch more allies of various species, and they worked on me for quite a while until they got those out, too. Then they all vanished back to whatever else they had to do, leaving just 4 Sakudas. And Gina showed up. She immediately started picking little implants out of my shoulder blades! Gina, a surgeon now, too? And a bunch more out of my back. And more out of my upper abs. When i woke up in the morning, she, the Sakudas, and the implants were gone.

    Today the repts have been weaker. And no-one attacked me other than the Dia and Darpa repts.

    Those 4 implants (one extremely strong one and 3 very strong ones) were designed to work together as a team. And they are. Pitwexin spent a fair bit of time reprogramming them, and now they are doing damage at Darpa.

    (8:30pm) Some exotic targets now.
    A hive of evil A Sirians here at 281' under the surface of this lagoon in Palmetto, FL.

    And some evil telepathic foxes. These are 4D brown foxes about 3X as big as the 3D ones i've seen around here. They seem to be scattered all over constellation Libra with no particular capitol.

    Feb. 26, '09: (2:10am) That Palmetto hive was very important. For a while all my resources were on it, as well as much of the alllies', e.g. 95% of the Gek-sit.
    I have not been attacked by repts or anything since we started blasting that place. I suspect that the work the Sirians were doing there was a major enabling factor for the other evil species messing with us on Earth.

    I found the DOR spot while routinely scanning the vicinity of someone who'd emailed me for help. But the illusion, to my perception, was that the DOR was coming from the level of a boat parked at the dock. However, although i could seemingly feel some DOR there, it was actually coming from entities down below. Which was what i expected to find, but could not feel.
    Yet my correspondent was able to dowse that it came from 281 or 282' below. And i think that is exactly correct; like 281'5" to the floor of the base. Extremely strong shielding. Only by blasting the spot with everything for a long time could i soften it up enough to pull some beings out of there and ID them.
    Now there is only a small crew of allies there mopping up.

    So i got to thinking of that mysterious spot in Elko, NV. There, too, there was this dubious apparency of DOR coming from the surface, yet no entities found below or elsewhere.
    But now i got the impression there was a hive at 333' below that Elko spot. I softened it up some more and bagged some Tall Whites. That hive is now under ally attack.
    Now, the tall whites just started attacking me a bit. They do not seem strong or that plentiful, but i sense that this is an important base.

    (8:25am) Interestingly, it has only been tall whites after me since i posted that. They actually were somewhat plentiful for a while there, but fewer now.

    I think this business of finding cloaked ET bases is so productive i'll have to hunt for one now and then.
    Here in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, at 594' below sea level, we have a hive of Tall Whites as well. I just started on those, and they have not hit me yet.

    (9:45am) Those TWs at the 2nd hive still haven't hit me. The others still are a bit.

    Now, we have some yellow Nordics at 333' below, not the water surface but the undersea floor, here on the west side of the Russia/US border.

    (11:50am) And another sizable cloaked Tall White hive here, at 314' below the ocean floor off the coast of Brazil.

    (2:20pm) And another big TW hive here at 325' below the ocean floor, a bit NE of NZ.

    (6:15pm) It was a warm and fairly chemmy day. I think we're going to have an early spring. Some of my daffodils are already in bloom, and some of my perennials are already budding out.

    I think i may have finally found the big cloaked hive under the area west of Knoxville, TN. Right here at 297' depth is a sizable Darpa lizard hive.

    (7:15pm) In the past i have mentioned that Plant City, FL is some weird CIA/ET mind control town, and we have nailed a mantis hive there.
    The mantises are long gone, but the area still didn't feel right. Largely because there are a bunch of 6'10" green 4D humanoids called Yulio i think at 371' depth here.

    Feb. 27, '09: (12:35pm) Apparently i have managed to offend the Tall Whites. They keep expressing disapproval. Also i've taken a few hits from Darpa. The Yulio even attacked me a little last night.

    I poured another batch of my little state-of-the-art environmental gifts yesterday, and i am sending little care packages to a few friends around the country.

    I had to do laundry in Marshall (the county seat) again today, so i took advantage of the opportunity to spread a little upliftment in the town.
    As i was starting to head back out of town, i noticed all these sylph clouds. There were more like that when i got home.
    This pic was taken in Marshall this morning.

    Also picked up some Sheridan River Rock at the Harp's grocery. This is another brand of Arkansas quartz, but cheaper than Walmart's and it has bigger rocks.

    (7:35pm) My Florida dowsing buddy noticed a few things i had missed on some of yesterday's targets:
  • I reported "Here in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, at 594' below sea level, we have a hive of Tall Whites..."
    But there is also a Fi hive at 5752.5' depth in the same spot.
  • Then "yellow Nordics at 333' below, not the water surface but the undersea floor, here on the west side of the Russia/US border."
    But there is also a Tall White hive at 322'.
  • And about Plant City "The mantises are long gone, but the area still didn't feel right. Largely because there are a bunch of 6'10" green 4D humanoids called Yulio i think at 371' depth here ."
    There are also 2 mantis hives, at 723' and 2316'.

    There were a few minor nests in the locations in addition to these.