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Loohan's blog for June, 2016

June 1, '16:

(10:50am) Haven't had any more rain, just overcast, humid weather and empty threats. Just as well; everything is still soggy enough. Overcast with more questionable threats today.

20,000 walk through Toronto in support of Israel. 20.000 what? I detect only repticlones. (Drag queen selfie.) And if there were indeed 20K, how were they able to resist filming more than a few hundred?

Swedish Government Kicks Local Family Out of Home, Gives it to Muslim Migrants. Yeah, right. These feel like ordinary humans, not repty, MPD, or TG, but they feel very bought off. Gov't agents. But i am most curious about that T-shirt. Is it common for Swedes to wear American flag shirts?
Is it a "subtle" message that we're next?

Human CIA agent, not even TG or MPD: Mary Mattingly, who produces mighty ugly "art" as well as being the figurehead behind "economically sustainable" pseudo-hip projects like Swale being promoted by the CIA. Swale means "a low or hollow place", i.e. the realm of the CIA.

Keep that cannon fodder coming, folks: Erdogan says no Muslim family should use birth control.

Jun 2, '16: (7:50pm) A reader sent in an interesting article from an "approved" source, New & Improved HAARP? That place is transmitting something tangible! It is in China (map). See also the linked page, which is also a somewhat vibin' antenna system.

I was able to get onto Spivey's site yesterday and today, after several days of being forwarded to a repty site. No mention by Spiv of the isssue, so maybe it only affected a limited number of people.
Now he has another article by John Hamer up. Hamer is his "friend" who lionizes shapeshifting satanist Freemason Hitler. But i thought he was sincere, just a bit deluded. However, now Spiv posted Hamer's pic and right away i knew something was wrong. But what? Not a rept. No blood-ritual vibe. Not a clone. Not transgender. But, has dirty Masonic vibe.

He's not promoting Hitler in this article, merely other repty agents. First this CIA repticlone drag queen Ellen Mariani who supposedly lost his female "husband" in 9/11 and "sued". And i ain't the only one fingering the creature.
Then he promotes CIA repticlone drag queen Beverley Eckert (pic). You can see him along with 3 other TG CIA repticlones in this pic posted in the article. And here is another pic of him with his obviously TG "husband".
And he bemoans that this thing "died" in a hoax crash. How can Spiv stomach to print this crap? He should know as well as anyone that almost everything in the media is crap, especially stuff like plane crashes. How many real plane crashes have ever been in the nooz?
Another "person" "killed" in this "crash" is Alison L. Des Forges, who has the "usual specifications". I'm not looking up the other "deceaseds" mentioned, but they seem pretty similar.

June 3, '16: (6:45pm) Finally got that rain they keep talking about. Started after dark last night. Got an inch.

UCLA Professor Was Reportedly Killed by a Student 'Despondent About His Grades'. The guy in top pic is male CIA repticlone. The lower pic is of a FTM TG. The "victim" (who does feel gone) looks like an FTM and his pic has a repty vibe.

June 4, '16: (6:25pm) Check the cute human Masons-in-training.

Got another good rain today, and more supposedly will arrive tonight. Exceptionally humid lately.

I was watching a vid yesterday by a flat-earther who nonetheless has many valuable insights, and was struck by this pic. Something odd about these "people". No trannies, but they are all fake humans. I described their specific type in my Doubles page, about 3/4 down, paragraph starting with As if that wasn't enough, there is yet another type of double that seems just like a soulless Earthling. The Dec2014 Program works on them some.
Also i found at least one other such group, allegedly at India's Bharti Research Station in Antarctica. Are these creatures actually in Antarctica, or is that just a hoax? I am blasting them with that pgm, and it does not feel like they are in Antarctica.

Now, the video maker does not believe any of this is happening in Antarctica, but in my Sep 2015 blog, on Sep 8, i wrote
Antarcticlones: i was watching this vid and i noticed that there are presently 92 clones in the Neumayer Station (Wikipedia). The guys out front are clones. I don't know what the UFO in the vid is but it seems positive.

These clones are real comfy in their DORy little refuge, with no orgonite anywhere around. It would probably ruin their whole day if the station were filled with positive energy.
Well, those same clones are still there. And they do feel like they are where they are claimed to be.

Bad news about ConstitutionLost, the guy i have written about in the past who was imprisoned in Galveston for 2 years for gifting orgonite. I last mentioned him April 21, recommending people buy his products. I also put a note on my ordering page to deflect buyers onto him (which i just removed).
I dunno what they did to his mind in prison. We got all the satanist werewolves and SSers killed off, and i worked the area around the prison quite a bit to get rid of DORy stuff, but i could not get the allies to do more for him.

He seems nutty now. His latest vid is offering huge pyramids for big bucks that he makes outrageous claims for (but he does assert a money-back guarantee). Problem is, it feels like garbage compared to his other stuff. All his other stuff i have seen is a perfect 10, truly exceptional for someone who does not use our free programs. The new pyramid is a 4.
The guy was brilliant but they messed him up. He raves that if you dump loads of salt in your orgonite, it will have amazing chem-clearing power (but he doesn't show this).
Also he will not respond to my communications, even a paypal donation.

June 5, '16: (8:15pm) Got another inch of rain last night.

So, Muhammad Ali is dead. Except he ain't.
"He" is a female human with no blood-ritual vibe. Being naive, i never suspected what a TG Masonic hoax he was, until i watched this vid.
Vid doesn't mention that Ali's a she who only married trannies. A link which depicts them all but will likely throw ad windows at you, is here. Also, he was probably more than 1 she. Young girl who i think is dead. Recent pic of hag that is still alive.
Sinny Liston has already been outed as a tranny.

June 6, '16: (7:25am) Now we are supposed to have many days of hot, dry weather. My squash, tomatoes, and cantaloupes should love it.

Muhammad Ali the counter-culture hero: Muhammad Ali Risked It All When He Opposed The Vietnam War. Yeah, yeah.

All this reminds me of a historic boxer named Jack Johnson, It must have been Winter '05, staying in a motel coming back from visiting my parents, that i watched a special about him on TV. The guy had amazing grace and style in his boxing, and seemed like a likeable guy, except for brutally beating up on his women, who were mostly white prostitutes he'd met in brothels. Back then i took any TV history show pretty much at face value.

Some months later i got sensitive in terms of being able to feel demonic energy and blood-ritual satanists. This is when i realized his wives were all satanists. But i assumed they merely had been satanist hookers working away when he met them.
Of course later, i realized they were also SSers, and later still, i realized the whole thing was most likely a psyop with actors. And then later still, i realized his wives were likely all drag queens, too, and looked up pics. Sure 'nuff.

You see, back then, for a black man to consort with and even beat white women, even hookers, was highly risky and controversial. Plus, he fought white men in the ring and usually whipped them.

Wikipedia says
Johnson was married three times. All of his wives were white, a fact that caused considerable controversy at the time. At the height of his career, the outspoken Johnson was excoriated by the press for his flashy lifestyle and for having married white women.[53]

In January 1911, Johnson married Etta Terry Duryea. A Brooklyn socialite and former wife of Clarence Duryea, she met Johnson at a car race in 1909. Their romantic involvement was very turbulent. Suffering from severe depression, she committed suicide in September 1912, shooting herself with a revolver.[54][55]

Less than three months later, on December 4, 1912, Johnson married Lucille Cameron. After Johnson married Cameron, two ministers in the South recommended that Johnson be lynched. Cameron divorced him in 1924 because of infidelity.

The next year, Johnson married Irene Pineau. When asked by a reporter at Johnson's funeral what she had loved about him, she replied, "I loved him because of his courage. He faced the world unafraid. There wasn't anybody or anything he feared."[54]

Johnson had no children.
Was he TG himself? Quite possibly, but it's hard for me to tell from the pics.
As an aside, when i was looking for pics, i stumbled across one of Joe Louis, and was struck by the narrowness and slope of "his" shoulders.

(10:30am) Gotta print that money to pay for cannon fodder: People in Japan are being paid to have babies, and it seems to be working.

Another freaky human-looking ET who was attacking someone with black magic. Don't think we have encountered this variety before. There are various races of white, human-looking ETs on Earth who are not repty nor werewolves, yet have the same "culture".
Since last night, many of our allies have been dealing with this particular variety, which is all over the universe. They all feel like blood-drinkers.

"She" is in Ecuador. Pardon the misspelling on the pic.

(12:10pm) Just found Muhammed Ali in a U base under Glenwood Landing, NY 11547.
Another article about some of the hoaxes he or she was involved in.
If you look at the 1996 pic of him, doesn't the jaw look funny? Like he had a chin implant that made his jawline concave in part. Then the next pic, 1998, shows a different actor. I suspect the original died somehow, possibly after becoming hard to manage (just speculating), in the interim.

June 7, '16: (7:35am) Woops, i misunderstood. That ET tranny i posted a pic of yesterday resides in Barcelona, Not Ecuador. And is a faux vegetarian -- FB page.

Last Aug 8 i mentioned about the infiltration of Falun Gong by SSers. Someone just sent me this article Founder of Falun Gong Addresses Conference of Nearly 10,000 in New York. The authors are both MTF TG repticlones (their pics are linked at top of article) and the article flaunts pics of 4 drag queens, the first of which is also a repticlone. Plus they put a drag queen repticlone ad in the right column.
Li Hongzhi is still ensouled.

Hoax: Stanford Swimmer Who Raped Unconscious Woman Gets Remarkably Short Sentence.
Brock Allen Turner, 20, who was discovered raping an unconscious woman on the Stanford University campus in January 2015, got sentenced to six months in jail because a longer sentence would have had a 'severe impact on him', according to the judge.
Check out the androgyny factor: article with pic. Actually, neither he nor his "parents" are trannies. They are still CIA repticlones, though.
See how they pose him with a small-mouthed girly look? Also, that pointy chin looks suspicious. I think they stuck in an implant to make him look girlish. Guys don't have chins like that.

(9:05am) CIA repticlone Muslim Invader Says He Hates Germany But Will Stay & Loves The Free Stuff.

Divide and conquer humans with bullshit: VIDEO: "Protesters" With "We Need Socialism" Signs Viciously Attack Pro-Trump Hispanics. Although i have a suspicion the socialists are backed by Soros or something.
Yeah. get humans to pointlessly fight each other over which CIA clone tranny puppet becomes their impotent figurehead. You will never affect the national status quo with elections.

Hoax or true story? Censored Images from Venezuela Reveal Economic Collapse is Only for the Poor. Seems totally believable, but i will point out that they admit the repticlone guy is Basque (all Basques are SSers) and also none of the pics show legible labels on the goods. Presumably because they are in the wrong language.

Gasp! CIA warns that Propaganda Bill In Congress Could Give America Its Very Own Ministry Of Truth. "As with any legislation attempting to dodge the public spotlight, however, the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016 marks a further curtailment of press freedom and another avenue to stultify avenues of accurate information." They sure know how to pour on the BS. Golly, let's hope that the good CIA repticlone trannies in Congress will vote down this nightmarish bill which would compromise the integrity of our free press.

This morning i found a new black snake sunning itself. Video. Very skittish. Eenia is working with her. Getting freaky vibes because this snake seems to know stuff about some nasty ETs.

(11:15am) Yep, Spivey's site is really going downhill. Today's article, The Winds of War by occultist Mason Hamer, is just another cookie-cutter anti-Zio piece, which, although containing a fair bit of truth, says nothing that a zillion CIA/Mossad/Tavistock etc websites are aren't saying.

Also i suspect Spiv is infiltrated administratively. Someone able to influence the administration of the forum and possibly Spiv's emails. Not Dogman, who is ensouled and seems OK, but someone else. I sense a repticlone agent somewhere.

(9:05pm) MPD CIA human clone: Mark Scott Meihofer, Man Who Allegedly Kidnapped, Sexually Assaulted 7-Year-Old Girl. There is a Marie Cooney with a prostate mentioned in the article. I think that would be this guy. Then there is a Whitney Blessing CIA repticlone tranny. Jessica Driscoll is not TG or repty, but is a CIA MPD human clone as well.

Had an unusual amount of demon activity today. Attacks had dwindled on a lot on people lately. Last weekend, i again got no demons channeled by the usual drive-by agents. But this afternoon i was working outside in the hot son (we're getting highs in the 90s lately), and lots of species kept attacking my heart. Probably at least 1000 species deleted. Reminds me of a decade ago, when every time i climbed up a hill, demons would attack my heart, apparently hoping to cause a heart attack or something. But it has been several decades since i ate margarine or Crisco, so my heart's in good shape.
Also some other TIs i monitor had larger quantities of species attacking them than they did for the last few days.

And i got another awesome demon-busting snake ally, i call her Angie. Apparently she and Fred (my other snake pal) and probably (i think i sense a couple) other black snakes are living in my crawl space, feeding on mice and crickets when they are not hunting outside. Angie is skittish though: video.

june 10, '16: (6pm) Cutting edge science article: Total Gender Change within a Decade.

Another CIA human shill that i previously thought was sincere but relatively uninteresting (so i am not familiar with his stuff, hardly) is Mark Passio. When i checked him out previously, i neglected to check for MPD. He is MPD of course.

CIA proprietary: Woodhouse Auto Family. All these locations have DOR transmitters which we will neutralize. Also, they supply loaner vehicles to gang stalkers! A reader wrote "A lot of stalkers have Woodhouse dealership advertising tags on them with no temp or real tags. Don't see how these aggressive or retarded driving idiots can test drive at 3am."

June 13, '16: (3:20pm) Got a brief rain shower yesterday, and now getting another one.

Brother-in-Law of Nightclub Killer Hates Trump, Works With "Refugees". CIA repticlone working for a totally repty company.
And what about the "killer" Omar Mateen (pic)? I get no vibe, but note that although he looks masculine, none of his pics show an Adam's apple, and his brow and forehead look feminine. I have not yet found a pic of this former Fort Pierce police officer Daniel Gilroy.
The "victims" all seem like MPD CIA humans. Most or all of them were put in a U base in Longwood, FL for convenient disposal.

Two Average CIA Repticlones from Boston Just Found the Black Box of a Plane That Crashed in Bolivia 31 Years Ago.

Devilishly delicious: Popular New Jet-Black Ice-Cream Is Made with Coconut Ash and Masonic affirmations.

Man found with weapons before L.A. pride parade has history of gun charges, records show. MPD CIA human clone.

(6:05pm) Hardly got any rain yet.

Fed's Investigation into N.J. Governor Chris Christie Snares an Innocent Man? First off, let me say that i feel the team at US-Observer are great people, and not knowingly parties to any hoax. However, there are a number of oddities about this tale, including but limited to:
  • Lucas (who was a human TG: pic) was never in prison. We just nailed her in a U base in Montreal. There is a pic in the article of her TG "family".
  • Gov. Christie is a human TG and a CIA asset, and highly unlikely to be targeted by the FBI.
  • The atty who supposedly dogged Christie is also a TG human (but clone).
  • Robert Schroeder is a TG CIA repticlone (pic; check that forehead, brow).
  • John Clabby is a CIA repticlone.
  • Robert Janowski (pic) and Wendi Janowski (pic) are TG CIA repticlones.
Woops! Looks like they fell for another hoax: Tax Court Judge Diane Kroupa Indicted for Tax Evasion. Er, this is an obvious drag queen, aside from being a CIA repticlone. There is no mention of his "husband" Robert (Bob) Fackler, on google except for this article and 1 newspaper article. There are pics of several Robert (Bob) Facklers but they are different obituaries. But i sense no prostate in Kroupa's hubby.

And the US-Observer had a run-in with "patriotic" CIA drag queen Deborah Swan, over a hoax involving Charles Alan Dyer, a TG with a TG family you can see a pic of at this article Charles Alan Dyer Innocent Oklahoma Marine Still in Prison.
The CIA is spamming US Observer with hoaxes to tie up their time, i guess.

June 15, '16: (7am) Extremely humid and muggy lately. I had to run A/C all night, and it's still in the 80s out. More hot weather and slight rain chances for a while.

Beeswax orgonite: People sometimes ask me about this; whether it is a good idea. I have never made any, but good orgonite can be made with beeswax. The best i've seen is on this Italian site. The guy even gives instructions on making it.
He leaves out the programming part, which is done by his higher selves. His products are excellent but without the programming would not be. The programming is not anti-evil but just a rich, mellow, harmonizing orgone.
I think Committee programs will go into solidifying beeswax about just as well as they do resin, and you don't necessarily have to add metal or stone.

The Pink Pistols:
...homosexuals should embark on organized efforts to become comfortable with guns, learn to use them safely and carry them.
Sounds like a plan. I'm all in favor of independent non-governmental LGBTs being able to defend themselves if attacked for no good reason. But of course, this is just another CIA group. The honcho, Dr. Gwendolyn Patton, is, of course, a drag queen, but also a CIA repticlone.
"I say again, GUNS did not do this," she added. "A human being did this, a dead human being."
Why you disgusting liar. You know damn well that nothing was done but a hoax skit, and that non-humans engineered it. And you are an impostor non-human replacement for a dead reptile.

Looks to me like they may have used the same "shooter" for both the French police "killing" and the Orlando op. I think if you added a beard to Omar and tweaked a few things in a graphics pgm, you have the same guy. They both feel like non-entities, but i bet they are the same non-entity, with the same face in order to leave a steaming pile of evidence for people to willfully ignore and thus become complicit with the crimes.

(11:30am) Hmmmm... now i am getting a slight funky vibe off of Larossi/Omar. I think he is alive somewhere after all. No repty or MPD vibe, though. It does feel like the 2 are one.

CIA Repticlone "Admits": Killing Gays is a Belief Held by 'Moderate Muslims'.

Blatant lie: Mark Zuckerberg Denies Being a Secret Lizard Person. If she said that, it was many years ago, as this CIA repticlone replaced the deceased reptile Suckerberg years ago.
TG, although apparently a long regimen of "supplements" has given her some male features.

The CIA has more agents than you can shake a stick at. If they're not non-humans, then they are usually still TG/MPD/Masons. If they are none of those, they can still be CIA (or of similar agencies) but usually need to be well-paid with funny-money.

This guy Polarization Nation (whom i only discovered last night, and who has an interesting YT channel as well as some Vimeo stuff) has outed youtuber RussianVids. I have "Liked" several of the latter's vids, which i am fixin' to Unlike. He actually had some good info i had not seen before.
I had never seen a pic of ol' Russ before. Sometimes it takes a pic to feel and trace the evil energy. And this pic (captured from the vid) does have evil energy, which traces straight to Vatican Jesuit repticlones.
He doesn't even work for their subsidiary, the CIA.

June 16, '16: (1:15pm) A bit hot for this early in the season. Wunderground reported that it got to 100 around here yesterday. It probably did not get quite that high at my altitude, but the downside is it also doesn't cool off nearly as much at night at my altitude. So i've been having to keep the A/C on all the time. At least i got A/C unlike pre-2012.

LOL, those wacky CIAnspiracy theorists: Father of Orlando Shooter is Long-time CIA Asset. Well, imagine that.

U.S. Resettled Nearly Three Quarters of a Million Migrants from Countries that Execute Gays. Dunno how much truth there is to these stats, but this looks like another weird scammy manipulation. Those naughty countries are led by the same pederast gay/bi/TG repticlones as ours.

Saw my good friend Fred again this morning, for the first time in weeks.
He slithered off into the woods for breakfast.

(9:35pm) They say it got up to 100 again today. But it's supposed to be a bit cooler the next few days.

TRANNY TROOPS IN LIMBO AS PENTAGON DEBATES POLICY. It seems there are hordes of TGs craving to become cannon fodder. Actually, my observation is that, if you eliminate the agents, there really are very few trannies around. And i doubt many of those want to fight dirty wars. There is a psyop that a significant % of the population is TG, but that actually only applies to agents.

More conspiracy theories from the CIA: CONFIRMED: FBI Introduced Florida Shooter to "Informants". I didn't bother reading it. Because the whole purpose of this stuff is to waste your time and tangle up your brain with BS.

And while we're at it, let's have our friends in Mossad add to the complexity: Orlando gunman's wife has Palestinian roots, was married before in West Bank.

Heehee, No plaques, plenty of pig stomachs, in Donald Trump's ancestral German village. And plenty of trannies.

CIA proprietary corporation involved in gang-stalking among other nice things: PI Group.
They even do good deeds for tax write-offs, such as awarding scholarships to promising, young repticlone future spooks.
And if you happen to be a hideous, grossly obvious drag queen, this is no impediment. Equal opportunity. For every non-TG we support one TG.

June 17, '16: (5:15pm) It actually cooled down this morning around 9am for a couple hours (77 F) along with a lite thindershower. Then it turned oppressively hot and muggy again.

This LIVE male CIA human has "died" twice recently: Lancaster PD: Boyfriend killed mom of 5 in murder-suicide, and Desoto teen accused of shooting parents in their sleep.
They flaunt it on purpose! They could have, at the very least, depilated that hair on either side of his forehead (caused by female hormones) for one of the roles. But they did not.

(5:50pm) Someone wrote me about plasterite. I was surprised because it actually feels pretty good (pics). Unlike cemenite.
It requires plaster of Paris, water, and sand. No metal. Stones optional. I have not made any yet, but plaster is on my shopping list. My guidance is to use bionized sand and a bit of turmeric. I think the plaster will take some programming.
This should be great for people in countries where resin is very expensive.
Some people have made resin CBs with a plasterite core, i understand. And they feel pretty good.

June 19, '16: (8am) Wunderground said it got up to 98 on the 17th. The following 2 days have been cooler, 90-ish. Now it's supposed to get into the 90s every day for the foreseeable future.
All my lettuce bolted a couple days ago.

Antigo Prom hoax: The "victims" are CIA human clones, as are the 3 staff and students posing halfway down the page. None of these feel MPD nor seem TG. This is a bit uncommon for a human clone actor. Very strange. Thought i better check out this school more.
The District Administrator is an obvious MTF TG, and also a CIA repticlone. Couldn't find more pics of staff at the district or the high school.
There is at least 1 human clone among the HS staff; i was just wondering if this area had a pocket of them, since some of the students are human clones.
This douchebag "victim" with the cool t-shirt is a FTM CIA repticlone.

June 21, '16: (11:20am) Survived the solstice full moon just fine. Seemed to be a dearth of negative energy.

Lately i have sometimes been getting a transhuman vibe off of a few CIA human clones. I mentioned this regarding a couple tranny hoax actors on the forum. And here is one who is not TG: Filmmaker and Author William Brandon Shanley. Very MPD human clone. And has "transhuman vibe" though i dunno what that means specifically.

June 22, '16: (8:15am) Reportedly got to 99 yesterday. The heat of summer arrived early this year. Hope it relents sometime before October. It's not cooling down enough at night for my tastes.

Another MPD CIA human clone: Nadia Murad, "Freed Yazidi Sex Slave". Again, i get a nagging "transhuman vibe", but in this case, not so much off Nadia as the Nato base under Silistra, Bulgaria where she was hatched. Much more serious transhuman work was being done there. Altho again, i get no details and don't really know why i get a vibe even,

Odd CIA op in Kansas City. I found a very DORy site on the map. Looks like a construction site but is marked US Higher Education Office, and further clarified(?) as a Federal Courthouse. ?!? If you search "US Higher Education Office", you find no website for them. But the google map provides a link to a CIA outfit called Higher Impact. Nothing but CIA repticlones on this site, many of them TG like the BOD.

(9:35pm) Anonymous Launches Campaign to End Media Blackout of Male CIA Synthetic Jill Stein.

Another phony group: Global Witness. Note the pimply drag queen at the top.
The CEO is a TG CIA repticlone.
The BOD: 6 more CIA repticlones, 4 of which are TG. More repticlone scum on the Advisory Board.

Is something wrong with my computer, or is the CIA even more baldly mendacious? WATCH: CALAIS MIGRANTS RIOT, CHANT “F**K THE UK,” DEMAND ACCESS TO BRITAIN. What does the block-letter title have to do with the content? Did i miss something? I only detect 2 vids on this page, and WATCHed them both. The first is a short loop that seemlessly repeats itself and shows only a handful of "migrants". The 2nd only shows a couple of them. I heard no chanting. Perhaps i need a hearing aid.
The article does say "Another video uploaded to the Les Calaisiens en Colere Facebook group last week shows migrants running into the road and attempting to block oncoming traffic with cones." But since this article is entitled the way it is, you would think they would embed it, or, at the very least, link to it. I found it and watched the 1st couple minutes before getting bored. It is 15 minutes long and no way to fast-forward through it. I did see 3-4 "migrants" scurrying along the roof of a truck.

Amazingly repty street scene vid: Pattaya Girls Walking Street - Thailand Nightlife 2014. I didn't actually watch the vid except some parts. Almost everyone in here is a repticlone! Back when it was taken, many were the original SSers who are now dead and replaced. But this is where their head is at.
Walking Street is part of the city of Pattaya, Thailand. It is a tourist attraction that draws foreigners and Thai nationals, primarily for the night life. It is a red-light district[1] with many go-go bars and brothels.
June 24, '16: (7pm) It supposedly got to 100 again yesterday. There were rain chances the past 24 hours, but they all passed to the north. A bit cooler today. Just now, started getting strong rain! Which is needed after this heat wave. But the radar map suggests it will pass right over.

I have seen several road-runners around this year; much more than usual. At 10:30am i opened my front door and 2 of them scattered away. All the ones i've seen this year were ensouled and jailing demons.

Disgusting CIA repticlone: JP Sears of Inner Awakenings.

June 25, '16: (6:50am) Got 0.4" last night, which was about 4X what i expected.

PrisonPlanet and DavidIcke are largely about Brexit today. Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit.
"Brexit: Dawn of a Populist Uprising". Trump on Brexit: "Basically, they took back their county." "Globalist Bankers Sent Into Mass Panic Over Brexit". "John Lennon - Power To The People". "The Brexit Vote. What Does it Mean? Hopefully, a Breakup of the EU and NATO, the Avoidance of World War III". "Brexit and Jewish Oligarchy".
Yessir, i am highly optimistic that the oligarchs have lost all control now. Even their media has run away from them. Just proves the power of democracy and voting. The times they are a-changing.

(7:55pm) Mind-blowingly absurd CIA BS:
The New World Order plan to impose bankster-driven global tyranny took a huge hit Friday morning as news of the Brexit victory stunned markets, political leaders and pundits.
They obviously hadn't planned on this.
If you have any intelligence at all, the CIA will insult it.

OK, some good news that will have much more impact on our lives than any staged Brexit: plasterite. Especially if you make it with our new program, the Plaster Program which only works for curing plaster. Here is the first such unit made by a friend in Brazil. It contains only plaster of Paris, sand, and water. And here depicted to the right is my first unit with the program. It contains only plaster of Paris, water, construction-grade sand from the hardware store, some bionized sand, some bionized quartzites, and a couple tbs of turmeric.
The sand and stones get programmed with various of our other programs, including demon-jailing pgms. This cone contains 2K+ jailer pgms. Diego's cylinder has 1800+.

The Plaster Program is remarkable in that it tears into demon types which hide from our other programs. And it seems to make the plasterite feel much more like orgonite. Highly recommended, especially for anyone having issues with negative hyperdimensional entities.

This stuff is very easy to work with. Use no metal. Use a flexible plastic or silicone mold. You can make the unit as big as you like in one pour with no overheating, and no noxious, toxic fumes. The materials are cheap and widely available. Don't ask me to make one for you, make it yourself! If you are not sure you are connected with The Committee for programming, email me before you pour. And try to refrain from putting in a lot of fancy exotic stones, because they will probably be wasted! So far i have not been guided to put in anything fancier than quartzite river rock. The programs are that good. And actually you don't even need rocks. You can bionize the sand or some of it, but that is not necessary.
I will be writing an OTB on this subject soon.

June 26, '16: (5:05pm) Wunderground says it got to 102 today. Some chances of small rain later.

This weekend, the drive-by stalkers were back to attacking me at work. Much more today than yesterday. Today it seemed like about half the traffic was werewolf and MIB clones, and all of them were channeling the energies of multiple weak demon species at me, each of which quickly gets deleted.
Also last night i had more interference with my sleep than usual. Somebody does not like this new Plasterite Program.

A few days ago a reader told me she had been "attacked" by Crowley Thoth Tarot cards, just from a superficial pulling of a card and reading it. I realized the deck was still stuffed with ancient, sophisticated black magic. We spent days clearing it but it's still dirty! and needs more work. Images.

(8:45pm) My music icons are crumbling down. I just updated the Sep 2012 blog, Sep 28 entry with some more notes on Hendrix, Pink Floyd, etc.
Also i noticed my beloved Wilson "sisters" (of Heart) are drag queens.

June 27, '16: (5pm) They're everywhere. I drove down to Conway today for the first time in a long time. Noticed that most of the repticlones in billboards along the way are TG.
Went in the Tractor Supply store. I saw 5 employees, and all were MPD TG human clone Freemasons! 3 FTMs and 2 MTFs.
Then i went into Lowes and noted there too, one MPD TG human clone Freemason.

Also recently i looked at a Tractor Supply glossy newspaper insert, and it had human TGs depicted. Let's check out at the corporate execs. Note pic of 3 lower-echelon MPD human clone TG Masons at top. Honchos are not depicted, but they dowse as more of the same.
I have been in a couple other Tractor Supply stores that had normal humans instead. What i think is going on is that anyone can buy a franchise, but some stores are run top-down by the head office. And all corporate staff seem to be composed entirely of these MPD TG clones.
That's one way to run a tight ship.
[Update: a year later i went back to that same store and realized something else: on top of everything else, they are Egyptoid, too!]

Slept much better last night, and have hardly had attacks today. Cooler today.

June 28, '16: (6:50pm) Still no rain, just some faint drizzle last night. It did cool down overnight, though. Wunderground reports it got to 99 today.

BREAKING: Official Set to Testify Against Hillary Found Dead. Ashe is not repty nor TG. Just an MPD human clone, but also a Mason who is into blood-rituals, cannibalism, etc.
Alive somewhere.

NSA TG repticlone: Lee Carroll AKA Kryon.

CIA website worth avoiding: On this page there's even an animated tranny gif (all 3 creatures are girls) as well as a picture of an Egyptian drag queen.

"Three Palestinian dentists, a nurse and one other man were arrested for allegedly carrying out a pipe bomb attack that seriously injured an IDF officer at the entrance to the Palestinian village of Hizme last month, the Shin Bet security service revealed Sunday." At least, no trannies. They used one (1) Mossad repticlone to take these 5 pics. And he was in a U base when i opened the article. They mock humans with this fairly obvious stuff.

June 29, '16: (7:55pm) Wunderground says it got to 96 today, and i believe it. Then, late afternoon, got a cool front and ~0.2" of rain.

Duh. Just realized the Tsarnaev's, including their "mother" are human clones; have been all along. So is the guy with the broken nose, supposedly MMA guy friend, as well as other actors around them. They don't have an MPD or Freemason vibe, though.

Another faux youtube truther: Kim Hoaxashian. At a quick glance, he seems to be promoting Jo Cox as a "Hero Who DIED FOR HER [sic] VIEWS", and CIA repticlone Jim Fetzer, CIA SSer George Carlin, etc.
Aside from which, he is a CIA SHer.
Er, was. Before i got around to posting this, he went underground. We'll see what he gets replaced as. I don't think they are making more SHers, but maybe they will try to confuse me. Most likely he will come back as a repticlone.

[Update July 1: yes, a repticlone.]