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Loohan's blog for June, 2017

June 1, 2017: (12:15pm) Yesterday those Chungoids (see yesterday's post) not only attacked me from U bases worldwide, but also summoned bunches of demons from all over Canada, etc. to attack me. I thought it quite strange that an artificial life-form had such abilities.
Joe also upgraded his setup more, and i have been blasting Chungoids with a bunch of stuff that previously was addressing WWs (and priorly to that, the Hive Mind).

But now i just found a bunch hitting me from space.
And i realized, i don't think these are artificial creations after all! I just assumed that due to their lack of vibe. This must be another type of somewhat common ET, which works with the usual suspects. They just avoided discovery heretofore due to their ability to hide their vibe.
However, that does not explain why Chung still has no gender vibe.

Muslim robe-wearing man stabs customer buying beer in Paris supermarket (VIDEO). Fortunately, the terrorist was incredibly inept at handling a knife. Slow the video down to 1/4 speed. He has no business attacking strangers in the street if that's the best he can do. The Sharia Enforcement Association really needs to train their operatives better at knife-fighting.

June 2, '17: (8:50am) After i posted last, the entire universe was "hot" with these ETs.
Also found lots more U bases. And this morning as i was posting about this Mossad creature, she was in a hugely sprawled U base area centered around the Gulf of Aqaba, which contained not only CIA, Mossad, WWs, etc but also lots of Chungoids over a wide area of around 150 mile radius. In fact this area was predominantly colonized by the formerly-vibeless Chungoids, which is why it was not previously discovered.
(Vibeless at least to me and my allies; lucky thing Joe could feel something.)

New must-see CIA flick coming out: The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed 7-Day Docuseries Begins June 7th. I can guess what plant this might be about.
Three CIA repticlones on the splash image.

(12:45pm) Mission Police Department has suspended Sgt. Manuel Casas in response to a video posted on Facebook Live last week. The vid shows 2 CIA repticlone males. I only skimmed the vid, but at 14:29 you can see some hand signs.

(8pm) Another big fan of the Masonic M sign: Gynnya McMillen. There are 2 such pics on this page plus another here, although in the latter pic, it's someone else's hand.

I got onto that from this suspicious article. Note that at least 3 of these girls look Egyptoid. Yet, i don't detect the Masonic vibe. But, Lucie's dad (not depicted) feels strongly like a Category 1 satanist MI Mason. Nandini has a strong MI vibe. Kathryn has CIA repticlone friends. Those are the only things i definitely feel. I don't feel everything. My anti-Egyptoid devices don't bite on these girls, for whatever reason. I suspect they may be hoax actors with Egyptoid parents, but not know anything about that Egyptoid stuff themselves.
Before its closure, Holloway prison for women was known best for the case of Sarah Reed -- the woman who was assaulted by a police officer in a branch of Uniqlo clothing and, four years later, was found dead in her prison cell. It was also where many suffragettes were held, and where Oscar Wilde was imprisoned after he was sentenced for being gay.
Ah, smells hoaxy indeed. Let's check out this Sarah Reed. No vibe, might actually be dead or maybe cloaked somehow. Looks a tad Egyptoid, too, and her mom does look Egyptoid, and has a Category 2, Mason vibe.
And the Gynnya McMillen hoax is tied in to the Reed one. And Gynna is a live CIA repticlone.

And when i was looking up Gynna's pix, google offered a link to pix of Natasha McKenna, yet another colored Egyptoid female who "died after a struggle with sheriff's deputies at the Fairfax County jail". This one really looks Egyptoid and is definitely alive and a CIA Mason.

And when i was looking up pix of McKenna, google offered me a link to pix of Meagan Hockaday, another live CIA Egyptoid Mason, "killed" along with a male Egyptoid counterpart.

And when i looked up pix of Hockaloogy, google offered me more... see Janisha Fonville etc. etc. etc. There seem to be countless such hoaxes.

Rejected CIA Repticlone Accused of Planting Bomb Under His Ex-Girlfriend's Bed. Pressure cooker, no less. Just to remind us of another great tragedy.
"When Guillen was told that the room next to [the girl's] had small children and a baby in it, Guillen stated that he knew and did not care," the complaint alleges. "Guillen stated he just wanted [the girl] dead."
Shocking. Simply shocking, all these crazy things going on in the world. Crazy people everywhere.

june 3, '17: (8:35am) Germany: Wave of Muslim Honor Killings:
The trial of a Kurdish man who tied one of his three wives to the back of a car and dragged her through the streets of a town in Lower Saxony has drawn attention to an outbreak of Muslim honor violence in Germany.
That has such a ring of credibility that i looked into this situation.
This madman Nurettin B. can be seen here alongside some grossly MTF repticlone who is doing a hand sign with a hand as big as Nurettin's. His "mom"?
The unfortunate victim Kader K. can be seen here, also flashing that V sign with her repticlone hand.
Also when i search for images of this poor woman, i get all these pics of repticlone dudes doing gang hand signs... which trace to the fact that there is a repticlone DJ in Paris who has the same name. Category 2 Egyptoid Mason at that. Just got some advertising.
Pretty gory details in the story. Also a long list of other "victims" which feels hokey but i don't have the time to investigate.

Sigh. Here we go again with these faux twins.
Soros 'mafia state' speech a declaration of war -- Hungarian PM Orban.
Been getting one of these every month for 3 months now.

Jean Hilliard made a full recovery after she was found frozen in sub-zero temperatures in Minnesota.
Fact check by {CIA}: TRUE.
But all the frozen images are of mannequins. Jean Hilliard is a CIA repticlone, as is Dr. George Sather.

(6:55pm) More and more i am beginning to suspect that there are "insider" Egyptoids who i still am not able to dig into with my devices, and not even able to get a Masonic vibe off of.

Not only those 3 girls i mentioned yesterday (i fixed the article link, BTW). Let us look into 2 famous martial arts movie stars i recently noticed looked pretty Egyptoid: Sammo Hung and Steven Seagal.

Sammo Hung has been around forever. He has always been fat and flabby-looking, but does amazing kung-fu stunt work that seems impossible for such a physique. And he's a good actor in his old age; very impressive. I always liked him.

But i caught him doing a very fleeting devil's horn sign once. And he has pseudotranny cheekbones, forehead, brow, jaw angle, small mouth...

And here's Steven Seagal, Aikido expert and considered a jerk by many. Reputed to be a woman-masher, egomaniac, bully, lying braggart, etc. There are YouTube vids about what a laughingstock he is. I always assumed he was a clueless useful idiot and being used for celeb news.

Amid Putin 'bromance,' Steven Seagal banned from Ukraine as national security threat.

I haven't noticed him doing hand signs yet. None are coming up in google images, and it's been a long time since i watched a flick with him in it.
But, could he actually be a hoax actor? Could his very dorkiness be a put-on? That would logically seem probable. He is an actor.

I can't get my orgone to bite on either of these guys so far, for whatever reason.

(8:20pm) Oh great, now a London Bridge hoax is going down. All-clone video: Eyewitnesses describe multiple casualties reported in London Bridge incident. First they interview 2 human clones, and then it's repticlones for the rest of the vid.
"Armed British police rushed to London Bridge late Saturday after reports of a vehicle running down pedestrians and people being stabbed nearby."

June 4, '17: (5:15pm) Been getting a bit of occasional rain since yesterday evening. And it's supposed to continue through tomorrow.

Desperate family search for missing MI repticlone teenager who was walking home during terror attack.

This pic from the article 'They shouted 'this is for Allah', as they stabbed indiscriminately' - How the London terror attack unfolded has the requisite grotesque MTF on the far left.

Another M sign. This one is from the video splash image here: Up to 20 dead after triple suicide bomb attack at funeral in Kabul (GRAPHIC PHOTOS, VIDEO). There is also another guy sort of vaguely doing an M.
Further down the page is a heavily mutilated photo.

'If they knew about Christians, all would be executed': Muslim CIA repticlone saves dozens from ISIS in Philippines

June 5, '17: (7:30am) Killer who was filmed in Regent's Park with an ISIS flag and tried to radicalise children with sweets was shopped to police TWICE as it emerges one of his fellow terrorists lived in DUBLIN. Huh, whaaa? Apparently in British "English" (idiots can't speak normal American) "shopped" means reported.
Headline strikes me as a tad unwieldy aside from that.
Anyway, article is full of pix of live repticlone victims. Also spotted a couple Masonic M signs: one here, one here.

Dontre Hamilton family retains attorneys to gain information.
A family photo shows Dontre Hamilton (second from left) with his brothers {innocently doing cool gang signs}. Hamilton was shot and killed April 30 by a Milwaukee police officer during an encounter at Red Arrow Park.
All CIA human clones. ------->
There are 2 copies of one, and 3 copies of another (maybe 4; i'm not sure about the guy in back).
Dontre's "mom" is a CIA Category 1 Egyptoid.

Manila casino attacker was gambling addict, not ISIS terrorist -- police.

Pakistani troops kill 12 militants southwestern Balochistan province. If you expand the top "crystal clear" AFP photo, check out the guy on the right. Seems to be leaning awkwardly on the tree to scratch his shoulder while doing the V sign.

June 6, '17: (7:50am) Got 2.5" of rain. Sunny now.

Police name 2 London Bridge attackers as Khuram Shazad Butt & Rachid Redouane, release photos. Butt? But, but, these are both obviously the same guy. They even left the ears the same.
MI human Mason.

CIA proprietary non-GMO garden seed company: Seed Needs. Sold by Walmart, Amazon, etc.

A few of the more ludicrous headlines this morning, not even worth linking to:
  • First arrest over Trump leaks: Intelligence contractor, 25, is charged under espionage laws for 'handing secret NSA report on Russian election hacking to website'
  • Teachers Report 15-Year-Old Boy To Govt Extremism Watchdog for Jokes about Caitlyn Jenner
  • Report: Swedish Women Prove Their Tolerance by Having Sex With Refugees
  • 62-Year-Old German Woman Fined over 1,000 Euros for Sharing Anti-Migrant Joke Online
  • Female-powered 'Wonder Woman' opens to record $100m weekend
Autopsy slated for Levi Aron's brother found dead in closet of Brooklyn home covered in duct tape. I couldn't find a pic of the "deceased" brother, but there is a "Picture of Leiby Kletzky who was kidnapped and murdered at 8 years old" doing the Masonic M thing. Vibeless kid looks like Egyptoid male. Some pics of him online look deliberately feminized.

Classic M sign on "an emotional woman at the scene of the attack on Sunday": image from SECONDS FROM SLAUGHTER London Bridge attack -- ISIS claims responsibility for Borough Market terror.

(10:10am Time for a Bruce Lee Special Report. I noticed that there are many pix of him doing hand signs. Here are just a few.

In August 2012 i wrote:
Something different about shapeshifter Bruce Lee. It was real hard to de-cloak him. Finally i found a pic of his brother Robert, and after some time, was able to get the shapeshifter vibe off him. Then also Bruce's widow, daughter, deceased son, father, and Bruce himself. But none of these are very DORy. None have U bases connected to them. I suspect these are/were a different type (behaviorally) from the sterotype shapeshifters. For one thing, i still can't cull Bruce's soul.

His dad was a film actor as well. I read a rumor that the Lee family were progeny of the illuminati Li family of Hong Kong, which may be true.
Bruce had married a white American shapeshifter. His shapeshifter son, Brandon, died under dubious circumstances.

I decided to track the apparent hit man (mystery guy who loaded the gun), and found him cruising south on 280 in San Francisco.

I think he got stuck in some traffic but later made it to Daly City United Methodist Church, which seems to be all Asian (pic). I have the impression that the hit man is another Chinese-reptilian from Hong Kong. He is visiting a shapeshifting priest who wants to hire him to kill yet another Chinese-reptilian.
I have the impression that the Fairmont area contains 500+ more Chinese shapeshifters that are in the same clan as the hit man. This is probably where he lives.

(6:55pm) I also do not detect U bases connected with these shapeshifters.

The hit man was hired by someone in Hong Kong. Looking at the map, first i found this area which has a strong DORy vibe of this tong. Then i found 12 of their U bases around Hong Kong.
I think Mr. Big, who ordered the hit on Brandon and probably Bruce, too, lives in the Palatial Coast Clubhouse. He might be the manager of the clubhouse. I sense gambling, prostitution, drugs.
Some notes on that. The above was written back before i realized that almost everything is a hoax.
His brother has been replaced by repticlones numerous times since, but his widow and daughter are still alive. Never go underground nor draw energy from U bases.
Michael Massee, 'The Crow' Actor Who Accidentally Shot Brandon Lee is still alive, despite the article's claims. He feels like an ordinary human.
The alleged incident killing Brandon is described at length here on a page which also lists 2 more similar hoaxes, these involving only CIA SSers.
Was there a "mystery guy who loaded the gun" or was that made up, too? The latter seems much more probable, yet i did find that Triad thug associated with the scene somehow. He has since been replaced by repticlones.

Furthermore, there is this video Bruce Lee Hoax (posted by a Vatican Freemason who does disclose some real stuff) which makes a convincing case for Bruce's death being a pre-meditated hoax. Bruce and Brandon do seem dead now, though; i can't discern when they died.

I was able to find a pic of Brandon doing hand signs. ----->

Bruce's widow Linda Lee Cadwell is still alive. I was not able to find hand-sign pics on her.

I was able to find a couple on their daughter Shannon, who is also still alive: 1, 2.

(3:05pm) So... like i was checking out this article WATCH: This is Why People Distrust Police, Cops Arrest Teen For Asking Questions, about a poor unnamed Egyptoid kid and "another subject identified as Mr. Fedak". I googled Mr. Fedak, and landed in another, earlier hoax, Fedak charged with negligent homicide in wife's death. Interesting, as i had never heard of the name Fedak before. Interesting pic, too. Here is a pic of both the 2nd Fedak and the guy he had an altercation with: feels like Fedak digitally morphed. Except for the ears; they left those the same. This is the only pic i can find of "Joseph Anthony Manzanarez Jr."
The 2nd Fedak's wife is a live CIA Category 2 Egyptoid like him. Well, maybe not fully like him; he is a blood-ritual satanist.
The other Fedak's GF is also a blood-ritual satanist, but human.
I never did find a first name or pic for Fedak #1. It might be on his GF's FB page, which i am unable to delve into.

Back to the first Fedak article (BTW the vid would not play for me, maybe because it is a FB vid and i don't have FB).
Note that further down, the CIA is taking this opportunity to promote Dominick Izzo again, whom i mentioned last month.

Today's "But I Repeat Myself" headline award goes to Men Are from Mars, Wonder Woman is Also from Mars.

June 7, '17: (8:40am) I am having trouble fathoming this tweet promoted by Prison Planet today. It is entitled 'Civilian injured in #IranParliament shooting incident', yet shows nobody that looks remotely injured. There is just a guy clamly talking on his phone while sitting in an almost-half-lotus on the tiles. Looks comfy. Furthermore a rectangular section of unidentified blurry green smudge is overlaid, without explanation, over part of the floor near him. Huh? Can someone explain this to me?

In the right margin of this page (which, incidentally, i posted about on the Egyptoid forum) i saw 2 article links near each other flaunting the same guy with the same face:
RAIN MAN Lovelorn man vows to wait in his ex-girlfriend's street for days to win her back -- but gives up after an HOUR when it rains, and
COINING IT Man finds rare new £1 coin with two different dates printed on it and it could be worth a lot of money.
In fact the first article even says "Instead, Billy's messages quickly turned sour and he bragged about having a new "mint" girlfriend."
Mint, coins, get it, haha.
Both MI human Masons. [Rather, both are the same one.]

Another Masonic M.

Another androgynous CIA human clone with no gender vibe: Sanya Richards-Ross Regrets Having an Abortion to Save Her Olympic Career: "The Decision Broke Me". This MTF-looking creature never had a womb, but also does not have a prostate or silicone vibe as normally would be expected.
Hubby Aaron is also a CIA human clone; looks a bit Egyptoid. Male.

More CIA human clones, these associated with CIA proprietary Hologram City, a fashion outlet for lace shorts for men, etc. Note that there are 2 copies each of 2 of them, including an Egyptoid-looking pair of twins. There are more clones onsite. These clones are empowered with lots of demon-releasing spells against those who would blast them, but we are removing them. CIA knows Cmdr Loohan will discover certain things, and they are now taking such "effective" precautions.

New type of ET discovered? This is Sharon Daphna of The Chembow.
Sharon Daphna is an orgone energy worker, planetary healer, researcher, and writer from Los Angeles... Since 2014, Sharon and her partner, Gabriel, have been making orgone energy devices called orgonite, and have worked to restore California's climate and clean the air through orgonite gifting, distributing thousands of them throughout the state.

Sharon has done public talks, including panels and seminars at the 5D Event and Conscious Life Expo, and has been a guest on Beyond Belief with George Noory on Gaia TV, ... and many {CIA} others. She hosted "The Activation Hour" on, featuring health, science, technology, spirituality, and guidance into the new paradigm, and also co-hosted "The View From Marrs," with Jim Marrs on Talknetwork, covering Jim's areas of expertise. She is currently the host of The Human Frequency, covering the war on humanity by forces beyond the government, and real life solutions to free ourselves from these negative influences. She is also writing a book which will unravel the layers of deception surrounding the terraforming of our world through energetic and chemical assaults. It will also cover the process by which we can clean our skies and end drought, and the connection to the suppression of our awakening consciousness.

She runs the websites The Chembow ( and the blog site "Somewhere Under the Chembow" (, where she educates the public about how to use orgone energy to clean up the atmosphere and neutralize harmful EMF, ...
Hubby Gabriel Lazar is a CIA repticlone.

Somebody asked me about this site and as soon as i saw Daphna's pic, loads of demons and spells were unloaded at me. The CIA had it rigged because they knew eventually i would discover this site.
I still don't recognize this species. She is a blood-drinking CIAtanist and has not hit the underground yet although we blasted her all night. She is intrinsically strong in demonic energy even when stripped of spells, giving kickback even now. We'll see just how tough you are, Sharon darling.

(1:55pm) I feel more Daphnoids being stirred up in U bases, yet we have not yet de-cloaked their locations.

Ah, a new article by Agent Spivey. I think MI feeds him a lot of raw data and he puts it together.
Note that while disclosing much truth, he also reinforces the occasional hoax:
Mind you, I can also tell you that what there is on the internet is a lot of deliberate disinformation about the hoax from the usual sources masquerading as bastions of the truth.

Now I say that the disinformation spread by these cretins is "deliberate" because it is. Indeed the aim of these "useful idiots" is to continually pump out bullshit under the guise of exposing the "truth" in order to allow the government more ammunition to censor the internet.
Very true, except for the last 12 fear-porn words.

I note that he has it right about the Obamas' genders. Barack is a gay pseudo-tranny. But he neglects to point out that Manchelle is doing the Masonic M in 2 of the pics. In fact, i don't think Spiv has ever pointed out a Masonic hand sign.

I will point out too that, just as the Manchelle psyop was deliberately engineered with agents pointing out that Michelle is male, with media images of his crotch bulge, with Barack caught on video saying "Michael and I", so now is the same thing happening with May.
Manchelle-clone has a dick (but no detectable prostate). May-clone has a prostate, but no detectable dick. Yet, there are media images of May with a crotch-bulge.

Spiv is saying May does not exist, yet in all pics i have seen, he is a MTF repticlone (SSer originally) which i do not detect, offhand, as playing multiple roles, although it is possible. Doubt it, though.

Spiv shows Mark Thatcher's profile superimposed over May's, and claims they are the same. Now that is interesting. Mark is a human clone with no discernible gender vibe. My MTF and FTM blasters do not bite on him, but my human clone detector does.
They do look pretty similar, though; i suspect they were engineered (at least one of them anyway) to look the same.

Later, most disingenuously, Spiv says
Sorta lost for words... Proving that these actors are fine with a script but fucked when asked unscripted questions.
implying that the reporter was independently asking an unscripted question. You can't have it both ways, Spiv. There are no unscripted questions, only play-acting.

More fear porn disinfo:
very soon the government plan is to start rounding people up and putting them in concentration camps. First it will obviously be Muslims deemed as a potential threat. And then it will be those like myself who speak out about the sick-minded criminals... After that everyone is fair game,.
And then the very first reader comment is from a MI repticlone turning people on to another MI "Truth" source, human Freemason YouTuber swilliamism. ("Swill" is right. The name reminds me of my erstwhile arch-nemesis Gimswillezm.)

(7:10pm) Murder of Skylar Neese. "Neese was murdered by two of her high school friends, Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy."
If you look up pics of these, you will find 3 "triplets", often doing hand signs.
Note the Masonic M far right.
Seems to be a single MPD CIA human.

June 8, '17: (7:55pm) Still working on those Daphnoids. A bunch of devices that were working on Chungoids most recently are now frying Daphnoids, yet their locations remain cloaked so far.

When i search for them on the map, all i find is jailable werewolves; hyperdimensional WWs that have just been injected into the underground to maintain DOR levels, because we've been effective at wiping out so many of the other bad guys down there.

Third London Bridge Attacker Was a girlie-boy human clone.

Defiant Ariana Grande resumes her Dangerous Woman world tour. Adorable. Depicted here on the verge of orgasm bathed in purple, a color much used by Masons, while doing a hand sign.

Arab Israeli brothers charged in Hamas plot to murder Israeli officer. The 2 Mossad repticlones on the left are one and the same.

June 10, '17: (8pm) Another Masonic M sign on the top pic here.

That page turned me on to jihad d'amour and #turntolove. "This campaign encourages everyone to join the movement and to turn away from hatred and instead #turntolove". Repticlone love, that is. And there's that Masonic heart hand sign again.

Of course, if love is not your bag, the CIA always offers a wide spectrum of activities to plug into. For example, March Against Sharia.

CIA repticlone Utah Mom Allegedly Used Pliers to Pull Out Her 7-Year-Old's Teeth in a Store Bathroom.

Inside 'Skirt Club,' Hollywood and New York's "High Glamour" Sex Party for Repticlone Women and MTFs Only

Aha, finally a breakthrough on those Daphnoids. I noticed my little turtle Rorg was acting strangely, nervous. I picked him up and tried to get from him what the matter was. Turns out these numbskulls were covertly attacking both my turtles (but not me).
Anyway, now that i had an aggression from them i could trace it to a location, in this case just east of New Unionville, IN, but i'm confident this will lead to a big worldwide network of U bases.

June 12, '17: (8:45am) And that it did. Daphnoids were hitting me from all over the world until last night at least. They seem fairly squelched now. As do the Chungoids, BTW. But i point out that both these groups undoubtedly have many more undiscovered U bases as well as surface agents. Because they are difficult for me to spot unless they attack, they will probably be around a while.

And speaking of turtles, yesterday was the 1-year anniversary of when i adopted Felter from the wild. And what a great pet he's been. Normally a box turtle that has been roaming around for years in the wilds does not want to be contained, But Felter is special. Always seems content and congenial, and eats healthy veggies along with his worms. If i ask any Earth turtle if they know Felter, they all seem to. They swarm around him in the astral sometimes. He seems to be some kind of historic turtle VIP, despite his humble manners.
They don't recognize Rorg, because spiritually, he's not from this planet.

Can you spot the Masonic M in this pic on David Icke today? (This is supposedly "EDL protesters clash[ing] with police at counter-terror march in Manchester" although the linked article does not contain this pic.)

On this day in historic hoaxes:I still get non-repty Egyptoids coming into the bakery where i work weekends. Yesterday i had one telling me how he discovered Dr Bronner's soap at our other store sometime back. He sent a bar to his idealistic daughter who "is into sustainable stuff" and she was so taken that she is now a Dr Bronner's employee! (If she is so organic, how did she never notice this product before? I started using it in 1975 and it has always been the staple hippie soap sold in natural food stores.)
That company is a Masonic, CIA-collaborating bunch of phonies. Unlike most of the staff, David Bronner is not repty, but is a blood-ritual satanist Mason. I get a dodgy vibe off the deceased grandpappy too:
He became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1936.[4] As the family was Jewish, he pleaded with his parents to emigrate with him for fear of the then-ascendant Nazi Party, but they refused. His last contact with his parents was in the form of a censored postcard saying, "You were right. --Your loving father."[5] His parents died in the Holocaust...

He started his business making products by hand in his home. The product labels are crowded with statements of Bronner's philosophy, which he called "All-One-God-Faith" and the "Moral ABC".[6] Many of Bronner's references came from Jewish and Christian sources, such as the Shema and the Beatitudes; others from writers such as Rudyard Kipling and Thomas Paine
{both satanist SSers}. On his labels he referred to the Jewish sage Hillel the Elder as "Rabbi Hillel" and to Jesus Christ as "Rabbi Jesus."[7] The labels became famous for their idiosyncratic style, including hyphens to join long strings of words and the liberal use of exclamation marks.[8]

In 1947, while promoting his "Moral ABC" at the University of Chicago, Bronner was arrested for giving a lecture without a permit after the Dean objected to a student group inviting him to speak and committed to the Elgin Mental Health Center, a mental hospital in Elgin, Illinois, from which he escaped after shock treatments.[1] Bronner believed those shock treatments brought about his eventual blindness.[9]
Of course i act like a clueless dupe when talking to such customers. The guy went on to mention how David Bronner got busted planting hemp seeds on the DEA lawn, chuckle chuckle. That story is mentioned here: Ziggy Marley, David Bronner & John Roulac Go To Battle for Hemp. Hmmm! I knew the Marleys are CIA TG Masons, but who is John W. Roulac? Why, just the founder and CEO of Nutiva, the world's leading organic superfoods brand of hemp, coconut, chia, and red palm superfoods. For years, i have been eating their hemp protein, and at times coconut oil. I did not get a repty vibe, so i thought the company was clean. But here is their team. They all seem like human Masons except for repticlone Neil Blomquist who "was the CEO of Spectrum Organic Products", an overtly repty satanist vibed company i have boycotted for years.
That Ziggy article also mentions another CIA proprietary, Navitas Organics.

(10:45am) Actually, Ziggy is the only Marley who is not TG. But he looks it. I just realized the Marleys are Egyptoid.

(5:50pm) Kansas father is finally released from prison after 17 years, when police find his lookalike who eerily shared his first name. These actually are 2 different human guys, and i can't detect anything off about this story. Except... what are the chances of 2 jailbirds in KS looking so similar, and having the same first name, and the same distinctive facial hair and hairdo? The odds are fairly staggering.
And of course the Midwest Innocence Project is a CIA front with its all-repticlone staff, including an MTF.

June 13, '17: (4:50pm) NASA to Prove Chemtrails Exist With Colorful Night Show. "About five minutes after liftoff, a NASA rocket will spray barium, strontium and cupric-oxide vapor to form literal chemtrails in beautiful colors which can be seen from the East Coast."
Apparently this worthy expenditure of gov't funds did not go as planned, and they are supposed to try again tonight: NASA will try again to create colorful clouds in the night sky.
I think it is a lie that they are using those metals. They just want to stir up their chemtrails psyop.
At least we can't find the stash of the metals. I suspect they use something else.

More tax dollars well-spent: Australia planning first ever prison unit built specifically to keep terrorists in isolation. AU should be a much safer place henceforth.

Public cash paid to hammer gang that beat dad who stood up to UDA thugs. Look at that pic of MI repticlone Dee Stitt. Whenever you see a pic of someone crossing their arms like that with one hand tucked under, it's a safe bet they are a Mason. And here he is depicted alongside a grotesque, thick-necked repticlone drag queen.
And the poor victim, MI repticlone Aaron McMahon, is also way Egyptoid.

Conspiracy theories in the MSM today:'Chemical straightjackets': Missouri sued for overmedicating foster kids. "The lawsuit, filed Monday by {2 all-repticone CIA fronts} the Children's Rights and the National Center for Youth Law in US district court, argues that 13,000 children moved into foster care over neglect and abuse suffered under the state of Missouri's own neglect of its medication program." Ericka Eggemeyer is one, too.

I can spot a few discreet Masonic M's near the top of this pic from Thousands of NATO troops join 'Iron Wolf' drills in Lithuania.
Google Iron Wolf pictures and see a bunch of very blurry, dubious pix such as this one.

Sick. Girl with Down syndrome is a supermodel of success. These are all MPD human sex objects. In the top pic, the "girl" in green, as well as the 2 "boys" closet to the right, are cross-dressed. The girl on the left with her hands up has Category 1 Egyptoid blood. Some of the kids in the 2nd pic also have E'toid blood.

It makes the news again, 26 years later: Cannabinoids could make opioids more effective, meaning pain relief with lower doses and reduced risk of dependency. In 1991 or maybe 1992 in WA state, the TV news said that marijuana could potentize the effects of morphine such that only 1/4 as much morphine produced the same analgesic effect. Now these repticlones rediscovered this a quarter-century later. Any pretext to repeatedly cause pain to animals at taxpayer expense is dandy. Repticlone Suzanne Nielsen is also a Category 2 Egyptoid pseudotranny (pic).

The Bizarre Trial of the 20-Year-Old Who Texted Her Boyfriend to Kill Himself. Bizarre insofar as Conrad Roy III never existed.
They did bother to paste in an exaggerated Adam's apple in one pic of "him" though. Blow the pic up. It is all aura-y except for the Adam's apple. There are also other pics of Conrad with Adam's apples. How real is this one?
And if you still think this is a troo story, check out 'Team Conrad' honors teen suicide victim's memory. This is the sort of posturing (and dubious claims of fund-raising) common to hoaxes. At least 5 Egyptoids.

Of course this ties in to another Team Conrad hoax. Check out the Nazi lightning bolt emblem of these CIA Egyptoids. Google gives that image as from some JDRF diabetes scam walk: "Team Conrad will be participating in the JDRF One Walk Boston on Saturday, October 3, 2015".

In fact if you google images for Team Conrad, there is a large variety of different Team Conrad T-shirts that come up. I picked one at random, and it, too, is a scam about someone's dead nephew who is actually a live normal (fat) girl.
Some links are just mysterious with no hint of which Team Conrad they relate to.
Also, for unknown reasons, google spits forth at least 3 images of a butch-ass fashion MTF with no mention of any Conrad.

BTW i was finding lots more U Chungoids and Daphnoids yesterday, and getting some kickback. In some cases, they were in the same bases. We have probably been bumping off these species all along in SSer and WW bases without noticing them.
Daphnoids were especially strong under Koge, DK, and i sense some on the surface there, too. I got them all vibed up nasty.

(5:10pm) Here is a new public-use demon jailer. Actually, he is 3 years old, but we just recently taught him how to jail [delete] entire species of demons. Feel free to call on him. He is sentient. I call him Rolling Frog because he is full of various Rolling Force spheres.

June 14, '17: (9:30am) {CIA} Rights group criticizes use of white phosphorus against {CIA} Islamic State, according to Mossad media.

3 suspects arrested over suspected murder of Ramle teen. They are not showing the suspects yet, but victim "Henriette Kara, a relative of Supreme Court Judge George Kara" is a live Mossad repticlone. And "Arab Joint List MK Aida Touma-Sliman" is a Mossad Category 2 Egyptoid MTF repticlone.

(1:50pm) Italian Fascists Once Locked Innocent Women in Asylums. Is this a hoax? You'd think a few of the depicted people would still be alive, but i don't detect any that are.
According to positivist theory, which was popular then, you could tell if someone was a criminal or mentally ill simply by their skull dimensions, by the shape of their cheekbones, or the position of their eyes.
Interesting, as one can also tell a lot about gender or Egyptoidness by the cheekbones and how widely-set the eyes are. And note how many of these have very wide-set eyes. In the top pic, all of these could have been Egyptoid, or maybe a couple could have just been MTF. Look at how thick the necks are.
But Mossolini himself had very narrow-set eyes and kind of an Egyptoid forehead. (He was a satanist SSer, too.)

Ah wait, the last "gal" is alive, Category 1 blood-ritual MTF satanist. I sense he is associated somehow with Sarti tailors right next to the Vatican. I think they have bunches of Jesuit clientele. And the male model on the site is a Category 1 Egyptoid / repticlone.

(8:10pm) Keep your eyes peeled, folks, Masonic M signs are everywhere. I am amazed that i only recently have been noticing them much.
Even if you are watching an innocuous-seeming movie, watch those hands.
This is the splash image of a YouTube video.

Breaking hoaxes today:

The Grenfell fire was totally rigged. The property management guy is an Egyptoid repticlone, the flammable cladding was used on purpose, everyone was cleared out of the bldg except some shills; the usual sorts.
This is the sort of thing they can do if they push all the normal people out of a neighborhood or big building by covertly stalking and replacing them.

And in DC today, 4 CIA Egyptoid-repticlones got shot by a CIA human clone.

June 15, '17: (9:15pm) LOL, they can't even get real people to show up for these events. Only repticlones care enough. The black guy is also Category 1 E'toid. The central figure is MTF.
This is regarding the Grenfell hoax.

Weird. Swear to God, now the Chungoids attacked my turtles. (Last time it was the Daphnoids.)
Their behavior was odd; i took them back in from their afternoon soak in stock tanks, and instead of paying any attention to the special treats i had put in their boxes, they just tucked in and sat there immobile. Not the behaviour i expect this time of year.
I could not detect any attacks whatsoever, though. I had to ask Eenia to check them. The attack was from a base under the Brazil rainforest.

June 16, '17: (8:05am) Is this guy a Daphnoid? Mark Bajerski of the "Pure Energy Healing Academy", being promoted by Icke-istock today. I think so. His strange off-vibe and Masonic-connection vibe attracted my attention and befuddled me for a while. Then i realized he is connected to Daphnoids in U bases. I think he is one. (Note also the Masonic M in the elephant pic).
He is also associated with this male-looking female Category 1 Egyptoid Bettina.

(3:20pm) And today, Chungoids attacked my turtles.
Targeted individuals are familiar with this if they have pets; sometimes the pets get hammered to death by black magic.

Miracle of girl, four, who was CAUGHT by hero neighbour after she was thrown from the fifth floor of Grenfell Tower inferno by her desperate mother. IMO the real miracle is that a 4-year-old can have a head as big as an adult.

EXCLUSIVE - 'I was their warm up act': Baby-faced virgin, 14, seduced by 'BBC's Richard and Judy' reveals he was 'giddy with excitement' as naked presenter asked him to touch her breasts in the woods.
I might have to start a forum thread to accommodate all the doubles hoaxes i find lately.
The face is the same; the body and ears have been changed. This guy is an MI repticlone like the sordid perverted couple.
The Daily Mail gratuitously provides endless salacious pictures of the hot BBC wench.

June 17, '17: (8:10am) After that, the Daphnoids jumped the turtles, then U Egyptoids. Eenia and i put together a new device to protect the turtles, which seems to be working.

Getting some rain again; starting to need it now.

So... since we know that most everything is a hoax, and we know that Google only promotes frauds in its Doodles, the question arises, what is the truth about Tesla?

Hmmm, a cursory search on Google itself yields a few debunking sites. This one seems the most credible: Debunking the Tesla Myth.

He did have an odd face, with ears at a funny angle, but i don't think he was TG. May have had some Egyptoid blod. And this hand gesture looks a trifle suspicious.

June 18, '17: (7:55am) Still haven't gotten any rain to speak of, but now there is a big mass heading this way, looks like...

This article claims The canines can smell through solid materials, like concrete. Let's look at that critically. Concrete is slightly porous but very dense and absorptive. How could an odor molecule travel through such a substance?
So i googled it and found this article about another hoax, which says
A child's remains were discovered under several inches of concrete at a former children's home in Jersey after police bought in dogs to search the site. But how can they sniff through concrete?...

Jersey Police said the seven-year-old dog located parts of a child's body even though they were buried under several inches of concrete. So how did he do it?

Eddie is an enhanced victim recovery dog and is specially trained to detect the scent of human remains. He is able to smell through solid materials, like concrete, because of scientifically-based training techniques.

It's this training that sets him apart for standard police sniffer dogs, which are able to detect human remains in shallow graves. The springer's nose is more sensitive and he is called in on more complicated cases.

Super sensitive

The specialist training techniques - which are highly confidential - were developed by Eddie's
{repticlone} handler Martin Grimes, along with the UK's National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) and America's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

They are scientifically based and rely on how dogs smell and the chemicals involved...

"We don't discuss what the training involves, but it's a lot more than putting bits of meat on the ground for them to hunt out," says Mr Grimes...
Um, whatever. I'm real convinced by all this scientific talk. Too bad the techniques are secret so this claim can't be independently verified. Except maybe with highly-sensitive molecule-detecting equipment most people don't have. Guess i'll just take their word for it, then.

Brian Haw: another Freemason fraud i was duped by when i was young and naive. He is still alive, somewhere. He and his wife both feel like human MI Masons, and there are pix of them doing the V sign.
I last previously posted about him on the 18th of Dec, 2010. He fooled not only me but my allies. I dunno how long the ET warriors "guarded over him" or how it came to be that they ditched that task.
Or maybe i misread the real interaction between my allies and Haw.

(8:50pm) The wet spring is over. I got almost 2/10".

I think i may have already mentioned, often when i say someone seems "human" i really am not sure whether they are some exotic humanoid whose ET vibe i just haven't de-cloaked yet.
For some time, i have been trying to help someone in Lasalle, QC who has been getting stalked by what seemed like human satanist Masons. But these people are real tough, and keep one doing wild stuff despite being fried hard. They seemed to have too much intrinsic occult power to be Earthlings.

So i broke down and told Joe, and he has been making hardware-cloth stuff against this clan, which lights them up better. And as i suspected, it turns out they are yet another type of offworld humanoid that is entrenched here.

For example, there are over 600 of them in Navasota, TX including Councilmember Josh Fultz, blood-ritual satanist Freemason. Hence, i will be referring to these as Fultzoids. Has a nice ring, no?

They might all be white. None found in U bases yet, and the QC ones have not gone underground in response to blasting.

June 19, '17: (3:35pm) Haven't been able to detect any more Fultzoids yet, except for a few dozen in the small town of Osceola, IL. I sense 50+ there.

Another CIA repticlone "healer" to avoid: the appropriately-named Audwin Trapman. He gets his SSer pals to pack his customers full of demons. I mean packed full. Really, really full of hard-to-get-out demons. Naturally i am seeking out his friends.

CIA Freemason Robs Bank to Get Away From Wife, Ends Up With Home Confinement Sentence.

(6:25pm) I've been noticing something about NGC4414 shapeshifters/clones: they are Egyptoid! as well as reptilian.

At least the full-bloods. Although the women don't show it as much as a rule. These are pics of Auburn, WA full-bloods i posted back in 2011. [Update: my goof. Yes, they are full-bloods, but M32ers, not NGC4414ers. The M32s and probably several other strains are like this too.] Also see George Kavassilas, Joe Biden, Karl Welz.
They vibe as Category 3 Egyptoids! Meaning, the Plejarans, Egyptoids, or whatever you want to call them, are the (mutated) ET humans that make up the human component of these reptilian-human hybrids. This interbreeding occurred long before the NGC4414ers arrived on Earth a couple centuries ago.
This might be true of some other strains of ET SSers; i will try to pay attention to this in the future.

Of course these and various other ETs including werewolves have also interbred with Egptoids on Earth.

June 20, '17: (5:15pm) Boy soldiers of the Civil War: Haunting photos reveal the children as young as eight who were forced into battle and the 11-year-old who shot an officer dead and was promoted to sergeant.
In 2nd pic, note Masonic M. In 4th pic boy does the Napoleon hidden hand thing. Black boy is freak: check those shoulders. Possibly padded that way.

Otto Warmbier Dies After Returning from North Korean Prison in Coma. Actually, this CIA repticlone died years ago, but his clone is still alive as i write this. But when he goes underground to get killed, there is no reason for them to replace him anymore.

Another Masonic M here. The story is a hoax, of course, but the photo is just "illustrative".

Aha! Just found a bunch more Fultzoids. I was checking out this hoax article and i noticed that the creature top right in the pic had an unusual vibe, even though he's just an ordinary MI MTF Egyptorepticlone. Then i realized it is because he knows some Fultzoids that his vibe is so freaky. I sensed thousands of Fultzoids in a group in UK somewhere.

Took me a while to zero in on them, but they are in Hawick, Scotland (map), a town of around 14,000. I sense 3,600+ Fultzoids in this group but some may be scattered around the countryside or something, because they don't come up that much in pix i find.

I do sense some in the buildings depicted here.

<----- And there are quite a few depicted in this article. No obvious LGBT affectations, but creepy Masonic blood-ritual occultist vibes nevertheless.

June 21, '17: (12:25pm) California teen raises $15K to send Holocaust survivor to Israel.
"A Southern California teen raised about $15,000 to send an 89-year-old Holocaust survivor to Israel so the man can meet his last living relative and finally celebrate his bar mitzvah, according to a newspaper report Monday.
"Drew Principe, 17, said he came up with the idea for a fundraiser after meeting Henry Oster during a school assembly in January."
If you google pix of Drew Principe, you will also get pix of a very similar-looking D.J. Principe, who is also a CIA repticlone like Drew, but lives in Providence, Rhode Island, whereas Drew is in Los Angeles, on the opposite side of the US. Another pic of D.J. here.

There are Fultzoid U bases. Attacking me from Alaska at the moment.

June 22, '17: (6:45am) Foggy and faint drizzle from Tropical Storm Cindy. I'm not expect much here from Cindy.

Now this is great: Burning Brussels terror suspect ran at soldiers at "a major train station in Brussels". Right now that is the only article with "photographic evidence" online. Dig the poster that got caught in the pic: "A true party animal gets on the festival train", with a pic of an intimidating beast. This is part of a strange promotional campaign. There are other similar posters, but with more harmless-looking critters.
And there is a witness with a distinctive name: "British mum Rozina Spinnoy" (google it) who happens to have a fair online presence. Here he does some weird posture with his hands wrapped around his face to make himself look female. But in other pix, one sees the true features of this MI MTF repticlone.

(8:20am) Another subtle Masonic M in pic: This man almost killed Hitler -- an incredible true story. So many "incredible true" stories about the Holocaust etc. This one was made into a new movie "13 Minutes".

Freaky-ass CIA MPD MTF human clone: Laetitia KY, a young fashion designer from the Ivory Coast. Masonic signs not so subtle.
I sense many copies of him being used for sex. In fact, i get that these images are from a couple different copies.
No explanation why the last name is often capitalized like that. I detect to connection to Kentucky.

June 25, '17: (4:55pm) I got a total of 0.4" off of Tropical Storm Cindy.

Another Masonic M, this one flaunted by the CIA's greenmedinfo.

Attack left Flint {CIA repticlone} airport cop with 12-inch gash on his neck, hospital official says. Ah, intriguing, how does one get a 12" gash on the neck?
The man who stabbed a police officer at the Bishop International Airport in Flint, Michigan, left the officer with an approximately 12-inch long laceration from his Adam's apple to the back of his neck, a hospital official said this morning...

The 12-inch knife used in the attack had an 8-inch serrated blade.

It sliced through the muscles in the officer's neck but likely avoided further damage by "a matter of millimeters," said Dr. Donald Scholten, a trauma surgeon at Hurley Medical Center.

The knife "was probably very, very close to severing his major artery and nerve," Scholten said today, adding that it could have also severed "his windpipe and digestive system."
Could have also severed his windpipe and digestive system(?!?) Such scientific precision.
Ah, of course. It sliced from his Adam's apple to the back, slicing through the muscles and narrowly avoiding the carotid artery. Good thing the carotid is not near the surface! Or our hero Lt. Jeff Neville would have been in mortal danger.

Beware these agents: LookoutfaCharlie. I can't find pix of him, but he is CIA repticlone. Note how his video splash image (also seen at 7:30) is of an Egyptoid male or maybe FTM.
And Dr. Katherine Horton. I mention her again because youtube throws both of these agents at people perusing videos on electronic harrassment, etc.

(8:45pm) Another CIA project filled with Egyptoids, trannies, repticlones, etc: Lynching in America. Bryan Stevenson is a CIA FTM Category 1 Egyptoid blood-ritual satanist. The site is filled with hoax stories, undoubtedly because real injustices are never perpetrated upon blacks in America.
They are advertising on YouTube.
Even the independent firm Google recognizes how legit she is. It's all about Inclusion. Sure, i include freaky pedophile con artist serial killing toxic liars in my heart.

June 27, '17: (6:45pm) {Repticlone} Supreme Court to take case on {CIA repticlone} baker who refused to sell wedding cake to {CIA repticlone} gay couple.

Japan broadcasts TV warning urging citizens to lie on the ground or seek shelter if North Korea launches a NUKE at them. This sort of BS has 3 main functions:
  • To stress out the sheeple with fear porn
  • To reinforce the hoax of nation-states in conflict
  • To reinforce the hoax that your gov't is very concerned about citizen safety.
When i was a kid in American schools, there were air-raid drills where a siren would go off and the kids would have to crawl under their desks (which i understand is actually a bad place compared to being between desks) in fear of bomber planes from Russia.

How did he live? Shocking moment man is struck by out-of-control bus... but calmly gets up and walks into a pub seconds later. Watch the vid carefully. Nice stuntwork or whatever, but after he gets hit a bunch of lumber debris blows out from the side for no known reason, as the bus did not hit any wooden structure. Then a bunch of Masons run up to check on Smith.
Plus, Freemason Simon Smith is married to a (depicted) MTF. Purple Turtle bar co-owner Daniel Fraifeld is a MI repticlone.

This stuff about using the same face in different hoaxes has been going on forever: Historians ask for help identifying early 20th century criminals - including the first would-be aeroplane thieves. Check those images. George W. Tyreman looks just like James Mansfield with some minor chin work. Thomas W. Riley and Harry Taylor look alike. Private J Horn sure has similarities with Private CP Brookes in front view.
In the last pic, the guy bottom left is shown again bottom right.

June 28, '17: (2:10pm) CIA vid; repticlones galore: #ProudToBe: Celebrate Brave Voices this Pride. Aggressively promoted by independent firm YouTube.

Nigeria university builds trench to stop Boko Haram attacks after suicide bombings. It is obvious that the same scary-looking actor is posing in the last 2 pix. But also the guy in the center of the 3rd to last pic is the same.

Vrilloids: Yesterday a reader sent me a link to Vril, The Power of the Coming Race. I figured it was probably a bunch of bunk. I opened to Chapter XX at random, and immediately got a nasty vibe off the individual beings described.
So i wanded around the sky to see if i could light up more such beings. Yes, there were plenty craft out around 30 miles away.
A few minutes after i started jolting them, a very loud jet noise roared over my cabin, seemingly low. I didn't look to see if there was anything visible, but it was definitely fake, and traced to the craft i blasted. After that i also received a few minor energy attacks.

They all had jailable souls. The individuals i felt from the book were probably reincarnated from when the book was written.
Allies have been taking them out now that they are lit up.

June 29, '17: (7:55pm) They have attacked me a lot more since, but the main enemy these days is still the underground werewolves.

Found another Fultzoid, too! Freemason Master Gano Grills, who purveys spiritual BS and tries to sell overpriced and funky-vibed "high-end talismans" packed with spells we are breaking.

June 30, '17: (3pm) Got 0.6" this morning, and might get a bit more rain later.

More on the CIA aggressive takeover of legal marijuana: A few days ago a reader in the Seattle area asked me about several legal vendors operating in the area. ALL were CIA except for Subdued Excitement, which was under heavy demonic and black magic attack from the CIA.
Of course, as soon as we spot such things we address the demons, spells, and SSers doing the BM. But it just goes to show, some things never change, except to the extent we make their occurrence dwindle. The CIA has a long history of taking over [or bankrupting] legit enterprises of various sorts by dirty tricks, infiltration (where feasible), and gang-stalking.

Today the CIA is promoting their latest area startup, Evergreen Cannabis. Lamont is a CIA repticlone, of course.

Absurd contrived misdirection: The Shockingly Convincing Argument That Severus Snape Is Transgender. They take a normal male repticlone actor, Alan Rickman, and make an issue of nothing, while refraining from noticing that Rowling and most of the Harry Potter cast are TG.

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