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Loohan's blog for July, 2011
July 1, '11: (9:20am) Chem was not as bad yesterday, and i haven't noticed any yet today.

Police Taser, Beat, Pepper Spray Mentally Handicapped Teen Then Charge Him With Assault.
Those unworthy of respect have high standards for how they should be treated by retarded kids on bikes.
The reason may be deliberate and institutional. If you want to be a cop these days, you are carefully vetted for the proper nazi attitude. If you have any integrity or sanity, you are not getting hired in many places.
I may have told this story before: In 1995 in Austin i had a friend who had retired from the USAF but was still fairly young. He tried to get a job with the APD. But they asked him if he would enforce the letter of the law as commanded with no recourse to judgement or sense. He couldn't do that, so did not get hired. And that was 16 years ago.
Problem is, it's not just the letter of the law they want cops to apply anymore. The nazi attitude in the streets is a desired extension of the police department policy.

(11:35am) See the snotty brat in red here? He is really out to get the good cat Duder. I keep catching him attacking him, and apparently he is also mind-controlling Duder to want to run outside where they can hurt him more.

The rest of the M32 crew are out to get him too. At any time, if i check, either Duder, his owner, or myself are being attacked by one of them.

(4:40pm) Here is another nasty bird hanging around the office in Lagos.

July 2, '11: (5:25pm) Chem was relatively light yesterday, heavier today. Also i had to bag demons that were rippling the chem.
There are slight rain chances given for the next few days.

Someone asked me to check out a Dutch orgone vendor: Monique Calis (her pic).
She has an intensely nasty vibe.

(7:05pm) Something weird going on that i don't comprehend. Real strong bad energy here near the easternmost point of Canada. More strong than bad now that i'm doing something.

(8:10pm) It still has bad energy for some reason.

I don't think there are any transmitters or bases there, but for some reason this is a spot where some natural hyperdimensional woo-woo was expected to happen. Expected by the Abell 2218 humans who are tight with the Vatican who in turn runs the black ops agencies of the world.
So several sophomoric distractions were thrown at me at around the time this started up, in hopes of preventing me from noticing the big energy happening to the NE. The Abell 2218ers wanted to exploit this event in some way.

I don't know the cause of the remaining bad energy there, but we will keep scrubbing.

July 3, '11: (6:35am) Sylph-streaked chem here.
Speaking of which, if you go to Monique Calis' page here, you will see a slide show of her sylph pics. I looked at a few. They look like sylph pics, but have an evil vibe very similar to Monique's. I do not know how this came to be. I have not been able to able to get in touch with these sylphs. I seem to feel them, like they have this vibe, but are unable to be connected to by me.
Now one of my sylph friends is checking them out. There are 42 of them that have this nasty vibe.
Now more of my sylphs are coming, as well as many other healer allies.

There is a masseuse friend of hers with the same vibe as hers (but not a victim like the sylphs) named Sylvia Slegers.

Also on Monique's forum is a pic of a CB with evil programming. I think the person who posted the pic built the CB and is innocent, but had some "help".

The Committee will attempt to neutralize the evil orgonite around there as much as feasible.
Now the 42 sick sylphs are surrounded by healing friends.

(7:15am) Last night i was again getting hit by CIA psi attackers, but now it was overseen from Langley, VA. So now i thought i'd check out from where in Langley.
Very interesting. A stone's throw from the Bush Center for Central Stupidity is an "independent" kiddie school, The Potomac School. Meet their faculty. Oddly, they don't seem at all independent from The Company. Buncha satanists.
I presume the reason for attacking me from there was to make sure i out them.
The Potomac School is a CIA proprietary involved in MPD, recruitment, etc.

Looking at the history, i don't think darksiders started taking over until around 1940. Then in '48, the school purchased the Langley land. Which was around the time the CIA was founded, although i do not know where CIA HQ was in the early years. May have been Langley.

(4:10pm) Those sylphs have been fixed up.

About that spot in E Canada, it too has been cleaned up, and still feels very strong. I think the bad energy was just a bunch of "muck" that ETs had packed into that spot for years in anticipation.

(7:40pm) CIA house in MacLean, from which 1 male is attacking me.
Another just down the street.

Juy 4, '11: (6:35am) Heavy chem whiteout yesterday evening. More chemclouds this morning.
Heard a few rumbles of thunder in the distance last night. Now the forecast says "The chance of precipitation 30 percent. Average rainfall less than 1/10 inch" for today and tonight.

Health article for today on the perils of whole grains.
I finally quit all grains a year or 2 ago. One advantage is my gaining 5-10# of muscle, which is meaningful when one is as skinny as i am. Another advantage is decrease in chronic inflammation.

(9:35pm) It was cooler today, especially in the morning. Got faint sprinkles. Lots of Independence Day chem-clouds.

Here's another of those weird Lagos birds.

July 5, '11: (10:40am) Lite chemclouds.

Got a couple more darkside "healers":

Lakshmi Collins, who is associated with Amma. Amma is a 48 and dowses as a very good soul. [Faked out bad: Amma is shapeshifting reptilian.] Apparently she does not recognize evil parasites.
Collins is on Facebook, Twitter, and supposedly has a site under construction.

Another is August Stahr, who promotes Ashtar Command (NSA scam) and Sananda (yellow Nordic i killed years ago).
Furthermore, a friend of mine reports "She attaches demons to you and she implanted something of herself in my 6th chakra. Someone took it out."

(7:35pm) Speaking of "not right" fauna, here is a weird insect Elizabeth found on her bathroom wall. She said
I just saw something I've never seen before. Lately I have been killing a lot of bugs, but some have looked unfamiliar to me. A minute ago I went in the bathroom and saw a bug that looked exactly like one I killed a few days ago in my room, it looks exactly like a large firefly, except that we don't have fireflies here, and on the wall...running from underneath it's body down about 3 inches is a long streak that looks exactly like blood. It wasn't there an hr. ago, and neither S_____ or myself has swatted at anything all day, and kitty has been outside. What the hell are these things?

We think it's a moth, ... but why is a moth here on a very sunny and hot (upper 90's) daytime?
Anyway, it has a demonic vibe to me.

Still lite chemclouds here; no rain.

July 6, 11: (7:50pm) Heavy chem-clouds, increased rain chances.

My friend Duder needs help. Those ETs are relentlessly out to get him this afternoon. He has been kicking their butts so bad they can hardly hit me anymore, but they have stronger mojo for close-range stalking.
He was real protective of me earlier today.

Recently Duder and his 2 cat buddies even tore the main Lagos witch a big hole in her etheric face. He was helping me because i was at an impasse with this witch. He is very powerful.

Also he has fully trained up 20 Sakudas in his style of healing, and they have been working on me, Mordok, Elizabeth, Thorp. And will be working on other friends soon. The healing is a bit disconcerting to experience, as the "engrams" of previous attacks are re-experienced as they are being removed.

(8:05pm) Aaargh! On June 17 i posted a link to a screen capture of a google map, with several houses marked of ET stalkers in Toronto. Now that pic has disappeared, or rather somehow reverted to 0 bytes. It is still on my server at 0 bytes.
Did anyone save a copy of that pic by any chance? Meanwhile, 2 of my laptops have crashed, and the one i'm using did not have a copy of that pic.

July 7, '11: (12:15pm) Last night i drove around for a couple hours with my bustmobile heavily outfitted with Earthshaker and CB tech. I had noticed that demons had re-colonized a large area west and south of me. These demons like it dry and parched, and were blocking rain.

Got back around 10pm and checked Duder. Despite the help he was getting, he had gained hundreds of implants. They were still attacking him heavily.

This morning i headed out early and drove around some more. I must've driven well over 200 miles this morning and last night. I ploughed up a bunch of demons for easy harvest. They were not concentrated anywhere, just weakly dispersed over a very large area. Kickback has been negligible.

Rain chances in the forecast have now increased. It is relatively cool, overcast, and thunder can be heard in the distance.

(12:30pm) My friend near Salt Lake reported being stalked by a middle-aged man in a tan sedan. Who traces to First Christian Reformed Church (website). Feels like another of those DORy ETs.

(4:05pm) Now it's hot, muggy, very whited out with chem, and wunderground has upgraded the rain chances again: "Showers and thunderstorms likely. Locally heavy rainfall possible. Highs in the upper 80s. Southeast winds 5 to 10 mph. The chance of precipitation 70 percent. Average rainfall 1/10 to 1/4 inch." And 50% holds for tonight.

Are other people who subscribed to Dutchsinse on youtube also no longer getting email notifications of his uploads? I have not gotten any since 6/22, and can't find the settings anywhere to see if i'm still supposed to receive the emails. I'm still subscribed.

Ah, the way to access that is from a link in one of the emails. I'm still checked off as receiving emails.

July 8, '11: (7:35am) Only got a few drops of rain. It was foggy and misty a while ago, but now there are chem-clouds to be seen wafting over from the west.

I remember years ago wondering about the dragonfly drone pics on the net. I never could get any vibe off them, and suspected a hoax.

But with the new info from this article, i was able to make some kind of contact with these ETs from "Oltissis". They are from the Coma Supercluster. They seem benign.

(9pm) I went out westward again this morning for hours of busting. Finally i felt a good shift in the energy. And today turned out cooler than predicted, with a cool breeze at times.
Clouds that looked mostly natural.

I'm being psi-attacked again by CIA, orchestrated this time by 3 males here.

July 9, '11: (8:20pm) Moderate chem today and many real clouds as well.

Long term readers will remember the satanic CIA Mutual Fun Band. Well, they have been fairly beaten down for some time, but just now i caught Ted Hendricks psi-attacking Elizabeth again.

July 10, '11: (3:55pm) More chem-clouds and natural clouds.

Here are some of those evil soulless Lagos goats.

July 11, '11: (7:10am) Whew, was it hot yesterday evening and last night. Lately we have been having mild, sometimes even cool mornings, with it not getting real hot until mid-afternoon (like low 90s). But then it seems the evening and night are even hotter. At least at my altitude. My thermometer is not working and needs replacement, but it must've been 100F or so at times. Took a little busting drive late evening largely just to be in the A.C. of my vehicle. But did scare up some demons to the south.

Rec'd an email from someone who had been watching a science program on TV called Through the Wormhole, and noticed some DORy characters that feel like satanic conspirators to me:

July 12, 11: (7:20am) I left to go on another busting expedition not long after i posted that. It wasn't shaping up to be a cool morning at all. Same this morning.
Yesterday i drove maybe 150 miles around south and west of me. It was pretty DORy around Rupert and Alread. I may have stirred up a breeze at least. Sky was mostly clear early with few tufts of chem, later turning partly cloudy with mostly-real looking clouds. This morning, more chem-smear.

According to my new thermometer, it was 99F at 2pm yesterday outside in the shade. It's 86 right now indoors.
Wunderground will not load this morning, but says 50% rain tomorrow, 40% next day.
Yesterday wunderground was saying 20% forever.

I wish those folks out west would DO SOMETHING effective. If they don't want to hire me to bust the drought, or even if they do, they should write me for free or cheap powders to mix with resin to make powerful gifts.
If someone were to drop 6 gallons worth of strontium orgonite into the Rio Grande around Big Bend, things would never be so bad again.

(9:25am) Brother of Afghan president martyred. Not sure what this is about or if my dowsing is accurate, but i get that the assassin is right around here, his boss is here, above that was a small U base already taken care of in Iran, and above that is this bldg in Israel labeled Magshimim Secretariat.

And while i was looking at Israel, my attention was drawn by a very DORy Mossad house in Lebanon where some dozen or so nazis reside.

(1:20pm) Partly cloudy with real and fake, hot.

I was scanning the Bohemian Grove area for DORy spots but the main thing i noticed was here way over in Galt. I sense 6 illuminati type characters, lots of pedophile activity. I sense 6 abused kids there now.

(1:35pm) Seems Ahmed Wali Karzai was was involved with the CIA in his drug dealing.
The articles all state that the bodyguard did it, which is probably true, but i think those places i dowsed are related to this in some way. However i do not recognize a CIA, Mossad, or other specific vibe on those 1st 2 places. I suspect non-satanist Arabs, but working for Israel. However, maybe these guys have nothing to do with the assassination. Maybe some peripheral relationship to the scene. I have the impression of 1 at the 1st place, 2 at 2nd, at least 5 satanist Israelis at 3rd.

July 13, '11: (6:50am) It was brutally hot yesterday and i had trouble getting to sleep last night in the heat. Then this morning i was awakened at 5am by a thundershower. Haven't gotten much rain yet, and it has stopped for now, but there are more rain chances and it is supposed to be a few degrees cooler. Right now it is 80F indoors whereas yesterday early morning it was 88, and was up to 94 for some time later indoors with the windows open.
Can't use a laptop much in that heat. Recently i burned out a motherboard from too much heat.

OK, here's a house in VA that is important for some as-yet-undetermined reason. An intuitive reader sent it to me. There are 5 satanists there.

(7:45pm) And there are 4 CIA satanists among the protesters outside Bohemian Grove. 1 male, 3 females.

Got 0.4" this morning. Then it got fairly hot and chem-cloudy. Now there is a fair bit of real clouds of the dark variety as well as chem. Looks like it could rain. Forecast says 50% tonight, 1/4 to 1/2". Cooler now.

(7:50pm) Hehe, i just realized what that strong good feeling is at the Grove (aside from some of my stuff someone put there last year). There are at this time 2 Annunaki ships over the area, beaming down. More may arrive later. They are really vibing it nice.

July 14, '11: (10:55am) There were 8 of those ships for a while. Now it's back down to 2.

Got 0.9" last night, and it's been cooler this morning. Warming back up, though. Still some small rain chances in forecast.

About the recent Mumbai bombings: this was real cloaked, but i think i found a lead. In any case, this spot feels real nasty. Seems to be 32 evil people above-ground. I presume there is a compound there now.
I have the impression of at least 3 CIA Americans as well as a bunch of Indians, at least 4 of whom were involved in the bombings. But i'm not real sure about any of this.

(3:50pm) I am however certain that those same 3 CIAtanists are still attacking me from here in McLean, as reported on the 8th. This has remained their base of operations since.

Got up to around 85F. Overcast, wind now kicking up, wunderground upgraded rain chances...

(6:40pm) Sun came out, heard some thunder, but no rain. 85F.

Recommended place to gift with orgonite: Lake Ladoga just outside St. Petersburg in Russia. Last night i got hit from a U base under it, then we found lots more. Now it feels pretty spiffy. But it seems to be a powerful area.

July 15, '11: (4:05pm) Another coolish day. Real and fake clouds.

Around noon or so Duder figured out that a key full-blood male residing here in Kent needed to be attacked. We focused on him for hours, then suddenly i got attacked by a female here. The vibe is from P & K Trading Co. Flooring supplies. I sense 7 ETs working there.

Interesting thing about P & K: they also have a location in College Point, NY. Which is DORy. I sense 9 of them working there.
And at least 42 more within a few blocks of there. Like 4 blocks maybe. At least 2 pregnant women.

July 17, '11: (4:10pm) Cloudy today with real clouds and chem-clouds.

I've been getting hit by the M32 ETs from a bit further west today: Tacoma and Federal Way. See house links #56-61 on the page for these ETs.

(4:30pm) These ETs are showing an equal amount of brains as, say, the CIA. Not only did they get me to out these houses, i also was drawn by the vibes of nearby General Plastics. When i first got onto their homepage, there was this pic of a 1/2-breed man with a mustache! However on subsequent returns to the page i usually get some other pic.
I feel that 43 of the ETs work here!

(5:30pm) Recently i've been flooded with those backlogged notices of youtube vids Dutchsince has been uploading. Got one this morning from July 4 in which he says his friend from patriotspace got run off a road for the 2nd time in NC.

I suspect there are 2 guys here who did that both times. Their DORy boss(?) (feels like 45% rept DNA, shapeshifter) is here.
Another 3 people like that live here.
4 more associated satanists live here.
2 more here.
1 more here.
3 more here.
2 more here. The last 5 links are all to the same funky trailer park.

I haven't found which agency or other seniors yet.

July 18, '11: (7:15am) Clear sky, cool so far.

Get ready for GMO Roundup-ready lawn grass coming soon. Since we live in a democracy, we have all these wonderful agencies to protect us, and don't need to take direct self-defense actions against the individuals listed down the page here. Of course, if these systems were ever to fail, and our "servants" replaced by satanist pedophile criminal psychopaths relentlessly committing overt treason, i might advocate people bypass these utter parasites and take direct action to defend themselves and the Earth.
Alternatively, in such a hypothetical event, we could remain sensible and just let the nazis mess everything up with impunity.

On the subject of satanist pedophiles, there is a list here: Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

(6:10pm) It was cooler today again with many natural clouds as well as dubious.

OK, another ET proprietary business in Salt Lake City : Back Alley Bobbers (website). 5 evil ETs work there.

July 19, '11: (7:30am) Mostly clear, few chem-clouds. Cool.

I just got an email from a new contact saying
I have been investigating orgone to possibly help, and after very brief reading I purchased Carol Croft's "Harmonic Protector" last week. When it arrived in the mail I threw it in the trash within an hour of wearing it. I believe this lady is a fraud, and her pendants are not made with positive intentions. I came to this conclusion due to the energy present in the pendant and then further research confirmed my intuition.
I have heard from so many people how they discarded their "Harmonic Protector" after realizing it was evil or toxic. Not one has ever seemed interested in confronting the witch and demanding a refund. Don't be intimidated folks; as far as i know, i demolished her attack powers years ago, and if not i will defend you.

For further info about these items, see the 6:30pm blog entry for October 25, '09.
And remember, Cmdr Loohan's fine products come with a money-back guarantee.

(1:20pm) Got hit by a full-blood M32er from here, which is the HQ for Presco Communications, where 5 of these ETs work, as well as maybe 6 ordinary people. I think they are in the process of stealing this business! It has offices in 4 other states, but the ETs don't work in those yet.

Also, a few days ago this pic was sent me of one of their vehicles that was spotted in Auburn. I think there is a family of 3 half-breeds associated with this vehicle, who live here in Richardson, TX. I have not found more of them in TX yet.

I should mention also that there seems to be a class of soulless, mind-controlled Earthlings associated with the Auburn ETs. I have numerous pics of them i have not uploaded. In some cases, their kids are sexually abused apparently without the knowledge of their parents.
Also i suspect these ETs have some inherent hypnotic powers, which is one aspect of how they get their way in life.

July 20, '11: (7:45pm) Low 90s, mostly sunny with a few puffs of chem.

There is a strong (ET?) psi attacker here in Denver that is relentlessly attacking a guy for reasons unknown.

July 21, '11: (8am) Another satanic group: Common Purpose.

Hey, this is great: John Hagee video warning about the satanic influence. He should know. He has intimate knowledge.
Wikipedia says "Hagee is the founder and National Chairman of the Christian-Zionist organization Christians United for Israel..."

(10:15am) Gates Foundation Partner in Malawi Vaccinates 131 Children At Gunpoint. I am getting even more embarrassed about using Windows. But i've tried Mac. Sucky ripoff crap. I've tried Ubuntu on a couple machines -- only had problems galore. Nothing but Win XP, imperfect though it is, has ever been workable for me.

Gates and wife are satanists, of course.
Little black kids pumped full of poison at gunpoint. How much nazi crap will people stand for?

(10:55am) Damn! We done found another juicy proprietary business of the Auburn area ETs: Seattle-Tacoma Box Co.. This is extremely interesting for a couple reasons:
Nist family history. They are all full-blood M32ers. Jacob Nist was a 1st generation immigrant.
"Jacob Nists employer, Seattle Lumber and Commercial Company had fallen victim to the blaze. This prompted Jacob and his son Michael to launch a new enterprise making wooden products such as egg crates."
Also, the locations page lists many other locations, all staffed with M32 full- and half-breeds! 3 in WA, 2 in CA, 1 in AK, 1 in HI, 1 on OR, and 1 in NZ! Jeeez...

(11:30am) Aaand, another enterprise they are in progress taking over: American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Of the people listed on this page, the following are M32 full- or half-bloods:
  • Treasurer: Stuart S. Howards, M.D.
  • Nancy L. Brackett, Ph.D.
  • R. Stan Williams, M.D. (SART)

Note that the last guy is with SART. I get the impression that 2 more ETs work at lower jobs in SART. Also 3 more work for ASRM, including this guy.

ASRM seems remarkably reluctant to disclose any locations on their site, but Wikipedia says their HQ are in Birmingham, AL, and they have a PR office in DC. Neither of these have the ET vibe. No further locations are given.
But by plugging "American Society for Reproductive Medicine" into google maps, i got several locations, none of which seem to have the ET taint yet except for Seattle Fertility. I think this guy in the pic must work there.

July 22, '11: (10:10am) Overcast & chem so far this morning.

Blast in Oslo. Opened map. DORy. They didn't bother to cloak. First thing to grab me is this house. I sense 3 Norwegian satanists there who know all about, but did not personally do, the blast.
Right near there is this house, containing 2 more of these people.
Next i notice this handball arena nearby. I think these 5 people (i think 3 male, 2 female) often play there.
Close by is this apt bldg. I think the 2nd floor apt right in center of pic is where another such couple lives. I don't think they're into handball.
A bit further south is another such bldg. I feel 3 more of these satanists here.

I think these are the conspirators. The hired person who did the explosives work lives here. Norwegian male non-satanist. I do not detect another DORy person there, but the house immediately SW has 2 evil non-satanist friends of his, both male.
These people might be mafia-like.

(12:05pm) Heavy chem-clouds.

I went hunting for any upline to these guys in Norway. I don't know if this is related at all, but this area of a Sandvika school is very DORy. I have the impression of 2 satanists working there, involved in MPD stuff.
And if you zoom out slightly you see the Humana Sandvika bldg which is also DORy. I sense 5 satanists there. At 1st i thought maybe it's their Humane Society, but there is a section on their site for "Medisinsk genetikk", um.
Also close by is this DORy apt where 2 satanists live.
I get a strong vibe from these 3 spots in Sandvika, and think they are connected to each other. But are they connected to the Oslo blast? Not sure. It may be these people are of the same group as those ones in east Oslo.

July 23, '11: (6:20pm) Got a tiny rain in town but none here. Heavy chem-clouds. Thunder in distance. Low 90s as usual.

Here's a pic of a new unit. I have been working on various weapons lately. This one is extremely simple physically: just a quartzite rock with advanced programming and different flavors of epoxy. No coils, shavings, etc. Yet devastatingly powerful.

Horrendous demonic vibes in a broad area just NE of Oslo. Maybe after we clear them off i can check if there are any human activites related to this. There might not be anything new.

What is up with Leytonstone? I was reading an article about Amy Winehouse dying in north London, and the area behind the cop in the pic was all DORy. So i opened a London map and zeroed in on this place. Then i looked it up in Wikipedia and saw the pic of the obelisk. Very bad energy. My allies are working on it now.

(6:40pm) Mordok has been having troubles dowsing lately. The Jesuits etc. really mess him up. But he just came up with a hot place in Oslo. I feel it is connected to the blast, but not particularly the shooting incident. Vibes of 3 satanists in this house.
Moreover, zooming out slightly, i see the whole neighborhood has a bunch of what feels like the same coven-mates (pic). I feel the same satanic signature at all the white X's.

(7pm) Hot damn, now Mordok has found a house that feels connected to the later shooting incident on that island. I feel 3 satanists there that seem involved in that incident.

(8:45pm) And he found this house while trying to find the shooter's. I doubt it's the shooter's, but i sense 1 male satanist who's probably closely connected to the incident, as well as to a bunch of a bunch of neighborhood friends.

(8:50pm) There's another related neighborhood like that a bit SW here with at least 16 houses and 43 satanists.

July 24, '11: (6:55am) Chem-clouds.

Why is no-one mentioning the wierd, obvious thing about the pics of shooter Anders Behring Breivik? Do an image search and check them out. Zoom in. Especially the eyes. Especially his left eye. Specifically the pupils. If you saw this face on the street, you would know he was drugged, unless you are really oblivious.
I suspect chronic administration of belladonna or atropine...

(8am) Norwegian Police Investigating Twin Attacks Carry Out Armed Raid in Oslo. Sittingtaoist says the Danish paper gives Slettelkke on Rdtvet in Oslo as the location.
Well. There are quite a few DORy bldgs around there, which i will mark after work today. The strongest vibe i get here, maybe 3rd floor. However, none of the businesses listed on the left are involved. I do sense 2 satanists there, both female.

(4:45pm) Mostly overcast, heavy chem-clouds.

I found something interesting when i was putting together the pic of the satanic-vibe bldgs around there. On of the places is Krigsskolen, "Military Academy, management at its best!" (google translation). I believe that is the whole big complex there, and also the centerpiece of interest in this neighborhood! I feel that all those other satanic bldgs are associated, or residences of teachers, etc.
These are the terrorists.
I have not yet read more about the arrests.

(5:40pm) I just found and added a bunch more dots to that pic.
According to their FaCIAbook profile, "The Norwegian Army Academy was established in 1750. It is the oldest university-level educational institution in Norway, and one of the oldest active military academies in the world. Krigsskolen primarily educates officers for the Norwegian Army. There are separate academies for the Royal Norwegian Navy and the Royal Norwegian Air Force."

Feels like our allies just took out 1 Abell 2218 human here, 2nd floor.

(6:20pm) A bit south, another 2 key satanists here.

(9:40pm) Yoiks. You wouldn't believe what Mordok found. Another proprietary M32 business in NYC, Cubraiti (location).
I sense the vibes of 22 of them that are involved in this. Good clean fun, i'm sure.

July 25, '11: (7:45am) I just realized there was a link on that page to Cubraiti's website which did not show up on google. There's a link to the half-breed founder, Rosse-Marie Taveras. On the Contact page, 3 scantily-clad 1/2breeds. An older one on the Contribute page.
There is a pdf Press Kit which says in part "Cubraiti currently has an emissary on a two week trip to South America, Cali Colombia this January 2007 that is realigning old ties and establishing new relationships with key personnel that will be able to responsibly assume leadership positions in the company abroad."
Then there's the picture Gallery. On this pic strip, the pic labeled American international Students has a full-blood in a dark sleeveless thing. The baby is also full-blood.
Dig the Capecha of Bahia pic. Those guys have the same vibe as the soulless Auburn Earthlings i mentioned, who seem controlled. They have all been taken over somehow.

As for the 4 little girls in the pic i posted last night, they may be dead. At least i get no vibe off them, so i presume they are sacrificed. I detect no souls.
Actually i'm not sure the one on the right isn't a boy in girl's top...

(9:50am) Heavy chem-clouds, some overcast. 40% rain chance today, allegedly.

Hollywood producer was Mossad agent? I am getting it is true. And there he is with my favorite Angelizard.

(6:15pm) Cooler here. More of the same sky stuff.

Regarding those other evil ETs in the Salt Lake area: this whole neighborhood is crawling with them. I think some 52 or so live here.

July 26, '11: (10:50am) In light of Cubraiti's confession, i thought i'd stalk around Cali, Colombia in search of anything dubious.
Like this complex of bldgs in the center, which reeks of 32 M32ers. As well as abused Earth kids. 22? None seem to have souls, though.

July 27, '11: (6:45) Those Colombian kids feel like they are in a hypnotic trance state, like so many of the Earthlings the M32ers use.

Chem-clouds again today, but mostly sunny.

Someone inquired about Gregory Hoag and his Metaforms products. I think they would be good were it not for the fact that he is a black magician who puts nasty energies into his products. Beware: i got hit in the heart center immediately upon first opening his site.
He lives in Boulder.

(9pm) There is a powerful Nigerian witch here who is backing up the other Nigerian witches i posted about before, who are weakened.
I suspect she works at the nearby Festac Grammar School, as her vibe is all over it.

July 28, '11: ([evening]) Had heavy chem-clouds today; increased rain chances in forecast.

Lately there are 21 M32ers here in Renton attacking me.

July 29, '11: (8:05am) Well, hardly any distinct chem-clouds this morning yet, but plenty haze to the east. 40% rain chance given today, so i expect whiteout soon.

Someone asked me about Matrix Energetics and The Reconnection. I had never heard of these, but he said they are becoming enormously popular, with some people spending large sums of money for sessions.

The 2 sleazy jokers running these ops have the same very dirty but not blood-ritual kind of vibe. Haven't figured out anything else about the scene yet, though.

(8:35am) Here is another of those weird soulless Lagos goats. Reportedly it has appeared to be pregnant uninterruptedly for 2 years now. I do not detect a fetus.

(noon) When Should You Shoot A Cop. I like this article. I haven't even read it, but i like it. Why? Because i like the author, Larken Rose, a right-thinking 96 on whose mailing list i have been for years. So if there are any satanist local law enforcement counterparts of Jim Matthews (outlaw, pedophile satanist like his wife) around here who object, please try to make something of it.
Fuck you, all you illegitimate, nazi tyrants.
[Update Sep 2017: Larken Rose is a CIA Egyptoid Mason.]

(12:55pm) I just realized something about the Auburn ETs: they parasitize the solar plexi of their hypnotized soulless Earthling drones. They suck energy out of the solar plexus, store it, and use it for psychic warfare.

(1:10pm) Someone told me she listens to Soundscapes. There are presently pics of only satanists on their blog, and the outfit has heavy satanic vibe. I strongly suspect mind-control subliminals.

July 31, '11 (5:15pm) Well, day before yesterday as well as yesterday i had a lot of thunder at my place but almost no rain. They did get 1" in town 3 miles away though day before yesterday. And today some people from Greer's Ferry said yesterday evening they had the strongest winds and a half hour intense downpour.
Today mostly overcast, heavy chem.

I have been making more weapons lately, to deal with all the evil ETs, etc. Here is my latest. It has one of these in it.

Perhaps in part because of this blasting, last night i found a bunch of M32 neighborhoods and some more businesses (mostly in Federal Way) which i have posted.
Whew. Massage School. Pre-school. A lumber store with over 100 locations nationwide, staffed by ETs.
And a Catholic Church. Check out the creepy staff.
As in the case with the Nigerian black magic, we also have our Vatican tie-in here. Does the Vatican know who and what these people are? My impression is yes. They are bleeding idiots in Rome. Now that they have had most of their occult power taken away nobody can stop the ETs from taking over the Vatican, kicking out the Jesuits, and putting their own pope in place. Except Cmdr Loohan. Don't they find this humiliating, that i have to save them?

(5:25pm) There are 4 real DORy ETs working here at the SLC airport.

(8:10pm) One male here in Italy was just interfering with Mordok's dowsing.