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Loohan's blog for October, 2009
Oct. 2, '09: (10:45pm) Now some of those Rillul are in therapy, but others are still hostile.
Also Kneweyes has some problems with little green snakes (6" long) from here. A little below the center and slightly to the right, is a small bright spot.

Yesterday was grey and misty here. Got 0.2" rain overnight. Today was all clear.

Oct. 3, '09: (not uploaded until morning of 4th due to technical problems) Lite chem this morning turning to mostly white-out by late afternoon. It baffles me that people find this so unobjectionable.

I re-checked that dirty area on the west side of Knoxville, TN. I found not only lots of Delk, but also Rim. I wrote about these cats April 24: "2' long green cats with yellow eyes called Rim, whose hive is M104, the Sombrero Galaxy."
21 nests of each of these species active there.

Oct. 6, '09: (10:20am) I've been feeling unusually great ever since i got up this morning, despite the fact that we're having another grey, drizzly day. Even the space in my cabin feels lots better for some reason. It feels like a big shift has occurred.
Then i got an email from my friend in the Toronto area. Lake Ontario has just been busted big-time! The energy is radiating far and wide.
She had just deployed 4 special TBs i had sent her.

But we can't take all the credit. Other people have been gifting, too.
Months ago she wrote me that her area east of Toronto had such great energy, lots of sylphs; chem wouldn't stick much. Then she told me she heard a rumor that some rich guy had been gifting Lake Ontario.
I asked his higher self for permission to program the gifts, which was granted. Feels like 14 items in Lake Ontario and 6 more in Lake Erie. Probably qt-sized cone HHGs, crude 2001-style Croft design. But reprogrammed they kicked some butt.
Also around that time she ordered 2 dozen strontium ice cubes, which really helped her area.

But i had missed something. She later sent this link of the hugest CB i have ever seen, which had been dropped in the Lake back in Nov., 2004! Totally amazing.
Permission to reprogram was immediately granted, and The Committee spent weeks doing a fine custom job on it. This was completed a few weeks ago, and really made a difference in the energy.

Around that time i dowsed that 4 special TBs placed in the lake just south of Toronto would totally set things off. Since the lake was already well-gifted now with the sodium-neutron and many other pgms, i concentrated on the strontium+grey+carnelian pgms and the Arct. protective pgm in these.
Yesterday she and her BF took a ferry out of Toronto and dropped them. She's blown away by the energy.
Toronto is centered on a major power spot. I have already had The Committee program a bunch of downtown buildings, etc.

Oct. 7, '09: (6:30pm) Ended up getting 0.9" rain, then, yes, extensive chem became visible. Pretty heavy chem much of the day today, also. And there are heavy rain chances forecast for the next 2 days.

These 2 pics were taken in town today.

Not much on the way of scalar ripples lately. When i do see them, it is just 3 individual Delk that need to be busted to make the ripples go away.

(7:30pm) A few days ago i thought of someone named Teresa that i vaguely knew in 1978-9 in Tampa, whom i later realized was a satanist. Not MPD, no gov't connection i can detect, but she hung with a crowd i was in: vegetarians into yoga, environment, etc.
I got the impression she now is in the San Diego area, and active in some big satanic group that has 621 members!
I'm not real sure of the accuracy of this info. I did find a DORy spot a bit west of there in Banner, CA, which i believe is the preferred ritual site. There are dirt roads on the west side of this hill.
Just now i dowsed that she lives with 5 others in the group in this house in Chula Vista. 3 males and 2 more women.

(7:35pm) I also wanted to mention that i had the impression that they last did a ritual on Saturday night, which was full moon. The only demons that responded were Delk, as far as i can detect. Hardly any other demons left these days.
And the San Diego area was pretty Delky.

Oct. 8, '09: (5:10pm) The sun came out and it got into the upper 70s here. Delk are rippling the chemclouds. I keep busting 9 of them, and Cora is, too.
Heavy rain in the forecast.
Lately i've been refurbishing some big old 2003 vintage orgone devices with more modern technology. Here is a renovated CB that just went online. It is redesigned to work at its best without extension pipes. It does seem to juice up the sky at 3K to 5K' especially. I don't know what the usual chem layer altitude is.
Got another CB coming up in a couple weeks, made from an old orgone unit.

Oct. 9, '09: (1:05pm) But lest i exaggerate, i should mention that that is 3-5K' above sea level, not above the CB. I'm already at around 1750' up here on this hill.
But supposedly the next CB will have a range of 3-18K' above sea level from here.
Then there's a new CB i'll probably be building in 6 weeks that should have 22" pipes, and a range of 4-20K'.
After i dowsed that, somebody wrote me that the chem is usually sprayed at 6K meters, which is 19,685 feet. I think that by putting the newer CBs next to the one i just fixed up, the latter's power will be sucked into the higher altitudes.

Got another 2.7" here in the Ozark Rainforest. Drizzling faintly now.

(2:35pm) Getting light rain now.

In honor of NASA's moon bombing today, i just started a new page, the Moon blog. Got some intriguing info.

(3:05pm) Texas drought plane still in action. I dowsed an NSA transmitter over Austonio, TX, but it kept moving NE as i tried to zoom in on it. Then i realized it's a plane with 3 NSAtanists aboard. Flying around 3,000'.

(4:25pm) But more exciting than all that, i just harvested the first decent specimen of a carrot i've grown in years of gardening!
Remember how excited i was a couple years back about having grown a beautiful daikon? Well now i've progressed to an even more challenging species. This one was just as perfect front and back. Variety is Cosmic Purple, which i will plant again; it's very good. But most of them turned out twisted, etc.

(4:40pm) I did harvest Femi-Carrot a couple years ago; definitely a fine specimen, but small. And probably a few other OK carrots. But this was the first really decent-sized, fat carrot as well as being undistorted.
The soil is a bit too heavy in my root vegetable bed.

Oct. 11, '09: (6:10pm) Totally overcast last 2 days, in defiance of the forecasts. Except that there was a brief parting of the clouds yesterday afternoon to reveal.... chem.
Had 1/4" more rain since last report. It's been somewhat cold.

Been updating my Moon blog. Lots of exciting action in SoCal with the moon ETs.

(7:50pm) Kneweyes was having some astral issues with a guy (some kind of ET) that lives in Providence, RI (but i think we are taking care of him) and his helpers which seem to resemble bottle-nose dolphins, but are 4-5' long 5D invertebrates hiving in Quasar PKS 2349. A small minority seem to be responding to therapy a bit.

Oct. 12, '09: (3:40am) I may have the "dolphins" handled. I may have jailed all those not in therapy.
Meanwhile, i got attacked hard by another species, very cloaked at first. 6' tall green 5D humanoids, possibly allies of these dolphins. I still haven't traced their hive, though it seems to be in our galaxy. Some of them are accepting therapy, but more keep attacking.
And Delk are after me, too, of course.

I realized that these green humans as well as the Delk seem to exist in 5 parallel somethings. That is, if a group are attacking, it is actually 5 mirrors of the group in 5 reality forks, or something like that. It helps to be aware of this when jailing.

I think the guy in Providence lives here. And has 5 of his ET pals living here nearby.
Kneweyes had the impression he was a honcho. I found 54 more underlings here north of Boston.
I can't yank any astral bodies out of this species, but Pa-Paw Shantul and his 3 buddies "did" the Providence guys and are now working on the Boston ones.

(9:10am) 54 people in that bldg? Yep, they're still there. Only 6 females.
It's 10:10am in Boston, and they still haven't left to work elsewhere. What do they do for money?

I forgot to mention last night that these guys have a fleet of 81 battleships, each carrying 700-800 people. I think we may have incapacitated the 2 flagships.
The fleet is in MACS J071. In the bright area just above center.

Got more rain last night, and now it's drizzling. Looks like i can anticipate a lot more of such weather. Oh, well, it appears this is the natural weather for this area. Wopwex has not been trying to make it rain for some time.
Note the paucity of hurricane terror this year. That's what happens when you interfere with the drought ops. Nature doesn't feel compelled to compensate with hurricanes.
Now if we can just clean the droughts out of Texas...

(9:40am) A couple more species that have been picking on Kneweyes.
9' 4D (reddish?) humanoids in NGC 6822.
Also some "dark spots" which are 5D and hive in NGC 1300 (mostly central).
Neither of these species is responding to therapy. Some of the green humanoids are.

(2:55pm) The indications are that the Delk are going to be a big problem for a long time. They are still plentiful, and powerful.
There are now plenty of 2-part anti-Delk and Delk-jailing pgms available; enough to fill 2-3 gallons of quartz or quartzite with concentrated programming. So if you have a big hunk or several of quartz, maybe a big cluster, whatever, you can call on The Committee to do optimized custom programming against Delk. Citrine is good, too.
Email me if you feel unsure about how to get the programming and I'll see you get it.
Incidentally, the strontium pgm (OTB 33) is also excellent against Delk.

(7:20pm) Gardening newsflash: i haven't tried it yet, but i just learned there is a program available for orgone devices made to boost garden and soil health. Oddly, the substance required is lead. Even old tire weights with the clip still on are fine.
I will be looking into getting some lead shot. Of course one wants to insulate it from the environment with a thick layer of resin. I probably will cast small disks of shot, then re-cast them in larger disks without lead.
This is an unlimited 1-part pgm; one can have as much lead programmed for one's use as one wants. The more there is the greater the effect, but only up to a point.
The resin can be programmed (while setting up) with other free pgms, a different one for each layer, if one wants. The Artemisia tridentata pgm would be one good one.
One can alternatively use radionics methods to pgm fertilizer freqs or pest-repellent freqs into the resin.

(9:05pm) I was amazed at how much the attacks lightened up after i posted about the Delk pgms. I have the impression that a couple people had about 0.6 gallons of quartzite(?) programmmed between them.
Then i had to slap my head. I realized that i have countless tons of quartz and other mineral deposits around the planet programmed; why not have some of that re-programmed with anti-Delk stuff?
Now, 2-part pgms require an individual to attune them to. Each individual can have about 2.5 gallons of these pgms.
I have thousands of wives and countless other astral allies wanting these pgms. So now a lot of reprogramming is going on. And vast numbers of Gek-sit, etc. are scouring the universe for suitable mineral deposits.
Hopefully this will tremendously weaken the Delk.
Those of you who have these pgms can always have your stones reprogrammed with something else if you want.

(12:45pm) Rain, rain, rain.

Dig the snazzy background artwork in this pic of David Miscavige, Tom Cruise's MPD handler. Pic from this page.

Oct. 14, '09: (9pm) Overcast all day today, too, but no more rain. My gauge had another 3" in it from the 12th and 13th, almost all of it from the 13th. Unreal.
And there's a good chance of more rain.
Earlier this evening, i found a new species of 5D mantis, smaller than the other one, messing with someone. But now they are already converted to our side, it appears.

Oct. 15, '09: (8:50am) Heavy fog, mist.

It seems lately i keep running into (usually heavily cloaked) exotic evil species when people ask me for help.
After i posted last night, i got another email from another person under attack. I found she was under attack on the 51D and 91D by something. Eventually turned out to be 2' long yellowish cats that immediately stopped once i turned my carnelians on them. I still wasn't satisfied that was all, though, and had the sheriff keep grinding away at the situation.
Then while i was awake for a while in the wee hours, i got jumped by some odd critters with an extremely spooky and nasty vibe. These were 6' humanoids with very triangular mantis-shaped heads. Big eyes out the top-sides of their heads. Upset that i was interfering with their harrassment of this lady.
They, too, quite once hit with the carnelians.

Oct. 16, '09: (9:35am) Still relentlessly overcast here.

Later yesterday i found that same lady was under attack on the 96th chakra by 37' [error: 37"] dark blue humanoids, who are now also in therapy. Then it was Lyrans attacking her on a couple dimensions.

Then another new guy wrote me, from Chicago. I found him under attack by some kind of unidentifiable 4D fauna from NGC 1275. Not only the central galaxy in that pic, but also the one at 4:00 position has these beings.
Also he was under attack from some other unidentifiable 5D fauna (invertebrates? small insects?) at 310' right under Mozart Park here in Chicago.
The NGC 1275 guys are responding to therapy, but the Chicago ones haven't.

Then this morning i had an email from a psychic friend in the LA area, mentioning some evil chimp-like critters he had seen in Palmdale. I found their nest right under Air Force Plant 42 here, also at 310'. They have not responded to therapy either.

He also mentioned his "remote programmers" which i traced to here in Calais, ME, at depth 111-311'. 211 gov't satanists down there...

(6pm) Calais came up also on Sep. 8, in connection with having a Northcom U base. No particular connection, though, i think.

Right now there is some sort of ritual going on here in Kazakhstan. I had dowsed a couple weeks ago that a dangerous sorceror lives there. Now he's got 12 friends there.

Oct. 17, '09: (6:20pm) The sun actually briefly peeked out in small spots a few times today. Surprisingly, not much chem noted.

I checked on a friend in S. California, found some bad energy nearby here and de-cloaked it to the same type of 37" blue humanoids mentioned yesterday. So some batches of them are not in therapy. However, this nest is now in therapy. 510'down. Don't blast them, i just put that in case someone wants to check them out.

That guy in Kazakhstan is alone again now.

Oct. 18, '09: (7:25pm) Found the main hive of those blue guys, as well as a total of 14 nests so far. All now in therapy.

Incredibly, i had a totally clear blue sky all day here.

I was just reading this article US army sets base in Kitgum District about Uganda, stating that "Over 600 [i get 615] military personnel from Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda are also expected to arrive in Kitgum District, where Uganda, along with these partners will hold a 10-day exercise, focused on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief."
Why do these 615 soldiers (i think only 3 are black magicians) have such a weird vibe? Because US Marines have a mind-control transmitter trained on them. This transmitter is located here at a depth of 111'.

(9am) Interesting article which feels pretty accurate to me: Former Pakistan General: U.S. Supports Jundullah Terrorists in Iran.

Oct. 19, '09: (1:35pm) The Delk do seem to be weakening. Possibly largely due to the fact that there are now 2.5 gallons of quartz working for each of some 16 octillion allies = roughly 40 octillion gallons of programmed quartz programmed against the Delk.

Last night i realized i had been getting hit for hours by a new species of octopus, black, about 7" diameter, that had been mimicking the Delk energy. They are now converted.
Then i had a visit from some weird 5' humanoids which are now in therapy.
And the Rim are a problem.

Totally clear sky again so far today, except for a few tiny chem-clouds to the east spotted around dawn.

Oct. 20, '09: (11:30am) Partly cloudy and partly chemmy today. Warmer.

Maybe some of you thought that the refurbished CB i wrote about on the 8th was too short-range to be useful.
Well, i'm at ~1750' altitude, and sometimes there are chem-clouds not far above. Like this morning. Little cottony things, mostly.
I had put that CB back inside during the wet weather, because i wanted to keep it clean until i get some more paint on it. The metallic paint gets programmed as it cures. I am using Rustoleum gold paint (which i dowse is mostly copper) and then i will put on a coat of Rustoleum Cobalt Blue paint (which seems to be mostly cobalt), then a final coat of the gold.
Anyway, i put the thing back outside a little while ago, as it is warm enough to paint, and dry. And i'm watching as low cottony chem-clouds sweep in from the SW, start to lose composure as they approached the CB, really morph, swirl, and shrink as they pass over, and continue to fade as they travel away. Yeah.

Also i am pouring my 2nd refurb CB now, which is made from a big orgone unit i made in 2004 depicted towards the bottom of this page. It had a half-gallon sized cavity which i now filled with rocks, pipes, etc. I should have pics later. It should have a range up to 19,000' or so.

Refurb madness. Then in a couple weeks i'll start building a new CB from scratch.

(3:25pm) Here is the completed refurb #1. Maybe in a couple days i'll explain how it got such a tall base.
It is ripping. Maybe helped in part by the incomplete refurb #2 that i also have outside, which i'm working on.
I have watched bigger, thicker chemclouds come over and get totally munched.
Today i have chem at 2 different altitudes. The higher stuff is not as much affected. A lot of sylph action today. Only noticed a couple actual trails so far today.

(6:10pm) Whew, right after i posted that i went out and saw 2 big nasty CTs of the sticky formula. And more trails later.

I took in my refurb #2 where it's warmer so the epoxy can cure. But the gold one is still outside tearing things up. The parts of the higher altitude chem that remain are pretty sylphed-up.
Here is a pick of over my cabin. Note the feline face. I recently married 223 powerful 5D cat-goddesses of an entirely different variety from Babs. I feel that 4 of them influenced the shape of that chem-cloud. Here is a close-up.

Oct. 21, '09: (7pm) Later i realized that those 4 cat ladies had already been working with the local sylphs (i still have 888 sylphs here) for a couple days already. Looks like a long-term thing.

More rain predicted for the next couple days or so. Hurrican Rick fizzled, and now there's some other hurricane, but in the middle of the Atlantic, far from any continent.

I keep reading about cattle mutilations at earthfiles. Couldn't dowse anything on who was doing it. So last night i put my "new" gold CB on it as a weapon for hours. Now it appears the perps have been de-cloaked. They are in galaxy cluster Abell S0740. In that brightest galaxy. I think they are 5'2" humanoids. Seems i can hardly ever dowse names anymore.

(8:05pm) Also Kneweyes mentioned some physical ETs that look like us that she's seen walking around with "unnaturally bright light blue" eyes. These are probably the same people of "PuPP's Theory" (forum). First i've heard of that, and i'm not sure how much of it i agree with, but there do seem to be these evil ETs around. And their home hive is packed with more: Messier 32. [Update 1/'12: I just noticed this earlier reference to some ETs i later discovered again in early 2011, and described in Galaxy M32 ETs on Earth.]

Oct. 22, '09: (6:05pm) It rained a bunch last night and has been raining all day.

Someone wrote me she saw a UFO along Alligator Alley in the Forida Everglades.
Seems to be hostile and from NGC 4921. I have the impression of 5'8" brown-eyed humans that look much like us. I had to charge up their craft with orgone before i could de-cloak anything about the inhabitants. It is over the N. Pacific somewhere now.

Oct. 23, '09: (11:55am) It stopped raining last night, but is entirely overcast so far today. Colder, too.
Only got another mere 4.3" of rain from that system.

For the orgone techno-freaks, i posted some more pics and explanations of my refurb CBs here.

(8:25pm) I could use a hand against the Delk and Rim about now. They are relentlessly after me, hitting me on the 3rd level of my aura and causing pain.
They are extremely upset with me because i'm in the process of building such a powerful super-strontium blaster that it is reaming out the planet as i'm making it. Amazing energies off the map. Hee-hee!

Oct. 24, '09: (5:10pm) Thanks, that helped a lot. Since about mid-afternoon they've been getting through to me again some, though.

Totally clear, 70-ish day today. The trees have turned color. Not as spectacularly as some years.

(6:45pm) After i posted that, i noticed sylphed trails coming in from the west.
The forecast is for a bunch more rainy weather during the next week.

Found some more evil 5D vertebrates of some sort messing with someone. These are hiving in M87.

(6:50pm) And someone else is having problems with some fauna(?) of some sort at 114' depth right under this squarish protrusion in the center (which i presume was masonically placed on a power spot) (map) in Palm Beach.

(7:30pm) None of these new species are responding to therapy, BTW.

I think those Palm Beach critters may be all there are of whatever they are. Their main honcho seems to be down there. Or honchita; she's female. Well, she was down there until i nabbed her. I have the impression these are goat-like or antelope-like animals, and lots of them.

Oct. 25, '09: (3:50pm) Another 70-ish, sunny day. But also lots of chem and natural clouds. The chem is too high for my gold CB to do much to, and the other refurb unit does not have the sheer power of the gold one, so i'm not seeing any dramatic evidence of effectiveness.
But there's another CB in the works.

I am blown away by my new strontium unit. It still is not quite completed.
Last night i realized it was not just busting the Earth, it was busting the whole Milky Way! I could feel that angry zit kind of cleansing reaction over the entire galaxy from a pic. Then, i realized it was the entire universe! I got a pic of dozens of galaxies, and they all had that evil-purging vibe.

Only Universe A is affected. It does not seem to impinge upon B-F. And only our time-line (each universe has hundreds of parallel time-streams).
I looked into the other time-lines of Universe A, and can no longer find Delk there. I presume they all seeped into ours to be closer to me.
The other universes still have Delk, but i shut off all paths for evil beings from the other universes into ours some time ago.
Of course eventually we'll mop those up, too.

The heart of this unit is this bizarre wire donut i channeled from the coil goddess Antuvozy. Evidently it has some advanced quantum scalarific hyperconnectivity powers. (That's some pseudo-scientific terminology i just made up). There is no need or advantage to placing the unit on the ground or on the electric grid. It just permeates, penetrates everywhere.
One nice thing about that is that the strontium program is particularly toxic to Delk.

(6:30pm) Carol Croft's "Harmonic Protectors" As i have said for years, Carol is an NSA MPD handler and evil witch.
A few years ago the "Protectors" she sold had an overtly DORy vibe due to the Goetic (i think it was) demonic spells. But more recently, i have not noticed a bad vibe off the newer products. I figured too many people attributed adverse reactions to the pendants, so she stopped doing that.
A reader asked me about hers that she bought 15 months ago. I couldn't detect anything wrong with it. She asked if it could be programmed, so i asked Pitwexin to see to it.

The result? The metals and stones have a sweet vibe because P was able to reprogram them. But cured resin can't be reprogrammed much.
I can feel the conflicting energy in these pieces. Especially DORy a slight distance from the unit. The clean programs are fighting with something she programmed into the resin. And that something now feels DORy. The person who was wearing the reprogrammed pendant "was feeling anxious while wearing it."

This is a microcosm of what i do on a larger scale: lately i have to ferret out a lot of not-so-obvious evil entities, by blasting them with good energy that they fight against and then they feel "loud" and DORy and i can dowse a thing or two about them.

I just checked online for more pics of these things. Like here. They were already reprogrammed when i found them! P had taken the initiative to re-program them all, or as many as he could find.

It also goes to show that there are types of black magic around that are impossible for me to detect, normally. No overt demonic energy until you really lay the orgone to it a while. If then. How do they do it? I don't know.

Oct. 26, '09: (7:30am) It rained a bunch more overnight.

Yesterday i heard that a young guy i know, a 48, saw a UFO a few miles SE of me about a month ago. I haven't talked to him personally yet, but someone else said he said it was a real big one with lots of lights, hovering low under rainclouds during a big storm, over Dennard Mountain in Dennard. Plainly visible from Hwy. 65.
I couldn't tell who it was, so i blasted their vessel real well with a bunch of orgone. It got zingy but didn't kick up any evil energy. I still couldn't tell who it was.
Then last night i got that it was good Venusians. I used to work a lot with the good Venusians around 2006, but more recently they have been off my screen. They are physical humans of a higher quality than Earthlings. All 96s without reptilian DNA. They used to shoot down a lot of evil craft for me.

Well i got back in touch with them, and told them about the ETs i had found on the 22nd, and connected them with the location of their craft, which was over the south Pacific.
Also i told them about the 5'2" humanoids i had found on the 21st in connection with cattle mutes. BTW on the night of the 21st i had tried to locate their craft by charging it up. It charged up but i couldn't get a location until i realized that it was inside a small mother ship along with 2 other small craft like it. Then i charged up the mother ship and found it somewhat outside the solar system.
So last night i connected the Venusians to that ship, too.
This morning, it feels like those craft have been taken care of.

(2pm) Light rain happening today.

Here is the new strontium blaster. Not much to look at, and feels kind of mild and wimpy to the touch, despite its immense power.
I had had a hunch that the coil was designed to work over Earth energies in such a way that it is best to keep moving the unit around so it addresses new spots all the time. Today i drove about 25 miles south with it to do laundry and shopping; spent the morning in Clinton. Now, checking the map, i feel a stronger purging energy in that area and along the path i took.

BTW, the info about the strontium pgm is in OTB 33. I hasten to reiterate that there is nothing remarkable about strontium as an additive per se: it is only powerful if you get the proper (free) programmming as the resin sets up.

(3:40pm) I find this very interesting. Apparently this thing really stirs things up and make quiescent demons show up as strong DOR.
Enroute to Clinton i passed near this spot, which seems to have plenty of the 37" dark blue humanoids mentioned Oct. 16. BTW there are plenty of other nests of these guys under the Earth, and most are not responding to the therapeutic approach.
Come to think of it, these guys here have been hitting me hard for a couple hours, and i thought it was only Delk doing that.
If i need to, i can drive out there with my slingshot and ice cubes.

Sometimes i wish i were wealthy enough that i could just drive all over the countryside with a bunch of orgone devices, my slingshot, buckets of strontium ice cubes...
Ant grant writers out there?

Oct. 27, '09: (10:20am) Rain. Rain. Rain.
That spot is still DORy, but they are no longer able to hit me. I did have oodles of Delk after me last night, but now they seem weaker again.

Yesterday i noticed Esterian was under heavy attack from something. Took some blasting to make them identifiable. It was another species of little 5D humanoids, 34" tall and yellow. After some brief blasting with my therapeutic carnelians, they switched sides and have been defending her from Delk since.

Then someone else emailed me about wierd nasty energy/phenomena at a house of his relatives. Very nasty demonic energy. Took a bunch of blasting to find out it was yet another obscure species of 5D humanoid, 5'2". They are now in therapy and have desisted.

Then a friend from Bucharest emailed me pics of some new orgone devices he had made. He normally makes excellent stuff, but these felt "off".
It turns out they had been corrupted while he poured by a sorceress that also lives in Bucharest here, in the house in the center with the red roof. In the northern half of the house.
I have no idea how she was able to do this. My guys blasted her pretty well.

(5:40pm) Got 2.7" of rain off of that system. Still overcast.

I updated OTB 27c with a bit more info about the garden program.

A CIA website about Al Bialek. I haven't read it and know little about the subject matter. Bialek is a 24 whom i have remotely given protection against demons in the past. I am getting that this site is 61% true. There are 2 cia satanists running the site. And 3 seniors at Langley who know about it. [Update Aug 2015: that is actually spelled Bielek. The CIA guys have since been killed and replaced by clones. Bielek's soul has since died. He was likely well-intentioned but mind-controlled. He promoted the Wingmakers, a CIA scam. It appears Bielek was debunked by the CIA for promoting CIA bunk under mind-control. Who knows how much of his story is true. The fact that the CIA would do this (deliberately destroy his credibility) suggests he was telling the truth in part -- but who knows.]

Oct. 28, '09: (6:10pm) Heavy fog and overcast this morning eventually clearing off to a perfectly clear sky. But more heavy rain is forecast for the next couple days.

Last night i read this article about some people having a traumatic missing time experience. The perps were very cloaked, of course, as they all seem to be these days. But i think they are from this galaxy, and are physical (of course) blond, brown-eyed 6'4" humans called Kacbil.

(6:30pm) Algerian daily confirms Mossad training camps for al-Qaida. No kidding. I seem to feel 3 such camps in Israel. But before i can dowse them, we need to turn down the DOR volume of the Rillul at 511' depth here.

Oct. 29, '09: (12:30pm) I have doubts about my ability to find those camps. Every time i look at a map of Israel, all i find is little nests of Delk, etc.
Those Rillul did hammer on me some last night, but now they seem pretty bludgeoned.

Got more rain last night and continuing today. Doesn't look like we'll have any droughts this month.

On April 17 i mentioned that someone had drawn my attention to evil Draco on Hoag's Galaxy. Now that person wrote me again insisting there is some dangerous stargate or something there.
I can only confirm that the yellow area is DORy. I have the impression there are 3 evil spots there, but haven't gotten an impression of any specific beings. The Draco that were there are no longer a problem.

Oct. 31, '09: (5:05pm) Got 4.5" off that system.
I added it up for October and got 18.35" total.
I read in the paper today that some parts of Arkansas were hit by very strong winds and flooding. A few people were killed. Oh, well, at least hurricane damage seems down lately.

Things seem to be going well lately, i believe largely due to my new strontium blaster. I haven't gotten a lot of emails in the last couple days from people harrassed by demons -- though there are still some around. The Delk hit me a bit in occasional short-lived waves.
And now The Committee has hatched up a way for me to recast the new unit in a larger mold, that should 6X the power as well as provide some chem-busting action.