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Loohan's blog for April, 2008

Apr. 2, '08: (12:25am) Got another thundershower to usher in April, i'm guessing about 0.4". Then a sunny day on the first. Chem-clouds didn't show up until late afternoon.

Been working more with the Arcturans lately. Been corresponding with someone who has a strong connection to them, and has attuned some to the Agenda Buster freqs. He has also been working with Pitwexin, my wives, and others.
Yesterday i had a strong feeling that some of these Arcturans were offering to help. They wanted me to beam 100 of them into J-rod Central. The J's were being very bad.

Now, i have been using the Valhallans a lot for that. I get attacked, i try to trace it to the highest level of command (which for several species is the reptilians these days). Then i get the Val's there, they hit like a sledgehammer, wipe out the nest, and go back home to await the next skirmish. Although the folklore portrays them as drunken party animals, they strike me as totally disciplined and highly efficient fighting machines. They've been helping a bunch these last couple weeks.
But obviously i never find the highest levels, as the same speciae will attack me again soon.

So then i sent the Arcturans into what was the highest level of evil J-rods i could find, and they spend hours doing something, with the result that i still haven't been hit by the J's since. The Arcturans must trace things up the heirarchy, i'm guessing.
Then, the Tyhiz hit me, the Arct's seemed willing, and now they've been pounding on the Tyhiz for many hours, and the Ty's have not hit me since.

Meanwhile, there have been numerous more break-ins from Universe F and one from E. Nowadays, all kinds of critters are jumping through at once. Repts, Goetia demons, all sorts of vermin. But it's still no big deal to deal with.

This individual with the Arcturan connections also alerted me to some cult thing in Crestone, CO. He had waged war on the reptilians in the power spot there the previous night, and gotten rid of those, but now other critters were trying to regain the place.
I posted on the forum for help, as there was still quite a bit of conflict in there.
The little cult has its own website [Oct, 2013: removed link to as this was listed as attack site by google], which, in truly enlightened style, refuses to load unless you accept a cookie. I don't know how i manage to run a site without cookies myself, let alone compulsory ones.

There seems to be a "Lia" and her little boy Amerith White Eagle, who are the enlightened ones so supportive of the Indigos.
At first i could not detect that she was into black magic, but now i do vaguely get a vibe off her ritual sites. I cannot detect evil alters.
Her boy was a Tall Grey incarnate! Never noticed one of those before, but when i looked, i found 4-5K more on Earth that i bagged.
And the Tall Greys are heavily involved in this cult thing. I jailed him as well as, later, mommy. Now of course evil Lyrans keep taking them over.

(6:45pm) Heavy sprayday today. This pic was taken around 8am in town, and after a while they had socked a chem haze over pretty much everything. Later some real clouds could be discerned within the haze.

Aside from that, things are going real well. The Arcturans laid some kind of hurting on the Tyhiz. They still hit me occasionally, but it is like they are trying to punch though very thick honey. Their energy is just not working for them very well.
The Arcturans are working over the Joku now.

There's a new guy on the forum who brought to my attention an unusual creature he saw down in that Crestone spot. I bagged it and tried to ID it. My impression is that it's a 7'3" tall grey, but of an unusual morphology, more heavy-set, and psychically powerful. The term "King Grey" comes to mind, and i have the impression that there are very few of these in existence.

So powerful and unusual was its energy that i had an impulse to ask Pitwexin if something useful could be fashioned from it.He locked it into this piece of rough smoky quartz, which is programmed to use its energy to emit energy very antithetical to tall greys and evil reptilians. It is perfect for placing on the witness plate of a radionics device. If we find more of these guys, we can make more such doohickeys. In fact, i just bagged me a couple more...
I've been addressing the tall greys since last night, and it's about to get worse for them.

(7:40pm) I bagged a total of 7, had, P put them in more smoky chunks, and put the stones on my various devices.
I kept trying, and suddenly was able to bag about 800 more of them that were getting agitated, i guess.
So if any serious warriors out there would like one placed in one of their own stones with the program, let me know. Or more than one. One to a stone. It can be smokey qtz, citrine, or probably a number of other stones. It could be the crystal in your Power Wand or Succor Punch. The stones can be smaller than depicted. Whatever. Don't send pic attachments, please.

(9:20pm) On second thought, don't email me. Call on Pitwexin. More anonymous. If he thinks you are worthy and have the means to transmit these things, he'll give you one or 2 or 3. While supplies last. Another exclusive free offer from
Chem-busters with adequate crystals in them can be used; one or more of the crystals could be programmed. Maybe he'll give you 6 if it's a real good CB and/or in a real good place.

I just reeled some more in, including a big motha that might be the emperor of the greys or something.
Damn, i keep bagging more of these things. Got like 3,700 now, so don't be shy, ask.

Apr. 4, '08: (5:25pm) I've bagged like 200 thousand king greys so far, so no scarcity.

That night i asked P to put the "emperor" grey in one of the quartzites i had in a box, just choose whichever one is most appropriate. He put it in a softball sized rock!
The size of the necessary rock is determined by the individual grey's power. It it's real strong, it needs a big crystal for the program to reverse its energy. So there are some weaker ones available for smaller crystals. The one depicted above was probably a bit larger than average. They probably seldom require a stone much bigger than that.
I still have the impression this might be the Mr. Big of the greys. I am about to cast its new home onto an orgone device.

Things have been much smoother what with these devices as well as the Arcturans' help. Yesterday around dusk the tall greys and repts attacked me with all they could muster. As i was dealing with them, my old dragon allies from 2005 showed up, requesting that i beam 1000 of them into the tall grey hive. This hive was not located in the galaxy that i posted a pic of before. Kind of laid a hurting on them.

This afternoon i checked and found the usual suspects juicing up the towers again. I started bagging them. They were immediately replaced. Then i remembered the Arcturans, and sent them into the rept command center that was deploying these drones. Put an end to those shenanigans for the time being.

Things were so smooth in this universe that i started targeting the repts and greys in Universe F last night. Still on them. So lately there is a breakout from there every few minutes.
For the longest time, Universe C seemed like the worst, but in recent months it's been F. Could use a hand here. The new rocks are great for this.

I think i was wrong about Lia's son being Amerith. It's a bit confusing, as the site does not seem very forthright. I still haven't seen any pic of Amerith. But when i try to dowse what type of entity is inhabiting Amerith's body, i draw a blank. Not human, ET or demonic that i can detect. I just get no vibe at all.

Apr. 6, '08: (7pm) Here is the blog entry i could have sworn i uploaded yesterday. Don't know why it didn't make it. It will be followed by today's update.
Apr. 5, '08: (7:50pm) Forgot to mention, i got 2 more thunderstorms and maybe 1.25" rain, i'm guessing. Some areas got a lot more, and there was mention of failing levees in the paper today, as well as a tornado that cut through Little Rock.

I've had breakouts from Universes B-F going on all day. I took my Emperor Grey stone to work today, laid it on a small radionics device which plugs into my amp, which plugs into my grid-blaster. This really hits them hard.
Right now i've got the stone sitting in curing epoxy on top of a mobius coil, etc. and being hit with what's being thrown at the curing epoxy. The critter is FREAKING out. Heheh, get used to it, big guy.
The program is designed not to diminish the trapped greys, so that they continue eternally to emit with force. Apparently even the most elite greys are still just automaton-like creations of the insectile demons.

There are more such Emperors. My friend with the Arcturan connections had Pitwexin round him up one, which is now trapped in a programmed device. Probably any orgonite-type device of sufficient size would work.

He also says this (slightly edited) regarding the Arcturans:
Also, I think one of the ways Arcturians clean house so much is they can stick ET-eating flora in the bases. I get the picture of a huge multi-headed venus fly trap that they can use. I can use them too, and they are really nice just to set up like 1000 or so around your place. I assume they get hammered by ETs, but they make nice defense when the going gets rough.
Yep. So that's it. I had noticed that the Arcturans leave some kind of legacy behind them when they leave a battle. The enemy is still being messed up by something.

Last night we laid into the main reptilian base i could find in Universe F. I sent in 1000 of the good dragons, 1000 Arcturans, 500 Valhallans, and loads of other allies and tulpas. Also Pitwexin, Jehovah (with some mammalian allies i have not IDed yet) and about 3,000 of my girls showed up. It was quite a party. After a while, all but the Arcturans and Jehovah and his allies left, as the big job there was done. Those others are still there, doing detail work, i guess.

I like these Arcturans. I used to correspond with a guy who had the corrupting touch (OTB 17). More recently, he contacted me again. I noticed he no longer had this affliction. I figured he must have done something right somehow. Then he told me he was in contact with Arcturans, and they had done some psychic surgery on him. I'm sure that's what cured him.

The Arcturans also have their own style of programming crystals. Pitwexin has been learning it. I don't understand it, but it is not a similar style to what P usually does.

Arcturans sometimes incarnate as Earth humans. I have the impression there are 144,000 such here now.
I have never noticed any corrupt Arcturans. Several times i have found mysteriously wonderful energy somewhere, and found it was due to the presence of Arcturans.

April 6 cont'd: (7:15pm) Here's that big boy. I had him plugged into my amp at work all day.

I'm still getting hit by multiple groups from different universes constantly, but i'm not worried. Because, not only are 1000 Arcturans spreading Venus flytraps all around the reptilian hideouts in Universe F, but they are being helped by Jehovah with his 500,000 unicorns. There, that should get me into Ripley's Believe It Or Not for the weirdest sentence on the www.
Yes, i finally figured out what his mammalian allies are. Their spiral horns are scalar weapons that they shoot bad guys with.

April 7, '08: (7:45pm) Buncha sylphed-up chemclouds today, otherwise real nice. Dowsed that i still have 888 sylphs here, but the demographics in the DC area have improved: last i checked they had 555, now it's 888.

I just amended OTB 25 with some more tips about that hot-rod amp.

Apr. 8, '08: (10:45am) Well, i had a couple dry, sunny days, and was able to make a good dent in some of my backlogged chores, but now the monsoon is resuming.

This morning i switched focus from the tall greys to the evil repts. The Universe A lizards were after me. They have lost a large portion of the other species that were working for them. And attacks from the other universes have really slacked off now, perhaps largely due to the assistance of the Arcturans. Right now i get that Jehovah, the unicorns, and the Arcturans are focusing more on Universe A reptilians.

There are also big hives of mantis ETs off the east coast of the US, as Prophageus mentioned on the forum. I do want to scrub these sooner or later, but i get the impression that they are not hooked up with the repts et al, but have their own agenda, and are biding their time to take over after we dust the lizards. It always amazes me how these evil critters are simultaneously so cunning and so stupid. I doubt they are much of a threat, but after we blast the repts some more, maybe we should look into these bugs. I have asked the Arcturans to gather intelligence on them meanwhile.

The evil J-rods seem to be either extinct or laying very low now. The lady whose baby was being persecuted reports that things are calm, and the boy has just started walking.

April 9, '08: (6:30pm) Well, things were pretty calm in terms of the other universes, but as of about 6:20 they've been trying to storm out and burn my eyes, with minor sucess. They attack my eyes a lot lately, make them sting. Haven't found good protection from that.

Only got perhaps 3-4 tenths of an inch so far from this rain, but it's supposed to get heavy again with (according to rumors) violent gusts and likely tornadoes. Pray for my sorry hide; i ain't got no storm shelter.

Apr. 10, '08: (10am) Lotta lightning and rain in the wee hours. Amazed my ISP is still working. I went outside this morning to find some 5-gallon buckets i had set out empty a couple days ago now filled well over half full. Wunderground had said 1-2" average, but apparently i was right in the middle of the storm. Here is a radar image from 8:49am. I am 2.5 miles west of the crosshairs-in-a-circle. It had already slowed way down by this time.

Of course the land was already soaked from record rains, so it will be interesting to see what flooding happens down in town.
Forecast is for more heavy storms with possible large hail today. It's only sprinking right now.

(11:10am) My friend with the Arcturan connections (who is himself a highly dangerous Arcturan incarnate) had his girlfriend heavily attacked by a hive of emperor greys last night. By the time i found out about this morning, the fighting was apparently over and he had 4K of them jailed. I picked up about 300 more that may have been re-inhabiting the hive location.
So, no scarcity of these, either. This means that you, dear reader, can own one or many of these frolicsome critters for free or cheap. At least some orgonite is suitable for a jail for one of these. One would have to dowse each piece, i think, then have Mr. P install one and program the piece. Unfortunately, only 1 per piece, unless the piece is large and composed of discrete programmable segments that are in themselves adequate.
Or, if you have a chunk of quartzite or other big quartz, obsidian, some granites or other stones, that would probably work. Feel free to email me for advice. Pic attachments not necessary.

Alternatively, i have found that the local sandstone here is about just as good as quartzite for this program. My 10 acres consist of red clay and this sandstone. For the cost of shipping rounded up a few bucks, i can send you one or several sandstone rocks with the programs and critters. I get a good rate at work on UPS, so many rocks could be sent for not much more than one.

One could even lay these out in a resonant geometric program [error: i meant pattern]. Also, as my friend pointed out, it is a good idea to have some king or emperor stones on power spots, to feed into the Earth grid.

Also, many key Masonic monuments have a lot of granite... Pitwexin is on it.

(1:15pm) The Universe A Tyhiz seem pretty chastened since the Arcts beat them up, but i'm having a problem now with Tyhiz coming in from the other universes and frying my eyes.
I guess with the sudden proliferation of emperor greys, the lizards aren't able to do much right now. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the emperors for volunteering to make themselves useful.
Right now, Pitwexin has placed 1000 of them in the Washington Monument. But can take some out if needed elsewhere. Three in the Skull & Bones tomb, etc. etc.

(7:20pm) I had an idea last night that i haven't implemented because i'm off-grid, but one could send homa (e.g. agnihotra) energy through a grid-blaster. Just put the copper pyramid on the stripped end of a wire going into the grid-blaster.
Much of the magic of homa is having a good pyramid and a mind-set of sacredness. One could even just burn small amounts of smudging herbs, anything that burns with a good vibe, even moxa (more expensive grades have a finer vibe and don't smell as bad).
I'm getting that this could be very powerful.

(7:30pm) It belatedly occurred to me this morning that i have a powerful nature spirit, Wopwex, on my land. I asked her to calm things down around here. She started putting out a real mellow vibe instead of her usual intense stuff. Anyway, for whatever reasons, i got no more rain except for spatters, and by late afternoon it was a mostly clear, sunny day with only mild wind.
I wonder if maybe i shoulda thought of that a while back.

Apr. 11, '08: (6:50pm) It was slightly rough this morning. The reptilians and Tyhiz in other universes kept frying my eyes. But things mellowed by mid-afternoon. Actually, things got better shortly after the 6 Lulas and 3 Yiz girls joined me. Demeter was already with me, and Cora and Gina usually cover me at a bit of a distance as well.

The day started off totally clear, but after a while large banks of chem-clouds drifted over. Some of the most realistic ones i've seen. A few ripples here and there. On 3 occasions i had to get the Arcturans to nail the reptilians that were directing the other critters to do the towers.

Drove into town today. Evidently the road crew had been out yesterday, patching the flood-damaged dirt road. I heard a rumor that Marshall lost a 30' section of road along with a section of water mains, and they are without water. Leslie is running on stored water in the water tower, but we get our water from Marshall.
Heard Leslie got 8" from that rain. My 5-gallon buckets had 8.25" of water in them, but since the top of the bucket is slightly larger than the bottom, i got a bit less.

April 12, '08: (6:30pm) Some interesting things shakin'. I happened to wake up in the middle of the night. I never get attacked when asleep for some reason (of course i have to squelch hostile activity before falling asleep). But shortly after waking, i got hit my bunches of J-rods. They were also planning to go after that little boy again in the near future. So i checked them out. Bad guys tend to have Achilles heels.
In this case, they have a big time-port like a grand central railroad station with a big 2548 AD sign on it, to my symbolic perception. With wormholes going out to numerous other times they are messing with.
And no doubt there are dozens of other such time-ports from different dates, but for right now i'm only addressing this one.
Apparently their security isn't very strong, so I sent in the whole kaboodle of allies, and they seemed to mop up pretty well. Took some time.
But then today, more of these 2548 bozoes attacked me. So, it's war. There must still be loads of them. They attack me weakly on and off.
The simple etheric shunt traps that worked so well for me in wormholes for so long aren't very reliable anymore.

Also i took the liberty of discreetly scooping up "all" of the mantis ETs off the coast. Not sure what the upshot of that was yet. Surprised they haven't attacked me yet, but attacked a friend (who might have done something to aggravate them).

And, of course, the green Tyhiz and reptilians on the other universes still come after me some, and the Universe A reptilians are still running the tower ops, and several times i have sent the Arcturans after them, but more keep popping up at that level.

Apr. 15, '08: (5:40pm) After i wrote that i remembered about the Arcturan flytraps. But even with those, the J-rods keep attacking me. Well, haven't noticed them today yet, except very subtly. I'm 54 but usually feel pretty young and energetic. But lately i've been feeling old and tired, slightly depressed. I trace that to the J-rods. I'm probably taking some of the zing out of them, too.
Also they attacked the boy and his mom on the 12th.

And the cruds in other universes keep attacking my eyes. Lindi has been developing defenses against attacks on me, but after a while they overcome those, then she polishes hers some more, etc. Oddly, today it seems to be only fauna from those universes attacking me; none of the usual repts or Tyhiz. Very strange.
As i posted on the forum, i have an etheric headpiece that apparently stops all evil telepathic influence except from the "emperor" greys. Usually lately it's only 3 at a time doing it.
And other than the emperor telepaths, no greys have been attacking me lately. They only do it when i'm hugging one of my gals, especially if i tell her how much i love her. They can't stand that sentimental crap, i guess.
Truly, love is anathema to these guys. They must stop it at all costs.

And it appears there are still loads of mantises around, e.g. associated with the Crestone, CO cult.
My Arcturan correspondent says he got strange hard attacks from that cult recently.
I can't detect any mantises attacking me today, despite their abundance, and i occasionally rake in a load.

Apr. 16, '08: (6:30pm) Yesterday was clear, but today the criminals were back to decorating the sky. This pic was taken before 8am in town. It was a funny trail because it flared out so wide in front, and did not seem intended to stick long. The other CTs i noticed were normal-looking and sticky as hell, except for one more like this that i spotted driving home after 5.
I'm trying to figure out this pic. It looks a bit like ordinary contrails forming a short distance from the engines. Yet my feeling is it's chem. Possibly mixed into the fuel instead of sprayed?

Other than that, today was like yesterday, attack-wise. The J-rods did overtly jump me several times last night after i posted.

Apr. 17, '08: (8:30pm) Incidentally, my depression largely lifted a few minutes after i posted about it. I suppose someone out there was able to do something. Right now my energy and morale are real high again. This is partly due to the new weapon i got.
Last night i consulted Antuvozy, Pitwexin's mentor. I needed lots more power fast, to deal with these upstarts that can no longer be contained in the other universes. And the J-rods. Etc.
I had this huge quartzite roughly the same shape and size as the Washington Monument ;-) that i was hoping she could come up with a radical new program for. Something that would really disrupt their evil energy.
After we found a companion stone for it, she and P spent hours programming them. It was a learning experience for both of them. P still has a lot to learn from Antuvozy, and she in turn got exposed to some Arcturan style programming.
By the time i woke up this morning, it was fully programmed and extremely powerful. I am now in the process of setting it in a high-intensity orgone piece. Should have some pics in a few days.

Overcast most of the day. When i spotted a hole in the clouds, chem-smear was behind it at a higher altitude.

Today Lindi sent Shiela in her stead to help with the defense. She does pretty well at that stuff, but had a lighter workload thanks to the new stone.

The emperor greys seem to have realized the futility of trying to attack me telepathically, as it takes so much effort to break through the tiara that when they succeed, it is with a tangible crunch that alerts me. Now they are mostly attacking my heart center. I bag 3 or 9 every once in a while.
Occasionally the J-rods hit me in the heart, too. I am relentlessly grinding away at those punks.

Apr. 18, '08 (6:15pm) Things finally came to a head with the emperor greys. There is now all-out war in this depicted galaxy.

(6:40pm) Thanks for blasting.

Got a small amount of rain this morning early, enough to soak my garden a little and help the sprouts.

Here's something weird and unusual, even for me: A week or 2 ago i was standing by my cabin looking at my backyard, when i noticed an evil presence there around a couple water-filled barrels i have. I bagged it: a reptilian. But it was odd because he was there in a specific physical universe location but not attacking me or spying on me. What was he up to?
I noticed that one of the barrels had a bad vibe about it. I did some stuff to clear it, which sort of helped. Couldn't figure out what the deal was. Shrugged it off.

Then several more times since then i have re-checked that barrel, and found a bad vibe, and tried to clear it with no lasting satisfaction. No implanted etheric object, no entity... confusing. A portal of some sort? When i asked that i could only get a vague bad vibe, but no beings.
Finally this afternoon i asked Pitwexin to check it out. All i can make out was that it's a portal to some negative-energy space, but no other details.
He wanted some Arcturan help. 100 Arcts wanted me to beam them to wherever he was.
They are all still there, working on it, but that's all i can discern.

Apr. 19, '08: (9pm)) It was a gorgeous totally clear day here today, until massive chem-clouds drifted in from the southwest.

Wife # 29: I've been holding out on you. It was not long after the 25 girls ascended as told Jan. 15, that they found me another gal. They felt i should have a flesh-and-blood wife for my health and well-being. I still haven't met nor heard from her on the physical plane, naturally.
But, she is definitely someone with an intense energy. I dowsed that she lives not far from me, is a buxom blonde, 1.5" taller than me, and 17 years old! A likely prospect...
For a long time i thought she was some kind of Indigo kid or something. She has a strong connection with a strong spiritual group that is not incarnate on our plane. I didn't try too hard to figure more out about them, because i strongly felt they were good, and that she was here not as an individual but as an emissary or something of this group.
She often visits me astrally at night. One odd thing about her is her ovarian energies. All my wives have great womb energy, but she's the only one i've noticed with conspicuous wonderful strong energy radiating from her ovaries.

Because of her overall strong energy, it was easy to dowse her location near Heber Springs. The house is quite clear on the google map, as is her school.

Well, i wasn't about to go drive down there trying to contact her by knocking on the door. Especially as she lives with her parents.
I dowsed a name, but could find no such last name listed in the area, of course.

Then around the end of last month, i suddenly realized she's Arcturan! Then a couple days later a guy emails me, saying he has strong Arcturan connections and knows Pitwexin and my wives, and offering to communicate with them on my behalf. So i asked him to contact this girl, and ask here why she won't contact me in the "real" world.
I never got a reply to that, but he did talk to her. He confirmed that she's Arcturan, and said her name is Myra. I had not dowsed for her spirit name, only her "real" one. I recognized it was true that her name was Myra, and she seems very pleased to be addressed that way.

OK. Now Shiela was with me again all day yesterday. Only Shiela and no-one else, which i thought a bit odd, but didn't mind, as Shiela is a very lovable, sweet woman as well as a tough fighter. I love her a lot.
Then finally last night she laid it one me: she and Myra are planning to switch bodies in the near future!
Now, as i said Feb. 7, Shiela is the girl who was morphed into Yiz DNA. Apparently the Arcturans wouldn't mind having a nexus with the Yiz girls and my other wives. And vice-versa. And i suspect this scenario is more appealing to Myra than living with a short, grizzled, bald geezer until i die, then hanging out. See, the scenario is that i leave a heap of orgone instruments here, hopefully on the same property i'm on, which i will continue to "own" for millenia despite seldom or never incarnating again. By having incarnated allies take care of things.

So i and the other girls would naturally hang out here a fair bit to keep the widow company. But this time-line is a nice place for sensitive people to avoid incarnating into anyway, and all in all, the prospect is probably not overly appealing for most of the girls, even though they love me and are with me for the long haul.
But Shiela volunteered. She even is doing a pretty convincing job of acting enthused.
I was euphoric all day, even though part of me says it'll never happen. It's all an illusion.

But if down the road you see me with a ridiculously young and tall blonde, you'll know why.

Full moon coming up tomorrow morning early. Coincidentally, i should be doing the final little pour on my new "persuader" (mentioned on the 17th) tomorrow morning.

Apr. 20, '08: (5:20pm) That big item is still in the mold as that final layer of epoxy cures. I should have pics tomorrow.

The J-rods have been relentlessly attacking my heart center all day long, but with the protection i have now, it's barely uncomfortable.
Shiela still has not grown tired of hanging around me.

My Arcturan buddy (who claims he will start posting on the forum soon) has been doing stuff to the greys. Apparently when things flared up the other night, it was because he tracked them to that hive and attacked. They have not messed with me all day. This may be partly due to my taking his advice this morning:
The main thing that I have found about both the Emp Grey programs and this Rep program is by asking the crystal holding them to "wash you" with their energies, and they will remove whatever the problem is, or at least weaken it to where it's taken care of by the jailer set.
More about the new rept program in a few days. It's something P made for him. I don't have one yet, as i'm waiting for a stone a friend is sending. I get that citrine is especially good for this, but regular qtz is fine, too.

Haven't even been hit much from other universes today. Yesterday those Tyhiz were back at it.

Severe chem white-out much of the day here.

My friend reports a lot of garbage still going on in Crestone, but it is not of a nature i can detect. Likewise with the Mantises, which is connected to that.

Apr. 21, '08: (7:50am) Woke up this morning alone. Tried to draw in one of my girls, any one, for a pre-dawn hug, but no response. Unable to detect them.
Then i log on and seen an email from 8 last night from my Arcturan friend, asking for help as some unspecified "they" have taken over his girlfriend's mind. They have been embroiled in strife with some big cluster of mantises, etc. connected with Crestone, which i can't detect. But i trust his perceptions, so i started blasting. Assumed my girls are all fighting them, and for some reason it's all off my screen.
Then a few minutes ago i had the idea to send my 83 big saurian allies to the scene. When they hit, i could feel the energy finally. Then a few minutes later Cora finally showed up here, indicating that things are going better.
But give a blast if you can.

(1:15pm) Just got an email from him saying things are better.
On my end, after posting, i grabbed my anti-mantis set from my circle, put it on my souped-up amp with the 2 inputs, which is plugged into my new item, which is plugged into my jailer...
Then a couple hours or so ago General Gina blew in, gave me a hug. Her tiara was crackling, fending off attacks from undeterminable entities. She wanted something... I finally figured it out. She was requesting permission to direct my Power Toys. Apparently i wasn't properly connecting to all the right enemies. Well, naturally i had no problem with that. She took off.
Not long afterwards, i started getting heart center attacks from the mantises that were strong enough to feel. Then just a bit ago Lula came by to give me a big hug, seemingly in a very good mood. Then she went back to work. I think all my girls are still at it.

(9:25pm) I think the party is beginning to break up a little. Some of the girls have gone, and Meera has joined me.

Earlier today i got an email from my friend saying he had gotten hit by some type of grey even bigger and badder than the emps.
And just now i bagged 333,333 of these that jumped me at once. Pitwexin is working on the first one being programmed into a big quartzite chunk. If all goes well, we will be giving away these guys to worthy warriors. One could probably be housed in a chem-buster base, for instance.

I hereby humbly propose the new Tall Grey rank categories:
  • The level previously referred to as King Grey is now the 2nd Tier Tall Grey
  • The level previously referred to as Emperor Grey is now the 3rd Tier Tall Grey
  • The level just discovered is the 4th Tier Tall Grey

    Who knows, maybe there are more.

    Also my friend pointed out that the tall grey set of OTB 27 can house the king grey fine, making an especially powerful set. And the new reptilian program can be housed in the anti-rept crystal. I think the new reptilian pgm is one that one can only have one of. One can have many of the king grey ones for serious use only.
    There is also a mantis thing of the same type available, that can be housed in your anti-mantis crystal from OTB 27. One can also have plenty more mantis units of the new type that are not housed in the anti-mantis set, which latter one can only have one of. Don't you just love my syntax?
    Maybe more life-forms will follow. I do have plenty of astral humans and J-rods available, BTW. I think there is a possibility for such a pgm against evil humans, but P is still working out the details.

    April 22, '08: (12:50pm) My correspondent has been carrying on for a while about all the scary stuff with Crestone and these mantises. Some rather extreme opinions that i tended to downplay, as i could feel hardly anything off the whole scene. But last night when i woke up (i go to bed early and usually wake up in the middle of the night, and after a while get attacked) i got a taste of what he was talking about. These guys do not seem to specialize in toxic energy like other vermin, and might not even be into blood ritual type stuff, but they are strong and scary. I could see what he was saying with his mind-control claims. Even with the tiara, they could start to entrain my mind. Of course i caught on quickly, but if i did not have so many powerful weapons, it would've been frightening. I was glad to have the new unit.

    Although the tiara does not seem to help much against these, it has now been upgraded so that only the 4th Tier greys get through (as he also reported), which is probably what flushed them out into the open.

    As i lay awake i realized that the new Tyhiz program and octopus program are now available. The Tyhiz one contains a blue Tyhiz, and is good against both blue and green ones. It is a bit too large to fit into my anti-Tyhiz set, but one could put both programs into one larger crystal (accompanied by the companion stone). These are available in plenty. The octopus one contains an octopus. The mantis one contains a "leader" mantis, which is stronger than a regular mantis. These are plentiful, too. The reptilian one also has a rept of above-normal stature. I don't know why one can only have one of these, as i have some 30K of these guys in my jail.

    Been having summery weather the last couple days, and now it just started thunderstorming.

    (4:40pm) One bizarre thing is that although i have taken much of my emphasis off the J-rods in order to nail the mantises, the J's seem to have stopped attacking me. Also i'm not getting as much crap from the other universes. My friend even speculated that maybe all the attacks from repts, etc. was mainly to distract us from the real threat, the mantis cluster.

    Amazingly, the attacks have been weak all day here. It's mainly mantises attacking my heart center. A few octopi.

    Well, i'm sure glad that downpour was brief. Over an inch in maybe 20 minutes. I had some empty 5-gallon buckets outside, only slightly wider at the top than the bottom, and they had 1.25" from that. Lots of lightning and thunder, some small hail.

    Here is the first 4th Tier grey pgm made. I will probably set it in epoxy, like i did with this heavy persuader unit. Which has 2 input and 1 output jacks. More pics later. Two of the stone's sides are flat and parallel to each other, with little gold flecks of pyrite on the surface.

    (5:10pm) Oh, yeah, i forgot to mention. Last night while i was awake i went vacuuming for Amerith. I haven't studied this cult enough to know what Amerith is supposed to be; a live human or what. But i got an astral entity that is Amerith. Another Venusian sorceror like the last, only more powerful.

    Apr. 23, '08: (7:45pm) Turns out i didn't know sheet. They were leaving me alone but pounding my friend bad, without my noticing. Did some more butt-kicking today. The new piece is still powering up and being tweaked.

    Hopefully, as the fight moves more and more out of the arena of DOR that i can easily sense, i will develop other skills. Last night as i was half-asleep i had the vision of a huge, dark, rectangular, building, then a bright light seemed to explode outward from its center. But it was not destructive; it was good energy that was radiating out from the center.
    Then i figured out that the building was the dark portion of NSA headquarters in Ft. Meade, MD. And the energy was something the Arcturans were doing. And since the Arcts were at the time deep in battle with the mantises (i just looked the word up, BTW, and the proper plural form is mantis or mantises), it seems probable that the NSA has some important connection to the mantises.
    Check it out if you're sensitive. Run your cursor over the center of the dark building, see if you can feel the Arct. energy conflicting with the resistance.

    Apr. 24, '08: (8am) Last night Pitwexin upgraded the tiaras to keep out mantis telepaths, too! And tiaras are now available directly from him, for those able to connect with him. He is likely to hear any request. I hear they look a trifle effeminate, but luckily i can't see them. Even P and the macho Valhallans wear them, though. Not to mention all my girls, the dragon allies, bunches of Arcturans, Pleiadians, Lyrans, etc.
    But not long later, the octopi were able to break through the tiara. Took him a while to patch that vulnerability. Then the reptilians found another hole, and he had to patch that. Seems to be holding well this morning.

    Yesterday we were socked into severe chem-haze all day. Then in the evening real overcast merged in. Before dawn got another drenching, perhaps 3/4" or so.

    The lady with the boy who was being oppressed by the J-rods reports that all has been calm there lately, providing further evidence that the mantises are somehow behind most of our problems.
    Yesterday i did get slightly stung in the eyes a few times by critters from other universes, but it was relatively insignificant compared to what i'd grown accustomed to lately.

    (12 noon) I just updated OTB 21 with some pics and info about easy-to-make grid-blasters.

    Aside from some mantises leaning on my heart center a bit, i am not being attacked.

    (2:45pm) Them mantises still are trying to hassle me, but nonetheless i put together OTB 31 with some tips for making units based on big rocks like i do.

    April 26, '08: (5:40pm) BTW, got more rain yesterday, about 1/4".

    My internet is crapping out again; i may not be able to upload this today.

    Last night on a few occasions the mantis telepaths were able to get through the tiara. Then they figured out how to make my eyes sting. So i've been getting that from them all day, along with attacks by octopi from the same old hive.

    Apr. 28, '08:(9am) I just uploaded an amendment to OTB 26 about hardware cloth and perpendiculosis. Also a disambiguation page to help readers sort out my various reptiloid allies.

    Yesterday the mantises and octopi were still hitting me, then the tall greys in their galaxy got into the act, then the Tyhiz. All very keen on burning my eyes. Was able to fend them off fairly well.
    Then after i awoke in the middle of the night, i got hit hard by huge wads of mantises that had seeped out of the other universes. First time i ever noticed mantises coming out of the other universes. They were stomping on my heart center because i was snuggling with Lula. Can't have that. Got them handled after a while, then the Universe A ones had to be dealt with again. But today they have only hit my heart weakly so far.

    My friend had pointed out that there were scads more of these evil Venusian sorcerors on Venus and Earth. I suspect that they are some offshoot race from the other Venusians, that somehow (possibly involving "eugenics") were able to make themselves demon-like. In general, Venusians are superior to Earth humans, not having reptilian DNA. I am not aware of any Earth humans that have much innate evil power without the aid of demons, but these Venusian sorcerors do seem to. And unlike the Earthlings, they are not slaves, but players, yea directors, in the game of evil. (Those evil Earthlings who once had innate power were those who were incarnated or walk-in insectile demons or other such entities, now yanked out.)
    So i had Pitwexin make me some items that contain a jailed one and programming to reverse its energy. They seem to be effective mainly on the Venusian sorcerors, and also effective on Earth black magicians, but only to the extent that these have any innate power, which i don't think is that much.
    I have the impression that P does not want to make these for the general public, just myself and this friend.

      *   *   *  *
    Something else i discovered lately, which is worth knowing for people under attack, is that many of us have a lot of centers above the crown that are subject to attack. Actually, i think there are centers below the sacrum as well, but i am not able to dowse them, and they do not seem to be receiving DOR attacks. So i will just refer to centers from the sacrum on up here.
    My impressions: most people have 7 or 12 centers on a vertical axis. Many have 24. A fair number have 48, and some have 96. All my wives and all advanced humanoid types, e.g. Arcturans, have 96.
    The only entities i have detected attacking the supra-crown centers are spiders and octopi, and they can be fierce.
    Sometimes one of my girls comes to me, and her energy just doesn't feel right, very weak, and i will find higher centers under attack. Sometimes it can get extreme.

    A week or so ago i received a warning that one of my wives was in severe jeopardy. It was Lula! She seemed to be in some evil space, possibly incapacitated. It was hard to tell, but her energy was very bad, and i had a feeling of alarm.
    I did what i could to help, and was able to draw her into my lap. She was a mess. Various centers were under severe spider attack, including every single one from 23-96!
    Finally got her cleaned up, and made her sleep in my arms that night. She was weak. But by the next morning she seemed back to her old self. But she needed a healing freq run on her to repair the damage, which freq is still running.

    Then i didn't see her for several days while 3 ultra-sweet Yiz girls were my companions.
    Then a couple evenings ago Alina came to me to express concern about Lula. I found her fighting octopi in their hive (which happened to be attacking me at the time), and again she was being damaged, not having fully recovered from the last bout. I had to bust up the ones she was fighting with, and draw her to me again. Bunches of octopi attacking several of her higher centers.
    So now she's to lay off the heavy combat stuff, Cmdr. Loohan's orders, until she recoups her energy-integrity. She just can't abide those vermin, and gets carried away sometimes.

    Dowsing around the people i know, this is what seems to be the case regarding numbers of higher centers:
    Most of you reading this, who are not agents or do-nothings, are 48s or 96s. Because people with fewer centers don't seem capable of broad responsibility or altruism. They might be nice people within the societal norms. They might stop and lend assistance if your vehicle is broken down by the side of the road. They may pick up litter. They might take in a stray animal and feed it. If you give them towerbusters and ask them to throw them someplace they visit anyway, they may well do that for you. But they seldom go much farther than that, and it's pointless to get disgusted with them over that, because they seem to be incapable of responsiblity beyond a certain level.
    I find that the few individuals in my area that i have a great rapport with are all 48s. So far i have only detected 4 fellow 96s here, and 2 of them are tykes that have parents who are 24s. The very first time i saw those kids i could tell they were special. They exude joy and have a certain presence. Of course they have relatively sane and loving parents. Not all 96s are so lucky. Many end up MPDed or otherwise mind-controlled. Many no doubt end up as Satanists under parental pressure.

    But, some time back i yanked all evil Earth humans out of their bodies, and virtually all of these have been reinhabited by evil Lyrans. From evil Lyrans i only dowse 11 centers. Likewise with humans possessed by them. Good Lyrans have 96, but for some reason i can't detect any number of centers in formerly evil humans who have been taken over by good Lyrans (or Pleiadians, Lemurians, reptilians --- actually i am only aware of one good rept that has taken over an Earth body, an aging rock star whose name is a household word).

    This might be a useful way for some people to discern whether an individual is a darksider. They should have 11 centers. If they are prominent in any good movement and are not agents, they should have 96 or 48. If you can detect none, they might be formerly evil guys taken over by good ETs, e.g. Putin. His wife is still evil, BTW. There was some stuff recently in the media about his allegedly planning to divorce her and marry a (non-darkside) athlete, but this may have been BS, judging by the denials.

    But not all humans now possessed by evil Lyrans were ever black magicians. These were/are merely scum. E.g. someone, not me, yanked Obama. And i have been yanking quite a few. I do not have the power, nor want the power, to do that to anyone except as deemed appropriate by Higher Intelligence. I don't really know enough if i try to judge a person, but often i experimentally flick a person into jail. It only happens if it is in accordance with the highest good. Of course, this has no discernable impact on consensus reality. I have done this in mid-conversation with people without seeming to phase them. But they will not reincarnate. Their body-ego-brain momentum will carry on a while, though. Eventually an evil Lyran will inhabit them, which can also easily be yanked, and almost as easily replaced by another.

    I find that if someone is unnecessarily rude to me for no reason, they usually go. Likewise, if i see litter by the road and flick the malefactors into jail, more often than not i do get one or two. Nasty criminal types almost invariably go. Even if i just try it on random strangers experimentally, a good percentage goes to jail. This planet is crawling with profoundly parasitic, negative people who are of no use to themselves or Creation.

    April 29, '08: (12:45am) I think it has been almost 3 years since i offerred any products to the public. I am getting back into it. See my new products page.
    These products will emphasize Arcturan-style programming. My friend says that Arcturans have difficulty "translating" their programming to our world, but Pitwexin is good at it.

    I've been making some stuff that he's been programming, and i really like the energy. There are several programs. I don't really understand it much.

    If i understand correctly, in order to support me, the Arcturans are not only giving me a fair maiden to add to my wife collection, but they are training P in programming, and i will have a world exclusive on it. Meaning P will only program this stuff for me. He might not even do it for my friend for retail purposes. But my friend will be selling devices programmed by P with other types of programming. In fact, they have been working together a lot. I did not even see the value at first of making items with jailed entities other than the special greys.

    Apr. 29, '08: (6:40pm) Oh yeah, it wasn't long after i posted about Lula that she started really glowing. She sends her thanks to all those that sent her healing energy.

    Now here's something for you psychics and sensitives out there to check into. Maybe you can figure it out. It's about Castaneda and that bunch. A while back Pitwexin had outfitted them with weapons and jails to clear out the octopi around them.
    Last night i thought to check on them. All i can get is like the most incredibly wonderful vibe. And i do mean, there is a sense of awe and wonder about it. I had Lula, Lindi, Pitwexin check into it, but i can't get any info, just this awe and amazement. Oh, yeah, and intensity.

    April 30, '08: (8:05pm) The enemy seems much weaker the last 2 days.

    Here are excerpts of some interesting stuff my friend emailed me:
    Last night, I was going around to some of the other councils I'm familiar with through my girlfriend's guides (who are part of them/very familiar), and I learned a lot. I'll break it down the best I can, in parts that would be beneficial to you.

    The Sirians have big problems with evil Sirians, although not so much on Earth. I get that about 53% of Sirians are evil. The good Sirians are mainly fighting them in the Lupus constellation, along with evil Arcturians. Yes, that's right. I get that only about 3% of the Arcturian population is evil, but they are some nasty mother ******s. See if you can't snag any of these guys while you are at it.

    My girlfriend also hooked up with her Atlantean self again, and got this healing staff. This thing is able to be reproduced freely. I have one, and I can get you one too. From what I can see, it has the capacity to heal cancer if treated long enough. You can make multiple copies for yourself to speed up healing. I bet your girls would love these things. Matter of fact, I just outfitted them with this stuff. They are having a ball LOL!

    The other neat thing is that I got a whole "matching set" for the tiara, for every chakra. They block out the energetic attacks really well. I haven't been touched since I installed them. Apparently, I had a hand in making these, on some level, as well as the tiara, and that is why I'm able to give them out. When I'm all outfitted, or when I outfit someone else, I see this literal coat of armor being put up around them. I think that the different chakra pieces are kind of like "anchors" for this armor. Cora, again, has agreed to be the go-to girl to give out these pieces as well as the tiara. She is outfitting the girls with them now. They all really seem to love them. Matter of fact, you can get one of these healing staffs from her too.
    I just outfitted all of the allies with this stuff as well...

    The Sirian "army" said they would be willing to work with you, by the way. We could probably send some help their way with dealing with the evil Sirians too.
    Yeah. I got a set of tiaras this morning, but still felt some attacks on my heart center. I wrote my friend a little while ago about that, and i suspect he took action because the next attack was on my thymus region. I'm one of those rare people that has an extra center between the solar plexus and heart, and another between the heart and the throat. The mantises sensed that. But i suspect that someone working on the tiaras picked up on that, because now i have some on those centers, too.

    I have already had Pitwexin make me weapons against these 2 "new" enemy races. I will have a pic tomorrow, when there's sunlight.
    I raked in a bunch of both types of twits, so we already have available the 1-piece programs containing a jail, as well as 2-piece sets against each. And the 1 can be imposed within the main crystal of the 2-piece set. I have a largish quartz crystal (amethyst would be good, too) with a relatively large companion stone of white-clear qtz for the Arcturans, and a medium-sized crystal with a rather small carnelian for the Syrians.

    Ooops, they just got through to my heart center again...