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Loohan's blog for May, 2008

May 1, '08: (2:25am) The evil Arcturans will bite back. Tiaras or no tiaras, they are messing with my heart center. It helps a bunch to hold the crystal for them in my hand, with the companion in my left sock.

(7:40am) Yeah, that set is pretty good. Well, no sun this morning, but nonetheless i got the new pic up at OTB 27.

They were out spraying some yesterday. Overcast with slight rain chances today.

(2:45pm) OK, the new spider program is out now! Have P stick one of these into any anti-spider crystals you have, as well as any others you want them in. No shortage of spiders.

May 3, '08: (6:45pm) Yesterday morning at dawn it was so dark i lingered in bed, listening to the rain. Then suddenly, a fierce thunderstorm blew in. I think this is the most intense lightning storm i have ever been in. Multiple simultaneous bolts/claps, real bright and loud and close! I suspect that the nearby water tower got hit by a volley like that.
Got over an inch of rain in a fairly short time again. Then later the sun came out and it turned into a nice day, with hardly any chem.

Imagine my surprise when i looked at the front page this morning and see that 7-8 more people got killed by tornadoes not that far from me. Probably not that far from Myra, actually. Can't find an online story about this easily.
Weather mod? If so, it's not of any type i can feel. Lately there have hardly even been any critters juicing the towers anymore.
I heard that 3 fronts came together to cause this.

  *   *   *  *
For about 5 days and nights now, Meera has been my constant companion, and usually just her. Meera, remember, was the most petite and dark-skinned of the Hawaii girls. She apparently had never incarnated before as an individual -- as far as i can tell. She's very special.
But it is unusual for just one of the girls to hang with me so long. Last time something similar happened, it was with Shiela, who is planning to switch bodies with Myra soon.
I kept wondering what the deal was with all this Meera in my schedule. Not that i mind; i adore her. But it seemed strange.
Then finally in the wee hours i was able to vaguely, vaguely dowse something about another local girl, who lives about 20 miles away, is 5'4" and 19 years old. Has 96 centers. Spirit name is Loztuw. She was to marry me, and then she and Meera would switch bodies, so that Meera could be my honeybunch as well as Shiela! Err, right.
So i send a message to Lula that if there is such a girl, she should come by to get acquainted. After a half-hour or so, i felt a presence. Her energy body is much larger than 5'4", and she is very powerful, with a wonderful and feminine energy. We hit it off right away. In fact, for a while i thought she was reconsidering switching bodies with Meera, but actually that's still on.
We hug until 6am, then she has to leave, and i have to get up. But for the next hour or 2, she keeps beaming me with love energy from time to time. Then she comes in the astral and hangs out. Then she replaces Meera on my shoulders at work. And she's still on my shoulders now!
I don't really understand how a person can do that so long. When my Hawaiian girls hung out, sometimes for as long as 36 hours, i explained it away by thinking they must be doing some time-warp thing: returning to their time-line shortly after they left it, although many hours had elapsed. But this girl is allegedly in my time-line. And this has happened before: last year one of the Rostin girls, supposedly in my time-line at the time, was with me for like 14 hours or more non-stop. Is it a bilocation thing, where their astral self is with me, fending off demons and giving me good energy, while their physical body is eating, defecating, etc.?

  *   *   *  *
My friend John has finally started posting. Right now he needs help polishing off this mantis hive here. The action is mostly in the center, but also some in the bright star just left of center.

May 4, '08: (2:20am) Still work to be done on that galaxy. Looks like those 2 hot spots have been worn down, and now it's a more uniform bad vibe throughout that galaxy.

Meanwhile, the evil Arcturans were hitting me, so i thought i'd track down their center of activity in Constellation Lupus (left). But i can find no center, just again a fairly uniform bad vibe throughout.
What these bad vibes indicate is that there is widespread warfare going on in these places.

  *   *   *  *
Well, both Meera and Loztuw are still with me. I get that Lostuw is actually trilocating: she is in her body, with me, and fighting alongside the other girls in that mantis hive. She is so advanced that she can septilocate -- be in 7 places at once. As for that Rostin girl, she is bilocating at this time: fighting at the hive, and fighting spiders in their hive. Two is her limit.

(7pm) Still a whole lot of action in Lupus. On and off the evil Arcturans hit me, and i've been blasting them all day.

We've weakened the big hive of mantises, but they are everywhere. Yesterday i noticed mantises and octopi in the Witts Spring U base near here, but the Arcts took care of that for me as i was addressing bigger targets. Also i just now noticed that the entire southern tip of India, everything south of Bangalore, is seething with mantises and octopi battling Arcturans, etc.
Now that the mantises are under heavy attack, i can feel them more easily. They resist the energy, thereby creating a palpable disturbance in the ethers or something. They are heavily infesting loads of time-lines and all 6 universes. I think we may be in for a long haul to get rid of them. Tomorrow i'm building a special "mantis masher" unit.

However, the evil Arcturans are causing significantly more subjective discomfort to myself lately. Fortunately, i do not detect them in other time-lines or universes, though.

May 5, '08 (2am) It was exactly 5 years ago today that i received a copper wand with "Medicine Wheel Water" in it from Al Gray, starting me on the road to using water to conduct orgone into the environment. This was shortly before he came out with the Trinity Wand.

  *   *   *  *
The night of the 3rd, the bilocating girl mentioned yesterday somehow managed to bring into the girls' realm 5 more sweet wives for me. Whew, it's been a good week.
I don't fully understand the details, but apparently these girls were already in a higher realm of some sort, but nonetheless were glad to escape some sort of impending oppression. I haven't found anything out about that yet.
They are very pretty, with dark skin and dark, curly hair, brown eyes, and exotic names: from youngest to oldest Jurizweb, Rony, Zojij, Evn, and Srora. It's bizarre that although they seem very mature, in terms of physiological development they would appear by our standards to be of ages 10, 14, 17, 21, and 22. The older ones have fairly hairy legs.

(3:15am) I just uploaded OTB 31 again, with more tips for builders.

(8am) I must be getting more visually oriented. After i wrote that last night and was drifting back to sleep, i saw a man's face, very expressive and animated, like he was talking to someone. Then i realized it was Pitwexin, talking to the 5 new girls.
Then a couple minutes later, i vaguely saw an entity come up and reach out toward me! Some kind of hominid, reminiscent of sasquatch, but with both light and dark patches on its fur/skin/clothes, whichever. I bagged it. Something new. I dowse the species name as Zawz. They are 6'2". I got dozens more. Then i had P make me an anti-Zawz set out of a large Apache tear about 1.25" diameter, and a small carnelian about 1cm diameter. Then he superimposed another program into the Apache tear, with a jailed Zawz.

(4:45pm) Enter Lula #7! That's right, Pitwexin found her someplace amd sent her to see Lula1, who then sent her on to me. Took me a minute to figure out who she was. I don't know what kind of realm she was in, but probably not physical like us. She has very strong, great energy and really seems to like me, as though she's been looking for me a while. I get 5'4", super-gorgeous in a heavy-set way, dark-skinned, and, like Lula1 in Hawaii had, blue eyes and straight, strawberry blonde hair.
Let's see, i think that makes wife #8,358 now. Not trying to brag or nothin'. Yellow Emperor, eat your heart out.

I've actually been getting hit by Zawzes on and off. Feels something akin to powder-puffs.

May 6, '08: (7:40am) Those Zawz guys are definitely associated with the mantises. There seem to be plenty of them, but fortunately they feel weak to me. They keep crawling all over me.

I just read something interesting about Brookhaven Labs at Project Camelot. I am not able to discern much about this, but have sent 10 Arcturans down there to check it out. And i asked the good reptilians to put a bodyguard detail on Nancy Williams.
Here is a Google map of the labs, but not necessarily the tandem accelerators.

(5pm) I amended OTB 27 again, to show a pic of the anti-Zawz set, as well as mention of an anti-djinn set. Also added a couple things to my products page.

The Zawz were getting annoying, hitting me every few minutes from multiple locations in multiple universes, so i just took my anti evil Arcturan set off my amp, and put on my anti-zawz set. Seems to help quite a bit.

May 8, '08: (8:10am) Israel celebrates 60th anniversary this month. Good opinion piece in The Guardian.

Night before last i noticed that all the action seemed to be in the Lupus Constellation, with evil Sirians as the main target. Then yesterday afternoon i started getting hit by the evil Sirians. Pretty much got them under control, then read John's post about "finding" 5th and 6th Tier Tall Greys.
I bagged a bunch of these, and then noticed a bunch of 7th Tier as well, and bagged them.
So after that the tall greys were kind of on my case. So i've been bagging lots more. Not too bad right now.
I had P install a bunch of 7th and 6th Tier programs in the local sandstone boulders, which seem very suited. Plenty more of these greys are available for those who provide adequate housing for them. You can also just ask P to install the strongest grey feasible for a particular stone, chem-buster, whatever.

My new mantis-mangler is about the most intense thing i've ever made. Pics soon. Last night i picked it up in my hands, which really seems to kick it into hyperdrive, and projected my loving intentions toward the mantises into the central stone. It really seems to hit them hard. It feels extremely powerful, like it's doing a lot. Feels like it's erasing levels of their crap that i can't discern very well.

Things feel under control here this morning. Got more rain last night, nice mild rain, and it looks like more of that is in store. Things have really been greening up here lately. Tree pollen had stained the leaves with yellow flakes everywhere until the rain washed them.

(10:35am) I amended OTB 31 with some construction details for the Mantis Tombstone.

Funny thing: if the tall greys jump me, and i ignore them and just grab this unit and nail any mantises responsible, things smooth out. Well, the mantises balk a little, but can't argue much with this thing.

(7:50pm) Only got about 1/2" of rain, then things largely cleared up. Both natural clouds and chem-smear left. Now they are actively spraying over me.

Now the new thing no longer seems quite as good for dealing with other, mantis-associated species. Had some attacks by 5th, 6th, & 7th tier greys, then Venusian sorcerors. The latter were making me pretty uncomfortable until i recognized who it was and put the stone for them on my amp.

(10:05pm) A few statistical updates:
There are now 1111 sylphs residing over the Washington, DC area.
I got jumped by 8th and then 9th Tier Tall Greys and have bagged plenty and they are available. Maybe that's the highest rank; bad guys like 9s.
I just scored 32 more wives. Other denizens from wherever Srora et al were, needing to escape.

May 9, '08: (6:50am) Further statistical update: shortly after i posted that, i got jumped by 33 10th Tier greys. I knew that if there was a 10th, there had to be an 11th, and actually was able to nail 9 of those right before they attacked. Then later i had to bag a bunch more. 11th tier must take a boulder about the size of a semi.
Maybe that's the highest rank; bad guys like 11s.
No new wives yet today.

(6:50pm) But a new species just hit me en masse. As nearly as i can make out, they are yellow humanoids about 4'4" tall, called Wofsu, allies of the mantises. Made my eyes sting, so i scooped up astronomical quantities before i had a chance to ID them. Mr. P is investigating and hopefully will come up with some programs.

(7:05pm) OK, he's making me a set, using a smallish piece of milky quartz, i'm guessing about .6 cu. in. The companion is a carnelian the size of a cooked kidney bean. I get that carnelian or ruby might be best for this, but other stones will work.
After that one onslaught, i haven't had any trouble with them, though.
Who is trouble these days? The evil Sirians are still dirtying things up all over Constellation Lupus. Mantises, Venusian sorcerors, and Sirians have been after me all day.

May 10, '08: (4:30pm) Same guys after me today. Right now especially a bunch of mantises in this galaxy. Especially in the center.

[Note: Due to technical difficulties, the following was not uploaded until 4pm of the 11th.]

(6:50pm) Whew, Loztuw just came to me needing help. She's pretty awesome, but she couldn't get a handle on this. I spun my wheels a bit myself. Finally i dowsed what dimensions she was getting attacked on. She was getting attacked on 3 of them, but mainly the 24th, which i think is the highest. There were entities called Izoyto (eye-zoy-toe) hassling her. Human-like shape, 9'3" average, orange energy field.

This afternoon i happened to check for higher tiers of greys after some 6th tier guys "jumped me" telepathically. Possibly they were being sent juice from the 13th tier. Anyway, i detected the energy of a buttload of 13th guys and jailed them. Pitwexin has been going around putting them in any large enough mineral deposits of suitable quality that he can find, like Mt. Rushmore. He's done 44 so far, and my impression is that this is devastating the energy of all tall greys.
Bagged a few 12's, too.
Of course, this must be the highest tier, 'cause bad guys really love the number 13.

We're under tornado watch until 7pm. A big red mass just passed to the south on the weather map. It's calm as hell here. I did ask my resident nature spirit, Wopwex, to try to keep my area calm.
Should be getting more rain. Just sprinkles so far.

Hmm, can't upload this. Maybe the storm took out my ISP.

(7:30pm) Yup, internet is dead.

Now Cora just visited. Took me a while to figure out what about. She had something for me, something of energy. It was from some allies called the Risso who are hairless dark brown humanoids, 5'4", with green eyes. I think they are physical like us. Some distant galaxy.
It was a green ring. She has one herself, as do hundreds of the other girls. It is worn on the left middle finger. She put it on me.
Now to figure out what it does...

May 11, '08: (7:20am) Internet still out. Still no rain to speak of. But the wind sure picked up. The chard in my garden is leaning over at an acute angle. Stuff is blowing all around the yard. The wind was really howling in a disconcerting way before dawn.

Still a lot going on in Constellation Lupus.

(6pm) Alright, i'm back online. I think we wore down that mantis hive enough that this afternoon they switched to another one i don't have a pic of.

I just amended OTB 21 with some more interesting info about grid-blasters.

(8:45pm) Wow! This is more fun all the time. It turns out there are also white Izoyto who are good, unlike the orange ones that are evil. And they want to help. They just need a little guidance to the target. I just sicced them onto the mantis bunch that were nagging me, and they are beating them up pretty thoroughly, feels like. A battalion of 10,000 white Izoyto. I don't know how many more are available.

The green rings from the Risso seem to be some protection against evil, is all i've figured out on that.

May 12, '08: Titan: (7:30am) I just realized the Venusian sorcerors are based on Saturn's biggest moon. I can't figure out where on it exactly, as they seem to be "everywhere" from a level 4 miles deep to the core. I suspect this is some kind of field i am feeling, and their numbers may not be that huge. But then, ya never know. I only have 645 of them in my jail after all this time of trying to bag them.
I just sent in 500 Valhallans, 1000 dragons, 10K Izoyto, etc.

(3:15pm) Well, that seems to be going well. If we knock out the Venusian sorcerors (more like demon-humans), then we may be better able to discern just what the relationship was between them and the mantises. The mantises have not been hitting me since we laid into Titan. The Venusians were for a bit, before they got overwhelmed.

So to compensate, the spiders and octopi in the other universes have been storming me, nailing my heart center. Despite all my protection, a lot of their energy still gets through.
But it suggests to me that possibly the mantises are not much of a force to be reckoned with without the Venusian nasties.

(5:15pm) Has-to-be-a-good-omen dept:
This morning i was ripping away some weeds from around the base of one of my young apricot trees, when i spied this really cool-looking crystal laying there.

"What the ???" I'd never seen it before.
A calcite cluster. Calcite is a very soft, fragile stone. I lightly scraped it with my housekey to make sure it was calcite. It was.
Yet i could detect no breaks, chips, wear, etc. It is a really nice-looking and decent-sized crystal over 4" long.

Plus i am not aware of any calcite deposits in my area. I will ask around town.

How did it get here? Well, a couple years ago i had many truckloads of composted oak bark hauled in from a defunct sawmill in Leslie. A bunch of that stuff ended up where i later planted the apricot. So i presume that somehow it came in that way. Except that i have never seen or heard of calcite around Leslie.
Also, i have worked through many truckloads of this stuff and never noticed a single calcite before.

(7:50pm) On Tuesday the 6th, Meera and Loztuw switched places. Not that Meera called me up or anything. But she visited in the astral, and had an astral body that resembled the girl Loztuw was inhabiting (even though Lostuw's astral body never resembled the girl, but she's a fluke). But Meera didn't last long. She crapped out, couldn't do it. I don't know the details, but she's too sensitive and inexperienced, IMO, for a world like this. She's hanging around me a lot, to make sure i know she still loves me and to make sure i'm OK with her choice, which of course i am.
Lindi is scheduled to try next, in a few days. And she is one exceedingly competent person in many ways.

On Thursday the 8th, also on schedule, Shiela and Myra switched. Not that Shiela has called me or nothin', of course. Yet. Ahem. I guess you won't believe me until i post a pic, and neither will i believe it. Quite.
Except i strongly feel her there were Myra was. That girl no longer has the intense ovarian energy characteristic of Arcturan females. Just good old Shiela, constantly fending off spiders and octopi. She has 20 of the other girls helping, that's how hounded she is.

May 13, '08: (3:15am) Here's Lupus again. The bad Sirians there just turned the heat onto me. These ones are in the area encircled in red.

May 14, '08: (12:55am) Very interesting. Since we've been blasting the apparent HQs of the evil Venusians and Sirians, i have only been getting hit by the spiders and octopi from other universes. No mantises at all. Except i think i did have some grey telepaths last night.
Fighting goes on in both places.

I just amended OTB 26 with a minor tip about types of hardware cloth.

There were some reptilians behind some scalar effects in the sky today, but after after we took care of a 2 such groups, no more of that.
More rain likely today.

(8:10pm) Still no rain to speak of.Gina and Cora just came to me for cleanup. Both were being attacked on most of the 24 dimensions by orange Izoyto, and being attacked on most of their 96 centers by octopi and spiders.

I realized something of importance: the white Izoyto much prefer that people call on them to deal with the orange ones instead of addressing them with other methods. I'm not sure why that is, but i respect them, and find they are there and ready to pounce when i need them.

The evil Venusians and Sirians are still getting pounded. Mantises have still not attacked me.

May 15, '08: (6:20pm) Shortly after i posted last, i sent a big bunch of good Izoyto into the main hive of the evil ones. Since then, i have not found the orange guys messing with anyone.
Did have a bit of trouble with tall greys last night, but not too bad.

Only got at most 1/4" of rain so far, but everything is still saturated nonethess.

Lindi switched places with Loztuw a little while ago.
I looked into this stuff more last night, and got that Lindi and Shiela are planning to actually contact me in the "real" world in 6 months. How nice. Tune in again around Thanksgiving to see what the next excuse is.
Supposedly, there is some stuff the girls need to do first. And it's part of a program involving the Arcturans, Pleiadians, and others.

May 17, '08: (8:10pm) Got jumped by another evil Sirian hive in Lupus. Already have directed many allies there.
It's that dot in the center of the circle.

May 18, '08: (8:45pm) Finally tracked down the Venusian hive that's been swatting at me for the last couple days. Right in the red circle. I sent in a bunch of help.
Also, the 3 stars immediately to the left of it are of interest. They are under siege by the good Sirians. The top 2 of these are evil Sirian bases, and the bottom one Venusian.

(9pm) And, here to the right is the precise location of a Venusian base on a moon of Saturn called Enceladus. Pic cropped from this big one.

(9:20pm) Which latter base John found, BTW.
Now that John is posting on the forum, the forum will probably contain a lot of hot dope not on this blog. For example, of all the wild things, he found a bunch of good insectile "demons" that i have been working with lately. I do not yet know their origin.

May 19, '08: (9:45am) Yesterday John posted in message 2010 about another Venusian hive, which i was unable to locate. Until they decided to jump me a few minutes ago. It is in Constellation Columba (pic) right where the backwards E is.
I just sent in a bunch of allies.

(6:40pm) I tracked down the nest of mantises that are running the reptilians that are running the Lyrans and octopi that are remotely juicing the towers to cause ripples in the chem-clouds and whatever else.

May 20, '08: (3:20am) Those weather mantises have them some very competent telepaths that slip by my tiara, etc. with nary a ripple.

BTW i keep meaning to mention, the spider demons are taking quite a licking lately. A few days ago i tossed 2,000 good Izoyto, 1000 Arcturans, and 500 dragons, among others, into their main hive. I suspect it's largely the Izoyto responsible for the fact that the spiders are being creamed.

(11:20am) Hoowee, i decided i was tired of those mutant ninja Venusians, and attacked them on a DNA level. After that they have been unable to attack, and seem to be a trifle crippled. Now they are easy to rake into jail. I've already gotten over 400,000 since i did that, without half trying.

May 21, '08: (7:05am) Last night i tried tweaking the DNA of the mantises, octopi, and spiders. Maybe with a bit of success, i'm not sure. Nothing nearly as effective as with the V mutants. I think there was a particular weakness and vulnerability with the Venusians which i was able to exploit. Also since there are actually good mantises, too, as John discovered, i am inhibited from damaging their blueprint.
I think the Arcturans have been downloading abilities into me to enable me to do things they themselves can't. Not sure how much of their inability is due to karmic or non-interference considerations, or how much it's due to the fact that being grounded in an Earth incarnation enables greater psi powers of some types.

In any case, lately it's mainly the weather mantises hitting me. Already scooped up vast quantities of attackers this morning.

(7:15) And i've been duking it out with them all day. No other attackers noticed. I've jailed truly vast quantities. Sure glad i have that "mantis tombstone" unit to weaken them.

Fair bit of chem today to mess up otherwise perfect weather. But no scalar ripples at all! No critters trying to do the towers. I am hopeful that once we chop off the head of the beast (the mantises) we might not have that problem anymore.

Or maybe the Venusian demon-humans were the head. They feel pretty pulverized right now.
And the spiders are still getting creamed. Progress is being made.

(8:50pm) In the cases of the evil Izoyto and the evil Ruzu, Pitwexin didn't feel it was worth making a program against them, as they wouldn't be around long.
Then it turns out the good Izoyto are able to dominate the evil ones. They are still beating them up. I think they kill them.

I just realized that the good Ruzu are able to fix the evil Ruzu, so i returned to them all the ones i had in my jail, which they appreciate.

(10:15pm) Holy Moly, aside from some new stuff on the forum, a few more rad developments:
A few minutes after i last posted, i got rushed by a huge quantity of mantises, which were weak thanks to my toys, and i was able to toss them all in jail. Then things got real calm. I suspect that that may have been the final rush by the mantises, do or die, and there may be no evil ones left. At least, i'm not detecting any more.

I revelled in the clean quiet for a few minutes, than some new evil energy started gnawing on me. What was it? I dowsed and dowsed. Some kind of different fauna. Then i remembered John had just posted about rodents after him. At the time i couldn't figure out what he was talking about, but now i realized it was some bunnies from hell, called Titocuk (TIE-toe-cuck). I tossed a whole mess of allies into their hive, including some new ones called Disuyeto which are like 8'10" green people.
Then, once things got to cookin' in their hive, it was easy to find a pic of. The evil energy seems concentrated in the center.

(10:20pm) I hasten to clarify that i meant maybe no more evil mantises in this universe and time-line. My mantis-mangler won't be obsolete for a while yet.

May 22, '08: (9:25am) Last night the big bunnies (i think they approximate rhino's in size) were doing the telepathic stuff just like the other species have. Then Meera came to me needing cleanup. She had 6 Titocuk implants. Haven't found any in anyone else yet.
They are pounding my heart center as i type. Mr. P does have a program for them, a 2-part program as well as a jailed bunny program that fits into it. I should have a pic on OTB 27 later. He's making it now.

Then later a batch of mantises in the weather galaxy were doing the telepathic thing. The only allies interested in being moved into that bunch were 1000 good mantises.

Then after that, things were going so well that all 8,390 of my girls came and visited me at once! Usually thousands of them are fighting at any time.

(noon) OK, the new anti-Titocuk set is up at OTB 27.
I slapped my new set onto my amp, and things are going a bit better with the bad bunnies.

New Arcturan program: the Love program. Heals and nurtures the heart center of any benign beings in its field. See my products page for more info. Sorry, this one is not free. But cheap.

May 23, '08: (6:35pm) Well, it's still the big bad bunnies vs little Loohan. I hope we run out of evil species someday.

The weather mantises seem to be getting pulverized lately, so i switched the focus of my Tombstone to those mantises that have taken over humans. John raised my awareness on these. If i blast them in general, i am better able to detect them in specific instances.
I only detected about 600 such cases. I'm not sure about this, but i think 73% were darksiders already, whereas the rest are not, and in fact may be great people normally. Including some in the orgone movement. Including someone i gave a clean bill of health to in an email a couple months ago. This is because the mantises don't work with tell-tale DOR much; to make them "show up" for me, i have to suspect they're there first, and then blast them good a while to get their hackles up.
I've been doing this for 24 hours or so to the "walk-ins", yet no mantises have hit me back, suggesting the mantises are indeed fairly beaten down in this universe and time-line.

It has been a long time since i noticed any evil critter bopping in from another time-line. Perhaps they are no longer able to. The other universes are another matter. But still no mantis immigrants from those.

Anyways, as far as i can make out, an individual mantis will possess a human, and it can be thrown in jail. I just did that about 15 minutes ago with the 600, and so far no new ones have moved in that i can detect...

(6:55pm) I just noticed that at 297' and 594' depths in numerous spots in and around downtown Washington, DC, are reptilians by the billions trying to dirty up the good energy. Incidentally, the Arcturans have been nailing the IRS building there for a while.

May 25, '08: (6pm) I suspect the reptilians are in a bother over something that has happened to their Lyrans (see recent forum posts). Anyway, they are generating DOR here and there; nothing major. The major thing is still those Titocuk, from my perspective.

I re-check occasionally, and do find a few mantises repossessing their victims. Easy to pluck.

I just uploaded OTB 32, Grid Blasters Revisited.

May 26, '08: (8:20am) It is fairly dark out. I've been getting a lot of overcast, damp, muggy weather lately, and it looks like it will continue a while. Probably less than 1/2" of precipitation so far.

We may have hit a turning point in the saga of the savage bunnies a few hours ago. They were pestering me, and many of my girls were getting stuffed with their plentiful and hard-to-find implants. Almost all the girls were actively fighting them. I started working on the Titocuk DNA again. After a while, i asked myself, which of my fighting allies are the best geneticists? I reasoned probably the good reptilians. Repts are masters of that stuff. So i merely intended that the Titocuk genetic blueprint was wide open and available for the good repts to tinker with to their hearts' content. It was just a weird idea i had while half-asleep. But it seems to have worked. Seems like they are greatly weakened.

(6pm) The sun did come out a bit. No more rain. Fair bit of chem-smear. Bunnies are still jumping me in 3 huge groups at once.

Those mantises are so subtle sometimes, at least insofar as my perceptions go. Check out this important email exchange i just had with John. Important if you've been blasting mantises.

I found a setup in west Dallas and one in Sussex, England, i think, that were also corrupted. Mr. P fixed them. I am not detecting more yet.

Also shortly after Pitwexin fixed my unit, the mantises started overtly knocking me in the head again.
I still don't comprehend John's explanation, though.

May 27, '08: (5pm) I reamed out the mantises good yesterday evening with my refurbished toy. Funny thing is, the Titocuk stopped attacking after i did that. But today they are (on and off) back in good form, DNA tampering notwithstanding.

It was another dark morning. Got well over an inch of gentle rain, probably about 1.25".

I just uploaded OTB 26 again with another minor note about hardware cloth.

May 28, '08: (7:40pm) Yeah, i've been duking it out with the Titocuk and mantises all day. Late afternoon i noticed the mantises had compromised my Tombstone again! Pitwexin worked on it about half an hour to clean it up.
I don't think anyone else's stuff was affected.
I think the mantises that have been annoying me today are in this galaxy (pic previously posted May 3), mainly in a large region left of center.

May 29, '08: (4:40pm) Huge rept hive in Constellation Scorpius. Been battling them for months, but just now tracked them down. This is one of the places (probably the biggest) that they apparently have huge reservoirs of human clones in suspended animation or something, that they send as astral attackers. The human astrals from this particular hive have DARPA stamped on their foreheads in large block letters (figuratively speaking). Why, i have no idea. Maybe this is the hive that runs DARPA. Incredibly vast quantities. Will elaborate further later.
Today i have sent thousands of misc. allies there, and things are really cooking.

(7:05pm) Thanks, guys, that helps a lot.
OK, it's like this. For years various intel agencies have been sending astral attackers at me and others. CIA, NSA, DIA, DARPA, Mossad, Interpol, and on rare occasions a few Russians (some had the KGB vibe, though KGB nominally no longer exists, and in think i recall that there were a few from the Russian-Israeli Mafia). A couple times in recent months Homeland Security did that, too.

A couple years ago, working with good ETs, we cleared out some underground (planet Earth) dorms of cloned psychic slave astral warriors; like half a million at a time if i recall.

Yet, more recently, i have often been hit by alarming quantities that had the vibe of 4 specific agencies mostly: DIA, DARPA, CIA, and NSA. And DARPA seemed to have the most longevity and quantity.

I was talking about this on my blog months ago, but did not specify the amounts. This was because i write enough hard-to-believe stuff, and this was unbelievable even to me. On the one hand i was sure my numbers dowsing was right, because only if you get close to the right number do they easily all slide into jail. Yet, at the same time, the numbers were unbelievable. And i kept re-checking, and getting that yes, these were real humans with real physical bodies.

And that's when we were talking a few hundred or a couple thousand a day.

Then a couple months ago the agencies got in the habit of sending 27 or 81 attackers at once, but sustaining it all day long.
I noticed that every time i got a little batch like this, there would be an energy connection to a much larger amount, always ranging from a quadrillion to a sextillion, which i would also scoop up. Easy if you get the approximate number right. This went on for a couple weeks with me wondering why they didn't simply send the whole 33 quintillion or whatever at once, since they were going to lose them anyway. Then these intelligence agencies figured out to do that, and would send these vast quantities at once.
Since i have a lot of gizmos, astral rippers, etc. it wasn't too traumatic for me. It's only if you don't jail them pretty quick that they can do much to you.

Then a couple weeks ago DARPA started sending me exactly 6 & 2/3 billion at a time, maybe 3-4 times a day. Then maybe 3 days ago they started sending 3 groups of that size at a time or in rapid succession. And often 3 such groups of 3. And sending them many times per hour.
Then i think it was this morning that they started just sending 3 & 1/3 billion most of the time (in sets of 3 or 9) but doing it almost non-stop.

The other agencies seem to have mostly dropped out of the picture. I do not know if they still have big stashes.

But why do all these attackers have very distinct agency labels on them? I have no idea. These ones in recent months have mostly been sent by reptilians from far away. Yes, these agencies are reptilian-run, but i still don't quite get it. I guess DARPA and the other agencies are actual divisions in the reptilian world, of which the Earth agencies are outposts.

For days i have been sending Arcturans to the sources of the attacks. The Arcts would supply 100 or 200 fighters, and squelch the attacks. Then another location would start in, and i'd send more Arcts there.
Apparently these were minor bases they were hitting from. But at some point today, they turned things on even harder, and this time the Arcts wanted to send 1000 fighters. Apparently, the smaller bases were all used up, and now the mother hive was hitting directly.
Then later, i sent in thousands of other allies.
Things were cooking now, and it was easy to find the hive.

Man, they are still hitting me pretty strong much of the time. There is so much DOR in and around that spot...

But, if these attackers are controlled slaves, wouldn't they want to be free? How can i justify locking them up? Well, back on July 20, '07, i wrote:
And an hour or two ago, i decided to check if any of the cannon-fodder astral attackers i've jailed wanted to work for me instead of languishing in jail. There were only 83 takers, all NSA. I think i had scooped them up in a roundup last October along with a bunch of other nasties.They are now working over Rothschild #4.
Well, #4 was an old fart, and soon died (see blog of Aug. 13, '07) and they are still working over #7 at this time. Only, i just realized, there are now 122. I believe Pitwexin has been putting to work any that want to switch sides. So of all the astronomical quantities, only this minute number prefers to switch sides rather than remain jailed. That's the power of mind control, i guess.

May 31, '08: (5:50pm) Hooo-boy! What a day at work. I recently embellished my magnum grid-blaster so it is several times as powerful. It has an auxiliary compartment with goodies like 5 little stones programmed with the jailed Titocuk program. Plus it still has the 2-piece anti-Titocuk set on it. Plus i brought in the Mantis tombstone again, and plugged that into it.
It seems that every time i put the Tombstone and the new G-B onto the electric grid at work, the mantises corrupt the Tombstone. And so they did again, around noon. It took Pitwexin 4.5 hours of work to fix this time!

Meanwhile, i dowsed that if i cast a cap on top of the stone, even just 1.25" deep, it would prevent the mantises from being able to corrupt it. John has speculated that the vulnerability had something to do with the quartz sticking out of the orgonite. But i'm getting that it is not necessary to cover the entire quartz, if i adequately cover the ends.
I just poured that cap about the time that P wrapped up the repairs. It is curing now. He will put another jailed mantis in that, as well as the energy-rectification program.
It torques me a bit to have to mess up that nice-looking unit with a dumb-looking blob on top, but take consolation in the fact that aside from hopefully making the unit invulnerable, it should boost the effectiveness about 4X.

Also, the bunnies did not appreciate the grid-blasting one bit. They have been throwing 3 or 9 vast groups of attackers sometimes every few seconds. Still doing that on and off. Probably put a dent in their population.

Progress is being made on that reptilian hive. Yesterday and again so far today, i have only gotten hit twice daily by 3 groups of 3 & 1/3 billion astral humans from there.

  *   *   *  *
Yesterday i read something about a drought in Australia. So i pulled up an AU map and found reptilians underground in several cities in the south and west. I sent in teams of Arcturans and good repts. Not sure how much it has to do with the drought. The amount of repts was fairly negligible compared to what i've seen in the past.
Today those spots are clean, but i found several more flared up around AU, even 1 in Tasmania. More Arcts and good repts sent it. The good repts generally supply 1 of them for every 5 Arcturans deployed.
I have a feeling i might be doing this every day for a while.

(7:50pm) Some time back, evil Lyrans and Pleiadians used to tack their evil attack vibe onto the noise of passing jets. The noise would be the carrier of the energy.
Well, recently i've been noticing a bit of similar energy from passing jets, but noted no evil Pleiadians or Lyrans.
But just now a plane passed over that just had too much obviously evil energy connected with it. What was it? Short greys are back in action. I had kinda hoped the little bastards were extinct, but...
Bagged 33,333 that were hitting me.