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Loohan's blog for October, 2012
Oct. 1, '12: (10:30am) Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is a soul leader, an extraordinary healer, and a divine shapeshifting servant of darkness.

Crazy JJ J's Hot Shot CIAlizard trucking company in Flora Vista, NM, had 9 occultists in the bldg with nothing better to do than block Elizabeth's calls for help from my allies. I seem to get an impression of heroin traffic. JJ J's was connected to a small U base and many tunnels under south Farmington. And a larger one south of Ciudad Juarez. Another in Ciudad Juarez.
The ever-clever CIA mixes easily traceable occult meddling with unrelated drug trafficking to ensure that i will expose the latter.

I am still under constant attack from those hairless underground repts on Earth, Mars, and the Moon. We constantly take out their bases, but they keep on attacking from other ones.
The work Havoc did to seal me up is not fully effective; they keep wearing away at me and Havoc keeps having to work on me.

BTW Havoc has no gender. Some people refer to it as she, presumably due to its pretty face and floral decorations. That's OK; Havoc has no gender issues at all and doesn't mind being called he, she, it, Gorgeouspig, Porky, or whatever as long as it is said with love.

Havoc seems to be able to do 6 unrelated things in 6 locations all the time. One of its selves is constantly hanging out with the soul of Cookie, whom i mentioned Aug. 18. Cookie since ate rat poison that was deliberately left out by Bal's mom's CIA ET BF. She died yesterday, after a period of internal bleeding, falling hair, etc.
My allies have been love-bombing her and helping her any way we can. She is not done yet with these shapeshifting scum.

Meanwhile, the shock of realizing her "BF" poisoned her son's beloved dog seems to have helped break Bal's mom out of the hypnotic trance she's been maintained in by CIA handlers; hopefully Bal and his mom will be moving out of the guy's house right away.
Like Bal, his mom is a 96 Pleiadian incarnate, but she was very mind-controlled.

(12:30pm) Nasty rich lizard neighborhood in Denmark: the whole rectangle-like area in the center here is like 98% shapeshifters.
Some of it has just been gifted with July 2012 (and Vicarah and SB) ice cubes.

Oct. 2, '12: (9:20am) Clear here this morning. Yesterday was chemmy.

How MI5 plotted to destroy The Stones: The astonishing truth behind the drug raid that saw Jagger jailed.... Ah, yes, shapeshifting reporter working for MSM discloses shapeshifter plot against Tavistock-supported shapeshifting satanist rockers. A bit too complex for me to study, especially as i always get distracted by those gratuitous pix of scantily-clad lizard wenches that The Mail always provides on the right-side column to satisfy the cravings of its discerning readership.
BTW Marianne Faithful is not a shapeshifter. David Snyderman, of course, was. CIA, most likely.

This reminds me of something i read over a decade ago (the web page, not the book): The Covert War Against Rock, by shapeshifter Alex Constantine.

(3:30pm) Still clear here but i see slight chem northwards.

I finished 2 new Combat Cones. See OTB 39 for pic and info.
Also, yesterday i put some info about tossable cones in OTB 40.

Oct. 4, '12: (10am) Some chem yesterday and the day before. Day before i also noticed some ripples in the chem caused directly by Abell 2218 Elites. Then that evening after i went to bed, i could feel my CBs locking onto chem-drones above. Also, the FAA had decided, after a long respite, to route noisy passenger flights over me. Thanks, FAA! Please keep that up. Most of the people on passenger planes in the US are shapeshifters, many of them satanists. So my stuff automatically locks onto them, seeks out connections and U bases, and marks individuals for when they go underground. In one flight i felt 4 DORy banksters. They are dead now.

Speaking of dead shapeshifters, i advocate that people VOTE FOR NOBODY. Because NOBODY IS NOT A CLONE. And NOBODY IS NOT A SHAPESHIFTING PEDOPHILE. NOBODY IS NOT A PUPPET.

Nobody is the leader of choice. Nobody has the wisdom to steer our nation. Nobody has honorable principles. I can't rave enough about Nobody.
Nobody is perfect!

There is even a NOBODY 2012 campaign; the only campaign not run by shapeshifters. Hasn't even been infiltrated yet.

Or else, if it makes more sense to you, then pick some of the many shapeshifting pedophile clones and vote for them.

(11:40am) This is how weird it gets. Last night Bal's mom (who was slipping under their control again) and her "BF" told Bal they were going out for an errand. But i dowsed them as being in a house elsewhere with 2 more CIAlizards. I persuaded an Alah-kur to kill the BF and 2 other CIA, and rescue the woman.

Shortly thereafter, a clone of the BF and a clone double of mom arrived "home", with stories inconsistent with the previous stories. So Bal is living with 2 CIA clones; probly won't stay long.
Mom is in an ally U base.

(6pm) Sky was clear around here today whenever i paid attention.
My allies and i have been doing more work on that CB project. Heavy duty stuff as powerful as my wand booster. The re-cast i'm doing is pretty much under the watchful eye of Mr. Ighina's 42D self. This is churning up planetary energies. I'm getting a lot of kickback, but thanks to Havoc, it isn't hurting too bad.
Earlier those repts were hitting me again, but now i don't know where it's coming from.

Oct. 5, '12: (5:30am) Much mellower already. But i haven't done the 1st pour of the day yet.

Exceedingly cloaked: Two Carrier Groups Are Now Operating In The China Sea. Amazing there's no vibe. Found some U bases while looking for the ships, though.
There's a pic of 1 of the flagships and a photostream of people of the other one. The former has no vibe, and the people of the 2nd all feel dead, many of them shapeshifters.
but i'm not awake yet.

(7am) This China Sea stuff is puzzling. I have a vague impression that 4 Ta'l quietly scuttled this fleet in the South China Sea yesterday. But the question arises, why were the ships really there? There is no real conflict between the shapeshifting elites of Japan and China. This island stuff is more distraction for the masses.
Yet i doubt the Ta'l would have touched this fleet unless there was serious business afoot. I just can't figure out what that would be in that area. If it had been the Persian Gulf, maybe it would have made sense.

Also, the "disputed" Diaoyutai islands are further northwards, in the East China Sea. The fleet had not made it there yet. The article says "a flotilla of five ships and more than 10,000 Navy personnel are now operating in the conflict ridden South China Sea area." OK, i'm obviously not in touch with current events, and besides, i'm not awake yet. What conflicts are in the South China Sea area that would be a pretext for having this fleet there? Something supposedly going on in Philippines/Malaysia/Vietnam that i'm oblivious of?
I'm going back to bed. Wake me up if you figure it out.

On 2nd thought, i think i'll pour some epoxy.

(3:25pm) This morning wunderground said 60% chance of rain, rainfall amounts of up to 0.2" possible. I just got 1.75". Electricity was out for a while. Looks like that little cloud system is over, but there are more chances coming up; 70% tonight, 60% tomorrow.
Mr. Ighina is programming away at my CB-in-progress. Not sure if that's a factor.

(5:25pm) I re-checked the pix of those Navy ships and the slide-shows. There were 3 people alive, but they were in U bases. The rest all feel dead, including the sex-slave kids. The ships feel null.

Oct. 6, '12: (6:30pm) Didn't get more rain last night, and only a small amount today. Less than 1/10". Unseasonably cold, gray.
I did the last pour on my new CB.

More sleazy (deceased) shapeshifters: the Sadlers who promoted the Urantia Book.
I get no vibe at all off of the alleged "neighbor who was concerned because she would occasionally find her husband in a deep sleep and breathing abnormally" or this alleged channel husband. I think gov't shapeshifters (other than the Sadlers) wrote it.

Oct. 7, '12: (4:35pm) Cold. Very heavy chem including sprayers evident whenever the overcast parted. Despite my new CB which is done. I will de-mold it in a bit.
As i type this, i can hear a chem-drone above. I guess they leave the sound effects on all the time, even when the plane is hidden by overcast.

Swedish official admits toxic 'chemtrails' are real, not a wild conspiracy theory says the CIA. The official, Swedish Green Party leader Pernilla Hagberg, has a nice honest face but a dirty SSer vibe.

More lizard sweetness: Vandana Shiva & Navdanya.

Another strategically-poised CIAlizard: Imran Khan.

Things are not always what they seem. Here is a story being promoted by the CIA "alternate" media, which, on the surface, appears to be another formulaic, contrived BS CIA event: Actress Daryl Hannah arrested. All Hollywood and TV actresses are shapeshifters, right? Well guess what, there are a few rare exceptions. Both women here are actually ensouled Earthlings.
(Damn, another noisy spray-drone...)
I asked the Alah-kur whether shapeshifting pedophiles were allowed to bulldoze the property of ensouled Earthlings. They said they would check with their legal department.
(Now a noisy passenger plane with 56 SSers aboard, 30 of them satanists. The FAA likes my work.)

(5:30pm) Pic of new CB. It is not fully programmed yet; i expect it to get more powerful within a few days. It is 18.5" tall. There is the potential of putting coils around the midriff at a later date.
Here is a pic of what went into one layer of the base.

Oct. 8, '12: (8:20am) To me, what more or less defines a CB is whether it "throws" positive energy high enough to hit at least some chem. Ideally it should reach around 20,000 feet up (although i do have one powerful CB that specializes in lower chem very effectively).
A Croft CB does this. It has the advantage that anyone of average intelligence can digest the instructions, build one, and see some results. The CBs i make do not have that easily-duplicated quality, but do tend to save on copper costs. There really is no absolute need for long pipes, or pipes at all, to produce high-altitude results.
My new one is still being programmed. Plus, i will be embellishing it over time. Right now, i get that it makes a column of energy about 2 miles in radius and 5 miles high; higher than my other CBs. None of the energy goes downward in this particular unit.

Cold, sunny with chem-clouds. It's only supposed to get up to 61 F today. There were few rain chances forecast, yet i got 1/3" last night.

More freaking shapeshifter BS: Michael Doherty and Julie Croley are Freemason lizards. Bro-ther.

(12:20pm) Partly sunny with a lot of natural clouds now.

Another CIAlizard site: What is Working.

FROM 9:00 AM NOV 17TH UNTIL 9:00 PM NOV 18TH 2012.
(Eyes raised heavenwards)

(3:35pm) More grassroots CIAlizards: EcoWatch and Waterkeeper.

Shapeshifting Pennsylvania Lawmaker Babette Josephs Refuses To Say Pledge Of Allegiance. Right on. Me too. Betsy Ross was a shapeshifting satanist.

(3:40pm) Yet more CIAlizards: L.A. Marzulli and Richard Shaw. The latter was in a U base just now.

Oct. 9, '12: (8:40am) Yesterday afternoon the sky had changed to mixed real/fake clouds, and i could see chem-clouds being slowly munched overhead. Clear blue sky overhead now, but i see chem over to the east.

Jesuit lizard: John Dear "is an American Catholic priest, Christian pacifist, author and lecturer. He has been arrested over 75 times in acts of nonviolent civil disobedience against war, injustice and nuclear weapons."

Article that pegs my Bullshit-O-Meter: 10 Countries Sitting On Gigantic Piles Of Gold. Can't detect these alleged piles in their possession.
Also i eagerly await pics of the alleged billions in gold and jewels uncovered in the secret sanctums of a centuries-old Indian shrine.

More CIAlizards: Natural Society. Mike Barrett conveniently happened to be in a U base just now.

(1:20pm) Still clear and blue overhead, with some chem in the distance.

More CIA-tainted Solfeggio Frequencies.

Lizard love fests: Assange + Gaga, LennonOno Grant for Piss. The only real person there is Rachel Corrie, R.I.P.

(6pm) Some hybrid clouds rolling over from the west.

Deep BS: Chavez Win Strengthens Bolivarianism. What a crock. OK, OK, i admit i didn't even read it. Lizartarian author [clone, BTW] extols win by "socialist" satanist shapeshifter, and invokes the glory of the Bolivars, who were illuminati satanist shapeshifters.
From a balcony overlooking the crowd, he raised a sword once belonging to 19th century independence hero Simon Bolivar. "The revolution has triumphed," he said! Venezuelans "voted for socialism."

(Snip) "I want to make a recognition to the whole Venezuelan people, the whole Venezuelan nation. Today the country of Bolivar was reborn."

(Snip) "Thank you, my God. Thanks to everyone. Thanks my beloved people!!! Viva Venezuela!!! Viva Bolivar!!!"

(Snip) On January 10, he'll be inaugurated to deepen Bolivarianism as he promised.
Kinder, gentler satanist ETs?

I just realized that the July 2012 pgm goes into crystals. This is partly why my old wand is so effective against SSers; some of its ingredients were reprogrammed with July2012. Also now i realize that hundreds of my creations including pieces i tossed around the DC area many years ago, etc. etc. have some of this pgm tucked into them lately. Also crystal deposits in the Earth. I know for sure it goes into quartz of reasonable quality, also topaz, aventurine, and maybe a few others.

Also, i just updated OTB 33 with some technical info on July 2012 pgm vs Strontium_Barium pgm.

Oct. 11, '12: (6:30am) 20% chance of rain today, they say. I hear booming thunder. On the weather map, it looks like small thunderclouds are passing nearby but not headed right at me.

They sprayed very heavily around here yesterday. Didn't stick much near my place, but i noticed heavy banks of streaky stuff to the south in the later afternoon -- all laid in a an east-west direction.

This is bizarre. My favorite CIAlizard author Zen Gardner has this article out: Found: Secret CIA Bin Laden Training Facility... or Stage? -- meaning the CIA absolutely wants you to know about this. Gardner's source link does not work, but i was able to find the source at Mockingbird Post: Osama Bin Laden Raid Training Camp In North Carolina Captured In Satellite Images: Report, which in turns links another CIAlizard site, Cryptome: Osama bin Laden Compound Raid Mock-up.
This alleged facility was revealed by CIA book No Easy Day, supposedly written by a Navy Lizard who was there.

Ah! And google maps censored this, whereas equally lizardly Bing does not! Ooooh!

I have my doubts as to whether this mock compound really exists/existed. Maybe it did, maybe it didn't.
But what i find highly unusual is this: Harvey Point is a real place i had never heard of, which the CIA conspicuously brought to my attention just now. Normally, they would have made sure it was absolutely packed with U activity beforehand. In fact, normally such a place would be packed anyway.
But i detect nothing underground around there. Chances are, wherever you are in the world, dear reader, there are U CIA or other scummy U bases close to you. Unless we have been mopping them up real well lately. For an area this size on the continental US not to have U evil ETs/shapeshifters is jarringly conspicuous even if it were an ordinary residential or agricultural area. I have to go west as far as the area around the Albemarle Plantation (map) before the normal U CIA presence resumes.

Awww, are they no longer tripping over themselves to have us demolish their U bases? Does not compute. But then, it never did.

(8:45am) Interesting thing i noticed... Walmart, as we know, is run by satanist NGC4414 full-bloods. They give hiring preference to SSers, but also employ many Earthlings in areas where not enough SSers are hungry for menial jobs.
Check out the pix of Walmart strikers. They seem to all be Earthlings, some ensouled.
BTW i have seen many ensouled people in some areas working for SSer places like Walmart and Home Depot.

This, of course, like the birth certificate issue, is another agency-planted distraction/psyop: Obama’s Lucky Charms: A Ring That Says “There Is No God Except Allah”. Note the stuff about Hanuman, who, as i have said, was an evil Green Nordic (hyperdimensional ET) who is covertly worshipped by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and other TM lizards, and whom i jailed and killed years ago.
Hanuman Temples in India are very evil, DORy places. However, probably most of his followers are good people who don't know.

Another gross, staged CIA "hollywood" film: ‘Four beaten when masked men boarded Syria-bound plane’. What a load of ____. I don't think there was even a flight, just a bunch of CIAlizards crowding around a plane for a photo-op, probably in Chicago or someplace ;-)
I didn't watch the videos, but notice they trot out another CIAlizard for Peace, Don DeBar.

Political Profiling of a “Constitutionalist” Turns Simple Domestic Call Into Full on SWAT Raid. The Gibbonses are good people. The CIAlizard neighbor who called the CIA-controlled lizard fuzz is not. Greg Hall is probably just a low-life soulless Earthling.

(9:05am) I think we nailed their CIA neighbor in a tunnel now.

I used to live in Ankara, Turkey in '67 and '68. I realized more recently that most of the Americans in Ankara were SSers; CIA, NSA, Mossad even. Many of my American friends (i was 13-14 years old) were SSers, though they didn't know about that stuff yet. Many were MPD and had satanist parents, and later became satanists themselves.
Also my parents' best friends there were a nice Turkish couple that were Mossad satanist SSers.
Checking out the U base situation in Turkey now...

(9:20am) Overcast.

Stirred up a remarkably numerous bunch of CIA U bases in this part of Syria/Iraq. Somehow missed them before.

(1:25pm) More CIAlizards: World Vision (in Federal Way, WA). Also World Vision Canada. Sponsor a child today.

I think i'm going to throw up. More CIAlizards: "Steampunk Naturalist" Mike Hardcastle who promotes a bunch more CIA phonies in free energy, etc. Like this Norwegian "artist": Perpetual motion machine video.

(4:40pm) Ha, lizard pedophile scum take themselves so %#@$&ing seriously whenever they're not committing mass suicide. Thug who wore T-shirt with vile 'one less pig': slogan hours after murders of two policewomen is jailed for eight months months [sic]. A disgruntled ensouled Earth peon exercises his free speech and what do they call it? "Thug...vile...."
"He was jailed for four months and ordered to serve another four months, consecutively, after he admitted breaching a suspended sentence order imposed for an earlier offence of cannabis production." This is all we know about his dire "lengthy criminal record". Apparently, he has an improper attitude toward nazis.
So 2 pedolizards were shot dead. What, they give a damn all of a sudden whether they live or die? Good, makes the future more enjoyable for us vile thugs. Judge Peter Lakin-Lizard might be next. Ooh, what rhetoric this didactic, righteous, arch-felon has, "mindless behaviour".

And what if the guy had inquired whether serial felons had the legal or moral authority to tell him what to do? Would they have backed off? If not, they would probably be Alah-kur meat. Email me if anyone tries this and it doesn't work for you, and i'll notify the Alah-kur of the transgression. Just as an experiment.

GET THE _____ OFF OUR PLANET, ASSHOLES! NOW! You pedophile pervert ripoff artists feed us endless lizard slut porn and lies then call our ensouled inhabitants thugs if they express displeasure with your despotic rule.

Oct. 12, '12: (8:40am) 40% chance of rain, says wunderground. I am on the south fringe of a large system passing over; getting a few drops here and there. Dark.
As i typed, harder rain and light hail started falling... Coming down good now.

Seems like the real big propaganda outlets like CNN, Fox, etc. are not touching this story about the Syrian "flight". Yet, anyway.
Pix are surfacing of "Jasem Kaser, engineer on the intercepted Syrian Air passenger plane, showing where he was beaten". This guy is not a CIA agent nor a shapeshifter, but to me he has that bribed feel about him.
Is he an actual Syrian flight engineer? Not sure, but have doubts. Might be a Turkish cop or something. Maybe he got in a scuffle on the street so they felt that would make a good pic.

(9:10am) Last year i had 2 guys pay me for items that i could not find, but should have in my possession. One was $50 and the other $200. I could not find them, and they said no worry, send when you find them. Well, mysteriously, they still have not turned up, and i doubt they will.
I no longer recall for sure who these guys were, and now PayPal has removed all archives over 3 months old, so i can no longer check back to see who it was.
If this was you, email me if you want credit for other items or a refund.

More CIAlizards for Peace: Brian Terrell & Ron Faust.
See how Terrell invokes the legitimacy of other shapeshifters: Mark Twain (bio), United States Attorney General Ramsey Clark, Professor Bill Quigley, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Never does he promote an Earthling.

(9:45am) I see that PayPal has reinstated the archives. But it is extremely slow and cumbersome to search back.

Bill Maher: "We Need To Promote Death". Sounds like a plan, Bill, sounds like a good plan. Thanks for volunteering to lighten Gaia's load.

Light rain here.

(3:40pm) Still drizzling here.

A diamond bigger than Earth? Seems unlikely, as The Committee is not finding much to program there.

Another very spiritual CIAlizard and media darling: Dr. Eben Alexander.

Shapeshifters in distress over voting rights: Rights group: Trans people could be 'collateral damage' in voter ID battle. They are pretty naive for SSers if they actually believe that voting matters when their fellow repturds control the voting machines and most choices. Meaning, they know it's BS and are just creating a news story.
Why think about foreign policy and banksters when there are out-of-the-closet transvestites to pay attention to?

(7:10) Still overcast, but briefly i was able to peek through and saw a bunch of chem-cloudery. Got 0.6". Looks like it's done raining here, but now Little Rock is getting it.

Gotta be kidding: EU awarded Nobel Peace Prize. It's in good company.
One totally repty website: Yeah, you guys can hand each other prizes all you want, you're still losers.

Oct. 13, '12: (6:50am) Dr. Mercola Talks with Dr. Becker about the Pet Food Industry. The reason i bring this up is because i have extraordinary remote friendships with a few of the pets of people who write me. Some animals have remarkable abilities and awareness.
Of course i realize that implementing this advice is impractical for most of us, and that is one of the reasons i keep no domesticated pets. Except for my epoxy menagerie.
Most of the pet owners themselves still eat GMO, sugar, wheat, etc. so they are unlikely to provide organic meat for their pets.
But it's worth keeping in mind that carnivores don't need starch.

Many wild and domesticated animals are soulless now. In most cases, it's because they did not have viable souls to begin with. In many others, it's because my allies liberated their souls from unpleasant conditions: testing labs, slaughterhouses, security firms, military, police, or just nasty ET owners. Also we try to catch ensouled animals destined for bloody magic rituals.

The ensouled animals left are in 2 categories: those who are not particularly spiritually aware, and those who are. Those who are are easily accessed telepathically, and may come and "hug" you in the astral, do healing work, learn to jail demons, etc.

(7:10am) Ensouled carnivores do not slaughter out of demon-fueled blood lust.
Nature turns to nurture: Lioness eats antelope... then adopts its orphaned baby. The baby's mom did not have a soul. The lioness and baby do.
Cheetahs spare young impala. All these cats and the impala are ensouled.

Funny thing: whenever i see pix like this, or this, or this, or this, all the animals are ensouled. This is apparently because ensouled animals tend to be love-centered and recognize the same in other types of animals. They would rather be friends than kill and eat others if they don't have to.

Oct. 14, '12 (8:40am) If those animal pic links don't work for you, you are not alone. I think they only work if you already have the pix cached.

Got 1.1" last night, after an overcast day with extensive chem-clouds above the overcast.

Missing journalist in Syria possibly kidnapped. More lizard poop. She was in a Russian U base near Mukalla City, Yemen. And not a prisoner. 4 more U bases found around there.

(4:50pm) The poop on Roswell straight from the CIAlizards' mouths: Roswell Witness Exon.

Another CIAlizard project: Paradigm Shift Central.

This shapeshifter is a strange piece of work: Gambia President Yahya Jammeh. He is being promoted by the CIA: President of Gambia says special herbs cured dozens of patients with HIV, AIDS. Obviously not a rogue. When i first scanned his image, it felt as sweet as an angel's, due to 5 spells he had a witch make. Also, for someone who has no qualms about jumping into bed with boys and men, he acts quite the homophobe: Gambia president will cut off gay's head [sic].

Oct. 15, '12: (9:45am) Yesterday we had bunches of hybrid-looking clouds that seemed to morph and dissolve noticeably from orgone.

Then it mostly cleared up, at least around my place. Still clear here.

This is really bizarre: ‘I RAN THE GAUNTLET OF PEDOPHILES IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY’, SAYS FORMER CHILD ACTOR. Ummm, former child Ben Fellows is a shapeshifter. So is author of article. Website is CIA. Yet, i suspect article is fairly true.

What are some other stories carried by 21st Century Wire? Well, there's one on another lizard, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, an Iranian born Nuclear Engineer, Inventor and Founder of The Keshe Foundation. This story feels like it has more fiction than truth.
How about this one: Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met Office report quietly released.... OK, i'll buy that, i suppose, but why is this "conflicting viewpoint" presented by yet another pedo-lizard, Professor Judith Curry?

More bizarreness. As i have posted in the past, our town of Leslie is blessed with the CIAlizard Drop Zone, which promotes only lizard bands.
They had this guitar raffle. The guitar had been autographed by many shapeshifting musicians whom they had brought in to do dance concerts. It so happens that the guitar was won by an ensouled friend of mine who is semi-hip but doesn't seem to fully believe all this stuff about ETs. She is a musician too, and hangs out, dances, and plays music with SSers. Was it an honest raffle, or did the CIA want her to get this? I don't know.

But she is also a friend of Mordok, and lent him the new guitar to practice on. We have been trying to clean up the evil energy. Right now Fo is attempting to clear the nasty spell left by Rockstar Robert. Note that metallic Sharpies were used; the same kind of pen i have often used in orgone devices due to the programmability of the metallic content.

This is sort of a risque' thing to throw at my friend. She is sensitive enough that, had she worked with the guitar some first, she would likely have recognized "that old familiar black magic feeling".
She used to be under extreme deadly attack from satanist NSAlizard witch Marijah McCain -- who so far has eluded being trapped in a U base.

But that's only a matter of time. Recent capitulations of note: David Miscavige and a bunch of other prominent Scientololizards, including his MPD loverboy Tom Cruise, got nailed last night. And a couple days ago, the first NGC4414er i ever spotted, George Kavassilas, bit it.

(3:30pm) Sunny, warm, chemmy.

When This Woman Was Killed In Combat It Exposed How The Government Really Treats Same-Sex Spouses. Um, yeah, as long as they have square pupils anyway. That mean ol' gov't is picking on SSers as usual.

Oct. 16, '12: (3pm) Warm, sunny. Very chemmy this morning. Now it's clear and blue over my place, but one doesn't have to look far for chem.

Since yesterday morning, Archangel Asdalsucaf and 7 Sakudas, including Fo who specializes in removing spells, curses, and jinxes, have been working non-stop on that filthy CIA guitar. And it's still far from clean. The CIA boors just packed and packed it full of evil.

I haven't tried this and am unlikely to unless i really get sick, but it is interesting: KEROSENE - a Universal Healer.

(4:30pm) Caught the phony bitch in a U base with 54 more CIAlizards: Amber Lyons.

(6:35pm) CIA proprietary business Springfield Spring. The MA office is here and harbors 9 CIAlizards who are harrassing a friend of mine.

Oct. 17, '12: (6:15pm) Overcast all day. They said 70% rain chance, but we only got a faint mist. Looks like we might get a tiny bit of rain in an hour or so.

Alrighty, the CB configuration i had with the old cone unit did some awesome permanent damage to the evil matrix, but now that phase is over.
New top cone, entirely designed and programmed by Signor Ighina, specifically for topping off this CB.
CB with new cone. I don't like that pic; the cone is on tilted. I'll post a better one someday.

(7:05pm) Green Party candidate arrested outside debate site. Another CIA stunt? Nope, an actual case of well-intentioned ensouled Earthlings hoping for (snicker) democracy. But you see, that fat, bossy cop feels that, as a serial pedophile ET, he has the authority and right to tell Earthlings where on Earth they may or may not place their asses.
I foresee an early demise for him.

Thunder, light rain now.

BTW it took those 8 allies until 12:15 pm today to get to where they thought that CIA guitar was clean. But i just checked the pic, and they missed some. Back to work.

Oct. 18, '12: (7:55am) Two Sakudas are still working on that guitar. The CIA does have 2 areas of competence that i have noticed so far: generating identical doubles, and generating DORy filth. Gotta hand it to them. Other than that, they are a cosmic laughingstock.

Last night i had to log off and unplug the PC as the weather turned wilder. Had lightning and thunder and a brief, strong shower that left almost 0.2" in a few minutes. This was just a sliver that passed over, of a much larger system that mostly went north of me. Cold now. Supposed to only get to 64 F today. Firing up that wood stove again.

That bossy lizard cop i wrote about last night crawled into a tunnel soon after. Who's next? Likely some of Burlington County, NC's Sheriff’s Department. Why pick on them? Well, they contemptuously violated the natural rights of an honest ensouled man who was supportive of another hassled, honest, ensouled man, NJweedman.

While we're at it, Mount Holly, NC, like most "civilized" towns, has nothing but pedophile ETs in their City Council, police administration, etc. Besides, Mount Holly is Playful City USA. We want to play, too.
Woops, already nailed 3 of their city cops.
Also, finding plenty of CIA U stuff under Mt Holly.

(9:15am) Mossad lizard Gilad Atzmon considers Ann Wright, shapeshifting former US Army Colonel and retired official of the U.S. State Department, "adorable". Naturally, as Wright supports Mossad lizard Greta Berlin; what's not to adore? Atzmon takes umbrage with ensouled Jews who have somewhat of a clue, like Dror Feiler, bless them.

Something wrong with this story: Israeli terror drones pound besieged Gaza Strip. I get that no drones were involved.

(11:45) Sunny, clear, very blue sky here. Chem fragments earlier.

Hehe, an unconventional classic rock band consisting exclusively of ensouled Earthlings: The Ventures. Walk Don't Run with General George Babbitt. The general retired in 2000 (Wikipedia.)

(3:10pm) Total shapeshifter immersion mag: Red River Moms.

And now, ooh, Hollywood is to court controversy with a film that will challenge the official version of the events of 9/11. Shapeshifters Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson and Ed Asner, who have all supported conspiracy theories about the terrorist attacks, have signed up to the movie, which is entitled September Morn. I can't wait to learn the truth.

Still incredible sky. And here's a new pic of the newest culprit. Note the jack in the coil for piping in audio signals.

(3:30pm) Lizard poster girl for cancer. Cancer is so central to our culture now. Something we are all expected to accept in this brave new lizard world; even the lizards love to have it so they can get chemo and suffer and stuff.
Cancer Barbie Doll.
Moronic country hit about chemo.

Oct. 19, '12: (8:35am) Revenge of the chemmers: Sky is clear except for some relatively fresh spray. A couple trails even sticking overhead; we'll see how the day develops.

Oh, yeah?.... Boy Scouts' 'perversion' files released... hmmmm, released by pedophile shapeshifter shyster; no doubt accurate and complete. 14,500 pages of what? The scouts have always been run by pedo-lizards and are a hotbed of MPD activity. Did they catch a few non-shapeshifter perverts at it?

And more highly questionable lizard "revelations": Occupy Unmasked.

Good news: NJWeedman found not guilty in pot distribution case by jury.

Odd case: Elizabeth Johnson of Arizona Found "Not Guilty" of Kidnapping. The mother and son (who is still alive somewhere) are ensouled. The lawyer is a lizartarian clone. Daddy not ensouled.

Science confirms what vampires have known all along: Young Blood Reverses the Signs of Aging.

Another "enlightening" shapeshifter: Pane Andov.

(9:20am) More spray-drones leaving long trails overhead.

Lizards careening out of control: Perverted College instructor demanded students masturbate, reveal sex-fantasies!! Further lurid details. Are we indoctrinated yet?

Chinese Plant Compound Wipes out Cancer in 40 Days, Says New Research. BTW, Waking Times seems to be a clean publication. Another interesting article: Mercury Poisoning and/or Toxicity: Do you have it?
Not everything on the site is good advice. From a soulless author who seems heavily influenced by Jesuit lies: How to Cultivate Unconditional Love and Forgiveness.

Pix of shapeshifters: redpepper. Some of those mugshots have funny pupils, if you zoom in on them. In fact 5 of these jokers were just now in a U base.

(10:05am) They paused in their creation of big long X's overhead. Much has blown southward from the wind, and the remaining smear is being munched.

BSA "Perversion files" show locals helped cover up. I don't think any of the abusers specifically referred to in this article were SSers.
This article links to the pedolizard Child Sex Abuse Attorneys O'Donnell Clark & Crew.

CIAlizard: Stan Tenen of the Meru Foundation.

(11:30am) That was quick. 4 of the 6 attys on that O'Donnell page ran right into a U base and got killed.

Oct. 20, '12: (6pm) Got a a lot of hybrid clouds yesterday afternoon. Clear blue sky all day today, whenever i checked. Except for the trail segment i saw on the way to work this morning.

Another SSer site:

A roadside bomb killed at least 19 people, mostly women and children, who were on their way to a wedding in Afghanistan's north on Friday. "They wanted to attend a wedding party in a village ... The bomb was planted by the enemies of Afghanistan," according to provincial police spokesman Shir Jan Durani, a CIAlizard.
No, it was done by CIAlizards from a U base here, which contained 5 perps and another 600+ CIAlizards.
3 of the Afgan victims are viable souls. 2 of these were children.

Clone news: Rothschild who crashed to earth. Long, dubious article about these pieces of excrement who fortunately are dead. Well, the satanist wenches are still alive until their next venture underground, but the Rothschilds got nailed a while back. Even more interesting, every single person in the 1992 Bullingdon Club pic is dead. They must've gotten caught underground too.

So did Pane Andov, mentioned yesterday, BTW.

Oct. 21, '12: (7:45am) Real and fake clouds this morning.

I think bunches of other people are getting nailed underground. For a second i thought we got Angela Merkel, but no such luck. In looking up pix of her to scan, i found this beauty in Time magazine: flaunting them eyes..."but that's the Merkel method for you: a spirit... fed by a desire for openness." What you see is what you get.

I was reading a Mercola article Under Our Skin: The Untold Story of Lyme Disease, and it mentions an interesting product, a paint by Yshield. It's an EMF-blocking primer that should be grounded.
Non-metallic, carbon-based. Ingredients: Water, pure acylic binder, graphite, carbon black, additives, preservative.
I seem to recall someone posting about adding carbon or something to ordinary paint.

(8:30am) VIP clone wedding in Luxemburg. Enjoy the lavish festivities, losers!

(4:10pm) Real chemmy day. Chem-clouds and some trails.
Pouring some TBs.

Interesting page that i think is from sincere people: HAARP Status map for the US. Seems they have figured out, based on wavelengths etc., how much change will be induced in the weather. Worth monitoring this page to see how accurate they are.

(4:30pm) I think i'm supposed to announce that 5 million Ta'l are approaching from the direction of Hercules / Corona Borealis. I think they are going to arrive within 24 hours. And do what? Dunno.

Oct. 22, '12: (8:55am) 20% rain chance, they say. But on the radar map, there is a big system over TX racing right this way. Will they be able to deflect or dissipate it? Doubt it. Actually, it looks like most of it could naturally pass to the north. That's OK; i got friends in MO.
Overcast, humid, warmish.

After i posted last night, i happened to look at Lagos, Nigeria (probably the main African power spot) and felt 50 Ta'l clearing out the underground. That's when i realized that they had already been flooding in, and that "within 24 hours" referred to when the full contingent made it here.
Where do 5 million Ta'l suddenly come from? Their homeland in Universe P, via a portal. Which makes me wonder, how "real" are they in terms of being able to physically engage our physical universe? Not sure, but things seem to be sweetening up. I sense 6 of them under Leslie, 800 in the DC area, 7K in the Middle East, etc.
200 under Lagos area now.
3.2 million on Earth now. Mostly under the surface.

(10:20am) Very morphy, cottony chem-clouds peeking through the overcast.

Heehee, all this nazi fuss over the deceased Romney's 2nd clone replacement: My Day at the Beach with Mitt Romney. (Ensouled author posting on lizartarian site and then article re-posted on CIAlizard site.) Yeah, Romneyclone, come visit scenic metropolitan Leslie sometime.

CIA proprietary: and Christian Book Outlet. Right now the CIAlizard bitch who lives in apt. 21 at Mordok's complex is on her way to their Harrison store (map) to pick up 2 more transmitters. I sense at least 50 transmitters stored in this warehouse. Of course, they might not be there any more when she arrives, if indeed she ever arrives.

They were being manufactured in a U base here, with 543 CIAlizards.

(12:30pm) The overcast cleared off and hybrid clouds abound.

That woman in apt 21 came back empty-handed; except it's not her. A clone.

Mormom dupes: Never-Before-Seen Footage of Secret Mormon Temple Rituals. The only SSers are the black guy with the white suit, and the guy behind the veil he shakes hands with. I sense 3 human infiltrators here and no other shapeshifters. Meaning this worthless metaphysical pabulum is just for Earthlings.

(3:50pm) Had loads of chem-clouds for a while, Fewer now. Small stuff is getting munched.

More fabricated "news": Government wants to jail shapeshifting whistleblower for revealing CIA's 'Prime Torturer'. Send Kiriakou to work on the chain gang. Bread and water.

Ta'l provisional HQ. Approx. 3 million of them are there now, in case anyone wants to make something of it. All 5 million have arrived on Earth.

Oct. 23, '12: (8:30am) Warm, some chem-clouds.

Ugh! Extreme reptard: Human Ken Doll Has Had 90 Cosmetic Procedures to Look Perfect . Perfect?

About carbon paint against EMFs: a caveat from my electrosensitive friend in Denmark:
Only transversal wave EMR can be shielded. This is also the kind of EMR that can be measured. Longitudinal wave EMR (scalar EMF, Orgone/DOR) cannot be measured with ordinary instruments, and cannot be shielded. Unfortunately this is the kind of EMR that makes people sick.

But when i had my office shielded it solved the Bluetooth problem, yes? Right!

Longitudinal wave EMR passes the shielding, but is transformed. That explains why shielding sometimes helps, sometimes does nothing, and sometimes makes matters worse. Depends on how the EMR is transformed.

This is how the experts on the eSens board explain it. Post thread, another.

Why risk shapeshifter lives by putting lizard soldiers on the front lines where they might get killed? Photos of U.S. and Afghan Shapeshifter Troops Patrolling Poppy Fields June 2012

Incorruptible Indian bureaucrat hounded out of office for fighting graft – 43 times. Not bad for a shapeshifting pedophile. "he simply cannot tolerate corruption"
Together with fellow shapeshifting agent India Against Corruption activist Arvind Kejriwal, i see great reason for optimism in the India political scene. Arrest all those wealthy, greedy tyrants and put them on the chain gang with Yulia Tymoshenko. White rice and toilet water for them.
Thank you, Washington Post, for such helpful reporting.

(5:30pm) Almost all the chem cleared up.

A word on shapeshifter clones. There are at least 2 types of such clones in use. At the risk of oversimplifying... their main difference for our purposes is that the common kind is very susceptible to being fried by the July2012 pgm and suchlike. It makes them just want to crawl into a hole and die. Whereupon they are usually replaced with another sooner or later, depending on circumstances. For example, "Obama" for the past year has been a series of throwaway Beta model MPD clones. And Romney is on his 2 clone replacement. Janet Napolitano on her 5th.

Much more rare are clones of the Hillary / Julia Gillard / Ratzinger type. You can blast them a bunch, but if they really want, they can hang in there a while. They are as staunch as sexually-reproduced shapeshifters. Which is not all that tough, as eventually we seem to get them. There are still a few non-clone holdouts on my list, but not that many.
Both the public Hillary and Julia have been clones for many years of the high-quality kind, but even they capitulated and have been replaced by the same type clones. And Ratzinger had actually been 3 clones, which have been recently replaced by 1 of the same type. [Error: the popes were replaced with a cheapo model.]

(8:15) OK, a touch of exotic weirdness to cap off the day. I have found one transvestite who is not a shapeshifting reptilian, and furthermore is an ensouled, likable, Scientology survivor: Kate Bornstein. [Update: however, he is an Egyptoid CIA actor.]

Oct. 24, '12: (7:30pm) Very chemmy day today.

Mossad lizard: Veli-Matti Koivisto of the Finnish-flagged Estelle. Like, they really gotta work at it to make Israel look bad.
And who else on the ship? Wellu Koivisto for one. Also the Estelle is packed full of demons which we are jailing. Sent by 3 Mossad U bases in Israel which we are blowing away.
In the pic here, i sense 5 Mossad lizards. One is the guy on the left with white shirt, gray hair and beard. And there's the guy on the right edge with white shirt, gray hair and beard. Another is the guy with shades at top. Also the guy in the center with black shirt, white hair. And the brunette in a black top, above the flag.

(7:50pm) I posted on the 21st about the Luxemburg wedding. But guess what, all the people in this pic are no longer the same clones that they were at that time! The rich life was not attractive enough to the first set to make them want to live, once blasted. Probably these here will be dead and replaced within a few days.

Oct. 26, '12: (9:40am) Yesterday was probably the last warm day of the year. There were many low, cottony chem-clouds that swirled and shrank as they passed over. There was 20% rain chance. It started raining in the evening on and off a bit. Got 0.4". Large system passing south of me today.

The Committee has been steadily jacking up the power on my new CB. I think it is now 3.5X as strong as it was when i posted the last pic. And i have made no physical changes.

Rogue reptard cop busted: NYC officer arrested in ghoulish kidnap plot.

Hurricane Sandy tracking map predicts it in central PA Wed AM.
And, coincidentally, the HAARP Status Map suggests a transmitter in eastern PA as the center of a buncha emanations. So, looking at a PA map, i am drawn to this industrial parking lot in Pocono, which had a NSA transmitter at 840'. Now we are finding more of these.
Also the HAARP map shows a center offshore of L.A. That must be this transmitter in Catalina Island at 300'.
This is a test. Will taking out these alleged transmitters affect the map? I'll check back later.

(11:10am) Sandy Could Become ‘Worst Storm in 100 Years’. No change in the HAARP map. However, it may still be that those xmtrs were involved, but the measurable stuff is coming from elsewhere.

(12:55pm) Now the HAARP map does show a significant reduction in both areas. And we just nailed 6 more xmtrs in the purple area.
Here, more of those cottony, morphy, fading chem-clouds. Sunny now.

A site actually by and about ensouled Earthlings:

Oct. 29, '12: (9:05am) I spent about 24 hours in the Marshall clink this weekend. I probably shouldn't say too much more about that before the court date.
One interesting thing is that all the people, staff and prisoners, in the bldg were Earthlings, as far as i could detect. Except for 2 NGC4414 cops that were in the bldg for a while Saturday. There were at least 7 ensouled guys among the 3 shifts of jailer staff that i witnessed -- an astounding statistical improbability these days. I suspect there are a couple more patrolling the streets.
It used to be a DORy bldg but i've blasted it a lot over the years. I seemed to sense 8 other prisoners. We had individual cinder block cells with metal doors with holes. I do suspect that on average, maybe 30% of the prisoners are shapeshifters. In a region that is 90% shapeshifter criminals.

Also i have a lot of exotic friends that get freaked at the thought of me being in jail. There was a total overkill contingent above the whole time: 2 Ta'l ships of 150 staff each, 2-4 craft of 20 green reptilians, 7 Alah-kur running around the surface. Then this morning 8 Vicarah also showed up in a craft, and 33 more Alah-kur arrived. The 40 Alah-kur are still running around Marshall doing incredible orgone work *and whatnot*... Lotta new CIA clones being dragged out for people i didn't even know about.
I think the Alah-kur warriors are humanoids that are capable of hyperdimensional stunts involving anti-gravity, invisibility and fantastic speed (even through solid objects).
Also my wives' ship was there with its protective fleet, blasting orgone.
And, 5 Alah-kur waltzed into Langley, VA CIA base but only terminated 11 people that were involved in running CIA activities in Arkansas.

I had strange things going on with my solar plexus, felt slightly queasy, and had slightly loose stool. So it was a perfect opportunity for a 24 hour fast. All i consumed was a small amount of water and a 1/2 cup of cheap grade coffee, black.
I was bailed out by friends. Cost me $315 for bail.
So i actually feel better now, and have noticed an improvement in my astral vision. The flashes i get are clearer, more frequent, and last longer before getting morphed. If i look at one of my astral wives too long, long penises appear, provided courtesy of the Elite Jesuits on Abell 2218; they can still have some affect on my astral perceptions as well as derail my thought processes in general.
Also last night i had a real clear vision of a beautiful, large, colorful, snake head staring at me. But it was evil so i bagged the snake.

Might have to try this fasting stuff again sometime. I was surprised that such a short fast would produce so much change. Might be a fluke.

(11am) BTW, my last CB is now at 8.3X, and i just started on another one. Even though it's clear here this morning.

This person is not a satanist or shapeshifter, but is a soulless total fraud selling fancy-looking but otherwise quite ordinary orgone devices for which ridiculous claims are made; Lilly of Nature's Blessing. I doubt these devices do anything a mediocre orgonite muffin TB won't do. Also quite a healer if you read the testimonials. I could not find one ensouled testimonier; most don't exist at all. BTW, i often find fake testimonials in advertising.

The power of black magic: Ghosts keep harassing me, says man. Yesterday i was vacuuming up some of these demons (no ghosts noticed) and then read where he says that even if he moves, they follow him. I had Fo remove a spell put on him by someone who is long dead. After that, i noticed he had some mysterious, intense energy around waist level of his aura. This morning he and the pic and the video feel clean. They were a mess yesterday.

Oct. 30, '12: (7:50am) We had heavy chem-clouds yesterday, then heavy mostly-real, then most of it cleared off. Clear now. (Note that my range of vision stepping outside my cabin is fairly small, and there might be sky-turds floating around farther from my CBs.)

Not every single person promoted by David Icklone or Alex Clones is an agent. E.g., Icke promotes a couple sincere ensouled healers. And the guys in this video, Darrin McBreen and Larry Pinkney are real. They don't necessarily have insights of value to me. I watched the first half.
Russel Means, who is discussed, was also a good guy.

This is a pic taken in El Paso last night. The guy reports he saw another one like it in the other direction as well. I get that both were Ta'l ships with 40 men each. El Paso feels a bit reamed out this morning.

(9:35am) Of course, last night the HAARP status map showed extreme measurements centered near NYC. I scanned real hard to find anything, assisted by my machine-finding turtles. Finally did find a NOAA transmitter 4 miles deep just west of NYC a ways, and nailed it. No immediate difference showed on the map, which is supposedly real-time. But this morning it was just a gray area there, and there is no explanation what gray means.
I do find transmitters using this type of map, but have no real evidence that they are the ones causing the measured signals. Note it says "High 9.6 magnitude signals continue in the Northeast..."
Also, i just now noticed that this "real-time" map gives the time of reading, which in this case was about 7.5 hours ago.

Anyway, here is Stage 1 of my new CB: pic. The pipe is in there off-center and crooked, but i centered and plumbed it in the re-cast mold just now.

(10:05am) Even better than Eyes Wide Shut; here the MSM hands out quite a bit of the true picture of things: TORY PAEDO COVER-UP. Note that the disappeared boy referred to was murdered, i get, probably by SSers who already got killed in U bases in recent months. Not unlikely that the boy was killed in a satanic underground rite.

Strange: "Rogue" U.S. General Arrested for Activating Special Forces Teams; Ignoring Libya Stand-Down Order. Gen. Ham seems to be an ensouled Earthling; there still are some dwindling holdouts in the military. But why would they have put a guy like him overseeing total scams like Africom and the Libyan "situation"?
He was arrested by a SSing nazi for interfering with the SSers' sacrifice of their own. Two of the 4 men killed were shapeshifters.

(3:30pm) Have had chem-clouds and mixed clouds. Also some ripples. Once i figured out that the Elite Jesuits were importing demons from other universes, we got a better handle on the ripples.

Apparently the grey in the HAARP map means the reporting device is offline.

Oct. 31, '12: (6:45am) Another Ta'l ship over El Paso.

(7:15am) UFOchick is OK. Someone asked me about her a few days ago. She speaks of good grays that help her. I got a real good vibe right away, but was unable to connect with them. Then last night one came by to work on me.

(6:30pm) the astral, that is. These are physical beings with astral bodies.
Today at work he showed up again. Looks like he is going to be my buddy. Named Bick. Then we got Mordok one named Belmor.
Bick always seems to be doing something to my "space" which makes me feel better. Like he's working on something in my outer aura or something. If you want to petition to get one, contact Bick telepathically.

There were also those same 300 Ta'l there today; felt like about 2000' above me, but of course nothing was visible. Except plenty of sylphed chem here and there.
When i drove in this morning, there were those ripples everywhere; the Elites were bringing in demons from 3 universes. When i got home this evening, there were choppy chemtrails over my cabin.
40 Alah-kur are still lounging around Marshall.