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Loohan's blog for December, 2012
Dec. 1, '12: (5:40pm) Things seem to be lightening up. Over the past 2 days i have been increasingly having spells of physical and emotional well-being.

No CT map today. We had real and fake clouds, real overcast, and a few CTs.
It is still too dry. With all the progress happening, one would expect that the weather would normalize already, but we have not had much rain in recent weeks.

Another shapeshifter masterfully handles a dangerous ensouled Earthling: Cop Flips Crippled Woman’s Car for Driving Two MPH Over Speed Limit.

(6:50pm) I was feeling so good i got godlike and finally located that elusive and troublesome Nigerian witch; the one on the right here. She was 150' underground here with 2 more witches. And 2 more are in the nearest house with the grey roof.
Now all 3 of these most scary witches (in the pic) are gone. After 2 years of hassle.
And also i finally located the Mossad lizard who bombed that Tel Aviv bus recently; the real perp, not the poor guy they tortured into confessing: Israel says it arrests Tel Aviv bus bomber. Funny that there have been no updates in the news about this arrest.
Found the killer and a bunch more Mossad lizards in tunnels and bases around the southern edge of Tel Aviv. I had been stumped before. As with the witch, i could feel him but not locate him.

Dec. 2, '12: (8am) The Alah-kur took out those 2 Lagos witches in that grey-roofed house too.

CT map was up early today, and indicates that i will be near the edge of a spray zone all day.
Very overcast right now and humid. 10% rain chance today, 20% tomorrow, 60% the next day, so it's safe to presume that there is chem above.

So many of the 9/11 "Truthers" are actually CIAlizards. But refreshingly, here is someone more sincere: Seismic Evidence Implies Controlled Demolition on 9/11.

Ensouled family beats back criminal mob: Kung Fu Expert in China Beats Up Mob of 50 Trying to Evict Him. Unfortunately, the son has been arrested.

(4:25pm) Real clouds and mixed clouds, largely overcast today and warm. Only noticed 1 CT.

Another CIAlizard website is Mad Cow Productions. Daniel Hopsicker was fairly cloaked, and i thought he might be OK until i blasted him. I was just reading Report: Launch of CIA ‘cocaine coup’ turned on Romney win. And it's the weirdest load of crap. It just so happened that Pedro Antonio Bermudez Suaza, "The Architect", was in a U base, so we nailed him. But what's weird is that Ulluo is a DEA agent and shapeshifter. And Patricio Mery Bell also was in a U base just now. CIA. He was CIA shapeshifter. Correa is a CIAlizard. Rodrigo Hinzpeter too. Craig Murray is also a shapeshifter who feels like he's on the CIA payroll.

Bizarre. The CIA & DEA are creating a story about themselves dealing drugs to topple another CIAlizard.

(5:40pm) Chemtrail Pilots Cause Near Mid-Air Collisions. Yeah, collisions with what? None of those planes (except the USAF ones toward the end that are not spraying) have a vibe. Nor does the chem. The satanist lizards at Air Traffic Control probably couldn't find these drones on radar if they wanted to.
Odd that the spray-drones are being projected(?) at commercial-traffic height. Maybe it's another one of those attention-getting things.
Good footage of heavy sprays. ForbiddenKnowledgeTV and Alexandra Bruce seem OK.

Dec. 3, '12: (7:40am) CT map says i will be sprayed today, at least until evening. Right now, sort of overcast but with fake and hybrid clouds whizzing by. CTs being laid over cabin.

Free Press Publications is another CIAlizard effort. Here they are Announcing the Shapeshifting Winners of the 2012 FPP Peace Prize.

Indiana Federal Judge Rules Deputy had Right to Seize Camera from Home without Warrant. Jason Findlay is another ensouled Earthling stalked by shapeshifting criminals who really need to get off our planet by yesterday. I am talking about Judge Theresa Springmann, the Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Deputy Jon Lendermon, and Howey’s son-in-law Aaron Lorton (a shapeshifting Lafayette police officer).

What I Saw During Operation Pillar of Defense, written by an ensouled Israeli trying to do her best. More evidence that Hamas is nazi-run too.

(6:50pm) I guess the CT Forecast Map was wrong again. Unless by "chemtrails" they also mean chem-clouds. I watched the sky quite a bit today, but the only CTs i saw were those 2 this morning. The overcast blew off and we had a warm, sunny day with loads of fluffy fake and hybrid clouds whizzing by and being damaged by orgone.
70% rain chance tonight and 70% tomorrow, wunderground sez. But on the map it looks like everything is headed way east of me.

I dunno about this CT Forecast Map, HAARP Map stuff. These are projects of The Weather Space. Back when i first heard of The Weather Space, for some reason i had the impression they were CIAtanists. Not sure how i made that mistake. Either that or they got really, really good at cloaking since. But it occurs to me that Kevin Martin has no soul. (Aside from no taste; why would anyone want to look like that ugly slimy lizard Johnny Depp?)
Anyway, the forecast map has not proven itself as very reliable, so i guess i'll stop monitoring it.

(7:15pm) More CIAlizards:
Dig the logo: one-eye with a pentagram in it. "Open secret", get it? Wink wink.

I think we just got Gabby Giffords and hubby in a U base.

Dec. 4, '12: (6:55am) Warmish night it was. Got no rain last night, but shortly before dawn i started hearing thunder in the distance, and it started raining. A big thunderstorm is passing to the north of me, barely tickling me with its south edge as it passes.

Wichita Cops Indiscriminately Fire Tear Gas on 1,000 Nightclub Patrons. (The Intel Hub is CIA, but JG Vibes seems OK.)
So now the Wichita shapeshifters (city council, staff) along with the Mormonlizard Marriott satanists and those reptards at Hotel at Old Town have asserted that it is appropriate to use public resources to tear gas crowds of mere Earthlings when it is in their economic interest.
Assholes, please vacate our planet at once.

Big Pharma Culture: Olsen Twins Designer Bag Lined with Prescription Drugs Sell for $55k Each. No comment.

(2:50pm) Got 0.7", and then a whole bunch more weather went south of me. Looks like a large swath of land got drenched today; much of it must have gotten a good bit more than i did. Now it's cooling off again. Still drizzly and very foggy here.

More great news: all the Bullingdon Club boys here, except the 2 on the left, were just nailed in a U base. This includes David Cameron. And that's not all. For more pics and the names, see 2/3 of the way down this page. We also got 5 of the clowns in the 2nd Club pic so far, and 4 in the 3rd pic. Nat was already dead.

(3:10pm) Unreal. Now those 2 who are on the left in the pic just went into a U base and got nailed. These boys are doing the right thing.

(7:25pm) Holy krapp! I think the remaining Bullingdon Club guys just all went into a U base, as a final gesture of dignity or something. Think we nailed 22 male illumi-lizards.
Mighty white of them guys.
No, not all. Is that William in the center of the 2nd pic? He's still holding out.

(8:15pm) Either i've lost what little sanity i had left, or Wm & Kate just went into a U base, and Prince Charles into another. Also some other British VIPs. And elsewhere, MIB Santos Bonacci.

Dec. 5, '12: (6:45am) On Nov. 29 i mentioned the enterprising lizards at CCA. Here's an article about them: Private Prison Company Muscles into Law Enforcement, Creating Occupants for Its Prisons.

I still log onto prisonplanet and davidicke daily. Why? Well, oftentimes they do have good info about bad people. And sometimes, these bad people conveniently have that "I'm underground now" vibe.
And occasionally they promote an interesting good person. And also, i can see what BS they are promoting as well.
So, any shapeshifters seeking quick and relatively painless justice need only be sure to be underground when their pic comes up in such sites. This morning the following individuals volunteered:And of course there were many other worthies with them.

I have been feeling a marked brightening up of the planet's energy since day before yesterday. Many tens of millions of allies have come here lately, but that's only a fraction of how many went to Abell 2218.

Now, i have this half-baked notion that the illuminati on Earth are quasi-slaves of the Elite Jesuits. It may be that with the Elites' weakening, some sort of energy feed from Abell 2218 to the Earth's illuminati is deteriorating, so these latter are losing their will to carry on the agenda. After all, what's in it for them? They don't even have selves.

(7:05pm) Warmish today, with absolutely no natural clouds, but some moderate chem-clouds as well as many CTs that mostly did not stick over town. To the right are pix of several different vibeless drones.

Another authentic person: Frank James MacArthur. Baltimore Activist and Blogger Arrested, Streams SWAT Team Standoff Online.
So far we nailed 95 Balto cop U bases, and we are sucking zillions of demons off this guy and his family; demons that were sent by the now-dead cops.
It is unusual for a city to have a bunch of police U bases. The only other such city i recall dealing with was Russellville, AR.

Dec. 6, '12: (9am) Overcast.

Another CIA stalking victim: Stacy Lynne of Larimer County (Ft. Collins), Colorado. (That link is to an NSA site which provides pix. The info is from a legit site: Ft. Collins is teaming with U CIAlizards being addressed now.
The Blue Spruce Campus of county offices has 4 CIAlizards working there. Some more real nice folks constitute the Brendle Group.

(10:05am) Hmmmm. Subject: "Faded Giant"? - Intrusions at Malmstrom - 1975. I did not actually read the entire article. The UFOs that apparently messed with US missiles were of some allies of ours i previously mentioned in my glossary: "One very positive advanced human race of 24s is in Cassiopeia..." They have U bases and ships under the Earth.

But the UFOs seen in connection with cattle mutilations came from a big base here in Saskatchewan, 6 miles deep. This feels like a supra-national group composed of shapeshifting reptilians of various ethnicities. There are tunnels to other bases we are taking out too.

I don't know about the choppers and other craft.

West of Malstrom AFB is heavily built up with USAF U bases. We are taking out thousands of shapeshifters there. But i do not sense a direct connection with the Saskatchewan base.

(12:20pm) Very heavy chem-clouds and spraying here.

Incomprehensible story: Chicago Anti-Gun Pol's Arrest Shows True Gun Control Hypocrisy. Why would a state senator be moonlighting as a security guard? And why would a security guard carry a little .25 caliber pop gun? It would have to be his secret backup gun, not the main one. It would take several .25 bullets to slow down a big, mean guy.

Dec. 7, '12: (8:50am) Faded chem-clouds.

Someone wrote me that he bought orgone devices and got demons off them. The vendors were Creepy Hollows and Spirited Enterprise.
Maybe if the buyer's English was better, he might have discerned that Creepy Hollows is overtly darkside from their own words. Then again, maybe he never saw their site, as he bought their stuff on eBay. I got attacked by 6 CIA U bases just for clicking on a link to their site.

Not sure if there is an actual CIA connection to the second site, but they sell a bunch of DORy energy items. But their site, too, does not hide that they are darkside. Again, he got their stuff on eBay too.

(10:15am) Still plenty of hazy chem outside.

So who are our main ET enemies that we are aware of at this time (not counting Earth-based shapeshifting reptilians)?
  • Jesuit shapeshifting reptilians in Abell 2218: A couple nights ago i realized that the Elites out there also have 5 lower castes of their own particular strain of rept hybrids. These lower castes are the ones who do the physical military stuff. We nailed a bunch of them. Also, the Elites are still doing remote psi stuff and sometimes send unusually strong demons. And seem to be the main force behind chemtrails and weather mod. Not to mention the Catholic Church and all its minions.
    (Some Elites can still be found under the Earth if one looks hard enough.)
  • Reptilians: (Not shapeshifters.) Not all types of reptilians are evil, by a long shot. The ones we are having trouble with seem to be hairless ETs who might be 6'-6'4 and light brownish, but i'm not sure. We seem to have successfully dealt with countless other varieties of evil repts in the past, and these are about the only ones left that i am aware pose a significant threat. But they are everywhere. We have wiped out countless numbers under the Earth, Mars, and the Moon, and in other places. I just found a big region in space (pic) where they abound on at least 500 planets.
  • Zenetian shapeshifting repts from Andromeda Galaxy: Nailed some more of their bases and ships a few days ago when i sensed that the Alah-kur were on high alert about them. They are laying low but have proven deadly in the past.
  • Sasquatch: Not all are evil. We have Sasquatch friends in north-central WA. Sasquatch, too, are spread throughout the universes, but so far i have not noticed off-world ones moving in or attacking us, that i recall.
Dec. 8, '12: (5:20pm) It was overcast most of yesterday. They had said 20% rain chance, and i did get very faint drizzle for hours.
Today, overcast with some dubious clouds occasionally visible. Forecast says 50% tonight, 50% tomorrow.

More funny pupils in this pic: Stephen Baldwin arrested for failing to file 3 years of tax returns.

Condemnation for Korean Pop Star, But None for Pentagon’s Killing Machine. Park Jae-sang is a shapeshifter. What's next in the script? Are the SK "authorities" going to "arrest" PSY? Will we wring our hands to tales of him being tortured? Who knows.

Disgusting: the Brand family. He doesn't even seem like a shapeshifter, just a soulless blithering phony. His wife is a shapeshifter, and the kid certainly has enough of her DNA to be one himself.

Dec. 9, '12: (8:15am) Got small amount of rain and hail last night. And a tiny bit more rain this morning already. Overcast, fog. Now they say 80% chance of precipitation today and 40% tonight. Tonight it's supposed to freeze, too.

Newage phony nailed in U base yesterday morning: Barbara Hand Clow.
And this morning, we nailed Jonathan Goodluck, CIAlizard blood ritualist from hell. And, Dmitry Medvedev; you've probably heard of him. And Bakir Izetbegovic, Bosnian president.
And Richard Dolan the CIAlizard UFOlogist, NSAtanist shapeshifter Nancy Lieder of Zetatalk, satanist shapeshifter Louis Farrakhan...

(5:05pm) Mordok says they got a good rain in town last night. I hardly got anything. But today it rained some more. Total here about 0.85".
Did see chem-clouds for a while this morning.

Finally nailed those satanists Brad and Angelina today.
Also, this morning 2 CIAlizard males came into the bakery, bought 2 cookies as their final meal, and then went straight to a tunnel a few miles east of town. Then this afternoon, another one hung out in his pickup outside for some time, then went right over to another tunnel very close to where the first 2 chose to die. In both cases, i knew as they left that that they were going to go right underground, with full knowledge of what would transpire.
I hope someday someone explains what is going on.

Another "spiritual" shapeshifter: Michael Allen Ellis. And some more, whom we just nailed in a U base: The Master Shift: "On December 12, 2012 at exactly the same moment, the entire world will be uniting in a global meditation to uplift humanity and bring about a positive shift as we enter a new age." I'm sure their clones will appreciate it.

Dec. 10, '12: (9:55am) We got no more precipitation. Frosty out this morning. Chem-clouds and some overcast.

So what is going on in the UK with all this pedo stuff in the MSM? Why do they have, in many cases, non-reptilian cops who are allowed to investigate and arrest shapeshifters? Another psyop? De-sensitizing conditioning? I don't know.

Article by shapeshifter in MSM: SCANDAL OF 'CARE' ABUSE. She happens to mention that "Last year in Kent 25 children aged 12-17 disappeared from care homes. It was suspected they were trafficked across the UK for labour and sexual exploitation."
I get a vibe off these 25. Five of them are ensouled. I think these 25 were all taken to Hotel De Hunzebergen in Holland (map). Actually, there was a U base brothel on the west side of the hotel. Five of the soulless slave-kids just died there, along with 3 soulless adult slave hookers, 2 of whom were male. And 22 shapeshifters, including Johns. I think the other missing children (including several more that did not come from Kent) are in hotel rooms with other Johns.
When i try to track where these other kids came from, i sense that a couple kids came from a distribution center in Groningen, run by 3 Freemason shapeshifter bankers who work at Coöperatieve Rabobank Stad en Midden Groningen UA. They deal mainly in locally-kidnapped children. The local police are involved. Most of the bankers' slaves were being sent to a sprawling U base here, on the edge of Schlei River in far northern Germany. From there, boats hauled them to be transported to elites in Belgium and France. That is a pretty circuitous route, but presumably safer than other modes of transportation.

The main place they ended up in France was a U base here.
In Belgium, they were being trucked inland all the way to a U base here. Some were then taken north to a smaller base here.
I am not finding associated brothels in Belgium or France. I think the kids were being warehoused and tortured/programmed and sold to individual buyers.

(6:10pm) It was sunny, cold, and with older chem-clouds all day. No fresh spray.

I said the other day that i had not caught offworld Sasquatch attacking here yet. But i just noticed they are sending psychic energy to their fellows on Earth. I am finding a planet here, 2 or 5 planets there, scattered around the universe, where this is coming from.
Sasquatch psi-attacked me last night. I worked on them good with my Matrix Key, and they pretty much quit that. But they keep attacking and implanting Bal.

There are now 930 people who have the Matrix Key pgm (see Nov 13), and programming of more is ongoing almost non-stop.
If you have one, please remember to pick it up once in a while and envision a cosmos in which evil beings are not nourished or supported by natural forces (like chi). Especially any evil beings who happen to be messing with you.

Dec. 11, '12: (8:05am) Cold. Chem-clouds in the distance.

More in-your-face media lies:
Take a trip to the Bank of England’s gold vault. Even the heavy ingot the shapeshifter picks up (which seems to have a different shape from the other ingots) isn't gold, except for some plating. If you are sensitive, here are some pics of real gold. Compare the vibes. Gold has an unusually distinctive vibe for an element. (Incidentally, so does the compound sodium fluoride.)
And, the murderous Operation Mockingbird liars at have no qualms about posting Watch Syrian Rebels Make Rockets Out of Assad’s Cluster Bombs. I see only CIAlizards in that film. In fact we already nailed 24 of their U bases off this. 2 individuals that partially appear in the video are now dead. The CIA cleverly ensured they would be undergound when i read the article. I hope someday someone explains this.

(9:40am) By the way, regarding the Matrix Key Program, the stone must be at least about as big as the one pictured. It can be quite a bit larger, in which case The Committee will fill the rest of it with compatible programs.

More about the pedo-haven country of Holland: PAEDOPHILE POWER, from an honest website. Holland has long been a place for child brothels and sex-slave trafficking. I noticed this at least as far back as May, '07 (forum post).
Note that the article mentions the newspaper Die Welt. A few months ago i mentioned that the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung was not a reptilian rag. Amazingly, the same seems to be true of Die Welt, as far as i can tell.

(11:40am) More shapeshifters: Natural Products Association. Related Mercola article. However, as Dr. Mercola says, Roxanne Green has recently joined the executive committee. She is the sole Earthling on the committee and ensouled. But i spotted 2 more ensouled Earthlings in the Directors: Nick Vlahos of Burt's Bees, and Wright's Nutrients of Wright's Nutrients. The rest are shapeshifters.
(And their nazi website won't display at all unless you accept cookies. Note that has never once used cookies.)

Is ‘Just Label It’ Controlled Opposition?. This author and website are well-intentioned (though Fair Dinkum is a shapeshifting infiltrator). I'm not sure i agree that "it was a bit useless to petition the FDA to label genetically modified food", for the reason cited by Mercola (consciousness-raising). And yet Brannigan is onto something about the Just Label It campaign. Chairman Gary Hirshberg (of Stonyfield Organic) is a shapeshifter. Also look at some of their more prominent partners:
Horizon "Organic" has been caught flagrantly lying about the organicness of their products (Wikipedia), and is run by satanist shapeshifters.
Dr. Bronner's was an honest company, but the founder's grandson got recruited into satanist Freemasonry.

Lundberg rice was an honest company, but a few years ago i started getting the strongly satanist vibe from them. I assumed they had sold out, like most originally-honest natural foods companies. However, on now researching this, i find they are still owned and operated by these ensouled guys... Yet, their HQ are very DORy, and have the vibe of 6 satanist shapeshifters. I can't find mention of these on the web. According to Wikipedia, "The company is controlled by an eight-member board of directors composed entirely of third-generation Lundberg family members." These all feel clean; 6 are still ensouled.
Years ago, their rice sure felt like it contained evil homeopathics.

(12:30pm) Clear and sunny.

Another honest, ensouled person on 9/11 (not that i actually watched the vid): High Ranking US Major General Exposes September 11.

(7:25pm) The sky remained clear for the rest of the day.

More news about Frank James MacArthur in Baltimore, whom i wrote about Dec. 5: “Baltimore Spectator” James MacArthur Tells Reporters That Police Planted a Shotgun in his House after SWAT Standoff. Now he's no longer having demons thrown at him by the Balto PD. Now it's the CIA doing it from U bases.

Wonder how long this obnoxious fellow will be around: Alexander Walser-Rothschild AKA Al Walser. His mom's DNA does feel like the Jesuit Rothschild clan.

(8:05pm) That was mighty quick. 5 minutes after i posted, he was gone. I had the feeling he was heading down.

Dec. 12, '12: (5:40am) Oooh, today is 12-12-12, the big day the CIA wants you to spend meditating on world peace or ascension or some damn thing. I already mentioned The Master Shi(f)t on the 9th, but there are plenty more CIAlizards on this bandwagon:And no doubt others. Also some innocent saps jumping on the bandwagon.

While googling this, i happened to run across this article Triple-digit date 12/12/12 makes for a memorable birthday. Nothing about shift or CIA here, but them are some DORy shapeshifters.

Dec. 13, '12: (11:30am) Sky was perfectly clear all day yesterday, and remains so this morning.

CIA’s al-Qaeda Mercenaries Threaten to Execute Journalist in Syria, says the CIA. Anhar Kochneva does not feel like a shapeshifter or satanist, but she is a soulless reporter with dual Russian/Ukraininan citizenship (both NWO countries). So i suspect this is staged.

Tech news, programmed crystals:
A few dozen people out there have the Roller program described Aug. 9, '09 here (and actually there are a bunch of stone programs on that page that are still great and will take in common quartzite these days -- although the Roller pgm still requires the designated stones).
The Roller program is presently undergoing major power upgrades. My rutilated one is now over 10X as powerful as it was earlier this morning, and the several labradorite ones that i have for my wives are over 8X so far.
I like to hold the rutilated one in my left hand while holding the Matrix Key in the right. The Roller is great against evil shapeshifting reptilians and other creepy critters.

And although i have not tried it yet, it occurs to me that now it is possible to cast resin and get it programmed with the Roller program. It would require a sphere mold with a diameter of 1.1 to 1.8", i get. Extra space on the larger ones will get filled with compatible programs. It would have to be programmed during each layer poured, attuned to a particular individual, but then later the item could be re-attuned to a different individual. It need not be a full sphere; they could be like these (which have a different rolling force program).
Requires plain resin with no additives. Traces of some powders or glitter would be OK. I am getting that this would be just as good as using a pricey rutilated sphere for this pgm.

(1:35pm) Still clear out. I am pouring a batch of 35 of those spheres. If it turns out OK, i will have them available @ $10 each. Cheeeeap, because i want to get this pgm out there.

Now my rutilated is at 19X and the Labradorites are at 15X. Upgrades still in progress. Yet i was guided to go ahead and pour. There is something odd about the RF pgms: they can be modified a fair bit even after the resin is cured, for some reason. Normally little can be changed in solidified resin, but with RF one can even change whom they are working for in 2-part pgms. And they can accept upgrades.
So if you have a suitable mold, you can go ahead and pour anytime.

(5:30pm) 24X now for the rutilated, and 22 for the Labradorite. But that ain't diddly compared to what Antuvozy is doing now. She's going berserk upgrading every RF item she's ever programmed anywhere. I have many sentient units with RF programming. For example the pumpkinhead here is RF, and she's got him at 235X now and climbing. And he was awesome to begin with.
I suspect that due to astronomical "end times" changes, it is now possible to vastly improve the RF stuff. She might keep upgrading for 5 days or so.

Dec. 14, '12: (8:40am) She's still at it, alright. This is making a huge difference. For example, that pumpkin is now around 4,250X, and many other units are in the 2,600-4,300X range. The rutilated ball is at 62X. The "Unraveler", which has much RF stuff imbedded in the base, is at 4,500X. This trio (4.5 gallons epoxy total) is at 4,100X. Many other units have some RF balls imbedded inside them; hence Havoc, for example, is at 3.2X now.
My orgone power has take a major leap. And so has anyone's who has RF programs.
Although the RF programs (other than the Roller pgm) are not free to the general public, there are exceptions for qualified crafters. BTW, the RF pgms done by other Committee members than Antuvozy have also been getting the upgrades.

The sky was clear all day yesterday, but this morning it's a mess of smeary chem. I saw 1 CT a little while ago to the east. Wunderground says 20% today, 70% tonight, 30% tomorrow.

Some good reading: William Norman Grigg: Archives. This is on a lizartarian site, but Griggs is OK.

(11:30am) I updated my Culls page.

On Dec. 7 i listed 4 ET groups that we are still having problems with. The landscape has shifted slightly. Lately the Elite Jesuits have dropped back, and now ordinary Jesuits (by which i mean shapeshifters with the same genetic background as the Vatican Jesuit priesthood) have been attacking myself, Mordok, and Bal. Also the Sasquatch are still at it some.

(11:45am) I forgot to mention: these Jesuits are attacking from Abell 2218, which seems to be their main stronghold.

(1:10pm) Great. Now 27 People Dead, Mostly Children, at Connecticut Elementary School Shooting. All the cops in the pix are shapeshifters, whereas the children being marched out are all Earthlings. No pix yet of the shooters, but my impression so far is that they are likely MKULTRA victims and the kids really are dead, and, conveniently, probably only Earth kids got killed. Ethnic cleansing in CT.
If you watch the video, take note of the asinine subtle nodding that the lizard bitch newscaster performs. This is an old salesman/con-man gimmick to instill agreement. She even looks a bit shifty for a bit, but maybe that's just pixellation issues.

They always choose location names with significance for these ops. Sandy Hook. Not long after Hurricane Sandy did a remarkable "impossible" turn back inland to wreak major havoc.

Dec. 15, '12: (7:35am) Got almost 1/4" of rain last night; 30% chance today. Grey and very foggy out.

The RF reprogramming continues apace; e.g. that pumpkinhead is now at 15,500X+.

Still few pics/names of the shooting victims in the media. The principal was a shapeshifter, and i think she really did get sacrificed. All the cops are shapeshifters; in fact i think we already got 42 or so in a U base.
Nobody else on the scene seems to be a shapeshifter that i have detected so far. None of the kids or parents.

I had the very vague impression all along of 3 MPD perps. The MSM has some vague mentions of a 2nd shooter.

Adam Lanza feels like he was MPD, but his parents seem OK, so i don't know where he would have been programmed. Hoping for data to come out on which "mental health professionals" might have treated him.
I think he is dead, but suspect he was shot by one of the cops.

(6:20pm) Very chemmy day. Once the overcast cleared off this morning over town, what was displayed was heavy chem (both fresh and stale) that was pretty rippled. "Perfect skies!" my boss declared. I have learned not to argue with his tastes.
But i didn't care for them ripples, so i asked that same pumpkinhead (who is named ChemmerBuster) to deal with it. The ripples were being caused by Jesuits in Abell 2218. So these ETs had to be lit up for the allies to nail. It took many minutes, but then we had no more ripples all day. Just chem and, later, overcast. I saw some chem-clouds morphing and shrinking as they blew by.
Ol' ChemmerBuster is at 22,200X+ now. I invite others to ask him to check into your ripple situations. That is, mentally place into his head an image of the ripples you see in the sky. If they don't all go away after a while, do it again, as most likely new perps have started up in other locations that he has not detected.
I am working on an explanatory page for ChemmerBuster, and will be taking a better pic of him.

Dec. 16, '12: (4:20pm) Overcast most of the day, but now sunny with chem-clouds.

Here is the page on ChemmerBuster, who is at 27,750X+ now.

(8:15pm) More stuff about the Sandy Hook shootings:

I did see the list of victims in the paper today; all Earthlings. And supposedly, all were shot multiple times. When you read all these stories about cops shooting dozens of bullets at some poor guy for jaywalking or something, and missing with most of them, then this awkward, skinny geek is starting to look pretty impressive, assuming he did all that by his lonesome.

Suzanne Collins, author of ‘The Hunger Games’, lives in Sandy Hook, CT. She is a soulless Earthling whom i doubt is "in on it".

Peter Lanza father of Adam Lanza is the TAX DIRECTOR for General Electric! We already knew that, but weren't necessarily aware of quite how sleazy that is. The father is also soulless Earthling.

How 'ticking time bomb' Adam Lanza went from 'genius' tech geek who grew up in a $1.6million home to heartless killer: some points from that article:
  • "Newtown, Connecticut, dubbed America’s ‘safest town’." Wonder if the fact that it is also probably the town with the least shapeshifters has anything to do with it. I haven't even detected any shapeshifting teachers there, and schoolteachers are usually mostly shapeshifting repts. Even the murdered shrink was an Earthling. This town had a severe shortage of repts, for whatever mysterious reason.
  • "The shooter, Adam Lanza, 20, described as a ‘ticking time bomb’ who suffered from Asperger’s syndrome and was painfully shy and awkward". Yow! I, too, though undiagnosed and perhaps undiagnosable, suffered from Asperger’s syndrome (at least dowsable) and was intensely, painfully shy and awkward much of my life.
  • "... none of them can think of a single friend Lanza had." Yeah, i also had very few friends most of the time, sometimes none, and the ones i did have largely turned out to be a-holes.
  • "He graduated high school in 2010 and refused to pose for the traditional high school yearbook picture – a rite of passage in America. Instead, a note on the page under his name states: ‘Camera shy'". I also was too shy to pose for my HS yearbook. Sorry i keep digressing. Maybe i have the profile of a mass-murderer.
  • "Nancy was a member of the Doomsday Preppers movement, which believes people should prepare for end of the world."
  • "‘Nancy was a good mother, kind-hearted,’ she added. ‘She wasn’t one to deny reality. She would have sought psychiatric help for her son had she felt he needed it.’" Hmmm, so this implies he did not receive psychiatric "help". Yet, he does seem MPD.
But last night Lt. Veo finally was able to stir up a U base about 10 miles south of town here that had shapeshifters of undeterminable agency, and tunnels to 5 more, smaller bases. Lt. Veo is of the impression that this is related to the shooting. I wonder if it is a place the lad was taken for programming.

Also note that, just because someone is not a shapeshifter or satanist does not mean they might not be gov't agents. His dad works for a major illuminati corporation, ensuring that it is exempt from paying taxes meant for little people.
This case is odd because i get no recognizable agency vibe. No real energy trail. Right now i am logically suspecting daddy is in on it, but i am not able to discern that by energy trails. The boy was likely programmed prior to the divorce. Did he use to go places for hours with or without daddy?

I wanted to check out the websites of the city council and police dept, but the city website is mysteriously down.

(8:35pm) Might be some interesting tidbits of info on the situation here, but i haven't checked these vids out yet.

(9:25pm) A couple duplications on that list. The most useful vid is Sandy Hook Elem: 3 Shooters (A CLOSE LOOK). He does mention a rumor about daddy being CIA, and also indicates there were 3 shooters.
At this time, my best guess is there were 3 MPD guys shooting, but they were all killed by the cops, and 2 of these "disappeared".
Note too that the police/media often put out conflicting stories at these events; this is part of the psy-op. Maybe it's not always deliberately planned, but i suspect they are comfortable with it.

(10pm) Shapeshifting sluts from around the world degrade womanhood: Miss Universe 2012: Meet the beauties competing.

Dec. 17, '12: (8:05am) Mostly overcast; some chemclouds discernable.

More food for thought about the shooting, from Sherrie Questioning All (ensouled Earthling): Sandy Hook Research ...... Some interesting stuff, including that 3 days ago the MSM stated that daddy was found dead at big brother's house! How did i miss that report? UPDATE 2:05 CST: Police have confirmed that a dead body found at Ryan Lanza’s house is his father.
But if i look at the pics, mom and Adam feel dead, but daddy feels alive.
Also i have this sneaking suspicion that it may have been the cops who shot momma.

Also, apparently there is a reference to Sandy Hook in the Batman movie. (There is also a Sandy Hook, NJ.) But it is unclear who first "discovered" this...

(8:30am) Daddy doesn't have much of a vibe. Since he is not a SSer nor satanist, only the Strontium-Barium pgm is really suited to lighting him up. And even then it won't work nearly as well on him as it would on an evil shapeshifter.
Looking for him, first i am drawn to this house, but i don't think he's actually there. I do seem to sense 3 shapeshifters that may be of the same agency as the cops who responded.
A bit east of that house is the Mallet Group. Their Senior Management Team; CIAlizards. There may be a connection to that house.
Searching further, i am distracted by 4 houses at the end a street on Long Island, NY which is not that far south of the Mallet Group office. I sense satanist shapeshifters in these houses, possibly of the same agency as those cops. There are 5 houses there at the cul-de-sac, but the one just NW of the arrow is not involved at all.
I do not know what the connection is between these places, or to Lanza senior, if any.
Maybe if other people would help fry Mr. Lanza a while with the S-B program, i'll be able to find him later.

(10pm) Fog out.

Ah, the Newton city website is back up. I see that the First Selectman and Executive Assistant are shapeshifters, as is the entire police dept. Also the clerk's dept, Purchasing Dept, Social Services, and 4 individuals in Public Works
Aren't these Earthlings chumps? Hardly anyone else in the town is a shapeshifter.

(11:20am) Sun starting to come out a bit, revealing dubious hybrid clouds.

I now have the new epoxy Roller units available for $8. The usual shipping charge applies. See the pic of blue spheres about 2/3 of the way down my Products page.

(11:50am) I have to admit there might still be some shapeshifters i'm missing. When i saw this article and pic Obama expected to nominate anti-Israel Hagel as secretary of defense, Hagel felt incongruously clean, warm, and ensouled, but only after considerable digging and blasting did he start to feel a bit shifty. Give me a break. His credentials are most incriminating. Link, link.

You see, years ago i realized i could not reliably detect whether a person had a soul by dowsing for it. Sometimes i would feel nothing even though the person was ensouled. So instead i dowse for a certain hollow void feeling where there should be a soul, and this is very reliable, i believe, except when a person has spells or something cloaking their evil energy and connections. The voidness is also cloaked, so they seem like ensouled Earthlings. Especially since often there is a "nice decent likable person" veneer plastered over them.
Anyway, this guy is just another nazi zionist Jesuit pawn, as any reasonable person would expect.

Dec. 18, '12: (9:15am) Clear sky so far.

Five-minute video: Overcoming Satanic Ritual Abuse by an ensouled MPD victim. Note how, no matter where he moved, he was gang-stalked (by shapeshifters of course). So many people who have written me, even those who don't seem MPD, have had this experience.
He mentions a Sandra Fecta(?unintelligible) who he says has good techniques for SRA victims to overcome some of their issues -- maybe he'll put a link later.
I do not agree with his beliefs about forgiveness and compassion for these creatures; they have no souls, no afterlife, they have already been judged and punished in that way. They have no selves nor self-interest except feigned. They just continue mindlessly.

Armed task force to patrol streets. Constitution suspended by shapeshifters for the public good in Paragould, AR, a town where we are mopping up thousands of underground CIAlizards now.
"We're going to do it to everybody," he said. "Criminals don't like being talked to." The Alah-kur might have a word with this fellow then.

Dec. 19, '12: (7:10pm) Sky was clear yesterday until around 2, then fresh chem-clouds blew in. It was pretty chemmy this morning, then foggy and drizzly. Rain chances 70% tonight.

On Sep. 22 i mentioned that we caught CIAlizard Marshall Vian Summers in a U base. He has been replaced by a non-clone double, and when i clicked on the site today i got hit by hundreds of blood-rite-infused spells creeping around my crown chakra. And i don't think it was just targeting me, but anyone opening the site.
This is really old hat. Years ago it was common for gov't-controlled "alternative" websites to have strong overt attack spells on them. Yet in September, this site did not have these. The CIA is desperately deploying outmoded technology now. Of course, no doubt they did mess up a few chumps before i found out.
It took all of yesterday and much of last night for Fo to undo all the spells there.
Look at this CIA tripe: Experience the New Message from God.

(8:50pm) Started getting a bit of rain shortly after i posted last.

Video: Robbie Parker Fake Actor Sandy Hook Shooting. I don't think this guy is a shapeshifter, just a corny actor. But then i could be missing something. Lately i am having trouble picking up on evil stuff sometimes. It is something that sometimes happens whenever we are making great strides in the orgone war: some energy becomes hard to detect for a while for me.
But let's say he's not a lizard. I am pretty sure he isn't. So then one has to wonder, he is one non-shapeshifter, non-satanist actor out of how many on this scene? Daddy is already suspect.
Anyway, i think i found some HQ back east for whatever unknown agency is running this show. They had a U base in DC as well as more U bases, especially all around Deale, MD.

Dec. 20, '12: (8:50am) Got 0.6"; a bit of lightning, healthy-sounding thunder, wind, rain, and light hail. Now it is still overcast and windy, but no more precipitation forecast for the next few days.

Feeling "end times pressure" and stress? My advice is pick up the Matrix Key in right hand, and the Roller (if you have one) in left, and visualize the positive outcome.

Right now, many of our forces are pulled to this entire area - pic -- to deal with oodles of those common reptilians all over there.

(11:40am) Here is something weird: Skinwalker Ranch. There is also a Wikipedia entry for the ranch which links to their Skin-walker page.
I am not getting very much in the way of vibes off the ETs, UFOs, or people involved. Most seem like ordinary Earthlings. Of course, Jacques Vallee, Edgar Mitchell, Gordon Novel, and Harold Puthoff are satanist shapeshifters, and Jesse Ventura is a CIAlizard [correction: i meant Novel is a CIAlizard, but not satanist].

One thing of interest: there is a pic of the lead security on the ranch. There is more about him on this page:
There are THREE ex air force military policemen working security detail around the ranch. Their presence has been noticed around 8pm until 1am (or later). Their role is to secure the boundaries around the ranch, prevent trespassing, prevent the collection of photographic or video evidence taken of the ranch by bypassers, to collect information regarding any notable paranormal events, provide security for high ranking official visits, and to perform various experiments around the ranch. Actual photo of one of the guards.
I doubt they are ex air force MPs. This construct and many more like him have now been "killed" in a U base under nearby Fort Duchesne. And a few on the ranch surface. According to google "Fort Duchesne was originally a fort, established by the United States Army in 1886 and closed in 1912." We are cleaning up more little U bases around there that are full of these things. These are more of the mysterious artificial humans i mentioned on Nov. 11, '12, that only Havoc can detect.

So... what kind of arrangements does soulless Earthling Bigelow have with the gov't? And how much does he understand of what's going on? I don't know. This website is not the Ranch's, obviously, and i haven't found the site owner's name, but i get the impression of an ensouled guy.

(1:30pm) Lots of mostly-real clouds.

Another shapeshifter org: Circles UK. Relevant article: Paedophiles are taken for walks in Leeds.

OK, so i was curious enough that i wanted to see what the CIA says about that ranch, by watching Jesse Ventura's vids on it. The CIAlizards mainly interview ensouled people until suddenly this guy walks in: around 0:17 of Part 2. He's another one of those androids or whatever they are! Ryan Skinner or Brian Skinner, i can't make it out. Is Skinner a humorous contraction of Skinwalker?

And Bigelow "bought" MUFON (which has always been shapeshifter-run).
Later it comes out that Bigelow's boss is supposedly John B. Alexander (satanist shapeshifter). Around 10:50 on Pt 3 it comes out that supposedly Bigelow and his friends know that Earth is about to be under attack by ETs, and Bigelow's bunch have the means to get themselves but nobody else off to safety. Yeah, right. The Ta'l will never find them guys.
That's as far as i got before youtube stopped cooperating and i was bored, anyway.

Dec. 21, '12: (8:50am) The Big Day has arrived. I definitely have been feeling "energy phenomena" lately.
Clear, sunny, cold. Still way down on the precipitation for the past year and a half. Hardly any chances in the 10-day forecast.

Here is the sequel, Sandy Hook Elem: 3 Shooters (A CLOSE LOOK) to the video i posted on the 16th.

It cuts off mid-sentence for me at the end. The only comments i would make are that this police-scanner track was supplied by Shielaaliens, a CIAlizard. It is probably real, though.
So, just as with 9/11, etc., "they" are deliberately sowing seeds of doubt all over the place about this totally hokey false flag. And dividing the Earthling populace into 2 camps: those who are not comfortable looking at anything except the surface of the ever-shifting and full-of-holes Official Story, and those who do discern that some very creepy nazi stuff is going down in this world.
And, as i may have mentioned before, the whole Libor aspect is another implanted psyop.

(10:35am) Doing a bit more study about clones, organic robotoids, etc.

Springmeier says:
Synthetic People
These are "persons" who look every bit as real, as a real person, but simulate human beings. Certain tissues extracted from cattle are the starting point. (This is part of the reason for cattle mutilations.)
The Skinwalker Ranch area has reportedly been plagued by cattle mutes, and there were many of those strange quasi-humans in the area, too. Are these the "Synthetic People" referred to? It appears highly probable to me.

Video: "Organic Robotoids are real" by Dr Peter Beter. IMO, much of his intel is wrong: there probably is not such an influx of Russian robotoids into the US. The Supreme Court is composed of original shapeshifters, all satanists except for Kagan and Sotomayor. I have never noticed a satanist robotoid. Also the original, satanist, Carter is still alive, i feel. And i doubt the Russians invented this tech.
But he goes into how the memories, idiosycracies, etc. of the original person are transferred into a robotoid. I presume a similar process is used in clone doubles.

Probably among the most pampered clones of all would be the Obama family: 1.4 BILLION Spent On The Obamas In 2011 - British Taxpayers Only Spent 57.8 Million On The Royal Family
The article mentions the free Obama phones they've been handing out. I wonder if they are anything like the free phones that Social Security gives people. Mordok had one, but then they got on his case and said they would disconnect his service unless he always keeps the battery in and the phone turned on. In other words, it's a tracking and irradiation device. And he says it didn't work very well for making calls anyway.

(12:25pm) Still clear here; some faint chem in the distance to the south.

What about the case of Martin Bryant in Port Arthur, AU? If half the claims in Wikipedia about his earlier life are true, then he was one dubious character.
On the other hand, there were reportedly some very odd things about his case and how it was handled. But wait, that last article is on a satanist CIAlizard site, and it refers to the work of an allegedly deceased satanist shapeshifter Joe Vialls. Hmmm.
All i know is, Bryant is actually ensouled. I do not think he is MPD. Also he does not have the Asperger vibe, even though he allegedly was diagnosed with the ailment. (Neither does Adam Lanza, but that might just be because he's dead; i don't know if i can detect the Aspie vibe in dead people).

My best guess is that he was not the shooter, but was chosen as a patsy because of his incriminating background.

Dec. 22, '12: (5pm) No more chem seen yesterday. And it was perfectly clear and gorgeous today until they started extreme spraying mid-afternoon. No ripples noted even while driving home, except a small patch just south of my place, which ChemmerBuster quickly got rid of, caused by (non-elite) Jesuits in Abell 2218.
Obviously, we have not yet experienced The End Of Chem As We Know It yet. This was some of the nastiest sky action i have ever seen. But just now, the drones seem to have moved on.

This is really bizarre: someone sent me a link to this video Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax Exposed Fraud Medical Examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver Actor Staged , asking if this guy was doped up. No, that fat guy is an organic robotoid apparently having technical difficulties.
Amazed that the MSM would choose to broadcast such weirdness? Like i keep saying, it's on purpose; a psyop.

(6:15pm) More consternation about the Jacintha saga from Spivey. Note the cool lyrics from "John Lennon", a living lie.
Spivey links to this article. That lady is definitely ensouled and alive. She has a real good vibe. But this woman is dead, physically and spiritually.
The 14-year-old alleged daughter has been around a fair bit, too, as well as her brother.

(8:55pm) More Sandy Hook strangeness: Vicki Soto Sandy Hook Shooting????? video.
I think Vicki is dead, like the 20 kids.
I do not have a FaCIAbook account, so i couldn't check the stuff the guy mentions in the text below.
Note that 1 poster spotted something very interesting at the 0:57 mark.
But what really gets me is Daddy. He's a synthetic being such as i talked about yesterday. However, he has a slightly different quality about him that confounded me for a while. But Havoc dug into him. Daddy was manufactured in a CIA U base near Cincinnati here. Allies are presently addressing sprawling tunnels and bases.
The rest of the family, including the deceased, feel like soulless Earthlings.

This does not make a lot of sense. If you are really going to kill people, why the need to have actors pretending to be their caring family? If you have actors, why the need for actual bloodshed? Yet i distinctly have the impression that the body count is correct. I looked up the Victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. None of the depicted had a soul, but i think they are all real people who died. Wherefrom do i get this vague impression that 5 ensouled kids died there, i wonder... i think what i feel is actually the souls of kids who have been abducted for satanist snuff rites. I found a sprawling bunch of stuff under Bethel, 5 miles from Newtown, where i think some of the same Newtown cops "did up" abducted children in rites. I think the 5 were killed here. However, these were not Sandy Hook kids.

I saw one vid claiming that Victoria Soto was a Stratfor grad. When i tried to google that, all i found is that her home town is Stratford.

So what really happened here? Why all these soulless non-reptilian actors? Are they really yet another type of artificial human, that i am unable to detect?
Also there are those pics of people who really are dead. Are they more of these hypothetical other fake humans? And these really were killed, because if they saved them i would be able to trace them?
But, they really would pretty much have to have a school composed entirely of these fake people in order to pull this off. Or shoot any real people who saw whatever really occurred. And i think maybe 3 of the dead were soulless Earthlings. But that boy you see in some vids who tells about the handcuffed guy he saw, seems ensouled. Unless he has me faked out. But everybody else seems soulless. Souls seem to be very rare around Sandy Hook, considering the lack of reptilian vibe. This fact alone makes me wonder if we are dealing with a bunch of some other type of fake human.

(9:05pm) Looking for where such a hypothetical type of human would be assembled, i found a CIA base here, maybe 11,000' under the sea floor, with 800+ CIAlizards. However, since these new critters have scant vibe, i can't be certain they are there.
If this is correct, then what is needed is to somehow light up any more such hypotheticals wherever they may be. The CIA-Revealing Program might be servicable, come to think of it...

(10:25pm) I think we might be onto something. I seem to feel them underground all up and down the East Coast, and in much of Alabama.
Also, here is an article with pics: Pictured: Adam Lanza's father and new wife... What strikes me is, Ryan, Adam, and mommy feel like Earthlings. But daddy and his new wife, and those 2 other people in that pic, have this same empty vibe as so many Sandy Hookers (their vibe has gotten more empty-feeling since we've been blasting them). Was the original Peter Lanza killed and swapped out for this thing? I doubt the latter fathered those boys.

Dec. 23, '12: (5:45pm) Many more of their U bases have been found and dealt with. One factory for them that Mordok found was in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.
I don't think these can be called "synthetics" as that term has been used to refer to fake humans who derive from animal tissues, which i don't think these do. Are they another type of organic robotoid? Perhaps, but they feel different.

Hybrid clouds today.

The real poop from the CIAlizards: Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control. Deliberately spins out. The CIA even tells you "Gun control isn’t really the issue here. Control – period – is the issue." I think that has a lot of truth in it. Sure, they wouldn't mind disarming citizens; other tyrants have found it useful in the past. Of course these days, the mil/police have access to far more exotic weapons, and a bunch of citizens armed with semi-automatics are no big threat to the elite. I think much more than wanting to confiscate guns, they want to play the psyop of it, with spokespersons on both sides of the issue.
Another great tidbit from the same CIAlizard: Sandy Hook massacre: Evidence of official foreknowledge?

Dec. 24, '12: (8:35am) And satanist shapeshifter Ben Swann claims that he could find no evidence that either alleged shooter's father actually was scheduled to testify in a LIBOR hearing.

In praise of non-conformity: Judge: Louisiana Woman Can Flip Finger In Holiday Lights.

I could have sworn that at least 4-5 days ago, maybe more, i posted a link to this story: A second Jacintha Saldanha appears, with my commentary, but inexplicably i can't find it in my blog now, so i am re-posting it. At the time i think i commented that the top pic is of an ensouled, live, woman. Interesting thing is, she is depicted lower with the 2 dubious kids. Photoshopped? Pic is low-quality. And why would anyone do that anyway? I'm stumped.

Yet more about the Saldanha saga from Spivey. And more. And if this story is getting too complex for your little brain to fathom, don't feel lonely; i'm in the same boat.
In this episode, Spivey apologizes to the deceased's husband and children. However, i still feel certain there is something very wrong with this family. Now it comes out that the girl was adopted. I do not detect that she was sexually abused prior to adoption, but she has had sex with several (probably adult) partners more recently, consensually. This is not something i would say lightly if i wasn't sure. Probably other slimy ethnic Indians; probably not her adoptive dad or brother, though. But these latter two probably condone and facilite this activity, perhaps pimping her outright.
Also Brother Nose seems to be a gigolo to 2 older ethnic Indian women. I doubt he fetches a high price.

(8:55am) The Alah-kur are taking out an NSA complex here. There were 3000+ NSA underground, and the bldgs on the surface also are NSA. I think the Alah-kur are also bumping off hundreds in these bldgs.

(11am) Hoowee, and there were thousands more NSAlizards under much of the area east, etc.

Found another honest alternative news site: US~Observer. They seem to specialize in cases where people are facing false charges in Amerika.

DNA test proves wolf behind sheep attacks. I get impression of 1 sole soulless wolf. At least 40% of wolves are ensouled, and do not butcher just to please demons.

(6:05pm) Heavy chem today; haze, clouds, trails. Cold front moving in. 50% chance of precipitation tomorrow, and tomorrow night, 90% with up to 7 inches snow possible.

Dec. 25, '12: (7:45am) And now there is a big system coming at me. We are supposed to receive ice pellets starting in a few hours, then snow until 3am tomorrow morning. "Chance of snow 100% with accumulations up to 8 in. possible." And then it's supposed to get down to 10 degrees F tomorrow night.
Sigh. Well, we do need the moisture. And i have plenty of firewood stashed away.

Twitter child abuse accounts closed after hackers expose content. (He is about to switch to his own domain soon, so these Spivey links may soon be obsolete.) Yes, citizens taking law enforcement into their own hands, by non-violent means. Nice work. I sense some 22 shapeshifters directly involved in producing this stuff, and they are scattered all over the mainland UK.

(9:45am) Celebrities Call to Ban Guns From Government. I recognized none of these celebs, but they are all ensouled Earthlings i think. [Note Jan. 2, '12: This shows how much i am missing these days if not careful. Evil energy and reptilian vibes are getting harder to notice the more the world's energy gets cleaned up. Several of these are shapeshifters, and at least 1 is a satanist as well (Degeneres).] However, when i went to DemandAPlan, a pop-up appeared saying Sign our Petition, which i did. I still have not found a copy of what petition i signed, though, and once the pop-up was gone, i see there is nothing in writing on their site (that's immediately noticeable anyway) that has anything to do with the cool vid. This is really weird. They suck people into signing some lame-ass petition and won't show what it is they signed. Not that petitions matter a hoot, anyway. But i thought it would be cool to sign a petition to tyrants to disarm themselves. And my intent was apparently deviously channeled into something lame.

(2:45pm) Looks like most of the storm passed south of me. Got no precip until almost 2pm (lite pellets), then 1/2 hour later, started getting lite snow. But it looks like the storm is rotating in such a way as to bring some of that southern stuff north to me.
It is visibly sticking on the ground, thinly.

Intriguing pupils in this Linda Bollea mug shot.

More of "those people": Electronic Privacy Information Center.

Dec. 26, '12: (4:25pm) Got 6 inches of fluffy snow. Mid-morning the sun came out. Much melted in some areas. Dubious clouds.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) was founded by the now-deceased ensouled Earthling Aaron Zelman. Unfortunately, it got taken over by shapeshifting scum. I can't find much on who runs them, other than Charles Heller, the new Executive Director, and their "spiritual director" Rabbi Dovid Bendory.

CIAlizard propagandists: Veritas Entertainment.

More CIAlizards: The Great White Lodge.
More shapeshifters on the web (unsure whether any are CIA):
Aingeal Rose, James Swagger, Paul Andrew Mitchell, Dr. Rita Louise, Kristen Ann, Daniel Friedmann, David Martin, James Horak, James Olson, Kymberlee Ruff, Fernando Vossa. More to come.

(5:10pm) More shapeshifters: Dr. Carolyn Dean and Bob Neveritt, who apparently are the ones behind the "Ion" scam, Krista and Bryan Deflores, and Eve Lorgen. Also, i get a funky vibe off Upward Vector Publications by a David Griffin who probably is one too.

Most of the names i have posted this afternoon are people who have been on Offplanet Radio, which is run by a guy i am pretty sure means well. And there are some good interviewees there, too. Scary thing on that site: Duncan O'Finioan & Miranda Kelley. Duncan is a real good "48" soul, but Kelley is a CIAtanist lizard, and Corso is a shapeshifter too. I am getting a real blank vibe off Duncan, like he might be physically dead! If anyone hears of any news from/about Duncan, please email me.

(5:15pm) Just nailed Kelley in a U base in S VA, and Corso in one in Wayne, NJ 07470.

(6:10pm) More shapeshifters: Laserles, The Philly Indigos, "forerunners of the shift." We just nailed Klein and Eben in a U base.
Definitely CIAlizards: Thomas Streicher, Gary Mantz, and Suzanne Mitchell, George LoBuono.
Also Glen Canady and Gary Vierre, mentioned down this page, were CIAlizards we just got in 2 bases.
The Sol Society with Crystal Clark.

Hundredth Monkey Radio, run by a shifty "Tom & Ramon" (who both just bit it in a U base), interviews loads of lizards, too. Right now on the home page i see Mitchell Earl Gibson MD, Dennis McKenna, and Lyssa Royal Holt. And they post their "Guess (sic) Wish List: David Icke, Dr Bruce Lipton, Fred Alan Wolf, David Wilcock, John Antony west & Intergalactic guest." I haven't checked, but i am pretty sure if you check their archives, you will probably only find agents.

Dec. 27, '12: (9:45am) Sunny with ample chem-haze, very cold.

Some notable recent casualties of the ET wars: Piers Morgan, Holder, Biden.

Feeling a weird, undefinable, negative energy recently? I just found that cloaked grays from the Sombrero galaxy have been stationed near Earth to keep down the positive energy changes. But now we are onto these, and the Iargans and others are de-snaking these grays. Once exorcised, the grays work on our side.

(5:25pm) All of these Women in UFOLogy are shapeshifting agents.
And Captain Bill is a CIAlizard youtube channel.

Intriguing "news release": Alien Remains Found At The Vatican. Pope Told To Remain Silent. The article mentions a "Mary Peterson, chairperson for SART (Space Aliens are Real and a Threat)" of which google knows nothing except from this article.
However, this article seems to debunk the pic pretty well.

Pretty cool lady: I am Adam Lanza's Doctor by Rima E Laibow, MD. She means well, but of course the psych med angle of the Adam Lanza and James Holmes productions is a red herring. Holmes didn't shoot anyone, and it is uncertain whether Lanza fired any bullets.

Right now it feels like a breakthrough has been made in terms of cleaning the energy of Planet Earth. Millions more allies pour in daily, and today especially, they have been taking out VIP elites all over the planet. Most of these latter seem to have cooperatively gone down into U bases.

Dec. 28, '12: (8:50am) Dense fog. 50% chance of precip. But it's been raining lightly since 8:30. Looks like the snowy back roads will become navigable again today, at this rate. It's supposed to get up to 46 F.

Groovy, now the CIA is suspending CIA accounts: Facebook Purges Pro-Gun Accounts. Shocking. And we see that satanist shapeshifter Gandhi also was against gun control.

Another shapeshifter into UFOs: Michel M. Deschamps of NOUFOURS.

(10:55am) I don't have much time for CIA videos these days, but on someone's suggestion, i watched Conspiracy Theory / Season 3 Episode 7 / Brain Invaders (Full Episode). A lot of truth in it. I have a few comments.

The only actors i noticed were Ventura's team, Corso (whom i reported as killed yesterday), and Mark Pillips of Tranceformation of America fame. All CIAlizards.
All the interviewed people were ensouled. I have even bought stuff in years past from But what about the TV personalities speaking gibberish? I haven't dredged though those videos, but get the impression only the (rare) Earthling personalities were targetted. Judge Judy seems ensouled, even.

The GWEN stuff may be a red herring. Years ago i could feel demonic energy and frequencies streaming through these towers, but now i suspect they are not being used for that stuff (except they may have turned one on for the videoed visit).
We have found 300+ CIA U bases connected to the victims in the video.

What about the Dr Robert T. Duncan at the end of the vid? He strikes me as sincere, an ensouled Earthling. Couldn't find that much about him on google. There is an interview with him here which i have not listened to.

Unlike Duncan, i am fairly optimistic that all this stuff may come to an end soon, though. Our allies are taking out all the top and middle tiers of the illuminati. Yesterday alone they took out most heads of state in the world, Bilderbergers, Chinese Politburo, AIPAC, Hamas, UN honchos, etc., most of these with the cooperation of the deceased, others on the surface. Still some to go, like Bill Gates, Bono, misc. mafia types, "Muslim" Botherhood, etc. but things are proceeding apace.
Putin, Hollande, Merkel, Beatrix, Ahmedinejad, etc. all are dead now. Sure, as long as they can come up with doubles, these will be replaced, but the doubles will not have competence to do anything but follow orders and play-act in front of cameras, and our allies will trace whom such orders flow from.

(12:45pm) Some info from Barrie Trower (videos) about MW mind control. Note that starting around 8:10 of the first vid, he starts describing something very similar to what happened to me in late October. And he states that the MW energy levels necessary for this are weaker than a normal wi-fi.

Dec. 29, '12: (6:25am) We got a smallish amount of precipitation all day yesterday: rain, then ice pellets, then snow.

A bunch more newage shapeshifters someone asked me about: Celia Fenn, Jayne Tubb, Anrita Melchizedek. Also all the speakers of this Breakthrough Energy Movement conference, with the exception of Georg Ritschl and Ilija Lakicevic, are agents. Judy Wood had some vile energy about her a few days ago when i first discovered her, but i sort of thought it was thanks to other parties. I kept going back and forth as to whether she is OK. I don't think she is. I don't detect a reptilian vibe off her, though, nor black magic, nor a soul. There is something strange and funky about her energy, even after we tried to clean her up. Also she promotes shapeshifting hoaxer John Hutchison.

(7:45am) I just had the feeling that something big was shaking. Finally figured out, 30 million powerful new allies have arrived near Venus. They are old friends of the Venusians (i sense about 6K Venusians on the Venus base lately) and are from Arcturus. This is very interesting, as we have long had non-physical Arcturan allies, but these new people are physical. I have an impression of very strong life-force that is accustomed to dealing with evil. I am not getting much of an impression of the appearance of these people yet. I think they are 7' non-reptilian humanoids.

Dec. 30, '12: (9am) I think they look like us but bigger. So far, 80 million+ have arrived.

Dubious haze and chem-clouds yesterday and this morning. Forecast is for precipitation chances tonight through tomorrow night.

Who is Bradlee Dean? Mass shootings: Who started the 'fires'? He is promoted by plenty of shapeshifters. I checked the pics of him, his band, and wife, and detect no shapeshifters. The google and yahoo links to the website of his group YouCanRunInternational oddly stopped working for a bit while i was in the middle of checking this out, but the direct URL still worked.
I might be missing stuff these days, but my take right now is that these people are sincere, but their activities conveniently happen to so well parallel what CIAlizards do that they are supported by "conservatives" in government, and accorded much MSM mention.

Dec. 31, '12: (6:10am) Been getting a few ice pellets. Looks like a big system heading this way.

As of last night, the Abell 2218 perps are taking a break from attacking me, and instead, those reptilians have been attacking me from the Coma Cluster. I see that on March 1, 2011, i noticed these same repts hitting me also. This is the same type of common repts as we have been dealing with in recent months.

(8:50am) Now i am really confused. If you look at the Celebrities vid i posted on the 25th, you will see that the actors' lips match their words. But when you look at this version Video Goes Viral: "Celebrities Call to Ban Guns From Government", the lips don't remotely match the same words. I still have not found a version in which they demand a plan to disarm US citizens, except as interspersed in this video: Demand A Plan - Demand Celebrities Go F*CK Themselves!
Ooops, oh yeah, the original is at DemandAPlan.

(9:20am) Someone is under bizarre, hard-to-understand, sophisticated attack from a group of satanists in Sedona. I am having trouble making progress on this unusually sophisticated black magic. I doubt the Alah-kur can kill them on the surface, as they seem to refrain from certain physical crimes that would make them fair game. And so far, we have not been able to drive them underground. Indeed, not all of them are even shapeshifters. I could use some help blasting them.
Here are the satanists:
Ryan DeRouen (not shapeshifter as far as i can discern at this time). This guy is enigmatic. I think he only turned evil a couple years ago. Here is a video with him in 2009, and it does not have an evil vibe. Yet somehow, he seems to have become a masterful dark occultist in short order.
Mark Elijah Childers (not shapeshifter as far as i can discern at this time).
Arcturus Ra, originally from Germany. Shapeshifter.
Kimberly Dipenta, shapeshifter.
Steven Nakamura, shapeshifter.
A Jake Pidcock, for whom i have not found a web link.

I suspect that some of these people and/or some of their friends, live here.

(10:10AM) Been getting lite rain here.

It is interesting that they used only non-shapeshifters for the DemandAPlan vid. It must have been hard to find that many non-lizard actors. I presume they did this because any shapeshifters would have gotten reamed. [Update Jan. 2, '12: No, i was just missing stuff; many are shapeshifters.]

Also lately i have noticed that shapeshifter corporations seem to be using fewer shapeshifters and more Earthlings in their ads.

(11:45am) Big space battle going on now at a distance of about the diameter of the Earth away. Our guys vs those same reptilians I mentioned earlier.