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Loohan's blog for February, 2010

Feb. 1, '10: (12:30pm) The sky overhead was blue yesterday morning, but by late afternoon all around was mostly smeared up with chem. A lot of fresh trails. Some wouldn't stick at all, but others did.
More heavy chem-clouds today, i guess to persecute me by slowing the melting.
Now it's pretty overcast. Part of that is the real thing.

Saw some cougar tracks in the snow this morning.

(5:15pm) More mixed overcast.

Here in Newberry Springs, CA, at a depth of 312-412' are 311 evil beings that may be ETs. They do not have the usual gov't satanist vibe, but they feel evil.
I found these while tracking the source of some helicopter flights over an activist.

(6:30pm) Here is a pic of the Milky Way Galaxy. At around the 11:00 position, you should see a conspicuously large star. I do not know what it is. But there are 3 planets around that star that are home to an evil physical, probably reptilian, race. I have found some 3 million+ of them here.
I found them by tracking who is responsible for an allegedly replicating biological implant a reader has.

Feb. 2, '10: (10:20am) The forecast yesterday for today was Sunny with a nice round yellow pic of the sun, but it's shaping up to be total greyness.

The Chits finished up (finally -- those last dregs always go slowly) on Mercury, and are now 30% done on Jupiter's moon Callisto.

Another interesting tidbit from Norio Hayakawa (a satanist in the employ of some satanist Russians).
I don't know about tunnelers or tunnels. Maybe some of that will be noticable after we blast the transmitter here at 111' depth.
Actually, i do feel a bunch of tunnels already, but in a NE direction from Dulce.

(2:45pm) Finally broke down and put on my ice chains so i can go to work tomorrow.

Very, very, odd. I found a nest of UFO enthusiasts who are Scumbag Categories 2-4, but no black magicians. Richard Dolan's site.
  • Dolan: category 4
  • his wife: 4
  • his son: 2
  • Richard Sauder: 2

    Here's Sauder's site, also hosted in Dolan's domain,

    I haven't studied any of the material, but fear that disinfo is afoot. Possible CIA connection, but i'm not sure.

    (8:40pm) The sun did come out a fair bit after noon, BTW, to reveal a few chemclouds.

    Now about that Dulce base. I feel a strong vibe all throughout the lighter (topographically shallower) parts of this map. That is, the town of Dulce is sort of on the west edge of the DORy area which also extends northward almost to CO.
    Venturing northward into CO, the DORy stuff never really ends. It is strong also here.
    And further north yet, another particularly concentrated vibe is here, NW of the Pagosa Springs the guy was talking about.

    The depth is generally 150-210' in these underground areas, i get. And there are 13,000 ETs (i think it's the physical "grays" i described the other day in my new Greys page) 5,136,108 human/ET hybrid slaves, 2521 gov't satanists, and maybe about 3,110 more gov't humans, most of which are Categorizable Scumbags.
    Now what are all those slaves manufacturing? Dunno. Getting a vibe on genetic monstrosities, for sure. To turn loose sometime when a little chaos is needed? They'll all be chipped and controllable by those who have the little boxes on their belts.

    Feb. 5, '10: (1:25pm) Been getting more light precipitation; rain, sleet, freezing rain, and now it's snowing again.

    Would be a good day to pour, but it'll probably be Monday before my epoxy order comes in, and besides i'm not ready yet to pour the big projects.
    Earthshaker2 is basically on hold until some more rox come in from somebody, but i've been slaving away at something else just as awesome: a big unit that will work like Earthshaker in terms of programming the ground, but instead of the strontium-barium pgm, it will imbed the violet flame pgm!
    So i can just drive around, and simultaneously pgm the earth under me at 30' with the strontium pgm, and at 20' with the VF pgm.
    Also when not cruising, it will double as a supreme Succor Punch type remote weapon, all tied in to my sheriff with a "wireless connection".

    The coil is the most complex yet, with some 670 pieces of wire so far. It is mostly done, i hope, whew.

    (3:10pm) The hills are alive with the sound of ice chips falling from the trees, thankfully. It's been getting above freezing during the days.

    Russia intrigue:
    On Jan. 18 of last year, i referred to "Norio Hayakawa, who, interestingly, is a Satanist working for Russians, the latter of which are in an underground base here at 835' depth. 684 evil Russkies there."

    Well, there are 631 there now.
    Got to thinking about that last night. Those are rogue satanist military punks. Putin/KGB/Medvedev only have the faintest awareness of what this faction is about. It is not allied with the Russian-Israeli Mafia, either.

    However, Nikolay Yegorovich Makarov knows everything an enquiring mind might want to know about this.
    He knows about and heads widespread satanic military corruption, especially in the following regions:
  • Here, an area SW of Volgograd and extending to Morozovsk, Yashalta, and Elista.
  • This area in Siberia.
  • This spot in eastern Russia.

    And Norio is an agent of this faction. I just checked into Norio's myspace site. He has 245 "friends", 91 of whom are satanists, and 6 of these are connected to the same Russians. Do they pass coded messages via myspace perhaps?
    And he professes to be a big fan of the satanist, Jacques Vallee.

    (3:55pm) Ah, yes, most of that ice has already fallen off.

    It occurred to me that i would be remiss not not finger which of Norio's friends are also agents of this Russian group.
  • David in Sweden, presently using an icon of a man in a black "wool" cap
  • cAspA the uFologist in California
  • SickTanicK in Albuquerque
  • Debbie in California
  • Jamie Marie in AZ
  • Starfire Tor who doesn't list her location, and who has an intriguing page. I think she's in Norway somewhere, but i haven't traced her. She also has a site i haven't checked out yet.

    My attention was also drawn by one Joe Montaldo in Metairie, LA, and who has a very intriguing bio! more
    Not an agent of these Russians, but CIAtanist. Hehe, not too picky about your friends, Norio.

    Feb. 7, 10: (6:40pm) Burke, VA, where i was a couple weeks ago, got 26" of snow yesterday.

    And this winter has been unusually wintry here in AR. Normally we get some balmy weather in between cold spells. I remember 80 F temperatures in Feb. '99 here. That was a bit unusual, but weather in the 60s is common in the winter here, or used to be. Some claim we have entered a mini ice age.

    Now the forecast is for 6-9" of snow accumulations over the next day and a half. And cold weather all week.
    Oh, well, at least my epoxy came in so i can amuse myself.

    Feb. 8, '10: (9:25am) Got 5" of fluffy snow overnight. Overcast now, but pretty. More coming, supposedly.

    Another "spiritual" satanist: Carol Stirling of Scotland.
    She is also associated with this nest of vipers:
    I got onto this because someone sent me a link to this pdf file, saying there was a real nasty astral parasite in a turban on p.5. Indeed; Amarjit Singh Bamrah, an enthusiastic follower of satanist Sai Baba. But Amarjit was just a Category 4 scumbag.

    Most of the people on this pdf page are satanists. Who is not? Brenda Elvin seems OK, a 96. Emma Britten was not; she's still a 48. These are the only clean people i noticed on a quick perusal. This included the advertisers. Like the psi-toys shop Equilibrium.

    (2:05pm) It's been snowing more.
    And i finally finished up my lovely new coil. They had me do a whole bunch of loose spaghetti at the end. (bottom view)
    And here it is on the mold. The mold is only 14" diameter at the base.

    735 pieces of wire. 2 crystals. 2 pieces of hardware cloth. 5 electronics components. That's all in the coil.
    In the center is an orgone device i made back in '05.

    I think i'll call this disk Violet1.

    (3:15pm) By the way, there's a lot going on at that spot i posted about on the 1st, where the evil reptilians reside who are responsible for my friend's biological implants. These are physical reptilians, and some of the species attacking them are also physical:
  • 2 motherships, each with 10K good Draco
  • 20 craft of 10 men each of the good Venusians
  • 2 ships of 300 each of some other race of friendly humans, apparently also all 96s like the Venusians. They don't want me to know where their home base is, but they do want me to know they have a colony on Uranus. Won't let me know the size.
  • two 42' tall gorilla-sasquatch-like beings in 1 craft
  • two craft with 4 each of 21' tall chimpanzee-like beings who are friend of the apes mentioned above.
  • 3 craft of 3 each of Chitauri. I see they are still using the numerology they are used to.

    All these craft are weaponized, of course.

    I worked on my friend's implants remotely a few nights ago. He said that made them bleed.

    (8:45pm) Could use some backup about now. This new disk being built is shaking loose more demons out of their hiding places, and they are freaked out and out to get me.

    Feb. 9, '10: (8:35am) That was rough for about an hour after i posted that. I hadn't been hit that hard in months.
    Apparently this new unit, just like Moby Brick, blasts the entire universe, much to the consternation of scads of demons who were biding their time.
    Having been ravaged by Moby's strontium pgm, now they were being hit by the violet flame pgm.
    And i had only poured 1/3 or less of the VF mix that will eventually go into this unit. There should be 3-4 gallons of it before i'm done.

    I was miserable, nauseous, in pain for a while there, despite having such a bunch of good allies protecting me.
    Definitely did not eat supper last night.
    Then, things started lightening up, and i slept well and woke up feeling good; hardly any attacks now.

    It stopped snowing, and the sun is out. Sky is clear and the bright light is reflecting off all the snow. Despite the fact that we must've gotten another 3-4" yesterday, the total accumulation is only 6". It shrunk down, got denser.
    Some chances of snow in the forecast later in the week.

    (8:45am) On the 1st, i mentioned an ET base in CA, connected with helicopter harrassment of an activist. Well, last night she wrote she was still getting choppers.
    So i located the off-world base of these ETs. You see the real bright spot here? This is where they are. I have the impression that they are humans who look like us, average height 5'9", and all have light-brown hair and green eyes. There are 211 billion there, and maybe .8 billion more making trouble around 3 galaxies. They seem to be incorrigibly evil.

    (9:20am) BTW, when i looked up that pic, i couldn't help but feel the amazing impact Violet1 is already having everywhere.

    This morning i took almost all the tulsi root that i had depicted in 2008 in my gardening page, and put it in the mold before i did the first pour of the day: pic.

    (9:45am) A friend of mine has been writing me about a friend of his that has supposedly been having encounters with a nasty physical reptilian. This friend-of-a-friend says
    he claims that he entered this dimension from another one, he wants me to help him open a portal to let negative entities in, he loves the idea of skinning people alive and torturing humans i basically stay away from him but sometimes i cant avoid him, he tricked me into touching his medicine bag but now i know better...
    I don't even know where this guy lives. I tried to track the rept, but i think instead i got a little nest of them that may be some distance from him. It is here in Douglas, WY. Depth 120-141'. 32 repts down there now.

    After we blast them a while, maybe i'll find where they came from.

    (1:25pm) Yeah, stirred up some schidt with Violet1 'n stuff. The home galaxy of these WY lizards is NGC 5218. I get there are 2,111,205,013 of them there.
    As well as 1 ship of 10K good Draco and a lot of hyprdimensional allies.

    A few chemclouds out hereabouts.

    (3:40pm) It clouded up again; mostly natural clouds.

    More Category 4 scumbags i've busted recently: Tom Jones (singer/actor), Michael Devlin, Dirk Vander Ploeg.
    The latter has "strings" attached... to CIA at Langley.

    I just updated OTB 33 Summary on how to make strontium devices. I edited it for more comprehensibility and to remove extraneous data.

    (4:35pm) My dream for a while has been to get people in London, Rome, and Tel Aviv making strontium devices.
    Recently i coached a newbie in London, who had never poured resin before. This is the result. Perfect.

    The Chitauri are done mopping up on Callisto, and are now back on our moon! Specifically, at the white spot closest to the center in this pic. Apparently they found out about another pocket of those same reptilians at 250-400' and are 10% done there.

    (6:05pm) Category 3 Scumbag busted: Mahinda Rajapaksa. Also mentioned in that link are more Category 4's: Sarath Fonseka, Anoma Fonseka, & Maj Gen Prasad Samarasinghe. But hey, no satanists! (Which is more than one could say about the Ukrainian election contestants.)

    No Satanists, just like in our White House. Barack, Category 2. Michelle, Category 4. And i neglected to mention, the oldest daughter is also a 4.
    But, i have to give credit for the fact that i detect no sexual abuse of the girls, a break in the long tradition of presidents who rape and MPD their children, and turn them into satanists.

    (7:55pm) Speaking of Ukraine, i smell something very phony about Tymoshenko's posturing. Both she and her rival are part of satanic bands that are really part of the same NWO bunch, is what i get. She never intended to win; it's all staged. At least that's what i feel here.
    I say this not having watched any footage or read anything about the situation other than this article.

    Feb. 10, '10: (6:45pm) The overcast cleared this afternoon, to reveal extensive chem-smear.

    I did the last pour on Violet1 last night, and popped her out of her mold this morning. She is ripping along. Maybe i'll have a pic tomorrow.

    Another highly intriguing satanist: Orly Taitz, ESQ. I haven't really followed the whole thing about Obama's dubious citizenship. I have to wonder, is this issue a red herring?
    All i know is, this shyster is a satanist. She is connected to 3 satanists in Vegas in this matter. They are probably lawyers, too. But when i looked for their location, i ended up at this blue bldg or object in the sports area of a middle school. Middle schools are where the US jails its teeny-boppers. Strange... I seem to detect some irregular behavior with the kiddies.
    Then when i acknowledged that, i was drawn to a 2nd hot spot a bit SE, here. Hmmm, more like it. I don't know what it is. I don't think it's a law office. I don't think it's where they work, and i'm not getting a location for a workplace.
    Then i got drawn to the residence just east here in the center. One of the 3 resides here.
    Then, to another residence a stone's throw NE, here. Another of the 3 resides here.
    And the 3rd resides immediately south of that one, here. The 3rd guy may be the only one of the bunch that is closely connected to NSA at Ft. Meade. Hmmmmm..... WTF?
    Aha, and #3 is also a basketball coach. He is the one connected to the blue bldg. He likes young boys.

    (6:55pm) Three Category 4 scumbags i noticed on her homepage: talk show host Rick Biesada, Scott Lee Cohen, and whoever's the motorcycle guy.
    Also there is this page, advertising the Justice Dept's "Public Integrity Section". As one might expect from the DOJ, this section has a filthy vibe. 12 satanists there.

    (7:10pm) It appears only satanists comment in the comment section of her home page. And there are 3 ads on the right side of her home page, all from satanists. One of these is Another is a dental office with 3 satanist dentists, one of which is named Taitz (husband?). You can see 5 satanists depicted here. Another is (brother in law?).

    Ah, i see now: if you click on the motorcycle pick, you find out it's Bieseda.

    Thank you for laying it out for us, Orly. All your associates are satanists, except for the Category 4 Scumbag.
    And you seem to be promoting MPD satanist Palin as the answer to Obama. Right; just as Obama was the answer to Bush Jr., and Clinton was the answer to Bush Sr.
    We'll never get wise to that trick.

    (7:25pm) On another subject, there is an important CIA base here in central Idaho at 120-300' depth. 311 CIAtanists. Some kind of machinery or something at 210' that my allies are working on. Not a transmitter. Probably a biowarfare lab. Unfortunately, with my goofy ISP, google is not loading the map well enough for me to ID the big grey area you see zooming out, that this is within.

    (8:25pm) Regarding that 3rd guy in Vegas, i have the impression of five 12-yr-old boys that are being professionally MPDed by this guy.

    (8:50pm) The other 2 guys are in on it just as much, but i don't think they know who they are working for. Only # 3 knows it's the NSA paying the bills.

    Feb. 11, 10: (7:20) The #3 guy has been told by his bosses that they need to disengage from that op now.
    Incidentally, one of the 5 boys is a Category 4 Scumbag (i find a lot of victims are; a lot of people are, period).

    Got some more info about this situation. I don't think the 3 guys are lawyers, but there is a "professional relationship" between them and Orly Taitz: she gets a commission for clients she sends them. So far she has gotten 30 commissions (of $4K each?) for 30 clients. Some of these are repeat customers of the 3 guys, but Orly only gets a commission the 1st time. This has been going on for a couple years. Some 52 kids dead.

    What are these customers buying? Children between the ages of 2 and 3, for ritual rape/murder purposes.

    These kids are "produced" by some 42 slave women. The underground base where this is going on is here east of Vegas, at 202-300' depth. Presently there are 42 of the women, 32 tots, and 120 NSAtanists. 20 of these satanists are involved in the kiddie op; the rest have other duties.

    (7:40am) How did i get onto old Orly Taitz? I received a flyer in the mail from Peymon Mottahedeh promoting an event. The website is here, and presently has the info for the event coming up March 12-15.

    Being the morbid sort, i scanned the speakers. Some people in the anti-IRS movement have alleged that Peymon is a scam artist, but if so i can't detect it (which means nothing, as someone can be a scumbag in one life but not be bustable; conversely one may be apparently OK in the present, but be a bustable scumbag). [Update: a few days after i poted this, i busted Peymon -- he no longer has a soul.]
    I found that Ramiel Nagel is a Cat. 3. Nancy Appleton, 4.

    The only satanist in the line-up is Taitz.

    (9:35am) OK, here she is: Violet1 along with a Bic for size relativity. Looks slightly scratchy, because the mold was an old used container someone gave me.

    (10am) Her measurements are 5" X 14", BTW.

    A psychic friend of mine wrote me that she sensed an evil man & wife named Mueller who lived in California, who were of high importance.
    I traced their evil vibe to this house near Midway.
    They are connected to an underground base here NE of Alturas. I am not finding a center to this base. It seems to consist entirely(?) of tunnels in this area. Depth 120-300' approximately. The tunnels are mostly about 20' diameter, made with one of those big tunneler machines. It is odd that the tunnels do not seem to go beyond this small area.
    Who and what is down there is still cloaked to me right now...

    (1:55pm) Still cloaked.

    On Nov. 29, '08, i wrote regarding the Mumbai massacre
    Cmdr. Loohan's offishul pronunciamento on the subject: the BJP (site) did it. Specifically, Shree Rajnath Singh masterminded and ordered it. Vajpayee is another Satanist, and is in on it. Advani is innocent and ignorant.
    Well, now we have a new murder on this case: Mumbai attacks defence lawyer gunned down. The lawyer for 3 innocent accused guys got killed. By 2 satanist hit men working for a 3rd satanist. Who is this? Well, Singh is no longer on that page and wasn't involved this time. The guy who called these shots is Shri Nitin Gadkari, the chubby satanist with the supremely honest face on the left.

    (2:25pm) Strange! That tunnel base is sweetening up! Dramatically. I am unable to discern who are what is doing that, or what effect it is having on whatever is down there. This is not just some readers blasting the place. We have some mystery allies. Something else is going on, and creating so much sweet energy there that demons are being drawn to the area to try to dirty it up.

    (2:45pm) Holy Moly! I felt on a paper map of CA, whoever those bad guys were took a really fast undergound train to Lake Tahoe, and split! They must've had some kind of advanced vehicle that took a tunnel SE (that i hadn't been able to detect earlier), and come right up out of the water and headed for ??? we'll find out soon enough...
    They left a strong trail of energy between the base and Tahoe.
    Whoever the good guys are, they are hot on their asses. Stay tuned.

    (3:05pm) According to the page i got this pic from, "For a sense of how many galaxies there are, look at deep space: There are almost no stars in that picture."
    This area has been the home base of these evil ETs. But as i finished editing the pic, it started to sweeten up within the circle! Because the good guys followed them home in force, evidently.

    This is REMOTE! This is a Hubble Ultra Deep Space pic of DISTANT galaxies.
    Kinda gives you an idea of what kind of tech these guys have, to get there so fast.

    (3:35pm) The only way i could get a description of these ETs is by asking my military chief, Yill, who is out there, and dowse her answers.
    My impression is, the bad guys are big dark blue cats with straight, shiny, reflective fur. They are 7' long, excluding tails. They have slave races make their ships, etc. (There are 3 slave races in their (former?) territory, some 21 billion slaves, i get.
    I can't get a read on how many of the cats there are, perhaps because that number is declining at a very rapid rate.
    As for the good guys, they are 11' tall, golden Draco.

    (3:40pm) Or rather, duh, i can't get a read on the cats' populations because i still can't get a read on the cats, period. And Yill can't determine such data. I really don't know at what pace their demographics are being altered.

    (5:15pm) My ambassador, Fo-Touki, got the golden Draco to initiate telepathic contact with me. They seem very open to the idea of helping out.
    They have commenced hostilities at the other rept and human ET bases and hives mentioned this month. They are working with my 34D self now.
    First priority is those chopper guys.
    Evil ETs are a priority for them, but somehow i'm not sure that human underground bases are by any means off-limits, bwahahaha...

    Feb. 12, '10: (9am) What a wild day yesterday was!

    It was overcast yesterday, but today we have some sun and chem-smear coming out.

    The Chitauri have mopped up that spot on the Moon, and are now about 14% done with a spot in Antarctica that has more of those evil reptilians at a 2 mile or so depth.
    They are the same species as the ones that normally nest much deeper. I don't know why this base is so shallow. There are human bases under Antarctica that are 12 miles down. Maybe someday our golden Draco friends will pop in on these.
    The golden Draco may have mopped up about 80% of that Newberry Springs, CA base.

    My ISP has been real crappy lately. Sometimes it takes me 5 minutes to upload my blog, and google maps often hardly works.

    (11:05am) About that pic i posted yesterday, the key spot is that brightest galaxy within the circle. That appears to be the capitol galaxy.

    (1pm) Richard Hoagland on the Norway Spiral:
    That's Part III, but I & II are linked.
    Richard makes a pretty convincing case that the spiral was caused by a HAARP installation countering a Russian test missile.
    However, i want to point out that there was something else, though maybe not on the physical plane, going on.
    He has pics of a "1989 Chinese missile fiasco" in which a similar spiral occurred. But in those pics, there is no particular energy signature in the spirals.
    Then he shows 2 pics of the Norway Spiral. The 2nd feels real sweet, especially in the center. The 1st pic has only a small amount of this energy.

    Apparently this energy has nothing to do with the physical manifestation of this spiral, but is something that the good ETs tacked on. I presume there was a bunch of strong scalar phenomena connected with this event. If we had pics available of such an event in between mid-2005 and mid-2007, (had such an event occurred) i speculate that the core would have been sticky with toxic, demonic energy. The demons were hijacking every scalar device imaginable in those days for their demonic transmissions.
    Now the tables have turned, and we have been hijacking their electric grid, wireless networks, etc. to radiate positive energies. And i suspect that was what happened here. There were evil ETs and good ones under Norway, and the good ones nabbed this event to boost their energy statement.

    Richard also has some speculations further down that i don't know the accuracy of. He draws a lot on Richard Dolan, who is CIA, according to my determination.

    (4:55pm) Found another CIAtanist that made it into Project Camelot: Patrick Geryl. Also Gino Ratinckx, who is on his site.

    Also another gov't satanist who has wormed his way into Infowars: Paul Craig Roberts. There's a wikipedia page on him with a pic.

    Feb. 13, '10: (6:30pm) Lotta chem-clouds today, but warmer, and the glaciers are starting to recede here.

    I'm 40 minutes into Project Camelot's interview of Aaaron McCollum. If you search on youtube, there is an AVI version that can be downloaded with a youtube downloader.

    I first saw that they did this interview a couple weeks ago, and immediately liked the guy from the still pic of the video. He's a 48 and has loads of evil energy stored in his alters. I had a strong sense that he gives important info about ops in the Yemen area.
    But i only now got the thing downloaded.

    I really like this guy. He seems very familiar to me, as though i know him from past lives or something. I have a sense that he's a real solid guy to have on your side.

    I had to stop the vid and gather my wits a bit, and check on some of the stuff he says.

    First off, i think a small part of his info is disinfo told him by military superiors. He says the Somali pirates are a false flag op, but i have never found a single Category 1-4 Scumbag amongst them. He says the Mumbai thing was also done by NWO intel types, but i feel their involvement was fairly peripheral.
    That stargate is here. He says it was activated on Jan. 5, 2010, although it was known about for a long time. He does not know whether it was good or bad ETs who activated it.
    It was good ETs, but i don't know which ones. Also i have lent some influence, and i am optimistic that no bad ones will be able to use it.
    He also mentions an underwater base where genetic ET/human experiments are going on. That base is here a bit east, at 310-503' depth below sea floor. It is a large base, maybe 0.7 square miles in addition to its depth. There are 410 satanists down there. If there are ETs at present, i haven't detected them.

    He mentions another undersea base near Puerto Rico. This is the same one i mentioned May 6 of last year, and it is already all programmed by The Committee.

    OK, i'm going back to this video now.

    (8:30pm) Finished.
    He mentions a couple California U bases he was in. One is in San Diego. I think it is right under the Boulevard Mart Shopping Center, at 312-400' depth. I am having trouble getting how many & what are down there. The base seems centered under the center of the mall (power spot). I strongly suspect that there is a secret doorway in a store in the mall, that leads down to the base. See, that way people can park at the mall, and come and go without drawing attention.
    I was also drawn to this apt. right in the center, 3rd floor level. I think a prime honcho connected with the base lives there.

    The other base would be under the Alameda Naval Complex at 223-503' depth, maybe 0.4 square miles. Big. Again, unable to get the inhabitants' particulars for the time being.

    I recommend this video. And there will be sequels.
    He has 6 Pisol reptilians guarding him, to hopefully thwart any attempts to trigger or harm him.

    Now, a word to the agencies who monitor this blog:
    My golden Draco friends are not into covert intervention but may be into overt intervention. They have this to say:
    We don't like your undergound activities. We have feelers in quite a number of underground bases in various nations, gathering information. We may, at our leisure, destroy these bases and kill everyone in them.
    We are not allowed to intervene against surface installations. Anything you wish to preserve should be moved to the surface.
    There is no grace period. We might strike in 5 minutes or 5 months.

    (8:40pm) One odd thing: he said the stargate was somewhat off the beaten path of the ships, whereas i feel it smack in the middle of what i presume would be the "road".
    And i have the impression those ships are north of there and slightly west.

    (10:30pm) Very weird. Something's happening. I feel DORy beings moving west toward the stargate from that base. A moment of truth approaches.

    (10:30pm) What i mean is, there is a tunnel about 300' under the sea bottom, and 5 craft are on their way to the stargate.

    (10:30pm) The golden Draco are on the scene; 10K of them.

    Feb. 14, '10: (4:30pm) Some light snow today; overcast.

    The stargate feels sweet. There is still some crappy energy at the base and in the tunnel. I can't get details, but i presume a lot of damage has been done to the enemy.
    The golden Draco are not going for total eradication so much as crippling blows. I knew yesterday that they would be attacking the Dulce area this afternoon, and sure enough, i feel goings-on east of Dulce.

    Meanwhile, another terror op in India, this time in Pune (article). Apparently "CIA-trained" satanist Mike Headley was involved in this, too. But i say the Pakistani stuff is BS. Fat-face at BJP at least knew about this. The perps are 3 satanist Mumbai cops. The main one seems to be in the bldg in the center here. This might be his residence.

    (4:45pm) Lately i have been scooping loads of Category 2-3 Scumbags into jail. Largely on an anonymous, energy basis; meaning, i don't know who they are or where. I have only gotten about 1.2 million of them so far, but this probably includes most of the ones that are connected to people i am connected to via correspondence. In fact, lately i've been occasionally running into some of these resultantly "empty" people who are not, as far as i can tell, blood-ritual black magicians.

    My friend in London who made the strontium units is awash in such people, as well as their victims. A lot of them seem to be dark occultists, but not into blood rites. Into parasitism, however. The other day i busted dozens of these types in the Golden Dawn.

    She sent me a link to the site of evil witch Maxine Sanders. These people were already "empty" when i clicked on it. Disgusting parasites making a mockery of the Sacred Feminine.

    (7:25pm) Maybe Aaron was closer to the truth about Mumbai. I looked harder, and found that Shri Nitin Gadkari does stay in touch with a special "friend" in the US, who lives right here in Lake Ridge, VA, not far south of my parents' house. In fact, i busted that neighborhood pretty well last month with Earthshaker and agnihotra ash! Unfortunately i didn't drive down Parliament Dr., but i got all those surrounding streets. I suspect the energy clash therefrom helped me dowse this guy out. He was cloaked somehow. I sense 4 other gov't satanists he's working with. Some unknown agency. I'm working on de-cloaking their superiors.

      *   *   *   *
    Back to London town: it seems there is also a center of high astral morbidity at the Atlantis Bookstore (map pic with arrow) as well as the nearby British Museum.

    Feb. 15, '10: (9:05) Cold, slight snow flurries.

    More morbid places in London:
  • Manor Lodge (Theosophy). (More info and DORy lodges.)
  • Theosophical Publishing House.

    That San Diego honcho moved out yesterday. Apparently, "they" wish to disclose to the public the location of another San Diego U base here, because that's where he moved to. Right under the upside-down T of STOP in the southbound lane is a transmitter at 223' depth. The base is at 320-330' depth and maybe almost 0.5 sq. mile area. 216 satanists down there.

    (10am) I did find the superiors of the guy in Lake Ridge, VA last night here just slightly west, at 220-230' depth. What a coincidence, just like that 2nd San Diego base, it is only 10' in depth, which is unusual. Perhaps the same agency? Hard for me to tell.
    215 satanists were down there last night; now there are only 120. Some attrition has already occurred. The golden Draco were scheduled to hit them at 6am my time, and they are still on it. This base had personnel working on the logistics of 6 different false flag ops, all in the Gulf region.

    So i figured there had to be more such bases. Last night i also found the following spots:
  • The base where they work on terror ops within the US is here in Alexandria, VA, at 120-200' depth. There were 310 satanists working on 2 ops. Now there are only 72.
  • A base for other-country ops is here, just south of the last one in Huntington, at 231-239' depth. It contains 110 satanists working on an op in southern Chile i think. They have not yet been hit by the Draco.
  • The HQ that is senior to these bases is here in Chevy Chase, MD, at 111-300' depth and is much older than the other bases, which are fairly new. This base has 202 satanists overseeing all this vital work. They are scheduled to be hit 11am my time.

    More fascinating, an above-ground place strongly connected with all this is Islamic Research & Humanitarian Services Center in Capitol Heights, MD! (their site.) This place is a satanic US gov't op, probably a front for recruitment of disgruntled muslims. And is associated with The Ark of Self-Healing & Self-H.E.L.P.! They claim
    The NES Infoceuticals are liquid remedies that restore integrity to the human body-field. They are purified water that contains a minute quantity of plant-derived micro-minerals that are encoded with information to help return specific aspects of the body-field to proper functioning. You take the NES Infoceuticals as drops in a glass of water, according to specific protocols given by your certified practitioner. The NES Infoceuticals are pure information. Each one directly corrects specific information structures and energy patterns in the body-field.
    I get a most tainted vibe off these substances. I suspect this place is also where duped Muslims can go to be subjected to trauma mind control while they think they were getting some healing therapy.

    NES' site is here. They are UK based, an MI5 project. The site has plenty of info of interest to activists. The whole operation is filthy.

    (12:25pm) What these Draco do, apparently, is stay at a certain height in their ships and blast these places with advanced scalar weapons.
    TPTB didn't bother to warn the guys in Chevy Chase. Down from 202 to 111 now.

    I had some weird visitors last night. First my golden Draco contact telepathically asked me what kind of food and beverages i like, as though they are planning to take me on a space tour or something.

    Then a rough-looking character, very agitated, with a human-like face (his cheeks seemed corrugated or something) blew in, but rather than communicate to me he was looking left, right, all around in a worked-up state. Finally i figured out he was some kind of 4D bounty hunter. He had been chasing after a demon and it disappeared, jailed by some of my equipment. I pulled it out of jail and gave it to him, Off he went, gleefully, to cash it in. I had to chuckle.
    Apparently there was a big price on whatever this demon was, though it didn't feel very strong to me. The bounty hunter's pay is in energy. Strong energy that feels good.

    Then an odd-looking 5D character came by. Not a familiar life-form, but vaguely human-like. He had a great, personable vibe, and was very outgoing. It took me a while to figure out what was up, but he wanted to offer his programming services. Immediately i felt he should join The Committee, and he did.

    I started pouring Earthshaker2 this morning. I am getting that the entire time period between now and the 27th is very good for pouring resin.

    (4:40pm) Grrr.... that Belgium train crash had some DORy fingerprints all over it. I traced that DOR to this bldg in Leauven near Brussels. The spot is right in the center. You should see a little icon link superimposed on the map, saying Marfrans. The spot with the DOR is where the r and a of Marfrans are, at least on my PC. And it's on the ground floor. And seems to be emanating from a male satanist who did the deed.
    And that guy is employed by 11 satanists who have an office here in north Leuven, on the first 3 floors.

    (5:30pm) Interpol has tipped them off, and now all those guys are fixin' to vacate pronto.

    Feb. 16, '10: (9:25am) Those guys split shortly after i wrote that. They seem to have been moved to this spot where no one will ever find them. But there is no bldg depicted there, nor do they seem to be underground. I presume there is now a bldg there, as i feel those 12 guys plus 2 more right there.
    Also, the 2 bldgs to the west hold 22 more satanists. Eight of these are Americans in the CIA!

    And fat-face's buddy has been moved to here in Alexandria.

    Meanwhile, the golden Draco have been hammering at 300-460' below the Denver Airport.

    Cold, overcast here.

    (9:50pm) On Project Camelot last night i read about the Heather material. A whistleblower blabs about a very creepy super-soldier program (PDF file).
    Is it true? Hell, yes, feels like it to me, but the activities were moved a few months ago, possibly in response to Heather's indiscretions. (I don't think she even mentions the original location in there, but i haven't read it real closely.)
    The base is now here by the Delaware coast. I don't know what that squarish section is, some kind of marsh, maybe. The base is at 140-312' depth. 32 satanists, 5 Category 4 Scumbags, maybe 12 other people as well, in addition to 22 human victims.
    Anyway, the good Draco know about it now, and started to hit it right away when i found it a few minutes ago.
    If you read the PDF, you will understand why it would be good to put the victims out of their misery.

    (10:20am) The Draco didn't fool around. All are dead down there now.

    (12:35pm) More dramatic Change from Mr. Hope: US to build two new nuclear power stations.
    Yes, it took a real maverick to come up with this original plan:
    The president said the project would create "thousands of construction jobs over eight years and then hundreds of well-paid jobs" when the facilities become operational.

    He added that it was "only the beginning" of efforts to develop a new generation of safe and clean energy-efficient technologies, which would help fight climate change.

    The two new reactors will be built at an existing nuclear facility in Georgia.
    There's even a link to Mark Mardell's sagely thoughts on the matter.
    I had never noticed Mr. Mardell's existence before, but i know his opinions are worthy because
    he is a bleeding NSAtanist working for the BBC! One of only 3 NSAtanists working for them.

    On the right side of this latter page you see the mug shots of 6 BBC bloggers including Mardell right now. Two are Category 4 Scumbags, the rest all satanists. But the other 2 NSA people are not there. One is male, one is female.

    (1pm) Oh, man, the things on BBC today. Dubai Hamas killing suspects' passports 'faked'. Conveniently, they have mug shots of the 11 suspects, all of whom are satanists.
  • Mossad: Jon Graham, Michael Bodenheimer, Paul Keeley, Peter Elvinger, Melvin Mildiner
  • NSA: (Like Mossad, the NSA employs people of many nationalites.) Evan Dennings, Gail Foliard
  • MI2: James Clarke, Michael Barney, Kevin Daveron, Stephen Hodes

    Too much. An international effort, like 9/11.
    Highly trained professionals undone by ordinary security cameras and routine police action? That is intriguing. Can they be getting that stupid?

    The Hamas guy is a 12. Not a bustable scumbag. His vibe was super-choppy. I asked the Sakudas to help him if they felt he merited it. One is working on him.
    Wikipedia on Mahmoud. He did join the Muslim Brotherhood (a non-satanic group composed of about 40% Category 2-4 Scumbags and 60% of people i can't get anything on) in the '80s. That's the worst thing i can find on him.

    (4:05pm) Partly sunny, cold. Real and fake clouds.

    I noticed icicles that had grown up out of a couple of the short pipes on my gold-colored CB (cool pic).
    A similar phenomenon is alleged to occur in ice cube trays if you put fat orgone over your freezer.

    (6:50pm) Fat-face's contact guy has now moved here to a U base in Chantilly at 120-200' depth. 110 gov't satanists. I get sort of a quasi-CIA vibe, like they're not exactly CIA proper, nor a direct subsidiary, yet closely connected.
    Hmm, actually, i sense a tunnel to Langley at around 200' depth.

    Meanwhile, back in Belgium, our hit man and 3 of the other 11 people have moved to here, the house at 4 LohnerStr.
    The other 8 people have scattered into 6 directions.

    Feb. 17, 10: (7:20pm) Last night those 22 people, including the 8 CIAtanists, were still in the 2 bldgs i mentioned yesterday morning, and the other 4 including the hit man, were still in that last house.

    Now the CIA losers have been flown to a CIA complex here at the Eastover Shopping Center in Forest Heights, MD. Damn, i didn't get very close to there in my recent busting run. And they'll probably clear out real soon. The whole shopping center including all those bldgs along Oxon Run Dr. are actually CIA. In fact, our 8 guys (actually 1 is female) are in this bldg right now.
    And our Brussels hit man and his 3 companions are still together, but have moved to here.

    In other news, i get the impression that 1/2 million good ETs have come thru the Aden stargate. Vaguely, i get the impression that they are 7' humans with straight black hair, brown eyes, and fair skin called Rojohy (ro-JO-hee). But don't shoot me if that's off. I was surprised i could dowse a name at all, as lately i can't dowse names anymore, usually.

    Totally clear sky all day here.

    (7:40pm) About that Dubai assassination, i got the faces right but the names wrong (article). The people whose identities they ripped off all feel clean.
    Mysteries remain about this killing. For me, the chief one is, why does a satanic place like Dubai have clean cops?

    () OK, i made contact with the Rojohy. My wives and allies already were in touch with them for some time.

    I initiated telepathic contact and immediately, vast hordes of demons jumped me. The Rojohy seemed impressed at the way i nonchalantly terminated them in such a practiced way, using only a fraction of my attention.
    I humbly declared myself to be the most responsible person on Earth, and hence the one they want to talk to. I asked if they wanted my permission for anything. They wanted permission to kill evil people, and permission to bring in more allies. I granted both wishes.

    Feb. 18, '10: (3:55pm) Sunny, totally clear except for some chem to the north this morning, and faint haze elsewhere. T-shirt weather.

    Normally i drive a small Toyota pickup with a camper shell, but i hadn't been able to take it out this year yet, until today, due to snow, ice, etc. Almost didn't make it back up the muddy hill on the way back.

    I'd been needing to go to Marshall, the county seat (which has the county's only traffic light) to get a haircut and do laundry since late last year.
    Did the mother of all laundromat runs. I had laundry pre-dating my DC trip; like 2 months old. Not to mention dirty laundry i brought back from the trip, and weeks of additional laundry since. I was about out of fresh clothes.
    But before i loaded up the laundry, i put in Violet1 for her maiden voyage. Earthshaker is still in there.

    With the addition of Violet1, i now leave a trail 3X as intense as with Earthshaker alone. Did a little cruising around while the laundry was being done.
    Wish i had had Violet1 when i was in DC last month. Well, there's next year, if the world doesn't come to an end.

    The Rojohy brought in some interesting characters. For some time i have been corresponding with a friend (the guy who has the bio implants mentioned on the 1st, and who alerted me to Hoag's Galaxy back when). He's one of Tim Rifat's former victims that i cleaned up.
    He has been writing me of these celibate warrior-monks called the T'al [correction, Ta'l] and various individual ones like Neca'o. Well, the Rojohy brought 20 of them in. Physical humans with extraordinary powers.

    (4:30pm) Right after i posted that, i went outside and saw a few very wispy little chem-clouds and smears, and a trail being laid over my place. The trail didn't stick.

    A psychic friend wrote me yesterday
    As I was reading story this morning about the killing in Dubai, I kept getting the name (Phonetically) Hoo--Sahm--Ahd. I have no idea how it's really spelled, but this is how it sounded.
    I am calling this guy Husamad. I locked onto him with a bunch of orgone last night. There's definitely a satanist target there. But he is still totally cloaked as to location.

    (9:25pm) Now those 4 Belgian satanists have moved here.
    And, those 8 CIAtanists have moved here, into the back of 7301 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA.
    Like the vibes, guys? I did a bit of busting around there last month.

    Feb. 19, '10: (10:30am) Those guys are still in those places. Maybe they'll just give up and dig in, like the "sharp-dressed man" with his 3 other CIA pals in Ferry Pass, FL.

    No natural clouds this morning, just chem-clouds and sun.

    Weird news article: Israeli agent claims MI6 was tipped off. Well, well. MI2 was intimately involved in the killing, and MI5 worked hand-in-hand with Mossad on the passports. There are 6 satanists at MI5, 2 male and 4 female, who can tell you all about that.
    "Dubai police chief calls for arrest of Mossad head". I really like this guy. Wonder how long he'll keep his job.
    "David Miliband vows to 'get to the bottom' of affair", "Gordon Brown promises an inquiry into identity theft". I'm sure.
    "Hamas promises retaliation against Israel": why are there no Category 1-4 Scum in this pic? Must have purged some Mossad infiltrators.
    The big surprise is, Israeli ambassador Ron Prosor is not a satanist! Just Category 4 Scum.

    Feb. 21, '10: () Yesterday morning they sprayed heavily. Then real clouds covered it. Today got about an inch of rain. On top of the already-saturated ground. I'm glad we reversed the desertification of the Ozarks, but sometimes wish the pendulum hadn't swung so far the other way.

    The golden Draco seem to be hitting the underground chem depots. I thought of that yesterday while admiring the streaky sky. They have hit the 2 in the US that Archie found 5 years ago, as well as one in northern NZ i found yesterday, and will be nailing one in southeast(?) France i also found. There are more i'll find. I'm not even bothering to look them up on the map, as i can direct the Draco to them with the energy i hit the spots with.

    I am hoping for some physical confirmation that i'm not making this stuff up about these Draco.
    I feel those various nations' ship are still in that area north and slightly west of the stargate, which baffles me.
    We'll see whether this has an effect on the spraying.

    I was thinking today (something i occasionally try to do)... there must be an administrative complex running the super soldiers like O'Finioan, Corsi, McCollum, that decides when to try to activate them for a mission. Could i find it?
    Yeah. Above-ground, even. Right here in the heart of Fargo, ND. That long bldg running north-south. They seem to have the southern 60% or so of the bldg, floors 1-3. Twenty-two very creepy gov't satanists.

    (5:40pm) A new FREE crystal program: Archangel Michael:
    In the past i have been down on people who program Archangels into things, as these crystals were very DORy because (i thought) the biblical archangels were archons. I was half right; they are angels who were possessed by archons. When i thought i was jailing and killing the archons that they were, i actually freed up the archangels.
    Michael is traditionally a demon-fighter, so this is a useful program.
    It requires a quartz crystal point about the size of a man's last pinkie joint.
    Or better yet, a standard bismuth disk. Unfortunately these are hard to find unless you buy a bunch (eBay link). If you do buy a bunch you can send me any excess ;-)
    I see Mythnlynx was carrying them, presumably in small quantities, but he's sold out. Incidentally, old RevTed is one of several vendors who have the corrupting touch (see OTB 17) so be sure to clear any products from him before using. The way to do this is at the bottom of OTB 17. Or have The Committee clear them. The Committee will also automatically clear any substances before programming.
    This is a 1-part pgm, but any person can only use 1 copy at a time.

    (6:50pm) Another weird news item: Accused Christmas Bomber Listened to Music, Slept.
    The guy who sat next to him reports that Abdulmutallab seemed unaware of what he was doing. Mind control is not directly hinted at.
    What makes the story weird is that Jay Howard, the student that sat next to him, is an NSAtanist! I swear. Really.
    This was basically a CIA/Mossad op, but now the NSA has their guy sitting next to old Umar...
    What is their motive in putting out this info about his behavior? More disclose? They did similar things over 9/11, remember.

    Feb. 22, '10: (8:20am) Cold, grey. Later i will post more info about the Michael pgm.

    My Indian friend who has been a big help has 2 lawyers trying to rip him off:
    H. Sreenivasa Rao of Hyderabad; Advocate and satanist.
    Kalidas Sivaram of Ongole, Advocate and Category 2 Scumbag.

    (10:30) Wow, there has been a shift since yesterday.
    A few weeks ago i received the info that at total of 73% of this planet's human population would be culled (not physically but spiritually) leaving only the 27% least parasitic ones.
    Also that a lot of parasitic people i couldn't jail before, would become jailable as the planetary energies became more positive. These people would become so out-of-synch that they couldn't hang on.
    Well, just now i jailed a bunch of people i couldn't touch even yesterday when i tried! Overnight, they had become Category 2-4 Scum, and thus jailable.

    (12:10pm) Oh, yeah, i almost forgot. Last night as i was trying to get to sleep, a very DORy plane flew over. I knew something was up, but didn't feel like messing with it then, so i had my allies and tools track and blast all connections. I could tell it was an inadvertent, rather than deliberate, disclosure in this case.

    The plane took off from the Oakley, KS airport, and the passengers were 20 US gov't satanists from a nearby U base right here at 100-300' depth, still containing 130 satanists (so many uncharacteristically round numbers!) and a transmitter at 111'.
    It's destination was in Taft, FL, a suburb of Orlando, at 112-300' depth. I can't find a center, as it is sprawled and there are (in addition to 302 satanists) 3 transmitters. But the transmitters are not centered here. There are 3 tunnels coming from the base leading to the transmitters.
  • One here at 111'.
  • One here at 111'.
  • And one here at 111'.

    Also, i feel another 72 (at least!) tunnels heading out from the Taft location. These may have been made by ETs long ago. Probably only a few are in gov't use.

    Also connected with all this (in fact by tunnel) is a base under East Lake Tohopekaliga at 111' below bottom, with 121 satanists and 6 advanced craft.
    Most bizarre, the other used tunnel goes all the way to, er, um, this spot in frickin' Havana, Cuba! Right next to where it says Residencial Via Tunel! Hmmmm...
    Depth 115-202'. Nobody down there now, but there are 3 more of these craft, and a tunnel for them to the bay. I think they are operational and US property, and the Cubans don't have anything to do with it. They are made in USA. In fact, the factory is just east of the 3rd transmitter, at this spot. Depth 120-200', 120 satanists, 300 Categ. 2-4 Scumbags, 91 other people.

    Another tunnel from Taft leads to a base here under Big Pine Key, FL. Depth 111-300'. 110 satanists, 2 of these craft; another that usually docks here is aloft.

    Nearby, another base here at 211-300' below sea floor. 100 satanists, 3 craft.
    Another one here nearby. 170-300' below bottom. 204 satanists, 61 of these craft!
    Also nearby, (all these are interconnected by tunnels) is this one at 111-300' depth. 100 satanists, 9 craft.
    And this one at 111-200' below bottom. 100 satanists, 610 craft!!!
    And further east up the key chain, here at 223-300' below bottom, 200 satanists, 210 craft.
    Another here south of Big Pine Key, 211-400' deep, 300 satanists, 60 craft.

    Anyway, the golden Draco will take care of all this. I just thought it was interesting.

    Feb. 23, '10: (7:05pm) This pic was taken from work on the 19th. Trail over chem-cloud. But today was extremely chemmy, too, mostly whited out. Feels like the Draco have blitzed 6 chem depots on Earth, and i don't detect more underground, but i can't say the NSA is rationing the stuff yet.

    All those FL spots (and Cuba) i mentioned yesterday feel amazingly clean now.

    Earthshaker2 was finished on the night of the 20th, in terms of pouring, but it has gallons of rox in it that required more programming. And the programming really irritated the demons as usual and they let me know.
    Should begin her maiden voyage tomorrow.

    I have come out with some new TBs on my product page, and soon should have some more sophisticated devices incorporating the Violet Flame program.

    Feb. 24, '10: (9:25pm) Clear today except for some wispy little chem remnants in the morning. I found 3 more chem factories (where they assemble it from ingredients), but these did not have much on-site storage. One is in NM, 1 is in Scotland, 1 is in Australia. They have been hit now... in fact the AU one is still being worked on now.

    Also, with a new 5D ally named Durkistan, i found 5 more U bases of those chopper-loving ETs around the west, which are being wiped out.

    Earthshaker2 is enroute to Tucson. It is huge. It feels like it's in Little Rock for the night.
    I didn't really notice any demonic attacks to speak of until 2:15pm, and they hit me off and on for a while. Made my eyes sting a few times. But i have these Violet Flame wands that take a toll. The demons quit again for now.

    I just updated OTB 27d with an important update about the Violet Flame mix, as well as more info on the Archangel Michael pgm.

    (11:30pm) ES2 is in North Little Rock for sure.

    Just had the wildest astral [correction: make that "remote" as no enemy astral bodies were involved] attack. I got hit with this palpable death-intent from a female Russian in the Langley, VA area working for the CIA. No soul, but awesome psychic attack power.
    She was really tough. I enjoyed the sporting, overt quality of the attack. I didn't call in my allies, just my tools. Finally overpowered her, and 8 more jumped me! But these were weaker. Then, 9 Russian men jumped me! I beat them all down except for one, and he turned out to be incredibly powerful. Took many minutes of focused intent to stare him down.
    I do not know if they are crippled now or will bounce back even stronger in a while. That could get annoying.

    Meanwhile, i had my allies and tools chase up connections and locations.

    Here is where the attackers are. As well as 4 CIAtanists. The focal point is at that pyramid peak, which must be over a power spot.

    Here is where they received their most recent training, under Andrews AFB just east of DC. This underground spot has 202 satanists, 100 of whom are Russian, doing more training. It has an amazingly nasty vibe.

    To be continued...

    (11:40pm) Here is where these people resided prior to that. Man, is it DORy. Not in Russia as i expected, but Hokkaido, Japan. 301-400' down. US Air Force base. 311 Air Forcatanists, 200 Russian satanists, 101 Japanesatanists. The latter 2 groups are training to be DOR-emitting psi weapons.

    Feb. 25, '10: (7:30am) Well, that mess feels cleaned up. Only one really odd thing: they moved all the people who were in that VA house into a U base, knowing full well what would then be the fate of this base. It's little things like that that make me wonder about my dowsing. Why would the CIA be so stupid? Why would they want that base destroyed and those people killed? They didn't even bother to attempt any cloaking.
    Anyway, here it is in Rhode Island, just east of Providence. Depth 111-200'. 121 CIAtanists. 23 Russians. Now being wiped.

    (5:55pm) Well, good to get rid of that scene. Them Russkies made demons look real wimpy. They fought bare-handedly and courageously. They were truly impressive worthy opponents. But i didn't want more of that action. Without all my toys, i would have been sunk. It's a good thing they didn't hit me with this 5 years ago. Recent innovation, i guess.

    It was clear this morning early, except for 1 little marker segment.
    But when i looked out mid-morning, it was half whited-out with chemclouds. Seems like it was about 60-80% whited out the rest of the day.
    In other words, still no signs of chem-rationing.

    Feels like Earthshaker2 made it to Ft. Worth. I haven't looked up the tracking #. Hope it stays there overnight.

    (6:05pm) Trying to determine where the chem came from that the NSA is spraying overhead. I came up with this DORy spot, but there is nothing shown in the center where the energy is. I presume a metal bldg has been erected there, because i feel nothing underground. Also i seem to feel metal walls being programmed now.
    Those visible bldgs have 31 satanists living there, all working not for the NSA, but the other, ad-hoc, agency i became aware of last year after NOAA got out of the spraying business.

    (7:50pm) Stumbled across another very nasty feeling Category 1 Scumbag newager: Jim McElwee. If you are at all sensitive to this stuff, you will note that the vibe of that page is the opposite of Christ Consciousness.
    This one feels real nasty, too.
    Jim's Physical Address: 178 Glade Dr. Long Pond, PA 18334.

    (8:10pm) Forgot to mention, they also laid down a bunch of trails this afternoon, and are still at it well after dark.
    I was in Marshall and saw a trail across the whole sky, with a parallel blue line most of that distance. I didn't have a camera, and the lighting was all wrong, anyway.

    We found 5 more above-ground storage depots in the US (TX, IN, CO, NV, NM) which my allies are hitting. The golden Draco don't mess with above-ground targets, but the Rojohy have no such inhibitions. They are hitting these targets from ships with some kind of strong energy, but what that will do i don't know.

    The Rojohy have now brought through a bunch of animals that are really highly sentient warriors: 1500 big black horses, 500 donkeys, 500 pigs, 500 sheep(!), 500 goats, 500 rabbits, 500 mice. I think 1 more group of 500 will come thru soon: box turtles!
    OK, sounds laughable, but i know a few of you out there are psychic enough to connect with these critters.

    Feb. 26, '10: (11:25am) Those turtles were real hard to get through last night, and once they did, i noticed they had a particularly strong vibe; somehow they seemed very dense and heavy.

    Only this morning did i realize they are not quite like the little whipper-snappers running around the Ozarks; these are around 4' long.

    I am confused by this animal stuff. As far as i can tell, all these critters are physical. Why would they need 4' physical turtles in modern warfare?
    Maybe things will start to make sense in the future.

    More extreme white-out this morning. Maybe a bit of real cover mixed in in spots.

    I just uploaded my products page with some powerful new protective square units.

    (11:35am) Felt like Earthshaker2 was in Ft. Worth for 2 hours+ before it continued on its voyage. Then this morning it was in Van Horn in far west TX for 1 hour+. Now it seems to be getting close to El Paso.
    The unit is roughly 11X12X6" if i recall correctly, and weighs 65 pounds! (pic 1, pic 2).
    I will have more info on what it does and what's in it when i find time to type it up.

    Feb. 27, '10: (7:25pm) Clear sky today, pretty much.

    Earthshaker seems to be in Deming, NM for the weekend. And Roswell is cooking. If you are sensitive, zoom out and check out the vibes at Roswell, Artesia, and Carlsbad.
    After you check the vibes at Deming. Put your pointer on the spot and feel through the touchpad or mouse.

      *   *   *   *
    On another subject, a few days ago i mentioned Andrews AFB. I meant to get back to that subject. That particular base is particularly nasty. I first became aware of an Air Force problem here in Feb, '07. I wrote 2/6/7:
    So i got to wondering, are there certain bigger areas with high concentrations of darksiders? My interest is more than academic, as i have a heap of mudballs Al would like me to deploy effectively. So i scanned the map a bit. So far, it seems the hottest area is, surprise, around Defense Heights/Landover on the NE side of DC.
    And on 2/11/7:
    Today i drove out to the Bladensburg, Cheverly, Landover, Defense Heights area in MD that i mentioned on 2/6/7. I had assumed that this suburb of DC was inhabited by well-to-do darkside brass, but once i got there, i realized i should have dowsed more. It was a lower-middle class area (some middle-class) of almost all blacks. A few hispanics and whites. But definitely about 90% of them were darkside. Air Force is my impression.
    These guys work at nearby Andrews.
    When i visited last month with Earthshaker, i drove down the road that passes on the west side of the base, but then my guides, instead of having me do the whole perimeter, had me go on to other hot spots.
    I wanted to go back, because their is an outrageously high %age of satanists working there, and the place has a wicked vibe. But then the Rockville thing came up and i addressed that instead.

    (9:05) I've been working on a few pages about Earthshaker2 here. This is still kind of a draft, and i have not yet started on the Instructions page that i link to. The Building page has a lot of jpegs.

    Feb. 28, '10 (5:40pm) Heavy sprayday today. I looked for more above-ground depots, and found 6 spots, but the map shows no structures at any of these, and furthermore i am unable to dowse whether the places are below ground or above. Definitely feel clean below, and besides the golden Draco would be hitting them if below, but they aren't. I will give the URLs here in case any enterprising technicians are able to stir anything up or divine what they are really. You'll have to copy and paste.
    They are in the centers of the maps at,+ga&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=35.136115,78.134766&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Savannah,+Chatham,+Georgia&ll=32.141643,-80.881511&spn=0.001147,0.002384&t=h&z=19,+il&sll=38.089158,-89.937054&sspn=0.004264,0.009538&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Evansville,+Randolph,+Illinois&ll=38.091556,-89.936764&spn=0.008528,0.019076&t=h&z=16,+ok&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=35.136115,78.134766&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Durant,+Bryan,+Oklahoma&ll=34.104938,-96.243067&spn=0.002243,0.004769&t=h&z=18,+tx&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=35.136115,78.134766&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Corpus+Christi,+Nueces,+Texas&ll=27.690637,-97.1573&spn=0.001199,0.002384&t=h&z=19
    (this spot is on the beach, underwater),+mi&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=35.136115,78.134766&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Battle+Creek,+Calhoun,+Michigan&ll=42.381729,-85.068501&spn=0.004002,0.009538&t=h&z=17

    I don't know what's at these spots, or if it is even chem-related. If nothing resolves in a few days, i will have to put them on my Who Izzit page.

    Earthshaker2 has been standing on one end in the warehouse in Deming, hence is only working ~80% as well as it should. In fact, it was riding sitting on 1 side all the way from Ft. Worth to Van Horn.