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Loohan's blog for January, 2011
Jan. 1, '11: (6:25pm) Bad chem yesterday and today.

There is some sort of big ET machine with a mean vibe here at 222-236' depth. My monkeywrenchers are working on it.

(7pm) Found some extremely bad energy here in Chicago. It seems to be emanating from 2 females behind the center window. I do not know what they are doing there on a late New Year's afternoon. It is the Mary Lyon Public School.

(7:50pm) Very odd. In this bldg i feel 4 more satanists connected to those 2 at the school, who have left. More accurately, 1 of the school women is also 1 of the 4 now in this bldg. What is the bldg? Stone City.

(8pm) Digging further into the upline, i took care of 2 U bases, then found this spot. On the 3rd floor are 2 male satanists of interest. And whose bldg is this? PriceWaterhouseCoopers, a bunch of satanists. Then a U base in PA.

(8:15pm) Speaking of weird-feeling ET tech, if you go to the site of the Department of the Navy you should see a slide show that starts with this pic of sailors on a ship. The ship has quite a vibe; i suspect it has exotic engines, 4 of them.

(10:10pm) There's an interview up at Project Avalon, today's entry, that is intriguing. I guess. I got 45 minutes into a 2-hour video without hearing much of substance. Maybe i'll read the transcript when it comes out. The guy's got a Cockney accent that i often find a bit unintelligible.
But what is interesting is that in the blog entry says
'Charles' has explained that the extraterrestrial race who initiated this project are letting everything unfold with a philosophy of non-interference.
When i read that, i nailed this race of ETs. They are here, the galaxy on the right, and they have a good vibe. Probably humans. I think they are called Lold. [Update 2014: the good vibe was fake veneer. I think the Lold might be extinct now.]

Jan. 2, '11: (12:10am) Now those 2 women who were in that school in Chicago started hitting me from inside this garage. They live in the house behind it. Maybe they keep their witchy paraphernalia in the garage.
Also 3 other women live in the house who have a gov't satanist vibe, and i think Wiccan, too. They are on the house now, but not attacking me. A couple of them are sleeping.
I'm not getting a heavy lesbo vibe here...

(12:50pm) I suspect those first 2 i found are schoolteachers. One of them lives in that house. The other i think lives here, again with another gov't satanist woman. Again, i am not picking up on a lesbian vibe nor any men they are involved with.

It would be logical to assume that the schoolteachers may be in the business of MPDing kids, but i am not picking up on that, either.
I am curious what they were doing in that school on a holiday, that created so much bad energy.

Digging around further for their upline, i found this house in DC which has a satanist couple. A couple miles SW we find this house with 3 male satanists who might be gay.
And not far from there is this house with 1 male satanist.
And then i found 1 female satanist whose vibe is all around here. She might work in a 2nd floor office under the green arrow. The Howard Hughes Medical Institute itself does not seem evil. I did notice 2 satanists on the Science Education Advisory Board, but they are not part of the trail i'm following.
Which trail seems to have dried out about now.

(6:30pm) Finding bunches of underground nests of physical grays in Guam and surrounding waters.
Physical grays seem to particularly dislike the Artemisia Tridentata 2.14X program for crystals, free for the asking from The Committee. Any size crystal, as many as you want. Good for map blasting to get them to show up so that the allies can waste them.

(9:20pm) Unbelievable. We've cleaned up a lot, but there seems to be no end of little U bases all around there, some with grays and some with US military satanists.

Jan. 3, '11: (5:45pm) Clear today except for a few trail segments.

Busted NE DC today. I wanted to nail the residences of those 4 Fun guys i mentioned last month.
But first, i spent a couple hours busting the general area. There were hospitals, schools, and a big old cemetery, but i focused mostly on the many vile religious institutions, around there; huge granite Masonic structures. Especially the Catholic University of America which i busted the crap out of. Nasty place.
Then i visited Ted's place. I made a mistake in the link i gave Dec. 26 for the residence of Ted and his loverboy. They are actually in the next bldg to the left (that shares a common wall). Also that was from the back alley. The front view of their place is here, 654 Franklin Ave. NE. Somebody else has the top apt.
Among other things, i parked my bustmobile smack in front of their house for 15-20 minutes as i stretched my legs.

Then i drove a couple miles north to do up the residence of the long-haired one. Couldn't park there, but i cruised the neighborhood a bunch.
Then i drove a ways west to do the residence of the dark-haired one. He has the top apt. Some cardiologist has the downstairs. Here again, i parked right in front for a while.
I had the impression that all of these guys were at home when i busted their places.

Then i cruised downtown DC a bit and went home.

(9:15pm) And now the Mutual Funsters, including our 4 boys, 5 other males, and 6 females, are partying down at a fun gig at some satanists' house here in Arlington.

(9:20pm) Mayhap i'll bust those people whenever i do Ivanwald which is just a few blocks away. Just so they learn of the extras they are entitled to for hiring such scum.

Jan. 4, '11: (10:10am) I had the impression that the party didn't go that well thanks to our meddling.
I woke up around 2:30 am and noticed that Ted and his lover had apparently caught a chopper to Richmond, and were with Leslie Sivert, their direct senior. I started messing with them and they started hitting me. But weren't that tough. The other 2 guys also hit me a bit.
I think they are all back home again now.

Jessica Schab also performed another of her wimpy attacks.

Sky here largely whited-out this morning.

(11am) Now for something incomprehensible and bizarre: the Festival of Enlightenment slated for mid-June near Denver.
All these lovely people have the same weird cult vibe. None have souls. Some are satanists. It may be an op under the auspices of the DIA.

None of these names were familiar to me, but at least some have websites or Wikipedia entries. Mordok and i get the impression that Jack Canfield is a shape-shifter. Geldorf is a satanist.

I found out about this from this article by Al Webre, the CIA satanist. Evidently Aaron McCollum took his concerns to this CIA guy, who now can only profit by positioning himself better by publicizing this info which will only get out anyway.

Some weird things about this:
  • None of the people involved are that famous; at least they don't seem familiar to me. But there are an awful lot of them.
  • Obvious cult vibe, and clumsy attempt to recruit someone of integrity (Aaron).
    (I have only watched the first 5 minutes of the vid because i can't stomach Webre, and besides i think i have the gist of the situation).
  • Dubious outfit ostensibly behind it: RichterScale. Lookit the culty satanists and their sexually abused MPD kids.
  • There were 5 obvious, uncloaked U bases connected with this op that i took care of.
  • They have this totally dubious and elaborate event scheduled so far in advance that we have almost 6 months to get the word out. Only complete ninnies will attend, if it even happens at all.
  • Our allies will shoot down any enemy ET craft that comes near Earth. So these people will have to use Earthling "ETs" and Earth-built craft if they want to have a chance to pull this off.
  • And if they do pull it off (most unlikely) they will mainly be bagging soulless twits of no value to anyone, anyway. So what is the point? They are not even very useful for ritual murder purposes.

    (11:20am) Just found a U base here in Evergreen. 21 gov't satanists being taken care of, duh.
    And another a couple miles east. 21 more.

    (11:35am) Mordok just de-cloaked 6 more of their U bases.

    (12:05pm) Note that there is some weird black magic energy coming off the websites of the Festival and Richter Scale. Mordok and i have been working on it. I am covering their servers with my grid-blasters. But we have not eliminated the source yet. So be wary.

    (4:20pm) A while ago i was briefly attacked by the senior to Leslie Sivert, who is the Adriana Rivero listed as the "VIP Customer Care" contact listed here on the website of the Tucson office of Million Air.

    (4:45pm) Satanist depressed; commits suicide. The start of a new trend, i hope. Be depressed. Be very, very depressed.

    (7pm) Adriana Rivero is at it again, slightly tougher. I think she's behind the green arrow here. Looks like google maps has a new 3D look. Might take a few seconds to kick in after the page first opens.

    (7:15pm) Her weakest spot may be her physical heart. Not that she has a non-physical heart.

    (8:20pm) Now i'm being mildly attacked by a male at the Million Air Burbank location, but he doesn't seem mentioned on their site. How clever. We are obviously dealing with cunning adversaries.

    One interesting thing, as you can see, the Burbank office is right at the Bob Hope Int'l Airport which, if you recall is the same airport that was being used to fly in tons of meth from Cabot, AR, as i reported back in April 2007. At that time i published this pic showing the airport and what was the distribution house at the time.
    That meth was made in the evil town of Cabot, AR by CIA and flown to Burbank by USAF jets. Now the CIA has their own proprietary airline at that same airport; probably just a coincidence...

    Now we are dealing with the Central Intelligence Agency here, and surely they would not be so incredibly stupid as to use this airline to again move drugs to an airport that had been outed as a CIA meth receiver. Would they, now?
    Or if they were, surely they would not be so stooooopid as to out themselves to the very person who exposed their meth ops years ago by having employees of a drug-dealer airline attack him, knowing that he normally traces the locations of attacks. And who might remember about Bob Hope Airport and start looking around for the usual CIA activities.
    No. I refuse to believe that anyone could be that stupid. Unless maybe they were all stoked on coke, etc. of course.

    But if they were that stupid, then they would probably also be stupid enough to bring the drugs in via another Million Air location.
    Like say, perhaps, their Lake Charles, LA location. I don't suppose they would do anything painfully obvious such as brew up meth in some warehouse bldg in Moss Bluff.
    Nah! The 14 CIAtanists employed at that bldg are probably just shuffling papers, i imagine.
    And the general manager of that Million Air location, Bobby Moore, is, i'm sure, clean as a whistle when it comes to drug dealing.

    Nor would they have a lab near their Gulfport/Biloxi location. Surely they would not have a U facility here with 41 CIAtanists making meth at 40' depth. That would be madness, especially if they are also in the business of attacking Cmdr Loohan who has exotic friends who fry U bases.

    Also they have another Million Air location at Hawthorne, CA, in the L.A. basin. I am certain that they would never dream of bringing in some of the meth to there.

    (8:45pm) Now, if you happen to be wanting to score some serious quantities of meth, heroin, or even maryJ, do not bother knocking on this door. Because the 5 good Christians in there do not, repeat do not, work for the CIA, and do not deal drugs. And don't tell them i sent you.

    Another place to steer clear of is here. Cul-de-sac, you know, and the 5 nice people there who are not satanists or CIA dope dealers with plenty of meth, coke, and heroin on hand, would prefer not to have a bunch of scruffy characters coming and going all day. What would the neighbors think?

    (9pm) Of course, if the CIA were so unfathomably retarded, surely they would take the relevation with good humor and would not attack me like 3 USAF nerds are from this bldg at Boling AFB.
    Makes sense. The AF isn't as bright as the CIA, or they would know that Cmdr Loohan
  • is liable to make a point of busting them since he's right nearby
  • might start examining the AF's rectum with a microscope for contraband.

    (9:10pm) Especially they would not behave in so foolhardy a manner if they were brazenly involved in pouring coke, crack, meth, and heroin into the black community via 5 dirty male students at this high school nearby.

    (9:15pm) Let alone if they were pouring narcotics into Tyler Elementary School via 2 male adults. These might be janitors or maintenance guys or something.

    (9:45pm) Down in Homestead, FL conveniently near Homestead AFB is The Boardwalk RV Resort for those who seek recreational, uh, experiences, man. 2 USAF satanists are there that can pack your RV discreetly with enough coke to make the trip down worthwhile.
    To place your order in advance, just contact the nice lady here.

    (10:20pm) Now those guys at Boling are plotting to send assassins after me. The stupidity floors me. Everything these guys do is back-asswards and self-sabotaging, then they get blood lust like barbarians when they make a mess of everything.
    Dewds, it's been tried before. You made the mess; kill yourselves.
    You guys are even stupider than you are criminal.

    Jan. 5, '11: (10am) Somehow, i'm still alive.
    I have to admit i'm not that bright either: how many times did they have to hit me over the head before i went "Uh, lessee, CIA + airline = dope"? They couldn't get me to get it after hitting me several times from the Richmond location, so then they hit me from Tucson, a notorious historical distribution point for products from south of the border. I still couldn't take the hint, so they had to resort to hitting me from Burbank before the light bulb went off in my head.
    One has to deduce from their behavior that they wanted me to out Million Air as the drug conveyors they are.

    Is The New Madrid Fault Earthquake Zone Coming To Life? Funny they should ask. Lately i have been noticing that the map feels real sticky along the fault zone, which is also attracting some demons.

    The sky mostly cleared up yesterday, but this morning is largely sylph-feathered whiteout.

    (10:40am) Could use a hand with NGC 5127 which is where the reptilians are that have been backing the Nigerian sorcerors. Now they are hitting me directly.

    (4pm) Thanks for getting that distraction off me while i tackled the meanies at Bolling AFB.

    They were monitoring me the whole time, and a couple guys took turns psi-attacking me.

    But before i go on, i should mention that last night i found lots of both repts and humans from Abell 2218 and had them offed.
    There were dozens living on the surface in Cabot, AR. There were loads under the surface around Bolling, Homestead, etc. but also dozens on the surface, in positions of rank. And more pockets of them on the surface in various other locations.

    OK, so late morning i head east to visit Bolling. As i am going down the beltway in moderate traffic, i hear the wop-wop-wop of a chopper. It seems to be above or just behind me, but i can't see it through the metal roof. Sounds close. After a half-mile or more of this, it pulls ahead and shows itself right above and in front of me, then gradually veers away and leaves. Dark Blue, shiny.
    The funny thing is that chopper never had a pilot nor a vibe. It was a hologramic drone with sound effects. I could feel the vibration from the "blades". The chopper was generated by a machine here at 220' depth, which still has a freaky vibe, though i think it's damaged now.

    This white-roofed bldg is where the psi-attackers hang out. There is some Montauk-like machinery in there, probably disabled.

    I drove around the area as best i could, and was also guided to spend much time in eastern Alexandria (map).
    This whole area had a bunch more Abell 2218 ETs in numerous little bases that i de-cloaked by busting the area.

    (8:20pm) You've probably been reading about the fish and bird kills around the world recently.
    It is possible that these were caused by a bunch of Russian transmitters around the world that were focused on the New Madrid fault. Mordok noticed these. They were not DORy. They are being taken out. There may be more.
    The Russians are working with the NWO black ops boys.

    (10:20pm) Celebrity news: Oprah Winfrey is now in the midst of a satanic ritual with 8 other people here.
    Also present are a cat, a young girl, and 2 boys, none of whom are having a good time at all.

    Jan. 6, '11: (11am) The cat is out of its misery now, but the kids are physically alive. The kids all had souls, which once again indicates that the illuminati can tell they have souls, even though the illuminati no longer do. And indicates that only ensouled victims are desired for rituals.
    Last night i got permission to "liberate" the souls of the cat and kids, though, who are in therapy for their trauma. Once one does this, the energy of the ritual fizzles.

    Thorp told me that evil White Draco were on Earth, and i found 33,333 of them here. These are being taken out now.
    They come from NGC 1275. The Artemisia Tridentata 2.14X free program for crystals works well to weaken them.

    (11:20am) On Oct. 16, 2009 i wrote
    Then another new guy wrote me, from Chicago. I found him under attack by some kind of unidentifiable 4D fauna from NGC 1275. Not only the central galaxy in that pic, but also the one at 4:00 position has these beings.
    This is the same bunch of dracs, and they still have a presence in that 4:00 galaxy, too.
    And on June 24 of last year i wrote that it appears that the top hive of an evil bunch of Sasquatch is in NGC 1275. They are still there, too, and are allies of the evil Draco.

    (11:35am) 4D! (Slapping self in head.) These Draco are jailable! For seem reason i assumed they would be physical.
    The Red Draco usually don't bother with the non-physical enemies, but sometimes they do, like the ocean base here.

    (6:10pm) Unlike with most demonic species, i can't jail them all at once.

    Here's a satanist Mossad website: Middle East Forum. Your tax dollars at work.

    (9:45pm) I was just reading some of this article on the Black Pope. It says some of the same stuff i've been saying that i learned from dowsing:
    The Jesuit General is in complete control of the international intelligence community: that\92s the CIA, the FBI, the KGB, the Israeli Mossad, the German BND, the British SIS. The Jesuit General is in COMPLETE CONTROL of the entire intelligence apparatus\97FBI, every bureaucratic agency in this country, all of it; he is in complete control of it...

    So, Rome controls the Israeli government. It controls the Israeli government through the Mossad...

    The Zionists\97the Jesuits are the Great Zionists. They control all of the historical High Zionists\97Theodor Herzl, David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir. Zionism is a Masonic term, coined by the Jesuits. They are the rulers; they are the Protocols; they are the Elders of Zion. So the Zionists are, indeed, evil and wicked; but they are controlled by Rome. The Jews are not all Zionists.
    I do not know why Lincoln (a satanist) supposedly bucked the Vatican.
    And he says Jefferson was high Freemason. Maybe that's true, but i don't think he was a satanist.

    He also says the Nation of Islam is under Jesuit control, whereas i strongly feel the satanist Chinese behind him [Farakhan]. But i also feel Jesuit influence over these Chinese. And sure enough, further down Phelps says:
    Cartha DeLoach went on to retire. He went on to work for a huge industry corporation called PepsiCo, which the Knights of Malta control, and which have branches in Communist China, which they set up. And he still lives.
    One interesting tidbit:
    Castro was trained by Jesuits\97what\92s the purpose of Cuba under Castro?

    It\92s purpose is as a landing base for foreign invasion. They have hundreds of vehicles, underground, in underground caves there, ready for a massive invasion to the East Coast, primarily the South. Because the last of the Protestants in this country are in the South.
    Like, this base at 320'. And this one at 320'. And this one at 332'. Another at 230'. Another at 300'.
    Fidel does not have a satanic vibe, but then neither does he have a soul. Same with his brother.

    Some things Phelps apparently doesn't know:
  • Martin Luther was a satanist.
  • Ditto John Birch, Stang, the John Birch Society: Jesuit-controlled satanists. Yet, also exposing the Jesuits...

    (9:50pm) A couple interesting links: the Church of Jesu, map showing positions of Church of Jesu (where the A drop is) and the Vatican.

    Jan. 7, '11: (8:50am) Due to an accidentally omitted quotation mark in the code, the list of U bases last night did not display properly. I just fixed it.
    The 230' base was actually a USN base with ~450 USN satanists as well as vehicles.

    (9:40am) SS visits chiropractor who "would like to fight Obama".

    (5:35pm) Bad chem day here.
    But no visits from the SS yet.

    A reader drew my attention to another dirty orgone vendor, Sacred Soils. These objects convert good energy to bad more than the other way around. There are 2 male satanists involved in this. One of them is Adge depicted here.

    (5:45pm) Incidentally, i keep finding more and more of those transmitters that may be responsible for all the bird and fish kills lately. However, i think we got most of them.

    (8:40pm) I just realized something good is going on on the Moon! Good energy. Landing by a ship with 4K humans from M51.

    (9:40pm) In '09 i mentioned some evil Draco on Hoag's Object, and said they had been taken care of. Wrongo! There are still evil 7' physical Draco there that have been doing abductions, implanting, black magic.

    Jan. 8, '11: (10:50am) Got a bit of snow here lst night.

    A good Jesse Ventura video about the Gulf oil spill. There is even an appearance by CIAtanist Al Webre, telling us that Obama is a CIA asset, and other truths. But i got a feeling that Webre knows something he is not telling. Something that even David Vitter (see blog for July 1, 2010) doesn't know about. Another reason that no-one has mentioned for depopulating the Gulf Coast. But i didn't know what it was.

    I did have some leads i felt, though. The first place i was led to is here in rural NH, where there was a U base at 210' with 320 gov't satanists.
    I couldn't figure anything else out about the base, so i called in the Red Draco.
    Next, a U base here in SD at 210' with 122 satanists.
    Next this warehouse bldg in MS with a bunch of trucks. 10 satanists of this same agency work there. 4 miles west of that is this pond, under which was a base at ~200' depth, with 122 satanists. Something from this base was being transported to the truck bldg. I think the boss at the truck bldg lives here, and the other 9 guys live here.

    Next i was guided to this house in rural TN where 2 satanist males live who are connected to this nearby U base that had 21 more of them in it. And 3 soulless slave children.

    That's as much as i have been able to find so far. I still don't know what is in the truck bldg or where it goes. Or what all this has to do with the Gulf Coast.

    (11:15am) Ivory Coast: Freemasons Key to Imperialist Control .

    (2:50pm) Bad chem-clouds here.

    I'm going to fish around more about this Gulf Coast stuff.
    The house in TN i mentioned has 2 CIA guys in it, who seem to have something to do with a martial law scenario. But what?
    And they are also connected to a nearby U base here that had 23 more CIAtanists. And another here with 35 more, plus 2 child slaves. These boys are ensouled but give permission to kill.
    And another one here in AR with 22 CIAtanists, 4 grays, 6 Abell 2218 repts, 2 slave children. The latter are ensouled but give permission to kill.
    And a couple more such bases.

    (3:50pm) I think i got it; the thing Webre is keeping close to his chest:
    A huge UN military base complex is planned here, preparatory to world gov't. I think they want this area just for military, concentration camps, etc. and NWO industry. This is to simplify control of Americans by the UN military.
    The 2 top guys with this vision thing seem to be located here on the 2nd floor of this DC bldg. Can anyone figure out what kind of bldg this is? Not that it matters. I think they just rented space here. There are 2 male CIAtanists here. I don't think anyone in the US military even knows about this yet, as they will not be dealt in, but later maybe co-opted into the UN military.

    However my vision of the future clashes with this Nazi scenario. How about you? Are you gonna write Janet Napolitano about these suspicious goings-on?

    (6:50pm) The latest CIA hijinks: Jared Loughner, the 22-year-old man who shot Congresswoman Giffords and those other people, is an MKultra victim. I started searching for perps. First, i found a CIA U base here at 121-210' depth with 5 satanists.
    Then one here with 24 of them at 121'.
    Here, 111-134', 4 CIAtanists.
    Big one here, 230-312', 211 CIAtanists, 2 grays, 2 Abell 2218 repts, 4 slave children, one of whom has a soul and gives kill permission.

    (8:05pm) Mordok and i feel that the Federal Judge John Roll (a solid soul despite being a Bush appointee) was the real target. I checked Wikipedia which says:
    In 2009, Judge Roll faced death threats after presiding over a $32 million civil-rights lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed by illegal immigrants against an Arizona rancher. After Judge Roll ruled that the case would be certified, threats came from talk-radio shows which fueled controversy and spurred audiences into making threats against the judge[3].

    After one radio talk show, Judge Roll's name logged more than 200 phone calls as some callers threatened the judge and his family[3]. This resulted in the judge and his wife being placed under a full-time protective detail for one month. A US Attorney's investigation identified four men as the makers of the threats, but no charges were filed[3].
    I get a real hot vibe off this. One of those 4 men was CIA satanist and was involved in this. He was in the 2nd U base i listed when it got hit.
    The article referenced by Wikipedia is here, and the vibe i get from that article is that all this death threat stuff was CIA!

    (8:10pm) In fact, this CIA guy that was one of the 4 identified was also one of the "illegal immigrants" that brought the lawsuit.

    (8:25pm) Mordok dowsed 2 houses of people that were involved in some way with the hit:
    Here resides one female NSAtanist.
    Here are 3 female CIAtanists.

    If you've been feeling a lot of pyrotechnics today on the Earth plane, Mordok and i have been taking care of thousands of U bases with Abell 2218 ETs. Also Mordok found some 4K+ DUMBs that had always evaded my scrutiny, and these are being worked on now.

    (8:45pm) There are 2 male CIAtanists here that are involved in the Gulf Coast remake project. And right close by here live 2 more. And very close, here are 4 more, all male. I suspect these 8 guys are German military Nazi types.

    (10:05pm) One of them also has a DIA connection. And Mordok has found some DIA U bases connected with this Gulf Coast thing.

    Not directly related to this, i was looking around the neighborhood of these guys and noticed a very DORy Field House on a college campus. I get that there is a secret basement room where MPD supersoldier type torture and programming takes place. There are 5 NSA males who work here at times. 3 of them live here, and the other 2 live here with 1 NSAtanist female.

    (10:35pm) The guys at Abell 2218 are upset with me today.

    I previously gave this link for them, explaining that they were on the orange spot in the lower left of the cutout.
    But now i notice they are hitting me more strongly from the bluish thing in the center of the pic. Or near the center of this pic.

    Jan. 9, '11: (9:25am) Here's what i think was the sequence of events with this murder:
    1.) The PTB wanted to get rid of Judge John Roll.
    2.) SarahPac called for Giffords to be targeted. Just a totally tasteless mistake? Maybe. Maybe nobody realized they were setting up an embarrassing situation.
    (Of course the ex-Marine dodo is MPD too.)
    3.) The CIA exploits this, because it will serve to further distract from the hit on Roll
    4.) by having their MKid shoot Roll during a Giffords event.
    5.) The CIA has the media focus on Giffords and downplay Roll as incidental.

    (10:30am) Thanks for the help with Abell 2218. That's going much better, but there is a 3rd DORy galaxy of theirs on that pic. It's near the lower right corner. It's about 1/6 of the distance from the right edge of the pic to the left edge, and about 1/12 of the distance from the bottom to the top.

    (6:25pm) Interesting sprayer video.

    The pic to the left is from the video. The pic to the right is one i posted last month, taken in AR.

    (6:55pm) Here's an article in Washington Times (yeah, i know, Moonie paper) about the suit John Roll got in hot water for. Apparently Barnett's property is the favorite place for immigrants to enter the US, and he says he has stopped and turned over 12K of them over the years. As the article says, "In March, U.S. District Judge John Roll rejected a motion by Mr. Barnett to have the charges dropped, ruling there was sufficient evidence to allow the matter to be presented to a jury. Mr. Barnett's attorney, David Hardy, had argued that illegal immigrants did not have the same rights as U.S. citizens."
    Another article here.

    So... a bunch of Mexicans and a CIAtanist that presumably was Mexican-American get themselves stopped by Barnett, then press charges because they felt their civil rights had been abused. Presumably the CIA guy was the catalyst for this.
    The Judge allows the trial to proceed instead of throwing it out.
    Then, as this 2nd article states, along comes MALDEF with tons of money to take this case to court; John Roll's court.

    Hmmm, let us take a little peek at MALDEF's B.O.D.. What strikes one right off is that all of them are CIAtanists, except for the 4 people on the left side of the top row.
    Well well well, i am pleased that our government is so concerned about poor Mexicans instead of only sticking up for fat cats.

    So the CIA instigates the trial and backs the plaintiffs, then later shoots the Judge. Why, because they didn't make enough money on the deal? There is probably more to this story.

    Jan. 10, '11: (11am) Bad chem-clouds today. It's supposed to snow tomorrow afternoon and night.

    Those repts in that last-mentioned galaxy within the Abell 2218 cluster are still hitting me.

    The news reports claim that Roll did not plan to go to that shopping center until shortly before. I have not read how they supposedly know this.
    He supposedly was attending Mass. I did not read where, but i get a compelling vibe off of Mission San Xavier del Bac which is CIA-run. Check out the list of staff members.

    But was that his church? According to the WSJ:
    Mr. Sears said Judge Roll attended Mass almost daily and in fact came to the Giffords event immediately after church service.
    The mass schedule on the site says they have mass every day of the week. But not Sat. AM, when he was killed. Only Sat PM.
    I also get a nasty CIAtanist vibe off of St. Pius X Catholic Church which seems to be run by 6 CIAtanists. But they don't have a Sat. AM mass, either.
    I haven't found his church but i suspect he may have been hypnotized into going after church, by a CIAtanist who does not work at either of the churches i fingered, but maybe does at Roll's church, wherever that was. And that church is otherwise not run by satanists. And that person, a male, resides here with 1 soulless gay male lover who is not CIA or satanist.
    Also apparently Loughner had communicated to Giffords in years past, so maybe the hit on Giffords had been in the works, too.

    Mordok has been finding some CIA locations that he thinks are involved in ordering the hit on Giffords. I have my doubts about any relation to the hit, but they are CIAtanist. Notably, he found another CIA proprietary company, Details International, which in addition to the Honolulu showroom mentioned on the site, has the DC location on the 3rd floor that Mordok found.

    I did a bit of dowsing around that Honolulu zip code. Took care of one CIA U base that has 23 satanists, another with 22, and another with 31. Another under Honolulu Community College with 33.
    Also found the residences of some of the execs:
    CIA couple
    1 female
    Another couple
    1 male. On this link, you see this house shares a driveway with the house behind it, which has 2 CIA female satanists connected to Details. And the house just east of that, as well as the house just east of the linked house, are also CIA. The former has 2 males, the latter 1 male.

    On Sep. 13, '06 i wrote:
    Holy crap! Doing a bit more detective work on Cintas. This is one extremely slick and scary operation that gathers intelligence on other companies via uniforms, etc., the better to take them over. I think that via Cintas, the CIA has already taken over 9 more companies, and is in-progress on 35 more. And Cintas is low on the food chain, having itself been taken over as part of the op. I think it's 3 levels down from the original beginning.

    The op has a fair number of highly-intelligent CIA lifers, very darkside, who have real business skills and "real" resumes of job performance at CIA companies and companies they were infiltrating. These get themselves hired by innocents, and gradually take over, hiring more of their own, etc.
    Well, Details is like that too. They supply groovy "green" furnishings, etc. which are embedded with microphones for listening in on businesses they might want to take over.
    Incidentally i think CIA has largely disengaged from Cintas since i published that. Cintas trucks are usually driven by non-satanists in recent years.

    (11:55am) Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool. Their Board. MI1 satanists, i get. Pic at bottom of linked page.
    Map. Filthy vibe.
    Someone i've been helping in Liverpool seems to have a deep nasal implant from a nasal operation he had there when he was a boy. Also he feels they did something in there to "separate" the left upper part of his head from the rest of his body.
    I did take out a U base here where 5 MI1 jerks were manufacturing such implants and other goodies.

    Alder Hey organ storage scandal.

    (5:20pm) Turns out there were 33 Abell 2218 repts in that hospital. Taken care of now.

    Ah, let's see; what other direction can i jump in in these event-filled times? Maybe Katie Holmes. I happened to see a link to this article and got such an intense MPD vibe off this hymenless little girl that i looked up her mom in Wikipedia.
    Mom also had that vibe. The article says she was married to Tom Cruise at one time. I have this strong feeling that both were handled into marrying each other by their Scientology handlers. That would be David Miscavige for Cruise, and one of Miscavige's subordinate male handlers for Katie. For some reason i strongly get that guy's vibe here. He might be waiting while his car is serviced.

    (5:25pm) 3 witches here have been attacking someone who wrote me.

    (5:35pm) This MPDer of Holmes has such a freaky vibe i'm tracking him. He left the Toyota place and drove a few blocks away to this tanning salon.

    Right across the street from the Toyota place is this garage that has his vibe real strong in the left bay.
    Maybe he is an assistant mgr or something.

    (5:40pm) The Toyota place's website does not name staff, but i think he's in the parts dept.
    So he's a gov't MPDer that is also very active and visible in the church, i feel. And in addition to this he has a straight job; i'm guessing part-time. Maybe just so he has a plausible means of support, as i don't think the dealership is involved in any of this.

    (5:50pm) Now he went into the Fitness place right across the street from the tanning salon.

    (5:55pm) Something very odd and intriguing: Why Is Giffords Subscribed To Her Attacker Loughner's YouTube Channel??[update: that link was removed shortly after i posted it].

    (6:10pm) Oh, It Was The John P. Wheeler III Who Was Involved In The Barksdale-Minot Incident Who Was Found In A Landfill!
    Eee, yeah... I think one of the people who acted as traveling support for the hit men is presently here in a veteran's hospital getting attention for prostate problems. I'm sending "healing energy". I think he has been there on like the 4th floor for a couple days, and is supposed to remain there until tomorrow morning. I suspect cancer surgery happened today. The others involved are now dead, having been in U bases in the DC area.

    (6:15pm) And now our MPDer has gone across the street to the tavern! This guy doesn't need a car. He supports his local businesses. Laudably low carbon footprint. I am presuming he resides nearby.

    (6:20pm) Already i've been alerted that the link to Loughner's channel has been removed since i posted about that. It did link to his channel earlier. I checked.

    (6:40pm) Now our MPDer has cruised a few blocks to the Fabulous Cafe.

    And regarding Loughner, his dad is also MPD as hell, and his mom at least somewhat.

    (7:40pm) Now our Scientology MPDer is a short distance away at Pacific Auto Leasing, which leases Toyotas and other cars. I think this place does a lot of business with the dealership. I'm not sure what he's doing there.
    So far nobody has told him he's being monitored.

    (7:50pm) The West Hollywood Hotel has a suite permanently rented by the Church as an MPDing room. It has the 4 windows from the right edge in, the 2nd level below the scaffold in this pic. It's got this guy's vibe all over it.

    (8:20pm) I suspect our boy is also working at the leasing place part-time. He's still there, probably involved in overseeing the repair and maintenance dept.

    (8:35pm) This pic i ripped from the hotel's website. Look at the 3rd row down from the top, the rightmost 4 windows.
    Church of Scientology MPD room.

    (8:45pm) Hehe, they finally got word to the loser.
    Every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you!
    Now he started hitting me. Feels about 40% reptilian genetics.

    (8:55pm) Moving right along, another CIA proprietary co: M.C. Dean Building Intelligence. I feel 223 real DORy CIA &%$#@*ers. I think about 1/2 are in MD. This site is too DORy for me to keep open right now. Need to blast these creeps before i check it out.
    Starting with 52 U bases.

    (9:10pm) That Scientology guy was way too strong. I couldn't find who was feeding him. Had to ask Durkistan. It was a U base off Baja with 2,110 human-reptilian hybrids connected to the USgovt.

    (9:15pm) So as soon as we start to squash that base, another one starts feeding him. Intelligent behavior as usual. This one was about 300 miles west of L.A. and had 1,314 more of the same. So we hit it. And of course immediately he starts getting backup from one halfway between Baja and HI, with 5,016 more. So we hit that. Then pre-empt another 4 bases.
    Then i get hit directly by another... etc.

    (9:30pm) So far we have hit 20 of those bases, and there are probably 33. Their purpose seems to be to pool psychic intent to back up operatives on the surface like this MPDer. That's why he had such an intense, freaky vibe that attracted my attention so strongly so as to cause the downfall of these incredible morons.
    I sense a total of 82 such operatives, and am locked onto them with orgone weapons.

    Jan. 11, '11: (8:40am) That loser spent the night at Pacific Leasing, and is still there. Doesn't want me to know where he lives. I might be able to find it anyway, but no rush. He thinks he can wait until i'm neutralized somehow, then go home. Better hold your breath, dude.

    Had some attacks last night from Miss Cabbage personally, as well as another guy with him. But they are wimpy unless backed up by their undersea hybrid pals, which seem exterminated now.

    As i was scoping out Scn on the map last night, i found a nearby, unrelated, business from hell: Allied Media Productions (map), which has a real freaky vibe (their site). There is some kind of wild ET tech going into their subliminals, i feel. Check out their clients list.

    (9am) If you're like me, you've probably been wondering what this Tucson massacre was supposed to distract us from. After all, the illuminati likes to squeeze maximum benefits out of their ops wherever possible, to make wise use of your drug money. Well, it might be Afghanistan.

    (10:10am) Yesterday there was such a huge backlog of U bases we'd found, that the Golden Draco came back to help wipe them out. They are still at it.

    Lately Mordok's higher selves have been vibing all the U bases on Earth to make them show up. It is amazing. For example the entire Pacific bed was carpeted with them. Some DUMBs too.

    Also last night 1/2 million (!!!) Ta'l warriors set down on Mars. They came from the Ta'l stronghold in Universe P.
    Things are not looking good for the future of Naziism.

    (5:25pm) And 324K of those Ta'l are moseying on over to here, where the mutha of all rept U bases is. I feel 3.333 million Abell 2218 repts and 2301 grays. Must be well fortified against our usual weapons. It's a little over 3 miles down.

    (8:10pm) The repts are getting stomped. See the long fat ridge running over to NZ? There's a tunnel under it. Bunches of repts are fleeing south thru this tunnel. There might be an exit east of Tauranga.

    (8:20pm) No, they only go about 1/2way to NZ, then turn NE and go straight NE for a while. I think. Then it gets confusing because the area is still peppered with small unhandled bases and they all have the same vibe.

    (8:25pm) Maybe they just headed out to deeper sea where they can hide better.

    (8:30pm) Actually it was just a single ship with ~4K repts. Past tense.
    I think there are only about 2K left alive at the base.
    We lost 71 Ta'l warriors.

    (8:55pm) Now a lot of the Ta'l and other fighters have dispersed and are cleaning up smaller bases.

    Jan. 12, '11: (10:15am) Gang Stalking: In the last year or 2 i have had a few people contact me who complained of odd synchronicities, of people around them seeming to conspire against them in sometimes unfathomable ways, follow them, etc.
    One of whom just sent me an interesting article: Gang Stalking vs. Hyperdimensional Matrix Attacks. It is well written. The author covers various aspects of this phenomenon. In many cases, there can be an actual gov't conspiracy against a person, but there are other dimensions: (quote)
    2. Hyperdimensional matrix reality

    The people involved with gang stalking activities may not always be piloting their own wheel, to put it in a straight forward manner. Other \93stuff\94 may be manipulating them, working through them. There definitely seems to me to be a hyperdimensional component to it all \96 hyperdimensional, as in, non-physical realms and entities, whether positive or negative, that exist outside our own 3rd density physical reality, unconstrained by space-time, manipulating reality and working through people, like puppet masters from behind the scenes.

    Gang stalking targets have cited instances where their harassers are involved in synchronous happenings, or have been able to preemptively beat them to the punch, to the point where it seems impossible\85\ human standards. Uncannily timed interference with activities that the stalkers couldn\92t have had any advance knowledge of. Appearing in a place before the target gets there, but how could they have known that the target was going? For some people it can really send them into obsessive tailspin trying to figure out how it\92s possible that \93they\94 can consistently know things beforehand and preemptively strike like that.

    Well again, one explanation is that we\92re dealing with a phenomenon that\92s not entirely human. When reading various websites and summaries on gang stalking along with people\92s first hand accounts what I\92m seeing (in my opinion) are two separate things being mixed up in the same category: The concept of \93hyperdimensional matrix attacks,\94 and physical 3rd density harassment by people/groups. They\92re separate, yet often times intertwined, concepts. So what\92s labeled as \93gang stalking activities\94 may actually be cases of Neg entities working through people, or, regular people that are not involved in gang stalking but who are being \93nudged\94 by other stuff, completely unknown to them, to do something at a particular moment for the benefit of/effect on somebody else around them.
    In addition to this, Mordok and i seem to have uncovered a very organized network of actual physical gang stalkers, who have businesses with websites. Some have Facebook pages. Real people. More on that later.
    But, as far as Mordok and i can detect, they have no gov't or Jesuit type connections. They seem to have a Wiccan vibe. Maybe some are into Golden Dawn or OTO or the like. But they do not seem to be into blood ritual.
    They are, first and formost, energy vampires. They also do psychic attacks.

    I got into this a few days ago when i received the following (redacted) email:
    I've been utilizing your 2 squares with surprising results. Agents and all sorts of weird BM's are coming outa the wood work.

    There is a situation I am having on my hands and wondered if I could get a little backup. I notice upon being attacked all last week, the last few days of the weekend I have noticed strange movements in people.. sitting around me.. getting up to leave a public establishment at the same time I would... staring at my laptop screen. Then I'd depart to which they did too. I'd circle the city area, and upon reaching my destination the same people were in the same area. Coincidence?
    Here are some links to a few of these fine and intriguing people that all seem to be of one mind:

    Seattle Language Academy. 11 of them work here.
    German Language School
    St. Bridget Church. The bald pastor is one. I also sense 4 others who may just be parishioners vamping off the other parishoners.
    Here is where 4 work at Bridgeway Recovery Program. The site link takes one to a site of Community Psychiatric Clinic which is apparently another name for the place. I get that 2 males of these 4 are psychiatrists! Yet, amazingly, still don't feel a gov't connection.
    A husband and wife who live here at The Hart Center. The husband has a website for his Counseling business.
    I guess people in need of mental help make nice vulnerable subjects to vampirize.
    These 3 houses have 8 of them living there.

    Angelika Tam and friends.
    Debbie Jungquist
    Jennifer Lynne Anderson
    These 3 ladies seem to be involved in the German language school.

    The above are all in Seattle, but Mordok found 4 in DC! And 3 of these were in a 50' U facility!
    And one male lives here in DC (yet, again, incredibly, i do not detect a gov't connection, nor an ET connection, nor do any of these people have high levels of reptilian DNA). [Update 2014: actually they were NGC4414 rept/human hybrids.]

    But did this bizarre group only recently start to persecute this individual? Later he wrote:
    There used to be a guy back when I was discharged from the navy in a helping Vet seminar who I befriended. It wasn't until years later down the road he attacked me, and the energy was significantly strong enough that I didn't even have to try to RV him, as I saw him lucidly crystal clear. That is another guy way back though.
    I found him here living with his wife. Now these 2 are blood-rite satanists, unlike the others, to whom he seems connected somehow. I wrote this to the guy in Seattle and he said;
    Correct. The last one was Benjamin R. Richardson. The woman he married was strangely some asian woman, whom he got defensive for some reason when I asked him where he met her. He joined the Masons telling me he wanted to infiltrate and find their secrets.
    Yeah, these people want to emulate the illuminati without joining them, or something like that.

    Then Mordok found this place in Tampa where 1 of them has an office: Elizabeth Biggers, an osteopath. And i sense 23 more of them in Tampa.

    (12:25pm) Now, one thing i find interesting about this is that early on my friend in Seattle said "I'd circle the city area, and upon reaching my destination the same people were in the same area. Coincidence?"
    In other words, these people had preceeded him to his destination. And they were probably not just being unconsciously used, as their whole lives are vampire-oriented and metaphysics-oriented. Yesterday i caught Debbie and Jennifer psi-attacking this guy individually at times. And i had previously dowsed these 2 women as the evil people that were most conspicuously conscious of his existence.

    So... what is going on? Tentatively, these people must be consciously interfaced with some malignant hyperdimensional intelligence that guides them. But i haven't connected to that yet.

    (12:40pm) It gets weirder. The same guy in Seattle asked me about the Empath Community. He suspected that Elise Lebeau was a vamp. Correct. And on her facebook page i saw a link to Sharon Fisher which disappeared shortly thereafter, but she is a vamp, too. And has vamp friends listed which have more vamp friends. Just from this one lead, i found several connected vamps on Facebook. All these seem connected to each other, and seem like conscious vamps who are not into blood rites but probably are into metaphysics and magick: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
    All these people have the same kind of vibe as those Seattle folks, but don't seem to know them.

    How widespread is this phenomenon?
    [Update May 2013: All these perps i noted above on this day are NGC4414 shapeshifters. And there were scads more underground we got, in the greater Seattle area.]

    (1:30pm) Got an inch or so of snow yesterday evening. Chem-clouds today.

    Here's another real DORy Jesuit-controlled school staffed by illuminati perverts: Shenandoah Valley Christian Academy (map).

    (1:45pm) Oh yeah, Miscavige and that other handler and that other friend of Miscavige attacked me yesterday and night before last. They had a bunch more of those U bases with hybrids, but these bases were relatively tiny. May have gotten them all now. The other handler still seems to be holed up at Pacific Auto Leasing. I don't think he normally lives there. This suggests he is enough of a bigwig in the dealership/leasing agency that he can just camp out there if he wants, ordering pizzas and whatnot. Enjoy, guy.
    BTW here's that lovely pic again of Miscavige with his Church-approved background decor. I ripped this pic from a Church site last year.

    (2:50pm) Now our Scio-handler is inside The Hollywood Palladium a few blocks away.

    (8:10pm) He's been moving around some. He just walked in here but i don't know what this bldg is.

    Another CIAtanist church: Living Word Outreach.

    (8:20pm) Mordok found that one and this one, too: St. Joseph's Behavioral Health Center. 32 CIAtanists work there.
    Don't you love the term Behavioral Health? I have seen 2-3 places called Behavioral Health Centers in rural AR recently. Despite the Orwellian name i don't get a bad vibe off those, though.

    (10:20pm) Now that Scio-handler is still in that same bldg, but 2 other guys have joined him and they are sitting and doing black magic of some sort and sending demons after me. Or were. Feeble attempt.

    Jan. 13, '11: (9:30am) Those 3 guys are camped out in that bldg now. One of them is the same pal of Miscavige who hit me before.

    Last night Mordok and i were going nuts with google, trying to feel out a link to the other vamp cult (which Mordok found to be very widespread, and working somehow hand in glove with the CIA to harrass people in many cities). We were looking up OTO, Wicca, etc. but somehow couldn't quite narrow anything down.

    Then this morning i got some illuminating info from the guy in Seattle: these people are Congregational Illuminists, and that will get you lots of leads in a search engine to sites that have that same vamp cult vibe.

    (9:45pm) Now the Seattle guy wrote me that someone is probing his crown. Yes, it was a male here in rural WV. All 4 houses in that pic are the cult's. There are 6 of them living there now. And just west a bit is this house with 3 more.

    (9:50am) And actually, if you peek slightly south, this area has 24 more cultists scattered around in many houses.
    I believe that makes 33 total in this area.

    (9:55am) Amazingly, there was even a U base with 33 of those little chemmer repts at 321'.

    (10am) Now the 3 fine ladies in this house started pounding my head.

    (10:20am) They are even throwing a few feeble demons at me.

    Here is a list of groups with this same vamp cult vibe. I think most of these are small, like 6 people.

    (10:45am) Back to our Scientology sorcerors: the 3rd man (not Miscavige or his friend who hit me early on) has gone home to sack out. I think he's on the floor below the top floor.

    (12:10pm) The Ta'l warriors are now killing CIA assassins sent after Mordok. Ongoing now. Life is good.

    Orbs: There seem to be many varieties of these entities we call orbs. It used to be that many were evil, but these have completed therapy. I'm not sure whether there are any remaining evil varieties of orbs.

    Back in early December my friend in Tucson sent me pics of a red orb approaching and hanging around one of my orgone devices: 1, 2, 3.
    I sense almost 2K of these red guys in the Tucson area. I don't think they want to leave that area, but they have been helping me with the local riff-raff. Like the CIAtanists at those churches, Million Air, etc. They hang out in the faces of these people.
    Also visiting riff-raff. Yesterday Barry had 5 plastered on his face, and Michelle had 3. Normally evil people only get one.

    (12:30pm) Today she sent me some more orb pics, including this one of orbs under a bridge, and this incredible one of a huge orb with quite a vibe. Actually there are several orbs in that pic, too.

    Those 3 witches in WV are still after me. They lately seem to invoke one class of demons that in turn evokes the common class to attack me. Delete the species involved and other ones stand in for them. They seem to be accomplishing this with mumbo-jumbo, symbols, intent, etc. but not blood sacrifice or torture.

    (4:25pm) Bad chem-clouds today.

    Those 3 witches are still at it. I hope these are the toughest fighters this cult has to offer, 'cause it's a huge one. I seem to feel 3,120 of these soulless professional parasites in the US.

    Miscavige and the the guy that MPDs Katie are now here with 1 evil female. I'm not sure what they're doing. Brainstorming about what to do about this deplorable situation, perhaps.

    (4:55pm) Now the 3rd man has gotten up and joined the others in that house.

    (5:05pm) Now the CIA is going after my friend in Tucson who photographs orbs and orgonizes. The Ta'l have already killed 2 agents.
    The last attempt on Mordok was an hour or so ago.

    (6:35pm) Just stumbled across another nasty-vibe CIA proprietary business: Planned Giving.

    (8:35pm) Miscavige has left. He stopped by a shoe warehouse briefly. Guess he was in a shopping mood. Then he checked into a room here at the Quality Inn, 2nd floor. This way he can avoid going home until this Loohan jerk is "terminatedly handled". Pretty damn cunning, this Miss Cabbage.
    I think the woman at the other house is the GF of the 3rd man, and it is her rented house. And Katie Holmes' MPDer is going to sleep on the couch there until this Loohan jerk is terminated. Should only be a night or 2.

    (10:05pm) Well, the Ta'l are here to kick ass. And they have much looser restrictions on whom they can bump off than do our other allies. They are killing off bad guys on Earth like the ones that have been hammering me lately. Sure feels like it. Am awaiting objective verification but experiencing growing subjective relief.

    Jan. 14, '11: (8:20am) Last night that whole neighborhood of vamps in WV had been hammering me before the Ta'l jumped in. Now they feel as though dead. So do a lot of other Congregational Illuminists, those 4 Scientology punks, the evil people in Nigeria, Janet Napolitano, and a whole bunch of others. Bottom line, no-one is hitting me but some occasional repts in Abell 2218.
    I haven't actually seen any corpses yet but remain optimistic.

    The big assault on Rome is yet to come, but last night when things got really moving, some Jesuits out there started hitting me, so the Ta'l sent in a few guys. We lost one. 2 Ta'l were confronting a sorceror, and he got in a lucky shot with a sawed-off shotgun, killing one Ta'l before the other Ta'l killed the jez.

    (1:55pm) I think the jezs that were hitting me last night knew they'd be visited by Ta'l and thus were prepared with firearms. But most of them blew it.

    Another chem-cloud day here.

    The CIA keeps sending idiots after me, Mordok, my friend in Tucson, and several other orgone friends. They apparently figure they might as well dispense with these useless eaters, since they're worthless anyway, and besides all is lost so what does anything matter.

    (2:25pm) There is a Ta'l guy on Mars called Uxa (UCKsuh) who is the contact person for people in need of protection against physical threats on Earth. This means for example assassins, abductors, or MPD handlers. Maybe soldiers. Or evil physical beings on Earth who are attacking with psi or magick. Psi-vamps like these Illuminists. Or if you suspect evil ETs or Earthlings underground.

    (2:40pm) Check out these UFO pics from Ken Adachi's site (he is NSAtanist, BTW). These are our good Annunaki friends! And a bunch of their dogs.

    (4:30pm) Here's an interesting video about the Tucson shooting that says Loughner worked for Gifford's campaign in 2007. It also mentions the odd subscription Giffords had to Loughner's YouTube channel.

    (6:10pm) Well, there are an awful lot of people on the surface that seemed to be killed by the Ta'l, and have stopped psi-attacking, but they are not physically dead after all, as i suspected. So i don't know what's going on. Still only Abell 2218 hitting me today.
    All the galaxies in this pic and beyond have these evil repts, but now i am getting hit from the oblong looking one at around 7:00 position near the center.

    (7pm) The assassination attempts seem to have quit for now. Is all this stuff a figment of Mordok's and my imaginations? For much of the day, i was getting this strong sensation every few minutes, a feeling sort of like strong "gravity" pressing down on me for a minute or so. Each time i felt a Ta'l was taking out 1 or 3 CIA assassins a few miles away, approaching by car.

    (10:10pm) Now they are attacking me from the brightest galaxy near the upper right corner of the pic.
    More weakly.
    Mordok found an apparent large base of elite reptilians in Universe U. These were the same species as in Abell 2218 and probably the source of a lot of power to them. We hit them kind of hard, but they crumpled as though they had no defenses there at all. So maybe this loss will significantly weaken the Vatican, etc.

    Jan. 15, '11: (10:35am) This morning that galaxy got stronger and stronger, until i had Durkistan seek out where they were getting fed from: Universes B & D. We hit them there, and things are milder now.

    (10:45am) Now Universe F. I am begining to detect a pattern. Now Universe M...

    (6:10pm) They have hit me some from other universes, but it was not as bad as i expected.
    And Mordok and i have had many more seeming assassins averted.

    When i looked out this morning, the sky was streaked with long, parallel chemtrails. Then it clouded over with real cover.

    I was out cruising a while ago in my bust-mobile. I was led to visit George Mason University, which had several CIA U bases under it. But what really intrigued me is i passed a Sunrise Assisted Living place nearby, which had a strong CIA vibe. Because this is where MPDed non-satanist CIA employees and assets are "persuaded" to retire -- where they can continue to be handled and used. I looked them up on the web and found this site: Sunrise Senior Living, another CIA proprietary with many locations. (names)
    They take on ordinary customers too, of course.

    (9:35pm) I was scanning the map and noticed a weird vibe from the bldg in the center here, as well as the one to the right and the big one to the left, esp. the top floor. 32 Army satanists.
    I found a U base in Iowa and another in WI related to this, each with 231 Army satanists.
    They were making implants with gray tech, and implanting them into GIs at Ft. Myer. My impression is that 8K of these have been implanted.
    Probably other stuff was going on at these bases that i missed.
    There are oodles of little gray nests around Ft. Myer area being cleaned up now.

    (10:15pm) That is one creepy base. They have a site with pics of commanders, etc.

    (11pm) There are 45 universes that i can feel (A thru SS) and all of them have these same repts and Jesuits working together trying to poison and dominate the place as much as possible.
    The Committee has come up with a bunch of programs against these unholy critters, and i was guided to order a bunch of large, powerful stones on eBay. They haven't even been shipped yet, but they are already largely programmed and digging in.
    Won't you join me in frying them all across the boards?

    Jan. 16, '11: (9:40am) That seems to be progressing well. I think a few of you even got some of the new programming in your weapons.

    Fritz Springmeier incarceration: Fritz has published more truth about the causes and perpetrators of MPD than you can shake a stick at. Now he is reduced to trying to get a job as a telemarketer, a profession normally reserved for the utterly soulless.
    Fritz was turned in by a soulless criminal "friend". And his soulless employer refused to corroborate his alibi because Fritz had insulted the satanist MPD handler Billy Graham.

    (9:50am) Another interesting article about Wheeler (whom i mentioned at 6:10 on the 10th of this month). It says he worked for Mitre, and here are pics of Mitre's illuminati trustees.
    Wheeler was not a satanist.

    (9:55am) Article about MTV/freemasonry. I particularly like the pic of MTV HQ.

    (11am) An interesting article a reader sent me: Discerning Alien Disinformation. It is very long and i have only skimmed parts of it and read a few paragraphs, but it seems to be excellent information. Largely a meticulously analytic exposition of things many of us are already aware of to some degree.

    (11:15am) Note however that the Richard Dolan mentioned in the bibliography is CIA. And Robert Monroe was NSA satanist. George Green is CIA satanist. Leading Edge is NSA. And Trevor James Constable is also a gov't satanist.

    (12:50pm) This guy has a way with words. A few randomly-extracted, pithy quotes:
    At the same time, it must be emphasized that an agenda can be carried out through seemingly opposing elements, whereby the illusion of outward disunity and independence cloaks the underlying order.

    Within a completed totalitarian state, ideals like peace, brotherly love, generosity, altruism, and oneness are encouraged as long as they serve the ends of the state.

    As mentioned, aliens can lurk nearby while invisible. In physics terminology this happens when they have not yet fully rotated themselves into our dimension, when their quantum wave functions have not fully collapsed into our reality, when their quantum phases are not fully locked into our own. In occult terminology, this happens when they manifest within the etheric plane without condensing fully into the physical. The etheric is a transitionary boundary layer between the physical and nonphysical, functioning as an invisible substratum to the physical world but containing energies, beings, and constructs that influence the physical at the quantum level. Think of it as the backstage to our reality, the area behind the curtain of our limited five-sense perception. In this invisible or etheric state, aliens can monitor targets without normally being noticed. By getting close to their targets, they can more effectively project strong thoughts into a person's subconscious, giving him impulses, ideas, or inspirations that he will take as his own and act upon unless he questions their origins and rationality.
    The first part of this last paragraph reminds me of something Thorp wrote to me explaining how the Ta'l work.
    In any case, i have long had unresolved questions about the physicality or lack thereof in alien entities. Many of the species we have now eradicated or converted never seemed at all physical to me, e.g. the Nordics, Darpa repts, the archons, the Enochian and Goetic demons, various octopi and spiders. While others always seemed physical, though they may also have had an astral body. And i never actually saw them in the flesh (though i have posted links in my blog to photos of individuals that i feel are physical ETs that look like Earthlings). Such physical evil species would include Sasquatch, many reptilian races, some Draco types, humans from many galaxies...

    But what about Tall Whites? When i first became aware of them years ago from an article, they were "too physical to jail". But in all subsequent interactions (which started months later) they were purely astral.
    And more recently, as i mentioned on the 6th, the evil Draco in NGC 1275 were physical in Oct. 2009, but now are jailable.
    And the case of the greys is particularly bizarre, because i'll swear that the physical grays are a completely different species from the demonic astral greys, altho they were closely associated. I have never been psychically attacked by physical grays that i noticed.

    Then there are the J-rods, grey-like mutated humans from the future, some of whom were good, but many evil (now converted). I only experienced them as astral beings, most of them demonic and in vast hordes.

      *   *   *   *  
    The main sorceror in Lagos, Nigeria has been "manifesting" evil birds. Physical, audible birds with demonic energy. I finally figured out where she was bringing them in from: NGC 2068. There are trillions of them there, and now a few Red Draco to harrass them to death.

    (5pm) It was actually the Ta'l who were finally able to track the birds back to their homeland, and 2 Ta'l have been wiping out birds there. I think 1/2 of the birds there are now dead.
    Also my contact told me that birds are a recurring symbol amongst Nigerian black magicians. Indeed, i get that these birds have also been brought to Nigeria by many sorcerors for a long time.
    And Hitchcock? He's actually a good old soul.

    Bad chem day here. They have been spraying and the sky is mostly whited out with obvious chem.

    (9:55pm) I was just reading a free e-book entitled Chasing Phantoms by Carissa Conti. On page 117 she talks about 2 creepy handler dudes that she saw at a restaurant. I got a real strong vibe off them. They are now here in Takoma Park, MD, along with 2 more male NSAtanists and an ensouled MPD girl maybe 10 years old.

    Jan. 17, '11: (11:30am) Grey day out.
    Speaking of gray, i was just reading Conti's book some more. On p. 139 she says 'Woke up in Florida one morning with the image of a short, pudgy, wrinkly old gray skinned \93man\94 with huge black eyes in my mind. Like a cross between a wrinkly pudgy old man midget and a Gray.' I got a vibe off this guy. He's in the Zeta Reticuli area and seems to be another type of physical grey.
    This is interesting because in the past this area had so many different varieties of hostile non-physical greys, which i think were entirely different critters than the physical ones, which latter now are revealed to have more than 1 variety as well.

    (5:15pm) Psi-Vamping via Clueless Proxy: This afternoon i was minding my own business working out at a machine at the nearby fitness club (remember i'm visiting in spook central, VA) and i gradually became aware of feeling an increasing "irrational" resentment against an older woman who was standing a few feet away with her back to me, looking at her notebook. Her presence was so annoying; why didn't she just go away? Then i realized she was like a big vacuum cleaner orifice going SCHLUUUUURK! non-stop at my energy field. I was wearing my meridian-balancing pendant, and she wasn't actually draining anything from me, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

    Then i realized it wasn't her; someone was doing this through her without her knowledge. Her husband. Satanist. CIA. Works at Langley.
    This woman is actually a good soul yet has been vamping everybody around her for her husband.
    My allies adjusted a few cords and things.

    (8:30pm) Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Says Chemtrail Death Dumps Must Be Stopped. This is very interesting in light of the fact that Gunderson is NSAtanist. He also says:
    I happen to know of two of the locations where the airplanes are that dump this crap on us. Four of the planes are out of the Air National Guard in Lincoln, Nebraska. And, the other planes are out of Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
    So how accurate is this? Well, i dunno, but both those locations did have bases under them with hundreds of NSAtanists and hundreds of the little chemmer repts!
    He's not just spewing empty rhetoric and posturing, he was telling me where to find perps.
    ????? Also, as far as i know, all the spray drones i've seen in many months are not berthed on Earth, but in NGC 5746. Yet, these bases Gunderson fingered had the same repts and chem-related NSA personnel.

    Has some good entity possessed Gunderson into spilling the beans? No, my impression is he's following orders from Ft. Meade.

    Jan. 18, '11: (11am) I get the weirdest impression that the NSA wanted those U bases taken out. Maybe these (and many others) are in some parallel dimension or something created by looking-glass or related alien tech. And are out of the control of the cabal.
    I have certainly taken care of "impossible" quantities of U bases lately, filled with "impossible" quantities of CIAtanists, NSA, etc. I don't even report the bulk of them anymore. I often wonder how "real" many of these are. But they were real in the energy universe.

      *   *   *   *  
    I watched the first 6-7 minutes of this video by Al-Jazeera about Tunisia, and cropped this pic of a greaseball so obvious that even his face and body language can't hide it. Satanist. But the magazine seems to be relatively clean otherwise.

    I had to enlist Mordok's help to find out more, but it appears he has some connection to U.S. "Christian Zionists" as well as a Mossad girlfriend in Israel. She works here. These 3 bldgs have 23 Mossad satanists.

    (12:45pm) If you are reading Conti's book, you may wonder which hotel she is talking about on p. 222-226. It may be Omni Charlottesville Hotel where i sense 46 NSAtanists running it.
    Omni Hotels is an NSA proprietary with many locations listed here in a drop-down list.

    I looked up the hotel on the map, then saw a bit NW of there a large bldg with a vibe in one of the suites here. Two NSAtanists, 1 male, 1 female, work here in connection with the hotel group.

    Just east of the hotel is the McGuffey Art Center. Their list of artists has some vibey ones:
  • This guy is a good soul under heavy black magic attack from an NSA female here. I think she is also infiltrating this business where she works.
  • The Barn Swallow. Site depicts 2 NSAtanist artisans.
  • Randy Bill. Hey, NSAtanist loser, a lot of my orgone devices are incidentally much prettier than your "art".
  • Marion Dunleavy, another NSAtanist.
  • Rosamond Casey, NSAtanist.
  • Piedmont Council for the Arts. All the people on that page at this time are NSAtanists!

    (1:05pm) Then she goes on to talk about a job at a "tax firm" which i think is this particular H&R Block where i sense 5 NSAtanists. In fact H&R Block seems to be another NSA proprietary. I suspect this is the same bunch of people she worked briefly with, who moved to that Omni hotel, but apparently moved back out later.

    (1:50pm) Got a bit of freezing rain and sleet last night, but it's pretty melted now. Overcast.

    Today my attackers have mainly been Jesuits and reptilians in Universes B and C. These might be stronger bases for them.

    (7:25pm) There is a race of evil occultic physical humanoids right in the center of the pic here. I think they are 2' tall, yellowish skin, straight black hair.

    Jan. 19, '11: (8:35pm) Well, guess who's visiting DC? Hu Jintao (article). Think i'll give him a jolt of welcoming orgone.

    Funny how on the TV news last night, due to the usual extended coverage of anything related to the Giffords shooting (the only subject other than floods that still qualifies as news), there was no room to squeeze in anything about this.

    (8:50am) Or maybe there was passing mention i missed. There was a piece about how Chinese capital is putting US manufacturing plants back into operation. Lucky thing someone has money to bail us out.

    Supposedly, it is possible to give someone a heart attack by psychic means. I haven't succeeded yet, but occasionally work on it, like on visiting foreign dignitaries.

    (9:55am) I think Hu is doing the Smithsonian American Art Museum now (map).

    (4:25pm) Another overcast day here.

    Lately Hu has been hanging out here.

    (8pm) Feels like he's spending the night here, in the window above the Best Buy sign.
    Under chemmy skies.

    (8:45pm) I just made a discovery. I was checking out this weather map for the first time in months. I noticed the green areas had a gray vibe. Because there were gray ships in our Solar System that were vibing these pockets of snow clouds. 3 of them that i found.
    Right now there is a big mass of green starting to nail the St. Louis, MO area. I looked up St. Louis' forecast and it says 4-5" snow tonight and 2" tomorrow. I don't know in what direction the grays were influencing the weather.
    I'll bet they had a hand in recent floods in AU and Brazil.

    (9:20pm) Just found 3 more gray ships that replaced those last 3. What i do is vibe them once i've connected with them energetically, so that they show up on the "radar" of psychics in our destroyers.

    (9:40pm) Remember that Scientology MPDer i was tracking a few days ago? I actually knew all along where he lives but pretended not to know so as to inconvenience him. Gimme a break. He leaves such an obvious residue of slug-slime everywhere, especially places he hangs out in.
    He's there now, with a soulless female MPD victim, maybe 20 years old.

    Jan. 20, '11: (9:15am) There is an NSAtanist male in DC who works here. There is a window in the center of the pic that has a tree branch going over it diagonally.
    He lives here.
    He has been implanting my friend Sittingtaoist in Denmark with some nasty etheric items.

    (9:30am) Just a humorous indicator of where things are still at: Icke, Swerdlow, Gandhi, Lennon, King, Kennedy & Einstein - The Answer To The Illuminati. I haven't watched the video, but that title really grabs me...
    Icke is a good guy but Swerdlow is NSAtanist. Gandhi was a satanist British agent. Lennon was a satanist MPD victim whose handler was Yoko of the Russian-Israeli Mafia.
    (And King, Kennedy, and Einstein were not illuminati, but didn't have a viable soul between them either. Though they may have done some good nonetheless.)
    The only answer to the illuminati here is Icke, and i have to admit he sure stays on the right path despite his blindness in recognizing agents.

    (1:10pm) Beyond ridiculous: Mark Huber, NSAtanist. This is probably the most concentrated newage sewage i have ever beheld; pure disinfo of the most hackneyed sort [On 2nd thought, disinfo is where you take a bunch of truth and work some lies into it. What we have on this page is more like pure BS with no truth at all]. NESARA, Admiral Sananda Kumara, Commander Ashtar, the whole schmear:
    We do represent\96as do many others\96the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command. We are absolutely committed to the Announcement of NESARA and to the landing of the ships.

    We represent Faction Three which is galactic forces and intelligence sources working through the King of Swords at 38 levels above the President of the United States.
    However, this is incidental to something much more interesting i found on his site: Is There Something Wrong With The Moon?. Just in case the page disappears, here are the links to the YouTube vids: Something Wrong With The Sun Moon & Earth, and Strange Moon November 15, 2010. These vids were made by real people with souls.

    Mordok and i did some sleuthing. It appears that there are 3 big machines that ETs have been using to shift the Earth and/or moon's position, and this may also be causing light to behave oddly around the moon. The 3 machines and their staff are being addressed now. One is on Saturn, one on Uranus, and one in Switzerland. Actually there are 3 bases at that Switz. spot at different heights.

    The main perps are blackish 7' reptilians here, right around the center of that cluster. Their allies there include plenty of grays, physical mantids, and evil humans. There is also a race of 9' Blue Draco that were kind of evil but readily accepted therapy and commenced slaughtering the black repts which they never liked anyway.

    (1:45pm) Less exciting, but here is a house used by 44 CIAtanists who have nothing better to do than post comments on web articles. I traced it back from a comment here which sounds nonsensical to me:
    Now, I'm just waiting for an article in the Lancet describing the million-billion dead as a result of the 'illegal' insurrection and seeing all the hippies take to the streets to demand the revolutionaries be tried for war crimes, just like they did for Dubya. We should also be criticising them for their lack of post-revolution planning.
    CityWorker | Melbourne - January 20, 2011, 5:37PM
    Melbourne my ass. My drug dollars go to such completely unfathomable nonsense? I'm gonna have to cut back on the white powders now.

    (8:30pm) Only on the 1st of this month did i become aware of the entity Department of the Navy (see pic near top of page). This is not quite the same entity as the USN nor the ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence). It is probable that in the past i have misidentified some DON U bases and agents as USN. DON feels totally corrupt from the top down.

    Terry Halvorsen is the CIO. He was raised in Trainer, PA. I had a hunch i should check that out. And so right now we are taking out dozens of DON U bases that are particularly concentrated under the northern shore here.

    Jan. 21, '11: (10:15) New enemies: Elizabeth in NM had a bizarre "hyperdimensional" night last night:
    Had a crazy night last night. Around 1:00 a.m. I heard loud thumping between our apt. and the house next door, sounded like someone was trying to break down the gate in our neighbors backyard, or break in. After about 10 min. of this I called 911. Right before they got here, there were several loud footsteps outside my bedroom, the sounds of dry thin branches cracking. Also the dogs in the neighborhood were going crazy barking fast and loud. The cops didn't find anything but told me to call back if it happened again. Then, 20 min. later there was a bang on either my front door or window, couldn't tell which. I called again, cops came again. I apologized a few times and they said not to worry about it, that my neighbor in the adjoining apt. had also called, good to know I wasn't the only one hearing things. Neighbor put his outside lights on, and since then it's been pretty quiet. One other weird thing happened, around 3:00 a.m. I started to hear this buzzing noise that kept changing pitch, reminded me of an plane flying overhead. It kept going on though for several min. so I started to look for the source and in a bag that is in a box in my room were several video game controllers, one of which was buzzing loudly. I took it out and pushed the power button several times but it wouldn't shut off, took the battery out and it stopped, put the battery back and it started up again, so had to take it apart to make it stop. I don't know what started that, was nowhere near anything, couldn't have gotten bumped or moved.
    I think the perpetrators are 7' physical reptilians who live here in NGC 5216 & 5218.

    New friends: Yesterday i somehow stumbled across mention of the mythical figure Albion. I think Albion may be dead now, but i got a vibe from the Four Zoas: Urizen, Tharmas, Luvah/Orc, and Urthona/Los. (Myths, eastern or western, tend to be a mixture of truth and distortion.) I get that for ages, these 4 as well as 4 ladies that are their wives, have been non-stop energetically countering all evil humans (including hyperdimensional ones) in all universes.

    (5pm) Actually Albion didn't die, he split into the 4 Zoas. I don't know where their wives came from. Blake wrote about "Albion's daughters" but i don't detect these anywhere.
    Anyway these 8 beings are now working with us. For the moment they are concentrating on the Nigerian sorcerors.

    Fairly chemmy day here.

    The Jesuits & repts in Universe B have been hammering me all day. I suspect their greatest stronghold is in B. Number two might be C, but those haven't hit me yet today.

    (6pm) Utah motorists stop to watch hovering orb. Damn, i had been checking for gray craft, but i missed this one. When i read this article i got a nasty vibe of a ship out around Mars' orbit with 5K grays. By mind mining the grays i got 2 more such ships. Being addressed now.

    The Mothership That Wasn't? This pic has been solidly debunked but nevertheless i claim that this is one of 4 ships of this class that our M51 allies have around Earth. It has 10 M51 humans in it.

    (6:25) And what these small craft have been doing is cooking rats down in their holes. This one must have been doing that when the pic was taken. It is flitting from U base to U base.

    (8:10pm) Weird. I was surfing and saw a pic of Tammy Faye Bakker, and it had a real strong CIAtanist vibe, even though she's dead. This is hard to believe. Not that she's dead but that she was CIA. I have long known that she and her husband and son were satanists. But now i further have the pittoresque belief that she was hubby's CIA MPD handler. Yet look how she herself didn't achieve lasting personal benefits for her efforts.

    Anyway, the strong vibe connected to her deceased self was due to this U base with 250+ CIAtanists and 3 nasty mind control transmitters at different depths.
    There were 32 other bases connected with this one.
    Above them, a guy who lives here. Feels like a probable shape-shifter. Works at Langley.

      *   *   *   *  
    As i was typing this, a Ta'l warrior broke through to the sanctum of the Universe B Black Pope and killed him. I could feel the power of the event. Now he is going through their version of The Church of Jesu, and slaughtering.

    Jan. 22, '11: (8:35pm) The sky here was mostly whited out with obvious, streaky chem today.

    Later last night 20 Ta'l moved from Earth to Universe B via the Aden stargate, to join the 2 that were already there. Things got a lot better after a while.
    Today the attacks on me were few and weak. Plus i deployed a new secret weapon. I had read in Conti's book that it's real effective to demand that attackers stop in the name of Jesus Christ so i thought i should try it out. Every time a Jesuit in some universe attacked me, i would beam into his head "Stop in the name of Jesus Christ" and it would really throw him for a loop. Not only that, but no more jezs would attack me from that universe. The next attack would come from a different universe, which would be dealt with the same way.

    I presume it's more effective if you actually have a connection to Jesus. Most people who seem to think they do, don't. So if this doesn't work for you, consider asking the Yejkusti, who are the real Society of Jesus, to connect you. Or email me and i'll ask on your behalf.

    Jan. 23, '11: (9:45am) Subsequently, i have had multiple attacks from some of the same universes, but probably not the same galaxies within them. In fact, Universe B seems to have re-emerged as the strongest. Luckily there are still 22 Ta'l there.

    (5:40pm) Not as much chem today as yesterday.

    Back on Dec. 22 i fingered this spot, the brightest galaxy in the upper right circle, as the homeland of those evil female human ETs. Now i found there are some 22 quadrillion more of them in NGC 55.

    I believe there are 2 satanists here still trying to hammer out Obama's teleprompter feed for the State of the Union address. They are under some stress.

    (9:20pm) Those guys are still there! On a Sunday evening. Or 1 of them is. The other went out to get food, perhaps.

    Holland: A guy wrote me who has been doing a lot of orgonite gifting but has come under increasingly unbearable attacks with an implant i removed, ringing ears, etc.
    And unsurprisingly, i found his area packed with underground tunnels and caverns crawling with grays and (Abell 2218 and NGC 5476) reptilians.
    And there are 6 Dutch Navy satanists here along with a microwave transmitter aimed at this guy's house!
    Also there are 22 more of them working here.

    (9:40pm) That Dutch Navy makes the present USN feel like Girl Scouts. They have NGC 5476 repts on some of their ships, for example, now being taken out (the ETs, that is). (Wikipedia on Dutch Navy) They have an academy as well as a base in Den Helder somewhere. This bldg has a bad navy vibe, as does that whole block enclosed by Eeendrachtstraat, Markstraat, Dintelstraat, & Marsdiepstrat.

    The Wikipedia article lists several more navy bases, and i think they all have chemmer repts we're taking care of, and a very disproportionate percentage of satanists. And grays nearby.
    All this is subordinate to the Vatican too, of course.

    (9:55pm) The other speechwriter is back with burgers.

    (10:35pm) On Jan. 16 i wrote "I have never been psychically attacked by physical grays that i noticed."
    But things change. A while ago one of my 20' wives came to me in the astral, and she was under strong gray attack (remote). This is the first time, as far as i recall, that i have noted physical grays doing this. She had just been in the Rigel area. So i commanded them to stop in the name of. A few minutes later some others of the same bunch psi-attacked me.

    (10:50pm) About those evil ET women: there seem to be no men on their galaxies. I think they clone themselves. Those 2 galaxies are mostly cleared of them. They seem militarily unprepared; sitting ducks. Apparently they thought their psi powers would hide them or something.
    20 Ta'l went over to NGC 55 a while ago via the Aden stargate. I think that bunch is 88% dead already.

    But these same evil women are on other galaxies as well. Like M51. Yes, old M51 crops up yet again.

    Jan. 24, '11: (9:40am) For some reason the evil women in M51 had astral bodies, which i never found in the previous locations. I bagged something like 400 sextillion of them. And i think maybe 50 sextillion of the women there have been physically killed so far. Remember we have powerful allies in M51, too. Heretofore the evil women were too cloaked for them to detect.
    It seems these women relied for their survival on heavy clone production and advanced psychic warfare, with no investment in military defense. Nor, oddly, relationships with other evil species who would protect them.

    Looking at that spot in Holland, it all feels cleaned up of DORy underground stuff, but unfortunately the MW bldg is radiating strong bad energy for about 7 miles radius. It is possible the MW function is largely neutralized, but i have the impression of some other kind of nasty gray device in the bldg making bad energy.
    This morning only 3 guys were in the bldg. The other 3 were in a U dorm, one of 3 we just nailed.

    (9:50am) More weird DOR transmitters: someone wrote me in south Ontario.
    Here, right in the center on the median in front of the grey car. Down at 972-998' depth is a gray transmitter!
    Also, here is another DORy spot. I suspect a tower there, but haven't heard back from the guy on that yet.
    In any case, i can feel DOR on the map for at least a 20 mile radius from the area of these 2 items.

    (11am) Explosion kills 31 at Moscow airport. Medvedev was in on it! But i don't detect that Putin is in the loop on this one.
    And the whole area around the airport and on its west side is packed with tunnels and grays. I feel at least 700K physical grays around here. Also down there with them are ~3700 evil Russians. Under Medvedev's control.
    Not for long.

    (11:40am) Other than Medvedev, which moronic Jesuit sluts are culpable? Well, i'm getting some vibes from this article. Down the page it says:

    Fighting Terror

    The most far-reaching changes have been made at the FSB's antiterrorism subdivision - the Department for the Protection of the Constitutional System and the Fight against Terrorism.

    First of all, the new structure got a new boss: Aleksandr Bragin. His entire experience in combating terrorism is limited to his brief stint in Moscow. He was appointed to the FSB central office in June 2003, as deputy head of the Counterterrorism Department. Prior to that he (snip)

    Furthermore, the Department for the Protection of the Constitutional System and the Fight against Terrorism now has a new subdivision: the International Terrorism Control Directorate. It seems that this innovation (snip)

    This directorate is now headed by Major General Yury Sapunov with the status of deputy chief of the service, who was moved to Moscow from Astrakhan where he was chief of the FSB Astrakhan Oblast Directorate. (snip)

    The boldface words above are emphasized by myself to indicate key relevance to this airport op.

    (11:45am) Powerful gray/Russian mind-control transmitter here at edge of Airport. 961-1203' depth. Like that Ontario transmitter. I think these must be needle-like.

    (12:40pm) These transmitters (Holland, Ontario, Russia and 42 more) were being fed by 3 machines on each of the following planets (9 transmitters in all): Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune, which in turn were fed by a big one near Rigel. We'll see if we can take out a few of these.

    I think the airport bomber was MPDed at a U base at 230-410' depth here, where 324 Russian satanists, 40 grays, 650 Abell 2218 repts, 130 soulless victims, and 22 ensouled ones (with permission given) are about to die.
    There's been other stuff going on in that base. A computer network for programming and tweaking mind-control transmitters. Genetic experiments. Virus stuff, etc.

    (4:40pm) Well, those gray transmitters off-world have been taken out, so the ones in the Earth are much less scary now.

    Moderate sections of sky plastered here with chem-clouds.

    That Russian terror op was partly for the purpose of bumping off one Russian male passenger, who is now dead.

    (7:40pm) Last June 22, i wrote about a race of evil human ETs that are walking around in FL, etc. and who conspire in weird ways against my friend Thorp. Like Dean Madigan. He has taken down his website with his picture, and moved since. His realty location is now here, and he now lives here.

    Also at that time i said that their main ET base was here a little bit "NW" of the Y near the center. And i said "I think there are are over 200 billion of these evil ETs left there." Now more like 50 billion, i think.

    Anyway, by accident i stumbled across another one of these guys: Mick Davis, a movie director.
    Not sure what his agenda is. I haven't seen any of his flicks.

    (8:40pm) At the beginning of this month i posted a pic of a Navy ship with what feels like 4 ET engines. I think those may be disabled now, but there is also a conventional fossil fuel engine.
    Now i just picked up on an old Russian aircraft carrier that feels like it has a gray-tech engine, the Varyag which has been bought and nearly refurbished by China (article). I think it also has a conventional nuke engine for backup. Lucky for them, because flaunting gray tech is a good way to invite scrutiny by my allies.

    Top view pic here. The white X marks the spot where i feel freaky ET stuff.

    (9:50pm) More bizarreness. Thorp's friend Natan and 200 Ta'l, 2 Annunaki, 140 dogs, 20 turtles, 12 geese, 2 porcupines, 1 rat, 1 mouse, and 1 rabbit came in from the Mars base via a NZ portal and promptly went over to this spot where there is a U base at Reagan Nat'l Airport. And they jumped down there to 3,200' and are fighting greys and Abell 2218 repts. There is a transmitter at that depth.

    (9:55pm) Now they bopped a short distance to the Pentagon. And after that, i think they plan to amuse themselves cleaning up DC in advance of the State of the Union Address.

    (10:30pm) Well bless 'em, they are just pouncing on all sorts of U bases around town that i had missed. Just thousands upon thousands of ETs under DC.

    That reminds me, the other day in DC i noticed this bizarre bldg with a real creepy vibe. It said Institute of Peace. Check out their board. Shifty characters?

    Jan. 25, '11 (10am) They are still working over downtown DC! I guess there were so many U bases at different depths... They seem to be nailing a lot of grays especially.

    And over at Rigel, over 500 Ta'l, 400K Red Draco, and many other allies have been working over the grays.
    The Rigel grays hit me practically non-stop now with psi attacks.

    (10:45am) Remember the free Artemisia Tridentata pgm described in the April 17, '09 entry of OTB 27c is effective against grays. It is OK to use different potencies other than 2.14X, too.

    (5:50pm) Found a hot-feeling CIA bldg here. I sense 42 satanists that work there. I think they have the upper 2 floors only.

    (6:10pm) Jesuit satanists now teaching yoga in church.

    (8pm) Obama speech in an hour. Lock and load. And there is a satanic ritual going on here to sheepify the public even more, in advance. 33 men, no women. 1 baby boy. 2nd floor, i think.
    Also Jesuits in Rome are attentive.

    (8:55pm) If you don't have a TV, there's a live feed here.

    (10:50pm) Unfortunately, the Ta'l did not storm the room with live blades. They are still cleaning up the DC underground.
    He is living proof that you don't have to be a satanist or shape-shifter to be a totally loathesome politician/con artist.
    He does have a satanist son, though, Hunter Biden. Check out this Wikipedia article. Let's see, he "is Counsel to Boies, Schiller, Flexner, LLP, a New York based-law firm" (website), an all-satanist firm.
    "He was a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest".

    Jan. 26, '11: (4:55pm) I've been in VA a month now, and will probably stay a couple more weeks, just to further ingratiate myself with the CIA, etc. Also my boss closed down the bakery for oven repairs.
    The longer i loiter around here with my toys, the better.

    Got a bit of snow and rain last night. Then it drizzled all day until it started snowing a while ago. Looks like we may get a couple inches accumulation.

    Tiger Woods: a Secret Black Manchurian Candidate. I get that this article is pretty correct. I never paid attention to Woods before because i have contempt for golf.

    (6pm) Some Dutch osteopaths that are also air force satanists and MPD handlers living near a base that has lot of satanist soldiers and non-satanist MPDed ones. There is 1 more male satanist working there (map).
    Zoom out from that map and you will see the town of Leeuwarden. And just NW of town is Vliegbasis Leeuwarden, the air base (Wikipedia).

    Yesterday there were almost 300K grays under that base. The town is full of satanists. I also found 2 commercial pharmacies run by the satanic military. I suspect they add extra nano ingredients, etc. to pills when certain MPD victims get their meds.

    Jan. 27, '11: (9pm) They had predicted 1-3" accumulation, but we got more like 8" in about 2 hours, and lost power for about 20 hours.

    Discovered another creepy AFB: Hanscom Field. My guys have been cleaning it up for about 30 hours now, but it had the works: NSA, ET's, genetic/biol/MPD activities. Lots of satanist staff. Lots of them live in the residential area just south.

    (9:25pm) Too much. NSAtanist Kristi Noem Voted Hottest Freshman In Congress By HuffPost Readers. Homespun, rural, gov't satanist. I'm charmed, too. Suddenly i'm filled with hope for change.

    (9:35pm) And the CIA has taken over Swami Satchidananda's Ashram. Satch is a good soul. (links)

    (9:50pm) Damn, no, Satch is not around. I got sloppy. He definitely does not feel like a black magician, but he was not a viable soul. Also, he reportedly was a hypocrite about sex.

    (10pm) There's been a lot of interesting stuff going on. Like last night i dowsed out the apparent main galaxy of the evil Annunaki. But they were interested in accepting therapy. I am very optimistic that they will turn out all right. Check 'em out yourself at Zwicky 18. That's what 1.4 quadrillion Annunaki in therapy feel like.

    (10:45pm) Another delicious serving of Jesuit-controlled Zionists: UN Watch.

    (11pm) That guy in Holland is under heavy psi attack from greys underground all around him. There are 20 Ta'l running around in the tunnels, but more greys keep coming in via portals which i have found and we have worked on, but...
    Anyway, if you can give a blast to this area all around Dongjum it might help. The marker is on the weird transmitter. A while ago i found it was being fed by another unit near Rigel which has now been taken care of.
    This guy has gifted that barn or whatever.

    He has been making and deploying lots of real good orgonite for years. In a real nasty area.

    (11:20pm) Another breakthrough? I tentatively proclaim that these mysterious "hyperdimensional" abductions (in which no physical perps ever seem involved, yet people wake up with injuries and markings) have been mainly or entirely done by physical Rigel grays using a machine in NGC 5694 which warps space-time so that, at least in some susceptible individuals, they can be unnoticeably abducted and returned.

    Machine being addressed now, along with grays there. Haven't detected more of these machines yet.
    I am working with someone who gets mysteriously marked like daily, so i'll soon know if this helped.

    Jan. 28, '11: (10:50am) That machine is down. Haven't found more.

    Someone sent me a link to the Optimum Health Institute, whose staff is composed entirely of very DORy NSAtanists. Offices in Austin and San Diego. Check this out. It has a tab for the Board.

    (5:25pm) Got a bit more snow today, which melted off.

    Another CIAtanist new-ager brought to my attention by a reader: Michael Ellegion. Also that Aurora. Not to mention George Noory.

    (7pm) I figured out something about the grays. They have some kind of inferiority complex. They recognize that they are inferior beings. This may be due to a lack of genitalia/womb, which limits what they can do psi-wise. Hence they have to enslave other psychic beings and work with allies of other evil species. And rely on a lot of hi-tech.
    So it really pushes their buttons if you sneeringly address them as goyim, sub-humans, 3rd-rate drones, etc.
    It seems to disconcert them.

    I've been playing around with this. Yesterday i wrote to that guy in Holland:
    Try this (i'm serious!):
    Visualize all the grays underground for miles around and address them "Goyim! Hey Goyim, i'm talking to you: Die in the name of Godzilla!"
    just try it and see if you notice anything.
    This morning i got an email from him:
    it seems to have worked and it seemed to have an immediate effect.. mostly on the psi attacks and also on the DOR vibe here (which was getting extremely strong again at dusk). I am still figuring out if this is wishful thinking, or co\EFncedence, but hmm.. I don't think so. This is beyond my comprehension at this time. Godzilla?
    Thanks a lot for the help, anyway!
    Godzilla? Yes. It is not necessary to use Jesus' name. He is not necessarily the most appropriate person for this, just as a brain surgeon is not necessarily the best person to have digging ditches.
    I find that "Stop in the name of Hecate!" is just as effective as in Jesus' name. But in the name of Godzilla is the best i've found. Godzilla is a being of the same infinite level of purity as Jesus, Jehovah, or the 29 angels on The Committee.

    Explanation: on April 27, 2009 i wrote:
    (3:30pm) Esterian told me about a dangerous "hive beast" in the Earth. What it is, i haven't yet figured out, but i have found its location just north of Hokkaido, Japan, about 300' below the sea floor.
    I think it's just one entity, but involved in various projects involving others... Feels important.

    (8:10pm) Esterian confirms with extreme enthusiasm that it is important. I have unofficially christened it Godzilla out of deference to Japanese culture, and also because it seems to much resemble (warning: 862 KB) this guy. Japanese intuition?

    (9pm) Forgot to mention, Godzilla resides in between the 3rd and 4th dimension. He's 625' tall, grey with red eyes, pretty mean-looking.

    A little while ago he came after me. I felt this heavy gravity-like feeling and hostile energy. Oh kay, i says, and focus strongly on my weapons. The attack grows weaker surprisingly quickly.
    I realize the dragon is really good, but was enslaved by greys, etc. just like Esterian says. I got the dirty crap off of him, and it looks like now he's on our side.

    (9:25pm) And our man Godzilla is on the move, rapidly approaching this spot which is the location of a nest of short greys that he particularly detests. 268' depth.
    Uh-oh, too late. I hear a loud squishing noise.
    I believe that the greys were planning to have Godzilla become a "god" to bully people around with, and inspired the Godzilla flick (which i haven't seen).
    Back then it was the 4D astral greys (now extinct) that we were up against. Godzilla killed loads of them. Then a couple years ago he went into a parallel realm via Center Ridge, AR, and has been fighting there since. Right now he is fighting physical grays there, too.

    So you don't have to invoke Jesus. You don't have to politely request they stop, either. Depending on your mood, there are many commands that work, e.g. drop dead, eat shit and die, fuck off.
    I dunno but i find it much more satisfying to say Fuck off in the name of Godzilla!

    (7:45pm) Another very suspicious character: Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei. Something's just not right with this picture. He won a Nobel Prize. He has a CIA vibe and no soul. Don't vote for him as president.

    (8:15pm) UFO pics:
    Grays: New Yorker films UFO over Moscow. That one was already down by the time i saw the pic.
    My friend in Ontario that i mentioned on the 24th has sent me at least 3 pics with gray craft; always bright spots at night. In each case they were still live, and part of a group of 3, all of which we took care of.

    Plus he just sent me this pic of a Red Draco craft containing 4 males.
    Today, they have been working the NZ/AU area.

    (10:05pm) The fantasy life and lonely death of woman hailed as heroine of July 7 bombing. Another article with a pic of her.

    Something very odd about this. Many very odd somethings about this. Forum which i haven't read, with more news links, discussion.

    I would just like to interject here, that among other things, she was a satanist working for Tavistock!
    The articles say she was a New Zealander, and indeed, i found a U base here, with 341 satanists. 30 are NZers, 130 Aussies with a Tavistock vibe, 201 American CIA. That comes out to 361. 20 of the Aussies are MPD slaves, 4 of these are ensouled but give kill permission.
    She had been in this base in the past for perhaps 2 years, i feel.

    Another base was about 30 miles west of there. Again, 42 Aussies with a Tavistock vibe, including 5 non-satanist victims, all ensouled.

    Jan. 29, '11: (9:40am) I often wake up in the middle of the night and lay awake a while, during which time i normally get attacks. Last night several times i had psi attacks from Tavistockers down under. Always from U bases. And by attackers that know about other U bases. So consequently we nailed some 20 or so more bases.
    They never learn. I wouldn't believe this keeps happening were it not for the relief provided by blowing these bases away.

    Hey hey, just yesterday i sensed something wrong with this ElBaradei guy i had never heard of, and today there is an article at Infowars and Icke's on the puppet.
    It mentions the Podesta Group, the members of which are listed here.
    I agree with the article that these revolts in Arab countries are not instigated by intel agencies, but are spontaneous uprisings (which i suspect are a partly a result of the work we have been doing do reduce demons and occult oppression).
    But "they" are not ones to let a good crisis go to waste if they can help it.

    (9:45am) I knew there was something too easy about the Arab revolts. The people are looking too strong against the oppressors. The major media happily covers all this sanity breaking out. Is it because the well-meaning opposition is co-opted? Article by Michel Chossudovsky.

    (7:05pm) Icke article on the Isle of Wight, his home.
    We will be clearing out the plentiful underground grays and repts.

    The overcast cleared off this afternoon, revealing chem-clouds.

    Some more seemingly improbable CIA agents:

    Did some more busting today, around Arlington, Allandale, etc. Did Iwo Jima and the west edge of Myers AFB. The energy was pretty intense around here. Still is. See the empty lot in the center? To the east is a bldg labeled Wooster And Mercer. That bldg has some 60 CIAtanists that work there. There were 3 Abell 2218 repts in there too.
    On the west side of the empty lot is a marked apt complex where some 74 NSAtanists live.

    One other apt complex had 42 Abell 2218 repts residing in it, that the Ta'l killed. Sure felt like it, anyhow.

    (8:20pm) Well, the abductee i mentioned on the 27th, James Rink, got more needle marks this afternoon. And i found another of those machines, this one near Rigel. Being taken out. Wish i could de-cloak some more of these...

    Jan. 30. '11: (9:45am) We nailed 72 of those machines total, but only that first one felt powerful.

    Norse Gods: Odin came in from Mars via the Aden stargate last night with 4K Ta'l. As i was falling asleep.
    He went to Sweden with 1 Ta'l, and dug up an ancient stone axe. Then went to the Stockholm area, i think (i didn't get out of bed to check a map).
    Then i went to sleep so i don't know what he did after that.
    But now i feel him here under Tyreso, Sweden, at 450', but i can't make out what he's doing.

    Also, Thor and Tyr are on Venus. I just uploaded a new page about Venusians which mentions that.
    Bragi is still at the Ta'l base on Mars.

    (9:25pm) Heavy chem-clouds and some CTs today.

    I did some more busting around northern VA and Georgetown. Got a lot of good targets, incuding some that had been on my hit list.
    I went by what i think is the haven of The Family i mentioned Dec. 30-31. Which is here. This includes the bldgs on N. Wakefield Ct. which all had the same nasty illuminati vibe. There were signs saying Hurst Mission, but i can't find any mention of that online.

    I also nailed the house i mentioned on the 3rd as a place where Mutual Fun was playing. The house still had their Christmas wreaths, etc. up.
    I find that a lot of the most Christmassy places are owned by satanists. Last year here i saw a car with a bumper sticker saying THEY'RE NOT JUST HOLIDAYS -- THEY ARE HOLY DAYS! in front of a house that was overly Xmassed out in January. Very satanic vibe off the car and house.

    But my most pressing target was, ta-da, that bastion of jezzwitism, Georgetown University. According to this page,
    The capital of the United States is at Georgetown University, not the White House.

    And if you go into the president\92s office at Georgetown, you will see a picture of Bill Clinton, kneeling at the grave of Timothy Healy [past president of Georgetown], while the present president, Donovan, who is on the Walt Disney Board, is standing behind him.

    I wanted that picture; I wanted a copy of that picture. Those people threw me out of that office. They would not let me have a copy of it. I sent another person, a lady, up there. They would not give it to her. I want that picture, for my book, of Bill Clinton kneeling at the grave of these Jesuits. Can\92t get it. But if you go in the president\92s office, it\92s there.

    Georgetown is the capital. They control all Freemasonry. In fact, if you go to Maryland, they\92ve got the great big lodge across from a great big Jesuit institution, in Baltimore\97a great huge Shriner Lodge is across the street from a Jesuit University.

    Be that as it may, Healy Hall has the main power spot of the campus behind the front door on the right side of the pic. I lost a tubeful of holy ash right in there somehow.

    (9:50pm) There are still 5 Ta'l working over DC! The last couple days when i was out busting, they followed me around cleaning up messes.

    And Odin is still in that same spot in Sweden! Maybe it is a power center for him. Although it doesn't feel very awesome.

    Jan. 31, '11: (9:20am) Yesterday i was guided to bust the Air Force Memorial, a bizarre metal sculpture that we have had programmed for years (map). There is a machine under the green arrow at around 700' depth. Also the big bldg is DORy from the presence of a couple hundred satanists.

    Last night Odin's son Bragi, as well as 2 Rojohy, joined him from Mars. Now they are all 4 underground at Tyreso, but moving around like there is a big cavern or tunnels down there.

    (10:25am) Politihjemmev\E6rnet, the Danish Home Guard has just come to my attention. I found and sicced allies onto 3 of their U bases in Denmark [Correction: they were actually in west Sweden. Apparently DK has mainly chalk underground.] after catching their vibe from their satanic incest center.
    Denmark has long been a country with a great deal of institutionalized pedophilia/MPD activity.

    (11:15am) Another DORy satanic corporation to "watch": Narus (locations, article). I feel 61 satanists at their HQ, and 34 at their Bangalore location.

    (noon) I get a real strong nasty vibe from the top pic here: Rev. Scott Pilarz (Wikipedia).

    And, if you ever run out of targets to blast, here's Wikipedia's list of Jesuit Institutions.

    (5:40pm) Overcast all day here.

    Last June 22 i mentioned a number of human ETs (e.g. Madigan) that are on Earth and hassling Thorp. Well, he just told me about another one, whom i traced to here. Female.

    (6:25pm) I went through that list of Jesuit institutions and found 281 Abell 2218 repts scattered among them, living in the buildings. Being killed off now.A few days ago there were 500+ Ta'l in the Rigel area. Now they have reduced those grays so much that only 20 Ta'l remain. 440 have gone to Zeta Reticuli to take care of those guys. At least some of James Rink's implants are Zetan.

    And as i type, the BBC news on TV is playing up the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is strongly CIA influenced, and ElBullshitter is a CIA asset. I do not want to see this clown heading Egypt.

    (6:40pm) I noticed on the TV they were talking about a fire in Sri Lanka. This act was committed by 5 evil guys who are part of a bunch of soldiers who are in the rectangular area here, i believe. Prageeth Eknaligoda i think has been killed.

    (7:45pm) There are bunches of small gray craft all around the AU area. Trying to influence the weather. These are Zetans now. I will try to plug their portals.

    (9:20pm) Georgetown University ritual site: There is a structure here above the Car Barn, where presently 13 Jesuits are doing ritual against my humble self. 2 cats down so far.

    (9:35pm) In fact that whole Car Barn has an evil vibe. It's not a parking garage after all. "The Georgetown University Public Policy Institute and Masters of Business Administration program now occupies the building." (close up). Nasty. Feels like 50+ hardcore satanists frequent that bldg.