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Loohan's blog for September, 2011
Sep. 1, '11: (9:45am) Nigerian Illuminati Hip-Hop black magicians: all the stars on this page are black magicians and punk-ass hoes to the nazis. Website is amazingly slow right now. There is a link also to the 5 richest pastors in Nigeria. And, as one might expect, all are BMs.

(5:20pm) Pics of new cones as well as the mold i used for 1 of them.

Sep. 2, '11: (7:50am) As you can see by the nipples on that pic, i can't seem to overcome my nurturing instincts toward my enemies.

It's been dry here, and in the 90s in the afternoons. Chem-clouds daily.

DOJ Advises Gibson Guitar to Export Labor to Madagascar. There you have it, folks. If anyone dares to run an ethical manufacturing business in this country, they will be illegally destroyed by criminal tyrants with badges. There are no absolutes in this world, except for these agencies' absolute lack of legitimate authority to tell anyone what to do.
The nerve: providing Americans with jobs.

(3:50pm) Another hot afternoon. Thunder, chem-clouds, real clouds.

I am way behind on my webwork. I need to put in some more info on the Auburn ET page, make a similar page with pix for the SLC ETs, etc.
But there are a few hot tidbits i want to post now:
  • Best Buy Geek Squad home theater installers. That woman on the page at this time is an M32 half-breed. Apparently they have infiltrated this particular branch of the Geek Squad. I sense some 42 of them around the country working these jobs. Which gives them an entry into affluent people's homes whom they can covertly victimize.
  • Valley Regional Fire Authority. That guy presently on the page is a full-blood. I sense 23 more M32ers here. They run it. I have photos of a number of them, not yet posted.
  • Apria Healthcare is not M32. It is those ETs as abound around SLC. They have a search engine for their 550+ locations (including Little Rock, but i found out too late to bust them this time). All those people depicted on their site at this time have their vibe. And there are people of different races. For some reason, with this ET bunch, i haven't been able to dowse their breeding details. In fact, i had the impression they kept to themselves.
    Their main office appears to be here in Lake Forest, CA, south of L.A., and i have the impression of 141 of them in that town.
Their Little Rock office has a conspicuosly DORy bldg nearby. DORy because of one of it's ET tenants, Dr. Helen B. Casteel, MD.
The location of Apria is apparently what is presently shown as an empty site just south of the good doctor here.

(4pm) And here are plenty of online pix of a full-blood M32er: Jay Mariotti. (Wikipedia, business.) Lessee, born in Pittsburgh; i'll have to remember to follow up on that sometime. The GF he altercated with is also a FB. Hmm, pathetic full-blood ETs use Earth court systems to resolve their interpersonal issues. Pathetic. "He allegedly pulled a chunk of her hair out..." hehehe

Sep. 3, '11: (6:15pm) Normally i don't find it amusing when men brutalize women, but there is an occasional exception.

Hot today, but after tomorrow it is supposed to cool off dramatically.
I just checked the Lufkin wunderground page. It says
A large area of association with Tropical Storm Lee...was located along and east of a Lufkin...Nacogdoches and Carthage Texas near Vivian Louisiana and to just south of Prescott Arkansas. This large area of rain was moving to the northwest near 10 mph. While the rain was mostly light...areas of moderate showers were being observed over much of deep East Texas into west central Louisiana. Rainfall amounts will generally remain less than one quarter of an inch through early evening. However... areas from Lake Sam Rayburn into west central Louisiana near Natchitoches may receive up to one half inch of additional rain. Lake Wind Advisory in effect until 7 PM CDT this evening...
All the "..."s are theirs, not mine.

(7:20pm) You know, lately as i read Icke's headlines, etc. i keep reading about more atrocities committed daily in the US and UK by law enforcement against ensouled people. Seems like the cops only beat up ensouled people lately.
You effing nazis just don't get it, do you? You have no regard for legal boundaries. Fatal.

Thuggery against the ensouled by the soulless is a violation of Loohan Law #745. It is punishable by death.
And i will kill all of you degenerate, criminal tyrants. Not quickly by physical means, alas, but slowly by psychotronic doo-dads.
And i am not talking just to "law enforcement" scofflaws; i am speaking to every Jesuit priest and every one of his minions all the way down to these cops. I am going to destroy your nazi empire entirely. At least contribute to its demise in a big way.

(7:50pm) DORy place in Paris: Pgl Conseil. I feel 23 satanists working with them.

(8:05pm) Our Saviour's Lutheran Pre-School & Infant Care in Long Beach. Whew, do not send your kids there. Horrible satanic pedo vibes.
This page has one (rave) review of the school, by an MPD victim with MPD kids.

Somebody local brought this to my attention. But really, a google search of this church turns up nothing but this same strong vibe.
I never heard of this church before, but it feels worse than average.

(9:05pm) Notice to orgone crafters who have been working with The Committee.

Sep. 4, '11: (7:40am) Nice cool breeze this morning. Chem-clouds.

Another nail in the coffin of the nazi criminals. The same establishment shoving toxic GMO and all kinds of crap down the throats of Americans is messing with yet another ensouled person seeking harmless relief: New Jersey Medical Marijuana Patient with Multiple Sclerosis Sent to Prison for Five Year Sentence.
Die, filth! You scum are doomed. Anybody out there that can think of a single reason to let these parasites live?

(6pm) It's cooling off.

Pic of new Combat Cone.

Sep. 5, '11: (8am) One cost of being too cheap/stupid/willfully ignorant to take my recommendations: Fires rage across Texas.
This could have been prevented by hiring me to go down and bust it, and/or Texans making a bunch of S-B orgonite. But there'd be no gov't disaster funds if there's no disaster. What would life be without constant created disasters requiring gov't "efficiency"?

And there used to be a warrior down there that would do something, but alas, now in his dotage, everything is "natural" and therefore not to be addressed: chem-clouds, drought, the demons causing the drought, are all a part of nature's wisdom.

Cool and clear here this morning, except for a bank of chem to the east.

(8:30am) Damn, i just remembered something. I think it was evening before last when i was out watering my garden, that i felt something evil in the sky. I looked up to see 2 chemtrails being laid, one by a drone, but the other by a physical plane. I made a note to check for its base on the map, but then forgot.
Just now i checked the map and was immediately drawn to this spot which google labels 4776 Fancy Hill Rd Caddo Gap, AR 71935. However that addy might be wrong, as according to this that address is a single-family home with 968 sq ft.
I seem to sense some 25 satanists. Not sure this has anything to do with the plane.

(12:05pm) It's noon and it's so cool, i'm still wearing sweatshirt, bandana, long jeans.
My website is now on a new server. I think everything migrated over alright, but let me know of any missing graphics, etc.

Today is one of those days where i could stand outside and film chem-clouds being shredded all day. I just uploadedRight-click and download. The audio is just wind noise (a small amount of it mine).
Youtube won't let me upload anything today, but screw 'em, i got my own site.

Also i added a few more M32 businesses to the Auburn ETs page.

Sep. 6, '11: (8:35am) Cool. It isn't supposed to get up to 80 again for another 4 days.

Damn, i can't find where i posted about doing that test of remote-busting the drought in Lufkin, TX. I think i posted that on Aug. 23. But i must've overwritten it by mistake with an earlier version of my blog.
Anyway, i had hoped for results within 3 weeks, but now it doesn't look likely. I know we cleaned up a bunch of stuff, but...
In any case, my guidance now is to keep working on Lufkin regardless.

Dutchsinse Youtube Account Shut Down. And i still can't upload to my account. Might be a temporary bug. All i get is a perpetual hourglass if i try to upload.
Just upload the dern vids to your own site, Dutch. Then people can download them easily.

(10:15am) Latest cone off the press.

(6:35pm) It was perfectly clear all day anytime i thought to check.

There is again some strong bad mysterious energy happening at that Citadel house in Charleston.

Sep. 7, '11: (6:05pm) Heavy chem today. And heavy ripples for a while. This first pic was taken in the morning. Then i jailed all the demons causing the ripples and they went away.

Then in the afternoon i happened to notice that the sky was still unrippled. But 5-10 minutes later, i saw this mess:

This time it took almost an hour of constant use of all my jailer hardware to get rid of it. It faded away very gradually. And remained gone.

(7pm) As if i didn't have enough issues to deal with. As if the Seattle area didn't have enough creepos...
Read my blog post about gang stalking January 12. This same guy is being attacked by the same crew again, and they have accumulated a huge amount of energy and are much stronger than last time. I'm getting a bunch of kickback even with all my new stuff.

The main 2 present attackers, a woman who i think is Jennifer Lynne Anderson and her BF, are presently here at the Japanese English Interpreter place.
Doing a search on that i found this site which has more of the same kind of DORy black magicians! Same cult.
Woodinville location. Google doesn't recognize the Japan addy.

(7:05pm) However, i did find buttloads of DORy demons in a large area of Japan, like here that are tied in with these people, and are the source of their power. Haven't been able to bag the whole species yet (unusual), although i think it is only 1 extraordinary species.

(7:20pm) I think the demons are about 60' underground.

My Seattle contact names 2 perps that i can't find on google but that have the vibe: Barbra Smith/Barbara Morman/Dawn Bernard and Caron Leia MacPherson.

Sep. 8, '11: (9am) Fair bit of thready, sylphed chem this morning. A bit of ripply stuff again, being addressed.

Built a disk base for one of my big cones (pic).

A while ago i felt some USN mind-control garbage kick up. This is closely related to the Citadel/warriormatrix bunch. This whole area around Moncks Corner, SC is full of tunnels at 400' or so. I found the biggest bases under the high school and middle school. Preparing our youngsters for the future.
There are more there, as they just started hitting me back from near the airport. Suicidal bunch.

(5:50pm) I am still finding more dirtballs in pockets under the Moncks Corner area when i check.

Also another one of "those" language schools: Seattle Languages International. Probably all the people who work at the 5 WA branches listed bottom left are stalker black magic cultists. I don't feel their vibe in the ones listed in right column except for 3 individuals at the 'Frisco branch.

Well, wunderground lied again the other day. It has exceeded 80 degrees each of the last 3 days.
Heavy sylph action all day. Noticed no more ripples.

Sep. 9, '11: (8:50am) More sylphed chem-clouds this morning.

The moon will be full in 3 days, and i have been feeling its energy. Its energy is changing for the better, i think, due to activities on our base there.

We also have a base now on Saturn, a substantial one. Saturn is another body that has been associated with negative energies and illuminati.
Our base is right in the center of this pic. There are Venusians, Ta'l, Plejarans, and many other races there. And many lovely exotic wives of mine who keep promising to encounter me on the physical plane for frolic. Yeah, any day now, no doubt.

(1:05pm) This neighborhood adjoining Hill AFB has at least 21 houses with at least 39 of those SLC area ETs. I think they work for the USAF.

(2pm) Another sickeningly DORy "healer" witch: Christina Wright-Lonheim of Seattle. The people she associates with are OK.

(2:35pm) Now for some good news: there are people in Turkish gov't who have souls and spines as well: Israel calls Turkey’s threat to send warships ‘grave and serious’.
BTW Syrian president Assad also has a soul, as do Saleh of Yemen and Karzai of Afghanistan. Offhand, i am having trouble thinking of any other country's leader that has one. But there might be a couple.

Sep. 10, '11: (6:50pm) Cooler today. Largely overcast. Heavy chem-clouds. Saw a bit of "HAARP" look in chemclouds this morning, and dealt with it effectively.

I have this occasional phenomenon whereby a jpeg on my server will turn into a 0 byte nothing. I do not know what causes this, and it just happened on my new server, too. Then in my confusion i overwrote my 1 good copy with the bad one off the web.
If anyone cached a copy of CombatConeAluminum1.jpg, please send it to me [update: never mind]. It's the one that looks real breastlike and has lots of shavings. I posted it Sep. 4.

(7pm) Hah, never mind. As i was closing down my PC, i noticed that i had that pic as desktop wallpaper! So i did a screen capture of my wallpaper and got the pic back.

(8:05pm) Noticing anything freaky about the moon's vibes tonight? I just took this pic of it along with some of that fluffy stuff the Natural State is noted for.
The energy is really intense. We got a full moon coming up to meet the 10th anniversary of the Great Burnt Offering. The darkside is all astir. Or trying to be. Luckily, we have Combat Cones to the rescue. These are so powerful, and i sense that several other people have been making some.

It is especially dangerous to get Antuvozy to design and program a coil to go around one. We have added to this coil a bit since the pic was taken. She's still programming it now, but already has this unit up to 1000X the power that it would have minus the coil. This is major.

Sep. 11, '11: (4:20pm) That pic sure sweetened up overnight. At least it was fairly sweet this morning, but now it's gotten a bit DORy again. Demons around the moon, trying to stop its energy from shifting too much.

I went to bed early, and then woke up around 11:30 and couldn't get back to sleep for hours. A lot was happening. 'Vozy was still programming the coil, and eventually got it up to 2500X.
Meanwhile i was blowing away various scummy characters. Interestingly, i kicked up quite a bit of black magic protective spells on Biden and Perry. Less so on Kolvenbach.
When i started hitting Biden, i got attacked by demons. Biden is himself not a black magician that i can tell (just a sleazy thug) but i had the impression of 4 Jesuits connected to Georgetown U having cast numerous spells so that anyone attacking him gets attacked. And these were part of a group of 8. It is very unusual for illuminati to work in quartets and octets.

Then when i reamed Perry, i had the impression of some other black magicians having cast numerous similar protective spells on him; probably "conservative Christians". And that these were part of a group of several hundred in TX.

Kolvenbach, i think Thorp is right about him. He seems to be the #1 Jesuit honcho again.

Also fried Tim Rifat a bit, and Lufkin area drought demons, and the moon. Found several bases on the moon of Abell 2218 humans, which we got rid of.

Real and fake clouds all day here.

(5:05pm) The black magic cult backing Perry is also behind this website: I found no info on who they are on a whois search. I did not watch the video (probly pretty nauseating) but i presume it does not identify the supporters either.
I did find 2 of their U bases in TX so far. Each had around 50 stupid DORy goners in it. Usually if there are 2, there are 3, but i'm not finding another.
This is rather bizarre. A secretive group of pedophile Masonic military, police, industry type satanists that has their own U bases and does black magic to protect their boy.
I sense another 452 of these turds still alive.

(8:05pm) Well ain't that sumpin'. Their top woo-woo Grand Psychic Sovereign Noble Umpty-Ump Degree Freemason Honcho was in a U base here under Ft. Bliss, El Paso, TX. A base containing 72 of these Perry cultists.
Going bye-bye now.

Sep. 12, '11: (8:15am) Last night near the moon and also another one hanging out over my friend in the Salt Lake area: enemy ships from near ESO 593-8. I feel them slightly left of the galaxy, and probably actually much closer to the viewer. I do not know what kind of beings, except they are physical. The Red Draco will blow them away once made aware of their ships, but the ships use cloaking. Nevertheless i felt that one from the moon pic, and my friend saw the other one.

(9:10am) Sky pretty clear this morning.

I started getting hit by 6 M32ers in North Little Rock. Evidently they want everyone to know about another of their businesses, Danco Construction. There are 6 of them there now, weakly attacking me. I guess with the economic downturn, they have no boards to hammer nails into.
There are other companies by the same name in other locations, but i'm not sure there's a connection. If there is, i doubt ETs have infiltrated the others yet.

(9:20am) I get the feeling that 4 of those guys are off-duty NLR cops.

BTW yesterday Antuvozy had me add a few segments of wire to the coil, and during the night she got the unit up to 400,000X.
Then just now i added some more wires, and she's programming again.

(9:30am) Hehe, Dutchsinse is so naive in some ways. He's now being tangled with by HSA (video).

Also he is being psi-attacked by them. Taking out 1 U base here now.

(10:25am) Then i started getting hit by 2 more M32ers here in NLR. 2 is an unusual number for this. I think the 2 vehicles presently shown in the driveway (red Toyota PU & black SUV) must be of previous residents. They don't seem to have the funky vibe.

(10:35am) A real asshole criminal who is in league with black magicians: Brig-Gen. Kenneth Minimah of Lagos. He is the guy in the green army uniform here (2 pix).

(5:55pm) Had only little fluffy chem-clouds today, of the sort my orgone easily digests.

Regarding the M32ers that attacked me from NLR this morning, i found a few houses:
  • This neighborhood contains at least 23 of their houses, and 61 M32 ETs.
  • Here are at least 8 of their houses, and 22 M32ers, possibly including 2 of the cops. There vibes are also all over that mysterious bldg on the far left. The house just under where it says Cullum Rd is particularly DORy.

(6:30pm) Yah, now that they've thrown down the gauntlet i might have to make another ass-kicking run down there. I didn't realize there were that many.
When i was down there i was moved to spend some time driving around NLR, but never noticed any ET houses.

Meanwhile, Antuvozy is totally out of control. I've had to fatten up that coil a bunch. Numerical values are meaningless now in trying to determine how much she's boosted the unit. I uploaded a newer pic earlier, but i have added more to the coil since then.

Also i have 6 more Combat Cones soon to be birthed, and 2 of those biggest ones will probably end up with disk bases and coils too. Then i will probably make more.

We have blood lust around here. We want to kill. I wasn't able load the HS blog, but from what Dutch said, it mentioned that some of his readers could kill. That is correct. I am one. I aim to kill Janet Napolitano and every other outlaw nazi pervert tyrant in the cosmos, with my orgone weapons.
Also the blog supposedly called Dutch a "diviner" and someone who believes in FEMA camps. Well, Janet Bitch, i am a diviner. And until i see some debunking, i'm going to assume the worst about those nazi camps run by satanist pukes. You want to make something of it, you child-raping murderess?

(9:35) Crap. Zillions of grays are showing up underground now. Happy hunting.
Found a ritual site too, attended by a former neighbor.

Sep. 14, '11: (6:40pm) Cooler this evening. We have had a few faint sprinkles the last couple days.

Pic of my 6 new Combat Cones.

(7pm) Leo Zagami is a former Vatican illuminatus who got out before the culling and turned on them. He's a 48. Last time i mentioned him, there was a Jesuit mind controller named Bettina messing him up and making him say crazy things. Well, we fried her so bad they took her away. But now i sense another Jesuit satanist, a male, in Leo's inner circle. A good person to lock onto and fry.

Also i noticed that there may be job opportunites with Austal for those who have a keen interest in gray technology. Such as is in the front tips of these ships. Now why would the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service desire DORy gray tech in their vessels? To root out and poison any positive spirits?

Sep. 15, '11: (9:40am) Colder, severe chem, upcoming rain chances in forecast.

Bad news for SLC. As if the Salt Lake area was not troubled enough, what with Mormons and those ETs. Now it turns out there are M32ers there as well!

I just discovered this while researching another M32 proprietary business, Loftus. Which was founded in 1939 in SLC here. I feel the vibes of 22 of them associated with this DORy spot.
I suspect this business was taken over by them maybe around 1980.

Note that it is called Loftus International. I can't find other locations listed anywhere, however. Yet, one of their trucks was sighted in the Auburn area. Making deliveries? Perhaps, but the 1st thing i found when looking for where they deliver is here in the Port of Tacoma. I think their stuff is loaded onto ships headed for Anchorage, Alaska. The map of that town is low-resolution at this time. I get a strong vibe from this bldg on E. Tudor Rd.

BTW there are several more of their businesses we have found; i am backlogged on posting them.

(10:25am) Nevertheless i still made time to post about something positive for orgone crafters: very neat pyramid molds (OTB 40).

(11:05am) Wow, the NSA psychics "punished" me right after i posted about those molds. I think the Mayan pyramid is particularly threatening to them. I look forward to people doing creative things with these. I will be casting one inside a large cone...
Also, for those privileged ones who get free use of the Arcturan Protective Program, i have appended a note on the relevant page about the Mayan mold.

(noon) PET is the Danish equivalent of CIA. One of their proprietary business is Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole (map).

There was an article a few days ago about "terrorists". This page does not open at all for me, so i will clue you in as to what it's about: "Left wing arsonists charged with terrorism; First time terrorism legislation used against far left activtists"
"Four young men who have been held since April for attempting to set fire to a Police school in Brøndby are going to be charged under terrorism legislation it was decided in court yesterday. A fifth man, arrested in May, is also being charged."
I have a copy of the page that was emailed to me and i can forward that upon request.

Anyway, this is a school for fashion designers. And PET mind-controls and recruits some of its students. I sense that 1 of the "terrorists" was a student there and got recruited to recruit the 3 others. The others are chumps. The guy busted in May is not connected that i can tell.
Sittingtaoist says the media is not giving out names or pics of the alleged perps.

(4:20pm) Still backlogged on my M32 stuff, yet more info keeps piling in that's too interesting to put off.

One, Thorp "accidentally" confused Thailand with Laos, and mentioned Laotian monks to me, with the result that i found a real DORy bldg in rural Laos that feels like a monastery with about 22 M32 monks.
Also he sent me this link to a 2003 article about M32 monks. I looked up Redland, FL, and found a DORy U base here, presently being removed. 41 M32ers were down there.
Another here with 31. And more. We'll clean up the U bases, then when i find time i'll chase down any above-ground hangouts.

(5:30pm) Went to re-check, and found the whole area under Homestead (to the south of Redland) is like 1 big M32er U base almost; lots of tunnels.

Sep. 16, '11: (4:50pm) Been getting very light drizzle. Cooler.

panic at Tucson Air Force base
They didn't bother to mess with any cloaking this time. The guy is obviously mind-controlled. Most likely by at least 5 people who operate here. 2 of them live there.

Sep. 17, 11: (7:15am) Got slightly over 1/10" rain already accumulated.

Troy Anthony Davis – Executing the Innocent. Soulless people executing the ensouled. Go for it, Nazis! Why not? He has a soul, and you don't. He will reincarnate, and you won't.
Every illegal act like this that you commit hastens the moment some of us have been waiting for.

(5:45pm) Up to almost 0.2" of accumulation so far. But they say 70% chance of showers tomorrow night.

Italian Woman Impregnated by Aliens. I haven't watched the vid, but it feels real. Repts from the Pinwheel Galaxy, which our forces are now attacking.

(8pm) Salt Lake City: Check out the exotic people in the pic here. "The Wheeler Farm Story began on June 17, 1886, when Sariah Hankinson Pixton married Henry Joseph Wheeler..."
Those same ETs that have overrun SLC. Just like the M32ers, they have been here a while.
Now, i have credible eyewitness reports of demonic-looking goats at this Wheeler Farm. Indeed, i bagged the souls of 222 evil goats in the area. And incidentally, 421 of evil cats in the SLC area.
It is a very DORy farm. After i peeled away some demons, i found a U base with 62 ETs, which is being scrubbed now. Also i think 11 live and work on the surface there. (google map)

Sep. 19, '11: (7:30pm) By dusk yesterday, rain accumulation was 0.4". I left it in the gauge. But then early in the night i got plenty lightning and thunder. This morning's total accumulation was just barely 1 inch for the whole system.
I found a rain data page for Lufkin, TX, which area i have been blasting for weeks. It says that at one of their measuring points, they got over 1.5" in the last 24 hours! A good start. I will continue to bear down on Lufkin in the hopes of greater results soon.

Were you aware that NC has a Charleston Naval Complex? Neither was i until i got out of bed this morning to track down a psi attack from a U base there. Found a 2nd one too.
Good buddies of Sensei Shapeshift.

(7:35am) Mordok wrote that he had been getting hit in the heart. I found a big DORy U base with 2425 Abell 2218 humans in western Croatia. We took it out, but the entrance was here, on what is probably Vatican-owned property.

(7:40am) BTW i keep meaning to mention, a key target at this time is CIAtanists in Libya. I sense 30 of them in the "rebel movement". Last winter when i was watching TV in VA, i saw one obvious US-trained MPD CIAtanist being trotted out by ABC News as a "rebel commander" behind the wheel of a truck. He's still in Libya.

(11:10am) Limbaugh: ‘Obama Wants Riots to Create Chaos’. I. e. "CIA Satanist: CIA Agent Wants Riots to Create Chaos".

"I myself have said that before all is said and done there’s gonna be riots in this country over this stuff, and Obama wants it, not gonna be upset by ‘em. Chaos, it’s all part of the continuing chaos,” said Limbaugh.

Sep. 20, '11: (10:40am) Progress Report: Well, the NWO is frienziedly raping Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, the Palestinians, etc. but it's a nice day here. Quiet, sunny, clear sky, moist ground, temperate. And i have a new buddy named Mab. But more on that later.
  • Nigeria: Still no word on whether the lead witch is dead, but also no evidence of her being alive. She has no longer been texting and phoning her victims.
    At first, after her apparent demise, the people in Lagos i'm helping kept getting attacked by other, unfamiliar witches, one at a time. Except i'm pretty sure these witches had no conscious knowledge that their energy was being used by the great Nigerian Black Magic Machine.
    First one at a time, but then 3 weaker ones at a time, then 42, then 84 (strange numerology). Nailing these witches a single time with my orgone seemed to permanently "ruin" them (use up their stored energy?) and more would replace them.
    After several bustings of 84, one day i found about 2500 real weak ones and nailed them. That apparently was the last of the witches in that network.
    Since then, these people have only been attacked by demons, also apparently being automatically sent by this black magic mechanism. And now i've got those people actively jailing. Eventually the demons will fade out.

  • Toronto: On June 16 & 17 i mentioned some human ETs from near Andromeda that were stalking a lady.I posted a map with the houses marked, but that pic turned into a zero-byte nothing on the server, and the laptop with the original fried its mainboard. But it was all around here.
    Then a couple weeks ago i decided to go after more of these ETs. I tried lighting them up with orgone. I never did find more above-ground (though no doubt there are some) but i did find a couple hundred U bases for hundreds of miles around. In fact once i started nailing them, the others started hitting me, making them more conspicuous.
    In any case, for days now i have had the feeling of them pulling out of that Toronto neighborhood, as though now their agenda item of stalking this woman has been scrapped.
    This woman is a past-life friend of a friend, a 48 from Universe P. She has no conscious knowledge that we have been remotely watching over her. We are not in contact with her.

    Yesterday i noticed that only 4 of these ETs were left in that neighborhood. They were very DORy from being blasted. They were planning to move soon to the U base in NW Toronto where the other 32 had fled to. Should happen today. As i type this, i am waiting until they get down there before we wipe them out and i can post this.

  • Auburn, WA, and the M32 ETs: On the 16th i noticed that the lady in Auburn was getting hit from a new location. Much to my surprise, it turned out to be a U base near the Airport, with 834 of them, plus 31 of their cats and 2 N204 couples. Note that it is also right next to their Comfort Inn, Travelodge and Days Inn. I suspect the entrance to the base is in the Days Inn. There is also a Cedars Inn right to the south, which is also theirs, which we had not noticed before.
    Anyway, i had an impression of infighting down there as the Red Draco started to blast them. Some M32ers were pissed that others had disclosed the location of this base.
    Ever since that base got wiped, i have not felt any power from these ETs anywhere! Apparently there was machinery down there that is needed to emit some pulse that makes Earth more habitable to them. Or something. But no more attacks, implants on that lady or her cats.

  • Salt Lake area: I reasoned that perhaps all these human ET races living on Earth have similar machines, and that the Toronto bunch also did, which had gotten destroyed. So i found that the Salt Lake bunch had 6 such machines in bases, which got taken out. Unfortunately, in this case it did not noticeably slow down their attacks.

  • Other ETs that seemed to have such machines: So did George Kavassilas' bunch. So did Tiffany and her Virgo crowd whom i mentioned June 10. Not sure if getting their machines hindered these people much.

    Duder feels awesome lately. I keep finding and picking out more old implants from the lady and her husband, but Duder feel clean. He came to me yesterday evening and started working on me. See, several days ago the Nigerian demons had really messed me up. Despite all kinds of healing, i felt increasingly stiff and painful around the neck, shoulders, etc. Old issues long resolved that the demons sniffed out and re-activated, which is how these demons work.
    Right away i started feeling relief.
    Antuvozy was there also, guiding me in making a monster coil. And there was a Yiz girl.

    Meanwhile, an avid NSA occultist named Ken Adachi had been waging exotic warfare on me for days. As the unusual, sophisticated stuff was easily overcome by me, in his irritation he tried the oldest, crudest stuff: torturing a cat to raise demons to throw at me. Like, that's been tried before.
    So i popped the cat's soul out of the body. He (Mab) came over to visit us, and took a liking to us right off. He liked what Duder was doing, so he started apprenticing under him, working on me.
    They were still working on me when i went to sleep. I awoke feeling groggy but much better, relaxed. Then Mab came back and has been working on me since. It's like an internal massage of my neck, upper back, etc.
    Feels like he got much stronger overnight, as we outfitted him with etheric weapons, etc.
    Thanks Ken! Got any more like that, send 'em over.

    While i was waiting for those Toronto ETs to get a move on, i noticed severe chemtrails overhead. The big one here was real sticky and came from a non-metallic drone. The small, fading one came from a physical plane. When i went looking for it, i found 3 bases under Lufkin (remember Lufkin was also associated with the erstwhile NSA TX drought plane). Then a few minutes later i felt a loud boom as a U base here went kablooey. This is where the planes were kept.
    BTW lately i have generally been finding lots of underground bases that seem to be the ports for choppers and planes. And the few physical spray-planes i find always seem to be from gov't U bases.

    OK, finally those slow-ass twerps in Toronto made it safely down to their U base, which is presently being blown up. So i can post already.

    (2pm) Right after i posted that i noticed a bunch of fluffy white chem-clouds had blown in. And there has been spraying around here all day.
    In fact, i just spotted another dumb-ass TX sprayer. It came from a U base here that had 32 planes and 51 people in it when we hit it.

    (2:05pm) More progress to report: Mordok is back in the saddle again for the moment. He keeps finding Abell 2218er bases, many of which have gray bases at deeper depths.

    (7:40pm) On the 17th i mentioned ETs from the Pinwheel Galaxy impregnating a woman. Well, the same guys are behind this event in AU. We just nailed 21 of their craft.

    Sep. 21, '11: (6:35pm) And we got another 6 a few minutes later.

    Clear sky, which is odd considering that there is supposedly a 50% rain chance tomorrow. Maybe they finally realized the futility of messing with Cmdr Loohan, d'ya think?

    Thorp just asked me about Ed Dames. I had never checked him out much. He doesn't feel like a satanist, but a soulless guy with agency connections. I tried to trace the connections and ran into a psi-shield and some DOR attacks. Coming from 1 male CIAtanist here in McLean. Another 2 male CIAtanists live there too.

    Sep. 22, '11: (8:45am) Overcast so heavily i can't see the chem layer which i presume might be above. 60-70% chance of rain.
    Ah wait, i see an opening to the east with chem showing.

    So many new developments all the time, many of which i never post.
    Now Thorp drew my attention to evil Draco hiding undergound on Earth and Mars. I already found 50+ U bases on Earth of 20' black Draco, which are being wiped by the Red ones. And 22 more on Mars.
    Also yesterday he told me about rapist repts under Superstition Mtn (map) in AZ, and we keep finding more around there.
    Also he mentioned Child Shield, promoted by (CIA?) satanist Oprah. Creepy family, these Raskobs.

    Plus i found many thousands more of those SLC-type ETs in U bases in NV and UT already this morning.

    (9:25am) Someone sent me an actually useful link to a mainstream media page: Map Your Local Fusion Center. There's one in Little Rock but i actually can't find the location even on google maps. I found a pdf doc that might give its location, but it's huge and unsearchable.

    And here's the Governor's Executive Order Proclamation: Establishing the Arkansas State Fusion Center. Which reminds me, a word about Gov. Mike Beebe, an MPDed satanist.
    Years ago we culled him and placed a "good" Lyan in him. Then later learned that there were no good Lyrans. In any case, the "good" Lyrans were anti-DOR so it really sweetened him up while there. I still can't detect that he's still a satanist, but presume he is.
    A few months ago i read of him approving a state-wide measure to fluoridate any municipalities that had thus far escaped this fate. This is being promoted by lying satanists with stories about how their children's teeth rotted out as soon as they moved to a rural location with well water.
    So i blasted the crap out of the sleezeball Gov.

    (11:55am) More on Child Shield. The founder is ensouled and sincere, but the CIAtanist Raskobs bought the co. years ago. I actually had the stomach to watch over half of the video. "Education" is their weapon against pedophiles. Yeah. I'm sure they tell students how to profile pedos. Bankers, politicians, military brass...
    And somehow in the education process they ingratiate themselves with the parents and kids...
    There is also supposedly a Jan Broberg video here but nothing opens for me. I presume that is the same person as CIAtanist Jan Broberg.

    Keep finding more lizards in the Gold Canyon (Superstition Mtn) area at greater depths. 5, 7, 8, 9 miles...

    (6:40pm) There are 2 Ta'l who have been chasing down those repts. They are 24 miles down now. Don't ask me what they do for oxygen.

    Cattle Mutilation in Argentina by repts from the Antenna Galaxy in Misiones, Argentina. They are all over there underground.

    Sep. 23, '11: (10am) Clear sky this morning. It drizzled most of the day yesterday, yielding almost 1/10" of rain.

    I have been hit numerous times by those repts in the Antenna Galaxy. Nothing real strong but it was keeping me awake some in the night.

    Also right now i'm being hit by 33 CIAtanists here at HQ, 3rd floor i think. I mention it only because it is interesting. They feel weak. Buncha losers.

    (10:25am) I finally heard from the lady in Auburn after a long pause. She is still being hit proximally. Anywhere she goes, there they are and nail her. But not with implants as far as i know.
    I still have a bunch more of their businesses i need to type up and post.

    Duder and Mab spend most of their time clearing her. She has years of implanting, etc. coming out. Yesterday those 2 cats were working on me most of the day, and finally got me feeling fixed up.

    (12:15pm) Purtiest male ET i' ve seen in a while. Someone asked me whether Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician, is ET. Yes. He hails from NGC 4876 which is on the right side in this pic. There are a bunch more DORy people like him there, which we will persecute on the back burner.
    Could use help in lighting up any more of his ilk on Earth.

    (3pm) I'm in the process of updating my Auburn ETs page. Found a couple more of their fast-food joints by accident. Also noticed this full-blood bitch named Jan Torgenrud. Is that a Danish name, i wondered. Right away noticed this quaint community in Abrenra, DK. I think all those houses are theirs, and there are 26 M32ers there at least, plus an N204 couple and 23 cats.
    Then i noticed this area which has at least 53 of their houses, 2 N204 couples, 224 M32ers, and 82 of their evil cats.

    Then, scarier, i noticed that this whole section of northern Germany is infested with them. I sense at least 4,692 M32ers here, 5 N204 couples, and 12,562 of their cats. That's almost 4 cats per person, what's up with that?
    Anyway, i haven't uploaded the revised page yet; sigh, it seems i keep going on tangents.

    (3:05pm) Like on that page for the youth place was an ad with an ET chick for United Way of King County, entirely staffed by ETs who will gladly take your donations.

    (4:20pm) Finally got that page uploaded. I think the most significant find is Merkts/Bel/Laughing Cow/Wispride/etc..

    (4:30pm) Now, La Vache Qui Rit is HQed in Paris, so i thought i'd take a look. These ETs are much easier to find these days, BTW, due to all the blasting i guess. First thing that draws my attention is this DORy bldg in Aubervilliers which i think is an apt complex, with 685 M32ers, 4 N204 couples, and 121 of their cats. I think the bldg is owned and managed by them.

    (5:25pm) Let's do Aubervilliers some more.
    I get strong vibe around here. In fact, those vehicles all have their vibe! Looks like a gated storage place? In any case, the vibes of 60+ ETs are all around there. I think it is also owned by them.

    I have the impression there is 1 guy in Paris making S-B, VF, and Arcturan Protective orgonite. Aubervilliers is a good candidate for all these.

    (5:35pm) Wow, i looked for the biggest concentration of them in N. Germany, and found them here, ~3,000' down. 37,145 M32ers, 4 N204 couples, 3K+ cats.
    Maybe there are not so many on the surface in N. Germany. We are finding lots of U bases now.

    Sep. 24, '11: (4:45pm) Yesterday some fluffy chem-clouds did appear, and today it is much worse.

    We nailed countless dozens of U bases in Europe last night, but the job was far from complete this morning. I received an email from my Danish friend, saying that Torgenrud is a Norwegian name. Whereupon i found a U base in Oppland, Norway with 5K+ of them.
    And i re-checked just now and found another with 3K+ in south Norway.

    And Europe was still pretty DORy with yet-to-be-nailed M32ers.
    Mid-morning i started getting weak attacks from 3, 6, or 9 groups of 33 in European spots. It's alright with me that they want to disclose their locations.

    They do not appear to be scurrying to the surface. It will take some work to clean up under Europe, parts of which seem quite riddled with tunnels and bases. There are lots of spots that only have a few of the ETs, like 33.
    Luckily these ETs are real DORy and easy to find these days.

    (5:05pm) Scanned the map briefly, noticed strong DOR in Asia here with 463,122 M32ers, 32 N204 couples, and 326,202 cats! Kablooey time.

    I read in the Little Rock paper today that NOAA was promising to deliver a very dry fall and winter to Arkansas this year. I take that as a challenge. I love to make liars out of them.
    Yet, unless some people in TX etc. remove their thumbs from their sphincters, it will probably not be that wet a time here.

    (Note to sb: if you write me with an invalid return addy you are not likely to get a reply. I did reply once, but evidently i guessed wrong on the addy. There is a mysterious DORy spot just south of you, behind that trailer.)

    Sep. 25, '11: (6:10pm) Faint drizzle, foggy.

    Extremely brash thugs that are making death threats to my friends in Lagos while illegally occupying and working on their land: Alternative Capital Partners, and Oluyomi Olawore. They actually chased the owners off their own land, saying they would kill them if they returned. This kind of boldness suggest connections, which i will try to chase down later.

    Sep. 26, '11: (11:10am) Clear sky.

    I was poking around Little Rock looking for the Fusion Center. I may have found it in a cop shop here, 3rd floor. Not sure. Feels bustworthy in any case.

    Went to re-check map later, and the DORiest spot in LR was the Bethel AME Church. And what is that? African Methodist Episcopal Church. Looky the Jesuit agents. Like the founder.
    The Jesuits have either started or infiltrated almost all religions.

    (11:15am) And while we're on the subject of religious scammers, this guy takes the cake: Lyndon Harris. There was a big, loving article about him in the LR paper the other day. And also one in the CSM. The Church of Christian Science, BTW, is more of the usual Jesuit illuminati crap.

    Forgiveness. F@#k Forgiveness. The illuminati always want one to forgive all crimes. Never hold a grudge. To forgive resolves all. I reject their pablum. I crave vengeance. At least, eradication of these parasites.

    Sep. 27, '11: (8:20am) Regarding those Lagos thugs, last night i found 4 people who work here who seem in some way to be backing up their confidence. At least 2 are black magicians. These 4 are all of the Lagos Mafia which i have written about before on Feb. 11.
    These people feel very dangerous, and for some time quite a few of my allies were blasting them.

    And regarding the LR Fusion Center, there is a page here that gives the locations of fusion centers, including this location in LR. It is the Motor Vehicle Office. I put the green arrow where i think the Fusion office is.
    Nice. The public can walk around there sprinkling holy ash.

    Sep. 28, '11: (7:50pm) I have not noticed any chem in the last 3 days, except for yesterday when i was driving back to Leslie from Marshall, and saw a few little chem-clouds. I relished watching them fade. One tiny but dense one completely vanished as i drove toward it. I suspect much of the clarity is due to my orgone stuff, which seems to be having a stronger effect on the sky right now. Maybe due to conditions beyond my control, or maybe a side benefit to these awesome orgone weapons i've been making lately.

    Evil exotic chi-kung sorceress of the day: warning, nasty vibe.

    Sep. 29, '11: (11:40am) Whew, was she ever nasty.

    Clear again this morning except for a few little chem-clouds i spotted in the distance.

    Cops Try To Hit Illinois Man With 15 Year Jail Sentence For Recording Traffic Stop.
    If a cop ever tries to have an interaction with me that i do not particularly desire, i will ask whether it is a private or public interaction. If he says private, i will say "I do not desire to interact with you. Good bye." If he says public, i will record it. He can't have it both ways.
    The other day i read that the the mayor of NYC, if i remember correctly, had to pass a proclamation that cops no longer bust people for possession of marijuana "in public view". They were shaking down blacks and once the dope came out of their pocket into "public" view, they would get busted for that display! Which is much stiffer in NY than discreet possession. So, i guess if you are on the street, and a cop tells you to empty your pockets, it is "public" but in other circumstances, the cop feels he has a right to "privacy"?

    (11:45am) Ah, here is the article.

    Sep. 30, '11: (11:50am) They finally sent in the drones for a while yesterday to spray it up, but their chem did not stick that well and later disappeared again. One of the drones was so close i could have gotten a much better shot than before, if i had only had my camera ready.
    This morning it has been clear so far.

    I just caught 3 Jesuits here messing with Mordok. While bathing in chem. Google Street View usually seems to produce chem pics for some strange reason.